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"wilkins butler" Discussed on The Phinsider

"The egg manic watson and that miami dolphins defense josh. You called him. The egg man and agnete is spelled with four. Jeeze that because santa guava against the falcons four sacks. Josh eleven tackles and aid safety in order to have a good old fashioned asked. What did you need guys has performances and a was that linebacker to really step up and have a huge day for the dolphins. On saturday yemen. Sam guava had a monster day he even said last time i had four sacks was in my dream last night what he joked after the game he missed practice on wednesday and thursday was activated. The restaurant friday and then played thirty eight snaps on saturday. You know brian floors kind of joke. He i guess he was out with kovic said that he was the reason he had such a big week in a big game was because he was fresh legs but i mean he was everywhere. I mean it almost on c. In the quarterback face in frank face the entire game and he was just making plays where was in the run game he i mean he was all over the field. Jake so it's funny. Because we sat down and talked about lennon. Roberts on the previous podcasts. We talked about. You know what we're going to see out of him now. He was activated. But sama guava man. I mean this was a guy that maybe was going. A little bit under the radar. Maybe some fans kind of forgot that he was still around. I saw people retweeting some of my tweets from the two thousand nineteen. Preseason where i compared him to can wake and at first i thought i was calling him a similar player then i remembered that he was from the cfl jake so again this is like this is like the little toaster. That could or the little engine. That could that up while he wanted to be a big toast during a big josh. Does yeah you don't upset. This is a real good feel good story. It's the underdog it's one of those airbud situations in guam. Go out there and play again. Like his hair was on. Fire was a sight to see. Give that man the mvp of preseason week too. I think it was paired mentioned on twitter. Someone on sorry. I can't remember who mentioned how the dolphins were using him as a pass rusher late two thousand nineteen you remember. They had taco charleston. They're trying to find anybody who get to the quarterback. I thought guava did a pretty good job. Most of you. Because i remember. How often did his motorcycle sack dance. I sat will not be on the describing. It really was but to see him back in that role. Josh beat the dolphins do need a pass rusher in Certainly fill that role. There's there's roster spots for than linebacker battle is really close that receiver battle in terms of talent competition. Speaking of josh. We saw our boy. Jalen phillips seizure hall of famer. He played in twenty seven stamps in his debut in the nfl song. Get in the backfield. Once i think rush of throw on the play he was solid against the run. But there's really none of those while exciting moments to really right home and and talk about his consistent solid healthy in reality. I guess that's really all you want. These gives it really is all you want. I hated shameless. Plug here but oh my to do. Have every rapidly so i think i use the tv broadcasts. That was kind of hard to get some had Crop out tom garfinkel. Big face for some of them. But i should have every rep from jalen phillips debut twenty-seven snaps like you said two total tackles. He wasn't a backfield a few times. I mean speed was there. You saw him setting the edge. Well like you said jake. I mean for a guy who's been hampered by injury. No kind of coming along slow. I action in preseason. I mean it's it's kind of what you expect it but You know it's cliches. Might sound he does look a little bit different than what we've come to see over the years and he does have that little bit of a different molten than what we've seen in the past. You have written down here jake rush. Well you saw him flashing the thing. I found most interesting when the dolphins were using a three or four they had eighty and jalen phillips coming off on the side when switched to a four three. It looked like a sealer wilkins butler and ogbeh. Obviously ron davis rotates in there at times but it's just awesome to see the versatility there and to me. It was fascinating to see a guy who is most known. I pass rushing. Abilities was not on the field on third down was not on the field for some of those key situations and it makes you wonder if maybe brian floors and the staff wants him to get better at some of those other things that he doesn't do quite as well before giving him a more expanded role but again. What you kind of. Expect it from a rookie. But that dolphins defensive lineman pretty. Well i guess the only issue again. This could be more of an argument of a second team in thirteen years in. But have the dolphins allowed one hundred. Eighty seven rushing. Yards to the falcons rushing gains still continues to be a little bit issue for the team again. Come week wind. All that could change when you're facing Offenses poised to run the ball. That's something you wanna keep on your radar. Aj mccarron for the falcons. He started obviously know matt ryan. I know calvin ridley. The delegates were without some big pieces. But hey you'd rather have your guide still step up and perform against whoever is on the field. Exhibit howard wasn't targeted that that's basically you pay him Pretty much up by jones together. I did wanna go after. He looks strong Arrest of gruber's after we saw a couple of videos of tweets Firing jokes getting Rose all weekend and things like that. It's great to see that you know. Even if you get caught up in the twenty four hour news cycle you do realize that. Hey the houses completely on fire just yet and you got to remember just because you see one rep. Getting beat doesn't mean you know it was all all the tapes bad and i think that's what a lot of us forget when you see these highlights before we go further. You gotta give shout. You have written down here. Exhibiting howard was the seventeenth ranked on the nfl. Top one hundred shelter exuding howard. I don't know that might be the highest dolphins players ever been. I'm not sure if Tunnels up there somewhere but Jake the secondary man. I mean crazy on leblanc. The corner from the philadelphia eagles at the dolphins signed us off season. He had a forced fumble point but to me it. Was nick a man again nick. Everyone keeps calling superstar. I don't know if that's his nickname. But i'm ready to call him a superstar for the rest of his existence bad. We can't do that. We got that okay. Is that why. They're calling him that. I i don't know that's probably but i mean do that. Pass break up on. What was it second goal to three nickname with an awesome pass break and then a fourth down that came back and byron jones had pass break up on was hated her so i saw the secondary doing what we expected. You know there. there's so much depth. There you mentioned saving. How're being out some of these other guys giovane holland in play there but they still went out there and they look like a dominant unit. And i guess that's kind of what becomes expect from. Brian floors coach team. There are thirteen players. Kept josh at its Keep in mind as the dolphin. Such make five more cuts by tuesday afternoon at four. Pm a record on monday. Thirteen players kept. We're albert. wilson will fuller lindau devante parker preston williams as for japan. How it brandon jones. Chavarria davis.

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