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MM148: Water Nuggets (w/ Charlene and Courtney)

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MM148: Water Nuggets (w/ Charlene and Courtney)

"My name is carolyn. weisinger. And i'm running for west contra costa unified school district board trustee and area five. We are here in the beautiful city of ill reto in front of el cerrito high school or what we as alumni colleague gaucho lynn. I entered gotcha lynn in nineteen ninety-three as a fresh during my time at el dorado high school. I played a number of leadership roles. I was in the leadership class. I was a director of communication. I was the black student. Union president i was the director of finance. I was the rally fear. I was the senior class. President i did all of these things under the tutelage of legendary leadership teacher maryland. O'brien as well as edwina. Llc both of who were thirty year teachers at el salvador high school come into the district. One of the things that i really want to strive in bringing equity into our district bringing the lens of those who have been here for so many years. There are a lot of black and brown families that have actually experienced a lot of racism here in the war. That's known as five. I wanna make sure that those black and brown parents who are no longer able to sit in the seat at west contra costa still have voice on our board so we are here on the south side of richmond or as i like to call it. Be forgotten section of district five. I grew up right down the street from here on the corner portrayal and forty fifth street. And my cousin group right behind me on patrol when forty three all. My friends live up in down. What is called the portrayal corridor that corridor goes from crescent park deliverance temple. Kennedy manner all the way down into easter hill. I got my start as a leader here in congress missionary baptist church also in the corner of parole in in forty three as the representative of five. I understand the importance of investing in our youth at a young a so it's important that we're also investing in court. Matsu harding fairmont and washington. If we're doing what we need to invest in our students in the as a young age when they get to el sorrento. We'll be able to make sure that we're ensuring their success going on to college or career or whatever there pat takes them to as a district representative is also important that we are investing in our duly merging programs and are duly merging. Schools duly merging is so much more than just language learning is also culture building so as we're striving to be a more anti-racism though duly merging programs will be key to that process. I'm a black person who grew up here in richmond. My family's been here since one thousand nine forty four. I've lived here since nineteen eighty seven. And i am proud to represent this district once again. My name is carolyn. Weisinger woke from me on november third west contra costa unified school district area five e. Hello the minutes podcasts. I'm stephanie thank you so much for joining me. You can find them ohka minutes. Podcast on apple podcasts. Stitcher radio google play tune in cast box iheartradio and spotify find this on any of those platforms. Or where else you catch. Podcasts also still soliciting for ratings and reviews if you be so inclined please leave some five stars leave us. Some reviews would greatly appreciate it also. You can find me on instagram facebook and twitter at moga minutes on all three of those platforms if you want to shoot me an email. Give me some feedback other than on those three places. You can email me at moga minutes at key. Mail dot com. Hello welcome back to the milkman. Is tied cast. I am stephanie. Thank you so much for joining me is. This is the episode before election day. And i have been saying for a few years back because of what happened twenty. Sixteen the next presidential election is going to feel like it's twenty five years old and it does not help that we are now in a pandemic so it just made. It seem like longer because this literally has been the longest year. We are now recording on november. I this has been a long as you're ever. It feels like it's been four years so many things that people like you know. This happened in january. I'm like oh. My god bird box was this year. I'm like what i'm like has like wait a minute. That don't make no sense. Why offer like burbach was last year. And i'm like wait was it. I have no idea. I feel like time in this time. We're in is a social construct. thomas. Honestly i don't know what day it is data on this. I'm kidding it's sunday november first when recording so i I am fortunate enough to be a part of the most pragmatic voting block in our country which is black women and about biological women went folks. I just really want to know. Every black woman who identifies as a woman is involved and a part of the most pragmatic voting block. We are the block that do not vote against our best interest we do for our best interests and a lot of people will label other voting demographics label. It as black women are coming to save us and it's like no. The plane is going down on the plane with us as we make. Sure the plane land safely. We are not trying to help you. We are like you just happened to be on plane. I'm the co-pilot apologised like got drunk. And he slumped over on the copilot. And i'm a land this. But i'm doing it so that i won't so i am also very fortunate and blessed to have two women whose political opinions i definitely respect. They are very vocal. They are very active. And i'm very excited. I was like. I want them here because one. They're not just plugged in at the federal level of politics. They're very active at the state and city and local levels because there are people who like they'll send the message like voting is just for the president and baby. That's soul not how this works. And i'm like i feel like whatever civics class social studies wherever it was called in. Your school has failed you or you. Don't use the mini computer. That is a phone or a tablet that you have access to google shit. Like glitch off ramp is to freeze like as a free app. You don't have to pay for this is free. It's freer than water. What are you understand us this. I'm like you could just google stuff like this. Ask questions. google just answer you. Y'all y'all some not anybody on this call. We'll maybe not our own enough to remember. Ask jeeves yes yes okay so was like ask teachers to be the thing. It's like gee. I don't know this and bam here comes to answer then such as got better. But i digress on that i have to my dear friends on here one of them. I actually met her. During hashtag retail life. At macy's let me just tell you the stories that you just don't know about working retail and when i hear about how retail workers and when i say retail i'm talking about department stores the mall any store in the mall supermarkets. That's all retail in my mind. And how they are being treated when they're literally just enforcing the mandates of the store. They work for. They're getting attack. They're getting coughed onto getting spit on him. Beat up by customers and like you don't pay people enough to do this like that is just ridiculous. I'm like i'm just like in god. I'm not there because it probably would have made me quit. If i didn't quit before all this happened like no 'cause you miss macy's only absolutely not. I mean some of the people. I worked with but not macy's so i have my buddy charlene someone who actually i really enjoyed working with the macy's not only where we all the departments we also worked the bradtha registry area. Yes which. I absolutely have fun. Serlin how are you this evening. I am absolutely feeling very stepped and excited at this time. Is like another level this pandemic will plan them or whatever. Turn using but it's been much of a ri- i'm spite of it. All i hear phase banking new people. Lindsey coordinating introduced this very space. Right now i appreciate you being here. Is you know. I was like selena. I got a question and was like it's in. My thing is i was like i never want to. Even though acer is listening. She's like stimulus. Volun- tells me to do something. I'm like no. It was a request. Don't really do that. She's like i say it because you're really good at doing it but yeah. I got volunteer. Steffi's that i had the. She volunteered me to do something like all. I'm so good at it. Oh say see no by other person here. I call her my california baby mama. Gene is one half of the seat up. So i have courtney courtney how goes it in kelly. Well we've been fire free for a minute A minute usually you know about maybe about a week at least in northern california. I'm actually afraid that in northern california. It's been calmer almond i believe. We've got some rain coming soon. Oga so I can hold off on on the friars You know we're we're holding the on 'em a re entered kindergarten at home with Kahlo lola oh boy doing virtual kindergarten Part of his class went back We opted to stay virtual at this time just because of course you know. I have little cruelly movie here. Though i have no the seven month old Which who was born in march and to your point about time feeling like it's gone on forever. I can't believe it feels like he should be three years old right now because the field life as much time has by if i he said memento but it seems like march was just one hundred and fifty years ago. But it's like if he wasn't here. I feel like i wouldn't know what month we were in like. I know where about six months from march because he is obviously a six month old baby but if it was just me here by myself with my parents when kayla pool who she gets taller but you see him every day you don't recognize how tall he's got into look like older pictures and i see. Oh he's way past my elbow now. This was a long time ago. I feel like i wouldn't know the days in the weeks and the and it feels i. Time is going by very fast but then also very slow very bills. Like a very very warped in this new pandemic right world But we are. We are healthy. We're doing okay. The kids are okay. My parents They got stuck here with us. They came in february for cruises birth. And then just didn't go back home. Which is perfect stuck you. you know. they're they're just luckier. and that's fine and But yeah we're we're holding down. We're healthy Happy that Election season is almost over. 'cause i'm tired of this shit you tai-bo we. We had both. I'm tired. i can't. I can't and i'm i'm glad this only comes around every i guess if you know if you're counting the primaries which barely get any attention but i have a feeling no matter. No matter which way these elections go from here on out. There's gonna be a lot of focus on primary elections in elections on the house and senate and those folks are running. There's going to be a lot more attention. From of course we saw what happened with twenty eighteen moving forward. Every two years is going to be a lot going on because it's going gonna be now so much more focused on how congress swings moving forward So yes should grow. We want okay. Well shit girl who is like the home stretch of the election but not the home stretch of making store. America gets their shit together is literally. That's not the home is like we'll be doing that for the rest of our lives much. I'm just gotta get him out was like he just got to go and it's it's kind of like doing surgery. You cut shit out that needs to go. And then you got allow the body to heal but you gotta cut the shit out. I thank you same. My post the other day went like you know about it for joe. And that's fine This whole battle for the soul of american my now if we wanna get into the soul of america. America needs an exorcism. Because it's never been right. It's it's founded on anti black racism as much entrenched in all of our systems. And it's very much the foundation from which donald trump and candidates who aligned with him. Who had the same views and expressions him have grown from because white supremacy is still very much a thing and it won't be addressed head on. I mean as we saw we had a whole presidential candidate not announce it until white four days. Later like oh. I've always denounced host things and things like that theme not think what the no so we until we properly address anti black racism white supremacy in our systems and really really like the way out is the way back through And america is not ready. So we're like every so often we're going to have people like donald trump. And you know folks. On the federal level you know members of congress folks at the state level folks on the local level who aligned with him and aligned with that type of thinking we're going to be popping up from here on out for the rest of our lives are going to be dealing because he has lied if fire and even though we're going to put him out it's like whack a mole once you hit one two more papa and we're to be swing swinging ship the rest of our lives soon because i don't wanna do what they need to do to unpack all of this ship that even form allow this type of stuff fester caro- correct 'cause like i'm this is an mess to fix again. Where just you happen to be in the plane that we're trying to land. We're not doing this for you. So displeased black. Women are going to save us. I'm like don't onto that. No we're not here to save you because you don't. You don't advocate for us. So i wanted to start off asking everybody. What was their first election. Mind was two thousand. Ironically the first the second time in the history of electoral college bet the popular vote and the electoral college didn't match. Also the two thousand election a fucking shit show say. That was my first election. In a mike who i was there like. Don't let this happen again. It's like this is how the system works. Popular about electoral college should match in. When it doesn't it people look at it. Like what the hell's like. I felt that the system works. I'm like well fuck florida. I'll tell you what was your first election. Charlene guy going way back. I fall in the category of single golder. 'cause we gotta go back to nineteen ninety. Something new that was like my first one have been voting. Elsewhere had not lived in maryland. egg-laying outlet turns seventeen registered to vote in this been voting Oh my gosh. what about you courtney. So my first election was a thousand. A was clean wine so yes sounds very exciting. I got to vote. I for some reason. I'm glad will y game a vote in the army two thousand six. I might have not been that will verse in primary elections. Because i'm like. Oh why did i vote in two thousand six but so nevertheless my first time Voting was for Barack obama so that was exciting thing. and i feel like a really inspired my lifelong really interested in politics in general. I've always liked history. And i've always like politics and so that was exciting. That the first time. I thought it was for our first black president that has to be exciting so for all the black people were like. This is my first election. I'm like that has to be like some of the most expensive signing part mostly because for the folks before us they're like didn't ever think is what happened and it's not because we didn't think a black person will be qualified as whiteness. 'cause the the funny thing about obama that he was never the front runner. It was hillary big one as much as people hating hillary. They've just felt like well. I mean we let bill do it in a came. It was like this weird. You gotta give a hillary because john edwards. Well he's community dick girl. So yes he. I feel like if he wasn't such a ho i feel like he would have maybe not dropped out but i think he was always a solid bronze he was like he was like. I mean he had of been vp. He really could be but he was. Just shooter a little bit too loose with that thing now having psyche. That's one thing that gets you ex girlfriend on the side but you haven't hold kids man. Yeah it was like shot and then it's like have cancer at the time. And he was something she was she was ill yes she she was sick. She did have cancer. He was cheating on her. Had that baby. Then that little girl looked exactly like grow. It was amiss high in going. Listen here on the sports and you can't deny this child and baby from california non from california. No that's our old governor. How he. I don't know how you fix your lips to go. He's not a baby. we can look at him. He was just walking around the house looking exactly like nobody. Nobody nobody he talk he. He don't talk don't they know they. They're they have actually a good i grow. I follow sports nigger. They kick it. They hang out his son. His name is joseph. He is also Into bodybuilding and fitness and they they have a relationship. They've been building their relationship. I will say that you know now that everything's out in the open. They have been spending time together. So yeah so you know he's doing the doing the right thing. I suppose the best you can do in that situation. So that's interesting. that's good to know. Yeah but that khakassia something sidebar So we're backing this. I don't know if every station but our new station here isn whatever they call it decision. So we're incision twenty twenty and for maybe like the last four three and a half four five years A lot of people don't bring up my ancestors. Don't vote shame me into voting Wiring trying to save us off vote. Don't count why you right trying to make me feel bad but at the same breath saying i'm not my ancestors like no you're not because your ancestors actually fought for shit you don't it's like you fucking lying to me like on sign. I will try to refrain from so much cursing. But y'all making me stabby 'cause like look y'all gonna stop. Disparaging your ancestors. Stop doing that. This whole thing which in google as as does a lover of own it. I thank you carry authors and so you're saying you're may gaze is sure i know any morgan. Jesus this affected even though at times where a you lift the jim crow south at that. And also you're under this impression module you're talking about your ancestors who voted to get a soda can get a seat at the table of a table that nobody wants the met. They never had any candidates that were speaking for them but they still wanted to be there because it was. It's it's hilarious to watch them like. Why do you think they didn't want them. They're black men. Have the right to vote in the eighteen. Hundreds before white women in nineteen twenty and he started putting black. People are waimea. Which don't w bring on these niggers here. Why you putting on these meters here. 'cause you i m right to vote. Then they started really slick shit and and see. That's like the concept that i don't get where people say in in in. Lemme say this. I also Have tried to step away from vote shaming to to change. You know i am. I'm trying to incorporate a political strategies when we talk about changing our messaging right so like what's the messaging. Yeah because it's not working like telling people like you know if you don't vote whatever chaos comes from your lack of participation is your fault. Obviously that messaging does not work and phil attacked. And so it's like okay. Let's shift the messaging because the real issue is people feel like their input isn't valid and also if you're coming from states where voter suppression is a real issue and there's real barriers to voting. If feels i. Why do i need to go through all these hoops. Stan these lines do all this research on finding a polling place and going through all this trouble to vote to for my vote to not cow And so to add to what you were saying steph news like that's the point the voter suppression exist. The challenges that they may put you through to vote exist because voting does work and you know we were talking on the show right before this about how. It's not just federal rights. I think the federal elections. Obviously it's the big names. It's the the marquis it's this is. That's the that's the main event but really a lot of these changes. People want to see a lot of the issues that people have with their community are fixed or can be fixed or can be addressed or needs to be addressed on a very local level. So we're talking about our city council members or what the i know. They're called something else in other states. Or you know your town council your mayors in your district attorneys you your your county representatives date legislature. All the judges you know. There's there's so many people running for sheriff things like there's of course all of our school boards all of those things. These changes when we talk about you. Know the underfunding of education or there's not enough affordable housing being built more people you know to in reference to water nuggets talk about small business loans. Those things a lot of times yes. They're coming it's the you can get federal funding but the way it's distributed the way it's allocated throughout the community. Those decisions are made on a very local level. And if you don't vote then you can have people stay in these positions a lot of times like in in oakland. We don't have term limits for our city council members. We have a city council member. His seat just became open. Just now he's been in office since nineteen ninety-six because we nineteen ninety six. I'm arthur council doesn't have term limits. Either no so yes so see. That's what i'm saying. You've got people in here for decades making decisions on very your everyday life. These these initiatives these things that impact your everyday life and the president bengal how president that man went went through being on that city council since nineteen ninety six. he didn't win through clinton's last her to boola bush to obama and now won a trump He didn't want to four presidents and he'd been on this one seat. So that's what i'm so when i talk about changing the messaging. It's okay you might not get down with presidents in. It's not about democrat. It's not about republican. But your vote is your way to impact your everyday life. And i think when people think about it from that point of view we don't get caught up in the vote shaming idyllic it makes people feel more encouraged because they can recognize their power. And also even if you can. If they're more data people you can bring out old elections like hey. This election was decided by three hundred votes. Sometimes these local elections people are only winning by less than five hundred less than two hundred votes. Sometimes so it's like hey if you if they would've knocked on maybe a few more doors or just. Two hundred more people would've voted. It could have swung either way. Yes so i think when you encourage people that hey this county or this seat or these elected officials decide on all of these different issues. And i know this is important to you. Then we encouraged people to vote more. But i also think with voter education if you are a person who is You know If you're a an organizer around voting getting to know your constituency and getting to understand why people don't believe in voting but then also recognizing what's important to them and connecting making change through voting on a local level. I think we could bring a lot more people to the table and encourage a lot more people to vote correct correct absolutely stepping on their according. Have wedding to facts and everything. This wonderful will also a appeal to the that of feeling a what does it look like when you are engaged. Voter on the. Disengage person technically idle as me being. So what has been going on for years and the discussion around super vote is hope unquote those who had been voting or more least a decade and always aggressiveness At personal did ronan shame because initial decision to vote it is not unmatchable. Honestly what is driving. Because you're looking at it. Those folks looking place of well what what have we got you going. All these people went to vote looking for something will happen but tonight but people look at it is just you know thinking. Somebody's name oldest candidate but in that whole part about accountability is the on the civil engagement knowing who you put in office license. Coins to inform. Voter get into entanglements. 'cause that's another discussion where we guess will caught up. What the personality the day will that person make you feel with a but the probably you you get into that then you get into that ramp of not being engaged. A tap out. Because it's easier for you. Do not want to be gays May be seen And again that you see other people as invokes Voting but did not being as educated as a shirt in voted though. Me is the whole Wishing someone not to go arg not this else that as though bridged vote so we had to straighten that in so did give that deck back that were laid thursday with that book saying when you engage in versus we choose not to engage and most importantly we still haven't had maybe over. We haven't seen at least nine pacific paticipation in our voting process dumps That number two red light thirteen to twenty five percent so if thirteen hundred energy. But i'm making a decision on choosing show up. Yeah because you're not going to people taking the decision unity. You're saying your vote doesn't matter but your vote has a lot more power. And i think because a lot of the people who are making the decisions don't look like us lot of people who don't trust it. It's like you don't care about my. You don't care about my community you don't care about me as a person and so then you have black candidates throughout the country who are like powering pavement garden going everywhere and there's still like they're not getting as much support as they can or this support or just the same demographic till the demographic i'm thinking of is the black evangelicals vote but sometimes what are you doing 'cause charlene remember this when they had the same sex marriage on the ballot and man. Oh man people just showed their entire behinds on that was like an. I wanted to say stephanie would. I'm glad you mentioned the demographic and then even charlene which you had mentioned as far as the voter turnout it's thirteen at twenty five percent of registered eligible registered voters turning out to vote. I'm don't have those stats for california for my area but when you talk about who's showing up to vote usually and we all the time it's older white folks are showing up to vote more. Just older people are going to vote right. Yeah so you the the way. I i always presented his especially on a local level. Communities are crafted through voting right. So who's voting. Who's crafting the community. Because they're saying through voting. What's important especially when you get into ballot measures we get into things like bonds and what's being fun game. All of that is coming from the demographics point of view. So we don't have a range of demographics you're not getting an understanding of what's important to your specific demographic and then you're getting the short end of the state and in the cycle continues you feel your disengaging because you're not seeing change and then you're not voting and then nothing ever gets changed because that's the way you present your essentially opinion on what needs to happen in your community happens a lot through voting and then again. It's like we're allowed times. You're not voting. For just candidates you're not voting for president you're also not voting for you know your congressional your congressional members in and your state. You're also voting a lot of times on ballot measures or propositions here in california and a lot of those who do with things like taxes now funding. What's being funded. How was that money being allocated. So then you're still going into what you want to see happen in which you want to see change it. It's not going to be presented because you're not voting and therefore the opinion isn't being brought to the table But i don't know you know a lot of it is a a lot of the way a lot of the measures and propositions are written are also very confusing. It's not very clear people just go off of. Were talking about this on the show. How you know these commercials. They're just sometimes filled with just flat out lies just lying and there's nothing that says it's like you can't lie right. 'cause candidates live Oh you know we. Our president is lying every day. So like yeah the lie in a commercial and then you're like oh even if you're gonna go vote you've seen this commercial that's filled with inaccurate information. You're going to vote based off of what you saw and the ad on youtube or tv and then and then you're still not really making the maybe the decision that reflects your chew concerns for the community right. And that's a challenge in. It's done by design it's voter suppression and voter. Misinformation within the black community is a real big problem. Yeah then leaves us into the next topic which is voter apathy versus for voter suppression. I'm not exact- i mean. I understand the tactic of doing it. But i don't like it. I must say this black churches to our own like did i don't like it. Because voter apathy voter suppression are not the same thing and it never has been but i will give the cabinet. caveat consistent systematic voter suppression can lead to voter apathy. But it always. It's that's that's not what's going on so when you hear things like don't boo vote and then what about voter suppression and like so. Here's the thing about that message. Then not talking about the people who are trying to vote and cannot. They're talking to people who are choosing not to. That is the difference. It's like it's a lot of voter suppression that a lot of people just didn't notice and it's not just the same thing there's not a sheriff standing with a gun at the voting. Polls telling you to get the fuck off property. You are not counting jelly beans in a jar before you can answer. It's like that is not but bear voter suppression can be Closing voting polls that telling body mysterious power outages and then often all the machine go down or that's like people texting older people saying. Just text me your vote and you don't have to show up or telling our lat next and hispanic folks that you need to forms of. Id vote which is not true is like wait a minute. Why didn't you need two forms of photo. Id to what's till farms. Gotcha forms farms. Wii exactly 'cause they did that in two thousand sixteen they say you need to forms of id in his like. Who told you that. And it's kind of like if you are here if you're a legal permanent resident or you here on the green card which by the way you're still paying taxes so it's very interesting how much all don't talk about immigrants but you have no problem taking their money because they still play taxes as a legal permanent resident. Why would you tell them that did us. But also they're saying if you're if you're quote unquote a legal donell aisha come get you. Yeah they lock up our citizens to so if you're brown they're just going to grab you and prayerfully you have your State issued identification on you. Because what if you don't you can't call anybody and this happened on oranges of new black. Am i think because it's a television show. People think that that's not tolerant to one of the women that were involved in that story line. That is what happened to her family so she was able to give the input on that. She's like no no. This is what is happening. Photos person is everywhere. However sodas voter apathy because when you are literally sitting in the middle of a storm s kind of hard to be positive about something especially when you see more houses being boarded up in your neighborhood you see rec centers. Being closed down you see all of these community programmes. Either being discontinued or stopped or not even getting off the ground kind of hard for you to just go. Oh yeah let me let me go. Vote on these. Do my maybe like man. No no 'cause they may feel like some candidates just come down to their area and do a photo op and then never come back to the hood. I've heard that to maryland is really interesting thing a few years ago charlene remember this where they overnight quietly redistrict the entire states and changed all of this digging them around some people stuff districts stayed the same others did not cause a large cummings. New district really doesn't make any sense of where like. How did you get west baltimore the city and yeah and then also right and then he was also head howard county. They have parts of baltimore county east county. A whisper mcgarry. Yeah it was like well. That doesn't make any sense and make did it for the whole state and it was like y'all did it so quietly. This wasn't voted on. They just did it. And it was just like you're moving your district's around because you want to move the money around gerrymandering This is like who my man because when they did i went. That's interesting 'cause why would why would anybody want to do that. Well they wanna keep certain amounts of money in certain zip codes. They don't wanna give you black people any money especially don't want no money going to the city not less. It's rolling park. Their schools never have issues with funding ever so to see the backlash to barack obama and michelle obama Talking about how important voting is and being upset when michelle talked about What happened in the primaries in two thousand ten and how they didn't really have the support of democrats people didn't fight. There was no big push for me. Bid midyear lection 's and a low. The congressman read really quick and it was interesting to hear people act like michelle. Didn't have a point or does she didn't live through all of this like hey guys. I'm not going crazy. Because why are you trying to shame us trying to shame us into voting lot. Why look you just don't understand. What about voter suppression voter suppression has been around for a very long time. Because a lot of voting rights ended in twenty thirteen so i i'm not a big. It's funny a lot of people who were saying don't do the shaming head no problems shaming white people when they fucked up saying whereas our apology. How could you keep this person. Ucla racist he is so we're okay shaming as long as there's not towards us which means you recognize that sometimes shaming does work and it's like but i get wide would feel some sort of way if you knew you are trying to fight to make sure we have enough voting polls that if people need transportation to the polls we can get them transportation. If you know you're busting your ass to make sure everybody gets to vote. I can see why you have a little bit of a problem. But if you're not looking at the fact that not only as president obama and his his now his core. I wanna say administration. But that's not what i want to call it People like stacey. Abrams where does telling you to vote. But they're also doing things to actually try to mitigate voter suppression same time. But you don't see that part because all you heard us say we got a vote and like well you do but we're not going to force you to do it because now you actually have a choice. You didn't have the choice before and also other minorities after us. Nineteen sixty five. Excuse me nineteen seventy five is when a lot of them could vote magin telling indigenous person disney's to this country that they cannot vote. B not ruled citizens. Oh you try to kill off bear entire race because you wanted their lane. You killed a lot of buffalo to starve them out guys. I like a so. I see both of that. It's like the right people to fight for you. They're going to say no. I see that because one lot of people don't hear him saying both they don't hear him saying like voting is just one part of this. You gotta have the right people in to help you crazy. He's like he's on screen. I'm sorry yeah. I'll get on the boat and that's also little suppression suppression women. Say it again if the family those who are committed felony Their right to vote. So that was the big thing right but then there was another part of it. Had the i call it. The developing tax Yeah so so he this person you know you you you served your time. You're back in society and you're doing things in a bear you're registering the vote crisslow. Kosovo in so you got Maybe ten thousand dollars restitution get that right to vote right i it it got hit and that also made me take about year felony those who were convicted felon returned back to society. Have here and ain't even know about that. Kalamazoo say apparently california's the same way because snoop dogg. Didn't know he could vote like wait. I can vote 'cause everything that's a federal law and it's not like state that state level shit because there are few states that in the last three or four years have reverse that because they were the states that yet ed No if you're a felon you can't ever get your voting rights back and a lot of those states flipped it over but california. I don't know if it's always been that way. Or they voted out. 'cause new dog had no idea and he's fifty something years old saw for california. After you complete your parole you you're voting rights are Yeah but that's a lot of things like it's automatically so you don't have to like fight for it. Because i mean technically are states like virginia whereas like you can fight for. But you do you do like charleena's talking about is the felling to you have to pay for but you also have to apply for and make us still say no but there are people who actually gone through like no. I want my voting lights back so then you saw a few states where they got. They changed the law is like basically the same as california's long fins. You finish your parole. You can have your own rights back and so there are people who have been maybe incarcerated for years and probably out and like i never got ten and now i can actually vote in the that means so much them and it was kinda like. That's another former depression. Not telling people their rights like they're not gonna tell you because they don't want you to vote or they don't want to do think there's a lot of folks who don't who think like oh once you're you you have a felony record that's your voting rights are just gone for good. There's nothing there's no one that cheers with you that. Hey you're voting rights will be restored after xyz and or you just have to go through. They don't tell you the process of restoring your voting rights but and they'll let the you know what i was saying. Earlier the voter misinformation they let the misinformation thrive instead of being actively engaging and educating voters around their rights regardless of their interaction with the criminal justice system. Yeah 'cause If you have certain organizations that exist. Like i know here in baltimore. They had out for justice where they go ou- eighty to make sure that return a citizen understand that they do have a right to vote any given the walk today. Information in several other states should have something similar to have organizations that were returning citizens may overall that snow to happen to take place. So yeah so. You have a population of people who really don't believe that they really believe. They can't vote recipient in that space and that is also a gold medals of overpopulation. To that can make a decision. A decision on who. Who's getting office right. Yeah like and. I'm glad because it it. It is these grassroots organizations and i say grass roots because people who don't have the platforms. They don't have the celebrity muscle behind it. So it's kinda like it's thankless to a certain extent because like look. I don't need any pomp and circumstance. I don't need this. I just want to make sure my brothers know that they can vote. I want my brothers and sisters did know their rights. That's it at like i don't need. I don't need a ticker tape parade. I'm just doing it because it's the right thing to do. Because that's the problem. It's like so what i see people and we're going to to our favorite rappers plural talking like literally going hard at the democrats but they're really not going after the republicans and mike. That's very interesting that you only directed one way and you're typically directed at the way that actually is probably the party that will listen to you because republicans don't listen to you because they don't need you and more importantly they don't want you either like no no no we don't want you either. You want our on our program or you out which is why you see the caliber of Black and non white republican that you see except for now. I'll give him half of vienna figure michael steele for some odd reason. Because he's not for the bullshit and is he is my favorite like one of my face too much right now. Wait who's talking right now. It's really. I mean this is kind of like my whole issue with just like trump being the person that they are standing by you all have to have more integrity than this you know. This man is a lunatic. you know. he's a menace if you wanna have conservative policy. That's fine but this doesn't have to be the person that delivers it. You gotta send better people you've got to send you cannot send people who believing she went on theories who are re tweeting white. Supremacist groups you've got to send better people correct you can. I don't even have necessarily in issue around their policies. Because for me i can. I can see how policies can be misconstrued in house. Sometimes policies don't do what they're supposed to do for. Everyone and i feel like if people were more willing on both ends of the spectrum or more more willing and more understanding about how we need to create a policy that produces certain results and you can take bits and pieces from maybe a policy that was written by democrats may when that was written by Conservative republicans liberal democrats liberal republicans. And you can. You can take the best pieces out of different policies and put it together but it takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of know-how and it takes some time and understanding which you know feel like a lot of lawmakers want to be the winner you just want to win the policy argument and there's not a lot of Partisan togetherness as we can see but michael. I think michael steele is one of those people who it's like we've got to cut this shit out this man. If we can be we can believe what we believe but this this cannot be our person career. This doesn't read this. And and i can say because you think about republicans. I'm michael steele who you don't make maybe disagreed with on a policy level. But it's just like they're not deplorable individuals. I can disagree with you on a policy. And not think you're an absolute goddamn menace to humankind. Marie like he's up in medicine aids hair. Just terrible beyond reason. Be this kid. Be your best man. it can't be. i'm not trying to do. You're trying to do civility and fairness y'all thrown in like civility. I'm like with him in your party. are you being. You're not being serious right now are you. You're you're being serious. It's like oh you're serious just hypocrites and yeah. I don't wanna do this so decision. I don't know maybe it's just a news programs that we have here channels. They call it decision but decision twenty sixteen was literally the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen in my life and also for political analysts. They still don't understand but as if not a can't is that they don't want to. You don't want to look at the simplest solution to why this happened. You don't wanna look at whiteness. You don't wanna look at white supremacy. You don't wanna look at the fear that for many white people men and women vay did not want hillary. They hated that eight for eight years. A black man was the leader of the free world. They did not like it. Because a lot of people forget in the deep deep deep deep south there were why people on lawn chairs saying i will never vote for that nigger ever. They said this one. They said this with a camera interface. They didn't care they're not they're not bringing up that you had the tea party. Which was the extreme right quote unquote and the whole birtherism thing. That was spearheaded by the person that is now the president of the united states. Because you didn't really have anything on him except a tan suit and you alleging that. He's not a real. Us citizen because you know it's easy to discredit a brown person because you think brown people one if you don't they belong to your countries as you say you weren't born here mike sorry. Your wife wasn't born here folks up like she wasn't born here. Two out of three wise wasn't born. I'm like they weren't born here. So they were a love for a lot of white people not going to go from a nigger president to a woman president. They were not going to do that. They're like absolutely not nope. Nope go back to status quo. Juanita white man doing this for a lot of them. Their excuse was. He's not a real politician. Mike so you do realize he doesn't know what policy is he doesn't know what bipartisanship is he he does it know diplomacy the only thing you know about him is you're fired for a real estate reality tv star. It literally was reagan two point. Oh reagan was. An actor underscores his old. Because this this is on another did nine sunday we can even imagine. It is a prepare for the levels with this. But here's the thing bothers me more people mostly on the east coast. They know know his background beyond this reality. Tv show no his act as somehow a Travel far enough across the united states to make an impact so we noted this whole thing of this is pro of seen a white man in office period correct. They don't even care. Like but then i. That's the i still don't get that because from what i heard. Now you all lives back east and my to your point. Charlene the the rumors that he was not. I guess they're not rumors. But the the very well known facts about him being a poor businessman and of course it wasn't just him being. Hey hey hey hey. I'm talking Her him being About you know not paying contractors and it's not just black and brown people that he didn't pay white owned hang on the boardwalk or is like yeah he was right they really did not fuck him as a businessman and then he just got on the apprentice and then everyone forgot but people still looked at him as very much just than arrogant. You know you know cheapskate. I don't know i guess. His immigration policy is just really what really drove in home for the midwest state. Build a while. I yes which and then. I also don't see how that even translated into. He was the right person for that type of policy when he has his cheap as suits being made in china and he's his whole family all products. Are manufactured. mega have made in china. Yes so i'm confused. I'm confused like he's not even doing what like he's blatantly lying and gets caught lies and largest their shoulders and i just don't understand. It's like it makes this like it's the power of whiteness relief. Because i'm sitting there like yada see this you literally because the hulu documentary of hillary shows how deeply they hate her. This is from no republican side. They couldn't stand her as. But i'm trying to remember. If in the documentary talked about donald trump used to be a democrat because he used to be one of her her biggest donors when she was in the senate he to go he used to hard campaign he used to her events. So it's interesting to watch him flip to she's crooked hillary. I'm like so question what she crooked hillary and when she was just new york state senator or was she not bill and hillary went so his wedding to malania along. They all used to kick it. That's why i'm like them being crooked. And then you know the whole thing with jeffrey epstein and oh bills done this sern you were all kicking it. Evan's house gather will we again to is the republicans. Those sticky can read his stupid sometime ago. He did it. Janaka marinate so he's proving the point. Vivo really put that out there. Though when he's at a a president and be in his bs crazy so we see a half. But we didn't know when. I say we didn't know is the racist element behind sure. And he stays out lame style. You might use the same. You know stupi igarashi as a republican in an actually win. It was seen that nail while the other said this coming out in about him and how he moves and because he's he's from money and we got we think about that too you know. He's in a different tax bracket right. He literally did not plead in have no bootstraps to pull up. He wasn't pulling himself up. He came from money and also he said during his campaign. I could shoot someone in the middle of times square in broad daylight and not lose any votes. I heard him say it and he was correct is like yeah like like defending him. I'm like he wouldn't lose any votes literally that whole video or audio grabbed him by the pussy. That was days before the election and then women still voted for him. There was no. Oh my god. This is terrible. I think that only happens. You know there's a lot of There's a lot of internalized misogyny though with the trump loyalist like those nasty women. I'm trying to yeah those nasty women those women who dress like that you know. Oh girl women like that girls like that. They're always throwing themselves at wealthy men rich man and and so on and so forth. Which not. I wanna i wanna say one quick thing about him being from old money because you know he actually is not. He's really not from when we think about. When i think about old money in america you think about like the rockefeller like hilton still same. Yeah the hills. Those families have built up their wealth from From like the railroad from from industrialism of america and then of course families. That have been here since you know their family or their ancestors arrived. On the mayflower. Which really weird to me is. How trump taps into so much of that confederate heritage That that type of messaging. Because that's not his heritage. Nope he is the. He's actually a first generation american. His parents were immigrants. He's not his heritage your family's from germany your none. None of your ancestors fought in in any. They didn't fight in the civil war than find the revolutionary. They're not. You're not some here this this whole anti immigration. And he's literally that child of integrate. You're not from here your family's not from here this whole confederacy heritage argument. Oh don't let them pull down those statues. That's our heritage. That's not any form or fashion. You your family is at from. They only his family only arrived here in the early nineteen hundreds. They did they were. They came years decades after the civil war ended. That's he's aligned himself so much with these narratives that don't even apply to him and he's not old money and he's actually a very bad businessmen as we can see as we all found out recently. He's up to his eyeballs in debt. He's all of the narratives that he applies to himself. Have nothing to do with reality. Correct correct he's like it really is. He thinks people are buddha. Fool and a lot of people who voted for them are boo. The full like you do realize yup. Congratulations yang played yourselves. I don't have no problem with you. Getting scammed by him but he voting. This person in doesn't just hurt you. This hurts everyone and also hurts future. Generations there's a lot of reaganomics that we're still going through. And he was in the thousand nine hundred eighty s. I remember when he first got elected. I asked my mother. And i was like who you think is worse in this twenty sixteen before. God knows everything that's happened. I say who do you think is worse. Reagan trump. She said oh s where he can. She's not saying that now but when he first got and she's already was. Reagan was terrible. It was a terrible time like here so so to watch the misinformation about hillary and then just the anger and other anger. I wanted to talk about is from the bernie. Brill's bernier bus people. Because i will never forget on election night. Maybe it was a day after a few days after when they were Putting out the stats on demographics in how people voted i will never forget the fact that thirty percent of the people who voted for donald trump sixty five million thirty percent of sixty five million people only voted for him because they did not like hillary we have laterally gotten to this point that we have been very privileged to have a president that was universally liked and now i don't just were so used to having a candidate that we like that. When is a candidate when you you don't necessarily like but you know it's for the greater good guys don't understand that and not like my first election was john was al gore. Not exactly everybody's favorite but you knew he was better than bush and then the two thousand four election was john kerry. A lot of people have just been a lot of people when you it talk about two thousand four a lot because well. We don't want to talk about how we got. John kerry i man. It's like i don't. He's not selling series. he's not memorable. I'm like i don't even know what his platform was. I remember it was just like literally people just like. I'll know 'cause. I'm talking to a birdie mine jay because somebody put on twitter like in thirty two years. No republican has won the popular vote and the electoral college. And i went. So this is how. Google is your friend because it was very easy for me. To debunk. that thirty two years ago was nineteen nineteen eighty eight. I believe and that was the election of george. H w bush. He did win the popular vote and the electoral college like so. That's not true but also two thousand and four george. Bush won the popular vote and the electoral college. But we 'cause my buddy james like oh shit. I forgot about two thousand four. That's right sure did win the popular vote like yeah. We all forget about two thousand four. It's probably im- in my voting lifetime. That's probably the least memorable election that i've ever been a part of. It was the second one for me. I'm like i remember when he was running on. I don't remember what he was talking about. I've no idea. I don't even know if this man is still alive. Like dad is john kerry. I'm like seriously but the helped me run on. I'm like i don't know but this is why i'm like. I'm not a policy person so somebody else will probably signed. Could probably tell. Y'all john kerry ended up. He was secretary of state. hillary rest. Maybe i have not yet. I'm like a seriously. I have no idea what his platform was when he was running for president no like our he stood for. I'll bless you cruise. It was the secretary of state for twenty thirteen twenty seven gene. Okay so he's must be still with us. I'm so i'm so sorry. John kerry's because you're like i don't know if i don't know but that thirty percent of sixty five million who voted for him just because they didn't like hillary. I really want people to understand there. Were probably a lot of bernie rose over there because they refused to vote for hillary clinton literally voting against your best interest. Because your buddy wasn't the person that she wanted was not candidates so really funny to watch people who are like we can't let this white white men not going to save us. But you need to vote for bernie sanders. I'm like i'm sorry. Isn't he white man. Did i miss that part about him. Not being is he. Is he not a white man or or am i just bland because i feel like he is a white man. Who told y'all don't play identity politics that is not a good plan and also the day after trump got elected. Say we need to work with him so to watch him do that see. That's your boy. Your voice told us that we need to work with donald trump a day or two after the election. You can kiss my whole fucking ass. You've lost your goddamn mind. So bernie fuck you fuck you bernard. And that's how i felt about him. And here's the t- if he had gotten the nomination for the democ- democratic party i would have voted for this. Because that's how i'm sorry. I'm that determined. I need to hate trump a little bit more just a little bit just just just as coach and the actor like that comes down to a real like for me. It's it's a matter of life and death and not everyone is going to be affected by a trump presidency or a second term of trump. The way we are. I mean we're all here on this show as as as black women. And so i feel like oh for us. It's life or death for us. We're going to be impacted in ways. We're going to be receiving the brunt of the anti-black policies. We're gonna be receiving the misogynist policies and it's all going to be Pummeling towards us where. I feel like the the intersection analogy of how it's going to impact us. Not everyone experiences that so it does get candidate. I wanted so. I'm gonna vote for the obvious nightmare. Right why the hell would you do that. Why the hell would you. Why would that be damn answer for you because you're not going to be impacted because you can. You can fuck off your vote because it won't matter down the line and even if trump loses on tuesday we are going to steal like we said in the beginning of the show. There's going to be so much unpacking we're going to have to be doing for the next twenty years the brunt of bid falling on the shoulders of black women and so they have the privilege fucking off their vote in voting for an absolute monster. Because it's not going to affect them the same way. Yeah because it's like when people say they say two thousand sixteen was the lesser to leibels like notes. We heard it wasn't. I can honestly say in the most recent history in my mind that was bush and kerry that is the lesser of two evils. Like yeah trump. And hillary trump and clinton baby. No that's not even close. That is not lesser of two evils because it literally is john kerry george bush like like so. He's terrible terrible but he's probably not the best choice. And then there's john kerry. It's like john kerry. That is what i think of when i think of lesser hills and then we remember to a as we're looking at it from allies of education in also from heaven information me. I remember to election interference than it was his narrative about two things. That was joe how they dislike hillary clinton and we talked about super predator. Anti is lower crime get kept me. Repeated repeated over and been dodging. it is almost like a second people's minds and those are the two things that just basically cancel her an and of course as i. I really don't like her. And it's like well residential candidate. I'll have you know harshly and you can cozy up with. We're not vote for. We voted for our high school. This is not a house school presidency. This is for the united states. This is not a high school election rate. we cheerleader. What are you doing. But but this is how we. It's almost like this is what's going on in american period and you could say the simple thing if it catches on. It's like yeah. Okay i'll take a chance on it where we are right now. Going to our coast across the globe laughing. No from brandon. Brought up boris johnson. Boris johnson from the uk is they. They were calling him. The british trump. boris. Johnson also got covid because he was talking about the whole before. He got kobe. Kobe is a hoax. It's not that serious. He got covert then. All of a sudden he changed his tune. Like we're getting. This is really serious and we need to do something. He's about to shut the uk back down. It's like he got copenhagen's like i was wrong. This is terrible. We're going to fix this. Our president got covert instill is talking the same bullshit. No like you can conquer. It's a lot of people were just like. I don't understand in does saying they were acting like because he's a white man that's why he got the best care like baby is because he's the president of the united states has nothing would like. Hey hi you don't wanna be the doctor that kills kill police you don't wanna be on that malpractice No been awful. It's like he has. I mean it's not so much cheese in like you said he's not he's just a white man he's the president he has the best medical. You don't have medical care. Like trump has medical care. Rear asked to be at the county hospital on a one hour ventilator then they got a switch you hours another patient. You aren't going. And and i feel i guess on some level i still just feel really bad for the people who received this misinformation because of course you know Leading up until Election day he's going to be holding rallies and those people you know we see the spikes after he leaves. We see the spikes In the cova cases from the place that he's visited. And i just think about how people feel so encouraged and i feel safe because they figured oh you know. He's in the high risk demographic being seventy four being overweight having more hygiene you you i feel. Scared for the people feel encouraged. Because it's like you have nowhere near access to the stuff that he had access to at. Walter reed you you. You're not going to get anywhere near. I have kaiser and is one of the best hospitals in the world And i will not have anywhere near access to he had access to and it's like people were like nose because he's the president that's that's where trumps everything. Okay it's like we're also example bama would have got the same care but it's willing you're the leader of the free world and you. Have you know a top secrets. A trial medication at stanford tips just being injected you have the highest quality physicians. The brightest the best and the brightest over your care. Yeah you you would survive you. It would it. Would one would could imagine guess. You would survive this. Covert is survivable in the sense that you have access to what you need to treat it. And even then we still don't know what the long term affects of. Kobe is gonna be on his body. I still don't believe he talked about his lungs in his lungs. Looked like they had an infection i would be. I would be surprised if he lived past. Eighty at this point. Because he's had covert in the way it affects the lungs and the way it affects the rest of the body. So i'd be surprised if he lived anything past eighty. This point correct. I honestly would be too so. Let's dive into another topic so we are at decision. Twenty twenty so. I'm gonna a lot of stuff in that's going on for this election seidel cycle so this election cycle. We've had the rise of the backlash to obama. We've gotten the contrarian culture and then we have our men of the hippie hops deciding that they are the culture leaders and that you know you know. I love saying they want to be like. I know what's best for the hood because i came from the half a yaw did not but sure. Let's talk about the hood and what you know best. Let's let's talk about that so it's very interesting to watch a lot of people and it's mostly on social media. I will say a lot of people who are like on social media especially twitter. Were very confused. As to why biden got the nomination. And i saw a article in the first sentence. Make everything so clear that i don't understand why people didn't notice that like why didn't you vote for bernie sanders because he is not a democrat. That was it. they're like no what. Hey that's it and the thing about burning if you really wanted this nomination. Why didn't you just wanna party. You didn't want to but then you feel like this nomination is owed to you why you're not a democrat and for a lot of black people in the south that matters like no. We worked too hard for our vote to just throw it away to third party. 'cause there's some people who i don't not third party voters. There are a lot of people like. I don't see where you think your vote is going to go so there are a lot of people were like. Yeah i fought too hard to get my vote. So no i'm not going to quote unquote. Roadway on bernie sanders but for the primaries primaries is your wishlist of a candidate. So you can pick who you think. Because in maryland we used to be earlier in the primary season then we got pushed to like what may or june and the person i wanted to vote for cause come comma was already out was elizabeth warren and it was like she's not even there now but i think they had already printed the balance. They'll she was there but was like she's not even in a race. I don't i voted for liz. She was still on the ballot. She was still in the race when it came time because they move california's primaries up tomorrow so I did vote for elizabeth. I did not vote for bernie has also did not like what he said. Too that Young african american teenage boy about respecting the police. He won't get hit in now. See now see. You did all that marching when martin luther king now you you won't let us forget. Like yes we know. Bernard martin luther king. Yes we know you pull up this random mass photo that someone found right but but you still in that anti-black shit so no sure he burns your man killing mike. Keep you keep reminding this. Burnie yeoman bernie collected african american properties you speak for black people like how many black people he no. They don't make the hippie hop hot music. None i'm sorry i'm just gonna say none i feel like you don't remind so it's kinda hard to a different world. Even his will progress as even give progressive not as progresses than they are because the preposition like wait. What what was that. So he's no different it because he's much older age. He is damaged so there. Is that disconnect. Yeah disconnect really. Say he's the person i'm like. Brennan was never the person for this party. Because he's not a part of this party is like you gotta be in the party to be a part of the party. He's speaks for us. I'm like does he. Does he interesting. Interesting thing about social media is that you had the rise of the black contrarians who make life so so tired. You make me so-so dying because it becomes. I am the wokers person everybody wanted to be in the woke olympics. And tell you how wrong. Y'all horrible obama. And i don't know why you praise him and he was not all that. Great and alamo. Why yawkey poppy him up on a pedestal him and michelle. Ab disparaging black people telling black people all these black boys you saying they need dead. How dare you prop up. Barack obama is interesting that you have never said anything about donald trump. I've watched Tennis did this. Marc lamont hill. Who up broke said. I haven't been voting third party for twenty years. This was the first year that i voted for a democrat. Meaning that you didn't vote for obama and neither election so you voted for somebody else and the other guy who likes to say brother bernard why am i blanking on his name. He likes to go and bill. Maher show the black guy with glasses. Why am i blanking. His name l. Come i'm blanking on his name but the reason why he like obama has nothing to do obama policy. He was just mad that he didn't get invited somewhere. So now it's been fuck obama for him for quite some time and cornell. They don't part their lifts to talk about donald trump. They haven't. They didn't talk about it when he was campaigning. Didn't talk about a where he got elected. You haven't talked about him in years because it always gives me pause when i hear black people very very critical about barack obama sidebar. I don't think anybody's above reproach. But i feel like y'all not fair in that in that rub step sets me and my homegirl. Because if you're going to be critical of politicians be critical across the board but you always got the smoke for obama. But you hadn't that part of your lips to talk about what's going on with the person who is supposed to be running this country cornell was ain't said shit about donald trump tam smelly and says shit about donald trump. Saying nothing you know. There's there's this you know you saw him. I post about folks who liked the issues that they have with obama. it's not even really like his policies. They're not just that they lean more conservative. Or maybe they think his policies are too liberal. Which is fine if you want to. Critique someone's policies but they seem to be you know. And i don't know if i'm right but i just have a feeling there's just feelings of jealousy and it sounds like i don't. I don't like throwing that out there. Like oh you're just jealous. 'cause it's like a it's it seems like a shallow reasoning but it feels very envious when you and and one will probably argue that. It's like you know. They critique him because they might expect more from him. I don't think anybody black expected anything outside of donald trump than what he's given us You know. I didn't know he was going to be this bad. But we knew he was going to be painful as it and he delivered deliver. And i i think maybe they had expectations around barack obama to that they didn't deliver the he didn't deliver on. But i also again you know Refer back to our earlier conversation about you know. There's only so much. The president can do a lot of the issues that you feel needs to be fixed needs to be addressed on a local level so wanting the black know him to be some political black savior. He can advocate for. You know he can say like on a national platform. This is something that we need to address in. Whatever that issue may be but you know there are still things that we need to work. On within our own communities within our own states within our own no counties and and so forth that again brock llamas bengal now for four years. And y'all still bring that may as name up like yeah weakness dealing with a whole different team at this point zone. Shame honey you gotta program. Why yawkey brand. And i feel like we didn't. I think we talked about bush for like maybe a year while we were still dealing with the effects of the Of the the great recession. But i feel like we did not talk about bush as long as folks keep bringing up all by. Why are you also bring up. Because i feel like a part of it is and if you bring this up to people there'd be like no that's not a it's because he got a white mama and then it becomes. Oh well he ain't black black he half black with y'all y'all sales real quickly like you are telling on your sales real quickly. Because they're like johnny stop saying he. The first black peddling is a mixed race president. I'm like but if you saw mama walking down the street you was right like this type is is. I mean he's no. He's no lighter than than he's like. Maybe a shea lighter than me. And i have to black near and so what does that matter if you would have never said that. His mother was white. You know one would assume you would now. So it's like why doing it so it's interesting that measuring his blackness and is always so weird innate. Didn't i think a lot of for all of us. We've all worked in corporate and we know how to keep it corporate and for some people for some black people. They don't like that they're like why can't you just be yourself. What if this is himself. This man is a ivy league educated black man and it wasn't like a. He's not a white passing black person and not at all that you can't even say that he's not so when people bring up the drone strikes as if he has any say on the budget for the military that has increased every year. There's more drought strikes. They had more money. Like what are you of. Course you're gonna do this so it's interesting bring up that and bring up you bombing quote unquote broadening brown countries which the countries were bombed. Please don't get me wrong. It's not what i'm saying at all but you're acting like y'all cared about that you don't care you just want to say see your saying nothing about this like did you say when he was in office did you not or are you saying now because four hundred years of damage to our people was not fixed in eight years because no fucking way. That could have happened. I don't know why when six of those years he had a red congress. It's not possible. I'm very confused as why you thought he could be like the genie from aladdin and just poof. Every racism is gone. Also i want people to just be clear and like let's let's let's just cut through the ship. Okay what you all want is reparations. Just say you're black. President was gonna issue out reparations. Checks like bush did with the stimulus. And you thought you were just gonna get checks any then deliver on. That would never said he was to run because people they haven't done enough. What is done enough. What is done enough because there was a threat. A gentleman wrote a thread on twitter that that listed items that were passed through obama administration that directly affected black life. And we talk about you know the aca the majority of folks that were underinsured or not ensured were black having access to healthcare is pertinent to your life and black people are underinsured or not insured at all that affects our black lives in our black communities. You know there were tax credits. If you're buying a home there The thread was filled with tons of things and then so one. Black man fixes his mouth to say well. We didn't have anything that was directly for us like how they do for the daca recipients or gay marriage. I'm sorry they're not gay. Black people who got married are they're not black. Daca recipients wet. Is you think news. There wasn't it's like this is what happens when you think queer shit is white shit so then you ignore all the black people that it actually did help those black black geeky guy married so like wow you had to like quote unquote queer. Shit is that's for why people like it's so interesting to watch. Quickness is for white people hit feminism is only for white women but the face of blackness ours is black men. And we're always like how interesting that you think. That black women are so black. Woman is sitting in the middle. Like so what do i do. I mean am. I not black eight hundred woman. I mean it's like very a lot going on where you're kidding this. Where are you kidding. This office mission so it can solve. People bring their own assessment analysis. Baligh was a is happening and they would have the messaging when the information. That's before you also think is and the fact that in almost like this to ourselves with stored story expectation on us. We don't do. I see you know he didn't do this thing. So i say that to tiny local barack obama in the fact that was his name is still being out. There is still his name sided tied into why he didn't do anything. I was willis zenden hill and got these in a coordinator visited is director when it got resented and he pushed forward it everytime this maybe a segue type right now with the black agenda when he was in office. Correct why we really we hear more of that. Now reparations black agenda all along with the president do it by the day. Would you not air. Because senator ahead won the primary nominee. You know that this will be a real eight correct and also to what you're saying sherline about. It's you know this black agenda this this titling of of these plans. One person within that thread. I was referring to where the gentleman laid out all of the things that were passed. The obama administration that directly impacted. Black people you know people were saying it. It's like you know he didn't do something specific for us. Why does it have to be labelled specific for black people for to make impact for doesn't have to be this. Is the black health plant like he doesn't have to be labeled black black black mortgage credit. It doesn't have to be labelled that for it to have impact in our lives and it's like why does it have to come pack. Also we you talk about what barack obama was facing. Things honestly couldn't be packaged as just this clan. Whatever it may be whatever issue the black plan. Because i would have watched curious black supremacy. But they would've lost their minds. Courtney you bring up a good point that makes me think of Body cams for for the police mama pushed back but he yeah to say it so that was one of the three that was you realize he said the way he said it to the community. Like civilians was this way. We can keep the police honest. He said it to police that so this way. If you know you're not doing any misconduct you have proof that you didn't do it. He knows how to be. He knew what to say right. He had just presented at the one way. Police use reimbursed. All we're not signing off on this ship yep messaging right is lying messaging works. He's like he said the same message to different ways to do different commute because he just went the way of just talking about well. This is just so to. Police can have proof. It's like when and why so basically i word doesn't mean anything. Now see how that works like. He knows how to talk. This is how diplomacy really works to say things to get everybody on board for the same idea and then also what i think. People don't realize and recognize that when policy is crafted deers research. That is done before. Ross is crafted so when it came to creating the aca barack obama and his his team of policymakers and folks who write legislation. they already knew and understood. That black people were underinsured. That black people made up the the demographic of the most uninsured or underinsured americans. They know that. Because that's how policy gets written there's researchers policy analysts that this groundwork before policy is even written so the fact that it's not specifically titled the black plan doesn't mean they don't know what type of impact is going to have for black people correct threat and that is a very segue to our next topic the contract with black america. So if i say the name. O'shea jackson senior. Some of you may not know who that is but if i say ice cube somebody you still may not know what it is because well. He hasn't made music. And a lotta however you probably know anyway because you probably say. Are we there yet. So mr jackson decided that he would. He is going to take on the task of creating a contract with black america so he decided to put out. He started work shopping. Not really work shopping. Basically telling everybody he got this plan. That's going to fix everything for everybody and he's going to help us quote unquote us. So you've probably heard in the last few most anybody. Who is you know either on social media social media really. Because not really. I don't think really on the news as long of black men and this new. I don't know if i can pinpoint it to a certain point but probably around the time. That joe biden said his. Vp candidates was kamla harris all of a sudden then it became. Oh y'all gonna have to earn our vote. We are literally in a pandemic and some people. Mostly a lot of americans got a check in maybe april or may for twelve hundred dollars. It is now november. There has been no second stimulus. No thurston. They're not even talking about us then lists until the election and oh yeah. Mitch mcconnell adjourn the senate until the end of the month. So yeah how about that. So ice cube decided to go out of his way because he was not busy. Apparently he had time you know outside is closed so i guess he had time to write a contract with black america. He has gone on a few different news programs. There is a young woman. I'm saying young. She's probably younger than i am. Who has teamed kamla harassed. They were all. And i think she does shows of roland martin and they were they read over and read it fully yet. His contract black america. She had read it because it's on a whole website. She asked him. The very good question is like So black women aren't representing your contract. He kind of hemmed in hard and said well. I eat or did. He went on a red table talk and he told jada. And gammy in willow that it took the death of george floyd in may of two thousand and twenty for him to writing contract with blinks fifty something year old black man four from los angeles california home of one of the most if not the corrupt police departments in our country. But it took the death of. George floyd may twenty thousand for you to say you have to do something out this twenty two page. Pdf with inconsistencies. And i'm not talking about grammatical errors. i mean. It's just a ridiculous. It's just ridiculous document. It's twenty two pages and it's about. When did they get to twenty two twenty. Two pages won t two pages. When was it twenty two pages. Did he add to it. Is this a living document where he is he. Is he google feeding this. When i when brian was on the show i think a few weeks ago when i pulled it up it said twenty pages so he probably was giving the idea and and decided to put it out. Because it's on his website and i will tell you this. It's a word press site because it's got wpn it and i'm like you are a rich person and you're putting this on wordpress. Okay all right. We're we're here okay. So it's a lot to read but out to brittany daniel who decided to put a threat together to get married by the plate. You know the the hits so in this contract. Ice cube has no problem with capitalism. And that's the other part of contrarian culture they're saying death to capitalism and deaf to celebrity worship and shut up. Open your purse but ice cube while capitalism is good system requires capital to participate. But thing that he's not talking about is that you also need cheap labor. You can't pan people. A lot of money inspect to get a lot of money. That's not no. Yeah all right. Next part of this from be plan benches capital and private equity funds. That take money from police. Unions or other public entities must invest thirteen point four percent of the total funds in black owned businesses so police unions k. Departments are billion dollar businesses certain team four percent policing have very big budgets. Departments have big budgets billions of dollars but only thirteen point. Four percents should go into black businesses. But how who's gonna who were. Does that oversight come in. Who's going to who's who's going to exercise that demand you know. He ain't got no way to keep going because he ain't got no wasilla from expert. Currently the black population is over represented in the military seventeen. Percents soldiers are black. The percentage of black enlisted soldiers is even higher to compensate for this disproportionate contribution. Defense five percents of the defense department's budget will be allocated towards beautification education and youth programs and predominantly black neighborhoods. Such programs will build goodwill towards the country resulting in greater patriotism more successful recruitment efforts and generally more enthusiastic military population. How how how how is interesting. They said overrepresented in seventeen percent. Like bar you. How was that out of twenty five. Is that what you're seven. Talks about. Seventeen percent out of out of a hundred and the black population is thirteen percent of the country. So that's not and also how does if we're talking about military spending It seems as if that you would wanna keep that you would want to allocate funds store mental health services for soldiers especially since black and brown soldiers have higher rates of. Ptsd and i. Don't you know mental health services. Because that i wasn't around during the time but i do know that we talk about A lot of black soldiers that came back from vietnam suffered a lot of mental health and Issues around addiction and investment into their mental health and addiction of recovery services could have prevented that down spiral that affected a lot of black communities. When those bets can back. We wanna talk about reinvesting in our veterans that would be. I don't need military money invested in the park up the street. I need my veterans to be healthy and safe -cation. I'm like what so you're gonna regret for with the war to afghanistan A shield are right like the resilience where we have you on black veterans the suffering and actually ptsd and also the the majority of the veterans that are experiencing homelessness are black. There's also that up. So i don't understand okay. Your head. the next black americans responsibility favorite chronic poverty creates an atmosphere full of negativity. Frustration hopelessness depression. Alcoholism drug abuse crime and violence. These are some condition. He's are some of conditions that play the see continuity issues because this is straight from the fucking site there are some these are some of conditions. Hey word driving the black community which is dealing with green as we begin to gain social and economic equality duty to clean up ourselves and our community. The new contract is a two way street and as as we as we gain social and economic equality. We must begin to dissolve any bitterness in our hearts. For past wrongs we chums we must become better citizens who are more productive on all levels of american society. We really must step up. After we pass the contract with black america with no more excuse left in the kitty not kit t but kitty k i d d i guess what he wrote he meant kitty. Klty okay keep going. Our entertainer should be persuaded to deliver more positive content. That leads to make better choices in life. A new pride must develop with these new opportunities and we must fight against negativity. Frustration hopelessness depression. Alcoholism drug abuse crime and violence. This part is in the contract brin by a man who was in a group called niggers with attitude and westside connection movie called the players club. Are you fucking kidding. Me but wait a minute wait. A minute is so. Does he recognize that the capitalism that he holds so dear busy driving force behind poverty poverty is manmade the effects of poverty. Are the depression the addictions all of the things that he listed poverty is manmade. We have to policy our way out of poverty and also the fact that this this this narrative around folks who make lower incomes that they are just not trying hard enough to be rich. Lee the utmost disrespect. Because when i say when. I said earlier in the program that it's like until america really unpacked with anti black racism with white supremacy Anti-black racism is why black people are disproportionately represented in folks who worked lower income. Positions is all wrapped up in all of our systems thrice. So that's what i'm saying. You need policy analyst. You need people who understand how we got here to help you. Craft policies to get back through and get us on the right track. Because he doesn't have that know how and because he's an ego maniacal type a nigga. He's not going to reach out and get involved with organizations. Who are doing this type of work. He's not going to get involved with organizations that are working to deconstruct capitalism there. He's not gonna get involved with organizations that help with Redirecting funds for after school program. He's not going to get involved with an immense people. He's not going to connect with any of these people who are educated in these type of issues so he says stupid shit like this. They've just regurgitating what why people have said to us ever since we stopped working for free that we're just not trying hard enough not to be. He was what about black on black crime. As as if that didn't come from the nixon administration why people that shit up and it's like you're talking about the. I'm just like right. Doesn't that a real thing. There's no such thing as a black crime and you're ignoring all the organizations because we have a couple of here in baltimore who actually clean up parks they actually go out and beautify the community because they're tired of waiting for why people to care and also we've talked about when we talk about all those things that plight poor neighborhoods those happening in poor neighborhoods no matter the demographic in white poor neighborhoods. There's an increase of addiction. Substance abuse issues of violence of of all of the ills because the the issue is poverty in the way impacts people who are experiencing it that is not specific to black people. So why do black people have to. We've got clean up our act in No that's the impact is poverty poverty once poverty is alleviated. The majority of those issues will solve themselve correct and fear after the projects. But they don't go to the trailer park people. Don't go after them like they're kind of like all this. If you think about fame is interesting well rate regionalizing. Urban versus rural as at the price of is a. We gotta deal with that part of it in such way like where city. Everything is taking care of digitally van houten point and it's this whole this whole thing. Where is we are just unfortunately impact about thirty and then held this will be comes about. Where is who will black. So wind jared kushner was talking. Very interesting for is to act like jared. Kushner's didn't sit with you for two hours. He sat with you for two hours. And you're like oh my god. He's just making this up. But then you see this part of the plan. And i'm like did he make up for the seems like he got a few points from you and i just i find that really. Just that is just so conniving and offensive that he would this is something that we that black people somehow we have to prove our worthiness you had time for us fixing it for you. We we need to prove we have to show up to heavy. Have the ring lardner. This country had to bring. I don't have to bring my best self to american. When american has never showed me her best so first and foremost like let's get one thing clear. America isn't in debt to us. Worm us we have never been paid. And he got some damn nerve with this contract. And then they'll sit up in and do their whole. You know american the slavery shit. Talk about how. we're old reparations. But i gotta tap dance for them to honor some fake ass contract written by some has been growth. You don't get off off off and fall playing with me. I will address show so next point him. Glad businesses who received loans per lending reforms with over one hundred employees will employ at least fifty percents off non black. And so yeah so so so you only have to. Employees fifty percents You have to employ fifty percent non black receive loans but as we can see during this pandemic a lot of small businesses mainly black businesses did not receive those loans right. But you're saying per lending reforms watt. What's a landing reforms. Her forty reforms talk about this what. i know. you didn't talk to anybody because this is an next part. And i know is going to prick ear. When i say when i read this. As part of the twenty percent of diverted police budgets community groups will be organized to work with troubled youth. and we'll have a specific mandate to also decrease black on black violence crime other crime and address gang violence community other crimes What's the other other probably not sexual assault. I've seen the players club. Community groups will make themselves available in their neighborhoods to provide mentoring and community based leadership. They already fucking doing doing that. We're doing that we're it but that's how you know. He didn't talk to nobody. That's how you absolutely no. He didn't talk to nobody. Go his early. No no It's like he said this with his whole fucking chest. This guy named contract immediately groups already do all of this this one you make too much out of touch checks up and working with what did you say. I can't hear you wasn't when you in another tax bracket union another income and totally out. Its act so then you in your sign was your in your bubble. Think that everybody. It's awesome as owes you doing the heart where to go and into the communities and find out what is already happening. The streets again doing it. But you just don't know because you don't want to talk to see what woulda talked to somebody. He would know what. The organizations need is brand. Nee which he has a lot of and he could give away but he can help with organizations being able to expand their operations being able to expand their impact using Not having to go after a grants which can have some stipulations. He could give unrestricted donations. No donations funds In kind donations. But he don't want wanna do all that because everybody wants to be a god. We'll leader. Everyone's be thought leader. Everyone wants to be a innovator. Just open your wallet and give my oven opa. Open your purse the flag i was like they already do you. Google search this but does he think like there are no organizations that mentor because literally. This is a google search like like you said. This isn't even in-depth disease down a rabbit hole. It's a google search. This isn't data intensive information that has to be cultivated over time. You can literally just google black youth organizations. Allow and google will handle that for you and you'll have list unless you can do a by state you do do by city you can do it by county. I don't i don't get it now. I'm fine what you anything. So focused on the black family. All god any agenda that sincerely seeks to promote the best interest of the african american community must drive to restore the black family. So here's my view. African americans is not synonymous with black because there are caribbean americans and also black british people. It's like it's not it's not synonyms because it's never mind go. There must drive to restore the black family of man woman and child slash children whether in the nuclear family or the extended family version. That has also that has also been prominent throughout history. The father mother child paradigm has always been the hub of any strong people society and civilization. Indeed that is why. Those opposed to african american advancement have long focused on destroying the black family largely through the disempowerment of the black male to highlight in grumble. Oh girl begin their to highlight and grubhub fatherless-ness while handicapping blackmails with presumed criminalization inferior educational and career opportunities and mass and carpet. Consolation is at best counterproductive and at worst hypocritical and duplicitous as policies are lamented to improve the economic educational and judicial realties of african americans. The intentional restoration of black boys and men is imperative. Black was not capitalized. A brookings institute article published in two thousand seventeen stated. One thing is clear educational and economic outcomes for black men again. I have profound implications for the prosperity of black families and the prospects of black children again capitalize and for racial equity more broadly. Who does that higher. Fuck you think you so basically because you're hundred impression. You obviously have not seen the twitter debates about a forty dollar eight one of your chicken wings or women not a woman changing a tire on a date and her date ghosting her or just not calling her back because she has the exact nerve to not wait three hours for a tow truck when she knows how to fucking change tire and some dude found was emasculated like i never call her back. You have been missing this. so basically. it's not a man's fault when he decides to Used the pull out method which is literally not as effective. You think it never has been you. Don't you let the chapel spray. You shoot up any club that you come near like this is species. And so you are sitting here saying We need to go back to the traditional ways of family with a man and woman and child as if i commit. I'm sorry say again. I said how hetero normative and gross how gross literally esau a clip of some ice ab- no idea who this is where he was on the breakfast club. I know y'all first mistake where he was talking about black or been should be resorted when they don't cheat and charlemagne's out his whole face that yeah. I haven't cheated since october. Two thousand sixteen. I feel like. I'm like sobriety longer than that. But if you have the options right this is what i don't get about reich men who think like that you have the if you are not into sleeping with just your wife. Don't get marry. Don't get married. You totally have that option. But see what is they like to lockdown women with children at work through marriage and they don't have any desire to be faithful or not create other children outside that relationship. But what what i. It's it's it's so moynahan report of him to say some silly shit like that. And and i know we're going to ease into. There's this big conversation about how a corporate america is using the black woman against the black man by pudding black pudding black women through school wall and giving these big jobs they feel like they don't need a may and it's drawing the black family and in there you know the the women are getting more masculine in the the men are getting more feminine. And it's it's very weird to me. Because again i keep going back to you. Need to talk to people who know things because we know for a fact that black women have always worked out of the home black women this ongoing narrative about you know the grandma's at stade mike grandmother worked her mother worked when black women might not obviously two more women across the board nowadays work period but for the most part throughout history. Black women represented the majority of the women in the work in the worst because we had to because black men were underpaid. And it's like we had to work as a team as a family. 'cause allow time had elders living with you was well and grandma and grandpa was working and we worked together in a family unit. Our elders and and the parents and sometimes when they were of age the children we had bolted pull incomes coming into our house. Oh because we needed to because we were underpaid. This whole thing that we that that black men are being somehow undercut in undermined by black women. Working is just a fucking lie. It's a fucking lie. We've always been a communal people matriarchal at that. We've always been a matriarchal. Communal people and white supremacy has put in this individualistic family. Words just your husband and your wife and those kids and there's no input from elders and there's no input from the youth correct because it is very interesting to watch this out for a man to actually say it's because you're first blaming the peter society but then in some way you're blaming black women too it's like i don't know where y'all miss this. Why are you under this impression that we weren't in the fields with you that we weren't in the house with you. Where are you getting this person that we went from housewife to working in. That's how that went. Like betty wouldn't belle are you. Talking about really is from. He would know that if you talk to anybody who studied. Social studies is any social science anthropology. Some things on my girl was to with. He asked someone if he would have tapped in with someone smarter than him but she obviously doesn't want to do. He would know that he would know that. I it was something i think. In the mid sixties Something around forty percent of black women worked outside the home. also there was A newspaper clipping from the early nineteen hundreds. I'm forgetting the gear. And i'm forgetting the exact city but there was a mandate that forced black women to work black woman. Were no longer allowed to be housewives. Be jailed found out that you did not worth so when we talk about black women have worked outside the home they've either been forced to work through state mandate they went black. Women have never been Extended the same level of femininity around being a housewife as white women. We've never been extended that in a real way but on top of that we had to work because the wages were so low for black. There's no way the family would have been able to be sustainable there. Just you just didn't make enough money and it wasn't about. Oh you not let me be a man. Okay you want these motherfucking cancel star which are do cletus. Either stopping you from being a man is just that you want it your way you wanna be able to be the man you want someone to quote unquote take your home. But she wanted to fuck three other women on the other side of town. That's not how this that wins. You hear men now. Well you'd be like my grandmother. It's like so. Please don't think that your grand mama didn't have to put up with shit that excuse me the joke about al green and those grits. Hey that's your grandmother's generation. You wanted to wash through hot grits on his ass. 'cause he's abusive cheating asshole. That's why please spare us like no. We've never had to say. I don't know where you're thinking that where right beside you always propping all up and you still want step on us to get to y'all get to your next gen your next stop you shit on us in the world shits on to but then you have. Y'all support us like three. Black women made up. Black lives matter. And i've noticed. Recently most notably stephen jackson saying i'm not affiliated with black lives matter. I don't know what they be doing. Because there's three queer black women and made this shit up and y'all not on board it because it's three black women at three queer black women so you don't want to get involved and act like they'll need no man when whenever it comes to police brutality. Black men or the face brianna taylor. Y'all were very late to that. Brianna taylor and aubrey which for some odd reason. We don't really talk about anymore. There was also a young man. Sean bell i think another sean off three of them. We found out all about their murders around the same time. Y'all set on brand taylor. Then george floyd happened. You're sat on sat on brianna intel and all of a sudden it's like. Oh maybe we should be doing something. We were doing something you were like. Oh no no no. This is not important. We really talk about this. What happened with george floyd. I'm not negating any of that because as black when we don't do that relax. I'm not negating any police. Brutality against black men. And boys what i am saying that just seemed to ignore the violence against black women black girls and most notably black trans women perpetuated of violence against them are black men. Y'all ignore that party. I don't want to bring it up. Y'all don't wanna bring up a toy in for saudi and was raped and killed by a black man. Y'all don't like bringing it up because that really is an in-house problem. But i don't ever wanna stay in the house to solve. You always. no no no. We got bigger fish to fry. This is a problem so you don't want to solve it. No no no matt right now. That's not the point. That's not what we want to talk about When do you wanna talk about this. You don't wanna talk about me too because a lot of people that's just the way to bring black men dale. Hi the only reason why i got so big is because it was against the fucking white man right. That is the reason why so they had nothing to do with black man. Y'all brought up bill cosby. I'm like a harvey weinstein. It was white men that got god more than often. Y'all have maybe at the most three people bill cosby. R kelly tavist molly and he wanted to me to move. My must go. Toronto definitely started to like it will tear your soul apart. If you went back to win it really started because it wasn't just you touched my. But oh he lured me to a whole team it is wrenching and please don't even include what happens in south africa because that is even worse they don't have the laws that we have is just like. Yeah it's like it was over and it was just black twitter so people felt like even those like twitter and people some people used their real names and some people use like their locations but for the most part. It's a little bit anonymous so you felt like you can get this out because it was set up. Twitter was set up as like a micro journaling site so people used to just let it all out. Nobody's ever going to see this. I can just say it. It's not like that anymore. Hit you more at all so to watch. Bragman do this weird. I know what's best okay I know what's best is very very hard for me to watch. So we've gone quite a bit. But yeah i feel like this is another part but i just i just fucking bessie of ice. Cube is really where. I am did she. Does he have a communist. Sheer dusty of a kras one yours. Once said voting is a joke. He said it with mike epps. He kept saying electoral college. Oriel he kept repeating and him. And my guess. Got into this discussion. And mike say this shit. Why because he saying ally the electoral college no. We're not voting for the president. We're voting for somebody else to get their vote and like so. That's not how the electoral college works. He's like might be having electoral. College works though. I mean it might be the electoral college debt. Magoni how that works. The knocked the electoral college this. We don't know anything and again. How electoral college works is a fucking google. Search the fucking google search like. Are you fucking kidding me. Like what am i can't do. this is going guest. People who've demise about how elections in this country voting looks like at what they do hold of hustler. The issue comes. Wendy hit influence because the prominent figures them That i'll story narrate speaking in doing the influencing. This is going to go with us collectively how they should be with us. And that's was like again. We have access to the information is what we need to be more independent and not the be sheep. The they're saying it is out there is it's like you're not tell me that you're the only person that came up with this contract. I go. I go back as maybe like on any the nineties witness In labor did they say the black cars right now but we know part of what it is as it s as people in need of demon out black women leaving at blanchet transgender. Leaving we have evolved in a way. It's not we're not talking about what one particular segments of our route far more complicated. We are far more complex. We had a lot of things with where spending time it was. Someone was people who clearly mystery. Thank you make the money. But it doesn't mean that they have all of the all the aces in a deeply it and analysis research that will have their money do right so we get caught up in this whole this whole cycle of would fight against them by by getting what you're saying i destroy natalie away correct make decisions about where this country going to go what our cities going let go as hussein. Yeah i it's not many silver linings about the pandemic that i could note that i find it very interesting that a lot. More people are early voting because we have the dropbox is a lot of people. Were actually a lot of people. Requested their ballot. A lot of people push that like. Get your ballot. You can do it. You can get it goto dropbox and drop it off and the good thing. Is you get like where you request. Because i think you have to put an email just at least for here in maryland you had to put any email just when you. I'm selected your ballot and then when they got your ballot they would let you know. Hey we got our ballot and you're going to be counted so a lot. More people were early voting. There are a lot of people have been in long lines. That are like an hour or two wait and doing that. Making the best of it doing line dancing. So i will you guys know courtney head to go because my baby's need go to sleep in my baby food tonight But to why so. Many people exercising their rights for voting. Because little is it is a little bit easier to just go to any dropbox and drop off. Your box is like you. Don't even have to be in your district or where you can just put it in a dropbox after certain time for mailing. So it's like drop boxes are everywhere you can just drop it off people. Are it a game. So i'm very excited to watch. The percentage of people voting early are maybe what three times what. It was last time absolutely. It's like it's so much easier to it's interesting. how how. this is how. Kobe had changed in make things happen. That flimsy ignored more this usual. We can't make this happen or you mahathir all this time. We could've had bailing voting right and nationally because washington state has been doing it for years like they don't they we've always done mailing voting like wait a minute. Y'all have no. I have a friend to friend. Jane bacon. They both said the same thing they're like. Yeah we do mail in voting. They have always done it that way. And i'm like wow. Wow and it's like i. It's like i feel like i didn't even know that mike Don't they only know is like what's happening in your state. Maybe some new friends of relatives. They yeah you would know. The diff- disdain of voting isn't to go go track down a place to go vote in the line into zoo voted. We're not democrat so this all these nuances if you will to issue that everybody's voting safely caress how he'll be the been doing this with select request a ballot and then put it in a dropbox that makes it. Actually that makes it easier so much easier for so many people. it just makes it easier. So the other part of decision twenty twenty is the propping up of mostly black men. Because i haven't seen a lot of black women doing this We got the fifty cents. To little wayne's the walk of lockers is keep his trying to backpedal say no. I'm not with this. I don't know who i'm voting for. No no no. I'm not with him or not. Because guy he got dragged in such a way he expected but again he deserved dragging. Because you can get up to. You can't even articulate. Would you put in place and begin when when people were more debenture. Skillset lay in the spring of policy making an eight time. Point you in a diverse. You need to go and you choose not to follow I'm sorry you i'm sorry. You deserve all of this. He was like just trying to kick the black man down. And i'm like oh you're trying to take us down. What are you talking about. It's like you didn't consult with anybody else. And the way he jumped shitty with women on The cocktails on the fox fox soul show. He didn't do that with roland. Martin and roland martin dissecting this contract he did not. He was not as defensive with him as he was with those ladies. Who said something that someone had already told him three months before. I am black women. Don't hey you're not. You're including student loan forgiveness which why not. Student loan forgiveness. You're talking about a mental health. You're not talking about hair discrimination and on public private and charter schools that literally is chiefly affected. Little black girls that a reason why we. That's who really gets hit with that because the attire mandates in these schools are aimed. And they're very racist. It's like you don't talk about that. And i remember the two young men. Last year was like was valedictorian. And then it's like. He didn't wanna cut his reds or i'm sorry his locks on calling Now my nose resting on the wrestling team to hide on off then also people. Oh my god. This is terrible. I'm like you do realize when it comes to hair discrimination black men are not the biggest stats on those black girls and black winning but it became a soon as a few men saw themselves like. Oh my god why going to just treat that little boy any kind of way. Do you think happens to little black girls. Little girls get put out a school. They don't get them. Come back you these kids uniforms because black girls a little bit more shapely the ones who get in trouble for the uniform that everybody wears but them. It's like oh you you're doing it just so you could show off your body. I'm not. I'm wearing literally the same uniform. It everybody else marries but it comes after black girls when it comes to the stats about black girls who are physically assaulted in school by those Student safety officers. It's black girls. That are the biggest ones. Black are slammed to the floor. That's us but you're not does not in your that's not in your contract either. You're not talking about the black mother mortality rate with giving birth. Don't talk about that died. Died talking about medical discrimination. Why is that not in your contract but if you had brought other people to the table they would've told you all of this like why not talking about this. Why not talking medical information. Why are you not talking about the military basically stopping hormone therapy for trans military personnel. Why are you not talking about that. As if the if you're saying there's a large percentage of black people are in the military. Why are you not talking about mental health. Why not talking about black trans people. Not being able to get their home therapy. Because y'all's president said no we're done with that is nine with a big percentage of their budget per for some reason it could go. It's not even twenty percent allen. No if it's ten percent of your budget but you cut it because well you don't like trans people so to what's black man. Goes over to the party and cow tail to the person who don't give a fuck about your community you got the little wayne's who little wayne has basically been showing his ass for some quite some time with dark skinned black man had he didn't want back lead my hill care about my black lives matter in so it by black. Like mass to me ma'am so two and to my bitches. I'm not surprised by any of that at all. It's still very disappointing. 'cause you could have said nothing. This is a secret process but she still keeps showing your fucking s. Every day rockefeller flaming doing this for a very long time fifty cents quote unquote walked it back but he only walked back because chelsea handler saying it. Now all the black people who said you should stop but that white one. Yeah pete's you too. It's like what and then cartier. The birthday party. Who for some reason only fixated on taking votes away from biden. Not really trump. Because you know let's be quite honest. I don't really have a problem with trump because a lot of people bring up the ninety four crime. Bill i hear you. But i'll raise you to nineteen eighty nine ed. That shawls president took out for the central park. That is before the crime bill. So before your current bill. So can we talk about the nineteen eighty nine newspaper or should we not bring that up because you know that is something now or forgot because you really didn't have the crown down on bill inside and majority of the black wages on was too good and i was stupid this part here and so you look. These was since mexico. Ration- zach dat radio. That was the part. That's why bernie. Mac then with four back probably has the name at a in full pitching now oh included former. Mayor's a trying to get back. Hcc thank you to see. I'm just doing it out. You go ahead. i'm sorry. I'll because biden was very quick to note that the congressional black caucus was for the crime. Bill that were not for I'm sorry you're not. And i think the issue with it is when you think about new legislation for some people. You're under this impression dead. It will be applied barely and that is not how that works in our country. It's never fairly. It's never across the board ever so it's like you want new legislation that help them my inner held by communities. Yeah but they'll over police under police that the exact same levels. They'll over police you if you're sniffing wrong but if you actually need help us it takes either. They don't show up or it takes them forever. why is like no one. I feel like sometimes people don't notice that that was a running joke in good times that when you call the police. They've never showed up. There is is occupied. Voters out there right like you sniff. Wrong no loitering. It was like yeah but someone just got robbing ya. Not even flinching to go help so it's like under and over at the same time i don't even and four 'cause i know when it comes to there are a lot of black men who don't like us pointing this out that why do you think the republicans are going after black men because for a lot of white people the face of blackness a black man is like it's not it's not us is black man. Oh i'm sorry it's this black man. Let me just be very clear. Like they don't wanna be trent owen straight because they're not going after gay black men either. They're going after the straight because one day think you're the face of blackness and for a lot of y'all that's how you operate to when it comes to stuff for the black community. Start with us and then trickle it down us like so. That's not how that should work. It should be across the board. You don't want an across the board it's like for some black men they don't wanna quality they just want to be able to do with white men can do. That's not equality. No in it never has been but y'all wanna hear us yata wants to talk about this because you feel like we're shitting on black men and like so. That's not what's happening here but you seem to erase us and we're part of blackness and for some reason you don't want us included when you go into demon and it's interesting that you know. I haven't that that thought process minute. something happens. guests will shows up. I would show up there. Every time is like and i. I don't know this is a sidebar. Too so i watched some of the red table talk where it was the ladies internal hill and carey champion and they were talking about black women and they were bringing up How black women are not supportive of each other and is mostly. I know where it's coming from. It's coming from patriarchy misogyny like don't get me wrong. I'm not negating it but it was interesting to discuss Blackwell who compete a jobs and also they brought up the megan thee stallion thing and it was like hurtful to see stimulus harmful suits so many black women just not not support her and the first time i watched it differently because i was sitting here like it the first time i viewed it came off like you were saying black. Women were more supportive. And i was like. That's not how that happened but i. It took me a minute. I had to step back on my. That's coming from because there are a lot of black women who had still to this day things that megan is lying. She's just trying to take down some black man. So when i think about the are kelly and the bill cosby and how a lot of black women still to this day. Don't think that they're they did anything wrong. And also the reaction to chris brown arena. How a lot of black wednesday said well. She must have did something nope because he she had her. First of all besser off and that's how it goes ignoring the fact that he's abused to other women after her way allegedly but let's let's just focus on us and we had to take a minute because at first i was like i agree with this but then i kind of do agree with it. So there's the rub because this at the same time but that's how our society is set up that you're the woman next to you is nasser. Sister she's your competition and it's like that's that's how you break. That's a cycle that we need to break that. The the woman that next to you is not your enemy ch- trans women are not quote unquote taking your men from you. There your sisters there are sisters to right exactly and it's like it is like we. That's the circle that i'm like. We have to break that because it's like no. We're all in this together. Because i'm tired of seeing your writing. About how many shit. But then it's like. Oh my ancient man. Okay so. I don't i don't wanna ain't shit would. What are you doing so confusing to me. It's like i don't know but so you don't have because we've been talking about. I just enjoy talking. Charlene and i but Yeah election day is coming so final thoughts. We are cautiously. I feel like for all of us. Were cautiously optimistic. That joe biden will win but in two thousand sixteen dollars. Nothing is not to underestimate whiteness. Wait is now over until yeah to all the all the counting is 'cause you know he is not going to go quietly. It doesn't care he only gets fifty both electro college. He got to seventy four. He'll be like nope not conceding. He ate the conceding type. So he's not gonna go. He's not gonna go quietly tonight. He's not gonna do this and then you have. We also have to remember that it. Joe biden wins. He can't do nothing till january so because he has a republican congress. He can do a lot of shit he's our. I think he signed or is going to sign an executive order that is going to limit funding for. Acc us you know they species. He told everybody that he cares about that. Those so ariz with a lot is ally. And here's the thing because will will go and write this out. We spend another two hours on would would go like appalachian date And i as the on. These are things that we collectively have to be prepared for that. Either way a go go in for a a series brad And if we have not prepared collectively a long ways it's as as we would like him to win but we know that the law window it is a long ones. It is long time from november to january Look at face an attack last pair for in and know how we're going to go up against it s. Yeah was like this. is i. Think the anger in this the depression i had after two thousand sixteen that i'm like i don't wanna go through that again and i don't want anybody to go through it again so if election day especially if you already voted. You're like i've already done. My part of what i could do for that. But i'm not taking my foot off the neck of this other stuff. Which is the activism so the shop which is not is not consistent scheduling. It's very sporadic when you think about the shop but it's always timely so this shop did a episode. I think cannot friday. It's one if you guys have. Hbo hbo max. You can look where barack obama was the guest. Typically they have like a roundtable different people on their he. They only had barack obama. And it was only about voting. It's thirty minutes. I definitely think that everybody should see. It is worth of you very impressed. Because i know a lot of people have issues with obama but he keeps saying something the same protests and boating goes hand in hand. You can't do one without the other and also the president is not the only thing you're voting for. There's other things on the ballot. It always is voting is not just to pick. A president is also to pick every other elected official in our country state and national a. You can't just have books if you feel like your voice voices better served in activism use. It is like if you feel like. I can do my part in voting. Get people out. I can provide rises like. Oh my god. I have no way to get to the polls offi offer to give people rights right like i to the polls time. This is like here. The blocks let me know. Or if you're like i need. I don't know where to go. I don't know how to find my district. There people can help you look it up. They like. I just need your address. Zip code. I can tell you where your polling places like. There's a lot of people that want to help you. Your voice out because one thing like when it comes to rice black people in this country especially voting rights like everything else that we have rights too. Yeah we fought for this and voting. Oh no no no yada and fight for that. So yes they did in. This is a very maybe not be a direct correlation are direct comparison if he were saying voting doesn't matter your vote doesn't matter it's kind of like when the devil wants your soul but it's convincing you that your soul doesn't matter it was like oh souls that really. You don't really need that really. Why do you want it if it means nothing to you. If they didn't want it didn't think your vote mattered. That voting mattered. They wouldn't be trying to suppress it. Mostly people in wanna maintain power and kookiest way to not be in power is allowing people. Who don't look like you to make decisions. Because they are thinking about people who look like them or just people less fortunate or just realizing this shit looks a little unfair so democrats. A lot of people like to play fair. That's the party of seemed like not totally great but they play more fair than republicans. That's why you see so many brown and black people over there. You see so many asian people you see so many gay people sees trans people now enough but we we have a few you see them more over there and congress and marching and stomping. Because that's the that is the party that is more receptive. I wouldn't say aloud allows not the word i wanna use is more they're more Republicans not necessarily perfected to eighty black people. They unless you can actually help them. Herman cain died and nobody mentions him. His own party says nothing. They acknowledged that he was a great person. He wasn't he wasn't talked about the rnc. They didn't meet him anymore. So they're not gonna talk about him anymore. Michael steele was republican darling. Until he's kept saying trump is bullshit. And why did you put him up. And it was like fuck michael steele. How interesting you. He's not talking the way that you want in now. You don't need them yeah. Stacey dash has gone omarosa is gone but omarosa the person you saw. Yeah that's the person that was on the apprentice right. She didn't change y'all. She is just about winning. She aint she's not necessarily anti-black. She's about winning. Does it surly. I appreciate this time. I appreciate you being here. I appreciate you using your voice. Thank you. I definitely implore everyone to fine if you wanna do some google searching because i'm not telling you ought to stalk charlene on her facebook. I'm not telling you where. I'm not torness but you could if you want to google baltimore ceasefire. There's a lot of cities. Chicago has a ceasefire. there's a lot of grassroots community organizations that discuss or try to combat community violence not black on black crime. That is not a thing community violence. We can talk -cause proximity crime is the better term because we're talking about proximity no one if you live in west baltimore emerson avenue. You're not gonna travel across town to roland park to commit a crime. You're going to stay on him. As co case it's within is in proximity and and there are levels in their situations that attributed to their around is the inability to resolve conflicts without going to make it a jump to take. His light was seriously injuring network. And so that is something that we collectively unpack. Amer community where people industries are struggling with day and he resigned as a whole host of things that need to that point. Yeah so they got so we get this weekend. Coming up we're intentional about the city together of affirm lice. Okay thank known that power to for the next Baltimore ceasefire weekend. Actually this coming weekend racer was getting can lately would be crazy. It's from the sixty eight november sixty day. Okay so that's upcoming so s right after the election rate that is dope so yeah so i probably will be definitely advertising because i advertise every weekend when i felt like i is this weekend. Let's go advertising. Change your profile. Pitcher in support of the movement is support of the worst. Said residents is not political. It's definitely great 'cause and there's so many events that happened during the weekend is not understand your profile. And that's all we're doing was like no. There are cleanup efforts of different parts of the city. They're on marches. there are discussing their panels. There's a lot going on so it's not just change your profile picture. And then that's all we do know. We're also providing education and actually asking. There are a lot of people who have good ideas about how to reach to youth. They want to develop programs for kids after school. Like they wanted so that you can get them like finding them something to do after school but that takes money and a lot of times because it's not a prominent face. People like fight for years to just get grants grants not loans. They're like but you have to have certain criteria. Yeah it's interesting. He mentioned this go. Civic and now we have schools involved being being in bassett apiece program. Train ambassadors nichols training escalation techniques given resources. Though it took three years later it has evolved to that point where via schools we have use. This represents is grassroots definitely. Yeah we have proven data de. We dare ceasefire weekend that that most of our lowered. We can As you can do that on weekend. Imagine what that looks like when we continue ricky adding in keep added he building in the gap to drive. Damn those those numbers of interviews vile. Yeah it look. I i now we get to talk to unpack because i feel like we don't talk about where the most pragmatic voting block and no one listens to us when we talk. It's like we told you not to vote for him and we take. It was like yeah. We were telling a lot of black women that were for elizabeth warren and some for kamala harris and we were saying no like joe may not be the best candidate but honestly if you got you need a shock to find a shark so i get it i i get it. It was like but believe me. Black women were like. Yeah we know we got this. We're we're the cornerstone of the democratic party. We always have been what do you think. Why do you think black women and his administration. Why like all right. So i will be back next week matt talking about the accident but i will be back next week and if all else is awesome go next week. My brother will make his return to mocha minutes because we are halfway through the nfl season. And you know. He likes to come through here and we like to discuss. He's a raiders fan. Good to help So you know we'll be back so guys please whatever you need to do for self care on election day. Please do it if you need to unplug for the rest of the week. Go ahead and do it because this has been a because we're still pandemic is still that's part of it is kind kinda like it's not just business as usual anymore. Does like people are still quarantining at home states are going to end up getting shot back down because we haven't even gotten to winter yet right so do what you need to do if you're like adult me. I'm not watching any news. I've turning on my phone. You gotta go on airplane mode or you just got like unplug all at all the electrons in your house and sit in a dark room and just go to sleep. Maybe whatever you need to do because this is a very hard time because one he needs to go. It's like we can't. This is not a joke. Did that voter die thing. During bush was the joke. Now if you said you don't wanna do. It is like yeah. So i don't want nobody dying. He needs to go so but do whatever mentally if you've already voted like i've done what i needed to do. I don't blame you like your early voted. Your i put the ballot in dropbox. You like with this part of my process. Let me move onto the next thing. And that is holding by people their feet to the fire. Your congressmen your state. Senator your city council your counties. If your mayor your any elected fissile the marathon continues. this is not a sprint. it is a marathon. Harry guys will be back next week. Blue the roots of racism in this country are deep The psychology of it has lessened but it never fully went away. The legacy of slavery and jim crow means that we started the race behind with respect to the resources in our communities the the way the criminal justice system was set up The lack of representation in corporate america. All those things didn't go away. The they built up over four hundred years. They weren't gonna go away just in fifty years but say my lifetime. We could expect that each time. We took two steps forward. There was going to be some pushback because their forces in our society that don't wanna give up status and privilege. They don't want a level playing field and by the way that's not just true for african americans out. There are a lot of folks who don't want women to have opportunity because it suddenly women are competing on a level playing field. It may turn out as michelle likes to remind me that women are at least a smart if not smarter than men of course and can do the same job right so so we always knew there was gonna be some pushback. They the key is to be able to sustain both our spirits our hope and our focus and we vote we get a win like the voting rights act to the civil rights act we consolidate that power and then we go at it all over again to go after the next to injustice and sometimes it gets exhausting and sometimes it doesn't feel fair but the idea that you would just stop and give up is something that would be betrayal to our ancestors of it won't be a betrayal to all the folks black and white and latino and asian who fought to allow us to be able to sit here. None of the three of us could imagine doing what we have done. And what we continue to do. Fifty years ago it was. It was not in the cards.

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