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"william barbara dax muller" Discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

04:10 min | 1 year ago

"william barbara dax muller" Discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

"I think also puts the spotlight onto other prospects here, which may yet be influencing how attorney general William bar is heading into what he's going to do in two days. Number one. There's the question of Muller. There's the question of whether or not Robert Muller himself will be allowed to testify to congress about what his findings were separate and apart. From whatever written document is released to congress and the public will Muller be allowed to testify to explain what his findings were. It's very interesting over these last couple of weeks. Unexpected development House Republicans surprisingly have been on the same side as House Democrats on the issue of molar testifying both the top Republican on the intelligence committee, Devon Nunez, and the top Republican on the judiciary committee. Doug collins. They have both said since Muller submitted his report twenty five days ago that Miller himself should be called to testify in congress about the results of his investigation and his findings. So that will mean both the democratic chairman and the Republican ranking members of both of those key committees have said they want Muller testifying in congress. Could that help? If this goes badly on Thursday morning, which I think everybody is expecting it to in terms of what is cut out of Muller's findings could testimony from Muller meaningfully fix that. Could it meaningfully assuage concerns in the country about what bar has cut out of Muller's written findings if Moller's allowed to testify on his own terms as to what he found? That's one. Then there's also the judicial process, and this has not had nearly as much attention. But we know that the judiciary committee is going to subpoena the full document after they see what's been redacted out of it. But there's another way that judicial proceedings matter here, not just in terms of what congress might be able to get through the courts using the subpoena process. There's another way in which the judiciary here might matter today. There was a hearing on a foia lawsuit of freedom of information act lawsuit by BuzzFeed, news, number of media entities. And I are seeking to release the full unredacted report today and a hearing on one of these foyer emotions a federal judge, George W Bush appointee named judge Reggie Walton. He suggested in open court today that whatever William Barbara Dax Muller's report that may be subject to his review as a judge who's considering these foia requests that judge today suggested in court that he personally made need to look at the entire unredacted Miller report himself. Off to decide if bars reductions from that report are proper under the freedom of information act, or if those things that bars redacting from that report ought to be released to the public too. That's important. Right. That's important. Not only for what might happen down the line in terms of those foia lawsuits. It's important in terms of what William bar might do next because the bottom line here is that William bar got caught once before not telling the truth about an underlying document that he said couldn't be released he purported to summarize it he put out a purported summary that did not at all match that document that he tried to keep secret. Well, the Muller report may never be kept secret in the long run either. There are multiple paths by which the full unredacted Muller report may ultimately see the light of day some of them controlled by congress some of them controlled by the judiciary, some controlled by unforeseen factors that we don't know how US history is going to wrap around in the future. But if bar is going to try this week to get away with selling some version of Muller's findings. That is not a truthful Representative renovate truthful representation of what Muller actually found. He will likely be caught for that. Just like he was before that is what history tells us, and that has to loom that hasta loom over what he is planning on shoveling us on Thursday morning. We'll be right back. This episode is brought to you by g k. For years, we have relied on anti-biotics..

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