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"whitehead scotty miller" Discussed on Buccaneers Observer

"Every year in the NFL. It's a new team as far as goals go. We have one putting the fucker in offender. Welcome to the buccaneers observer. Pond Cases Ralph Phillips Fifteenth Two Thousand Nineteen What's supporter of. Yes boy list five. Yeah something like that Have you now also. You can thank me because I've worn the same shirt in the last four wins. I don't remember if I was wearing during the loss. But she's the reason why we won. Now you're welcome just doing in my part I've been wearing the same underwear. Good game good game. We dominated that game. There was a little little blurb there where I was like. Oh no they my come back. And that's what happened in the Jacksonville game and it's in that same period of time it's like when the opposing offense and just and then we have to react. Act to their adjustments. Well we're so used to the bucks. Losing Games like Senator Tail Yeah Two bucks. Twitter was melting down at that point. It wasn't the worst time scene but people had come to expect it. James Wisdom threw an interception on a second pass. When that happened I was like yes? He'll have four hundred your yeah. Let's get that it's true. I saw someone on twitter. Call it a good luck. Pick which is so true very accurate so just keep doing james someone else suggested maybe putting Ryan Griffin and the first series to avoid interception and then let James Coming later. I don't know if either because I think still needs to the riley interception. That was only one he had all the day though. So we got that going and for us. The Detroit lions came in they had five interceptions on the season. And I said well the probably double that in this game. I thought they'd get to. That was a total total. Oh domination in the first quarter we had fifteen rush yards to their six two hundred twenty one passing yards to their negative five. Just outrageous outrageous total yards was two and thirty six till one CODA yards is the first quarter nine. I down to one first down. Detroit got we had six twenty plus yard plays in the first quarter alone and they had zero. Obviously they didn't even have twenty yards by the middle of the second quarter. Winston instant had two hundred ninety one yards one hundred thirty six passer rating. He was fifteen of nineteen three touchdowns. Thirteen first downs. The lions had had fifteen total plays. We had thirteen first downs. They had fifteen total plays blow was one of five for five yards. He had a forty forty two rating. That was a the middle of the second quarter and of course right afterwards saying that is when they had their first drive that they could actually put together so they got like three first downs in a row. I think one of their first downs they had in the first quarter of the second quarter was because of the penalty on Santa's correct uh which that is the only metric where they beat us. We had nine penalties for seventy. Are they had to you for ten yards so they beat us there but in every other aspect we just crush him. Oh they did match are rushing. We had forty nine yards rushing gene and they have forty five so now great there. We also had twenty nine rushing attempts to their eighteen so we average one point seven or rush whereas they the average two and a half per rush assault Joe Books Fan Dot com put out an article immediately following a win complaining about our rushing rushing attack like desolate. You're going to focus on. We don't eat it which I was very satisfied with the comments on that article because everyone basically basically was saying that you know. He's been crying for run game for two three years of age Russia too. Now we got the best one in the league. They should just shut up well. Maybe they figure they're whining and gets the attention has been reinforced. This point condition. Yeah which speaking of our best edge rusher SHAQ BARRETT WITH HIS SACK Today tied Warren Sapp Record. That is so crazy I mean. Did you ever think you'd see the day. Yeah figure of one day. Warrants out was different to tackle. So that's a little bit more impressed. We know that's not a metric for uh-huh we'll get to that second but yeah shakhbut. He's just he's A. I was watching him most of the game. He was just tired crap out there it was. It was incredible Rashard. Pearman had a great game. Yeah well yards three touchdowns. Have you started him fantasy today. That was quite a gamble that paid off. You should've started U- I don't even have him. You should have got him. You'RE GONNA lose your first playoff game. I've been in the playoffs but about in your first playoff game this year. Yeah it's too much pressure on me without you in there Dr Sam Blaming Your Barrett Times. More in Sam's record in sixteen and a half sack's wake do games lapse. I'm Gary Well. Yeah Yeah but that brings me to the Carolina. Panthers got stopped the day by the Seattle seahawks. And if you didn't watch that game you you got to see Gerald McCoy called for penalty being offsides on third down and four which gave them a first down and they scored a touchdown. German was on the sidelines. Blinds like throwing his helmet all angry the hasten before that at the buccaneers that kind of passion right. Where was that good? I'm right but we're used to those kind of penalties from him right frequently and so much for him going to a contender. The Patriots Suck. Oh I saw tweet that we can lose Al and the panthers could win out and then we would still tie for second in the NFC south. I think we would still have second place because we have the Tiebreaker Lewis said. That's very exciting. Second in the division. There's really no way frozen to get second in the division and Atlanta. They're four nine. They're playing San Francisco today. We're watching that one now. I'M GONNA put myself on the back so I called that we'd be second in the division. Of course I thought we'd be fighting with New Orleans for the division title. Oh my gosh. There was a kick return with Atlanta and the returner pushed his own guy. I down back on top of that. Anyway you know. I don't know that you really didn't pick house has because it's all the podcast. We got our picks in writing. But that's not good with you because okay you keep mentioning They asked Bruce Arians about him today in the press conference and he said you're darn right. He's coming back next year or or something he laughed. He said he's not going anywhere. That's good to hear that. Yeah definitely I think this whole team really likes the coaching staff and all that lose people it. It worries me but at the same time. I'm kind of confident that they'll be able to people out of the guys that we need to keep yeah. I think there's a core group that we need to have and and I think that everyone likes to play a wants to be here so but definitely you could tell this as a team on the rise. Yeah and they all have really good. Chemistry mystery and relationships like there wasn't instagram post from Vida Film and they call him bigger. All I guess and then Vida is Sufa. They have nicknames for each other and they were joking around and laughing so it was cool. It just seems like there's a lot of camaraderie there. He's got a lot. Yeah which they really showed up today Sean Murphy. Bunting got his pick six in his hometown. THIRD-ROUND DETROIT third interception option on the season leads the team and interception crazy. I never would have guessed that his seventy interception return was the fifth longest by any player in the NFL this season and the longest by Buchan ears. The player since Mason foster returned eight five yards for touchdown versus New Orleans in two thousand thirteen crazy Mesa Foster Mitt Romney went to redskins. I liked him him and it got cut this year. Yeah ugly jibs whistle the first player in NFL history with two four hundred fifty plus pass your games consecutive -secutive. The only one to ever do it. Dad Is Insane. We knew play in a league with the likes of drew brees and Air Rhonda's and Matt Ryan and no one's ever word on that before o'brady released gunslinger. Yeah Philip rivers craziness and James had a pretty good day went twenty ninety eight forty two which is almost what David Blau went. He went twenty four forty three but Davis had four hundred fifty eight yards four touchdowns one interception and had reading of one twenty four point nine. He got sacked twice Moga ties twice to Blau. Yeah he had two hundred sixty yards six yard average compared to Timothy Winstons ten point nine yard average prepares Blau ended up with a fifty four point four rating. Compared the James Winstons. One twenty four point nine right. He threw no interceptions and had no touchdowns and two interceptions phenomenal within. So with Chris Carlin getting hurt in the game. The the big ones the sideline white man Whitehead Scotty Miller also James Through completions to eleven different receivers receivers ishmail high high. He got one three yards third down conversion to if I recall that correctly hunts and he got hurt but he had a reception for fourteen yards. That's right I said that's a head injury concussion protocol which is interesting. Because we've talked about this all year long one of the positives with the buccaneers is that we have not been hit the injury bug. And then we've got all these hamstrings Mike at Mike Evans last week. And then this week Chris Godwin which. Ba said it does not look good same. Same thing he said was Evans. So I don't know what's going to happen there but and then Whitehead Scotty Miller said. Maybe they're pushing them too. Hard at practice actus. Maybe so he said he's going to get with the sport science people. NC Ex but you know it's it's happened at the end of the season. If you'RE GONNA have it happen this is done. You know if you're not going to play offs and bring in some guys that can take place not Louis. I want to see what happened to Ryan. Jensen was this was in the second quarter minutes. Yeah he got hurt with off the silent he was pissed he was like purple and then they had offered was taken snaps when Winston rely on the field and we call a time out and they were just like practicing briefly warming up and then came back out and he was like no play. The coaches were like trying to holding back and he just went back out and then I read a tweet later in the game that said that his upper her arm was wrapped pretty tightly so I wonder if that was it but yet he was pedsed and then there was one point on the broadcasts. You can see him fighting with defensive. Lionel pushed off. I just love him to one day. David had a great game to tackle for a loss. There they were great. Great tackles and then it. Didn't you have an interception that got call myth for penalty that was on. JP The penalty will go. Yeah he had had eight tackles seven solo two fouls one past defendant. We had quite a few TSA fails we had four five five six seven seven. TNL's yeah good stuff grapes. Yano days that bunting pick six in the fourth quarter when they were making their comeback that yeah they're in Stewart and twenty four. He had an interception with four minutes left but they reversed it looked to me like like a ball. Never hit the ground. I mean it could have but I just didn't see enough on the replay where they couldn't overturn it. Yeah I need to go back and look at it because I just saw the one time when I look at showed at one and usually they're very strict about overturning. It's not I think that they could have made the case for four. There's not enough there so it just has to stand. That was my analysis. I saw it. Didn't look to me like you could see the ball hit. The now's my point his arm of the way. So I don't know what angle they had where they can actually see that not from the broadcast angle. Anyway David also caused caused a fumble at two minutes and forty seven forty seconds left that was recovered by Devon White. That was awesome. Love to see that.

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