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"whist vice president mike pence" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"Closed this weekend due to concerns about security further ensure the safety of everyone both On or around the grounds and in the neighborhoods surrounding the capital in Frankfurt, we will be closing the Capitol grounds entirely. On Sunday, Governor Beshear making a statement on Twitter this afternoon. There have been no requests for permits for gatherings. At the Capitol over the coming day, so there are no gatherings or or rallies that can or should be happening this year activated the National Guard to help with security around the capital. Jefferson County public schools will begin vaccinating teachers next Friday. January 22nd I'm Paul Miles. CBS News brief. CBS News has confirmed Secret Service agents whist Vice President Mike Pence into an office off the Senate floor just one minute before riders stormed a nearby stairwell last week are Ben Tracy has the details. The source says that pens came within seconds of being spotted by the mob as he was being rushed to an undisclosed location in the capital. CBS is scholar Henry says Arrests are still being made in the hopes More mobs do not come into Washington for next week's inauguration. DC's acting U. S Attorney Mike Sherwin added that right now there is no direct evidence. Teams of writers were looking to capture or kill during the assault, but investigations are ongoing. More than two million people have died from Corona virus Worldwide. That chilling number is President elect Joe Biden says vaccines are available here. Tens of millions.

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