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"wh county" Discussed on WCHS

"Are you guys working on today we have we have a couple of things steve s tonight another automotive announcement is expected here in a state state officials will be at the former cold water creek facility at seven o'clock and then at the same time he no trucks plans to make a big announcement now he does have a plan in wh county and williamstown that toyota announced yesterday this one hundred fifteen million dollar investment at its putnam county plant cell we could see and other announcement we're not sure if these two announcements tonight are connected by optus state commerce secretary what he thrasher any says that he certainly hopeful and so a story that i'm working on komo is separate from that we're always talking about how to move the state forward whether it be by creating jobs addressing estates drug up at an fixing a state roads well today there was a study released to add that identifies potential solutions to kind of help solve those economic challenges we face here in the state wvu you marshall university and stay commerce department all teaming up today hosting a press conference at the state capital to reveal some findings from an initiative called west virginia forward so we learn today some of those findings include things such as building on existing assets that we already have identifying potential sector so west virginia congratulates economy improving states infrastructure like i said before and business climate helping people navigate around the state at this tories and there's so many other things to add better tied to that but we learned that that those are the things that we need to do just summit things that we need to do in order to build on the state's economy and to implement this groups are going to be working killing kind of engage stakeholders and create sort of structure of accountability so i'll have a.

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