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Bring Your Authentic Self with Sherrica Hunt

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Bring Your Authentic Self with Sherrica Hunt

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The table is your leverage in any environment and so i think that's important for students and anyone in the business community is to always bring your authentic self to the table. We can teach you everything you need to know. But i can't teach you what god has given you as a talent. Hey everybody worked on the show. Today we have. Sheriff davis hunt here and she is with bishops date. But she's so much more. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Jericho davis hunt. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here. So we met when we were looking to change up our scholarship program. It was mobile. Rotary here in town exactly. Well we met actually before that we did at the chamber. At that time. I was with united way. Oh my goodness yes okay. Yes and so. The west rotary club did come to speak to the bishops state foundation about establishing scholarships for our students. Okay now suzanne banks who is in rotary with me when we were talking about it she said. Hey i've got some dealings with bishop. She said this is who you need to call. And boy you welcomed us right in. Oh yes That's what we want With the foundation. I would say that. We are in a restructuring moat and so really being inclusive to our community stakeholders and industry partners and advocating for our students in that they need academic assistance and as well as other emergency situation assistance. We are a community. college Our tuition is very low compared to your university so for twelve credit hours which is considered a full time student is under two thousand dollars. That's amazing but even some people they can't afford that exactly. And that's why those scholarships are very helpful Sometimes people feel that. I'm not giving enough. And so they won't step up to give but you know anything helps Have individuals who give two hundred and fifty dollars towards books are five hundred dollars Are two thousand dollars for a scholarships and the students are very thankful. And i think it really hit me when i call it a student and i said you are warded ship and she just started praising jesus on the phone and crying and i said well wait you know. The scholarship is for charging fifty dollars for books. And she said. I don't care what it is like. I am just so grateful and that's when it really hit home to me that what we're doing is impactful to our students and the community. You know when you and i were first talking about what we were gonna do. Something hit home because you know my dad was a fireman. Offering on parkway monday was farm and so didn't have much money. We didn't have any air conditioning. Most times we have heat. And when i went to go to college. Hey hey made would a little bit over. What qualified as a pell grant yet so i had to do student loan We didn't have any money. So when you and i were talking. That was the dilemma a lot. S so a lot of people qualify for the pilgrims. Yes a lot of our students qualifying for the pale grant. And so a lot of our students do not qualify for payroll grants Or they've attended school before and so they're looking to come back to college to revamp their lives or provide a better life for their families and so they have exceeded their pell grant funding and so with the foundation. We exist to relief. Step in to fill those gaps for those students who do not qualify for pell grant who may have had some things that happen in their lives. Bet may have set them back so they may not have the best gpa to qualify for an academic scholarship. Which is why foundation scholarships are set at two point. Five okay cool now. I have toward the welding to department. S got robotics. You've got trish in nurses. So these people learning a trade. Which i am. A high proponent of not everybody needs to go to college yes but these people get a trade and then they go out into the world and they get their apprenticeship and they do things and they want to go into business for themselves. Do you guys have anything to teach people how to be a business an entrepreneur so outside of our business courses we are looking to start up a business incubator to assist our students who are looking to become entrepreneurs. A lot of our students. They do have Come out with trades and they want to start your own business. They want to start their own hair salon or plumbing business or even their welding companies We've heard of student starting trucking company and so we want to be able to system in their journey alongside of the academic as well as the training that we're providing them to serve them holistically. It's so important because you can't believe everybody on facebook and teach you how to be in business. I'm sorry exactly and so we want bishop state you know is a community college so we want to be Of the community and even outside of just our programs we want to create a space where anyone can come and get that training to from social media from finances to learn how to utilize quickbooks. How taxes as a business and so we just want to ensure that you know we're just providing all the necessary information so that our citizens can be productive part of organization that has we have a online course Familiar twenty four the master network and it says what kind of entity do you wanna be how to budget how to manage cash flow water income. What our expenses you deduct. How do you pay yourself. How do you read financial statements. Yes so all of these little facet she think you know everything until somebody knocks on the door from whether city county or state or fed and you don't exactly and that's what we do not want especially in our community where we're located in the heart of downtown and is being that pathway of teaching students Adults in any want everything they need to know about business I think that's very highly important. Even if you're not starting a business you know. I think it's just important just to to know the ins and outs of those facets how. I read a financial statement. How do i complete my income tax return. You know without having to go out and have the money to pay so want to do that. So i think it's very important. The you know the best traits people deluxe russians. The plumbers. the welders pressure washer. Whatever it may be that guy gave me your talent in. Yes god given talent if but if you don't know or are open to listen to the right people. Because i'm sorry people do not get business advice at billy go whole a golf course down to the park or anywhere else. 'cause they going to give you bad information exactly and it's bad because they don't know they haven't been taught properly and so they're giving you advice from their own personal experiences and then also i told people look at that person success. You know you can't give me advice if you haven't properly executed your own your own plan and i use that for anything. Now you know look different individuals who are successful like have you properly executed this task. Okay now you can share with me. The do's and don'ts i liked that over the years and i stole this from my mentor. Mike sarin you know people come to me and says well cannot do this. Can i do that. And it'd be so wrong and go. You can do anything you want to get caught because you're gonna get caught exactly you know everyone today. They're calling themselves experts and they're calling themselves specialists. You know i just. I stand back and you know a from an objective point of view. And it's like this person. They're not that successful. Like why are they calling themselves. Experts asked me what. I'm an expert in woody an expert in nothing. Nothing there is always somebody else. I can do a better than me. That knows more than me. Exactly I know for myself. I have a degree in biology. Will yes okay. So i i was premed and when i decided that i did not want to continue that route of becoming a doctor i moved to atlanta and i said i wanna do business or marketing. I just don't know exactly what i wanted to do. But in working for careerbuilder which was a great platform to start national company Great training there. Then i went on to obtain my mba from saint. John's university in new york. And i got the opportunity to work on wall street. And i got that opportunity because when i met with the managing director he said i'll i can teach you everything you need to know about public finance. I need someone would great marketing skills. That's the skill that were lacking on working there. And i'm just trying to learn everything about public finance. I have a degree in biology finances. Never crossed my mind. Ever and in that i became insecure. An myself in one of my good at like. What is it that i ask to society. What value do i at. And so i remember asking four five friends and even my direct report at that time and they all came back and they said you're good at connecting with people. So i'm like that's it. That's it like really so you know you you expect like oh you're this and you're that and i said haha. Okay and so at that moment. And listen to carla hairs. I'm not sure if you're familiar with her. I'm not but she's a wall street vet and she's a motivational speaker now. So she has these pearls to success and one of them is that your authentic self is always your leverage in any situation. And i got to say that one more time okay bringing your authentic self to the table this year leverage in any environment that is so deep and goes against everything most people think exactly and they go guy. Can't you professional. Wow that's not me right. That's there's never a good suit. Cpa number two pencil person I love that. Yes you have to bring your authentic self to the table. And she said that with that you're able to acquire any skill set that that entity needs and that's when they brought me back to working in investment banking like. That's what that person saw in me. I can teach you about public finance. But your skillset is what i need to take this firm to the next level and i've just kind of just used throughout my career. I've worked for startup company. Technology had no idea what i was getting into but party. No we have partnership with kellogg's and chick-fil-a and just using that skill set and learning everything on the back end. I think that's important Far students and anyone in the business community is always bring your authentic self to the table and we teach you everything you need to know. But i can't teach you what god has given as a talent you know i was always hesitant and rarely did it in my years as a cpa hara four point oh But you give me somebody that worked as a bartender. Yes and there was just trying to change their life and get their accounting degree and one. You know our couldn't afford it. No family whatever but you give me a bartender. that knows how to talk to people. I can teach you debit credits all day. Long exactly exactly that that personality that hunger the attitude because culture is important. You don't want someone coming in being a know it all or just being toxic. We all have met those people and had worked with them. Are you talking about a pa pain and we all know you and they are smart the value. But you just you know you come with a dark cloud and no one wants to work with that person. Do have the men and you realize that. Get them out fast. Exit care how smart they are. I don't care how good they are at their job Get them out. Yes you have to in order to have a successful department business. Whatever you cannot have toxicity. How did you end up at bishop state. Okay and mobile alabama. okay. I'm originally from mobile. Alabama grew up here After high school attended. John l leflore high school. And i transitioned onto college. And so i've lived in atlanta. I lived in. New york did study abroad in italy. I moved to dc then went back to atlanta. Where i met my husband and who happens to be from mobile. Well wow so from there. He got the opportunity. He's a principal to take on a position. Abu dhabi united arab emeritus. I'm in the middle east. And so our daughter was six months old and we transition to abu dhabi and from there every one told me that it is very hard for spouses to get positions outside of education and being a new mom. I love my daughter to pieces but being a stay at home mom was just not for me. Our worst month of not working. I know i was like i was telling my husband. He's you know. This is every woman's dream. When i say it's not my dream. Stay at home. Mom is just isn't for me and maybe for someone else s spine and they work hard yet. Anything harder mark. I work harder at home. This is what know during the pandemic being at home. I worked harder than ever had to work in my entire. And you don't get appreciated. There's no validation what oh brake fade them. They take a crap. But i love my job. Yes oh tell your child happy birthday. She looked beautiful book tomorrow. Do the prebirthday. Will you tell that will. He's starting six. That's such a good age. It is it is now value every single second up until she thirteen. That's my husband's sadie. Said can't wait to see you too. It's funny they carry it out. Are we really that different You know you kind of wonder when you loop back. So i got paid back on everything. I did my mom. That's what my mom tells me. She said you a little girl. You're a bad and she's just like you so you'll get through it. Will miss davis hunt. You know that already liked you. But i had no idea you were so so interesting and your journeys and the education and knowledge and experience. You've gained all over the place yes and i can circle back to how came back to mobile. Yeah please today. So we were living dhabi. I had opportunity to work been. Hey there who lives in abu dhabi no right and it really did not hit me. I worked for a company that was space out of dubai and so they also an opposite abu dhabi so one day i was listening to as limited album and i'm driving from abu dhabi to dubai and staring at the bursts khalifa and it was like wait a minute. How did i get here. How am i driving to work to dubai. And there's the birds khalifa comes and it was very surreal moment. Like how did i get here. But my husband We have a son. I call him. I love son stepson. And he was starting high school here in mobile and we wanted just to share that experience with him. Wishbone us back to mobile and just throughout my career path. I always found myself. Doing community initiatives but fading them into what i was doing and so i told my husband next career path that i have it. I have to help people and it has to be a part of that core requirement and. I'm not searching for things. All the time. And i started interviewing different people here gio chinda with clip rick. Grimes tim wills Sandra brown our bates different people in the and that's how i landed a position at united way are started up there as a resource manager and then matriculated to vice president a resource development and so when the position became available at bishop's state. I'm someone reached out to me and said you should really look at it and just reading the job description. Mike steve drop sets. You know you have to reflect back to connect the dots. And i started connecting all the dots and i said this is the perfect position for me and even at bishopsgate where my office is. My grandmother live in the orange grove projects. There were across the street and so for me. It was a very sentimental moment and that all of the values that she instilled in me instilled in her kids my mom and on awful and then pass it on to me and just to have that baton into overlook where she started from and now to be a director. Bishops state is like you know that was another moment like i'm very appreciative of my grandmother. For everything she did for me that can be as surreal as driving in abu dhabi. It is a real it is past. He's she's passed on now but for me. It's a way of thanking her. Like your heart. Work your sacrifices. Were not in. And i'm not done yet. You know as i continue to grow. I hope that you know my daughter that i can. You know can pass the baton onto her and that she goes on to do amazing things in this world i've had those surreal moments and they are so powerful they are. They are shared out. Is there anything new and upcoming at bishopsgate. Yes so two things. We have started a capital campaign for naming opportunities for the events manufacturing center and as well as our health sciences center that information can be found on the foundation dot org website and then we also have central performing arts program that is up and coming for the fall semester for students who are interested in dance boca performance anti theater production. We are in the process right now of allocating out thirty scholarships for students to attend the center of performing arts. That's amazing yes. I'm excited about it. Yeah i mean you've got the book smart you got the the trade and don't leave out the arts exactly again. We just we want to be the central hub for all things and education. Bishop state has come a long way over the years. It really has. I know president binding was stated that community colleges are. The world's best kept secret. And i told dr sikes i said you know we are stepping out. We are no longer a secret we are here. We're asking for the community support and as well as our business supports to help our students so that we can then push them back out into society because when they graduate and they're able to work and provide for themselves they become tax paying citizens so they patronize local businesses. They bank you know with our financial institutions and so it is a cycle everyone benefits so for any listeners out there that are thinking about going back to school getting a new education or go on a different avenue. What do they do. How do they get in touch with anybody out there. That can help them right now. We are currently going through our registration for our late start term and as well as our mini term too so those individuals they can come to campus To the dell champs building on the main campus You can register. You can go online at. Www dot bishop dot edu And you can follow the application process but It's a very easy process. Everyone at bishop state is here to help our students to get them enroll and to also help them matriculate out of bishop as well and so we just want you know just a community to know that bishops state is a great place and a great time to start with us now. What about any businesses out there. That want to partner up or at least groups like i ve rotary groups. Yes you know if you have scholarship programs and what happened with us is that we were given to the four point us And we were. We raise money through the year we were given that scholarship and dr andy duke stood up and he says why are we helping the people that have already been helped. Yes and that's when i said. Yeah that makes no sense and said that's when we went on our journey to help somebody that maybe hasn't been given the best breaks exactly and so i also my title is director of institutional advancement so with that oversee the philanthropic initiatives at the college level and the foundation is the nonprofit sector. And so it's a completely different entity from the college but the foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of bishops state. So we helped to fund scholarships for students we have student emergency fund to help students To pay utility bills Child care transportation so a lot of those things we forget towel essential. They are until we do. we don't have them wolf. A company does want to help out with that part. How do they what do they do. So you can visit. Www dot bishop state foundation dot org and under ways to give their different options. You can give online. You can send in a check. The address is also listed on the website. As will or you can call me. Share behind. my number is two five one. Four zero five seven zero four three am i. E mail is s hunt at bishop dot. Edu shirk win you guys get the newer ship program Up and going. Yes will you come back on so that we can tell business owners because that's mainly are on lia. Yes definitely let them know what's available and i'm interested to in mentoring. I'm not sure what the white word is is for those wannabes. Okay i want to. I want to make sure people are learning and hearing and listening. Yes to the accurate information exactly. And that's what we want with the foundation. We're also starting foundation academy to host workshops and seminars with different topics Be planned to kick off that initiative in the false. I'll be. I would love to have you on how this is one of our guest speakers With that but most definitely we'll be started. That official entrepreneurship incubator. You'll be the first person. I call daiki. I'm excited as well. So on every cheers to business. We do a cheers. Okay all right. So my cheers is to going out in live and getting the experiences but bringing it back home to help others well done. How about yours yours. My cheers would be to two bishops. Stay in just being that hub for workforce development for students who are looking to transport to the four year route And just be an innovative. You know we have two new buildings under construction advanced manufacturing center and the new house haas's center and just providing those innovative spaces for community so that we can provide the best workforce bore industry partners and other businesses as well. We'll share. I wanna thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for having me. That's wrap please be sure to subscribe to cheers to business. Podcast on itunes or anywhere else that you get your podcast visit our facebook and be sure to give us a like and if you have any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss. Shoot us and from the website cheers to business dot com.

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