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"west lower wacker" Discussed on WGN Radio

"The Democrats will host a party at the exposition building at the state fairgrounds. Fritz created GOP governor Bruce Rauner in November's election. A woman is facing an aggravated DUI charge after last week's crash that killed her one year old daughter Adriana Donaldson appeared in court yesterday, where her bail we sat at twenty thousand dollars. Prosecutors say she was driving with drugs and alcohol in her system. Friday when she was hit by SUV, we'll making a turn in the first block of west lower Wacker drive. Her young daughter was jacket from the car and killed still a lot of buzz today. After a report the FBI was investigating President Trump for veering to be benefiting Russia. The New York Times reported Friday that the FBI opened an investigation after Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The source reportedly said that Trump had raised concern in the FBI for comments. He made to Russian officials in the Oval Office about firing Komi White House press secretary. Sarah Sanders calls the report absurd and those are the headlines WGN sports. These sports report sponsored by northwestern basketball, Chicago's big ten team. So what is going on with Manny Machado? And the Chicago White Sox reportedly an eight year offer from the socks to Machado is still also talking to the Philadelphia Phillies who are in hot pursuit of Bryce Harper. They met with him in Las Vegas over the weekend. Reportedly a five hour meeting the socks and Machado that certainly seems like a real thing four weeks until the start of spring training. Let's do our WGN Blackhawks report making a difference for the Blackhawks sponsored by the village of Bedford park building for the future. Blackhawks and the devils tonight pre game at five thirty and let's look at Colin Delia twenty nine saves on Saturday, and he's allowed three goals or less in five of his last seven starts. That's despite facing a bunch of shots over thirty in each game Delia playing wild Blackhawks. We'll. Try to end a three game slide tonight bowls in action on Tuesday versus Lakers. Northwestern lost to Michigan last night. Eighty to sixty Michigan is seventeen rain number two in the country. Don't miss.

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