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"whitney museum american art" Discussed on KCBS All News

"Museum of American art biennial in New York after the museum failed to ask for the resignation of a board member who profits from military supply sales including tear gas since March many of called for the museum to remove trustee Warnke handers he owns Safariland company that supplies militarized equipment the law enforcement for more on this we're joined live in the KCBS ring central news line with by Nicholas gland in an artist who was among the first four to pull out of the biennial thanks for joining us Nicholas tell us tell us some of your concerns here I really actually it's nine others now I believe both of the globe just hold out of the by today and there was the artist Michael recollects who didn't is it all from the beginning hello okay thank you for that update yeah so tell us about do you know what to tell us obviously you're concerned with the with the militarization of the police department and and and and and this gentleman who who owns this company well in a relationship as as artists and community members it's it's important that we uphold it believe that are inclusive to our communities obviously cameras products products have shown up both in America and internationally from Gaza to the the U. S. Mexico border Ferguson standing rock a large amount of a lesson artists in this year's biennial are people of color and directly into impacted by do you use that word but by the violence that witness statements right right right now that museum has has failed to respond to this do you think that putting pressure on them and gathering other artists for the cause will will maybe you know change things I hope so and we have responsibilities as artists in the community and and that I think that this is one way for us to come together around okay now there was a a letter by the a written statement actually by Whitney's director of knowledge and the artists letter to the curators did you do you feel like that you've got an adequate response and do you think that maybe moving for knowing that we have actually gotten a real response to the response that okay received is that yes we will remove your work and obviously I can't speak for all of the other artists but we our intentions and not to remove our work is to remove from the board of that top that off of violence in communities and so by choosing remove our work and not remove these board members I can't is that we see that that choice is made that did not big enough to hold back right okay well well good luck with your because Nicholas gland and he's an artist too was among the first to pull out of the Whitney museum American arts biennial in New York after the museum is fail to I asked for the resignation of a board member who profits from military supply sales thanks for joining us today Nicholas thank you grab me.

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