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"Shark Tank" star involved in boat accident that left two dead

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"Shark Tank" star involved in boat accident that left two dead

"Shark tank judge kevin o'leary on boat in collision that killed two. Oh my god it's fatal boat accident and now he is. He's in the cross right. Mr is also wonderful entrepreneur kevin o'leary who is best known for his appearance in the t._v. Show shark tank was involved in nighttime boating accident. That left left two people dead his agent told c._n._n. The incident happened over the weekend in ontario. Canada o'leary was a passenger in a boat when it collided with another his agent chase shirts seddon the agent told c._n._n. That o'leary's win life not our own wife. Linda was driving at the time life went. Do yeah spooky. The collision left a man in the second dead said joe scully spokesman for the west parry sound ontario provincial police a woman. The second boat succumbed to her injuries tuesday. Police said a a passenger in o'leary's boat was also injured. Police say three other voters were injured and were treated and released from a local hospital. No charges have been filed. Linda o'leary was given a d._u._i. Test which ritchie past according to our leary's egypt

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