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"wentz warners" Discussed on Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

08:02 min | 6 months ago

"wentz warners" Discussed on Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

"To episode fifty seven of radio free endo spring is around the corner and we all still on lockdown of some sort but at least the kids are back at school and this pandemic is still going but we all win the war and maybe the end is in sight but till then talk a bit about star wars. I'm your host jamie and with me is my son christopher. Are you doing chris. You do okay. I'm doing really well. I feel a bit like one of. I've been snapped back in time for an by an hour. Yeah we've just been recorded gone literally fifty five minutes into the recording and then we sanjiv had a tentacled snake and audio was captured almost side so we have quickly joe back to stop stalled. Podcast again that's right. let's get straight into it now. It's been going on for a couple of months now. The firing of gina carano cartoon in the mandalorian. Now with this this topic. Now i maybe i understood tweets a knew what was going on what she meant with her tweets. She hadn't opinion everybody's insulted opinion. Some some of the people that work for lucasfilm have made it clear their opinions but it seems that their opinion can get a straight pass yet does does not now if you look at Pesco pesco right. If you look at pedrosa petro's tweets they all just this body my eyes and maybe a little bit worse than what jeana chronic pots. And if you also look at so many over tweets from people at work at lucasfilm They totally immi- book a quite racist. You know to the white majority. Maybe yeah 'cause it's you can be racist both ways in this in this day and age. I don't like i don't like the way. Lucasfilm is being run of the moment behind the scenes. The tv wise great got an alcohol problem The the high republic not my cup of tea. It's t to some people. But not mine. I have to say and We'll probably discuss. Some of the new characters are in the higher public. Been a little bit several chris now yukon opinion about what happened to jean. I know sway different to my. But i do appreciate it. Appreciate your opinion on the subject. Go ahead yeah so My opinion is that everybody is open to have that own political view personal view. I'm wowed views but what you should do is when you've been put on a pedestal. Like an actor or actress in an influential position. You shouldn't schaja controversial opinions. I believe as simple as it is that she was fired not for school abuse but the controversial views of the pandemic not simple. My second thing to that. If that i believe it was the last name in the coffin. They'll probably looking they're lined it up on. They wanted it to happen Bob chop chop Ceo of disney said that even though it was controversial the reason they did it was full was a values that are universal. Was the common. That was made Books puzzling. If i had a job install wolves. I probably wouldn't even post on social media. That's taken away from me. I percents. I'm with you on that if i if i worked for Stall wolves i would not be upkeeping well away from it because i know what such a dangerous thing. Twitter is and to be fair. Chris to threes very dangerous. It's p. long twitter. That are out to get people. James gunn it up into james gone even though what he said was years ago and he apologized many many many times in the it was just not good enough for some people and he got fired book since then disney of realized what a mistake they made for the simple reason he wentz warners to make suicide squad the suicide squad and they thought got know we kind of jumped where we should have just took a little bit ties and the and the brought him bag they will conversely opinions from years ago. Not about something prevalent today. Obviously i'm not saying you can view both lights differently. Bulbs what you can always do is counsel your disney plus subscription on stop paying disney money Because of the day they make the final opinion they pay the books. And they'll do whatever they want a stroke. Some of her tweets what she did put down where political hundred percent. And i understood because when you left you left in your rights. And when they the left according to the nazis all day long you understand when she puts on some think that's due to the hallway. Colson stuff la la and out dashiki blah blah blah blah blah. Well yourself pushing the narrative that way for republicans Got a you know. I want to go to the states as a holiday. Wanna live there and got biolab politics absolutely crazy. It's crazy now to me. I looked at carrots up what she is narrow time she could do earn in a bloody earned time. I liked that character in the mandalorian. Now there is now the restore the she should be recast so somebody else playing that carrots. Oh i totally disagree with that note. The galaxy is a big place. Just move on the wake. The way season two ended the mandalorian. Chris you probably they could quite easily just finish the mandalorian right there. Go no further with it. 'cause there's plenty more series is rising no need to recast just put just do make a whole brand new character that were interests than the galaxy's massive this plenty of stuff to say you know when you start having recurring characters come in at makes the galaxy seem very very small alleged expanded you know. And that's that's what interest is mate. I am neva thing as well that you know they cancel culture and it does exist. Lobby will say it does exist for the simple fact is now with dr seuss. Books in still fly. That but cancelled figured. Now it's the funds that loosen out here. I managed to pick one up from savvy. And there's no way i want to open it to put it with my raise. The question when when i get it. There's no way i'm gonna open that now. Is it be worth some money. Because i hate to think there's a warehouse full of characters and the probably going to end up in a landfill or somewhere released the figure the figuring could you ain't gonna put that figure in frontier and it's going to sprout opinions. I say i think it comes as simply down to royal. What's he's if they carried on producing the ficus. She could probably sue disney for lots of money saying paul my contract sad i get ten percent or whatever.

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