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"wheeler dainty" Discussed on Dateline NBC

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"wheeler dainty" Discussed on Dateline NBC

"Michelle Harris thirty five year. Old Mother of four was missing a New York state police investigators. Molly felt sure of one thing. Michelle had not abandoned. Her children. That clear picture that we developed is that Michelle would never leave her children ever. So was it foul play after all. Michelle van was abandoned at the foot of her driveway. Driveway and that blood on the garage floor and in the kitchen alcove jesting proved. It was Michelle's blood. There's a lot of blood in the garage. Judge then spread over a wide area. And there's a lot of blood splatter mean over sixty drops of blood that's been not not just drift but splattered by some force on that throw rug. India didn't make sense. This woman wife of an affluent car car dealer devoted mom mug an unlikely victim and they have what would appear to be an idyllic life in a beautiful home and beautiful children it got off to a storybook start he the attractive wealthy car dealer. She a pretty young woman from modest means answering phones at a Harris family car art dealership. What attracted the two of you to each other? She was very outgoing and very attractive and good personality. He was a knockout. She was funny. You choose vibrant. Mary Harris was also taken by cows. New Girl Michelle she said was a woman for anything athletic Let's have a good time jump on the jet ski jumping or four Wheeler Dainty. We as it were another gye retiring type either either. I mean that's part of why I thought they I mean they're their personalities to me seemed to really Mesh Michelle fell hard to for the man and his lifestyle. Gary Taylor is your dad me one some dealership thing and they went to Switzerland. I think in you know I mean there was a lot of perks there that she'd never had before so August. One thousand nine hundred. Michelle cow got married here. Beside Empire Lake was great day it was just a beautiful setting and very relaxing Not Very stressful. Just kind of being a big party afterwards. The fairytale rolled on the the kids kept coming. They built the House on Empire Lake and here on their private preserve. They were a family in motion fishing swimming skating. Michelle into all of it and now now the kids are much older. Of course. They're mom her. They had no real memories long. Time is true most your lives and how old are you. I'm not sure how I was but I don't have any memories. It is often told by those who knew Michelle how much she resembles her mom. I have seen pictures over. She's really pretty she's always smiling. Seems like a really happy person so it makes me feel good that people see me and her even with that terrible loss said the kids. They've grown up happy and content for the most part. All thanks to one person. Just tell me about your dad. Kind of guys funny He's funny he's the most caring guy in the world. He's nice and where his whole world then he's protective even even just loves us so much and wants the best for US protective WHO said he tried to shield them best? He could from the not so happy times. Michelle was really struggling with those kids at a young age which I totally understood what I noticed was that she was just drifting away from being being a stay at home mom and I understood that there was certainly friction in the Harris married. He loved order. She not so much she had in a room downstairs and she called the Chuck Room. Airfare is going to be a party or picnic or whatever she'd throw it take it down Chuck Room. She told friends and family. He he had a temper a controlling way. Once back in Nineteen ninety-six she called her sister-in-law from a closet terrified. Had The gun outside the closet is it and she was inside hiding. Would you hear about that. He was out there as a pump. Gun I guess. And he was racking pump action up and down and tolerant come out cow later denied. It was true that he'd been fighting or threatening the show with a gun then in nineteen ninety nine. Michelle learned cow was having an affair affair. She was devastated but not ready to end the marriage and cows said he wasn't either Michelle said. Oh you know we can work through this but you know you gotta get rid of the girl. She worked up at the CORTLANDT dealership. They did what they could to salvage the marriage. It didn't work. She told her family. He cut off her spending spending money. She took up with a young man and November two thousand a month later. She told cal she wanted divorce. Her family said he didn't take a boil things in that big house in paradise grew strained. Indeed why did she stay in the house. Her attorney had advised her to stay in the house and To not leave. They divided the parenting duties and worked on a settlement. Michelle got a job as a waitress at a local restaurant bar. That's where she. He was the night of September eleventh. She finished her shift about nine. Had some drinks who to co workers and then she drove to her boyfriend's apartment left Airbud eleven that sumo we believe was the last time anybody saw Michelle Harris. We did a lot of work on a a lot of different people early on and it wasn't until they were eliminated and then we learned more and more about Calvin that he became the focus district attorney even tried to speak to. The two eldest children didn't accomplish much beyond frightening them. Apparently I know I just sat there and and cry the whole time. I didn't talk. I wasn't allowed to be in their Taylor but older you the time I was in fourth grade and he was in fifth grade so nine nine and ten but da Jerry Keen said he interviewed plenty of other witnesses. Who convinced him that? The police had the right man in September. Two thousand five four four years after Michelle Harris disappeared the DA charged or husband cow with second degree murder. Three state police personnel literally utterly busted into my office and kick the door open and the three of them jumped me and handcuff me and shackled me and Walking walking out the front door of my office you gotTa taste on order up close and personal yeah the DA was going to take the case to trial even even though there was no body no murder weapon and even though he himself was by no means convinced he could prevail. I thought that it was is maybe a fifty fifty shot at a conviction. I thought that a jury could go either way hurts yes absolutely all of it was just taken away. Prosecutors come on strong. He told her that he would put her body in a place where we'd never be owned loaned at the evidence. I think it could very well have been the most important part of the case. True crime is my passion. 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