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"westside barbell cintos" Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

"One hundred eighty degrees for twenty five minutes dude. I do one hundred and eighty degrees for twenty five minutes. Who'd unless it's one hundred and ninety one hundred eighty eight then? I'll do twenty but yeah I do twenty five at one hundred and eighty so seems to me. The sweet spot. You know. I've been doing it every single day of the quarantine because I have a son in my house. Do you have on in your house. We were in our office just home off. It's like it's like well. It's not in our home but it's yeah just next door so we've got that literally you're not gonNA believe this like like three hours before shelter in place was putting putting California. I mean I couldn't believe it. Well we we had ours done just a few months before I mean it was just. I was thinking God if we didn't have this in the house and you couldn't go anywhere. Luckily we have one here so I could use the one this year. But it's a godsend manages. Everything's a game changer. It's a game changer. And I've been doing so I haven't had a warm shower sense since the shelter in place since I got my I I. It's amazing like I do. I don't want to make people feel bad. Look I went a long time without Asana. I know what it's like. I was doing hot baths and we can talk about. It is but there is something about the sauna and the cold bath the culture. Sorry the cold shower that is just it is game like I'm so much more relaxed and this is like I think I've told you the story. The whole reason I got interested in the sauna was because I was graduate school doing it like every day and I was like this is amazing. I am so much less stressed. I am like calmer more relaxing. I'm your something's happening so I was like into the not. Even all the muscle and all the cardiovascular mimics cardiovascular exercise really has a big difference in my cardiovascular activity it's been shown to New People. There's a study this was I think very loukine. And WHO's a friend of mine? Just he's like the best the leader and Santa Research and Finland. He published a study where they looked at Cardiorespiratory fitness and Cardio I think Cardi other cardiovascular disease risk markers in people that were physically fit physics. Sorry physically active plus the sauna or just physically active. So so phys ed just on a alone. So physical activity was like the king so like if you compare physical activity alone to Sano alone. Physical activities the best improving cardiovascular health saunas also good sauna and physical activity together. We're better than the physical activity alone which I was like yet. That's what you want. I don't remember that was like you're you're asking me like six months ago or more but that's what you want right like you want like you like. I'm already physically active. You're more physically active than me. And so but that's what you want is like the combination makes a big difference. Once I started doing during the lockdown one of the things I noticed the runs that do the last hill is fucking brutal and I always finish on this last hill but now I've been able to run that last hill the last hill. It's like a market difference when I hit the hill. I'm like wow. This is crazy either. I'm getting better shape and I know I am for sure but it's also I gotta think the Sauna has a big impact because it feels like I'm on a drug. It feels like I'm on. I don't know what he feels like. But I would imagine it would feel something like this increased. Cardiovascular benefit is very noticeable totally totally. I mean there's been some small studies looking at. You're talking about performance enhancements. There's been some small studies showing that particularly with endurance. That there is a performance enhancement. I think it was cycler. Maybe it was running running and cycling. Never measured your heart rate during it so yes. So here's the thing with that like at first. I was like terrified to do that. Because I didn't want to ruin my apple watch you like ruined her and like Kevin Kevin Rose was like no. Just put your hand on. I do all the time and like like he's the Tech Guy. So I'm like Kevin Rose tells me I can take my Apple Watch hot frigging. Casanova do it right so you know my heart rate it it can get up to like one twenty but the thing is is that there is adaptation. That happens. So you're basically like you. You're you're becoming adopted and so your heart rate doesn't increase as much like over time and I'll be I'll be honest. I stopped wearing my watching there so not measuring my heart rate anymore. Together whoops trap. The trap was no problem at all. Yeah The H. O. P. One I'll have one sent to you all right there. One of the sponsors the podcast but I love it. I would love to have something to measure it without having to take my watching there because I don't like setting like it's the measures it really well and it'll give you could actually market down as an activity and show you where your heart rate's. You had a mountain of data. It's really good cool. Yeah let me I also great for sleep shows. You like really accurate sleep. It actually has a sleep. Coach built in so it shows you. How much sleep you got. How much recovery. Recovery's out and what you need and it'll even tell you you know. Hey you should go to bed since you beginning up at six o'clock in the morning you should by ten tonight Nice. Have you noticed in effect? So I've been doing this on a everyday starting as a week because I would do it every day but I got to have more time with my son but have you noticed an effect on your sleep at all relaxed deal. You need more sleep like you know like when you're working out hard like sometimes require lake more more sleep. Yeah yeah boy when I do squats for sure anytime. We do lunges and squats heavy leg days. I'm Zombie for two days. And like if I have a particularly intellectually challenging podcast. I'll skip leg days because I know I'm just going to be too stupid. I've done it before. Coming to my. I can't form weird's what's not if you see what I'm doing this weird. There is a study that linked on there was a link between like leg strength and cognitive function. As very strong like the more strength you had like the improve. It was like some kind of crazy number two. Yeah it just makes sense that if you have more legs strength that means you're doing more activity that means you get more blood flow that means you. Everything's probably because it's such an enormous part of your body when you look at your musculature. The large percentage of it is from the waist down. And when I do When I'm doing legwork like doing most of what I'm doing is kettlebells but I'm doing lunges and presses squats and all these different things with heavy kettlebells. So it's like a lot of weight that your muscles are pushing. Dan Is always trying to get me to do squats. Like I don't know what backing when I was in Grad School is doing squads and I was using the stuff and then I was doing. I guess what are they called Lake presses? Yeah and I like injured myself and in this Scottish Cup. What's the other one that's like Skydeck? There's another atticus is a nerve that comes from your is like right here. Yes well you know what from though. I don't know what I I don't know what it is calling bull SCIATICA. Most of the time. What you're getting is your lower back. You're having your disks or protruding and your disk herniation of the disc or if you have a bulging disc it's pushing against your nerve and that's sending that pain down usually your but in India back your leg in along those lines right. Is that what you were getting paid? Only it doesn't go into my leg. It's just like this like right. Yeah Yeah Yeah that's it. That's a lot of times you think it's that area but it's not it's your back and it's your back with the disc pushing into the nerves. Have you had an MRI? Now you should have an MRI. Because I'm here to squat. Looks like every time I do that I get a flare up and it's like I'm sure amount. Well there's other things you can do to strengthen that area but first of all there's a machine called reverse hyper it's fantastic. We're I hyper out outside. I'll show it to you but it was created by this guy. Louis Simmons from Westside Barbell. He's a he's a genius he's given US A. He gave us new platform to. It's amazing to what does that think call. Jamie it belt. Squat Belt Squat. I love this thing because you wear a belt and the wait is actually pull the weight behind you. I'll show how how it works before but you're on this platform and all the weight is on this belt instead of on your shoulders so you can have like two hundred and fifty pounds or whatever it is but it's all being carried see. That's that's the thing right there the machine but that's yeah that's similar to what we have but the machine that we have is a little bit more complicated but the point is this guy comes out in pictures of females doing only guerrillas big giant youth. But the the reverse hyper the reason why it's so special is forget about this. For a second hand there's a girl using that That is more primitive version. The one that we have out there the new one that Westside Barbell Cintos is just a cable to come to the floor and the weights are actually behind you and it carries you carrying all the weight on your hips with strengthens the legs without putting a load on the back. Which is fantastic. I like that for that. So you can get all the legwork. You get from squats. But you don't get the pressure on the disks and then the reverse hyper is machine that he actually invented Lou. Simmons invented it because he had a herniated disk and the doctors are telling them. Hey we have to operate on you because you have this compressed disk and so he's a very smart guy and he knows so much about physical fitness and weight training hit. That's Louis Right. There he came up with this machine so he said well listen if if something compressed something can decompress it so he came up with this machine. This machine reverse hyper does on the lift. Its strengthening the lower back muscles. But then as you drop it down it's swings low and it actively de compresses of your disks. Wow be so scared that's GonNa aggravate you. Trust me first of all you can do it with no wait the first you can do it at first with no wait. And that's a lot people are when I introduce people to have. I do no wait but for me. It's been a giant game changer. So I do that. And then there's another thing by teeter teeter makes his decompression decks. It's called the DAX ex and from that you hang from the waist you like strap your I have that outside as well you strap your ankles into it and you hang from the ways. And it just all your. That's there so with that. That lady right there in that image. She's holding onto those handles. And that's how you get yourself down but once you get yourself down you just relax and all of your weight other guys doing it. They're all your weight is decompressing the spine so it stretches a spine out decompress it and it gives you a lot of relief so between those two particular pieces of equipment the reverse hyper and this decks to which which I fucking love that thing yeah. Dax too and that's when I get home gym. Yeah that's made by teeter. Teeter has two things that are really cool. It has those inversion tables which are great for you. Know the same thing you're hanging by your ankles and it's decompressing spine but I actually prefer this product from them because this completely isolates lays the back and you're not pulling on your knees and your ankles when you're decompressing it's all just decompressing the back and also you can do leg extensions and a bunch of you see people doing dips and other exercises from the The teeter but it's a great machine and it's just really specifically good for back. Health lower back health decompressing in and even strengthening it. Because you can do those back extensions so you hook yourself into it and you just lift your scared to do. But it shouldn't be. It shouldn't be scared to do it. Because that's what's going to protect. That area was going to protect that areas muscle and strength and also flexibility. That would be just incredible guarantee you. It's GonNa work because I'm so like the whole time. I had a gym membership. Or It's been like on Pas but the whole reason my head one sonnet. I'm scared to do like I do free. Weights free weights. And I'll do that but like I'm just scared of machines that get you a trainer. That's what I need to need. Because so many people fucked themselves up trying to do things on their own did and now..

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