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"Both from the defense. number eighty eight the family is the. the number three. the ball down the floor a forty six yard line. and you you had a free play there if your soldiers with you see the guy jump offsides so why not go for Wagner if you can catch that you know he comes up with a huge gains that you the fifteen yard penalty I think you're read his mind Dominic is exactly what happened. free white outs left tied in right here showing blitz on the left side hand off the smoke running right cannot break away. from Bernard in the backfield and he got. the loss of your. get out of that like he did you know they they had me out man you had about man on the outside you have a wide open the second and eleven two forty five a clock ticking down Florida leads the talking twenty two twenty one. more than a fifty six yard field goal in practice last. so you're Smith out of the shot. one receiver Whitey Tway's got a tiny baby. one is six five one now instead of like into the shot. second eleven he drops the grow as time near sideline. inside of the quarterback. what a Russian seven the plan man for man. only one you get to the Florida twenty six. fifteen. lunation moving to the edge of the seat. on the right hand smart it's sucky going left to right. three receivers outside the hash marks the Kentucky's left Rick lined up on the right tackle pistol formation Gator selling blitz up the middle here they come handle smoke running right across the twenty five in down in a twenty two yard line. second in six. one forty six one forty five Taylor on the tackle along with Carter and a time out now if we go to cater a little slow to get up. well you within his range we just kind of played safety six couple down the. Florida obviously going to be playing that run. chance of poor two out of three on field goals this season four out of seven in his young career. the redshirt freshman but the display in four games last season for those yeah you can well his career long is forty six. while Kennedy high schools were long forty eight. right now Paul said that the Florida twenty two yard line down the gate you know that can't fly ball you could see the official servers we weren't sure if he was actually back in bounds but is to set because both and caught the ball and fell out of bounds they talked about it finally said catches good first down gave you could speak to this down there seeing him up close he brags on what a good basketball player he is regarded little better basketball players on the team we've seen seen him already several times to stop on a dime yet. as I said the last week he told the break and maybe talk about breaking ankles because a basketball player. so at the Florida twenty two it's second six. the two tight ends in the game breaks on the line of scrimmage outside the left tackle young man up saw lined up behind the right tackle canard. one white out each way one twenty five as the clock ticks down twenty on the play clock. twenty two twenty one Florida Lee. earlier Smith is leading the time take down. ten on the plate one fourteen of playing the game pistol formation. he gives it to smoke running right twenty. room down at the nineteen yard line. we picked up three more months now third and three from on the tackle as the cancer once again in the red zone powered by Toyota. remember to take the time out. I got a call this is what this just outside the eighteen yard line. third along too. they've got to get to the sixteen the bulls just outside the eighteen down to the Gabriel Tom you talked about the running clock when they broke the huddle there were twenty nine seconds of the play clock in the old line and started to take its place and Smith's Marlene ran up there and told them everybody relax stand up and when they look back at any point in the play clock is to have plenty of time and that's what they stood there and let it run Gator players were screaming at. so Kentucky is looking at third and two and a half got a minute okay sue on the clock. you'd like. to just run this ball and get the first to have him be able to run it in. it spoke to break a long run here just to get into the six. two tight ends on the left two white outs to the right. Smith also says something to drink Jacksonville is the formation of show dogs in the back of the line of right guard they give the smoky straight ahead and the enemy just short of the drop the shoulder and tried to get down to the sixteen but we was up about a half yard short. so the fifty six seconds to play. the number twelve the quarterback will come off the field one would think. well place kicker would come on the. the Florida takes another time out here. twenty two twenty one Florida leads there were fifty six seconds to play its fourth and about a half your. it took the head of the similar situation of the Florida thirty eight right at the start of the fourth quarter when it let twenty one to ten and couldn't convert and the backup quarterback trance came in late two touchdown drive for the Gators here this fourth quarter to put them in front. thank you don't stop to two point conversion tries of the Gators it just kicked extra points for Sunday completely by three. but they only buy one. and transport it's gonna be kicking from up about. a couple of steps inside the right hash mark. the holder is the kids. fifty eight seconds to play trying to put Kentucky in the lead from thirty five yards out. order lining up with a blood. he's a right footed kicker. and the ball was spotted just outside the right up right. and he basically just tickets great from where it was held and it needed to come in just a little bit he need to pull it in just a little bit but it was wide right just barely left their smart middle feel needed to be there. he does have all three time out fifty four seconds to play a number great drive get down and or a chip shot field goal. this resurgence for Kentucky started with guys like Benny Snell and the automatic man Austin McGinnis and. they're gonna keep guys forever but those you just realized how much she leaned on. those kinds of guys and other people have to step up and make the plays in Kentucky. I wasn't able to do it there or what one play needs throughout the game especially down at the end so Florida takes over its own twenty three time out the first down in the middle. and off the pier on straight ahead trying to find a hole in one. thirteen three thirty will call time out. for the second seven. thirty eight seconds. so you got. looking at. couple more plays if you get stops in Florida is going to throw it they. so you can a future time out then you get a the point get the ball back somewhere inside of the rent money five seconds I would think. you may get one play maybe two. probably one now. at the most. you would have no time out yeah the clock with a first down but we're getting ever get the Korean out here for. so renounce tonight the gate yeah I just can't see for football at risk in the air Kentucky's plan a man for man on the outside of the rough on the safety back to. no no play man on the outside. grass is gonna go under seven. the site is back on the left side the right. well behind the phone yeah. you run bites is wavering yard now another time out for Kentucky will be thirty six. forty four seconds to play Florida. went for it on fourth and one at the Kentucky thirty eight trailing twenty one to ten like the third quarter fully pay Franks was stopped and was injured and lost the game. Chucky movie down to the Florida thirty eight and on fourth and one could not convert. and the Gators have had all the momentum since the. so thirty six Florida forty four seconds four seconds one off their. here's one time outlet. the field is gone quiet. only Gators three out of seven on third down. system for the last five. the person. it goes in motion to give it to him on the jet sweet turns the corner gets the first down and he may go to the house across the forty across the thirty the twenty. and it is going to go in for the touchdown. nice call instead of going up the middle they brought the receiver in motion and just gave it to him and that Jeff weaver rather write in a get tough he was bunched up in the middle of the gap to the edge broke a tackle and took it seventy six yards for a touchdown. it's a very surprising call the jet sweeper okay so long to develop that they thought they had to take the man for man and they were able to get outside the they might make it work and it did. pretty good call. yes it was. the usual call my name like a reverse osmosis. he just in a situation like that you just rarely ever see that eighteen fourth quarter points the generators to be nineteen. thirty. it'll be thirty players will need them for a long time the point after is good the thirty three seconds to play the Gators are up by so we still hope for America twenty nine twenty one. Florida in front. now so many you you look at stats. they sound great but the. our trends and they don't always hold up in real time and Pataki as great numbers when it leaves at halftime even better numbers when it leaves after three quarters as it did in both instances tonight but. it all turned one Kentucky couldn't get that fourth and one at the Florida thirty eight it's twenty one ten if you get that go in and. we get a touchdown it's it's probably the end of the game and if you get it you three out of it you Florida down by two touchdowns instead they get a shot of momentum in the backup quarterback comes to the rescue press we gotta get traffic a lot of credit he and see the stats but he was very accurate I know. both those quarterbacks threw the ball welcome at the transcom again in that situation being behind the news team that way. here's the kicker fail over. and so Kentucky will come out to its own twenty five yard line. they have no time outs the F. thirty three seconds clock a stop on a first down. I want to see me one time at left because they didn't have to use one there. the touchdown run. that was a very surprising call like rivers is the jets week but a very surprising call but I guess they were looking thinking that everybody would be inside and. and they executed very well. what a waste. three men. to the core of forty five. twenty nine. the touch down the two point conversion the time I think you always get a challenge in the. maybe an interference penalty to if. got a challenger. the. the widest the three to the left. the back for their size three three three for that he steps up his throat over the far side for both new goes up and. with the football. thanks so. the fifty yard line he leapt up between two Gators to try to go for the team up with. great effort to write the two leaders right there bumping into and twenty two seconds remaining ball and bounce. even Johnson's in the house and so he needs a Stevie get loose. three receivers left one of the right. so you're Smith from twenty five yards. live right down to the shore to AJ Rosie goes out of bounds of the thirty one yard line but he just to avoid. the guards but now seventeen seconds is all they need better protection there just rush to that time and allowed him to be pressured to go five back block it come on..

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