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"west rotary club" Discussed on Cheers To Business

"Given you as a talent. Hey everybody worked on the show. Today we have. Sheriff davis hunt here and she is with bishops date. But she's so much more. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Jericho davis hunt. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here. So we met when we were looking to change up our scholarship program. It was mobile. Rotary here in town exactly. Well we met actually before that we did at the chamber. At that time. I was with united way. Oh my goodness yes okay. Yes and so. The west rotary club did come to speak to the bishops state foundation about establishing scholarships for our students. Okay now suzanne banks who is in rotary with me when we were talking about it she said. Hey i've got some dealings with bishop. She said this is who you need to call. And boy you welcomed us right in. Oh yes That's what we want With the foundation. I would say that. We are in a restructuring moat and so really being inclusive to our community stakeholders and industry partners and advocating for our students in that they need academic assistance and as well as other emergency situation assistance. We are a community. college Our tuition is very low compared to your university so for twelve credit hours which is considered a full time student is under two thousand dollars. That's amazing but even some people they can't afford that exactly. And that's why those scholarships are very helpful Sometimes people feel that. I'm not giving enough. And so they won't step up to give but you know anything helps Have individuals who give two hundred and fifty dollars towards books are five hundred dollars Are two thousand dollars for a scholarships and the students are very thankful. And i think it really hit me when i call it a student and i said you are warded ship and she just started praising jesus on the phone and crying and i said well wait you know. The scholarship is for charging fifty dollars for books. And she said. I don't care what it is like. I am just so grateful and that's when it really hit home to me that what we're doing is impactful to our students and the community. You know when you and i were first talking about what we were gonna do. Something hit home because you know my dad was a fireman. Offering on parkway monday was farm and so didn't have much money. We didn't have any air conditioning. Most times we have heat. And when i went to go to college. Hey hey made would a little bit over. What qualified as a pell grant yet so i had to do student loan We didn't have any money. So when you and i were talking. That was the dilemma a lot. S so a lot of people qualify for the pilgrims. Yes a lot of our students qualifying for the pale grant. And so a lot of our students do not qualify for payroll grants Or they've attended school before and so they're looking to come back to college to revamp their lives or provide a better life for their families and so they have exceeded their pell grant funding and so with the foundation. We exist to relief. Step in to fill those gaps for those students who do not qualify for pell grant who may have had some things that happen in their lives..

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