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"wilder sugar hara" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"Sixty two we love to talk to you now's a great time to if you haven't then I think we're supposed to have a little bit of a lull in the rain today isn't today it's they're supposed to taper off this morning and B. semi decent this afternoon and maybe tomorrow as well yeah that's what I thought then the next week going into but who knows because like I said I didn't expect we're gonna get this much rain yesterday now who knows what informed on the debate yes for yeah that's what happens when that atmospheric river comes our way didn't used to call it the pineapple express yeah that was Wilder sugar Hara the customer of ours yeah he was when the coin the term pineapple express and he was the voice that I always remember as a kid listening to the to the forecast I guess maybe later later kit but that's interest S. I get I get I guess pineapple express isn't as ominous as atmospheric river well I would say probably we can't say pineapple express anymore because it might be demeaning to pineapples now that could be that was third river does not mention origin or anything it's just water coming from the atmosphere from the river and didn't want to scare yes where water is want to come from if you wanna give us call one eight hundred seven six are okay of India's number that's one eight hundred seven six zero fifty three sixty two we're gonna go out to Carmel valley where Maxine is waiting good morning Maxine how are you implying how are you good what yes I know my tornadoes and a whiskey barrel and I was told I need to change the direct every time every season but but the reason why I go with in which case there because I don't have any place to throw the dirt.

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