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"whitten woods lasalle" Discussed on The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast

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"whitten woods lasalle" Discussed on The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast

"I knew i should write this style. I think it's close to state route one four in from the west but there you go. I'm sure there are signs division to you got a little bit longer. Wait for state title games. Like i mentioned two weeks but you still have some fun to talk about region. Seven number one mass lynn. Perry holds off number four oland tangent. Fourteen to ten and number two massillon washington holds off number three westerville south forty-five thirty six to rejuvenates number. One whitney woods twenty number four kings ten now. This result surprise me. Not you know because wouldn woods one win is a very strong program. And i think most people expect whitten wants to take on akron hogan for the title. But again you know. There's an opponent in the way. We'll talk a little bit about that later. Kingston have their lea running back tie still ski but still manage and a ten point loss has nothing to hang your heads about what this happened in week. One if kingston get the kovin can't tell you because we'll never know. But what a match matchup. That was. And i hope that next year woods and kings do get to play for. Sec fun and the last resort and region division two is number two lasalle holding off number six anderson fifty five to thirty despite jackson coon throwing for over five hundred yards. Yeah i mentioned. Jackson coon great player. But lasalle hack of a team and whitten woods lasalle is going to be a great matchup. Not only will. I be paying attention to springfield. Saint ex but lasalle went. Woods is definitely going to be an exciting one as well and i believe that will be at s- wouldn't what's but we'll check on that a little bit division three region eleven. It's saint francis the sales rolling haas number four. Jonathan alder thirty one to six and bishop hartley the second seahawks defeat foreign ville sheridan tend to six and region twelve. The top seed is dethroned as number five..

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