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"william dispose" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"Wonder Like what? What is the protocol for evacuations? Because I think you know if if you've got houses on the coast that were under 5, ft of water that seems like they should have probably been evacuated. I don't I don't know who to point fingers. I don't even know if there is anybody to point fingers that but that should have been a night I opening experience for a lot of people who believe we could never be hit by hurricane Correct. You gotta live. Hi. Who are you? Well, I'm kind of Hey, Kyle. What's up, man? Drew grovel and John sending from Joe grab a life. Not sure if we said so. I was just on the Madonna thing. She was in a movie called Body of Evidence. Willem Dafoe is in that right. William Dispose the lawyer. Yeah, she's left. That's Will. I am not William. What kind of problem? Really prick do you have to have for a parent to like, Make your name a normal name, But just not said regularly. Well, just for your information. His real name is William James Willem Dafoe Hey, became William Dafoe because it was already a William Dafoe in the Screen Actors Guild. You have to do things like that Same reason Jim J. Bullock. Was J. M. J. Bullock because it was another Jim J. Bullock and Sag. What an attention, whore. Okay anyway. Yeah, I'm happy. Too happy to teach that to you, sir, will end of felt. What was body of evidence about because I never saw it. I just I knew I I think I heard there was some hot sex scenes. Yeah, it was like soft core a lot of it In there. She's like a trophy wife, William deposed her lawyer will end the folks. Uz Garnie will end depose her lawyer and she starts looking up with him and he's got a family and that's the whole Yeah, It's actually pretty good. Other than you know, you think it holds up pretty thing? It's one of those like super hot in the eighties and isn't gonna be super hot now. Um, well, I mean, that was before the Internet will tell Sparks begin exactly go back to play voice situation, but, um I mean, as the movie it's actually a good movie. I think other than you know, just seeing her naked a bunch. I mean that Z pretty good place to start. Thank you. I just wonder about those movies that don't hold up like Linda Fiorentino and Bill Pullman's The Last Seduction 1994. Man, a sexy thriller of a romp. But does it hold up in 2020? I don't know what you mean. Hold up from a movie standpoint or hold up from a sexual standpoint. Like you'd watch him at the time and you go man. That's a super hot movie, but also a really good movie. That's true. That's a good combination, if you like, not a half weeks. More sexy than anything else. Not really That great of a movie per se Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. But if you can find a really if you can find a really good movie that is also super hot. Who That's a job. I wonder what the perfect like. Cross section of hotness and greatness is like the ultimate movie that embodies a great movie. That is also super hot. Yeah. Of our lifetime. Hot sex scenes while also being a great movie. I think a lot of people like movie buff people would probably say what was the with all the ballet movie with all the lesbian IQ action. Wax. Juan. I didn't find that sexy. I didn't watch it. I've only seen the clips on porn hub. Oh, Um, uh, It was a very disturbing movie and a great movie. But I didn't find the sex scenes. Even though they're with Super hot ladies. I did not find the sex scenes, very erotic at all. They were more disturbing Anything else. That was that was what's her name? Natalie Portman. And Winona Ryder was the older lady. And then wasn't it it Zoila Kunis? Yeah, you gotta live below. Goodness. Hey, what's up, guys? Hi. What's your name? Hey, Hey, J. How you doing? Anybody culture? I think, actually good man. Hey, listen, dude, stop being such a pussy and just tried. Really? It's just a freaking bridge. Oh, yeah, I'm aware I'm and I drove. I drove. I'm just here today to tell people like next time there's a tropical storm. They might not want to take the Howard Franklin Bridge. I'm doing a public service, sir. Public service, Mervis Man, take the skirt off and turn in your man card. Just drive over the bridge. For God's sake. I did. There's no such thing as a man card. That is what a raga tans like yourself like to say to make yourself feel more masculine, But we all know who wears the pants in the relationship. Yes, I just said that. Really? Yes. Really? I just said that to me face to face probably would probably wouldn't take your bankcard because you're discussing breath would drive me away from you. I wouldn't. I wouldn't say anything to your face because that garbage mouth of yours probably him. It's horrendous. Stanch from putting your face in your wife's garbage, Private parts, boy, Do you think about that? What do you think about that? What do you think about that for a minute? All right, Go ahead. About what? Push yourself. You're still in your man card. No, thank you. I appreciate the call that you have a great day. Okay, buddy. You still rather than later? Oh, man. See the fun like when you could, like, go toe to toe with a guy like that. And then he laughs at the end. And you both end up like feeling better about the call. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. I don't know if that was like, a like a good laugh, or that was like, Yeah, but that was one of the old. Jeez, I don't know. Yeah, That's how I took it. Like a scary laugh. Like hell. Yeah, I can see various like we'll see. Like a sinister lad. I was a will see laugh. I thought I thought that was a look with a fine mess. We've gotten into laugh, but you might be right. You gotta live alone. Who are you? Hey, Jan. Hi. I'm just calling body of evidence is a great movie that sexy got Madonna. Isn't willing to follow in that film. Yeah. Is that the movie that started this whole conversation? It is, But people tune in all the time. What I mean, you're probably busy or something. And you got your email? Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate that very much. What about Bob? What about Bob? That's a great movie, but not too many sex scenes. 7 to 75791 or 25 and 807 711250 wild things. Yeah, but to me that and I've that's heavy on the sex. Yeah, it's it's It's just It's very sexual like we're talking about, like it doesn't need to have the one won an Oscar. Anything but just a high quality film, right? What about Is there a lot of sex in American beauty? Uh, not a lot of sex. And there are enough disturbing scenes between him and the neighbor boy and then Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, you know. Yeah. You gotta live. Hi. Who are you? Hey, Mark. Hi, Mark. What's up? Surely surely wild things is a good one. It's a good movie..

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