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"wilkinson kennedy" Discussed on Successful Dropout

"Land in thailand delia intially i'm landed wilkinson kennedy's husband linden is a super great with podcast interview extend mike's generals i know avid listeners of the show is definitely heard me talk about these guys before especially probably a lot of stories about land in a lot of the stories from the kind of rockier entrepreneurial experiences i've had usually tend to involve landon somehow quite good story having to do with jobs in georgia that you probably remember that was all with landon and still doing a lot of stuff and then whenever i talk about the band and doing stuff with the ban that's landen's brainchild there so he's not a shy with the mike eze let's on it's true but yes we want to talk about business partnerships because let's talk about ours for bid do you wanna kinda give brief overview yeah so i mean newland became business partners i with the painting company back in two thousand thirteen right beginning two thousand thirteen and then into dozen fifteen ego is purchased a building for the yoga studio in kennedy together and that's how we became business partners kenai and then in october after the juice bar had opened chilean was already in the mix and you to the boys were in the mix and then brought again kennedy and i should on the juice bar with shooin so a lot of launching different things and than realizing oh you need help with this yes so while you guys were still doing the painting company at that point yeah for time so altogether so you and i landed have been partners for five years thirteen yeah so five years now and you guys have been partners with i guess the four of us we've all been partners for three years now it's great and what are anybody wanna talk about any future plans and some of them we want to keep more on the on the deal but as far as like where we see the partnerships headed.

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