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"whitley partners" Discussed on GONE

"This episode. We're investigating the mysterious disappearance of French inventor, Louis, LA prints, the unknown father of cinema who vanished under suspicious circumstances in eighteen ninety in fact, no trace of lip rinse was ever found even the briefcase. He carried was missing it gets. A specially interesting considering that la- prince was on the verge of releasing what would become one of the most important inventions of the late nineteenth century, the moving picture camera fame and fortune were knocking on the prince's door when he disappeared into thin air. There are four theories about what happened to Louie LA prints on that September train ride. The first theory is that Louis was killed by his brother, Albert, the second is that la- prints fate is owned death and started over with an entirely new life and identity leaving behind everything and everyone he ever. New the third theory. Is that Louie LA prints was killed not by his brother? But by men hired by Connick, inventor, Thomas Edison, and our fourth and final theory is what some refer to as the perfect suicide it postulates that loop rinse took his own life, but not before carefully and meticulously making sure that no trace of him was left to find to understand the theory surrounding his disappearance. We must I go back to Louis life as an inventor and as an individual Louie, LA prince was born on August, twenty eighth eighteen forty one to a French artillery major. His father's close friend was a famed French photographer by the name of Louis Jacques Monda gayer as he grew up. Look prince learned photography from Daguerre and became enamored with the art being exposed if you'll pardon the pun to photography at such a young age. Age kindled an interest in both the creative arts and mechanical sciences as a young adult. Louie? La prince enrolled in Leipzig university in Leipzig, Germany, where he studied fine. Art painting physics and advanced chemistry all of these skills would be influential in his career as an inventor after graduating look prince moved to Leeds in West Yorkshire in the year. Eighteen sixty six he was invited to work with his college friend, John Whitley at a company called Whitley partners.

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