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"With you from the Abbey Inn and Spa in Peekskill, New York, If you don't know where that is, that's in Westchester County, New York, the famous 914 Erica. I know this area very well because When I was growing up in Manhattan, Yes, I'm born and bred New Yorker on and for me, my very first sleepover date. Was in Larchmont. I was eight years old. And it blew me away because other than the grass in Central Park I played football in the cement in New York, between the canopies on the buildings, So for me to see the grass and large I was like, Wow and my childhood friend Paul, who have still breaking friends with his dad had a 1958 Austin Healey. And put the top down and we wrote all over Westchester like we were the Kings of the road. But that's the point. There was grass here. There were parks here. There were trees here, so there's a perfect segment of my next guest. He's the director of conservation for the Westchester County Department of Parks. Jason Klein. Welcome to the trees. Thank you for having me. You like that introduction. That's a true story. That is great. I know. And you still have the trees? We, Diogo. I mean, at the television. We're living on the banks of the Hudson River right now. Overlooking the river. Great farmland. Great, great, great greenery, actually, but I mean, people forget in the United States. We always talk about the national parks were obsessed with the national parks. But it's the state local parts that make the difference. Absolutely. In Westchester County. Here we have over 15,000 acres of Parkland and over 50 parks that we're that we're responsible for. 50 50. Yes, Well, listen, Westchester's what? 450 square Miles. So so that Z. Not bad, right? And that's just the county parks. You can also include the municipal parks and the state parks that exist within less Chester. So Jason when people come up here, and this is for the locals as well, because right now one of the things that's happening during the pandemic. People are rediscovering their own neighborhoods. They're rediscovering their own parks, and they live here. Absolutely very often in our parks. We hear people saying that they've lived here their whole lives, and it's the first time entering the park and what's the biggest surprise to them so that they have a park other than they have a park? One of the biggest surprise is just how much park land exists within Westchester County, and we have a wide range of what we offer with Westchester County Parks. Anything from play land and amusement park golf courses, pathways. So the North and South County Trail goes the entire length of Westchester north to south and also all of our passive parks. How long would it take you to do the trail way? Depends depends whether you're with your biking. I certainly know people that could do it pretty quickly. It would take me a little while. I believe will take me a little while longer. I think up, But what about rails to trails? Do you have those here too? So the north and South County Trail Way was originally was the trial. It was the tracks. It was the it's called the old Pot Field. Putnam Railway that went from New York City up into Putnam. Remember like area Lackawanna? All those trains and they are now converted. Absolutely wow. So in a given day You could spend three weeks here not see it all. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean in our largest park Ward Pound Ridge Reservations, 4315 acres and you counted every one of them. I used to work there, so I've been over much of that property. But what's the biggest surprise of each individual park that other parks don't have? For example? I think it's just the diversity of habitat and diversity of experience. That someone can enjoy in the Westchester County parks. Plus in a world where social distancing is required. That's big. That's begged in. Oh, absolutely. It's we've we've had record visitation. Since April, because people really have that knack to get outside right now. Now there was some parks, United States. I'm sure you understand this that are so popular. You gotta get a pass. You got to get a time code before they let you and have you gotten to that point yet? We haven't gotten to that point where we keep it open to the public. There are times when we do have to close the park down. When it reaches capacity, especially some of our smaller parks and in terms of the animals in the park. What surprises will I find their? Ah, lots of surprises. So I mean, lots of birds that people will see That's that's the most common thing as you're walking around, But there's a great variety of wildlife in all of our facilities. Anything from dear we have bear around in the in the county of Bear. Absolutely Bobcat, Although usually you don't see those They're very They're more seclusion there on their own car. They're on their condos, absolutely double checking, and you've even got a golf course. We have six golf courses at the county operates. On and located in different areas throughout the county. So the bottom line is even if you don't live here and you're visiting, you have access to it. Absolutely absolutely. It's available to any area resident. Is there one thing that's changed dramatically during the pandemic for you. I think it's the ability to offer programming where we used to have weekend programs and you know the summer camps would run full. That's changed a little bit. We've been trying to do it as best we can, and certainly following all New York State guidelines while we do to keep it safe and tell me about Reed Sanctuary, so read sanctuaries is one of the places I first worked in the county and one of my favorites. It's right along Long Island Sound in Rye, New York, behind play land. So basically, it's a little secret Beach. It is a little well but a passive beach so not for sunbathers or swimmers, but certainly enjoying a stroll along the beach. That's a great place to go. Jason Klein, the director of conservation for the Westchester County.

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"Whiskey warrior today and everything that's been going on around that by four to me the most interested without a lot of it's really interesting actually but one of the more interesting aspects is the response of his Instagram followers yeah the the very next line in the article says his following went from roughly four thousand followers to over a hundred and thirty five thousand during the confrontation I would watch if you want some of it like life I don't know I know I got the the sort of the story okay congrats to him all right away first time I ever figured out a story on Instagram I don't know anything about Instagram you know is my understanding is just young lady is taking pictures of their families and by the way that's their this course I would be disappointed if it was not so that's a that's awesome bump and followers I'm pleased for him that's a clever way of marketing well is your thing it shows the power of social media to write one social media is scapes the centralization aspect I think it's going to be a very very powerful tools to advance you know the ideas of freedom and liberty my personal opinion but I it just shows up I mean we used to see crowd sourcing like things like library but for live streaming and things like massed on that's the sort of thing you're referring to mastodon are I'm sorry you better explain what librarian mastodon are now so Mastin on is a Twitter competitor that uses up federated servers so instead of just one centralized server owned by Twitter there are lots and lots of mastodon servers out there when I'm on is called Libertad is a libertarian server run by a libertarian I and the servers sort of communicate with one another you can join different servers to some is complicated a sort of white circles from how Google plus attempted to be so it's sort of a combination of Google plus and Twitter I suppose it's a libertarian Twitter okay sure let's go with that all right do you guys remember flash mobs yes right is used to be a thing people would go online and they say Hey there's a thing going on and like a bunch of people with everybody hates to dance in the center of the mall at six thirty on Tuesday Tuesday let's go and that's the thing so it shows up dances for ten minutes and then it's gone and different varieties of flash mobs we saw right so we saw things like the the protests on Wall Street and that kind of thing occupied by moving a little much of versions of flash mob could afford to go six months without their jobs protesting Wall Street which is the symbol of people who can afford to go six months without work in their jobs right but we saw versions of flash mobs and so it's my opinion that once social media becomes free from the centralized aspects that we'll see more versions of flash mobs things like this but how can it be truly decentralized as long as the I. S. P. is centralized because the cops threaten to do that with the whisky water they threatened to shut off his internet so what can you do other than I guess mesh networks are the only I mean there's you know I I'm not the inventor of how this is all going to happen I just foresee it as inevitable and I'm sure the blockchain is going to be involved in some way shape sure but you have to access the blockchain in order for any of this to even matter if they cut off his internet it would matter if he was using mastodon or Twitter to talk about this event we've been talking about mesh networks and libertarians here since I've been in libertarians here and I've heard about them says one of these days going to happen I don't know what when is when is somebody going to sell the cheap met mesh network thing it's not like I know any of my neighbors Hey you know I go to the octogenarians living down the street can you can octogenarians what is that thirty eight olds the what eighty year olds can you keep this in your house so that if the internet goes down in the po po try to take us all out so that we have to book a loop right so that we get a move this conversation is going to happen okay fair point libertarians don't live next to libertarians mesh networks are going to work just say that's bleak okay so end of story all right next topic we're screwed no internet for anyone no internet for you you know I mean if we keep on sitting here in the United States of America though the largest and most effective government that the world has ever seen talking about how we need to get smaller and smaller government as the government continues to grow larger and larger we get what we deserve I mean what if I live here modify penguin who is listening at discord Opry talk cloud dot com actually has a reasonable and probably likely idea that people who were there but likely just turn on the hot spot and allow him to connect via that probably good idea but crowdsourcing at its finest I don't know that it was was there any street look pretty desolate what eventually a lot of his supporters showed up it would say okay and it looks like the boogaloo was happening and that little neighborhood in you know is like a mini blurbs yes is a sort of the pre I'm not sure what the boogaloo is by the way I I've I've heard it used is this like the big one finally the big one and that sort of you know I don't know if you wanna collapses society or like you know if the dollar just the government I I agree the dollar fails or if you know your family's somebody yeah the zombie apocalypse as you say it safely zombie a pop punk lips is the code word for anything that I anything that involves the people I want to shoot is apparently what the these folks say when all your friends you're not shoot your way out of this one folks that's less well known than Bigelow so I think zombie apocalypse is better yeah it's more PC for sure yeah but you know it's one all your buddies show up in the van and the like and we're doing freedom stuff yeah well that's okay probably the start of the book there are rumors going around or not rumors but speculation that the Tesla truck that was recently unveiled I love that thing was attempting to be locally vehicle yeah because like armor plated against smaller small capacity guns us yeah well the interesting windows apparently don't stop to small capacity when either I did watch the the the replay of the demo of that particular vehicle and I have not but I heard it was pretty looks nothing like you would expect a pick up truck to look I don't know why they're calling it a truck what what is the bed okay bed like a pick up they can tow like a pick up El Camino is a pick up truck right I'm a pretend like I didn't hear that okay living on you're just a little Caminos are open me knows I don't think there their trucks well well it's Spanish for the Camino so I'm here to clear I really love that of back to the whiskey warrior so yeah his followers jump two hundred and thirty five thousand plus the police called in the Putnam County emergency response team the Westchester county department of public safety special response in negotiations team and an armored personnel carrier booth captured all the law enforcement activity on his Instagram feed neighbor said it looked like a war zone firearm celebrities started sharing his address and ask people to show up to support him in according to the caramel police chief well because what are you trying to book a loop is that is that what he was attempting to do I mean when he says come support me what did he mean well it wasn't me comes with the cops it wasn't him saying come and support me without fire arms celebrities who are unnamed in this particular order they were giving out his address they were set I think they're trying to do like a Bundy ranch kind of thing yeah I think that there are people out there that would really like to see the the the the big one go down right like all right let's get a bunch of people out there to shoot cops never forget what happened the mall here incidents with the FBI is those last three people were sitting there waiting on their three percenters to show up and save their **** they never did what about are you referring to the mall here wildlife refuge a place where you to talk more about in two thousand two was an economy but like a fine Detroit wine this vehicle is H. two budgetary perfection soon you'll be basking in the soft glow of the singular cloudy headlights and enjoying the convenience of parking you want the strangely ball this angular shape people who haven't seen it my colleague a sporty coupe day it'll be zero to sixty actually the near one hundred thirty thousand miles it'll get you from a to B. and probably see with the help of three petals which is better than just two adults with some quality parts and a little nap and know how this could be the mostly reliable commuter you never dreamed up please complete engine treatment is a brand new product designed for use in both your fuel tank and engine on one side of the fuel it cleans the entire system from your tank all.

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"westchester county department" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Oh can you keep this in your house so that if the Internet goes down in the POPO try to take us all out so that we have to do right so that we get a move. This conversation isn't going to happen okay. Fair Point Libertarians. Don't live next to Libertarians. Marion's Mesh networks aren't going to work just saying that's bleak okay so into story all right next topic. We're screwed rude. No Internet for anyone. No Internet for you. I you know I mean if we keep on sitting here in the United States of America though the largest and most effective government that the world has ever seen talking about how we need to get smaller and smaller government as the government continues to grow larger and larger. We get what we deserve. I mean more people live here. Mortified Penguin who is listening at discord dot freetalklive dot com actually has a reasonable and probably likely the idea that people who were there but likely just turn all their hotspots and allow him to connect via that. Probably a good idea it's crowdsourcing at its finest. I don't know that anyone I was there I mean. The street looks pretty desolate but eventually a lot of his supporters showed up it would sink and it looked like the bigelow was happening and that little neighborhood in it was like a mini. Yeah it was Sort of the previous glue is by the way I I've heard it used. Is this like the the big one now. Finally the big one the event that sort of you know. I don't know if you want to. You know collapsing society. Or like you know if the dollar says it's just the government met I. I agree if the dollar fails. Or you know somebody Zambia. Say it safely. Zombie apocalypse is is the code word for anything anything that involves the people I wanNA shoot is apparently what The these folks say when all you're you're not shooting your way out of this one folks that's less well well known them Piccolo so I think somebody apocalypse has better. Yeah it's more PC for sure. Yeah when all your buddies show up in the van and they're like we're doing freedom stuff stuff. Yeah well that's okay. Probably the start of the Buller River is coming around or not rumors speculation. That the Tesla truck that was recently unveiled. I love that thing was attempting attempting to be a blue vehicle. Yeah because like armored plated against small small capacity guns us yeah well the trust a windows. Apparently apparently don't stop the small capacity. I did watch The the replay of the demo of that particular vehicle and I have not but I heard it was pretty lucky. Nothing like you would expect suspect a pickup truck to look. I don't know why they're calling it a truck. What is the bed pick? It can tow like could pick up. A El Camino is a pickup truck right. I'm like I didn't hear that living on you're just a little alchemy. Knows Circle meet their trucks. Well Spanish for Camino. I'm here to clarify clarify and I really love that Back to the whiskey warrior so yeah. His followers always jumped to one hundred and thirty five thousand plus The police called in the Putnam County. Emergency Response Team the Westchester County Department of Public Safety Special Response in negotiation. She agents team and an armored personnel carrier booth captured. All the law enforcement activity on his instagram. Feed neighbor said it looked like a war zone own.

Camino Marion Buller River Putnam County Zambia United States bigelow Emergency Response Team Westchester County Department America Circle
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"Website. Read over and look over this news one special report art. It's a three part series. The first part is black versus blue. Second part is policing black. America and a third part liberty and justice for all so he's also they also have a number of other articles that can be explored on the website without further ado ladies and gentleman. Here's the interview with Dana. Dana Jones. Thank you day. McKay Jones for being on our show. Thank you so much I appreciate it. No problem no problem my a pleasure. Okay so just tell us a little bit about yourself. I did read your bio but just tell tell us a little bit about yourself and what you got going on with your plans for the future and things like that well I'm Correction Office in my profession. That paid the bills. I worked for the Westchester County Department Department. Correction I'm on my third year and Almost cone on a Black Westchester magazine. I am New York State representative the beginning of of blacks and law enforcement of America also. I'm a CO founder of Westchester Black Political Conference. So keep myself I keep myself busy is sounds like you do so your state rep for the blacks and law enforcement so is that electric Alexa medicine. You know that that organization started ten years ago and at that time we I was at that time I was in North East regional president of the National Blackley sociation and we had Little Disagreement Well big disagreement with the president at that time was name is Melinda. Z's I believe he was the Deputy Chief of Dallas Police Department we. We didn't like the way the organization was going. They what they was Dressing issues on the national level which National Organization when is Asian should so myself in a couple of other members decided to leave and start blacks and law enforcement of America to actually give black communities of boys from from a law enforcement perspective and Retired and active law enforcement. Oh okay the organization is fairly active. Then right I see in your newsletter that you are constantly putting articles and dressing dressing now getting situations that are happening in New York but situations around the country. Yes yes We we try to give that voice And we we also vichy where we're trying to work together with the NASA Blackley so they have a new president Sonia Pruitt and She's a good system. I was on the board with her when we was When I was in the National Black Police Association we was on the Board and I'm also part of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice and the great thing about these these organizations especially blacks National Association Blacks and criminal justice because of their history and the need for Young black officers throughout the country to participate in these organizations. Because we've seen you've seen lately that Black officers which is is is not surprising. You you don't get the same representation and and and then on Push with the same zeal of defending Black Officers As they do their white counterparts right when the biggest cases that comes to my mind we talk about that. Is that situation happen in Minnesota. I think his last name was not war He was recently convicted. Right right right and yes yes yes yeah he was. He was convicted. Part of that too. You know Great great that you brought that up so part of that also is is the. DA's office when they prosecute cops seems like when his white cops is a higher threshold Oh to indict but when there's black cops the threshold is is is a lot lower and We have to look at that. You know The the bias and the justice system even when it comes to black law enforcement not saying that they shouldn't be accountable but we see that they're treated differently than in their white counterparts and that goes that goes back to having a national organization that can come into thin and defend in the office. And you know. I don't think we will defend you. Know police brutality cases. If you're going out and violating black people's rights but there's certain issues I get calls from all over. You know Black officers feel that they had been asked about a union and in the US not fighting for But you know I think that's needed and no out. I can't think of the state offhand but the black organization in one city and they have instructed then they're black officers to come out of the come to come out of the F. O. P. So I think is black officers starting to be aware that in the union representation when it comes to black officers is little to none. Yeah I was watching another podcast. I think it was rule the mar and I do forget the brothers name and he was. He was definitely saying that he was a current police. Officer who was saying that The black officers need to stop giving these union dues now not. I'm advocating for either way but but it there's a problem there's a problem. Didn't we need to address that problem. Exactly what I wanted to talk about. His Swab addressed this criticism. It's two thousand nineteen. Do we need these organizations. You know why guy separating yourselves you talked with a little little bit about it but just addressed at that point exactly. Why do we need these particular black organizations or do we need them? You know. Well well we still need them because the reason y the organizations was were created. Those same problems exist today when the first black law enforcement position was created in Houston and The issues were you know racism in treated unfairly. Those issues exists today. I mean it it really it really. Hasn't it really hasn't changed. You know we might have more black faces in managerial positions But but it's still. The culture of policing is still racist. It's still biased. I mean it's the DNA that's what it was created for. It was created to and to enforce the the slave codes and the black codes. I mean you know stop question and Frisk was created from from how the the patrollers I used to stop and question flays so I mean nothing. Nothing has changed in the attitudes towards black people haven't changed attitudes for in the attitudes for black people in this coach. Having chain you know just having a badge on. Don't don't let us not be fooled that the attitude for black officers changed at saddened. Terrible right would think that we've come so far but Apparently not in some people's minds. You're absolutely you're absolutely right. I remember remember when when I joined National Association in Nineteen Ninety two. You know. I'm twenty three years old. You know I'm going to these conferences as you know and I'm walking around and I'm looking at these guys and black law enforcement. I mean these brothers that they came up. Join join Policing in the sixties and and you know in the civil rights era in the seven the black power ever and and these are some strong brothers and sisters man and I I had that feeling like wow man you know. Freedom is just around the corner eating what I'm saying like these brothers and then twenty some odd years later. I'm dressing the same issues that addressed in the nineteen ninety-two and that's that's really sad. Do you think that we will ever ever break it. Do you think we'll ever get to that level that these organizations aren't necessary that people really are completely judged on their performance in their abilities rather than the color of skin. Ever think. We'll ever get there. I believe all ethnic organizations on necessarily right even if it was peachy keen in the police department. I think all ethnic organizations are necessary for networking for for for for gaining knowledge. You Know Oh folks for the conferences. The conference is beautiful but I think as as as the reason you know why organizations organized differently than black organizations right you know. Black Organization was created to fight the racism. White organizations are created to keep power. It's a different. It's a different while these organizations you know and and and the reality is white organization. You know really don't need because you know people say to you. Make what if I make a white police association. See your dot one your local police department. We're outnumbered right. We're we're out usually usually in police departments. You know unless it's like you know like like Jacksonville Mississippi where that it's like a nine percent black police department. You rarely see the police departments like that. You know I mean they're out there there are few but they're very very very very rare. And if you look at the numbers I you know. I live in in New York Westchester County. You Got Westchester County. This is New York right. This is this is this is where people think black folks is doing. Good New York right. Black folks are doing because they're making money. Got Big houses and say these benzes Bucci Louis Vuitton but then when you take a city like yonkers New York which is the third largest the city in in New York state out of three hundred offices they got twelve black caps and when I tell people that they laugh like you like really like they got last time they had more black tops in the eighty. Then they doing twenty nine thousand nine hundred okay. So let's address that because I went out of the right before I retired. I was part of the recruitment team. And I've been talking talking about this and dealing with this I read an article in Chicago. I WANNA say defender Chicago Tribune or defender Windows magazines out there in Chicago where they were talking about the about their inability to to attract black officers. I was there I went to numerous colleges. We went to barbershops. We went to churches we. We can't get black officers come. I was hired nineteen ninety-five doing during the Clinton Crime Bill. They're targeted black officers. We we all came on and now how today fast forward to two thousand seventeen eighteen. Nineteen we can't get black people to want to become police officers so speak about that. I think I I think is is is the lack of accountability of law enforcement within within itself to attract Black People My wife is a detective For my Gurney. We have we have two children in their twenties and early thirties. And they don't WanNa be pleased they don't WanNa be a part of the system right you know because what because of what they see even though you know. They've seen me out there. They see their mother out there doing work in the community. Give it back community being good law enforcement officers right for but their experiences you know. They're not not just what they see but their experiences Hansen's theirselves with other law enforcement officers in other in other jurisdictions and other cities. You know I mean we had to really go go after one Hispanic officer. That was totally disrespectful. Then you know to my daughter to to literally tell her that she wasn't smart enough to attend Attend University of Miami. Are you kidding me. We paying three thousand dollars a month and you have the nerve to tell somebody not that you know when when when they show you this student. Id Card you know and and and then you and then someone that looks like that you would think the understands. This wasn't a white top Spanish Cup right right so so when when our children experience these things some other kids they don't have parents than law enforcement. That could make the offices apologize right that that that know how to get that person that Eh violated them so you know imagine what the average black child you know it is thinking when they see it and they experience so it was very the hard to get those power five people. Now you know to to to take these tests because they have no faith in the system and they don't trust the system so you know and and a lot of times you know they they look at us as enemies to even though you know we're like let's make good life we can make you make some money right. You have a good pension. You have good good benefits you know what for your kids and everything and you're like man screw that I'm not being part of that right right. I don't care how much how much you know. I'm not going to be a part of that so you know that that's what we still try to do that. Then still trying to get people to take the test. Don't don't still try so it's a constant effort but the numbers are getting smaller and smaller smaller. I regret that they are getting smaller and smaller. I had the same conversations with my children. I mean I kind of don't really want them to be cops because of the danger and all that stuff but but you the opportunities to progress into be a positive in your community. I coached for our police activity league. A new number of different sports can so I had interacted obviously with them. I interacted with a lot of other black kids And you know for them to grow up and sit and have that same mindset is really disappointing. My Son's twenty three. His friends are are twenty three and I try to get in the take the last round of police tasks..

Black Organization National Black Police Associat Black Westchester magazine New York Westchester Black Political Co America Westchester County Department National Organization Dallas Police Department McKay Jones blacks National Association Bl Dana US Westchester County National Association of Blacks New York Westchester County Minnesota National Blackley sociation
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"Because you've gotta gotTa have cops on the street at all times but they're saying that we need to have a much more open mind with respect to schedule and then number twelve be willing to rethink old ways of doing things. So in other words Become more technological the logical become more open to change and how you respond to certain situations and a law enforcement environment and that means US birth. Thank a lot more about greater. civilianisation in the workforce. So when I saw these this list of twelve things I was struck by them in a couple of ways and I way I was struck by this list of twelve. Things is by what wasn't on the list. I got a raise wages right. That's at the heart of recruitment and retention. This is a labor market problem. And the way you deal with a shrinking labor market is not to stop with the SWAT videos. It's to raise wages purpose right. The job of a modern law enforcement officers much more complex than it used to be hits more complex not just technologically which perf spends a lot of time on. It's much more complex. Because of simply the nature of the job we have now law enforcement officers around the country as our first responders for mental health crises and and drug overdoses and if if not drug overdoses in very serious drug reactions We are expecting officers to be social. Workers were expecting them to be mental mental health professionals professionals. And we're expecting them to do all this with lower staffing. Yeah yeah at. The job is more complicated located and we want more from our law enforcement officers. We need to treat them like the professionals. We expect them to be eight. And the way you treat of professional and part is you pay them well enough so that they want to do the job. It totally befuddles photos. May that PERF didn't list compensation as number one by far and its list list of its other twelve items would be kind of Nice little twists. That would help But I I was really struck. By and the second thing I was struck by was The vagueness of many of these recommendations you can see perf struggling And it struggling. Because it's not coming right out and recognizing what's at the heart of the recruitment and retention problem and that is this broad relationship between the community and law enforcement. That relationship needs to be healed and until concrete steps are taken to heal that relationship. You're going to find young women and men simply not willing welling to do this job particularly in a good labor market correct but even in a bad labor market even when we were in the heart of the great recession we saw declines in the number of applicants of law enforcement officers. So it's an interesting report. I think it's got its problems I would certainly recommend that antibody who was involved in law enforcement forcement Recruitment should be taking a look at it and taking a look at the recommendations following up with the various agencies that are listed in the report as doing things that are creative. Definitely take a look at the per for report. Hit My desk Just a couple of days after a news article about law enforcement recruitment and retention in Nebraska. And this is actually. It's it's a really good article and We will post this on our web pages. Well you'll be able to track it down and the message in this article is it's not just law enforcement it's also state employment And this by the way echoes a study. That was done about at a year ago. That shows that almost all jobs in public employment today are saying fewer applicants than and they did five years ago and ten years ago. Law Enforcement said the top of the list but Firefighters are on the list certainly corrections officers around the less. But you know even truck drivers and teachers and you name it There are less people interested in public employment today Then there were five and ten and twenty years ago and this article focuses on the fact that that is true in fact in Nebraska. The article also cites the fact that where the shortage is most dear is with respect to twenty four hour jobs shops twenty four hour job such as the Nebraska state patrol and Nebraska corrections. Not just those. There's you know twenty four. Our responsibilities at state veteran homes and youth rehabilitation centers and mental health facilities. But the article really focuses on Nebraska casse state patrol and corrections. And I was really taken by two numbers how will with the Alaska Arches met with the They figures in Nebraska. And the first is that the level of sworn officers and the BRASSICA state patrol is is at its lowest level since the nineteen nineties. And that's because of an inability to hire and secondly lie. There was this sense in there about corrections that really stunning okay. I'll just read it and add corrections which has had the hardest time filling post overtime. Expenses are at a record level and turnover. You're of security post while slightly down from a year ago is still about thirty percent. Roughly twice a what. What is ideal? Ponder that for a moment thirty percent turnover is twice what Nebraska ask corrections thinks is quote ideal sense. Wine is a fifteen percent turnover rate acceptable. `table since why are we willing to tolerate the fact and we've got a situation on our hands where corrections officers who have to sus impossibly. Possibly difficult job were corrections. Officers are losing one out of seven up their compatriots every single year. How far we have come with respect to recruitment and retention one thing on which I firmly agree with Perf we're in crisis versus mode on this okay onto cases and I want to pick up where I left off with a corrections case since I'm talking about Nebraska Corrections Amenable von over and talk about a New York corrections and this is a case? That said illustrates a principle that we don't talk about all that often and the principal is how far the law on sexual sexual harassment. Racial harassment has changed over the years. this These changes certainly started with a series of Uh three or four. US Supreme Court cases. These are you know the familiar. Five to four margin on the Supreme Court and Berlin in favor of an employer and they have the changes of just permeated through the lower federal courts. And I think we don't talk about these things out loud Because they were uncomfortable with where the law is but the loss quite clear and it is virtually impossible for an and employees today to bring a successful hostile work environment harassment claim And and here's why let me tell you. First of all about the facts of this case and then I'll get into the legal standard that leads to the result and just warning a little bit. I'm not a big one on trigger warnings but I do want to warn you that Some of the language here is going to be rough on. And it's GonNa be rough because a and I'm going to repeat it because I think you need to know the language in order to understand whether or not there is a colorful claim of harassment in this case so what's going on This is a case involving Kevin Perry who worked as a corrections officer for the Westchester County Department corrections in New York Perry was assigned to the booking unit and another of our players. Guy Named Captain Roberts Lens Bay one one of his supervisors and all of the stuff happens in July of two thousand fourteen. Perry completes a medical leave. He returns to work in the Buchan Unit and when he comes back to work. He's in the jail Doing booking operations with sleds Bay. Silence me then places. His hands on Perry shoulders and begins massaging him as Sleng speed dead cell. He said in a serious tone comes to trigger warning If I was a female I would fuck the shit out of you and I would get a strap-on bon and go for broke up your ass. Another officer who was present one officer. Matteo smiled and stated what but man says that to another man and in response to that. Perry tensed his shoulders and smirked. Perry claim that. After after this incident he suffered from all sorts of reactions substantial sleeplessness Do to nightmares of being raped by captain. Captain Sloan Speight He ended up taking medications. He's called in sick for work sought psychological treatment. Perry also claimed that the July incident made him more irritable unable to satisfy his fiancee because of his sexual dysfunction and that he had high blood pressure and anxiety. Owing to slim spy's actions Perry sues and he sues boasts lends be and the department on claiming sexual harassment And the case is heard by a federal court and the Federal Court dismisses the lawsuit saying Perry has is not stated a claim worthy of consideration by a jerry. Why here's the legal standard and the court Is Getting this legal standard correct. It is the this is the legal standard. The Supreme Court has given us. And what isn't I met her. Read read a couple of sentences here to prevail under title seven on a hostile work environment theory Terry must show that the workplace is is permeated with disciplinary intimidation ridicule and insult that has sufficient with sufficiently pervasive to alter the conditions conditions of employment. The standard has both subjective and objective components conduct complained of must be so. Oh severe that a reasonable person would find it hostile or abusive and the victim must subjectively perceive the work environment. I to be abusive. So why does Perry not state acclaim hair. And here's what the court says because there's no way a reasonable jury could find sled spy's actions and comments objectively hostile the court combats that we have to consider the social context of sleds base comments. And what does the court say. I'M GONNA go back to quota. Perry himself testified to the work environment of the Department of Corrections by stating employees joked with each other used vulgar and sexual language with each other talked about sex with each other and put their hands on each other even officer Matteo testified to both Perry and sleds be laughing. After the incidents a trier of Fact Act could not find slim spe- statements and shoulder massage to be so severely hostile particularly since such conduct conduct was common in the Department of Corrections. Slim's beef conduct is also not objectively hostile because the single incident and was neither agree GIS north frequent slain spe only massaged. Perry's shoulders wants. Wow think about that for a moment. Let's consider the courts social context comments and by the way I'm not blaming in this corridor saying the judge got the case wrong. I mean this is what the law is today. I'm just telling you what the law is. What a social context me? It means that if there's enough harassment in the workplace that you can't complain of similar levels of harassment if there's enough people who are making taking sexually laden comments or giving each other massages without being asked to give each to receive a massage Putting hands on people up enough of that goes on. It's okay at least as far as title. Seven is concerned. That's that's pretty pretty amazing right. And even this instance where you have a a laying on of hands if you will coupled with some some pretty aggressive sexually laden comments..

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