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City near the scene of school shooting revokes gun show deal

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City near the scene of school shooting revokes gun show deal

"I'm Mike Gracia reporting the Texas City that was the scene of a school shooting in May revokes a gun show deal The ivaldi Texas City council has voted to rescind a deal that would have allowed a gun group to hold a fundraising event in a city owned hall Ivaldi is where 19 children and two teachers were fatally shot at rob elementary school on May 24th The city council voted four one Monday to rescind a rental agreement with Friends of the NRA an angry crowd had denounced the event which would have included the raffle of a semi-automatic rifle similar to the one used by the 18 year old gunman in the school attack The San Antonio express reported the group has held similar events in the hall for about 15 years I'm Mike Gracia

Mike Gracia Ivaldi Texas City Council Hall Ivaldi Texas City Rob Elementary School City Council NRA The San Antonio Express
Principal of school where massacre occurred placed on leave

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Principal of school where massacre occurred placed on leave

"There's been an administrative shake up at the Texas school where there was some may massacre I Norman hall the principal of uvalde rob elementary where a gunman killed 19 students in two teachers has been placed on administrative leave That's according to attorney Ricardo sedillo who represents principal mandi Gutierrez she was placed on paid leave Monday by the superintendent of schools A legislative committee blamed principal Gutierrez and an assistant for knowing a lock on the classrooms where the killings happened wasn't working and not having it repaired Meanwhile the school board has approved a three week postponement of the start of the school year I Norman hall

Texas School Norman Hall Uvalde Rob Elementary Attorney Ricardo Sedillo Mandi Gutierrez Principal Gutierrez
Gunman slain after rampage kills 2, hurts 2 near Vancouver

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Gunman slain after rampage kills 2, hurts 2 near Vancouver

"A gunman in Canada goes on a rampage Tuesday overnight killing two injuring two more before police shoot and kill him The Vancouver suburb of Langley is where officials say the shootings took place The first a woman at a casino at midnight who was wounded Three hours later a man was shot to death at a homeless residence then at 5 a.m. a second man was shot to death at a bus stop less than an hour later another man was wounded They identified the suspect as 28 year old Jordan Daniel gogan who was shot and killed by police authorities say it's unknown at the shooter knew the victims and are investigating a motive I'm Julie Walker

Langley Vancouver Canada Jordan Daniel Gogan Julie Walker
NYPD: Preacher, wife robbed of $1M in jewelry during sermon

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NYPD: Preacher, wife robbed of $1M in jewelry during sermon

"A New York City preacher and his wife or robbed $1 million in jewelry during a weekend sermon I'm Lisa dwyer with the latest A well-known flashing New York preacher was robbed of more than $1 million worth of jewelry by armed bandits who crashes Brooklyn church service just as he was sermonizing about keeping faith in the face of grave adversity bishop lamorne Miller Whitehead is known for driving a Rolls Royce and his friendship with New York City mayor Eric Adams He was delivering a sermon at his leaders of tomorrow international ministries last weekend when police say three robbers walked in in a video posted to Instagram the preacher said he wasn't sure if the gunman wanted to shoot the church up or if they were just coming for a robbery The service was also being live streamed online Miller Whitehead is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the gunman's arrest I'm Lisa

Lisa Dwyer Brooklyn Church Service Bishop Lamorne Miller Whitehea New York City Eric Adams Rolls Royce New York Miller Whitehead Lisa
3 people killed in shooting at Iowa state park campground, suspected gunman also dead

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3 people killed in shooting at Iowa state park campground, suspected gunman also dead

"A shooting at a state park in Iowa leaves three people and the suspected gunman dead The Iowa division of criminal investigation says officers responding to reports of a shooting this morning at the mokoka cave state park campground found the three victims at the scene No word on their identities or how they died After searching the campground officers later found the body of a 23 year old Nebraska man who had died from a self inflicted gunshot wound The campground was evacuated and the park remains closed but authorities say there's no threat to the public

Iowa Division Of Criminal Inve Mokoka Cave State Park Campgro Iowa Nebraska
A new Libyan force emerges, accused of abusing migrants

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A new Libyan force emerges, accused of abusing migrants

"The Moroccan man had been stopped before at sea in his multiple attempts to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Europe But this most recent time was different The Libyan force that had intercepted the boat full of 50 migrants was more brutal More than a dozen migrants interviewed by The Associated Press tell how they were brutalized by the group while being held in its detention facility the armed men beating and humiliating the migrants The moroccans said he was repeatedly beaten with rifle butts and whipped with rubber hoses badges on their uniform showed the affiliation of the gunman the stabilization support authority the SSA an umbrella group of militias has risen to become one of the main forces carrying out Libya's European Union aided effort to stop a migrants from crossing to European shores I'm Charles De

Libyan Force Libya Mediterranean The Associated Press Europe SSA European Union Charles De
CBS Reporter Justin Kollar Rages Against Indiana Mall Good Samaritan

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CBS Reporter Justin Kollar Rages Against Indiana Mall Good Samaritan

"Dickon is the hero. 22 years old, he had a handgun with that guy started shooting in the food court, mister dicken instead of running away and hiding took out his legal weapon, so he had a concealed carry, took it out and a immediately shot the gunman. And then the gunman stumbles into the bathroom and drops dead. The mayor, police chief, congressman Jim banks, anybody who is breathing in Indiana says without a doubt that guy stopped the gunman from committing a massacre and he's a good Samaritan. So that's that phrase set off the traffic reporter. And so the traffic reporter went on social media and he's all upset. And you can tell he's one of these woke angelicals. You can just see him coming from a mile away. The hair with half of the hair is there and the other half is shaved off and it's just a weird look. Man, a weird look. But I digress. So here's what he wrote. The term gets Samaritan came from a Bible passage of a man from scenario who stopped on the side of the road to help a man who was injured and ignored. I can not believe we live in a world where the term can be equally applied to someone killing someone. My God. You know, sir, you profess to be a Christian man, and yet you use God's name in a slur there. Might want to repent of that. So he's all upset because he doesn't believe you can call this man this hero, a good Samaritan.

Dickon Mister Dicken Congressman Jim Banks Indiana
We Have Fallen Into a Have It Your Way Society

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We Have Fallen Into a Have It Your Way Society

"Am I going crazy, y'all? Oh, I'm just keeping it too real. This whole fat shaming thing. If anybody that's under the sound of my voice can snap your finger and be fit, what you do it or what you're not doing. When I say fit being the shape that in your mind, you want to be. Yes, you would. I do it myself. I love to snap my finger and I had to go to that gym. But it's okay to say, I don't think people should be mean to other people about their bodies. It's on them. But don't try to force lies on us to make you feel better. I will never in my life because I'm overweight. I weigh like two 60 something. And I'm normally like two 20. Now when people look at me, I don't look fat or nothing, but you know, I'm over the weight that I would like to be. Now, I'm not going to sit here and say, there's a new wave. There's a new fad. Ladies and gentlemen, you don't have to be fit, you can be overweight like me. You could be way above the way that you want to be. It's okay. You don't have to go to the gym. You don't have to be disciplined. Why would you be disciplined? God made you this way. I should get off the radio if I'm winning a lie about that. It's okay to say, hey, I'm at this point right now, and I want to improve and get better. It's totally fine. When I first started this show, me, me, reading these ads, sucked. I think I could have been worse, but I improved. It's not like you can sit there and say, well, you know, I'm not good at something so what? I'm not good at it. Then that's the way God made me. No God gave you the ability to be the best version of yourself. That's what you should strive to do. If there's some places where you're not good at, get better at it. There are some fears that you have overcome your fears. I get sick of a society where you see women who are overweight, and it's mostly women they don't even care. Men will get slaughtered. But women who are overweight, all they have a struggle with is that they struggle with consistency. And some of these women may feel like they're too far gone. And it's hard to imagine losing the weight that they really want to lose. So instead of challenging people and teaching them to become a better version of themselves, you say, quit doing what you're doing, accept it the way except you the way you are.

Media Tries to Defend Uvalde Killer's Mental Health

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01:19 min | Last month

Media Tries to Defend Uvalde Killer's Mental Health

"I didn't have to watch the video to see that. But these people are taking up for this for this dude. And saying he has mental, he's a mental crisis. I watched the body one camera footage. He is trying to kill people. He literally is shooting cops through the door. Attempted to thank God they maneuvered out of the way. He's trying to kill people. Indiscriminately shooting into people's apartment complex. And I almost I almost feel like that he may have intentionally shot at that other lady 'cause she said he intentionally shot into her house. That he saw in the hallway, he was mad at somebody start shooting in her house. You know, it's crazy. The little kids in the video, the little kids 'cause the door has this big lock on it. It's no way they can open the door if it's locked. There's no way. They would have to get breaching tools and everything else. Even the lock, even the throw is covered by metal, a metal cover. You guys probably have seen doors like this on the external major buildings. The throw is completely covered by a metal bracket and there's no way you can get to that steel door. So thank God a little kid who's brave ran up and pushed the door open and I thought they were going to shoot the kid. These cops were exceptional,

DL Hughley Defames Uvalde Police

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01:16 min | Last month

DL Hughley Defames Uvalde Police

"So I'm gonna continue to saga and whooping DL hughley's argument because I think he's a hack. And it's a shame that black men can not be more intelligent with platforms like me versus him. Finish the clip. And there was as many as a hundred around in the air. But those 19 men who fled immediately milled around in the hallway didn't even test the door to see if they could get in, let those children die. Why would you fight to keep a job when you failed so miserable? You should slink away and horror. And initially, you tried to take the hero rap. You tried to say that you acted bravely and everybody took up the mansion because you're giving that kind of difference. We always believe you until we see something different. I saw people on the phone. I saw one dude with a Kevlar vest on an AR-15 in sandals. All right. But the most, let's put that logic together. You saw a man with an air 15 of vest on and sandals. DL hughley, why would a man be with an air 15 invest on his sandals? Because he's probably running from his house to defend those kids. That's the definition of a sense of urgency.

Dl Hughley
DL Hughley: Uvalde Police Waited to Confront Gunman

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DL Hughley: Uvalde Police Waited to Confront Gunman

"Yet. Somebody that I have been waiting to do a diss track on. It's almost like a rapper. I want to diss this person. Is DL hughley. I've been, I told the lord, I said, lord, please give me a radio show. That's big enough and syndicated. So I can tell the truth about DO hughley. I used to love DIA hughley. He was a part of the kings of comedy, I used to love him growing up. He's an incredible comedian, but this man is so woke. And he hates white people so much. That is sickening to me. And he's always talking about people like me and others like me who are black who are conservative and he's even named me because my uncle used to listen to deal he will then deal healey start talking trash about me on the radio and so my uncle told me and he said he don't mess with DL he did no more. Because DIA hughley is fake to me. And he's an example in his exemplification of the weak black men in America. That literally can not think for themselves. And everything that come out of their mouth is from the perspective of a complete victim. Now, I have talked about you to the point where I'm done even I don't even want to say the word y'all anymore. However, DL hughley decided to make comments about Yuval D and I wanted to give him an honest take on it. But he can't help but make it about race. So without further ado, let's play the deal, he could clip where he's talking about you valdi. It definitely retreated. When I saw that video from the first though, who the hell is the mayor to get more mad at the video coming out than the police officers who perpetrated being police officers on that day? Because all right, put a pause on it. So before he says this, he talks about governor Abbott. He mentions that governor Abbott came out and said the police did everything they could do and in the next day governor ever said he was disappointed that he was then told he wasn't told accurate information.

Dia Hughley Dl Hughley Hughley Yuval D Healey Governor Abbott America
The Epidimic of Black Victimhood

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The Epidimic of Black Victimhood

"It is a epidemic in America where young black people are taught to become victims. That they're less than, not by white people, not by the system, by their own parents. And you see it reflected in every aspect of society, and it really gives black people a bad reputation. Because I want you to think about this for a minute. If I was a Fortune 500 company, and I'm a big deal, and I have a chance to hire a black person. And I look at their social media and this Black Lives Matter, I'm in it to fight for social justice and awareness and inclusion. Would I hire that person or would I hire a white person that's atypical and politics? Which one would you hire? Now, nobody's gonna know what my reasoning is, 'cause I don't have to disclose that. But I would hire a person that's not gonna cause problems in the business structure.

Sesame Place Gives Family VIP Treatment

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Sesame Place Gives Family VIP Treatment

"I want to talk about the story of the Sesame Street. I got a bunch of stuff talk about, but I want to start with the Sesame Street thing. We were talking about yesterday. So the parents of the young children pictured videoed in the Sesame Street, I don't know if it's Cal Sesame Street, is a Sesame Street parade that everybody's been talking about where it appears sesame place, where it appears that the characters walking and avoid these two black girls. In 2024, I mean, 2022 is no way in the world that you can believe that that would happen without any type of punishment. It is fair to believe that obviously something else happened. I made a video about it on my YouTube channel pointing at the fact that it appears that the sesame place organization or whatever that event they apologize to the family, it appears that it was a protocol thing where the actor that's in the costume costume did not either see the kids or they were outside of protocol where he can't pick him up. He can't do certain things with him any wave them off. For the people that are watching you can see a picture in the video that he said no no no to another kid off camera or an adult off camera and then he was walking by and saying no, no, the kids in front of him were too black kids and then the camera cut. If you see a video, this 8 seconds, you know it's bullcrap. Now let's go on beyond that. You would think that if this was a racist encounter, or if this was a misstep by the person playing the role of the Sesame Street character, that a parent would say, okay, y'all need to make it right because you hurt my children's feelings. But the theme park made it right the event coordinator made it right because they allowed the woman in her children to have what they would consider to be a VIP experience. Now, I don't know if sesame plays is at Disneyland or somewhere like that 'cause I'd never even heard of the thing. But I know that when I took my son to Disneyland, it was like a $1000. It was over a $1000 for us to have the VIP experience. So if some character wrong your daughters, wouldn't you want to give them the VIP experience, which was way cooler than standing on the side of the road like everybody else in high 5 in the

Teachers weep recalling students killed in Parkland shooting

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Teachers weep recalling students killed in Parkland shooting

"A teacher wept recalling students killed in the Parkland school shooting in Florida That's my girl Helen of in the penalty phase of gunmen Nicholas Cruz's trial now former teacher ivy Seamus was shown a picture of a student Helena Ramsey She was then shown a picture of another of her students And that's Nicholas Torres Handsome boy Both were shot and killed in her classroom Seamus was teaching Holocaust studies The barrel of that AR-15 just ambushed our classroom Crews began firing through the glass on her classroom door It was extremely loud It was very frightening And I kept thinking about these kids that should not be experiencing this at all The jury must decide if Cruz the former marjory Stoneman Douglas student should be sentenced to death or life without parole for the nation's deadliest mass shooting to go before a jury I'm Ed

Parkland School Nicholas Cruz Ivy Seamus Helena Ramsey Nicholas Torres Helen Seamus Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas Cruz
Jurors see gruesome video of Florida school shooting

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Jurors see gruesome video of Florida school shooting

"Jurors in the penalty phase of the trial of Nicholas Cruz saw gruesome video of the 2018 Florida school shooting People in the gallery didn't see it but jurors stared intently at video screens Some started squirming one looked up at gunman Nicholas Cruz and then returned to watching the video It showed crews murdering 17 people at marjory Stoneman Douglas high school Many were shot at point blank range among those testifying later was teacher Dara Haas We heard the pop pop pop the sounds of the gunshots Haas thought it might be a drill but realized quickly it was not One of the students Was injured He didn't have time to make that a thing to make it out of his desk Three students were killed in her class While the video was playing Cruz looked down and did not appear to watch it I'm Ed

Nicholas Cruz Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Dara Haas Florida Haas Cruz
Latest Indiana Mall Shooting Shows How Guns Can SAVE Lives

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

01:11 min | Last month

Latest Indiana Mall Shooting Shows How Guns Can SAVE Lives

"Here's a headline quote four people are dead and two others were injured in a shooting at an Indiana mall on Sunday authorities say. Now, this is a case where you have the media, actively, well, they're reporting something, but they're also concealing something. So why do they say that four people are dead and two others were injured? Well, the actual incident is like this. We're talking about a mall in suburban Indianapolis. We're talking about a shooter who starts firing and kills three people. And then we're talking about a someone in the mall who had a gun legally drew their firearm and shot the shooter dead. So that's how we get the four people dead. Now, the gunman also injured two other people. So what's happening here is that the news headline is trying to camouflage a hide the fact that a gun is used to stop a potential mass

Indiana Indianapolis
Police laud actions of man who killed Indiana mall attacker

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Police laud actions of man who killed Indiana mall attacker

"Police in Greenwood Indiana are calling 22 year old Elijah dicken a hero Dickon was at Greenwood park mall with his girlfriend Sunday evening when a man opened fire shooting 5 people in the food court Police say dickon who was legally armed pulled out his weapon and shot and killed the gunman Greenwood police chief Jim eisen praised dickon at a news conference on Monday Many more people would have died last night if not for a responsible armed citizen that took action very quickly within the first two minutes of this shooting Tape courtesy W are TV Three of the victims were killed I'm Donna warder

Dickon Elijah Dicken Greenwood Park Mall Food Court Police Greenwood Police Jim Eisen Greenwood Indiana Donna Warder
Elisjsha Dicken Identified as Hero Who Killed Indiana Mall Shooter

Mark Levin

01:47 min | Last month

Elisjsha Dicken Identified as Hero Who Killed Indiana Mall Shooter

"At 5 50 7 p.m. the shooter was confronted by our good Samaritan who I will identify in just a moment The good Samaritan was armed with a pistol and engaged the shooter as he stood outside the restaurant restroom area firing into the food court The shooter fired several rounds striking the suspect the suspect attempted to retrieve retreat back into the restroom and fail fell to the ground after being shot Cut two The good Samaritan once again he has authorized us to release his name He is requesting you give him time to process and grieve himself before reaching out to him His name is Elijah dicken and that is spelled S J SHA and he resides in Seymour Indiana He was at the mall last night with his girlfriend shopping Cut three go I personally didn't speak to him I did watch the video the surveillance video which captured pretty much the entire incident I will say his actions were nothing short of heroic He engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun It was very proficient in that very tactically sound And as he moved to close in on the suspect he was also motioning for people to exit behind him He has to our knowledge he has no police training and no military

Elijah Dicken Seymour Indiana
"  gunman" Discussed on WTOP


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" gunman" Discussed on WTOP

"To their report, no members of law enforcement inside or out of the school assumed command in the 70 plus minutes before they took down the gunman committee chairman, Dustin Burroughs. There was also officers who should have seen some of the chaos going on in at least at a minimum. If they didn't take over command or tried to assume command, they shouldn't began asking questions. Chris Fox, for CBS News, you've all Texas. The sentencing trial for the shooter in the Parkland Florida school massacre starts tomorrow, a jury will decide whether he should be executed or get life in prison without parole. Steve Bannon's criminal contempt trial starts tomorrow in Washington, legal analyst Laurie Levinson. If Bannon is able to get before this jury that he's now willing to comply, there might be some jurors who would say that they won't hold him in contempt. But the government will undoubtedly argue that Bannon doesn't get to play games with Congress. He was given a lawful subpoena. He didn't comply, he didn't try to assert executive privilege in a lawful manner. And even if he had, he would not be eligible for it. Bannon faces charges for ignoring congressional subpoenas for months about January 6th. It's been a hot weekend, but hot temps are on the move this week. Whether channel meteorologist Molly McCollum. By the time we get to Tuesday, 75 million of us above 95°. And we're not just talking 90s. We are talking triple digits in places like Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, all the way to Oklahoma City where we could tie a record on Tuesday of one O 9. Three share of deputies and a firefighter died in a helicopter crash in New Mexico. The chopper went down yesterday near Santa Fe, the crew was returning to Albuquerque after helping firefighters at a wildfire. I'm still trying to look that's now misses Affleck, Jennifer Lopez confirming on social media today that she and Ben Affleck got married in a small

Bannon gunman committee Dustin Burroughs Parkland Florida school Steve Bannon Laurie Levinson Chris Fox CBS News Molly McCollum Texas Washington Congress government Oklahoma City Arkansas Louisiana Tennessee Missouri New Mexico Santa Fe
"  gunman" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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" gunman" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"The gunman responsible for a road rage shooting in Tarpon Springs. Several shots were fired from one car to another. This case happened on us 19 north of Tarpon Avenue. The shooter is a heavyset man driving a Cadillac CTS green in color news channel. It's Melanie Michael. Police say 4 to 5 rounds were fired from a handgun. The incident started at the intersection of East Lake Road and Keystone Road after the suspect cut off the victim. More than once, as both cars turned north on the U. S. 19. The shooting began A search is underway to find the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in Hillsborough County. The Florida Highway Patrol says. A pedestrian was hit by a car and town and country on state road. 5 80 near Reflections Club drive. Investigators believe the car is gray had has damaged on the front right side. The victim not identify, the troopers say she's a 67 year old resident from New Port Richey. A Tampa man is accused of hitting a man with his car and then leaving him to die. Highway Patrol says 28 year old Stuart Cobb hit a 30 year old pedestrian at state Road, 5, 74 and Williams wrote and then fled the scene. He eventually returned, but was arrested. Cobb's charged with leaving the scene of the crash involving a death, the state has opened a lab to study human trafficking. It's housed at the ST Petersburg campus of the University of South Florida. Dr Joan reads the director. She explained some of the goals better data clean data that can allow like trend identification in human trafficking. It can support.

Melanie Michael Tarpon Springs Hillsborough County Stuart Cobb East Lake Road 4 Joan Highway Patrol New Port Richey Cobb Florida Highway Patrol Keystone Road U. S. 19 Tarpon Avenue one car University of South Florida Tampa both cars Williams 5 rounds
"  gunman" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

Newsradio 1200 WOAI

02:29 min | 1 year ago

" gunman" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"Gunman. Instead, they're searching for another man, DeAndre White, who is charged with murder investigation has revealed. That Why is responsible for the murder of Mr Douglas can tour as well as shooting many, if not all of our shooting victims. In Rome, Austin Police chief Joseph Cohen says Why it's a friend of Jeremiah Taboo, had previously been arrested as a suspect in the case. Charges are being dropped, but he is still in custody because he is linked to another shooting in Colleen. The Republican governors of Florida, Nebraska, sending manpower the Texas border. Tony Payan, who heads Rice's Baker Institute, says, along with Governor Greg Abbott, that you're playing politics because all three are up for re election next year, because if you think about the number of troopers and the kind of aid that they can give Texas to protect the border, it is really just a drop in the desert sand. And But he says President Biden continues to blunder the response to a surge in illegal immigration. New state law will soon take effect, forcing those take a closer look at cases of alleged child abuse. The law, which takes effect in September, will require a second medical opinion before child welfare workers and family courts can remove Children from a home. This legislation is in response to multiple investigations of parents who were wrongly accused of abuse based on flawed ER, incomplete medical reports. Following further review of the case. A judge would then consider information from both medical reports before issuing a final decision on state custody orders. The new law also creates a State commission to study how Children are determined to be the victims of abuse. Charity McCurdy NewsRadio 1200 W Away, I American Airlines is finding it tough to take off now that customers are returning thanks to a pilot shortage. A captain Dennis Tiger, who heads the Texas based Allied Pilots Association, says they have to re certify after being furloughed in that takes time. A year ago. We were canceling flights because we didn't have passengers now would cancer in place? Because we only have pilot it doesn't have to be this way. The White House is admitting it may not reach President Biden's goal to have 70% of the adult population partially vaccinated by the Fourth of July. A covid coordinator Jeff Science, told reporters that falling short should not undermine the enormous progress that's been made over the past few months as science said they will still continue to encourage 18 to 26 year olds to get vaccinated. And get the latest news anytime anywhere. Just tell your voice activated. Smart device to play news. Radio 1200 w o a I on I Heart radio. I'm Carrie Locking news radio 1200 W.

DeAndre White Tony Payan Dennis Tiger September Colleen 18 Texas Rome 70% Charity McCurdy Fourth of July Joseph Cohen Jeremiah Taboo Jeff Science American Airlines Douglas Allied Pilots Association A year ago Baker Institute Republican
"  gunman" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

Newsradio 700 WLW

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" gunman" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Authorities that the gunman was an employee at the Vita at that transportation center and as authorities were racing to that center, there is also a house fire that broke out very close to where this is all transpiring. Mayor of San Jose has come out and said that that house fire actually took place at the gunman's house. So you had two separate incidents that now appear to have been linked. A B C's will car President Biden is being kept up to date on developments following the deadly mass shooting. During the White House briefing, Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre offered condolences for the victims and their families, she noted the president Has called on Congress to take steps to reduce gun violence in the U. S. Now the latest traffic and weather together. From the U. C. Health traffic Center at the UC Health Brain Tumor Center are renowned specialists find answers for the most complex brain tumors. Learn more of you see health dot com They have cleared the accident East to 75 at 75. Berlin Air traffic Still pretty heavy getting past Mineola Pike, the jackknife semi They're working on it. It's facing the opposite direction. South 75 south of Hobble blocking the right lane and the entrance ramp from Ha Polis blocked that traffic merges early onto the highway. You're remain heavy from hop all street all the way down to the Brent Spence spur. Ridge Crews continue to work on accidents. Harrison, a Queen City Martin Luther King, near Dick Smith and Glen Way at Grand Avenue. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 WLW now the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center. Are you afraid of the dentist at advanced industry? We get it to learn more about how I V sedation can change your life, does it? No fear, dentist Don Kam. But he continues to move out of the tri stable. So cloudy skies during the evening, then gradually clearing overnight, the low dropping to 60 mostly sunny for your Thursday highs in the mid eighties. Right now, radar is showing most of the rainfall still in the tri state. Mainly around Claremont County. Also brown County Further off to the east are current temperature 68 degrees. Everyone else seen a cloudy sky this time news, a service of Life Center organ donor network. Cincinnati City Council voted this afternoon not to suspend council member Wendell Young 78 votes were needed on the motion, but only six council members voted to suspend Young with Christopher Smitherman and Steve Good and abstaining. Young is accused of deleting text messages, which are said to be public record store in a civil case related to the violation. Of Ohio's Open Open Meetings Act, which he and four other members of City Council known. It's a gang of five texted among each other. In April, Young.

Christopher Smitherman Steve Good Don Kam Wendell Young Congress April Claremont County Dick Smith Mineola Pike 60 Brent Spence spur Ha Polis Young Life Center Grand Avenue Glen Way 68 degrees Queen City Thursday Karine Jean Pierre
"  gunman" Discussed on WJR 760

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" gunman" Discussed on WJR 760

"J R. That's 808 590957. And I say it was 6:24 a.m. that makes a time for Joe gunman's top of mind topics. And today's top of mind subjects is the same as it was yesterday, because I think it's that important. I have people. By the dozens who send me emails every week day and every weekend. And some of these problems occur with their major appliances. Because of what we called a power surge. You may never know you had a power surge, but it effects all the electron IX in your home. It affects the motors that are on refrigerator, washing machine clothes, dryer and so forth. Power surge can hurt those major things in your home. And you may have a surge protector that you have sitting on the floor where you have cords plugged into it. On my way of thing is that I don't think they're worth a pinch of prunes. Get yourself Ah, Whole House search protectorate installed at your fuse box that does the job and prevents power surges. And we do have an advertiser on this show who installs him and I just found out the other day they install them at such a reasonable price. That I've had fun for years and the home in Northville. I'm going to have one installed very soon..

Joe gunman Whole House Northville
"  gunman" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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" gunman" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"By a gunman. In a cowardly fashion. They're both critically injured multiple gunshot wounds. They're currently Being treated for the hospital. Police are looking for the suspect. Meanwhile, President Trump Retweeted a video of the shooting with a caption animals that must be hit hard President Trump me while speaking to thousands of supporters at a rally amended Nevada last night slammed Democratic presidential nominee former VP Joe Biden is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics. He doesn't know he's alive and with less than two months to go before the election, the president's team insisting that the voting polls where he continues to trail Mr Biden are untrue. And, according to a new poll from the New York Times and the Sienna College Research Institute Biden appears to be ahead of Mr Trump by four points in Nevada. But the president President Trump's senior campaign adviser, Jason Miller, he tells ABC that if last night's rally is any indication, he will have no trouble being re elected in November. 20% of the people who are at that event didn't even vote in 2016. That's why our internal numbers show us actually winning Nevada feel verywell position. It's another blue state. We're gonna flip this year and over in the Biden campaign, the former vice president Also threw a job at President Trump this week, claiming that he failed to adequately warned the American people about the Corona virus. We get more about this story from ABC is Andrew Timber, Democratic nominee wasting little time attacking Trump, responding to a new political report alleging Trump officials are interfering with CDC reports stating the administration has put political optics ahead of safety. Biden also blasting Trump Fritz interview with Bob Woodward there, he said, he just didn't want to worry people. Meantime, we're approaching 190,000 dead, the Democratic nominee, calling his events reckless rallies, and as the candidates continue on the campaign trail, all eyes are on mail in voting for November's election. If you have not already submitted your application, watch your mail. Massachusetts is sending out vote by mail applications All register voters who have not already submitted an application for a ballad. Ballads are expected to start being mailed by the first week of October. Ballots that are not received by local election officials on or before Election Day must arrive no later than November 6 and be postmarked by November 3rd in order to be officially counted, It's 12 19 conditions on the West Coast continue to worsen as dozens of wildfires burned through the region, the flames scorching hundreds of thousands of acres in California. And Washington state and Oregon as well. A B C's will car has the latest from inside the fire zone and Orville, California, Oregon. At least 1000 homes have been destroyed in the towns of Phoenix in nearby talent, Very Joyner talks aboutthe last moment she shared with her and before the Flames took.

President Trump Joe Biden president Nevada Trump vice president ABC New York Times Bob Woodward Flames Phoenix Jason Miller Oregon Massachusetts Orville Sienna College Research Instit CDC VP
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"As the gunmen armed with a pistol shot one person at the V. mall that victim in stable condition Richard Cantu ABC news as we continue through the overnight period those cloudy skies have taken over scattered showers will develop late with low temperatures around fifty degrees we look at for your Monday more cloud cover expected rain will be likely throughout the day it's breezy and mild with highs in the upper fifties only falling into the low fifties with more scattered showers for your Monday night decreasing clouds and a few morning showers possible Tuesday we're drying out by Tuesday afternoon with mild highs in the lower sixties that's rotated forecasts on W. okay why meteorologist Chris Johnson message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload but what if there were a business degree that advance your career skills and gave you access to world renowned faculty leaders and mentors all on your schedule one that opened doors to some of the most influential CEOs tech companies law firms entrepreneurs and thought leaders and what if you could earn that degree in as little as sixteen months one hundred percent online find out more tex proud two seven nine six four five start on the path to earning your MBA or business analytics masters degree online from the W. P. Carey school of business at Arizona State University today learn more about the graduate programs from the top ranked W. P. Carey school of business at Arizona State University offered one hundred percent online text proud two seven nine six four five that's P. R. O. U. D. two seven nine six four five I bet you didn't know the goodwill industries of Kentucky does not have a mission to provide inexpensive items for low income families that's not why we exist although we love being able to offer reasonably priced items to bargain shoppers we actually.

V. mall Arizona State University P. R. O. U. D. Kentucky Richard Cantu Chris Johnson W. P. Carey school of business
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"The FBI wants apple to unlock iphones. That belong to the shooter at a Naval Base. In Pensacola Florida last month. Apple is resisting this and now the attorney general's complaining that Apple's not doing enough to help law enforcement in its investigation. This is just the latest in an ongoing fight between the US government and tech companies over how to Balance Privacy Privacy with public safety we've NPR's technology correspondent Shannon bond with US Shannon. Hey David what exactly is the government asking apple to do here well the the FBI has to iphones belong to the gunman in Pensacola who is the Saudi Air Force. Cadet and law enforcement has a court order to see who he was communicating with before the attack but the phones are locked and their contents are encrypted. So the government's asking apple for help but apple has said for a long time it won't unlock devices and break encryption. And that's frustrated frustrated the attorney general. Here's what embar said on Monday. So far apple has not given any substantive assistance. This situation perfectly illustrates straight why it is critical that the public be able to get access to digital evidence once it has obtained a court order based on probable. Cause so so. What exactly is apple's argument for? Not Helping here. Well Apple First of all is rejecting bars characterization in a statement it put out on Monday. said it's already turned over for Gigabytes of information to the government things like I cloud backups and transactional data saying they are helping right the the FBI wants the communications on the phones and Apple says to do that would require building back door. That would compromise the security of all iphones I spoke with Susan Landau a professor of Cybersecurity and policy at Tufts and she says that kind of back door would make it easier for criminals to access personal financial and health information. The risks are that it becomes easier to open anybody. Anybody else's phone. The whole reason apple went to the model of making the data on the phone. More secure. Is that Hackers were taking data off the phone own and then using it for identity theft. And that's pretty much. What apple said on Monday? It said quote. There's no such thing as a back door just for the good guys. This I have to say sounds familiar. I mean aren't these the very issues that came up back in two thousand fifteen after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino California. That's right this is pretty much much very similar conflict and play in the San Bernardino case the people might remember. The government actually sued apple to force it to unlock the phone apple resisted and there was a really tense standoff with the Obama Administration but the government wound up working with a third party contractor to get into the phone and since then apple has reportedly improved encryption and software to make it suffices even more secure and harder to get into now than they used to be then. So how do these larger questions get resolved if they do all right. So first of all experts say that really. We need Congress to weigh in on the law. I spoke with Jim Baker. He was general counsel at the FBI during in the San Bernardino case. And he says there's no easy solution to balance these questions. So what you have then is a situation where the country through its elected so representatives in Congress needs to make a choice. Does it want to give law enforcement more access and create more cybersecurity risk. Or does it want to do you. Something different places could end up is back in court. And if the government gets a court order then the question becomes will apple comply with it. NPR's Shannon Bondra covers technology for US. Thanks much thanks David..

apple US government FBI San Bernardino NPR Congress Pensacola Florida attorney Shannon bond Naval Base David San Bernardino California Saudi Air Force Shannon Bondra Susan Landau technology correspondent
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"A gunman entered your workplace it's a conversation more more people are having insect spray homemade panic buttons in walk in freezers service contingency plans in case of workplace attacks here's this weekend's Jennifer to shrink up after so many incidents a shooting attack no longer feels like a fluke event to that can only happen somewhere else that's why many workers are mapping out how they might escape a gunman tip cutter the Wall Street journal is here with more a chip what our workers and managers talking about these days well this is really become almost a water cooler discussion across America conversations police are having with each other really amount to what would you do if the gunmen entered your workplace where would you go how would you try to survive we spoke with a number of workers across the country and they told us that they're plotting homemade escape paths one person said she works in a warehouse she plans to hide behind a big rack of dresses another person who works at a bakery in Charleston South Carolina wants to hide out in the walk in freezer we see bosses deploying homemade panic buttons one person put bug spray on the desk of his employees and said you know in the event that workers can't get out aim for the eyes spray the gunmen and try to do your best to try to escape from there see to see this real concern among so many different workers but what to do contradiction to what happened in our workplace does this make workers feel a little less anxious and better just because they're planning I I think it does I think a lot of workers to it they just don't know what to do and a number of employers have rolled out active shooter training there's been kind of the increased installation of some detection technology for example these gunshot detectors that are in the walls and ceilings that might alert police to the sound of gunfire but workers just feel like they want to do something on their own and I know you know if if this if this were to happen you know at least some of them have thought through this in advance one person said that you know this doesn't feel like something that could happen to someone else and that you have to prepare for the worst we're speaking with tip cutter the Wall Street journal chip a lot of schools of had to prepare our workplaces now having formal training on what to do in emergencies they are so it really varies by employer some now do computer based training where you would kind of sit through a training camp that would kind of walk you through how you might respond there's been the kind of rise of of for the run hide flight method of training can if giving some tips of what you might do you know build barriers try to kind of knock out windows how do you respond if there is an active shooter and then there is justice point of of people kind of getting unconventional with that and you know whether that might mean I spoke with someone in the sconce and for example he bought forty dollar doorbells at a local home improvement chain is a wireless doorbells he put them under the front desk of near his receptionist and those the receptors compress the buttons an emergency they sound the alarm in the back of the office people know that the alarm is sounded to escape these are kind of panic buttons on the cheap but he felt that it was effective in that it was something he could do are some companies in areas more vulnerable than others well a lot of players say that that's hard to say just because we've seen shootings happened in so many different settings that so you know we've seen employers like Toyota and Saks Fifth Avenue and a drug maker all install gunshot detection sensors for example these are much different businesses but all feel a need to be prepared what about more open places where people can't be checked like stores and restaurants are they more worried about their safety there they are we spoke with a number of those workers one of my colleagues spoke with someone who works at a Starbucks for example and she said that she does worries because due to the fact that in the city and there's not much you can do employers can install a metal detector can easily install something like that at the door that would restrict the flow of consumers so so this this employee and others have said that they feel vulnerable just because they are so exposed I spoke with a mother of an employee who works at the coffee shop chain in Denver she said that before she dropped her son off to work on Sunday she asked him you know do you have an active shooter planned at at your at your company in it and it it did not die and she told me she was devastated she needed to have this conversation with her son we have not been surprised lately by some of the things that have happened but does this sort of start with the so called disgruntled employee who came back to a place of business where they had been fired with those companies the first ones to take action some of the more yes into this this would typically come up where you know a number of employers would say there we knew there were a couple of people we should probably keep our eyes on and and so after those after they had those kind of incidents they would typically put into training or perhaps you know at a key card system more you know lock the doors that sort of thing that's wallstreet journal reporter chip cutter with this weekend's Jennifer kasinga twenty two minutes after the hour on this weekend Michigan is one of the best places in the country to do business but you don't have to take our word for it take Evan my CEO of rosh enterprises instead involved in product development there couldn't be more unique and exciting opportunities that are really going to shape the future of the of the world to really.

twenty two minutes forty dollar
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"The gunman's younger sister idea indicating to authorities the gunman Connor bets appear to be acting alone time frame we don't see anyone assisting him and committing this horrendous crime Dayton police chief Richard deal says investigators are split as to whether the gunman sister and a companion were targeted in the shooting they were among the first shot the sister died the police chief also increasing the number of those hurt from the gunfire from fourteen to seventeen Ribeiro ABC news the justice department says Attorney General William Barr has reassigned the warden from the Manhattan jail where accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide over the weekend MCC staff members who were on duty in abstains unit the special housing unit have also been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the federal investigations they were supposed to be checking on Jeffrey have seen every thirty minutes in the hours leading to his death but that protocol for some reason was not follow ABC's Erin to Turkey in New York a coalition of twenty one democratic led states is suing the trump administration over its decision to ease restrictions on coal fired power plants the president spent the afternoon touring the petrol chemical complex under construction in western Pennsylvania resident came to pray shell oil for investing in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we'll spend time going after Democrats who want his job and his own federal reserve chair pick Jerome Powell for not lowering interest rates he's made a big mistake the head of the fed that was in the beauty that I chose federal reserve by law you're supposed to respond to market forces not presidential demands Andy field ABC news police in Portland getting ready for competing rallies this Saturday between out of state far right groups and anti fascist mayor Ted Wheeler says he may ask the governor to call up the Oregon National Guard your listening to ABC news now and we've got your traffic.

Jerome Powell ABC Andy Manhattan Ribeiro ABC Dayton Connor Oregon National Guard Ted Wheeler Portland Richard deal Pennsylvania Pittsburgh president New York Erin Jeffrey Epstein Attorney General William Barr
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"The gunman's younger sister indicating to authorities a gunman Connor bets appeared to be acting alone time frame we'll see anyone assisting him communis horrendous crime police chief Richard Butler says investigators are split as to whether the gunman sister and a companion were targeted in the shooting they were among the first shot the sister died the police chief also increasing the number of those who from the gunfire from fourteen to seventeen news the justice department says Attorney General William Barr has resigned from the Manhattan sure were accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide over the weekend and she sees staff members who were on duty in abstains unit the special housing unit have also been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the federal investigations they were supposed to be checking on Jeffrey upstate every thirty minutes in the hours leading to his death but that protocol for some reason was not following the season one to to scandal rock a coalition of twenty one democratic led states assuming the trump administration over its decision to use restrictions on coal fired power plants the president spent the afternoon touring the petrol chemical complex under construction in western Pennsylvania resident came to pray shell oil for investing in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but spend time going after Democrats who want his job and his own federal reserve chair pick Jerome Powell for not lowering interest rates he's made a big mistake the head of the fed that was in the beauty that I chose for federal reserve by law is supposed to respond to market forces not presidential demands Andy field ABC news police in Portland getting ready for competing rallies the Saturday between out of state far right groups and anti fascist ten Wheeler says he may ask the governor to climb up the Oregon National Guard you're listening to ABC news one is a calculator.

ABC Andy Richard Butler Connor Oregon National Guard Wheeler Portland Jerome Powell Pennsylvania Pittsburgh president Jeffrey Epstein Manhattan Attorney General William Barr justice department thirty minutes
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"Are describing the gunman is about five feet ten to six feet tall. He was wearing a black hoodie, and a black mask surveillance images of the man only show, his eyes, and now a WGN neighborhood news. Here's Pam Jones. Here's a pop up bar, where you can bring a four legged friend, the dog friendly pop up bar is back in Logan square it emporium. It's open every Wednesday Saturday and Sunday through the end of the month the pop up benefits, one tale that time nonprofit that rescues animals from overcrowded shelters and finds them forever homes. I'm Kim, Gordon would neighborhood news sponsored by wintrust Chicago's community banks and now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you, Kim. At the start of the cross town series tonight, on the north side, and the White Sox prospect, getting the call up today and catcher Zack Collins, the team's twenty sixteen first round pick baddeck to fifty with. Nine homers down in AAA this season. The lineup still not out for the SOX. One player, we know will be starting as Eli Jimenez. He makes his Wrigley debut, almost two years since the SOX and cubs made the Jose Kettani trade that sent cue to the cops Hilo Jimenez, Dylan cease and a couple of other players to the sell side Jimenez, is batting three forty five with five homers over his last eight games. Yvonne Nova takes the mound for the SOX cubs counter with one of the hottest pitchers in baseball in Cole hamels the left. He's attempting to become the first cubs pitcher with zero earned runs in four straight outings since Jake Arrieta did it in twenty fifteen live in Wrigley. Ville all afternoon. Leading up to pre game at six thirty. First pitches at seven five sucks starter. Lucas g Lido and catcher. James McCann scheduled to appear the Blackhawks seven-game preseason schedule has been released. They'll start on the road at Washington. Monday September sixteenth play a couple against Detroit though, wrap up exhibition play in Berlin September twenty-ninth before they start their season in Prague on.

Hilo Jimenez SOX WGN cubs Kim Pam Jones Lucas g Lido Kevin Powell James McCann Jake Arrieta Logan square Wrigley Blackhawks Zack Collins Cole hamels Detroit Yvonne Nova Berlin
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"News. A gunman firing into a large crowd at a city. Intersection with neighborhood cookouts underway on both sides of the street blackmail. No further description approached and began firing into that crowd and then fled in the same direction. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison says there may have been a second gunman at least one person staggered and collapsed outside in your by church before he died, six others, male and female wounded their conditions on known, and there may be more victims who left the scene police urging them and any witnesses to please come forward counting today's shooting. There have been eighty nine homicides in Baltimore. So far this year. The mayor of how California calls it, the safest city in San Diego County and one of the safest in the state. People. They're reeling for the deadly shooting at a synagogue yesterday. Sixty euro, Laurie K fatally shot allegedly by nineteen year old white supremacist during Passover services rabbi. Yes, rile Goldstein saying she took a bullet for all of us Laurie. Head unconditional love for all seals the most tiniest generous break philanthropists, a great loyal friend, which he don't find much these days. The rabbi started the hubbub of how way synagogue in that sandiego suburb more than three decades ago. He locked eyes with the gunman who shot his right index finger off grand. Caesar grandpa with the bleeding head. And she sees me screaming shouting, get out get out John Ernest of San Diego now facing murder attempted murder and hate crime charges. And you're listening to Fox News. And now the lens of liberty. Here's Helen krieble. Once so many highway billboards that people complained if sign pollution so today, many cities have restrictive signed codes. But are they about highway beautification or about government picking winners and losers hounds from Redmond Washington?.

San Diego Laurie K Police Commissioner Michael Ha San Diego County Goldstein Helen krieble Baltimore Redmond Washington Fox News Passover services murder California John Ernest nineteen year three decades
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"And the gunman is on the loose. Richard Jordan, Fox News law enforcement near New Orleans says a twenty one year old man shot and killed his parents and three other people in two separate shootings. Twenty one year old Dakota -tario is considered armed and dangerous. The essential county sheriff says he was recently, kicked out of his parent's home. A family member of the three other victims says a twenty year old woman who was killed had recently started dating the suspect. A neighbor also says that young children were in the home where the triple homicide occurred and escaped unharmed. President Trump remains committed to a southern border while the president posted a video on Twitter with the caption Bill the wall and crime will fall the deal to reopen. The government gives negotiators until February fifteenth to reach an agreement over funding. Why does officials say they agreed to this deal because in private talks, multiple moderate Democrats said they are willing to fund a physical barrier at the US Mexico border states voted for President Trump Democrats that flip that house see in the last election in that official says. That those Democrats are the ones that are t the ones the White House is counting on moving ahead at the same time. But White House official tells me they do not know how much influence those Democrats will have on the conference committee that conference committee is a major part of the deal here. The government reopens for three weeks. No new border funding, but lawmakers selected by house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell will form a bipartisan conference committee and spend the next three weeks to go sheeting and putting together a homeland security package. Fox's Ellison barber at the White House, North Carolina. Congressman Walter Jones junior is in hospice care a spokesperson for the Republican says Jones's health has declined since he recently broke his hip. He has served in congress since nineteen ninety-five the search for survivors in Brazil's dam collapsed has been called off for the night right now. At least forty people are among the dead. And they're still another three hundred who are reported missing workers at Brazilian mining company were eating lunch yesterday when the dam collapsed the rescue efforts will resume tomorrow morning..

President Trump Congressman Walter Jones White House president Richard Jordan New Orleans official Fox News Dakota Twitter Mitch McConnell Nancy Pelosi congress Brazil Senate
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"No care in the world. And I just wish there yourself, man. Scurrying yourself is raise does is there even though. It would never play terp that it would never loose that. Yes. I was I I so I was just hospital out there for my my he I don't know. Four. I cannot imagine a Porsche. I'm listen, if you need to take a moment, please do we all feel so much for you. And what you're going through. And it is important that you speaking out because we need the police are looking for this gunman. He is still on the run as you pointed out, and you said your daughter your daughter did see him can she describe the gunman? What what did he look like so people can help in this manhunt? One call. I'm sorry. You want to call her? That's okay. No. It's okay. But can can you tell us? My daughter's bed. That's a man had Lou. He was a white male. Yeah. Blue eyes and come up with thirty. And his he was black. It was a black hoodie as been distractions going out that the hood he had been where I guess everybody is mistaken that come out of the truck and and with the color of his his Trump was red, and he was a white male with new in a black hoodie ours. That's all she could see at the time because the sun hadn't even really came out yet. And we're just looking right here for our viewers. This is a picture of the red truck that you alluded to that. The gunman was in apparently the Porsche how do you want jasmine to be remembered? I wanna be remembered as of fun out I'll go and loving caring wonderful child. He didn't even get to live my life yet. She just called me not even a week ago that she wants to be a teacher. That's what she wanted to see one is good. Be easily. It was a laugh. This is my baby sages, always mommy's. Oh, those head. He was so out. So I would I say he was the old love he used to wake me up every morning with a kid with. How did you smell? See what the hell you have beautiful. You were. See? Minutes. Sadness is he? And we are looking at pictures of her. She really does have a million dollar smile and just so much and incense at it's senseless. What has happened to your little girl? We are just thinking about you praying for you and your family and your other children who had to witness this horrific act of violence, LA Porsche, Washington. Thank you so much for coming on sharing. What happened and talking about your little girl? Jasmine, we'll be right back..

Jasmine Porsche Lou Washington million dollar
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"In the hospital, but tell us what is going through your mind at this moment. Moment. Right. Not just every time. I wake up I wanted to be a dream. I wanna wake up and see my seven year old runs as a door and give me a hug in the kid is also unreal. To me right now. And it is so raw it's only been two days since this happened. And we're looking at precious jasmine seven year old little girl right now on screen these pictures take us through a portion of the moment when you first heard the gunshots. Garage says. My first reaction was the well all my kids to get down put cover my oldest because she was in the front seat with me. So I thought I'd is over I've covered her and my windows the window broke, my office window shattered from the bullets, and then the trial had rolls of set off, and you could pin you to open fire at a as he was rising off. So now, go ahead. I'm listening. Tell us about the gunman, and we're looking at a picture here of the red truck that police want viewers to take a close look at because you're still trying to find this gunman. But did you did you actually see him? Did you take? Did you have direct contact with them? You could win the fire has when the shots has started. I was talking to my kids. So I wasn't looking in that direction. So when when they started when they hit my window. I look the other way, but my fifteen year old daughter look the men directly in his face in his eyes skis being seen him. And police say that this was a random attack, totally unprovoked. Do you have a message? Right. I mean, so so just really quick just kind of set the scene for us. What were you doing that day? We got up. My mother was down from the country, and she's the early bird. So she wakes us up about four or five o'clock in the morning. So we can get breath. It started and everything like that. And it was done, but we've been Sunday dinner started and everything. We've had as they'll get coffee. Yeah. I mean, we would I put down mors reading, you know. Then we wanted to go get coughing, and we didn't even make it to the sport. It gets a coffee, and my my daughter's life was cooking from a over and over hatred over over it's kind of Finland's mad, and it's hard my style was taken away from. But no reason and I think back in my head. You know, I run the play back in my head speed. I cut his men off as I was driving to my ears. You know, did I make a wrong turn and I make wrong moving funny him. And I none of that. I didn't put both him in any kind of way. He's does my child life. But no reason. Porsche. There is nothing. You could have done to justify what this gunman did. What is your message to the man? Want him to be a man it's still because plus tau wouldn't I would never give this be myself as this? Hey gro way for me. Whatever that was going on in your head. And I don't know if it was some kind of hatred violent hatred, and if it was hey crime or what it was. But you could play leave my windows. I have not seen on my windows anything. So you they that was a mother black Muslims orders you girls in this car. He's very Caesar's gaws. No, even if something had to have the when you find that I started you seen my kids in that school. Houston..

Garage coughing Finland Houston Porsche seven year fifteen year two days
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"The gunman was a student at Santa Fe high school seventeen year old Dimitrios pagodas who fired into an early morning art class. It's heartbreaking our hearts, go out to Santa Fe in June. There was a mass shooting at the capital gazette in Maryland. Victims. All units. Do we have any kind of Intel on our shooter? Five employees at the Napa Lewis newspaper were shot and killed. It's coming out. You'll sit in the morning the traumatize staff still managed to put out a paper. The next day. We know that there were threats sent to the Kazakh through social media the trial of the alleged gunman. Jared Ramos is set for June of next year. Twenty eighteen also endured what was called the worst anti semitic attack in the nation's history when a gunman opened fire during Sabbath services, a tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh, right now, we have multiple casualties were working the situation, it is imperative that the neighbors and the community surrounding the tree of life synagogue, stay in their houses and shelter in place. Eleven congregants mainly elderly were killed a surreal vision for me. I just still can't process it we've had a tragedy here today. The work of the first responders is probably preventative from becoming much more tragedy than what it is. The injured included responding police officers suspect is in custody. But our hearts break with fallen their families. The injured this wicked act of mass murder. Is pure evil. Hard to believe. And frankly, something that is unimaginable. The suspected shooter Robert Bowers raged against Jews. He's pleaded not guilty to numerous murder and hate crimes charges. Simitis has absolutely no place in our Commonwealth. Any attack on one community of faith in Pennsylvania is an attack against every community in Pennsylvania. The congregation has been using spaces in other synagogues. The FBI is now finished with the building and cleanup is underway. The actions of Robert Bowers represented the worst of humanity dedicating the entire resources of my office to this federal hate crime investigation prosecution the sting of this massacre at hardly subsided. When days later. The gunman killed a dozen people at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. David long fired more than fifty rounds into the crowd of mainly. Young people line dancing, everyone on the dance floor ran often it's floor and ducked behind something dog piles on the floor somewhere physically heard the shots. So was a tall. Probably six two six three dark figure all black with his on. And he basically was unloading long fired on patrons set off smoke bombs, then took a defensive position and waited for police sergeant Ron Culas of the Ventura County sheriff's department was shot and killed before long killed himself. Sergeant Hillis was having a conversation with his wife on the phone as he does several times during the shift and said to her, hey, I gotta go handle the call. I love you. I'll talk to you later. This is a precious city are precious people at this happened to us is one of those things that you just can't fathom, and it's it's beyond heavy. Sergeant Hillis was on the force for twenty nine years. Years was looking to retire next year or so. It was more park resident and is survived by his wife and son. We can't continue to have the ability for people who get mad to be able to get guns and Bill on a rampage bar nightclub. Can't go to church. Synagogue. It's insane. Those officers are heroes and these two officers and all the officers came after and went back into that building her all heroes. Coming up, a new supreme court Justice and the scars his confirmation left behind and that time, Starbucks, stop pouring coffee. This ABC news special way back twenty eighteen continues. After this. Playback.

Robert Bowers Sergeant Hillis murder Santa Fe Santa Fe high school Intel Maryland Pennsylvania Ron Culas Jared Ramos Starbucks Napa Lewis Thousand Oaks FBI David long Simitis ABC Ventura County