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"wil j. endsley" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"That's the News nationally, but Wil J. Endsley go along with it. A to least one governor has already announced that they will not relax this Pennsylvania. They're not going to relax the indoor mask guidelines until 70% Of the state is vaccinated. They given the craziness with craziness with which Jay Inslee has approached all of this. Oh, Daddy, Daddy will probably say now. Grocery stores, businesses, banks, whatever they can still mandate masks, even though the C D. C Has relaxed the guidelines for those of us who are vaccinated, the CDC director Says. If you vaccinated even if you get Cove it you just don't get sound in the rare event that people get infected after a vaccine, The resulting infection is more likely to have a lower viral own. Shorter in duration and likely, less risky of transmission to others. In fact, the New York Yankees just announced today That every member of their organization players coaches staff front office that everybody's been vaccinated, but they have a cove. It outbreak nine people. In the Yankee Organization, coaches and front office. Have tested positive for Cove. It But again, you don't get sick if you're vaccinated you very Blackley don't get very sick even if you're on vaccinated, But so that means no masks for the vaccinated vaccinated.

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