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"weston cbi" Discussed on Science Friction

"Hey. Tesha Mitchell joining you this week for another science friction live from the floor of the Melbourne museum. So we're told that learning maths and science matters a whole heap for the careers of the future and not just for those who go on and become scientists or mathematicians all sorts of jobs. I mean, Netflix even employs mathematical minds as days, it's part of the history of knowledge. It's pot of mankind's like appreciation for the wealth. But it's also very part of the inquiry process pot of what really drives us to be this way. What really drives us to live in the well this way, and I think that's just really cool. You don't have to go on to become a Nobel laureate or a racer or a science teacher. But you do need to have in the win the world around you so studying science and Mets not only raises your awareness of the world around you. But also gets you to think in an open way, you use your critical thinking skills easier problem solving skills, and it takes a lot of hard work as well. I think maybe a bit of the work ethic aspect in combination with the creativity. I'm expected to exhibit Mamie just realize that science is something that is not only beautiful that is not only useful. But it's also something that is fundamentally a pot of us. And yet so many kids more and more than a running a mile from science and math subjects at school. Something's really going astray. What exactly and can we stem the tide? The if Betty Chung speaking there, who's finishing you twelve at the Methodist ladies college, she's founder of the Victorian student science scored which links up Hough school students around science events. You also heard from Sola banish alone time science teacher, president of the science teaches association, Victoria, and director of quantum Victoria, which develop a whole lot of science programs for school students imitators across Victoria. Also on the show is Eddie. Woo. Who's causing a big stir? We've he's Chubu channel. He was a top ten finalist in last year's global teacher prize, and is author of a new book wonderful world of maths. He's hit Mets teacher at cherry brook technology high school in Weston CBI. Paid a coke kill has taught in schools from rural Maryvale to Frank Ston to Brunei he's founding principle of the John Monash science school Victoria's first specialist science high school and was principal of the year in the state in two thousand sixteen. When you started out you loved history and English at school, not maths. Thank mats. He didn't feel about good Abed was definitely humanities buff. And I still I still love stories and characters and and the tension when you try to work out what's happening in a mystery. But when I looked at mass, it was sort of characterize myself this way, all those sills adults that I now race through as I could see them as a student memorize them for just enough time to get through that damn put a number in get a number out cross my fingers, really hot. And the monks were good enough that I could say, yeah, I can do but do not have much of a fundamental grasp of why are we learning calculus? I can draw an in Jerusalem, really neatly. But I don't really know what the point of it is. And for me. There was a very rich lack of appreciation of what was crafted. Why did fractions lead to algebra which led to treat an almond tree which led to? There was actually a story on that. I was told us at all. I mean, I say that a lot I'm now wondering if I was told and I just didn't listen lesson. Just like everyone else. But for me that watershed moment was to be able to get to university with the full intent to become an English and history and to say to find out actually that there was this critical shortage of mathematics and science. Teachers particularly physics, and this is what it was like fifteen years ago. It's still true today. And I had a professor push me and say, this is this is where there's need would you consider going this direction rather than that? And so that was kind of what sent me done this rabbit hole. Pay to-. What is this conversation matter for you? And how would you respond to the third annual who says amid gonna use these why do I need to learn about maths what do logo rhythms have to do with anything?.

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