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"west ben mak kwan" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Say Happy New Year, isn't it? I think so. I think normally around the 10th is when that changes Where be happy New Year anyway. It's our first show, so it's great to be with you here. Three PM throughout the year, 2021. We will be on quite a bit. Not every Saturday, Robert Quite off and in the Saturday afternoon lineup, your hometown lawyer by way of background, Rob What would you describe me like law as doing so I'm gonna stay plenty attorney. What I do with that is I help people with trusts wills, powers of attorney probate in a state administration. Basically, it's a one stop shop to deal with death and dying in capacity a little bit of a morbid way to put it, but at the same time, let's face it. We're all gonna pass away at some point. We're all going to have expenses and in financial issues associate with our passing. I could help make those go is quickly a smoothly as inexpensively as possible to avoid as much governmental interference in taxation is we can at me like law is you said you, It's all about a state planning, so we'll get into like examples. I love the stories. You tell that really go to. Well, I'll say it right now. If you're 18 or over, you should have In the state plan exactly that right now, because you know, people stopped their cars. What I've got to send his 19. He doesn't have an estate plan while his powers of attorney there's all kinds of things to get into, besides just a will in a trust. So there's that biggest day planning umbrella. A lot of stuff is inside that rob right? Absolutely. Not. All state plans are created equal fact no to a state sponsor created equally. Three idea that again just to kind of reiterate enough for people Listen to show with regularity. I do exactly say that every single person over the age of 18 should have in a state plan. Why do I believe that? Because any person over the age of 18 is one moment away from incapacity were all one moment away from incapacity. Sudden moment behind bad moment behind the wheel on sort of a disease. We can all go from being perfectly capacity aided in time, 12 completely incapacitated in time, too. And once somebody reaches the age of 18 Unless you have a power of attorney in place. People who are parents of a 19 year old 18 year old 20, or whatever the cases are unable to make financial health care decisions. They can't even find out that person's been admitted to the hospital. Unless there is a power of attorney in place outside to talk about Cove in a little bit, just robbed a to remind people who haven't been around the hospital lately. It's a different world with Cove. It There's not many people standing around. Families used to be visiting patients, their loved ones, even and I think the ICU I think those days are are over. Robbie if something horrible happens if somebody is in a hospital, and the loved one wants to go see them power of attorney I think we'll talk about this later. It's critical. In fact, you need to show proof of that correct. Absolutely, to be able to be in that room again. Make a decision. Correct. Covert, assigned me Sure, Covert has absolutely changed the landscape, but But even irrespective of Cove it they're still HIPPA in place. And for those of you who are familiar with hip hop, Most people heard the term HIPPA. What it stands for is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In English. What it means is hip it governs when and what and how information can be shared between medical physicians, medical nurses, things like that and their patients. A protects the patient's rights to have their health information not be shared against their consent. And that's what it really comes down to kind of tied up back together the 18 year old who is not able to make medical decisions, because here she is in a coma to the correction, let's say Because of that coma that 18 year old does not have the ability to say to the doctors. Yes, I want my parents to know. Yes, I want my parents feel like medical decisions. They're fully sedated out of it after surgery or whatever. That's exactly right now. They can't. They can't speak for themselves or make a decision. This is where the power of attorney now correct me If I'm wrong Rod power of attorney P. O A. You hear this a lot legal people throw it around like it's part of every day. Talk right. We need to understand there's a financial and then there's a health part. So there's really two forms correct and the way I divided up that is house traditionally about it up to in financial health care, But as a practical matter, I like to make the distinction of health care and everything else because even if things aren't what you or I or anyone in the audience would consider traditionally financial those air often covered under a financial power of attorney. The common example I use is the ability to receive mail. I don't think anybody would necessarily hold that to be financial, but since it's not Healthcare. It falls under the umbrella of the financial power of attorney. So all this state planning questions, Rob, I just want to give up some information how to reach you. You've got for me like law. Five locations right now in Richfield. Heart, Washington West Ben Mak Kwan and Beaver Dam. We can call you. I think that's the best way to communicate right round. Absolutely. I'm Trish I'm 39 years old and maybe a millennial, but I always prefer to pick up the phone. You're old school Milan. I am I'm a throwback. It's just kind of the way it goes. Maybe it's the way my parents raised me. But I'm always one to pick up the phone and how. Of course I can email. I do text like any good millennial does. But at the same time, the best way to do it is to have a phone call. Because again, what I like about the phone call is its ability to deal with the nuances, right. I mean, you can text and have basic conversations. Hey, I'll meet you here two o'clock, great. But when it comes to a state planning a lot of times when a question is answered, it may lead to additional questions and text mayor may not necessarily be the most conducive way to be able to have those kinds of discussions but again. My whole practice model. Paul is whatever makes it easier for my client or my perspective clients. I'm glad you said that you make house calls. I do mean you'll visit the home. You can come to the five locations you could do a virtual a visit on a phone or computer? Absolutely. Whatever works best. Oh, the show is called your Hometown lawyer Estate planning attorney is rob me like and that's pretty much That's how we describe your work estate planning exactly. Questions you don't trust will's will get into probate. We'll talk about it. Ah lot of material today. But any any questions could be directed right to the office. And again. That number is 262347 34 44 to 623473444 for me like love those five locations. Beaver Dam Port Washington, Mac one West Ben Richfield. This show on W them for some time now going back to last year. I think Was it before Koven even had? No, we started in July. Oh, Ellie. No, Like some born in July, Saira calling you recall the days after my birthday start dated, but we've covered a.

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