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"west park party pavilion" Discussed on After the Bell

"Us to talk about his love of the squared circle. Atb starts now. You're welcome welcome. Welcome to after the bell. I am still corey. Graves plus one more year round the sun. I made it. I think I'm nine years beyond my projection. Congratulations me feel free to send me. Belated Birthday wishes at WWe graves or send me whatever mean stuff. You've been sending any way as you were. It's more fun. I'm not let it bother me. We've got a good show today. We're going to celebrate sports entertainment. Wwe and beyond. Because I'm allowed to do that dammit. So let's not waste any more time. You can find this man each and every Wednesday at eight. Pm Eastern Standard Time on the USA network. He is the heart and soul of Annex. T Johnny Gargano Johnny. What's going on man? How are you? Hey Man how are you? I'm doing great absolutely fantastic. I'm here at the performance right now. Actually so ready to go. I like to have this mental image of you that is never not in a wrestling ring. As long as I've known you it's always been in a wrestling environment We've had very few interactions beyond occasionally like a catering or in the hallway passing once in a blue moon. But I like to think the johnny wrestling really lives up to the name and never leaves the ring. Pretty much I I actually in like a conference room right now form center and I'm looking at a bunch of pictures. There was a picture of undertaker With pallbearer there's a picture of Shawn Michaels visual. Don't go see Boston Heart. So that's that's I. I'm very entrenched in the wrestling world. so you can normally find me like you mentioned in a wrestling ring in wrestling. Conference Room. Filled with pictures. Of Various people half-naked. It's funny to me. I have a lot of guests on here. And we just sorta take a trip down memory lane and realize just how long we've known each other. It's had to have been what twelve years I mean. I remember the West Park Party pavilion in Cleveland for AI. W and probably even before that with with. Jt's company you know. Yep I remember that in Cleveland. I remember in Pittsburgh Right So we we did a bunch of stuff there as well But Yeah I think we've known each other gotta be I've been wrestling for like fifteen years so it's I've had at least seem your. We've we've interacted probably twelve years. It's probably a good estimate. It's really wild when you think about it and everybody takes their own journey and goes around the world to get you know where they want to be. But you're here. You're setting the world on fire along with the rest of the black and yellow brand. Let me ask you this as someone who really cut their teeth within the WWe bubble as a member of Annex T. What have been some of the biggest changes since become a weekly live show versus when they used to just record things at full sail. Things are just a whole lot faster. I think Before you'd kind of have a week where you'd have all your TV. Prep you do. Maybe four three to four episodes and one full sail taping. Now you're Kinda you gotTA gotta be on every single week now now. It's not just okay. I'm GONNA do this. Tv film poor episodes and you're disconnected for a month here as every single Wednesday night. We gotta go out there and give our all and you got to be prepared for anything. And I think that's the biggest change is before you kind of knew what was coming now. They've kind of change in a week to week basis. So things are a whole lot faster and just changing all the time so you had a cup of coffee. If you will on Iran smackdown along with champion. A couple of other members of the annex t roster. How would you coffee? I don't know that was a cup of Coffee Lilac. You were at least standing in front of the coffee shop. Let's say that okay. Okay I went to the door. I mobile ordered move order but I didn't pick it up. At least you found the starbucks but how does how does that compare and contrast to what he's become now I say it's it's very different. Maybe just because I'm so entrenched in the XP system and I have known Are Basically writing staff our creative team. Everyone who were all the camera guys. Everyone who works backstage plus is at full sail every week and it was like ten minutes from my apartment and Orlando so. That's nice so travel schedule isn't as hectic as raw smackdown. But you all you see it. There is urgency that same diversity on Ron Second. I was just different like it's way more stressful on smackdown for some strange reason but it feels like home. And if I'm very very comfortable so I think that's the biggest difference for me than the eating what I felt over there. It just feels very. I don't know like things are just a million people. There's literally a million people that I've never seen. I see New People all the time when I backstage back down. And he is just like a family environment where. I know everyone so I think that's the big chain looking around the the next T- roster you've got a lot of familiar faces. Obviously not only since your time. Arriving in annexed T. But back to the independent days What's it like back to our earlier. Conversation sort of sharing the locker room and sharing the platform with some guys in some familiar faces. I think that's the coolest thing is it's we've all been talking about this for so many years like you mentioned we've known each other like twelve years. I've known a lot of the guys that are on the NFC Rosser for probably like ten years as well and it's all filled with guys. Who have talked about this moment. Talked about making the and kind of doing what we do. And and I think that's also the while thing we're just doing what we do and then like any of us have changed that much. It's not like we've had to be completely repackaged or retooled or renamed or anything of that. It's a lot of just us doing what we did. On the indies. Doing it on national television. Which is wild that I'm able to do that with guys. Like can consider friends guys. I consider very close to me. And that's why I mentioned. Nfc being like a family. It's like that in our locker room as well. And that's that's what I love most about it to your point about this is just doing what we do in everybody's sort of had the same dream for the most part To get to. Wwe Now you find yourself. A lifelong fan being able to work shoulder to shoulder with one of the greatest. If not the greatest of all time I know a personal favorite of yours Shawn Michaels. Yeah I literally just like Right for the interview I said. Hey Darryl how weird is that that you just went to day? And they'll away there's hpk it's so weird a weird. Now that I get text messages from Shawn michaels asking me about like cookies. And I I remember when I saw like Captain Marvel. I got a text would like Kenmare thumbs up or thumbs down like you're like movie reviews now So the weird life. I live right now that I just talked to Shawn Michaels about cookies and movie reviews and lights. I mean Kansas all the time about. How is it going to be really weird one day when we have a child and I'm just like Oh yeah? Go go play with your your uncle. Uncle Sean and Uncle Hunter over there. Go hang out with them go hang uncle. Dx over there and just see them much. Yeah you know. Your Dad used address like your uncle. Sean used to put on like Very flamboyant and dance around his house of sexy boy. No big deal now now. There's this him now Yeah it's weird life man. But that's that's the. I don't know it leaves me speechless. Sometimes when I sit back and actually think about it I think by the back of that man was painted on my wall and now he's just a text message conversation away. It's while right and I think we're all guilty of just forgetting to step back every once in a while and just pinch yourself and go wait a minute. This is my life now. This is what we do and we were in this in this world now and it's just kind of a crazy feeling when you when you look at it like in the big picture for me the thing. I hope to never lose. I like the minute I lose that Inner Fan. I lose that inner child where I sit back and remember how cool this is. That's that's for me that that's the biggest thing when I do like meet and greets or say I'm GonNa Hotel and and there's kids waiting around the guardrail or early morning in the airport and people are coming up and giving autographs that. I always try to remind myself that I did this. Like I was standing there in that that child is or I was at this meet and greet or I was standing in line to do autograph signing always remind myself of that and we tried to think what would have made me have the coolest experience ever and. I try to do that for them so I think the moment I lose. That is the moment I shouldn't be doing this anymore. That's Awesome I. I'm guilty of all. The things that you are trying to avoid is usually my dad that brings me back into reality when. I'll call him and vent him. I'll never forget. I was in my car back in in the next few days and I can into some disagreement of some sort with dusty who was so integral to Olive Annex T. I called my dad to vent and I'm going damn it dad dusty won't do this or dusty thinks this is and my dad goes stop. Listen to what you just said you got in an argument with the American dream and I guess that kind of made your point for you All right maybe I should just shut up and realize what the hell I'm doing with my life so it's important to keep that perspective but now to your point earlier about Sean as close as you become on a personal basis you still have to work in a professional capacity with him What's it like having Sean as is the coach slash mentor as opposed to the friend for me? It always just feels like I have the best wrestler of all time on on standby. If I ever get opinion pretty good problem to have I think about it. That vein to selling the indies and I was struggling with something and I just text Shawn Michaels and he can tell me the right answer like I. That's my life now. I can actually do that. But being able to work side by side with them hand by hand and What he's brought. Nfc is just such a different vision. I've always been a fan of obviously ninety Shawn Michaels. That's what I grew up on. But as he got older and as his career progressed he developed a different sort of style and that was a style that like really kind of resonated with me and I tried to do a bit on the news. Well with the storytelling aspects. Being more movie. Ask as opposed to professional wrestling. I definitely believe in the drama. I believe in the Shakespeare I believe and all that sort of stuff that he brought the table and he was a big reason that that became popular. So he's kind of bringing it to Annex T. Well I've always had that mindset so the timing just worked out to where I could go Side by side with him and kind of make those types of matches and those types of stories and those types of things come true and he. He's the best of all time for a reason. He is very much. So the mindset wrestling evolves wrestling changes He's not one of these older wrestlers who sits back and says things need to be this certain way and I found that the guys who are very very successful have that mindset. They aren't so dead set in their ways that they need to be. They need to be right all the time. He's consistently learning anything physically growing and he realizes one hundred both realize that wrestling in two thousand twenty is way different than wrestling was. Say Ninety dollars so what? We through a typical afternoon at the performance center watching an X. T. footage maybe your own footage with HPK. So I'm not performed center as much as my Johnny Rescue. Monica would lead you to believe any more trying to help you here seeing as it as NFC is on TV on a weekly basis. Now we have like travel..

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