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"west davis herald" Discussed on NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

"Toward all Rogers as well and in grand prairie of south bond loop twelve north of west Davis Herald the weather center for the before daylight we should get down to about thirty six and then later on today sunny a high of sixty one a low of forty one on Sunday look for a high of seventy one a low of forty seven first chance of precip is listing on Wednesday right now it's forty three degrees I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the gel pack show continues now on news radio ten eighty KRLD grab a coffee yeah let's go to the capitol one Kathy in Georgetown why because they have Pete's hand crafted beverages and since I'm a Capital One card holder I yes fifty percent not nice but isn't the Capital One cafe for banking yeah it's also for relaxing connecting to free wifi and grabbing coffee wow and I don't have to have a Capital One account nope everyone's welcome now open it M. in Wisconsin in Georgetown banking products and services offered by Capital One N. A. member FDIC food beverages provided by third party provider copyright twenty nineteen Katalin so on the fourth generation my grandparents came over from Russia and Poland back in nineteen oh eight as for years and then my dad my uncles and me and my brothers all in for business master for your job okay from Morris K. and sons for years so when they get a gift of a four and they just open up the box and are amazed at their significant other person went out took the time to make the knowledge of what they're fine and then they open up that box and see something and it actually.

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