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"william holes" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Couple quick ones before we get to the bottom of the hour news as we wrap the forests and So this one yesterday, Biden administration now weekend. Most will revive the push to make Harriet Tubman the face new $20 bill. Something was proposed. I think the Obama administration shell during Donald Trump's term and they're actively working to make us reality. It is an interesting time. In our country. Obviously, diversity being a big part of the American story now and if you look at that, the coinage and the paper bills, it doesn't really reflect that reality. It's it's more historical than recent And this update This $20 Notes UPDATE is gonna feature periods have been a former slave who became like the icon of the abolitionist movement. Was supposed to be unveiled on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted the women's right to vote. So that's kind of an interesting development. And I didn't I was gonna spend a lot of time on it. But It is a Reflection on our country that we're finally starting to realize that everything that we do. Whether it's the paper bills we have in our hands or the awareness of people that look differently than we do our or speak differently or come from different places is part of the melting pot that we claim we're Part of in this country since the very beginning, we are Now recognizing that the little things matter in that conversation. This is one of the ways that we can do that. So I think it's a good good one. We should actually change these other countries. The U. K. They're constantly changing their bills. We have, basically in this country stayed with the ones that we've always had and Whether it's Lincoln or Washington. We just Never changed. And maybe change, as they say, is a good thing. Now. This is a local story, and this probably only matters to a few people around here, but It's a big part of my life when I went to U W. M University, Wisconsin Milwaukee Back in the late seventies, early eighties, there was a restaurant here on Oakland Avenue called William Holes in short, would just north of campus. Just west of the campus. Chinese food And itwas at the time kind of unique. There was always Chinese restaurants but for the campus area, and it's it falls into that it was a place where we could go at lunchtime and eat a lot of food for not a lot of money. That makes sense to the don't say that the originators the Chinese buffet, but it was so good They're closing now, after more than 30 years in business because of the impact of covert And it was there a long time. The owner about Ping said it was a good time to retire. It was obviously named after a restaurant to her opened it. You. W m students, local Cantonese dishes, seafood appetizers. Um It's one of those things that changing stories of covert write things that were used to things that were placed were used to going to Kind of disappearing. Remember I've had. I said this before on the air, had a conversation with a restaurant. Consultant. Probably about a year now, but half year ago was the summertime so little more than half a year ago. He said, Steve, You know what we're gonna see. As a result of covert Something like 60% of the restaurants could be gone in a few years, 60% That's not just chains who are are feeling the crunch is well, that's all the little places, including a place like William host. So good luck to the retiring owners. And thanks for all the great meals I touched base with one of my old college buddies who now lives in Southern California. And as soon as I said, William Hoses clawing goes. Oh, my God! No more buffets. It was their food was amazing. And for a college student in late seventies, early eighties man was that good. I said, half of my food intake. William Hose, fast food and then, of course, beer. That was my life Was your sodium levels look like good 78. Then I was thin as a rail, so I don't know what happened Probably age. But thanks for the folks of Liam Hose and you will be missed, including Not just Yu WN students, but all the folks in short in the short area, right right down the street here from radio City, So I will miss you guys and good luck in your retirement. All right, it is 10 30 Grill quick after the break. We're gonna talk about vaccines with represented for the Medical College of Wisconsin. He's the think Is the Dean a pharmacy there about the rollouts some questions about what that's going to look like and how it's gone. So far. That would be after the news couple weeks ago. I didn't even honor this on the show is national pharmacist and I was I wanted to get to this interview. So joining us couple weeks late is Dr George Mack, Ken, and he's the dean of the school of Pharmacy. Through medical College of Wisconsin. Good morning. Good morning to you. Thank you for recognizing.

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