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"wessex east anglia northumbria mercy" Discussed on Creators Collective

"I just watched just binged watched the last kingdom which is a Netflix original series, and it was during the Viking raids of what was Wessex East Anglia Northumbria mercy. Basically, you know the United what is now the all the ears. Yeah, what is now v United Kingdom? And it's about a sack, a Saxon boy. He gets taken as a hostage in a Viking raid. Then his raised as Viking and then comes back and there's lots of lots of Viking war stuff. It's truly enjoyable to watch, and I finished that up and then Netflix suggested a show called Norseman to me right after inside clicked on thinking is going to be another another, you know, brutal gory, violent, Viking thing, but instead it's a parody of what would Viking life be like, you know today. And it's like setback in that time, but it's it's just ridiculous. Like, you know, they've got slaves on their Viking ship coming back to to Norway or whatever they're going to. And there's one of the slaves. It's like, you're okay. Excuse me. Excuse me. I have a question, like, where's the water? I've been thirsty. I've not been offered water because like, oh, I'm sorry. It's usually get back to shore. You'll get some water. Don't worry at. It's it's. It's terrible, terrible show. I don't recommend it, but it is addictive to watch. Yeah. So James, what are you watching? I've been watching practical engineering. It's a channel that I kind of binge-watch awhile ago. He just put out a video today about rock supports in in tunnels, which was kind of like, okay, but anytime you put something out, I definitely watch it because it's a great way to learn and suddenly had this amazing inspiration moment of, I've got to build something like that. And basically to demonstrate how screws put into rocks inside of tunnels, hold it together to demonstrate that fact, he basically built a coffee table and filled it with loose rocks and then put bolts top to bottom and then took out the supports top and bottom and all this loose gravel held in place like a coffee table, which is bolts and it was like, I've got to build a coffee table like that. Now. Literally, the entire surface of it is loose gravel held together with bolts, just a total mind job of a build, and the inspiration was is incredible tonight. I'm ahead this running in the back membrane and it'll probably pop out in a year or two, but it was a really, really cool video. You definitely gotta take a look at Zach what you. So I have to give a shoutout to Josh Scott knives on Instagram. So a while ago, I don't know if he has remember those little pocket cleavers that I made those were influenced by some of his designs and me not being a knife guy. I just looked up pocket cleavers. I'm like, oh, these are really cool. I'm gonna do something similar. And the one that I did was hit based off one of his designs and I just wanted to give him shout out. And like I said, I don't really know. I don't really know how the knife game works. I just saw some those cool and his. Designs are a lot more unique than I thought. So I just wanted to give him a shot out. And if you guys are into that sort of thing, he does some really cool work and he's actually not too far talking with him on Instagram. The other days, not too far from where my wife is from in Ohio. So there's a potential collab- that might be happening in the future. Once I figure out how to smash them Damascus with my press, so guess are into knives check his Instagram outs. He's got some really cool stuff. Sweet. You have a favorite product of the week Zach, or should we move onto will do somebody else. I have a rare earth magnets. Yeah. So I I, I ordered some burbs specific purpose to that now. I can't remember what it was, but I had some leftover. I just started sticking them everywhere in my shop. So like the the Chuck, the key from a drill press, but a rare earth magnet on the side of my drill, press in the Chuck e. on that. So it's always right there over at my leave. I put rare magnets, automates hold. My wormwood, screw the key to open the jaws of the Chuck on my lathe, the little pin to stop the spindle turning..

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