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"west brom kamanga" Discussed on ESPN FC

"As made him into this warrior on the field, and he comes over, and he picks him up this utility, man. This man for all seasons. This guy that can slot in at fullback that can starting center mid the compay anywhere for this team. And he picks him up a of credit like he he it was almost I thought he was going to whip him in his arms and do go full officer and a gentleman with just carry them off the field, but he was exhausted through the the empathy. That's created between manager Marino perfectly. You a lot of people roll. There is a lot of people roll their eyes about Klopp, the charisma the laugh, the hugs all that this team is fighting and dying. And it wasn't the first choice team will that's what makes it so amazing. And it's something that I I actually mentioned last week that I wanted to bring up again today because I said one thing for Liverpool is that you have a team of unsung heroes. When Sala is out when from you know is out. Income's evacuee who scores two goals? Like you said when Aldam not starting the game comes in as a sub at halftime scores. Two goals. Like if I told you before the game that Liverpool going four no with I mean, maybe say a Riga gets one. But like who's guessing that these are? Here's you think. Maybe Monica hat trick. Maybe Milner converts a penalty like this is for these two guys to step up in the way that they did it's it's a testament not just to them. But it's a testament like you said to your who he instills this in every member of the team. I'm watching when that game ended because the game was was riveting unto itself, but you couldn't turn it off because the scenes that Enfield afterwards really were truly memorable. And you're watching Uragan go from player to player. You know, you get players who are as meaningful to them as Allison and Mani and he's hugging them. And then he's going over to people that you, you don't know you don't even recognize people. And he's hugging them in the same way. And like you can tell every person on that club. Feels a sense of purpose. Of belonging. We in our interview with Bruce Grobbelaar, he talks about Liverpool. When I asked him. What is this feeling this? You know, these European nights? He says the thing about it is it is truly a family. And I don't know if that if there was a period of time when it went away. I don't mean for that to be an indictment on the managers who have been there in the year sense. Some of them are former Liverpool men this. But for whatever it is that went on in those past years your Klopp. If there is this family feeling around the club. He has brought it back. There is no question about it. And you see it on the faces of every one of those players after the game. No, I totally agree on them. It was really emotional. Because there's there's such a connection between the fines and the players that has somehow endured in modern era where the players don't live down the road from you. And they don't go to the buyer, and they don't go to the same shops as you. So you have to create something some kind of link with. Team and somehow Klopp has managed to do that and Klopp is very aware of this. Remember when they used to come on the field. Remember they had a draw last year against West Brom when they're fighting for top four ADR. Oh, and they they snatched a draw from from defeat regular season game. And they go down Klopp like Concon, and they clap the cop, and you're like, oh, my Godin burst. Like, it's West Brom Kamanga ice..

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