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Trump participates in annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon

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Trump participates in annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon

"Corn and cobb horn and cobb fire up the google earth. This are some prodigious birds there the pair of bull basbug balls doing it out for a thanksgiving pardon from president trump making their grand debut at a swanky washington dc. Monday wasn't the presidential suite. But i'll tell you what it's Quite the swanky digs broad breasted white turkeys from iowa were introduced at the willard intercontinental hotel. That's where they're staying ahead of todays pardoning ceremony at the white house rose garden voting now open for all of us to pick who will get plucked for the pardon and be named the official national thanksgiving turkeys now. Both birds were born on june second but corn is a little chunky chunkier actually weighing in at forty two pounds to cobb swell measly. Forty one pounds as i said. These are some big birds and according to one report that i pulled. Let's see this is a piece by tomorrow lapping now. The new york post differences don't end there. Cobb has a knack for solving puzzles munch on soybeans. Oh and also wants to tour. Dc monuments while porn is a college football fan and budding storm chaser. Who one day hopes to visit the iowa. State fair okay. The foul fortunate enough to receive the pardon will be announced at today's ceremony. Though neither will be on the dinner table for thanksgiving. Both birds will be shipped off to retirement at the iowa state. University's the animal science department. After the event now just acacia keeping track. The presentation of turkey to the white house began in nineteen forty seven. This is when president harry. Truman was in office. But it wasn't until nine thousand nine hundred. Eighty nine that the of pardoning the birds actually began with the proclamation signed by president. George h w bush now there have been some speculation over whether the tradition would continue on this year amid the pandemic but the event will proceed though with a smaller impersonal audience and social distancing measures this of course as a result of these spread the surge of a covid nineteen corncob do pointing out for print president. Trump's pardon

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