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Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 5: It Came From Michaocan

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Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 5: It Came From Michaocan

"Our reaction to ozark season three episode. Five Oh no you'll find out why on our discussion today in a world where your friends and co-workers understand your movie or TV obsession obsession where you just want someone anyone to share your binge watching it watching it and feder are here for you. Your weight is over. Stinger starts now now. Now I everyone I'm Shannon and I'm fair. Welcome to singer. Tv movie podcast where we are continuing our episode by episode coverage of ozark season. Three we are up to episode five but before we jump into that we want to first of all say hi Hi Shannon. Hi How are you? I'm okay I got out of the house a little bit today. Went for a walk me tales. Oh no I didn't go for a walk. I went for Dr. Because you know it's not enough to just sit at home. I have to get my car and sit as well. I went to a drive to a walk. You know so I I got out. I didn't just walk down my street. Yeah I went to a park nearby and it was so sad because all of the basketball courts and the playground equipment are all you know. Taped off with caution tape wrapped all around everything so nobody can play or be. There is your state on lockdown You know I don't really even understand. I mean I guess so. I know we can't travel you. Know there's a travel restriction for New Jersey and everything has to be closed unless you're in essential business so yeah so you know we're we're allowed to walk out of our house for now right but you're allowed to drive to a park and walk because I don't think after eight o'clock tonight. I don't think that in my state that will be allowed to do that. They want you to shelter in place or whatever they basically said. It's the same thing as it has been except instead of asking you to stay home. Were telling you to stay home Interest and you can be charged with a misdemeanor if you are not doing. Essential business outside of the home. I guess I'm going to keep watching TV. Yep Yeah but before we get in to today's episode. We want to share a little bit of our listener feedback. Because you guys have been great this season with mostly emailing. I don't think we've had many calls. Have we know we had one call but that was from last? That was from season to it. What's up guys what you don't want to talk? You want us to do the talking the whole time. But I just have to give a little shout out to both tyler and Jennifer. Even though we're on season or sorry after give us to both tyler and Jennifer because even though we're on episode five already we are still getting your feedback about that guitar simple enough so one so in case anybody missed it the Guitar Shannon and I were like I don't know I don't know what it's for is referring to the REO speedwagon connection. Which I thought was just like a weird humorous point I didn't realize. Reo speedwagon would play a role in this season. So good I am but right right. Yeah it's interesting with the symbols in the beginning. Because I still think a lot of people. I saw someone post in our Ozark Sturdy Laundry facebook group today that Oh did you guys know about the symbols? Like they're still. There are still people out there that aren't realizing in the beginning and the credits and they're different every episode. Yeah not not in the credits. But in the opening you see the Oh and then you have the crosshairs and the four symbols and those symbols refer to something in the episode but they also loosely spell out Z. A. R. K. So those closely and I'm I'm finding that some of the symbols are just kind of obvious since silly like guitar. You know I mean like you said. We both didn't really think. Reo speedwagon was significant. It was just a brief mention in that episode. Right right. Oh so you really have to hone in because it could be something that's significant later could be just for fun. That is for fun but you know we now know that. Reo speedwagon is ready. Willing and able to launder money if needed. That's right something. They made clear. Yup Yup. Well we also learned from Michael who sent in this comment that the fingerprint in episode three referred to the handprint that was left on the glass on the boat by Cosgrove. Juniors assistant whose name is Tommy by the way Who was interrogated at the end of the episode and we did kind of wonder I think you and I said maybe that's what it had to do with but we weren't really clear but was there a glass Ohio the glass on the door. Yeah Okay yes so all right when they filmed that scene. I thought it was very strange. Like I actually took note of his body position in that scene. Like the guys come down carrying a you know drinks or something and he goes. Oh Hey hold that door for me. And so Tommy. I guess you said that's his name You know basically places himself flat against the door. I took that to mean like he didn't want his face to be seen by the guy coming down the stairs but we didn't think about fingerprints on the door and of course the camera getting a clear shot of his face through the door. Yeah Yeah Okay. I'm buying that Michael Thank you. Yes thank you. Yes and if you want your feedback included in our next podcast. If there's something glaring that we have missed or something more subtle we wanna know so you can email your comments to Stinger podcast at G MAIL DOT COM. You can call us at three one five stink TV. That is three one five. Seven eight four six four eight and you can also connect with us on social media at. Stinger podcast twitter instagram and facebook. And what else do we have on facebook major? We also have to really really really awesome facebook groups Rela really The first one is just for ozark chatter. And what's good about ours is we have. I don't know little over two hundred people in the group which is good because some of the Ozark fan groups out there are like thousands of people and it just gets riddick. Ours is a good group for people that are really dedicated to the show. It's called ozarks dirty laundry. That is the name of our facebook group. We welcome you to join. Every episode is now open for discussion in the group Share your stupid Ozark memes Do a video of your best ruth impression we welcome it all and if you're interested in entertainment other than ozark which. I know you have to be. Because it's only ten episodes. We would also love to have you join. Tv movie discussion with Stinger where we talk about all kinds of TV and movies and we also share stupid names and videos and things like that and speaking of TV. Let's get to one of our favorite TV shows ozark. We're GONNA talk about episode five right now which was titled. We'll dive into the title a little bit later but it was called it. Came from Michoacan or something like that. It's Mexican Michoacan. I think that's it. Which sounds kind of like the name of a monster movie. Oh this boiler okay. I'm not gonNA say anything else about it all right. Let's let's dive in. Let's dive in to the opening so this was not the past. Few openings have had like a random scene where we're like. How's this going to fit in and that's not really what we saw this time. No no we we kind of get right into Maya and she seems to be trying to convince the other agents that they need to work with Marty that he is more useful to them. And Trevor is not buying Trevor's just like you know I want this guy I want to nail him and that's it but the other woman who I feel like maybe it was their boss. She was open to the idea. At least that's what right. I think the the biggest takeaway from this scene is that Maya needs to win over Marty but Marty needs to win over Maya And she makes a comment. We don't know who came back from Mexico like what's what kind of Mardi are we gonNA get now? What happened to him down there? Hey can I just stop for a total random aside? I keep meaning to talk to you about this. This is not related to episode five guys. Forgive this interlude. What happened to Rachel and the Blue Cat Lodge? I don't remember Oh well. He gave her money and set her up in a Rehab in Florida And he told her go get clean. Do whatever you want I'm out of the blue and if you WANNA come back at any point it's yours so I kind of feel like it's just sitting there okay. Which is weird but that it fully address the Blue Cat because I remember. She went off on a bender and didn't didn't she and Marty sleep together. No they didn't no no 'cause I just. I re watched episode season two so she went off at Bender. She got an accident. Petty came and Mike Drowned. Her Yep Mike her wanted to user otherwise he threatened her and said you're going to go to prison forever for drugs. Whatever if you don't help me get Marty She was very hesitant. You know she didn't really want to hurt murdy and in the end. She ended up showing him that she had a Mike. Right and then I forget ultimately how she got out of that. Some kind of deal was made or something all right. Well we don't need to go off track. If you guys are totally on top of that I am sorry for taking you off on that side note but if you forgot what happened to Rachel you're welcome. Okay so Hardy Mardian Maya. That's what maybe because it was Mardian Rachel a lot. Now it's Mardian Maya and then we then we go to Wendy and Marty just laying in bed kind of having a quiet moment together. I didn't know what to make of that. I mean you see. There's very sad music and the house is in complete disarray. Nurse dirty dishes everywhere. And they're laying a bad Mardi kind of looks. I don't know relaxed happy. And he falls asleep and and Wendy looks very teary eyed. So they made up at this point. I mean it's quite an ordeal. I'm he thought he was going to die. She thought he was going to die. That does something to you. All right right right. Do you think they were trying to insinuate that? They slept together or is that just too far am I? Am I think that's I think they I think for them? Sex has nothing to do with their intimacy. So maybe maybe not. I don't think it would matter much either way honestly for that. All right well then. It's the next morning Wendy wakes up. And she kinda like sets up bad. I think she slept a little later than normal and everyone is up. The families having breakfast Marty had cleaned the whole house. He had made breakfast for everybody. And He's like ready to rock and the rest of the families like dude we'll take a breath right and Martin giving details to the kids about his kidnapping ordeal like well. Yeah I mean they. They had these stadium lights on me and they but they gave me rice and beans. And she's like we were just talking about this and it's very much business as usual. He's like Oh yeah. Right right see guys later bye. Yeah he sets a meeting with Ruth And he's ready to rock. Yeah so then. We see ruth band shows up. She's just leaving to go to her. Meeting with Marty and Ben comes up in the car and she says shoot and then we get another classic classic. Ruth wine I have it written down I wrote went down. I don't know if it's the same one. You WanNa hear my Ruth Line. Yeah I've only known you for five bucks in minutes. I was a criminal long before. Mardi bird showed up with a bag full of cartel cash. So spare me your fucking pity all right. That's a good one but there wasn't a try had written down and I don't have the accent quite as good as you. But she said look. I know I kissed you last night but I thought it was going to fucking die. That was my favorite quote. They're all good guys. We love our reclose anyway. She's brushing off. And I love what Ben says to her next. Did you okay sorry? I don't I just I just wrote Ben thinks she's spectacular and ruth. She wants to hear that but she isn't going to let her guard down that he's right right but she did you know she does a little bit. She gets in her car and she's Kinda like still trying to keep her distance and he says I think you deserve better. I think you're pretty spectacular now L. Yeah and she's like allies branch toast sticks but she took the Burrito so softening a teeny bit little bit little bit little bit so I had forgotten how much this show uses such a heavy blue filter. Oh yeah and it's so obvious in the next scene. So he's having a meeting with Helen and Wendy and then ruth comes in as well right and gives him a big hug and whatever yes and they keep talking about smirking and smurfs right right. I wasn't familiar with me. I looked it up and might classic dictionary definition in online gaming. A smurfs is an experienced player who uses a new account to deceive other players into thinking. He's a new. The purpose is to play against skilled opponents. Who will underestimate the SMURFS and the expected result? Is that the smurfs will dominate opponents. Humiliate them further as they've been now beaten by apparent new. I don't think that's exactly how it's being used here. But I just love the term and I wanted to give it some context. Okay okay. You're here we're here to educate Y'all about surfing. So Frank Juniors apparently loansharking which I I don't mean to sound lake the nice white lady that I am but that's pretty much like loaning people money right. That's what love parking is at very high rates right right and then like hey you go to me back and yes okay and Marty's like no. You need to shut that down. Yeah and he's he says who approved that like he didn't even realize this was happening so I think ruth understands that maybe nobody knows like not even Franks Dad Right. He's doing this right and she uses that kind of against him to right right so they need an alternative for the. How are they? GonNa lose money at the casino every day. And so wendy goes to everybody's favourite loser at first. I thought it was Frank Junior. So some of these actors look too similar in my book and then when she starts talking. I'm like Oh that's the real estate agent that you were talking about. Sam Yes sam. Yes and she convinces him like. Hey your life gotten pretty good since I came to town. And he's like yeah you're right and so he's committed to going in and losing money on a regular basis. Yes she wants him to extend credit Yes you people and again. This is exactly what he said in the van. Is this legal and Wendy. I don't have the exact line written down. But she was Kinda like well it's she. It's gone ethical. Yes right I love it. I love it. Okay Well Navarro Calls Wendy again. Yes Jesus. It's clearly a test and he says you asked me what's next and I thought for sure. He said Chiro and I was like what he said. He said Chato which is a Mexican cowboy and he wants a horse farm but he doesn't just want a horse farm. He wants a very specific horse farm in Kentucky and why that didn't raise a red flag for me than it should have but it didn't now me neither. Yep Exactly Yep I had no idea I just thought maybe this one he particularly liked for some reason and we are those gullible. People would be headed pretty quickly out and he's like so you're appointments this afternoon you better go get it for me and he is talking to her about. Mardi like Oh are you. You're not happy that he's home. Which is like Oh no no no no. And he said that You're very lucky he's just like me. He wants to win. And you can see in that moment that Wendy is starting to see him in a New Light. 'cause she doesn't know exactly what went on down there or exactly what Marty said right right. She's definitely thinking that over Louis. So then we see. Mardi with therapist. Our favorite therapist sue was her name and hysterical. Because he's like I remember exactly what he needed a wendy to do. He said he he wanted to hire someone any needed. He needed to her to help convince Wendy so I don't know who he's planning to hire. Who Planning to bring in okay. But he says you know. I'm going to give you three hundred dollars. Extra she's leaning in my direction. I'll give you eight hundred dollars if she commits in session and I thought that was the funniest thing. It was great and she said well. We don't normally talk about specific amounts and he's like it. Do you want it or not right right? Okay but one of my favorite ruth moments of this episode. Oh yes and this quote is going in the post higher percent all right so frank junior shows up and right away. I thought he is the billy of this show. Oh Yeah do you know what I mean by that right with the car from stranger things stranger things to he is. He's the billy of this show so she gives him a what four about loaning money to people and he doesn't like that but she's like it's coming from my boss and then she she turns to walk away and says now quit parking in the crippled spot. What you got a disability is just poor. Fook IN JUDGMENT. That was the that was fantastic. I mean when Julia Garner gets the script she she's got to be like okay. That's a good one right there. Yeah Yeah Yeah and I wonder how much she ad libs or puts her spin on it. And I'm curious I feel like her lines are probably pretty written for her. But I don't know I don't know it feels you might add a little something and I don't know I feel like when she does her parts. Her lines are so deliberately delivered do not I mean like yeah always knows exactly what she wants to say? Never see her stumbling over words at all. Yeah that's true that's true. So Mardi goes in. He's clearly not in a great mood. He's laying down the law with with Maya the FBI agent. And I'm thinking this is clearly part of his plan to turn her. I still don't know what that plan is but right. We don't know the plan and you see that little smirk on his face like he. He's not a lease on life right. Yes definitely he's got a plan so that was an interesting situation there and I feel like normally marty is like. How are we going to make this happen? I don't know what we're GONNA DO and again. He's being very ruth like he's very deliberate and we still don't know what his plan is even if he he's mentioned a couple of things and he's tried to act out some of the plants and it's not going exactly the way he thinks but he doesn't seem worried right out at all. Yeah so Wendy and Mardi decided to take a little road trip to the horse farm and right away. I'm thinking Oh my God. Please don't kill any horses so I'm thinking back to the Godfather and I'm thinking about like the horse head in bed and I don't want any horses killed and Wendy says I want to do the talking and he's like no I. I got this and close the deal. It was actually so super easy. Oh Yeah Marty was all sweet. He's like don't worry I want this to yes money around. Let's do it. Let's stay overnight at the guest. How yeah I'll go to Zeke's hearing with you on? I'm like what the Wendy seeing a whole new Marty and it's all an act. That's what I think. This is all an act for something that he wants Wendy to do which is tied back to the scene with the therapist. I don't I don't think so. Okay all right. I really don't think so. I really think Mardi just has new perspective. I don't know exactly what that perspective is but I think it's I think it's kind of a A new perspective so okay. Well I have to say. Are we onto the next scene with Aaron yes because I just want to say I was right. The guy in the boat. Yes you were right you were right was mafia the Mafia guy yes. He was the guy in the boat. clearly trying to get some information so they come up to the dock and Aaron and Charlotte. Joan are hanging out and they've got beer and you know Charlotte clearly doesn't want them there. Aaron is like just practically spreading her legs these guys so they're hanging out and Charlotte gets attacks from parents that they're not coming home so she plays it cool. 'cause obviously she doesn't want these guys hanging around very early and she says you know my parents are. GonNa be home soon. So you guys have to leave and Thomas well. Let me use your restroom. And I would have told them I'd be like you're a guy. Use a tree you know. I used the lake. Yeah that's what I would have said. But you know he goes up to the house and maybe he had to poop. Joanna maybe maybe maybe a beer does not to use them. Yeah so Joanna. Kinda wanders up there and finds Tommy coming out of his parents room and bathroom so you know Jona Charlotte are immediately like okay. What the hell and of course Erin has no clue what's happening. But they throw they throw Tommy out pretty quickly right. And He makes a comment about Helen Pierce and they get that look on their face. Like Oh shit. He knows who she is and and they don't want Erin to get like they feel like it will. They will be held personally responsible which wouldn't be their fault. If this douchebag says something but I think that they're very scared very worried because Helen was pretty threatening to Charlotte. Yes yeah hundred percent. Yes so Wendy and Martier having more of a heart to heart. I maybe this is back in Back they're staying in the cabin or whatever and Marty reveals. I spent a decade afraid of a guy and now I know what I'm up against. It wasn't what I expected and I didn't act the way I expected and so I think in his mind he built up this this monster which he is a monster in a way But for some reason Mardi no longer fierce him. Yeah Yeah I thought that was very insightful. Comment that Marty made. And it tells us a lot about where his head is right now right and he still thinks he can pull put Maya into his pocket and what we're seeing is risk averse. Marty is finally taking a risk and Wendy doesn't know what to do with it or I still think. It may all be grander plan. That he's just going to pretend to get my in his pocket. I'm I'm still. I don't think so this point I don't think so I think he's on the up and up but okay okay. So then we've got ruth waiting for a drop. Yes so is there was this Tommy. It was okay. That's what I thought. And he's the one that made a deal with the feds right. It is correct traps ruth in the back and then what happened right so I'm assuming at some point someone she's GonNa tell them already or tell someone the story but you know a couple of scenes later. She's just walking down the road and apparently had called bend to come pick her up. Saint I guess maybe they just wanted to scare. Maybe they're just fucking with her. I don't know I don't know but but I feel like they explain it because that annoyed the hell out of me I was like. Oh my God ruth like I'm so upset I know oh I was worried they were going to Raipur or or whatever and next thing I know other. She's just walking down the road so are they like. Oh Ha ha now. You have to walk an extra two. Maybe I mean I don't know is made no sense right right but she didn't answer. She didn't seem traumatized all because when ben picked her up we just she's GonNa yeah she laughing or whatever. Yeah Yeah Okay but Darlene of who have so much to talk about so so we're gonNA talk about V. Scene. But before we get there. Keep in mind when I made these notes. I didn't know about the scene. So Darlene is talking to little Zico and Hugh Monster. I could strangle you and for those of us that know Darlene. We're like no the. She means that she could. She could really do that. And why it comes in wearing a suit and she talks about his hair and she's like let me wash for you and I'm going. That is a super weird scene. So creepy yes so weird and it took an adult. He can wash his own hair. Yes and at this point I also start to wonder what happened to his friendship with Charlotte because they were good friends. That's true and they had 'em good point they haven't seen each other at all this season and they're still around and they're not just just not talking. That's a really good point. I didn't think about that. The kids have such small role this season. I mean I'm okay with it but I feel bad for them as actors. Snot as good well except for except for Charlie Slash Wyatt. Oh Yeah but we're GONNA get there Yeah yeah I I want to just bring up a very brief scene where Charlotte is talking to. Yeah Wendy and this was just great. You have the quote. Yes Charlotte says. It's just so sad. She's got no idea. How fucking scary. Her mom can be talking about Erin and look on his face like putting lipstick on like. Oh Yes yes she's terrible. I can't imagine a woman doing the horrible things that Helen does. Ooh That was really. Yeah good yeah. The writers of this are so good at just putting so much so much feeling and so many words into just a tiny seen. Yes yes so. We go to the courtroom which I guess in that part of the country. It just involves some folding chairs and a couple tables as courtroom scene. And I I have to say that's one thing that's been kind of annoyed me. The season is wendy sudden. Obsession with Zeke. I just I'm not I'm not buying it. I'm just not buying it but there in the courtroom and you know it's a it's a she said she said and then why it walks in. Could she not know that why it wouldn't turn on her or say something? And at that point I believe it or not I said good for Wyatt and Darlene because I thought Wendy pulling that shit was a total. Dick move I I'm with you there. You know I mean. I'M REALLY SCARED FOR BABIES. Zeke of course but I you know it's one of those weird things like you can be a psychopath and a good mother at the same time. I think that could be possible by can't speak from experience on that. I don't know you know like I just. I kind of think that as Mardi tells Wendy later she just needs to step away from this situation for now you know. Kinda give give it up. Yeah get Arlene. Have the baby what you know. I mean I hate to be like. Wow whatever happens happens to the baby. That's not what I mean right. You're right the obsession with the baby is just. She's got enough to deal with and I do think she's actually probably being a good mother to the baby. I guess I think she is too. Yeah I think she used to. Yeah she can care of the baby just fine. Yeah because think about it. She took excellent care of Jacob up until the very end but before that and she'll be wasn't rauff she was a doting wife she really was so yes Yeah just don't don't piss off right. So Wendy goes home and they go home. Mardi gets the beast slayer arcade game delivered. Yeah and Wendy's like what which I think is great. Why is that so weird to her that he wants to play a video game? I think it's awesome. Well it's fine but I just feel as it's out of place with everything that's going on in their lives like how now he has time to just play a video game. I mean I don't know I think that obviously well I don't have to say it because we all know that we talked about last time. The meaning of the game putting more quarters in more and more and more to keep the game going till he can get to the end and finally beat the game boy but I love how Charlotte's just casually drinking a glass of wine and I'm thinking I mean really why not not. I mean how old is Charlotte? Now she's got to be eighteen. I think she's sixteen. I feel like yeah because I feel like she was sixteen when this all started well when she was drinking a beer at dinner the other night Marty says. Did I blink and miss five years? So that's why I think she's sixteen. Wow I think they're like sixteen and fourteen or something like that okay. I don't know I could. She looks a lot older. She aged a lot. Yeah yes she does older yen. Wendy Wendy set up an appointment for I heard. Jim and I wasn't sure who that was at that point. Yeah me neither yes. She wanted to go to Kansas City and I had no idea why and then okay before we get into it. There is one other no. I had okay When Ben Picks Up Ruth and he's like you know I wanNA whereas this guy or we're going to him right now and ruth is like no. You're not you're not gonNA mess with Frank Junior Blah Blah Blah. I'm predicting there's a reason. They showed US Ben. Losing it at the school. I'm predicting Ben is going to unleash on that guy. I think you're right at some point. I think you're right. Which honestly is. Oh let's think about it. Let's think about it. They are going to set. Ben Up how can I? How can I say this Tommy's spilling it to the feds? Tommy needs to go. But Tommy can't but if they kill Tommy that'll piss off the mafia in less it becomes a thing of honor and they're gonNA put Ben to offense Hami. Get rid of him so he doesn't talk to the feds but it doesn't look like it was just murderer. It was that would be a great solution all right something like that. Okay now can we just talk about the get it out of the way so I could go take a shower watch? I'm sick to my stomach. Why Darlene Guy? That's what we're talking about okay. So he he goes in. She gives him a hug and she starts sniffing his hair and against talk me through your feelings. Talk me through what you were feeling so at that point. I'm like okay Darlene. You're creepy Wyatt. Come on the pull away. She's getting creepy but why was like yeah and he starts kissing her and then. I thought any second. Now he's going to be like no no no and then it just kept going. Oh I was trying to think about this. I'm guessing why it's probably about twenty or no probably like nineteen because he's just graduated high school right just graduated has darlene. He's gotta be like sixty or sixty eight. Not least I think she's probably late fifties early. She just she's weather looking so it's hard to say she's like super old but okay. Let's just roughly. There's a forty year age difference between them. I don't even. I don't even understand and I just kept thinking of is Charlie the actor that's horrible but like that's weird that's like kissing your grandmother. Yeah I mean Kudos Dude. I mean really. You took well for the show. But it's got to be weird for her to. Yeah yeah anyway okay. Let's just let's just move on it have I couldn't even I couldn't even watch. I shield my eyes and I kept peaking and I'm like it's not over yet it made me cringe for sure for sure. But didn't they have a sex scene between Jacob DARLENE IN LIKE SEASON ONE? I think but it wasn't even that long. It was just like them in bed. Her her on top of like did when they were finishing right. But my point there is they. Aren't it what it's not like? They were ever Carlin Anita Right No. She's she's a wild woman even though she here's a question I had do. You think why it's virgin. I kinda think you might be when Charlotte asks him in season. Two like huck all this time. He never tried to kiss me. You know and he was. I think he said something like I like older women much older. I don't know I think he just kind of said something like girls. Don't really think of me that way. I never have to be. It could be and sometimes we know with men their first they fall in love with them and I'm sure he's GonNa paint in his mind this picture of him having a happy family and a son and a Oh. Yuck Yuck all right so both Ben and Wendy are starting to see differences in Mardi but to me he just seems like a kinder Gentler Marty. And what's wrong with that? That's that's how I'm feeling will bend. Says that is not Mardi Bird? That guy's vibrating. Just like hyper. And that's how I feel he. He's on a mission. That's how I am right and then I wrote. Oh Charlotte has a bit of a power trip. I think I see Wendy and her and I can't remember what that scene was about. Oh Well Charlotte goes to see Tommy and we are going to talk about this in our dirty dilemma today. Oh right she goes to him and tells him to stay away from Aaron and he's like do you know my dad is and she's like do you know who my dad is. No He's not the son he's not a son. Oh He's like. Do you know who I work for. Yes right yes and you know she said this was on Marty's orders now. She's playing a very dangerous game right there and she walked away very satisfied with herself thinking she. Oh yeah everything. Did you see the smile on her face when she walked away? Trip just family. Well we find out about. Wendy's meeting Kansas City and she's meeting if I got the name right. Jim Reynolds Thorpe. What a horrible name. Who has the right hand? Man of Wilkes Charles Wilkes Right. Wasn't that his name. Yup and she wants dirt on Maya. Jim says it's a fucking terrible idea But she's like okay. Well that needs like but I can do it and I'm thinking I would be a person that can just know how to get information people. How do you do that? Would you want to know I got it like you? Can? Here's my keyboard. I got it. Power comes a lot of danger now. So yeah she's looking for dirt on my end and they don't really find much well they do find out that they said she's a known crusader right. He said her dad went to prison for some kind of financial scamming. So she's taking it upon her. It's her life's work to take down. People like no father so wendy thinks well all right. This isn't GonNa Happen in Mardi is like I can use that rights go right. And they're reflecting going of what happened to him in Mexico and I came up with one word. I think MARDI got complete clarity when he was in Mexico. Okay I think he just has this vision of what he needs to do and he's just GonNa make it happen. He's not like I mean I don't know he's like no. This is my mission. This is my objective. I'm going to make it happen period right. But in the meantime they did show why Darlene again and and I just I feel so awkward now around Wyatt Darlene. But it's clear that this wasn't a hey. I don't know what happened but that can't happen again because they're like holding hands and kissing each other's hands and like you guys please stop. Yeah and they`re. They're planting the poppy fields again. And why it says he never tried heroin. And darlene. Says I won't have junkie in my bed right in miles like a cringed again. I know and then she makes a great quote. There's pain that uses you and there's pain that you use to Wyatt. Yeah so so Marty's back with my up and she says you should help people marty. It beats being abducted and she. She makes a couple of statements about like what she would rather be working on the people she would rather be going after an. It's clear that she doesn't want to be on this case which I think is something that Mardi will eventually use to his advantage. I mean she's got to be like what six or seven months pregnant. At least she wants to go home right. I don't get how he's GONNA I don't know it because no because he can't entrap her. It can't be that it's got to be something. He's going to have to appeal to her moral grounds again. This is why I think there's a deeper plan happening. That's it all just goes back to that so Wendy's back with What's her name again? Sue Sue the therapist. I'd good old gal and apparently sue it's GonNa play both sides man soo's making out. She is sh when but Wendy doesn't know that she's dirty and she's like do you is that something You know that you would be interested in entertaining and I think I would guess Wendy. I would be interested in taking more money from you. Yes we'll bend brings ruth her French toast sticks and he's kind of trying to flag down through one of the cameras in the casino durable. I just love ban. I hope he doesn't turn bad or die or something. It's not going to end well because the best ruth is a tormented ruth. I don't know I take care of them like sitting on a dock together like with kind of like a sunset type of thing. I saw a picture online. I I just want a happy ending but I don't think it's coming. No one's getting the ending on this show. Come on yeah. Yeah you're right so he he gets her to come down and gives her the French toast sticks and he's like dinner and a show and he brings her outside and they're sitting by a cosgrove. Juniors FANCY. What kind of car is it? Transient marrow yet. It's one of those. Yeah and there's a bunch of birds coming down on it and reflect. What is that and he psycho fifty pounds? A bird seed yeah. He dumped birdseed all over so the birds are just going to basically shit all over the car which is excellent. She loves it. That's like that is roots style right there. Exactly exactly so. I think he might have just want her heart. Yeah Deed Yeah and so then. Mardi trying to win over Maya. By giving her evidence on case he pulls up an old case. And he's like you know you could reopen this case. You do this this and this. Which was his plan. He mentioned that he's going to be his plan. And she's pretty much like No that's not how this works. You go to jail then you help me. You have to admit to this you go to jail you serve your time then you can me. You're not giving me anything now. And he's like well. I WANNA prove myself. That's a stupid position to take. He doesn't have to prove himself because he's already been offered the deal by her so I think it's a really stupid tactic. I don't know what he's after but I feel like everything he's doing is intentional. I do too. I definitely do. She's going to be more challenging than he thought unless he thought unless this is just a test and he's feeling her out yet unless there's another plan yeah so I don't know and then Oh Jeez. The horse farm right We see Helen there. And I'm like Holy Shit. Yeah the the car drives up and I actually was making a no and I saw the car which looked like Helen's car and I just saw the other. You know like the big guys come out and I was like wait who this in my husband was like Helen. What is how undoing? Farm Dan. You Helen. Yep Don't mess with horses. Animals are like my trigger so I was not happy with this episode but before we get go go back to the Horse Farm. We Have Maya and Marty meeting in a hotel room. Assuming it's her hotel room but it's also I don't know a place without cameras without microphones. Right yes right. What he was thinking yes and she says you know you need to admit that you were you were kidnapped. And he does doesn't he? Yes yes and he reveals a very important bit of information there. He said you saved my life. Oh right because she is the one responsible for flagging in freezing that Navarro account that allowed Mardi to prove himself to Navarro and he says no one else could have known how to do that. I know you did it so do you think she intentionally did that. That he okay. Yes one hundred percent okay. One hundred percent so it's practically like she's working with him. I mean she knows everything but in less he says it. There's nothing she can do but then he does say it. And then we don't know where the west of that conversation went so I think what's going to happen now that we're talking through? This is that he is going to convince Maya to seem like she's on board with the cartel but really they're both going to be working together to bring the cartel down but they're gonna be doing it from the inside right. That's what I think too. I said it I so I get credited. I said that language is not I did true. Whatever you guys who said I you tell us tell us I said it said Rakia right now. Okay anyway okay. So then worth horse farm and I'm really fucking pissed off about this scene. I'm so pissed off about this scene. Because we find out off a pissed off because their horses leave horses out of it kill somebody. Don't mess with a horse. So Varo we find out what. Kill the horse. No but Navarro run at the farm because that's where a rival drug lord. I think you caught the name of the drug Lord Castel Louganis. That guy has a stud and so he has the stud castrated so he can no longer whatever but I think it's because he got a bunch of cronies to come in and just basically chopped the balls off and Wendy is clearly taken aback by this Yup and Jan. She's naive. She's been so naive about this. And she says I WANNA Call Navarro. Because because Wendy's Helen's and Helen knows hey I'm just following orders. I have do what I'm told and you know. Wendy convinces Helen to give her phone. Call it just stopped because I think that's very interesting. I feel like Helen. Wants Wendy to either. Wake the fuck up or get in trouble or something. I think that she wants the. Helen needs a shift in the balance of power. Yep and Wendy is yelling at him saying I thought we were partners now. That was a stupid line. That was really dumb. Like how could you think? Do you think you are partners? And he says I own you you exist for me to use that scared me and then I wrote manner. Those are some big balls and at first I was like am I referring to Wendy in them. Like oh no. They're literally were big balls in the scene. They put them in a cooler. Yes we're going to send them. Oh Yes oh yes oh yes. And that's the end of it but but when he tried to call Mardian you notice. He's walking out of the hotel and he lets her call. Go to voicemail. I totally missed that. Oh okay he did so I still. I stick by my claim that Marty's got a bigger plan. All right well. Wendy's pissed and I think she knows now that Helen's not her friend was never really. You're not the really thought she would be. But we still don't know who. Helen was talking to in the last episode. Do you remember yet when she said I think you'd better get here? Did she say again Things are getting complicated Yes who was she talking? I don't know but it came from Michoacan what came from Mitchell. Walk on the horse the other drug lord. We don't know well no. I did a little research. And here's what I found Mitchell. Walk-on produces more avocados than any other state in Mexico which is the world's largest co which is the world's largest supplier of Avocados. And I can't really figure out how that plays into this episode. That's just your geography lesson for the day. Well maybe Michelle Malkin where Castella goodness from. That's what I was thinking. That's that's what I was thinking. I don't know but let's talk about the symbols so we had four symbols in the show at the beginning of the episode. We had the horse and I was really worried. The start of the episode because I read the Little Synopsis on Netflix. So I knew there was a horse farm involved a mainly showed the horse's head and so I was like Busan. God God they showed. What was the next one of borough a pigeon? Yeah a bird which his junior's car. Okay all right cigars. Yeah the next one. I think we're cigars which I can't place with that. I mean beat. Was that Wendy in the was she when she was meeting with Jim. Thorpe Thorp Thorp. Whatever his name was was that he had a cigar was at like a smoking. Like a Gentlemen's Club. It no I don't know I don't think so. You guys. Yeah we'd love to her. Yeah this might be another. Reo speedwagon moment 'cause we miss something and then Oh. I said Muffins on a plate now. They were cookies because sue when Mardi goes to talk to her and give her more money sue says. Would you like some cookies? And she offers him cookies therapist. Can I just say this? This should speak to something about me and my character when he said no he leaves. I'm like why would you not take a fresh baked cookie and same thing with ruth like he's got his breakfast Burrito and you're like no I mean why aren't people. This is why I'm fatter than they are on TV because they don't eat food. I always take the food. Oh God I would take the cookies any day and every day all right now. We're we're down to the dirty dilemma. Who's got the biggest moral dilemma this episode? And what would you do? I mean we've said it before. Ozark really is just one big moral dilemma really but we try and find one for one particular character and we decided to talk about Charlotte. Because we've been talking about Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy and a little bit of Mardi and like I said the kids haven't had as much visibility this season and Charlotte had some good scenes in this episode and the question is should she really be taking it upon herself to try to dissuade Tommy. So Tommy is the guy that was Driving the boat that you know is trying to hook up with Aaron and then mention Oh Helen Pierces your mom and should Charlotte. Tell Helen about this relationship and risk her friendship with Aaron. What should she do right now? Charlotte's smart she realizes that Tommy recognize the name Helen and that he's obviously sniffing around and asking a lot of questions and she does. Tell Wendy. This which Wendy brushes off and that upset me Wendy should be smarter than that as far as whether she should risk errands friendship. Who gives a shit about irony idol? They're not that close friends. But I think that Charlotte is terrified of Helen. Well I think if she went to Helen and said here's what's happening then Helen would say will. Then it's your job to make sure she doesn't see him and she would totally put it back in Charlotte because Helen. We already know that. Aaron doesn't really like her mother and we know that Helen can't come out and say I don't want you seeing that boy anymore because that would make her run right to him. Yep so she's got to be doing the right thing. Good thought yeah and maybe that will actually come back and help her because Maybe Charlotte will win imports with Helen to say look. Here's what's happening and I saved your daughter from this douchebag. Yeah I'm actually hoping that's what happens. I didn't like Charlotte at all last season. I thought she was a whiny. Little Brash was made that very apparent but this year I mean granted. She does have a smaller role but this season. I'm liking her more. I feel like she's growing up. She is more mature and she's realizing how to you know. Put her head down and be part of the family. Nba team player. So I kinda hoping that she does work this out on her own and kind of. Save the day at somehow and you know kind of. I don't know step into the family business as bad as that sounds. I think they're already. They're they're all there in a way. Yeah all right guys. We had quite a few. I don't know this episode. So we really need your feedback. We need to hear what you got out of the episode. Maybe you had a different take or maybe we just miss stuff all together or you. Just you know you're like Gosh. I really want to tell those ladies. What a fabulous job. They're doing we. Welcome that especially that kind of feedback and you can do that. Well we haven't actually said you can leave a comment or a reviewer rating or whatever on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcast can you do that? Can you subscribe? And can you leave a review because that would be really awesome? That'll be dandy. Yeah we we always forget to ask that but if you WANNA talk to a specifically about this episode or any of the other episodes that we've covered so far war or how about this. How about an episode? That's coming up and you have a question. You WanNa make sure we cover has spoilers. Well THEY CAN. Yeah they can. We don't want somebody to email us and be like. Hey what about this when we haven't even seen it yet? Now you know Peter we mentioned before he emailed in a question and he's like you guys are going to understand this later but what about something about the money for the cabs -pletely obscure it's not a spoiler but when we when we see it we're GONNA know it we're GonNa know it so be careful or if you do have a question about future episode? Just put like spoiler in the subject and I'll number and we'll look at it after yes right. Yes ruined were recording so anyway bla-bla-bla email us Stinger podcast g mail DOT COM or. Just leave us a voicemail. Three one five stink. Tv THREE ONE. Five seven eight four six four eight eight or connect with us on twitter or instagram or facebook at Stinger podcast and until next time gap your laundry clean by everybody by.

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Episode 224  When Is The Deal Done?

Casual Fridays REI

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Episode 224 When Is The Deal Done?

"Welcome to the casual Fridays. Rei podcast where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of Land Investing Active Lane Investors Adam Southie and Justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado here your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey what's up everybody? I'm Adam south with my co-host just and Liba and this is the casual Fridays. Rei podcast today. We're talking about win. Is the deal done before that though let's talk about the Plum Investment Group guys? Do you have a property? Need funding for Plum Investment Group. Is your solution. Plum helps. Investors grow their business by funding your raw land purchase Chilean awesome deal guys and just to be clear. This isn't alone pummel actually partner with you by putting up the money for your project so do yourself a favor. Go check out the website. It's plumbing investment group dotcom bound to go boomer on its rolls off the tongue to say. Ww I agree. I don't know why you're fighting that you're a boomer. Now thirty eight for a week. Now you about your give some smart ass remark about how you're younger than me Blah Blah. Then you realize your birthday was last week and you are not your old man now. I wasn't GonNa do any of that now just going to. Did you hear lady color? Your hair looks darker though. Do I do not my hair color. Are you sure I'm one hundred percent? Sure Yeah I like the gray. You know a little bit of gray little wisdom in your day. That's right. So when is the deal done? I like this topic because I've got an area had a property in and since today while we were recording. I've had two emails to phone calls on it. I was actually going to say. It's a perfect episode. Because literally ten seconds ago you were on a phone call regarding this. Yeah and that's so I. I'm perplexed by this property in this market because it has been my best lead generator I've ever had in in land. Investing Times to on how many people are blowing me up on this property but hasn't sold it's it's like land contracts or out this week we've had people ask to put cash offers land contracts and so the question is when do you stop taking rescinding it or Don. Wendy Wendy you start telling people hey you know. There is another offer out there that they've cynic contract. It hasn't been signed yet. You know. At what point do you draw the line in the sand and stop taking them? I've been burned on this before for me. It's pretty simple now because I was burned. It's when I got your money. Yeah or down payment or something that every investor out there this listening right now in podcast. Ville has been in a situation where they're sitting there and they've got a got a guy that said. Oh Yeah I'll give you a fifteen thousand and we had this last week and another property. I'll give you twenty four thousand. I'll give you a twenty three and I'll give you twenty to one hundred finance one wants cash and and you're sitting there and you're going okay. Which one do we take? Typically I start with first-come-first-served give him some time. But on this particular property I said Hey i I really think you need to see this property before you put your down payment down. It's got a pretty high down payment. It was like six or seven thousand dollars. And you know you're going to be buying contract. I prefer to go look at the property before making an offer. He's nominated in before now. Mckay you understand. These are the things about. It's got ease access. It's not the typical stuff that we buy gottesman axis. It's low lying you know it's got a couple of things with quirks there's a gate with the pandemic it's been closed. You'll have a key you know so there's little bit of hair that you need to know up front. He's again oh problem. I'm ready to go send the paperwork. Don't hear from them for a day. Get a cash offer. Hey I went. Look at the property. Yesterday I'm ready to go. WanNa a cash cover. Well we have a contract out right now. If you're ready to pull the trigger and you're ready to sign the purchase sales agreement. Let us know. Okay cool I. I need to talk to my one friend. He's going to sign it to our in both were names so I gotta get him lined up to make sure he's ready to pull the trigger to so can you give us tomorrow. Nother offer comes in ready to pull the trigger Gash. I'm ready to go now. You're sitting here with four offers up to four now in three days. I heard this lady that there was other ones coming right. I would for me personally I would. I'd call three or as they start coming in. Hey first person gives me money. Gets his property. Yeah I mean I don't care if you know the one guy asks for two days no I cannot give you two days. I'll give you into who got the and I'll tell you why because I got burned on that but so let I typically do and this has just been burned on it plenty of times and I don't want to discount the fact that is I say if you want me to hold it past twenty four hours. It's five hundred dollars and I will give you seven days to make a decision. Oh seven now get one hundred dollars. Non Refundable because typical close time. You have a five hundred dollars escrow fee or something like that and you'll have people they're just like okay. Great is refundable sign option agreement. And send the money and that's when it starts if an offer comes in before that you're left holding the bag. I think seven days is pretty generous. I held up now. Now we're GONNA get over because the guy made a offer accepted. It sent the contract. He then said he needed a day to go. See it but then rain happen. He waited a day and to go up there and then he got stuck on the property and during this time I got two more offers. I'm telling them right. And so that was it and then he backed out of the deal because he got stuck on the road going out there and he has sleep out in the desert overnight but but I let him hold the property for four or five days Already a sold it you know and that was. That was the last time and now I just say I I let them know right. Someone else's interested. Here's the deal. First person that gives me money can have it. Yeah I agree. And that's where I'm at with this but I get to the point where I'm like. Somebody PAY SOME FIRST PERSON SIGNS. The paperwork skin the property. And that's the problem with the first one or two. That are getting ready. And you send that paperwork to them. And then you haven't heard back in twelve fifteen hours or you send it at seven o'clock at night. It comes back the next morning at six or seven. You wake up. And you've got hey. I went looked at the property yesterday. You said you're interested in you. You entertain all cash offers. I've got a cash off. Do want me to send it in a standard purchase agreement. Or You just want might. Just tell me what it is and we'll send the agreement of you're ready to go. Let's go yeah. Obviously it's a great situation to be too many by or don't know yeah but so and we've we've talked about something similar to this and you know we do. What's right? You kind of moral dilemma. Here you try to keep it from being a more dilemma. You do you treat people how you like to be treated and this is that that little gray space in that grace basis would always irks me. 'cause I always find myself in those situations in that grace base. Yeah I mean I see that I definitely always want to do the right thing. I mean a just because of what we do CARMO. Yeah be so easy to tear someone up online nowadays right your company's reputation at risk but in the end it's also a business right. We know we can't bend over backwards for everyone all the time. I got a picture like we're at Lowe's or home depot and we're sitting there looking at patio furniture going man that would look good on. The patio lasts it. He know let me let me think about that and this other couple comes up says I want it and you go. No no no. I'm looking at it right. Guys can't can't decide. So what are you doing situation? I mean we orest in essence in they walk up and it's like hey I of the register gets sad at Lowe's or home depot the first person that picks it up and takes to the register so I guess if they haven't picked it up yet and they're just sitting there staring at but see that's the thing so you have to send paperwork back and forth. You GotTa get you gotTa get the thanks. So at what point is it off the market and for me I agree with you. The easy one is unless I got paperwork signed money in my bank account. It's anybody's game Yeah hundred percent. I mean this is but how much do you I straight up with everybody? Okay now let's now. Hey you're not the only person looking at it. First person that gives me money is going to have it and I find that. That's a pretty good motivator motivator for to make people move yeah I I've been in those situations you know when you're dealing in the house where old you'll call and you'll say hey. I'm interested in this house. What's the owner thing and you're like well there's multiple offer situation? I need your best and final front and sometimes I wonder how much of that's a apply to when I say it I feel that But if it's true it's true it's true it's true it's a hey and that's usually how you put it up your final multiple offer or it's got a couple of people that have gone out and looked at it. They're there say they're going to bring an offer. I don't know when it's GonNa come so you know I. It's going to be the contract who's GonNa get. Its first one with contract and the down payment yet. All it's all a delivery to write. I need your final got. Multiple at go is that a sales tactic up. You're like you decided to go. Hey listen she'll be up front with you. There is someone else that's looking at actually two people looking at it and I person gives me money gets it because I am not in the business the whole properties for free. I'm into businesses SELLIN. Yeah I'll tell people I'm not emotional. Bottom ain't gonNA hurt my feelings. Make me an offer and we'll see we can do. Yeah they get mad they man you know same. Burger King heading their way right away. It's not a happy meal you want to win or some French fries. So yeah that's interesting quandary to be in I don't want to. I'd just I don't like that gray space. And maybe the guy when he was so gung Ho ready to go send him the land contracts and everything to out in the wiring instructions and then it just didn't come back that's annoying. I'm like what's going on. And then he calls me he goes. Hey Man I got some follow up questions. I decided to drive out there. Three days later another guy went out there already and say I need to make cash off. Okay cool what's your offer? Well how do you want me to send it to you? We'll just tell me. What do you want? What do you want to do the paperwork accordingly? So yeah that gives me too when they? I'm ready to make an offer. Where do I sign? Well you know what I need a couple days to think about it. Well then he didn't have an offer your make up. Make your mind up Philip froggy. Today you feel in feisty make mind up for you call Me Tomorrow. Maybe a different story. I may work with you tomorrow but today I'm not working. Wow I guess our courcelles go. You were five minutes late to answer the phone. I feel like talking to you and I'm like teaching you buy well that that's not changing data. Not only do you set the appointment but you also get information confirmation right there. That says don't be late. And then you get emails to say when your calls coming Right if you'RE NOT GONNA show up on time took all that you scheduled energy gap multiple things to tell you to be on time then. You're disrespecting us our business myself and I worked with you. I didn't leave a message anymore. I like it. I didn't know US long as I do think you were Dixon. Would I love you and I understand? That's Adam a well you know what it's it is what it is. I just stuck in my ways. Old Man just stuck in his ways over here. I feel strongly about this. You set the call up you were told in your asked not to be late like how you going to set up a call on the not show up or not. I agree and it's like you said you wanted to make the offer you ready to put it. That's that was one of my things early on was if I have to fill out paperwork you have to pay me for. Fill up paperwork. So if it's one hundred dollar deposit for me to fill up the document fee or whatever that looks like you're paying me to fill out this paperwork. Yup I agree. And so maybe th take your spin on your your implementation. Yeah how you would twist it for your own business but understand you know. There is a line in the sand that can be drawn to help get you out of the. Iki Grace Base that. I hate to find myself in cool. Well that's it for today then as always guys this Friday you know. I'm sure you've got nothing else going on over the weekend. Actually make because it's Memorial Day weekend. Yeah it's going to be solid weekend right but where we never mind. That was last weekend so you definitely have anything going on because you're all partied out from last week. So do us a favor over the weekend. Go TO FACEBOOK. Instagram YouTube. Give us a like and then go to Itunes stitcher go to wherever else listening to us like review answered the show appreciate it. We love you see Monday see guys.

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Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 4  The Stag

Stinger TV and Movie Podcast

39:40 min | 6 months ago

Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 4 The Stag

"Welcome to the world of money laundering. Where money at its essence is of a man's choices? This is ozarks thirty laundry. Hi everybody I'm Shannon and I'm fade ADR. Welcome to ozarks dirty laundry where we go episode by episode of the Netflix original season. Two of ozark starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney and we are up to episode four entitled. Stag what did you think this episode. I thought this was a great episode breath. All we got a little more action this time after a little bit of a slower episode three and some exciting things happening for Rachel. uh-huh for everybody. It was that the ending was like a Gut Punch. We'll get to that but I really feel like things are shifting. I can't wait to talk about that at the end when we talk about the episode title and the significance of it but I think we should dive right in. Why don't you kick it off all right? Well I we see agent petty. He's making a fly for fishing bait. which is kind of a little callback to Russ? And I'm I'm and I'm going to save my statement on Russ a little bit later in our in our podcast. I hope something to say though. He's watching dragnet on his ipad in bed which I thought was kind of funny me. And he's talking about getting a warrant which was a little bit of foreshadowing there and he's listening to Rachel's recording what she said to Marty over and over and over signing. He's doing what we did last time. which is what what was going on there? Yeah I also think he's a bit of freak. Okay I mean we know. We don't like Patti but he is really really weird. He's sitting there. Listening to these recordings boardings over and over of Rachel talking. I think he had one of of Mardi and Wendy talking and then he's like jerking off. I'm listening to it to Russ. He's listening to Russ always listening to rush when he's jacking off. Okay okay all right yeah right. Well that's why that's why. I think that he really did have some sort of feelings whether they were twisted or not. But so the shots interesting because they open open and you don't know who this is going to be about. They don't show him right away and right away. I'm like it's going to be that Slime Roy Petty and sure enough so he yeah. So he's he's he's a twisted fucker. Heroes Oh my golly really is so then we have the opening. We'll talk about the symbols at the end in the the giant. Oh and we go right to ruth and I feel like the old ruth is back you know why in three go outside to check on. We find out there bob cats. Let's check on the Bob Cats and she's like would he think. PD came and let them out and just basically cold and heartless and they put put out some me. They're trying to lure them back. They felt sentimental because they belong to their dad right. Exactly I feel bad for them. I did too and I'm like ruth. Don't be a jerk. Aw Come on. And then we switched to Sam at first I was like. Is that Mayson preaching. What and then I remembered that Sam? So Sam is the real estate agent that Wendy worked for whose mother Eugenia got crunched a garbage truck and when he kind of encouraged him to go do what it is is that you want to do and he said he really wanted to be a motivational speaker. I'm kind of getting the feeling. He's not that great at it. No I don't think he is But when he makes him an offer to make little cash on the side and at this point I have no possible idea what it could be right me neither no no idea nor nor how appealing it would be to him but right right well then we see talk talking to Charlotte about two PAC and biggie which interesting because we mentioned that last music gotta be one or the other right. Yeah and and Rachel has some brief words with Marty. While age of Patty is sitting right at the bar at the blue cap right. And can I just make a statement about Roy coming in. He orders a corona with no lime. I mean who drinks corona without a line. The whole point is that it's Shitty beer and the lime helps cover up the taste. But I like corona with lime though Ryan's yes okay. So later he tells Rachel that she has no choice and she needs to wear a wire all the time. Now write her off. It pisses her off sure because she wants some privacy and I think that's yes. Yeah she and she lets she lets Roy know that she doesn't take kindly to it later in the episode. So then we see Wendy Wendy's in the spotlight a lot in this episode. I feel like making what they call unilateral decision And so she sweeping for bugs and Marty's like You know why are you doing. Well Wilk suggested that we would you think you can trust him and she said well basically who else are we going to trust and he said you know that could be a device with a bug. So Mardi doesn't really trust anybody. But you know I trust what Wendy's doing and I trust what Wilkins's this is suggesting right. And then they meet with a man we find out his name as Beecher and I wasn't quite clear who he was was or what he has to do but mark needs to please him somehow he needs to needs this guy to approve casino. Do you know exactly what Beecher's role in I think he's the gaming commissioner. Oh Gaming Commissioner. Yeah okay I think trying to appease couldn't pick up on that okay so they have a meeting and he gives them a bunch of information that was and that was pretty much all that scene had to offer and then we see Wendy who has hired Sam actually. We don't see Wendy. We just see SAM. AM is the new boss at lickety-split talk about fish out of water man. Yeah he walks in all though the look on his face was Kinda like a kid in a candy store. Oh yeah he was Kinda drooling you know. One of the girls took a little liking to him. And Yeah so ruth is trading him and she's her sarcastic south and she's pretty funny and you know that was that things. Yeah these these scenes move. I don't know what else to say because I know very quickly Klay. They're very quickly are very quick but so the next scene is was probably my favorite scene in the entire episode. And this is why it getting I would like this. Has You like Russ I do like Russ. And so why it's getting high and he's trying to play the guitar and he's messing up the cords and all the sudden Russ's back not not really but we know that that Russ's back in Wyatt's mind and I noticed that he had a shorter beard that's just the practicalities of being an actor with with the ever changing looks by the way the actor who plays for us I was curious I looked him up on. IMDB and he's done quite a few other things and when you see him without a beard beard like you won't even recognize him really. Yeah forget the actress name but this scene so I feel like he and Wyatt really share a tender moment. It's why it just basically needing his dad and we never really got to see that between the two of them right while he was alive but my favorite line came from them. Having a conversation in any goes how you doing and white says okay I mean not really but and Russ says you're always did Kinda lit shit fester three given Hojo's and firecrackers cinema on his way and I just like I love their language and the details of the the the script here and it's just so well delivered by the actors. It never sounds like they're reading a line but I thought I thought that was a really sentimental scene but what it was important. Is that why it asks. Russ you know. Were you going to kill Marty and Russ says you know I'm not. I'm not the kind of person and that would go and kill somebody. And that's when you realize this is really how Wyatt Cease His dad. It's not reality right. What did you think of that scene? Yeah I thought it was sweet you know and I liked it the and where he asked him what really happened about what happened that night of the dog and he says maybe. Maybe we're just fucking cursed. I know you know it lists was bittersweet I think I know yeah then Incomes Ruth with her nice clean Mouth Trenton. Encourage why again another favorite line. There are some good lines in this episode. Another of my favorite lines is ruth talking into wide about his essay. And we talked about this in our last episode about you know maybe he should submit that college essay. There's there's some truth in poignancy to it And Earth just goes. I don't know Shit About College. Essays I mean have. You wouldn't have occurred to you to use that expression. She's the Best Ruth. You're you're a teaching us all kinds of new language and it's so funny because I I almost feel like because we're so immersed in this show right now like we're watching it kind of nonstop for the few days here that that it drops that I find myself using her language in my head sometimes well like I want to say it. I WanNa talk how she talks. Well somebody better strike me down if I start talking like I will say though I had a very violent lint dream state and I don't think it's a coincident. Oh boy yeah well. Why isn't it ends up as they're talking What they're talking about recommendation letters ruth is like you should just submit the essay? You know. Get your rex your recommendation letters. And he said well. I went to school counselor. But she just gave me this brochure for the lake of the ozarks technical school right so ruth is like what the fuck and A little bit later. We'll we'll see what she does with that information. And then we see Wendy sitting outside side of the blue cat and she sees Rachel and I can just tell in Wendy's is starting to kind of put things together my thought for this whole episode. It was like thank God Wendy's perceptive because Marty is not in any way like he has no clue he's got his head down he's just trying to like he's Marty's not seeing the big picture. He's just focused on the detail. Right right then. We have a really weird scene with agent petty. Oh what a what. A shocker a weird scene with agent petty where he approaches a guy for drugs and I was confused. So maybe you can help me with this. So I thought is this how he gets his drug to give to Rachel but it looked like he beat the shit out of this guy took his drugs and then threw them in a trash can so I was like did he was was he just like anti drug dealer or was did he actually keep the drugs and that's how he supplying Rachel. I what I got out of it. I didn't pick up on the trash can element so not that I recall so I would have to go back and more. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know you guys can chime in because I'm sure we're missing things or misunderstandings things so we we'd love to hear your thoughts on this is yeah. Ideally would be able to watch every episode twice. But I know trying to get these podcasts out. So we'll rate petty here is pressuring Rachel to get more information. He tells her. Fuck Marty Give Charlotte Booze do whatever you have to do right. And and of course he continues to feed her the the oxy so she will you know kind of have to depend on him and continue to be a drug addict right Rachel come her dealer pointed. Yeah Yup well. Now we see ruth going to Wyatt. School MHM so she walks in like you know the proper mom she's drying. I never thought I'd see you here which we so you know. We never talked about it. But I always assumed that ruth was a high school dropout. Yeah idea too. Yeah so she's trying to convince the counselor to give Wyatt recommendation accommodation letter. She's saying you know why it smarter than me. My Grand Daddy Daddy all put together you know and the counselor. Basically he says no you know there's only a certain number of students I can recommend to Mizzou and why it's not it and she makes some derogatory Katori mark. I don't know if you if you've got the quote that she said but she insults. Ruth did you get to do what she said. Exactly it was. It was something about you you know. I don't know if I would take the advice of someone who never even finished the tenth grade. Something something to that effect. which by the way the counselors Kinda right the council like I? I think technical college or community college because she said have him go here try it out and then he can always go to something else. I'm like that's actually actually kind of a fair thing to say yet. It is fair it was also ruth. Langmore yeah I also have a really hard time with the way that the school system labels people you know. I mean if Y it's a smart. Kitty deserves a chance. So that kind of bothered me but I do get it you know. I do get it from her from her job perspective right so she ruth adds up slapping her across the face because she made that comment right now finishing the tenth grade. And then then you can see like damn it. She's instantly contrite and she's like fuck fuck under her breath right like running out of the place like I know I fucked up. That was kind of. She's trying trying to change. Yeah that was a great scene. I loved it. I loved seeing her. You know thought process there and how she dealt with that right so then we see Wendy again. These are short little scenes. She's looking at the Gold Coast. She's dreaming of Escape and Buddy Jona. She's she goes away guys is going and I just I love buddy. He's like studio fifty four. What do you think right? So they're going for a walk and then buddy goes down and has to head to the hospital and then we jumped to Charlotte and why it I think they're sitting on a dock at this point or they're sitting outside somewhere and she reveals that she was there the night that Russ died and I guess I didn't really think of that being significant. I didn't either I but And there's something subtle about this scene that I noticed. Maybe maybe it's not accurate but I'm looking at Charlotte and I realized that she's got at some pretty serious routes on her lawn hair really right but I say this because I think it's part of like she came from this nice suburban Chicago go life and everything about her is changing. And we haven't talked about this at all but what last season took place during the summer and had a very different vibe. There were blue skies or a water. There were shorts. Everyone everything is grey. Now everybody's in I mean even Charlotte's wearing like this. It's really dingy looking Winter coat so everything about them except for Wendy everything seems to sort of you know not be going. Great eight right right yes. Very effective. Use of color in this Yes in that in this episode but in the whole series. It's very it's very blue. It's very well. You know I think our Stinger. TV movie podcast. We talked about the different jobs. That the colorist yes colorist right. Oh yeah okay well. Yeah and then I noticed throughout this episode and I wrote it down. I can't remember what seeing I was talking about but base. Oh I know I think it was. I think it was Wendy telling Mardi buddies here I don't think he has long and M- Mardi is just so emotionally checked out and he's like okay. Well I got things to figure out. and He's basically focusing on bribing the gaming commissioner right God it's pissing me off Yup Yup so right th that's when beecher calls him and says he needs more financial information right to make the recommendation which is kind of a code word for bribing and I thought that was kind of odd until you see him turn around and Pettis right next to him yet but they kind of made it clear that he clearly or or he frequently takes bribes anyway it just in this case he's like you take a bribe like you always do okay so all right right then we have a sweet scene where Jona is reading buddy some smut say I don't know if I'd call it sweet but I thought it was sweet because you know they just have such a cool relationship those two right like substitute GRANDPA rate wait for it in his dirty rolled in this world that he's in buddy fits you know right so yeah Ah Jonas down there reading to him because buddy checked himself out of the hospital saying he's GonNa die in his own bed right and then Wendy comes down and she's a little disapproving but then she sends Joan off-balance-sheet continues taking over in reading to buddy and did your notes. Did you note the line that she read. No so I mean it was obviously talking about sex ex but but when she picked up the book and started reading it the line that she said was she kept her mind on her business. Oh wasn't that clever Um Now we go to a bar and Rachel starts playing some serious game so you know the first first move. She makes the game as she puts on a song. Called Rehab by Amy Wine House right and then she meets a guy takes him into the bathroom starts screwing him and says I'm GonNa call you Marty and she's like. Oh Oh Marty Marty and Roy knows that he's that she's messing with him right right. He looked he looked annoyed. Wait and I. I couldn't figure it out because I thought well wouldn't. He want to have that on tape like that could be used. If if it's implied that she was actually having sex with Mardian. He's got it on tape now right but then I'm like no. That's not what that's not. What's happening? He may He may use it. We don't know we don't know what's coming at the end of the apnea while while the you know for the minute one and a half the Rachel and you know Marty quote unquote. The guy's name was John I think he said but when they were in the bathroom screwing someone knocked on the door. So I'm Rachel came out. Ruth is at the bar. Well I got. I got a mentioned something. This is since Kinda it's rude but it's funny so on facebook. The official facebook page for the show. ozark it's facebook dot com slash ozark net flicks and they post something everyday called your daily ruthless bliss. Oh great and it's all it's like seeing quotes and there's one where she goes it might be more sanitary to fuck behind the dumpster out back back just saying like I can't believe they put this on facebook but that's Ruth for you that's your. That's your daily ruthless. Yeah everyone everyone is turning on Ruth and even cade I believe is setting her up for a fall with Wyatt. Yeah he's he's a tricky the guy he's definitely keeping his options open and just that little undertone of threat all the time with Kate Right. Yeah he's trying trying to undermine ruth he's trying to make her doubt herself telling her you know well they hired somebody new to work at the titty bar. You're not in charge anymore right. We haven't seen the full wrath of Kate. He hasn't come into his own yet. And I guess now I'm like I'm glad he's around because something's going to happen. Yeah I don't I don't I don't know if maybe now that Were jumping ahead here because we if you've watched this episode you know that Marty has some run INS with the FBI by the end of the episode. So maybe maybe maybe that's going to be the opportunity for the Lang morts to try and step in where Marty once was. Oh I see what you're saying. Yeah I like like with the SNELL's okay. I don't know I don't know what you think Marty's just going to get like taken away and well that would kinda it makes the show the next six episodes sort of interesting. Yeah I don't know there will. We'll get to that. We'll get to that. I don't know I'm just trying to throw out some predictions prediction so that we can say if we're wrong. Sure we'll write her well why it is looking for answers at the blue cap on the dock where his dad died. He's sniffing around around and he confronts Marty an Mardi finds out that Charlotte let it slip that they were there. And you know he's like a Charlotte. I need to see you outside. And he tells her basically she cannot see him anymore and she's like you can't tell me what to do and he's like yes. I count I can send you away to boarding school in an hour. You you know. So he has made me mad by the way why 'cause I'm like don't take away Wyatt well like that's just a way. Hey that's but but that is just par for the course because Marty has no idea he doesn't see any he doesn't understand what people are going through. You know you've you've said this you brought this up before we've talked about it. He doesn't realize that why it's important to Charlotte. You're right his no clue. You're right yeah. So he's just his his usual self here. You know then we've got wilkes coming to see Wendy and he's got got some dirt on Beecher figures out that he's a dead head and says tweedle Dum Wendy says Oh tweedle dum is a dead head. Jeff thought was kind of funny line nine and he's got some tickets to a grateful dead like the Ip something that they can give to be true as a bribe and he tells them just give them the tickets. Then leave the briefcase as full of cash on the table and breakout right. So Wilkes has all the instructions for them. which by the way I had a brief period of time in my life life where I pretended to be a dead head? It's yeah it's a thing it was a face and I don't see how this would be great. I mean seen a lot of the grateful dead. They're dead so was it like a tribute band or something. I don't know it was it was it. I mean I think the remaining members the grateful dead still tour like backstage passes wouldn't be that fantastic but I don't know if it's GonNa. I have no idea about that. World but and Mason makes a return. I was surprised to see him. Show up again and I'm wondering is he gonNA play a role more of a role in in season two but he he shows I keep kind of just briefly rightfully throwing him in there for like thirty second seen right. So it's weird. It could just be though like he. He came up and said I don't want your blood money. Mardi doesn't know anything about it and he said apparently somebody set up a fundraising page. And it wasn't anyone in my congregation of course right away. I know it's Wendy uh-huh because the same thing she did for the the senator's wife She's trying to find some good in all of this. Yeah and then and Mason throws a biblical quote at them. The wage of sin is death. Nice Mason Nice all right and we forgot about Rachel. Basically Outing Roy Right. This was a really significant seen. She's just at the end of Perot. I think you know she's on drugs. She's an addict. And ultimately we find out here at this point that deep down she believes in Marty more than I guess then then Patty definitely right and then more than she values her our freedom even perhaps which is saying something. I think this is a really significant moment. Because she tells Marty and she's wired and she knows Pettis listening she tells tells him you know that guy that was sitting right out at the Bar he knew Russ as she tells him some other details and she's like that's why she didn't come out to say he's an FBI agent but she's like you gotTa Keep Your Eyes Open and start looking at that guy and I wanna talk more about that. But I'm going to save that because Rachel's Rachel part of our dirty dilemma today. So I'm going to save my discussion for that. But we do see Roy basically go psycho like total total psycho and whether or not he really was going to shoot Rachel. I think he was certainly tempted in the moment. Oh Yeah I was scared. I was scared. He'd he takes Rachel drive out to the woods and I was like. Oh my God she's dead. She said she's dead. She's dead right. No he throws her down on the ground puts a gun to her head but she says he'll trust me now. He's going to trust me now and she's begging for her life. Raymond that's and that's the part I want to talk about. was that her intention. So we'll get we'll get to that okay all right then. We see Wendy and Marty arguing although soon as the kids come in well. We're not arguing. And I think this is the the discussion about Wendy. Making these unilateral decisions and at the same time. I just want to be like shut up Marty. She's doing a lot to help you right so I I'm getting pissed just at Mardi at this point. I'm totally citing with Wendy on that argument and it wasn't argument. Yeah and I think we might have skipped seen. Mr Langmore. CADE is causing trouble at look splits. Oh Yeah I don't think I. I don't think I wrote that down. Yeah I thought this was also significant. Because he's in there with one of the strippers hours in the rooms and he didn't he wouldn't pay her I guess Ran Sam who's in charge quote unquote. He comes in and tries to talk. Talk cade down and of course there's no talking K.. Down Kate ends up punching. Sam Sam goes to ruth and says you know your dad's causing trouble and she's like you're the boss you deal with it and you know at first. I thought well she's just being bitchy and you know blowing him off but I think she had a purpose there. She knew the same wasn't gonNA be able to deal with her dad so sam goes back. Sure Enough Kate punches him lays him out on the floor and ruth comes in and takes over and I think she did that on the purpose to prove to her that she is really in charge as a matter right. Yeah doesn't matter of SAM is in charge in name. She's in charge in that place. I mean did we really think Sam. Am was in charge anyway. Nobody did not link Hairdo. But you're right is trying to get back at her dad for saying that that she wasn't in charge anymore. Yeah you're you're right and I didn't pick up on that I just didn't you know. Look past the superficiality at the scene. But you're right. I think that was totally intentional. So she could come in and clean up the the mess and assert herself. Yeah then we have the scene. Where Marty and Wendy go to see beecher and they give him the tickets and they have the briefcase full of money but Wendy is getting a bad feeling and she's like okay? Well you know. Enjoy the concert. Let's go and Marty sitting there with his hand on the briefcase on the floor like honey You know like like you know. Didn't you forget something. Even though he keeps his mouth shut. Thank God I and they walk out and here is where I have to I. I was GonNa say this earlier that I totally get props to you because you said before. How MARDI is oblivious? Was the word you used in a previous episode and he is completely oblivious like he's so so bad at reading people yeah he is so bad at numbers guy right exactly. So she's like I had a bad feeling. It was to clean in there. Everything was perfect and she is very perspective perceptive because in the next room age of petty was sitting there right monitoring everything they were doing now. They don't know that. But Wendy you can pick up on these things whereas Marty has no idea right and I was actually confused I because I thought I thought she wanted Marty to leave the briefcase ace and they were ready to go and Marty thought that there was more negotiating to be done. But I didn't realize she was basically saying abandoned the plan Let's go. Yep Yep gave gave him the grateful dead tickets and let's go. So yeah she's I mean she's been perceptive the whole time. Marty I think I I don't know if he's being to trust. Maybe he's being too trusting people. I think he's accepted Rachel at face. Value Wendy is suspicious and yet. It's funny because Wendy Trust Wilkes and Marty suspicious of Wilkes but I think there's probably some jealousy going on. Yes definitely yeah definitely. I'M GONNA come back to that about Mardi being oblivious. Just because he's a numbers guy but the next scene is Rachel and Ruth again bonding over horse shoes. Which I think is funny that it pisses off agent agent petty because of the the noise of the horse shoes? But I I'm like Oh God Ruth Ruth is giving it up but I didn't hear anything terribly incriminating. There was talk about money. I I mean I guess I don't know what you need in a court of Right. I actually rewound that and was listening to it and I'm like well. Apparently that's enough like I don't know either. They are but you know she just made some comment about carrying a bag of money from one place to the next and I was like all right. I guess that was enough. I couldn't believe but yeah. Yeah that was enough for him. He was excited. He was going to finally be able to get a warrant right. Then we see buddy and Mardi goes down to visit and finally and he says to Kinda Dick which is like spot on you know gone to visit him or anything for him being in the hospital and then when Mardi does start talking to him he talks about I think his dad add who died of pancreatitis. Yeah and then starts talking about the percentages of survival of pancreatitis. And that like I'm going that so marty gotta so Mardi well. I mean statistically speaking and you know I'm like dude but but he pretty much shut him down and I actually think it was a really tender nder moment yes marty shaves him yes. Although I'm going I don't think I could shake anybody's face. I think I would just like cut the shit out of that. I just I just. I couldn't do it. Yeah I thought that was a really great moment to I liked that so then I guess with then we see the FBI then on the House races the Oh my God seen yes yet they wake up with that blaring alarm and the FBI rates the house and gets them all on on the floor. They're sitting there on the floor of the four of them in the family and petty smiles smile and he says Good Morning Right and nice ice camera angles with Marty on the floor and agent petty and a chair so clearly there establishing position of power. How marred is going to get out of this? I don't know because he does is not have any high powered attorneys in his corner. Like I don't know if Helen Pierce is gonNA come in come back in and I don't know what's going to happen because clearly they don't want Marty talking you know I'm sure they'd rather kill him than him. Talk but at this point based on what we've heard I don't know the how much they actually have on Martin if they just have suspicion in they're trying to get him to break and that's what that's what I suspect right. I mean he couldn't have gotten that much I think they just have suspicion. They have enough to to search his house and they're just hoping that they can somehow find more right. Yeah and that's the end. Yeah so you had some good information about the title. Yes so the title is stag and what do you think of when you here stag deer right. So that's what I was thinking dear now there was no dear in this episode at all so I'm looking like well. What else to stagnate? It means without a partner partner at the right but then I was like. I don't know if that really fits so I actually found that it symbolically. The STAG is is the king of the forest and protector of all other creatures and the native Americans see it as a symbol of A MESSENGER or an animal animal of power and a totem of sensitivity intuition and gentleness now who does that describe for you. Wendy Wendy. This was Wendy's episode. I yeah wow well done look at me all analytical and stuff and then we had the episodes are sorry then we had the symbols in the beginning so every episode opens with giant. Oh and across hair and the letters da Arcade with some sort of symbols in them so this time we see her shoes we see an FBI jacket and then we see something that looks like something military kind of like a sergeant arching back. Yeah yeah but I couldn't find any relevance to that in this episode and then we see a joint and a marijuana leaf yeah I kinda thought it was just just a a badge but yeah. I don't know it's very hard to tell what those are right. There's probably some website the analyzes all those. We'll have to look. Maybe we can put it in our show notes. That'd be yeah now our next segment. Here's my here's my introduction. This week dirty dilemma. Like the Michael Jackson Canadian dirty. It's time for our dirty dilemma okay. What's our dilemma this week? Our dilemma is Rachel. Rachel has dirty dilemma Emma this week yes roy versus Marty. What's she gonNA do Rachel? You'RE GONNA call right and the thing is. We don't know what Rachel is really thinking on one hand. We're thinking she's thinking anything right out of her FREAKIN. Mike could be. It could be but you know on one hand. It seems like she's trying to drop major hints install Mardi of which he's totally oblivious. Yes to try and be like wake up look around but then on the other hand we have petty who takes out into the woods and she's like no no no. I did that on purpose. So he'll trust me. Trust me at throws a suspicion off of me and he'll trust me I don't know do you believe her. I'm really struggling with this. I don't know whether I believe her. I WANNA lean toward no because I just I mean I want to lean toward yes. I do believe what she's saying thanks. I don't think she's quick enough on her feet to think of something like that You know she's she's really strung out on drugs and he's threatening her life life and she just doesn't seem like the type that is quick enough quick witted enough to come up with an explanation. I don't know so I I want to. I feel like she. He is telling the truth that she does have a plan however lucid. I don't I don't know I think maybe at that point. Based on her past behavior she was just kind of fucking with agent petty okay and maybe like showing her balls else or whatever to him because she she was doing that with the horse shoes she was doing that with the scene in the bathroom. Oh Marty and then I think she realizes realizes in that moment this means business. This guy is a psycho. Just because he's law enforcement doesn't mean he's not below the law. Yeah it's going to stay above the law. But above above the law below the law. Whatever he slimy? That's what we know it makes sense. So what would you do. You know if if well Roy was threatening to throw you in prison for life or you rat Marty number one I would stop using drugs. Yes that would be the first one that would be first and the second one is I mean. I guess you're natural. Instinct is to save your own neck but again we talked about this in the episode. When that happened are those charges that significant that she felt like she had no choice and I think generally nearly the writers are of Ozark are really good at making sure the stakes are really high? Yes and I just don't feel like the stakes are high enough for Rachel to make that decision. I probably knowing Marty's connections knowing you know exactly the right people he deals with. I probably would've said I. I don't know what you're talking about and I probably would've played dumb and I probably wouldn't have played along with the FBI right. I that that is almost exactly what I would say. A- and the thing that always gets me about a lot of TV shows is that is there no one else you can talk to. Is there no other option like is other anybody like even if she were to sit down and write a letter okay. Agent petty isn't monitoring her every move. She could write a letter to Marty and be right you. This is what happened with. This is what's happening and slip it to him right. I mean that's true that's true I don't know I mean that's what I would do. All right well Rachel we don't we're going to do with you. I can't wait to see. I'm very so Rachel. I'm very disappointed. That's all I have to say. So yeah we're we're going to gear up for episode five so stay tuned but in the meantime if you're taking a break from ozark or taking a break from listening to this podcast podcast. We got another one for you. It's called Stinger TV and movie podcast. Totally separate podcast. But we still talk about all things. TV and movies. What we're watching what we've seen scene at the theater and then we dive deep into one entertainment top of the week? It might be a show. It might be a topic but we would love for you to join us that Stinger podcast cast dot com is the best way to to find us or search for us on your favorite podcast APP absolutely and you can contact us on social media. We are at Stinger. PODCAST podcast everywhere. And you can call us at three one five sting. TV call in. Just leave a voicemail. That's all that it is okay. It's nothing scary. You just call in you. Leave a voicemail and we'll play Your Voice Mail on our next episode of you have a comment about Ozark. We also have a discussion group on facebook. So we have our T. V. movie discussion for Stinger where we talk about all things entertainment but if you want a place to just dig deep with other fans that are watching the show look for ozarks dirty laundry unofficial Netflix ozark talk. It's public group. Join US and and dive into the discussion all right until next time. Keep your laundry clean.

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#170 - Wendy Williams & JayStation Are Liars

"Hello everybody and welcome back to twenty twenty h three experience. We are now happening now because it's twenty twenty and and we have no time to waste radio. That's right thank you honey for sponsoring this episode. I have another bathroom story persona bathroom. I just saw We always people for the show. He's walking around. You know I just I. I guess I understand where they're coming from but he had the key literally early on the Metal Front of a car bumper like they get the objects so big. You tach the key to you like. It's like a huge metal rod. The guys walk around with car bumper. I don't know if they were making jokes. Like they to the next level. But because I saw one like a wooden spun of cooking as a Keychain to the key are understand what we've been talking about yeah when you take the key to the bathroom in public the book and awfully they always put it on like this stupidly big. Think it's getting out of hand. I guess it's so that you don't forget to return. Yes Ethan thin like you've done but it's not that serious almost once that week. Yeah well we we did get one hundred copies. Kept taking them home in my bag. I the fifty but I think there's just getting a little out of control it is. I literally saw all caring car with both like this guy's no shave should do you know what it'd be funny. If the guests we should attach it to the Gatsby so they have to ride to the bathroom. I got us for the Teddy fresh office. Little Teddy Bear keychains. And every time I go to the bathroom it's like so fun now I love it. got this little teddy way up for the Teddy Bear keychains. I was moved by that. I was moved I also want to give a quick chateau altered carbon. which is the show on Netflix? That I've been desperately looking. I show to watch her so long. Thirsty drought-stricken dying hang of thirst. And then I saw everyone on read. It was all hyped about altered carbon season tools. I didn't even watch these one. I just expect it with some dumb ass. One of the Adum Netflix shows as I. Am I gonNA Click that ship I'm two episodes in. This thing is spectacular. It's like a cyberpunk film new are but the production levels insane. It's like it's just creative. Which is fun to final San? Fran yeah nowhere. It's so good you'll fall asleep. I wanted to keep watching because I'm responsible and we gotTA show too. Well you do fall asleep early regardless of if there's only because we have a newborn baby I like this show is my point. I didn't fall asleep because of the show. Yeah I no no no no no. I'm not trying to imply that at all. I would never imply such thing okay I just remembered I have a story that I get to tell you from our last exercise that if there was a video would have been a hilarious but obviously I'm not recording myself exercising. Do you want to hear the S. I'm all ears okay so I exercise with a trainer and she put on one side. This we have this big medicine ball. That's kind of soft and if you throw it against the floor you have to use a lot of force. It doesn't really jump back up So I do five those like throwing slamming it on the floor and then you squat to pick it up and then run a little bit to the other side. And then she put a second bowl there for me to do the same thing uh-huh and we only had a different ball that's like the Madison bulldogs using the pool. And I want is heavy and it bounces back Um I didn't think about that and I slammed it super hard and then I'd like Nick Land to squad to pick it up and hit me in the face embarrassing. AC and this morning. I was like doing this and I was like what happened. Then I realized Oh yeah myself in the face Tyler Lafi you. Yeah Oh. She laughed through. I think we've all done some. Ah done that with like a or something you know but it did hurt a low yet in smack in the face with a straight you know but I'm sorry. Sorry that happened you well. You've wanted to valuable I have. I don't think that will happen again. Never touching that ball again. That's not the lesson uh-huh okay. Whatever you do to protect yourself yeah Thank you for sharing that. You're welcome now. How do you write that story? Compared to the post office story that stories stories five for at least six come. What's good? I always edited a star. It would have been a ten. Yeah Yeah if you saw the video yeah because I was so not expecting it. And it's limited like slim at full force in. What do you guys read that story? Everybody go ahead be honest to be honest. I'm giving it a six point five. Okay go ahead Zach Indian. Don't make me beg. I'd give it a seven. What it's funny okay six if you told that at apart to run a show like this it's happening? Can you not hear me. You not hear him. That's now we go. Hello Oh something's going on because we can hear him he gave it a sense. Yeah you can hear him. He's in the same room and it's coming through we get it all right Maybe I should have opened with this story. I know it's great. I like the whole railway wind like a ten ratings stories is at the beginning of the show. Got Them and do what should I hold onto sixes. No I like it. I liked. No I like this you did anyone else have any stores. They WanNa WanNa straight telling me test my microphone. Can you hear me. Yes so is ax fault. Yes yes sure Zach I I appreciate that okay so. Let's get right into the juice here Wendy Wendy as in coined the Wendy Williams. This is denying far gate now in the last episode we covered Wendy Williams who was caught ripping major uh-huh television show here. It is for everyone who needs a refresher or miss the array that we live. Now you can't just slap people on the booty of course he you probably know she's not a man woman or woman to a man but you can't even do. That lock wasn't playing that I mean in your lucky filed for sexual assault so you all heard that and actually isolated heads up. That's why are you sure you're not messing. I saw extract on my life the game obviously but I can't believe you got it so clean clean. Wow really that's gross listening cycle once a year so far it's physics. It's funny face but like how often do rip athletes that that genuinely once a year. Yeah once a year Why anyways she denied it? She went through this whole hubbub of the nine Games which just made her look even more guilty She this is amazing. The the length she goes to deny it by the way she calls it far which I really love and I thought she was going to kind of embrace embrace the FARC gave but then she goes to elaborate lengths to deny that she made a far. You guys can judge for yourselves here Lino in order to release the leaning over like this because it's comfortable you're I saw. The posture is completely different. She's leaning on the Ottoman arm. If you look look at the forklift was leaning. She was like doubled over like out like here. Look she's like she's you know what I mean like in different body language girl. I don't buy that like. Oh yeah this is the same no legged every episode. You know let me go back because everyone was clapping like a weird. Eric Edit Jason Show and we're GONNA have a good all the all right. I like watching something very very hot topics literally warmth topic's going through this now for a moment comment and I would like to have a private conversation. Okay she's getting A. I love the shots of the audience. Being like she's She's she's putting tea has like a gate now. Let me tell you article back here on this show. As a matter of fact I might have invented a lot because 'cause now all other talk shows are doing are trying to do allied Wendy. It's just me windy. Yeah look at all of these. What do you call A? I know you would say Dick Writer for Ma'am what would you was the female equivalent of a Dick Rider. Those guys here nobody riding her diction back. I don't know no idea wendy riders. I imagine them like surfing on her virginal poops like hang on flapping in the wind. Anyone know painting the picture. Wise the giant and you serve pupils. Though you know yeah. I don't lean over like this to release a part leaning over like this because it's comfortable you know. Sit like this all the time. It's heavy on my spine. Fine Girl Yup. Yup Yup wore these people. You know she read. That's Bro. We were all there. We all saw get the back. I like to release my hips tips and lean on saying yes. NFO's NFL. Shift my wig or I belcher Rub Mike. I've been doing this for eleven years on this. Show the bachelor fans back me up like that. You know what I'm saying. I don't see my fans at home when getting the shit and then they'd they'd go for me. They go they. Don't give me that you go girl treatment. Well do they. You don't see them so they might be a need. Okay well I like to think that they are but sometimes I just don't know I barely fought. You know why because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching you still far. That's bullshit you the farts. Are The shit in your asshole decomposing composing. That's the process of by which you absorb your food through your Cohen. You Bo you do both. Everybody does both. You can't can't say Wendy. Why your name Wendy? Then who. Anyway it went viral and find a viral. It would have made a big deal like if I farted I would definitely be because it's always funny girl. Just take a look at the clip life and then I'm going to go more in depth more end. That wasn't playing. That doubled over your file filed for sexual. I the first thing that's key to notice 'cause I wondered maybe somebody Faked because she was doubled over Burns you pause and somebody had this genius idea to put a farce out in there because it would look so real but they don't deny that the sound is in there. Okay they go through to an extreme length to explain it away. Go ahead okay. I just wanted to make sure the two other on this clap. If you know about Fort Gate the talk with the story girl like we would have been laughing at that. Ah Second of all by the sound of that part I would have had to go change my costume. I reckon I wouldn't even save the costumes October. Throwing it away. It probably be soiled beyond soil timothy what I suspect because me and my manager burning we went over the you know Bernie over and so we said Wendy. I saw stupid clearly. There's somebody who superimposed the sound and your the show and then it goes viral and you know whatever so. That's what's up with gate although Norman says he's got another theory the tapes. The sound is there superimposed but again you promised the God that was having stop when he's like wait stop. You weren't supposed to say I would like to have a second person to weigh in on this okay. My trusty steed John Anderson John John. John knows stuff John John Fire. Johnston McLean park a whole whole bunch of fun. I know how to get down and dirty right. There was no far continues to chime in on the screen shot. Okay okay so during the show. There was an incredible hissing noise. I hear a union here it but it was very distracting to me. I'm like in the control and like guys. There's a hissing noise. Like what is that. It sounds crazy but kate the chemists without the chemistry okay jarred so we were doing an in experiment out here with a tank. It's Cold Air Gas and we didn't have the proper hose way too serious. I the way you just rip so this guy on for too long tag. That's and we didn't guilty this. This is yeah so in other words when when when you drop like a piece of aluminum foil inside the tank it's supposed to flow in mid air okay so it wasn't working because we didn't have the proper hose in the it was just coming up. She had a meeting with the whole crew and she was super serious and she was like you guys find find what happened and then they all had described and bring out John. You ripped ass. John Explain what happens. Is like Charlie with the conspiracies. Now we're doing the gas experiment and say no. Did you rip Ass Lady. She probably did shit her pants. Maybe she it. Was John Walk Bull Shit. John's career depended on. Espn Oh yes. He's like everybody in. My field has lost respect for me. They could produce a salvo far. Dude it sounds like there's a lab on your asshole. Y No no that sound is just so stupid that somebody off camera is producing Fart. Sound that strong. Then what do you think is the producer. Yeah I mean I guess they had this chemist on on the same day as there's what they're trying to pass it off on but it doesn't even it doesn't sound like anything like what but just like skin flapping with gassing style. His his story is that they were doing these tests the whole time but just this one moment where she's cramped over and pauses then all the sudden just it's just sitting then all of a sudden. Yeah but also who does who does like loud testing during a live show Show recording. There's bullshit isn't it. I mean there could could have been something going on backstage But yeah I mean that would have required a the sound guy to have left some microphone back there open which Already unlikely be. The microphones specifically is miked on this one valve making squeaking. What money loops? Yeah it's such a clean sound that to come through to Wendy. I'm imagining if we wanted to capture a sound like that you would have to Rai- microphone just right right right on it. That's the such a clean beautiful fart sound. You could put that on my car audio library you know. And and also the want her producer kind of messed up Pearl story because he says I heard the hissing and I told them to fix it. So what kind of said is this where he says I hear hissing missing and it continues and then makes a fart sound once easily. Disproven you can just go back. Do we hear the hissing in Perdue. No Yeah Marine. Our His anger experiment. I WanNa hear far. Gate is not closed. Windy Arcade is open and more a more. They need to release the tape conspiratorial than ever released this demand witnesses but party. It's funny little research. You know what I'm saying just I can give you a few facts about just goes on about it. There was a loud but it wasn't apparently am not normal. They say the average human being farts between fourteen and twenty six times a day. I know when do you know what are you saying now that she's saying she doesn't Fart I. I can't believe you're going to such great lengths over guilty person. God can you look as hard Kelly going on dancer view saying right. Leave me alone. It's on the pause. How she pauses right right right? I'm fighting for my honest. They love the girls like yeah. Yeah you see everyone's lying just like you to give you some rhythm during commercials but you just turn me all the way off in the white shirt that I see a Suzanne. What team they play? Do you play for my team. What what are you? What are you up three strapping men on the front on? They look into your fucking free. Suppose you're nobody knows they're confused ladies like farting ripping ass and everyone's yeah. She looks like the Crip peoper not far from our show too well at least I'm not like in front of a live audience active Mike. I'm the shit. But the PODCAST. Nobody has expectations here. crypt keeper the decrypt keeper. And tell me there's not. I was ambulance. I swear to God. I'll them what Wendy. Yeah hold on. I'm telling you there is here. Look that aired an editor dead. I okay here what you see it. Thank three zero. It's an is in the air uh trip and if you don't see it as far gate over no it's just beginning. We demand answers the American public demands to know frog fraud. Don't you think she looks at Kripke. Bear no because a wrong. Sorry maybe a tiny okay thank you. That's enough we can move on now The that that auto da Da da Da da Bob. I'm about ready so anyway. She denies it yet. But then this brings me to another Wendy Williams just one she was actually got a Lotta Shit recently. 'cause she really is the worst and it would be much sad of me to not even mentioned that she got canceled for making fun of Joaquin Phoenix's cleft lip wishes a condition. As you guys know. And they say you're born with yeah you're born where your lip is kind of penned up toward your nose and it's actually. It's really easy to fix. They kind of just. I don't know what they do but you just. You're with the scar here. So he has got a scar from being born with a cleft lip and This is her take on CLEFT LIP Walking walking transform like when he shaves that off but the way he looks at you. Yes those piercing. I was crazy and he's got that good knows in dips way down. It's like he's happy with it. So Am I. And when he shades. She's got a hair. She is a trash rush. Human being like look at your face lady talk about how other people look my God. You want everyone to look like. He's saying like how easy okay with his nose was that yes I guess. She thinks everyone should get plastic. Surgery have their face box liquor. Oh hot he is no damn back. She said he says his nose. He's okay with his nose so I guess I am too. People are angry. Did Not stand with the rest of the Golden Globe room for a barely click. Use The the keyboard here OK. Well yes fiancee. Sitting first of all she smiled. And I think that's enough you know what I'm saying. She smiled the imagine the show by I'm fascinated by her sitting down all night long. First of all second of all nobody in this room is contact to different platform captivated by this along too far God well during the commercial break swoop commercial break dance is is the genius telling me to use these buttons and I'm trying to use the buttons and not they make sense okay. We're GonNa Stop Dan going the right direction up. Who is what this joker but Yeah you know what I'm saying. Okay here we go. Suzanne hot John John and the Johnny cash movie he yes and he knows how to transform like when he shaves that off by the way he looks at you yes. Those piercing is crazy. And he's got what's good nose dips way down like he's happy with it. So Am I you see. She thinks he should get plastic surgery. And look like the crypt keeper like her. You know when you get a certain amount of plastic surgery everyone starts looking the same. It's like a different race so she thinks that everyone should look like a Frankly it looks like she has a birth defect. Can I say that looks so she came out wrong. And what you can or cannot say this stuff and when he shaves off his moustache she's got a hair line fracture he's got one of those What do you call the cleft lip palate? He's got this. He's got this. I find it to be I find it very attractive. It doesn't have that funny but so not you know. I have to say after watching the clip. I don't think it's as big of a deal as everyone said she's just she's always like they are and complimenting him but in her away well she just Ajami she just she's just you know like dips way down like he's happy where he was able to shake mustache. She's got a hair line fracture. He's got what he called class lists like. He's got this got this. I lots of people just cap this and then post which is funny. But he doesn't have that fixed that he was born with that and he fixed it and he has just as scarred. They're so tom you know what are you anyway. That's not really something that she should make fun of because some people can't fix it. Oh yeah or they. Don't I have the money yet. It's a real shame when people can't fix it because it's it's apparently really easy to address. Yeah I in school. That had it and they they can fix it so I know how to talk to her about it so I don't know maybe they just don't have the money no no real shame you know but she I mean if it's like you can't you can't fall her for this. She her whole act is Disgusting Gusting. You know what I mean. It's like it's the whole shows the problem so there's but that's my take what you guys think she being offensive here or is is just wendy passing gas as usual it's Seems like not that big a deal. Yeah it's not any worse than calling her. The KRIPKE Dan. You're cancelled Zach ahead. I mean it's fucked. I mean why. Make Fun of that sack. You pass the purity tests. Yeah I mean I guess Joaquin's playing the joker but Wendy's the one that's clown how well I think you pass. I think you played it cool and you didn't give an answer but I do want a direct answer from you so please no but I need to know if you pass the the test or not like a soundbite. Yeah you gotTa Soundbite for this Zach thank you. Can you answer for me. You know. Once you requested the soundbite. You're all bets are off. Dude this is all I'm not talking about well. Let's start to break We got a crap ton of stuff to get to frick load of stuff to get to man. It's only been three minutes. We've only talked about one story. Wendy showed I love talking about about Wendy. She's one of my favorites. She's my favorite part. Is that somebody's going to be around for a long time. Eh to work of art soundbite. That about that soundbite soundbite that I'm not touching this one all right. Let's go to a quick break guys. We'll be right back with lots more. H Lee podcasts. Here to entertain you during the actually I was GonNa say during the week when it comes out on Saturday. Isn't that a shame of it is what it is. It's not such a big deal. Not such a big deal says okay. Let's let's thelen job on the weekend. Yeah Oh she was such a great week. Go ahead. Dan Go to break right by by this time. You've all heard about honey. The free online shopping tool that automatically finds the best. Promo codes available to you on the Internet and automatically applies them to your cart. You know how great it feels but did you know how great it feels when you save with. They wrote jokes swimming. Liftoff Mukhlis up these jokes here. Saving with honey feels like sliding into a seat on the train just before the doors close honey saving with honey feels like a no l. wiper you know when you take a dump and it's perfect now that's an original joke. I wrote that one right out of my head right now. Save with money. 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Plus it's free to use and installs in just a few Seconds get honey for free. Join DOT com slash h street does joint honey dot com slash h three now. We only have one sponsor today and we have to run to the bathroom. I'M GONNA waste a little time. How much time we at Dan trip three minutes? Oh three minutes. Let's add one more minute so the people always wonder too. I've explained many times but we don't cut it's alive. It's a life even though we don't live the life you don't WanNa add it. This is the RAW. Don't don't rise to the RAW. Yeah exactly even though we're not live. We want it to be on filtered baby new teddy. Fresh drop comes out next Thursday or actually Less than a week now on Thursday this just some examples the twenty twenty Valentine's job really fun stuff to say. I think that this rob is going to set the tone for the whole year. It's elevated the qualities insane. The designs earned saying you guys are GonNa see and feel the difference. We're are doing lots of laboratory testing on her clothing to ensure Elias prove everyday. Ella this is an original we workshop. This study are the sweater for so long to get a perfect and it came out amazing you got the patches you got but there's there's a ton of great show you because they want the damn. You are bursting with Teddy Teddy bear blamed on your necklaces as well. I designed the shirt. I WANNA take full credit for that. Although it's not that complicated I really liked the net Caller yeah it's a great shirt. So that being said I think we're about ready go back. What do you think then? We're good tolerate. That's why back we are are back So my next topic is a little bit delicate. I'm not trying to get canceled this early in the season. But I just want to discuss. Okay so Joe Rogan. When asked who he would vote for and the democratic craft primary he said Bernie Sanders and he gave a really Compelling argument I think really flattering argument for Bernie said. He's been around. He's so consistent. He's been saying the same thing his whole career. He's rock solid. You know what I mean. And then Bernie. Well here's the video I think I'll show it for for everyone's reference. I think I think I'll probably vote for Bernie him as a human being when I was hanging out with him and I believe in him I like him I like him a lot. What Bernie stands for is a Guy Guy who look you? Could you could dig up dirt on every single human being that's ever existed if you catch them in their worst moment and you magnify those moments and you cut out everything else. Two new only display the display those worst moments. That said you can't find very many with Bernie. He's been insanely consistent his entire life life. He's basically been saying the same thing been for the same thing. His whole life and that in and of itself is a very powerful powerful structure to operate from totally agree so so Bernie Sanders official twitter posted this clip stages Basically like retweeted it right. But they've insurance. Joe Rogan said. I think they actually made a out of it. Because it says paid for by Bernie Twenty twenty. Pretty amazing that they're that they're that they see they find him credible a so cool for both of them but so now I guess people within the progressive left are outraged raged by this for example. Here's one prominent tweet says. Joe Rogan has had friendly interviews with Milo. What's as lessening Napoli? Napoli ethic and Jordan Peterson yelled. You're a fucking man on air about a trans woman. Vocally argued against allowing trans kids. Puberty blockers this year says fag and believes the world world is stacked against men so enjoy okay so first of all the even. If you're you're not happy with WHO JOE Rogan isn't it. Great if Bernie can pull people from a different raid what they believe in. That's exactly yeah well you would need to be trump right or even just to find a common understanding right right like but first of all the claims. She's making her so outrageous ages. First of all his interview with Milo is what destroyed his career but she said herself a friendly interview. What's the problem that you can't have a friendly interview? Well well apparently not a lot of people think no. You can't well so Milo Milo. He had this when he during that interview. He said something about how like pedophilia normal within the gay community and Joe Shredded him on that so hard and pretty much got his whole career ruined his whole career so to just call it first of all. Your point is valid enough but to call it. A friendly interview is not the case. I watched a lot of that interview and it was not friendly. It was very combative. So that's dishonest and there's nothing wrong. Both having a friendly interview with new conversations are good these people think that if you disagree with them you can't have a conversation. And that's that's I mean I mean this tweet is just so wrong everything about it. Then she goes on to say Jordan Peterson again. I don't understand why Jordan Peterson's such a bogeyman in this progressive left circle. I don't get it I think he has Side to him that maybe a lot of people don't agree with but I don't think he's like voldemort. It's like you cannot be associated. We had them on the show. We didn't discuss any use. The alt-right it's I just don't get that. I mean I don't get it you know he's GonNa have to agree on everything. I don't think I agree with a lot of. Yeah I definitely don't but he's you can't not say he's not smart guy doesn't have things listen to to to Listen to about about you know if there's someone you disagree with where they're coming from. You're better off listening to them understanding where they're coming from and having that conversation they don't want that conversation station even take place. Yeah which to me seems that their whole their whole stance is How will we award last week? If if both sides will just never talk to each other. What what is this GonNa look like? It's Dan she said yelled your fucking man on air about a trans woman and so again. There's no context context that he's talking about Trans Athletes Competing against women so so obviously he's a comedian so he's trying to be funny and outrageous but I think the point he's the conversation he's having is a valid one context at all. You know it's just dishonest. This honest to frame it like you said you're fucking man like he's just screaming that the transpeople no. He's talking about a specific topic which is contentious controversial. And I I do think that It's definitely a conversation in lots. Say that a trans a man who transitions to a women doesn't have an upper hand against biological women and Athletic Competition being. That's just seems outrageous but at any rate maybe I'm wrong. I think it's a a conversation. I think it's a conversation because it's this is all very new and some of it might be unknown. I don't know what happened to your body if you're taking yes certain So orwell I agree with it oh on the value. There's a conversation we had. But they don't want that conversation they just they they just write them off as you're fucking in which he's he's see what what he's saying is your biologically born a man. vocally argued against allowing trans kids. Puberty blockers this year again. That is a very contentious conversation to me. That seems like totally insane to give a child something that can chant the it can block puberty. I mean that's just they're just a child I mean how could they can but the point is again. I don't know the facts. I'm not gonNA argue or the other but again that seems like a fairly contentious issue so I don't think that's outrageous for him to argue that says fag. Yeah I I don't I know about that is just thrown in there so I don't know and believes the world's stacked against men. I don't think he believes that either. I don't don't think he even believes that but again. It's just been there so it's like these are like the pre canned responses to de-legitimize anything he has to say. And you know it's like they have this purity test for the left if you disagree if you get anything wrong you're not worthy. Yeah there's no gray is like it's just it's crazy. I can't believe where direction that they want things to move to but I wonder if I do wonder because I mean this has fourteen thousand likes disbursed on once trump out of office right. Oh Yeah I'm sure so. How is this going to help anything? They wouldn't just WanNa Watch the whole world burn. It seems like they don't have the you know what I mean like I made a tweet about it and then and like everybody's calling me transphobic because I s not that. That's not the twitter made. That's Hawkers Bernie. All I was just giving context to Joe's to the to the tweet trying to give context by the way what he said about Bernie. Money is just true as nothing to do with transfer of good character on Bernie side and I. It has nothing to do with anything. Why would would you orion that for Bernie? They just hear the named Joe Rogan and then they get triggered and go Oh attack. They're ready. He was already on the show. They're ready to not support burn because they re tweeted that. That's it's that easy. I saw you anthony. FANTASTICO made a a good response to that. Her tweeden says whoever you're planning to vote for would have gone on his show in a heartbeat but he didn't want you know what I mean like. Apparently Warren was trying to get on his show and Biden was trying to get on the show but he didn't want them on the show. So I said I said Joe was interviewed. Destroyed Destroyed Milo Jordan. Peterson is not the boogeyman. Your man to trans- athletes competing against women puberty blockers to children as literally insane. Okay that's my take. Maybe that's my take whatever. Would you even pass purity test under the same microscope. Nobody would chill. It's one of those are such a big conversation you just can't but then the here we go. Here's the top comment. Lots of Transphobia from here from you here Ethan disappointed. I'm just giving context what he said. How am I being transphobic? I don't even know how to not be transphobic. Like how do I not be transphobic. Ah these are all these are all new things like. How is everyone already supposed to know what the right answer everything but I do wonder under Uber Block Earth? There's a lot to even know about it. I mean on face value. That sounds really messed up to me too. Yeah on face value. Maybe I'm wrong. I know that some people already doing it so I don't know there's probably a lot to be educated about. I have no idea but why already cancel me for not knowing or having an an opinion and will apparently have transfer. I don't think I'm transphobic at all. Personally I personally thing in on that case like but also I. I just said that I'm just giving in context here. You know. Make whatever judgement call you one about Joe Rogan but I just think that this person took everything he said. Totally out of context and I responded funded K.. Just because I knew whatever I would say wouldn't be enough for them and I just I take the charge. SOA RAGES TO ACCUSE ME BEING TRANSPHOBIC. I mean I'm an ally I don't hate transpeople. I hate gay people. No I support the rights. And what they're doing but it's like I'm not enough. That's why this stuff is so Fr. I'm definitely your ally ally. That's what's so weird is that they wanNA cannibalize people like me because I'm not I'm transphobic. Apparently but the real enemy transphobic people are are there. Oh yeah there's people WANNA kill transphobic people gay people and all this transfer people because of religious beliefs. Or they're just I don't know scared out of it. That's not me I'm rely you gotta you gotTa chill with this but I also wonder if on twitter these groups they organize they have a way of amplifying their voice in a way. That's not at all representative on they all have vested interest like forums. I I haven't clicked through but I mean have you taken a look at the person that you replied to Have you looked at their profile. I mean I can almost guarantee you that they're like a hardcore biden or warrant supporter. You know what I mean. They're what they're weaponising this because this is a useful tool to them to get an advantage. Electorally I I don't know who they support but I haven't seen any he can almost guarantee you. It's not Bernie interesting. Well there has been a whole play. To Discredit Bernie from A. It seems like an organized effort from Hillary A. and warrant to to kind of try to destroy burn which I'm looking through a profile right now. She looks like She's a Pretty Hardcore Warren Person. Yeah I figured there you go well. Sorry Lady Warns Point at thirteen percent. She's she's gone. Morne thing is absurd to because it's like you know you can take issue with the individuals that support Bernie. But I I mean you know if if you claim to care about Trans Rights and stuff. There's nobody who has a shot at actually winning right now. That is as good for those things as Bernie so you're completely self sabotage. That is what I don't get. Ah Without a question. This is your goal. Ultimately her goal should be the Democratic nominee will win right ultimately that that would be the best thing for transplant. I think her goal if she if you are if she was honest would be just too. I think they just addicted to being a victim. They like being in that position. Because when you're the underdog near the victim you can pretty much get away with anything and I just I don't know I mean I don't think they really think that far they just think about how to win. Democrats are so stupid. It's unbelievable while this if they amplify voices this then we'll never win another election. You gotta get a broad set of people on board room. Can you imagine people like like You know farmers in Iowa what they would think of tweet like this. Yeah well. Most of those people aren't on twitter and that's the thing is like the whole twitter thing is just. It's it's a bubble of media people but I'm just saying reflective of the year Warren or or Chiller chiller chiller Clinton and so easy to absorb this because you want to appease people and you think it's important that there's a lot more people in their rb speak speaking of which how much you WanNa bet. That woman loves Hillary Clinton and had no fucking problem with her going on Howard stern a couple of weeks ago. Who is like a thousand has said a thousand times more more problematic things than Joe Rogan has ever done? Are you kidding. It's Howard fucking stern. You like what so Howard's free. I mean he jokes around a lot a he's I'm talking historic like yes. He's had a long career. There's a lotta stages of yard Howard gets a lot of Shit Well that's why she went on now and not what she's running and everybody responded great. I thought that interview was amazing until I saw what she said about Bernie and now the hating her despising her talk about that because it's a good segue Bernie has been slamming Biden on his history trying to cut social security and recently Biden Biden. I just WanNa Watch this clip of him tripping. I whistled pie from Fuck Biden. Hillary came out and she's making a new documentary. Let's start with this. Let's set the tone. I'm just chilling in Cedar rapids. Can't wait torch along documentary about cats. Jesus so terrible. So in her documenatary she says he was in Congress. For years he had one and senator support him. Nobody likes him. Nobody wants to work with them. He got nothing dime. He was a career politician. It's it all just baloney he and I feel so bad for people that got sucked into it. You know it takes a lot of balls for Hillary to call someone a career politician and nobody. Nobody likes him. I mean look. WHO's talking I come a lot? She basically through the most win the like she liked twisted destiny. Like A in like one billion universes. She wins that election but she's she's the one version of Hillary that so unlikable that she actually fucked up L. A. Basically hundred percent chance to win Oh so if he gets nominated. Will you endorse him. They ask. I'm not going to go there. You were still in a very vigorous primary season. I will say however that it's not only him as a culture around him. It's his leadership team it's as prominent supporters is all my Bernie rose and the relentless attacks on lots of competitors. Here's particularly women's shut up no way. She's so bit narrative there is against the women. Where's it coming from whether they're grasping at straws it's so insane because because coming off the heels Ila if he supported women why does he run in an election against one? Obviously he should've resigned. I mean that's literally when you when you boil it all down. That is the mentality. Well I listened to interview on Howard and she was very bitter about Bernie. She was bitter that he didn't endorse her sooner. So she actually impart blames Bernie for her loss and not herself with these chiller Lee Clinton videos. Hillary Larry God what a bitter fucking or unlike her anymore. She had a good week where we all like there for one week. So here is when Warren Sanders by way. So so there's a story out that but Bernie told Warren that he doesn't think a women a woman can win the presidency which on the face value again. He's got a lifetime of of credibility to back him up. And that's not something you would ever say. I mean it's just stupid to even think so. Then the story leaks right and then Warren Senate like I have to confirm that he did indeed say that such big story by the way this whole thing backfired because Bernie is now almost the forerunner and and warn. She's like dead. She's she's only polling at twelve percent nationally and Burns twenty eight. I think this story ruined her. Though is so awful she was already on her way out but it definitely was stake through the heart. I think she was just trying to burn down on her way out but anyway here they go listen to CNN too by the way I mean everybody jokes on CNN but this is just I so a -rageous watch how they frame this standard. I do want to be clear here your saying that you never told Senator Warren that women could not win the election script. Senator Warren what did you think when Senator Sandra Sanders told you not win the election. Believable you dumb audience even surface absurd. I mean it's offense is still why did you already. We decided that he said it. But that's not even the good for the good follow up question is did he say yes because then let's see who let's let's figure this out it's phrased. She already decided he. He did say he's lying now. What was your but its just? Wow that woman should. I don't say she's a professional. Journalists interviewing potential potentially next president. I mean this is outrageous this whole debate thing like why. CNN involved where any of the cable networks period like. Why don't we do it this way? This is so crazy easy in backward that these corporate news networks run the debates. Like what actually don't know what who would do it. Then the democratic just a nonpartisan partisan commission something. I mean who pays for it though the the candidates I mean that's who pays for it now. Advertisers partially paid for it as well. But I thought CNN would pay. I know I mean. They're all organized by the DNC. And they do it in partnership with these but I think they must pay a lot of money for the rights to potentially consultants advertiser. Yeah but it. It just shouldn't be commodified. That's one thing like it. It shouldn't be yeah. Well we're prophet billionaire. Exactly shouldn't be able. What a by a moment Bloomberg spent a hundred and fifty million dollars on ads? Butch he outspent every candidate by like hundred hundred times so he should be able to do that either. Have Disagreed Bernie is my friend and I am not here to try to fight Bernie but look this question about whether or not a woman can be president has been raised in. It's time you know they rehearse this they this was like a they. They set her up. Yeah got written now so fuck you. And then here is the post-debate conversation on with a hot mic. It made me a liar on national. Yeah you did new clothes. I on national. Let's do it right now. One is so smart. He's like our mics are on dumb dumb but CNN. This is all orchestrated man now then. CNN by the way leaked the audio well. Yeah and she. She knows very well that this is being recorded moment. Yeah and he handled it actually like a pro 'cause he he didn't lie to turn into a moment and Tom she's tells pissed though. Oh Yeah it's just because it's such low character. He's so smart because he could have gone. He could be like well. You you did lie or cooking. took an IT anybody. He didn't even say anything negative about her. You just said let's not do this now. I think and the like a goddamn pro. WHO's been around watch Tom? Sawyer is such such a fucking idiot. He's like he just wants to say hi Bernie. Now's not the time Bozo. Good story just they never been more. Larry David Than Larry Bernie Amazing Tom Sawyer. Just it'd be one hundred million dollars tons dire. I mean who cares. Who the fuck is Tom? Yeah exactly just can do anyway. I'm I'm Tim Berry. Gangs actually point eight percent which is exciting. But I'm both would be. I mean I'm team. Burning Yang speaking of Larry David. There was this great clip of Larry. David telling him to fuck off here. Another great segue is awesome awesome. I love this mm-hmm where did seven dollars you. Nobody wants to do this. Why are you doing unseen stop? Stop the shit. Nobody wants this. Stop it just stopping. You see wartime understand. I love that. He's still signed nightside them all. I waited seven hours for you amazingness. He's right those guys got worst when I saw this pop up my heart. Stop for a second because I thought it was going to be him like yelling at A. You know attendant at the parking lot or something. That was GONNA be bad on him and then I was so relieved. He's playing laying into these paparazzi people. So Oh here's our here's our big story of the day you guys all j. a station you remember him. We've talked about him. He brought back to life Edeka. who was the Youtuber who had an own? He had taken his own life I was very public very talked about J. Station that very next day summoned and his ghost via Ouija board which a lot of the people thought was tasteless which is to put it. Mildly is also summoned. Mac Miller lots of lots. I mean he's the trash use person non youtube possibly alive today He posted posted a video saying that his girlfriend had died which is sad but then when you look at the thumbnail this is the thumbnail think. That's the thumbnail so she apparently according to him the hell died the day before and then he went home. Made this this video and this thumb nail this down nose just unforgivable. There's no you know I saw this story the and then when I saw the thumbnail I was like you know and obviously a lot of people are saying that it's fake even even if even if she is actually dead which is about zero percent chance even if she is dead this is is almost even more worse for him. I mean he looks like I don't know what's worse faking. Someone's death or doing this. If they actually die I think doing this. If they Ashley died is worse faking that someone died is pretty bad. I think what he's GonNa do is be like. Oh my God she's back. You Know I. Yeah this is. He's going to resurrect her neck. Romantic his channel becoming like super power. I don't understand and we're digging into it yesterday because they went from like fake Ghost yet. It's supernatural. Dan Yeah well we. We're watching some of his content yesterday just dying laughing and yeah I mean he. He's got all kinds of crazy stuff. He's doing genetic experiments he's doing talking to the dad he's he's out. I think what happened. Is She went on a on a short trip or vacation though he did She's dead and he's going to AH resurrect people by anyway. Here's the video to four minutes and a half acting. So yeah what's up guys is. There's no way Jesus ever the last night didn't have another girlfriend that died. Apparently apparently yes. So if I'm the FBI all of a sudden these guys girlfriends keep this and if this really happened I have this guy in custody as the FBI so this has like legit and a lot of us unlikely other the vast majority are likes well. It's actually much better Yesterday they were looking at it. I think because it's getting attention impose. Yeah it's getting dislike bombed but When we came across it yesterday it was it was all oppose? The top communist tried to connect with her with a Ouija board for one last. I love you rest in Peace Alexia we will miss you. He will and pinned and favorite favorite Yup. But if she did that feel bad. Enjoyed twenty four six six hours prior was he wiping his forehead. Yes four Ziobro tearing up for details Komo the thing is I is gone. So if she's dead actually know crying. Yeah we're GONNA make you not know where you drive from so let me ask you if actually sorry for. That's your year around eleven pm here. Sorry telling me what what happened probably together. I thought he said they were filming together. Whatever team we just has hit three hundred thousand subscribers go subscribe at about five videos that we had filmed? We were ready to post on that channel while you just promoting a a second channel go. Oh you know. I think he was explaining. 'cause 'cause I saw someone say that he still posted a video. Win It's all the same day so awesome. This is just as yeah. Here's where it all just driving being subs dream to get three hundred thousand. What a fucking scumbag? The remainder videos. Oh that was last week. That channel was it was first. He's barely talking about her a million subscribers. So because I know that's that's what she would want those videos there after the heels such a fuck no more sky would fucking Murder his own grandma he if it got them more subscribers after those videos there's no more records into the sun but that's so amateur bro. The the light keeps changing. I know she's innocent view. I'm probably not going to be able to upload on this channel for a while I hope you guys can understand like she meant everything to me. She's been living with me for the last four months guys. She's been my world for the last four four months anyway that long four months. Thanks for four months. I'd never ever met a girl like her if she actually did die. Hugh murder. I'm sure of it not bad. She's not that he'll bring her back. Can we. anyways probably post those videos on that guys anyway anyways. Don't forget Michael Legs links also don't forget. Ns by follow me on twitter to wind career. So this is the video. Posted actually has incredible like dislike human. A lot of likes. Yeah yeah or this. This is the video that he posted the same day. Yeah he didn't get that many subs a- all that he wanted two million. It's only at three twenty three because he said that they were way he already posted another one seven hours ago. He said he they do you got to be done. This is my account I want. I want some comments. I love this. This was her dream from the grave. Rave I love you guys. Thanks for all the support so they were they were just under three hundred thousand right you or I wasn't paying attention or something like that because is there only a three twenty three because she's an on this show Ula the Janus hooked up to come in so there's more to the story There's ads on that video by the way we forgot to mention. I took screen shots just because I couldn't believe it but there's there's like Hella ads on that video My girlfriend died rest in paradise. SPA brought to you by Monday. Dot accom make more time for actual work Monday dot Com. I love you too man though the best fuck me right I'm a problem I'm a problem. fucking unbelievable video video of him going to the site where she died also has ads on it. What's up guys? I just got off the phone. With the next year's parents they had set up a memorial on the side of the road for Alexia. So right now me and Ahmed are just honor. Skip ahead out locations and we're going to say our last goodbyes to Alexia goes to the bad actor Bro. Yeah yeah there's a funeral dumb a comedy I I think i WanNa Watch the whole thing. Maybe road she passed away. Our guys act. I can't do this you turn. Maybe they'll see ghost. Just go see the final goodbye. I thought that's what this out to us. Just now. Fortunately no we. That's coming up. He's GonNa melt this. Oh yeah aw home you yeah. The parents said that Alex like a five year old. Yeah it looks like you spend ten minutes doing it before you shut this. Also those are those are fake candles. Yeah I just went through. Part of the battery doesn't last that long. He clearly just set it up. Those don't those on last night. Yeah he just stopped party city for sure. Do you guys have a memorial. By the way there's snow covering the ground and that Teddy Bear looks fresh as hell like it. Looks like it just snowed the night before I took this picture of accenture. Look at those cars are going to hit him. We'll have a real best. She just dislike. This is it's like As bad as you to gets its new bad this but this guy anything I thought he was at the level of land. Steward faking a ghost in the house but this is a new. It's a new low to use the term that's overused but it is a new low with this guy is is quite literally willing to do anything. Yeah Samat Life She just lance actually seems like a decent guy. That's what always happens. You know right right. The there's there's generations because when when all those Brank stirs. We're going out of fashion and new stuff. We we're coming. We're not base. Starting to seem like not that bad. You mean like Logan and Jake. Paul looked in comparison. Right there different bad I mean so flow was a such show. COCK SOFA is still legendary bad and the pranks in the hood were. What's probably some of the worst the worst that was Kinda like harm awesome? Well kids watching that. Yeah some teddy grabbing weird sexual stuff for sure but this is the worst for sure this is definitely the worst. I've seen that a vinci like a designer five hundred dollar I'll never find a girl like this again. Jacob doesn't even have a little. Don't worry we'll tell you about life in doubter and amazing so this actually this guy kind of went above even beyond what was necessary but I appreciate the hustle. This guy Ordered some ordinary Gamer. said that J stations lying about his girlfriend. I spent the entire night browsing and check with police departments in Toronto and Ottawa. No police reports no local news agencies and worst of all no family is confirming. So I mean he legitimately felt so bad after hearing the death of this person. I wish I didn't try and look into it in light of myself instead. I'm clenching my fucking fucking fist and rip some blood out realizing that some fuck faces actually lied about dying like this. I'm so fucking that well I mean I I mean relax wrong any legitimately felt bad. I mean we all knew he was. I appreciate you go into the effort to apparently ANCELOTTI chancellor says well. I think we already know that I guarantee you. Does anyone want to bet that he'll bring they want action on that that he'll bring her back resurrect or in a week. I mean is I wanna hear betting Outta wise. I feel like we're all I don't know other alternative theory that may not result in her coming back. Ah just broke up. I I thought as well but she would show say something or maybe had an agreement like I'll pay you if you don't say anything about it but I think it's so epic if you broke up with her and then posting videos they prerecorded So awesome he's alive Jay Station there you have it. I wonder has he posted anything. Let's Z. Our people even taking this seriously like making articles about it he obviously we need to stay in Texas decided to spend it he obviously made it up. Like what are we debating. He made it. Kobe person is still being showed in in classes. So that's a good point. He'll probably guys off so yeah just picked her up. What's sub guys? I just got off the phone with Alexia parents. They had set up a me real on upload while I'm certainly looking forward to the Legendary yeah why I was. I was absolutely blown away when I saw that while I was like if she really really died before I really looked into it and even watch the video now I have no question about it but like if she actually died I wonder what can we say about it but then when I saw that thumbnail allies like I feel like he needs an award ceremony for worst and then like this one could come to does a great idea Logan Poland. The forest would be a top one is. That's a lifetime achievement. Look look at this thumbnail. He actually writing articles. Yeah Dude just what the hell are we even talking about. Oh Mike God he's the trashes dude alive. Just look at him. I mean just listen to him. Just can you imagine hanging out with these people. They might have kids someday when you think about that. The probably kill their kid. The probably do Mike Child died video. I bet you he would i. They do have a kid. They ordered it off the dark web. I saw that video yesterday. Okay if they actually had a kid if he had an infant child three months old he would make a video. My baby died. I can't wait for that anyway. There you have it Jay station We have some other exciting news you know. China has a lot of exports supports. What did you dislike me? Dan J station baby actually does have a dark web data. You weren't kidding. Hey guys are ordering Billy Graham Baby Twenty one hundred dollars ask them out amount. So China has a lot of exports. In fact they're they're beating the world with how they're exporting exporting everything. Everyone gets everything from China. But did you know that. China's number one expert world ending pandemics. Seems like every pandemics starts arts in China probably because there's so many people and poor conditions for example you guys probably heard about the core of current corona virus which is the hot new world ending pandemic But SARS started in China. I believe and the pig virus started in China. Oh yeah they do it all third number one and number one in the world this. This new virus called the Corona virus is apparently Infected eight hundred people To in America they they caught him or says three hundred. I think it's gone up to eight hundred. Yeah Yeah and it's killed twenty five. That's China's official reporting probably ten times what they're saying there's a lot of incredible footage of so let me put this in context texture Wuhan were originated. Has Been entirely quarantined by China. You cannot go in or out of this entire city do not wanna people live in Wuhan. Guess CUT GUESS NEW YORK FOR CONTEXT OUR LA has like five million or something. Yeah eleven million people just in there and move on alone which probably makes it one of the most populous cities entire world. There's just one of many mega-cities in China that's how it is. Here's what it looks like someone the entire city is quarantine. no-one no-one out that's crazy. It's never been done before quarantining and city this big because no-one no-one out listener taken it seriously. Yeah but everyone in that city is going to fucking die. Eleven million people people. It is good. They're doing that. I mean I agree League this this was pretty crazy till someone taking a video of of a doctor and tears on fun with superior. Doctors seems to be a translation is saying they can't handle more patients and it's over capacity and he wants them to stop sending. The people are trying to send more doctors but he replies. He doesn't doesn't want more thought. There's literally no room for patients one-on-one although Jesus this is what's going on inside right now you don't won't heal and they're saying that they cannot reach people higher up trying to reach administrators but they can't reach them reminded me of Chernobyl. Yeah that's right. It's totally noble and China's there's government would would do the same thing about. It is honest if they say twenty five people died. What is twenty five hundred? I'm serious they say they're six hundred. People infected at sixty thousand. But you see how these were acting and you see. Shade is someone's recording that like because you know you'll get locked up for life If you're caught going against the Almighty Chinese government so so it's pretty scary. Actually in the United States there was the first confirmed case of the new virus. There was a second this morning. which city was it in the second? I think was in Chicago because the first one was in Seattle I believe there was one in l. a. that was suspected but I think they've decided yeah But yeah it just. As of this morning I saw the second it started in a fish market in Wuhan because these viruses pandemics endemic start when a virus makes a jump from another animal which is like super rare occurrence. But it happens so it makes it jump from the animal to human and then are we have no resistance. We have no immunity. It's a whole new thing so mutation of the influenza of the flu virus and That's what's so dangerous about is that it's just this new thing that can totally ravage ravage bridge us Patient zero who is not being named as an isolation. Oh no sorry. That's the guy in America Washington get the fuck out of Wuhan Wuhan my way out of China. The patient in Washington was for four days after arriving in the United States and saw care based on the patient's symptoms and travel history. Dr Suspected the novel who John Corner of Kora Cora Corona Virus Crack Open a nice cool corona and since specimens to the CDC ABC. So this guy was cruising around Seattle. Three Days Sh The Corona virus is in the same aim family as the severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS which killed more than seven hundred people in two thousand and two thousand three spicy to date. It has killed more than three hundred people and has struck China Thailand South Korea Japan and now the United States The outbreak started in late December at an animal market and Wuhan so it was an animal hallmark of fish market and seven hundred miles south of Beijing. Yeah I think I read. These corona viruses come from cattle believe keep. The virus can jump from animals to people. But now human-to-human transmission has been confirmed announced on Wednesday. Chinese officials are quarantining. The entire tire city of Woo on it is emphasized. How huge of a deal? Assist us a mega city with approximately eleven million residents more than Los Angeles County County. A quarantine of the scale is unprecedented. Is there any more news about that. Does this from Wednesday seems like it's just Unknown still heard this morning that the World Health Organization is not declaring it an international crisis. Yeah Yeah just like Chinese death death man that quarantines so crazy I think everyone in that city is GonNa get fucking nuked by this virus. Iris you know what's crazy though I did see that In an effort to address all Orbis They're like rapidly building more hospitals right on and You know construction in China's is crazy And they're saying you know they can build an entire hospital six days. Yeah we're just throwing it. I heard they finished just one or they're building. They can fit eight hundred people's week. That's the Chinese the Chinese spirit man or they just raw human human power that is on the flip side of it is They don't care if people die building you know safety. The thing is safety code all this shit. That takes a long time right here. There's no there's no delays there just go to those fantastic What else we got what else I think I'm done? I think it was all the good stuff over the red at me. Malboum how long we been going down Let's see we started at twelve. Twenty three's so a little under an hour what no way. That was the break. I'm sorry I was thinking not. We're almost an hour hour and a half. Let's go over memes and then I actually. I wanted to pitch your brother as the bachelor but were to. Oh No. We're going to wait. We're going to get me back down. We put that in touch with a pig. Yes good that's exciting. The Bachelors as New York's so We've already talked about this. I'm just going to be happy well. Apparently according to equity got had some interesting applicants we did against some pies by that. I don't even know how so about that with you guys. This is good of a time as is ever but when we did the batch with Ian Yeah the conversation got fairly vulgar at times. Is that going to be uncomfortable. I mean well not for you but I mean zeal is brother. We're talking about well that's between her and brother vulgar. Are we talking about. Yeah what will give you know. Well well you know you were talking within. There was a lot of sexual tong window stuff. I'm just saying it by the nature of the contest. It's GonNa go there. You're probably GONNA learn things about your brother. You didn't know right. I already learned through this show about him his wiping habits. So we're already already. Well Okay but that actually changed my life. Because I don't wipe anymore. I used to be baby wipes and now I'm just I haven't I'm transcended wiping. That's the way he said and we were like you're crazy but now I remember one in the end. Well you know Okay okay I yeah. That's why do itchy asshole and I wonder rose. Well I'm GonNa tell you I still white and it's their poop after. Oh you squirt. Sometimes that it can be lightly it depends it fills a messy one or not. Because I like the day I like tale lot. Let's go out of my way to make sure this thing. Is That so interesting to see how you've grown over the course of show you think that this is a it's a long term story arc. I don't use baby wipes your bathroom struggles. I mean it's been one of the most consistent insisting storylines on the show we should maybe do like a over you of an overview because they were so against the day yes true I thought it was psycho. Yeah I did. You are completely dominated like amazing. We'll say that what's a week. My ass will get itchy. That's no good But I don't think there's pooping dirty. Guess it'd be something with the now you're not using the soap right l.. Not Putting my ass. My ass doesn't buy it come way down pooping there. I don't think so. I think it has something to do with that. I was always rubbing my asshole with paper and now it doesn't have it's kind of adjusting to not being always do no way. Okay because I think your asshole in a sense becomes kind of calloused from being touched on wiped all the time not cows but it becomes used to being like rubbed and and it loses sensitivity callous. That's the right word. Yeah I'm not sure you get calluses on your ass adjusting to not being INGA manipulated. It's all so much and like this agree. Well I'll tell you what I'll go. I'll do a test to yeah please do do do do tests pass before and there was no poop. So that's when I I was like okay. I'm good to disengage the wiping. But I'll I'll go. I'll go to further Laboratory Tori testing but to answer your original question then I think I'm all for the show and I could could handle it and on the other side. My brother is also the same. He's all about the show is GonNa be very different from the N.. It'll be great season. which is good yeah? I wasn't even quashing it necessarily. I just wanted to make sure yeah. It's also weird. Yeah right back doc you Dan. Thanks Dan Right. We Neymar here. This wants Free Zach Are you gonNa have to find one. I'm not I've yelled at down along on the show me earlier. This Dan. Dan Are you fucking with me. The Pizza. Where's let's review memes from the READY DOT com slash. H Trish reproductions sub read it. You can also submit them via podcasts. Issues Reduction Dot Com along with any other inquiries or questions. You may have I Golf President. Ah Excuse me. It's just a dead Kennedys shirt. That's not okay. I didn't know I I don't even know. What is it? Go ahead punk band. Why is there to Twitter handles like look at faking. Good covering problem piled into Yang over take issue with that mean out feels listening issue podcast over obscene this a trillion times but it remains and funny Family members on Christmas asking me about my personal life and future. He wasn't messing around. Stay tuned to Dave recommend will come Papa said and then soon after David Baum fiend domino's those pizza. CFO dead and smart and former DOJ. Oh pizza owner sentences sixty five years for sex crimes. uh-huh snorkeling accident. Yeah that's what they said that. Stay to Eh Snorkel. Yes snorkeling Bro. How'd you fuck up about this stories? Did he know them. What was he doing during that time? I WanNa see if this is a real story December twenty seven so we should just ask him on the seven twenty seven. What were you know? How do you die snorkeling? Though for real somebody just suck their thumb a tube and that was it but just lift your head up. Know Snorkeling means you're on the surface. Assume you got you buy a boat or something. Okay Yeah there you go happen to be snorkeling Out Donald Trump retweeted joey salads. How good is a I see? He's changed his name to Joey Salad Dino. He's gone official. The Democrats impeach trump for crimes committed buzzkill retweeted Joey south okay. This is crazy. How can any how I mean guys? This is crazy. President Re tweeted show the sitting president of the United United States. retweeted Joey Salad Dino. Jesus just I mean really let that sink in folks what I do like God damn this feels like a small no word. Oh I guess we know trump away two steps from rest one step removed. Asians are bad drivers me and intellectual. I I would never say that. Just behind him. What is it looks like? It's a phone perspective active so weird then his neath no sitting sitting Hilo becoming an American citizen to escape conflict in Israel. That's is not really what happened America starting World War Three. That's I mean. It's money though. Not like a refugee. I lived there too. You know a a man of my word if trump gets in peace l.. Donate my left testicle to medical research. You can quote me on this. He lied he writes this tweet. You really yeah What because he wasn't actually I didn't believe it but I can't believe this picture of Dan when you were in Idaho it was? I didn't realize that was in there. You remember meeting. Yeah I think that was the other. Dan was a fellow. Dan Look how happy you are both together actually one into a shop and he was like the son of the woman that owned the shop came out from the back. And he's just like what the Fuck Kinda shop is it. I don't know if I should say I guess it doesn't really matter so shop. This show was a little it was a it was actually an Irish Irish Irish was like I dunno memorabilia they kilts and once the business because that will identify him. I don't know what his face. Well now people know exactly where what state is in. What kind of shop they it? I hesitated for second know poss- possibly not possibility abilities y name that's hilarious. The Matt Ford where they'll me while they she podcast on break this island. I've often said I looked like him. It's often been so when you had a mustache. Think he's more handsome to me actor. I love this photo. Like what how who like. This is so and so In what do you think I mean it's it's just a picture of VM. Merry Christmas because this was highly up voted on the subway. How do you feel about people recognizing you on the suburb? Where did that come from instagram? Instagram I go on and shut up three or more. I think In love should be more grateful to be here very happy. I appreciate that. Thank you it down by another papa. John's pizza not. This is an epidemic this pandemic does come from Don John Cusack A. We're GONNA ORDER PAPA. John's while Papa John is here I was thinking I wanted the blind taste test or rating pop pizza slices because now he has no well. He still is the majority stakeholder so he has invested interest in them succeeding But it would be interesting to do a blind taste tests and he identify. Which is Papa? But that should be so easy but I I could even recognized breath not put some pizza in your mouth. Did we order like ten of the Papa. John's to see if we get an an sliced one that would be really funny idea. Should we asked fans to come up with ideas of what we should do you. Have you have ideas to pitch that we should do with. Papa loved you here I have have a few my own but you know we got some. Yeah we met lifetime. No yeah we got a yeah. We got to capitalize this. I can't wait or next episode on Tuesday PUPAE will be joining us. That'll be really fun. And then via sadly via satellite yeah of course and then and then Papa is the following week or that week for the following week. I'll try. We have next week on Friday. We have a gus okay. How Nice we do actually have to guess next three guests in a row on Tuesday or Friday Tuesday? Oh Shit scary career. Oh I get nervous when I biggest like poppers gotta be like our most epic guest ever. I mean just yeah I mean because it try not to think about it because that's the only way to really not freak out for me. It's like Jesus just trying not to even go there for for more interesting than Jews. Everybody already knows about Jesus Popeye's and told his story hit over forty. The pizzas in the lives. LIES AT PITT shift. Why why are you playing a clip? That's Pitch Shift Dom Zacharias mistake. Well don't let it happen again over her and finally I'm just kidding I love you time. You know I'm kidding right. Yes yes I was being overly critical for humorous effect. It's okay it was really funny. Yes it's not. Shut up. Dan You know dancehalls bars all the time but I do have that problem where I like Do you credit. I'd be addict that I think it's like fun on your is actually. It's on me. I don't know where get from the big bull. Your Dad does it a lot where he'll joke but no one has any idea to joking because it just comes off as real no. I think it's different. I know you're joking when you do it. I don't actually get offended but it's not funny. It's just it comes off as it doesn't come off that good to outside observer any even to inside inside observers it's like oh he's calling me an asshole he doesn't mean it but still it's not funny. It's the interesting so why even say it to soundbite. Yeah I know I need that here. It's funny and finally or not. Finally actually I guess people are stopping students from doing the nation because they I guess has to vaping or they think it's gang signs so these guys are stoke they were able to get into in this guy got upside down but that's fine. I can't trump. Hey Siri how many miss. This isn't related. But Hey Siri how many times I did I. How many miles did I run today? Syria okay sending missiles to Iran today. Actually more than what's written I love this side-by-side is HD podcasts Bingo. Oh Oh hey mobility ability. Mary this episode is off. The rails forgot to mention volunteers. Guy At youtube. Oh starts dancing to the Freebie in the middle always happens. That's guy at Youtube got. I didn't know I talked about it. That much video won't play. Nobody made it this far Dan laughing from And then saying that we need to go to break insensitive comments. That's up for interpretation coop afraid or shredder the one play sub-sub-sub-clan so sad of already read that one up since ups up. Dd Mega could do. We might have been good already. bradberry is not in the document. This guy's like a mega fan. This is crazy. How long have we been going forward? We did that today right. Hilo righty La so a big boomer energy. That's up again up for debate. Right ILA air. What do you think in are we going to get claimed Ethan's fair use crash course so let's see? We definitely did how long we been going for. Dan Starts at two. What do you think in? I think we did that. We need to go to break. Forgot to mention sponsor. We see we did mention sponsor the most Interests how long we've been going down. This guy is so good. Oh man this guy is actually doing the Gatsby in public. He went all block though pretty classy. We considered the black. Yeah but the red one out cherry baby you gotTa keep a chair shot up to this guy. I think I gotta take the gas to Disney. They always got a service dog till you know. That's on the service. I'll tell you right now. The social service dog things out of control. You just put a tag on it and these these people just ally because according to the law you can't actually enforce it or ask right and so they you have like unruly rulli literally like not even trained in the slightest bit dogs. Walking rose service dogs. They just bought on Amazon things to service dog. It's just it's so stupid. People are just lie. Liars is the law that you can't even ask about it. What's the problem is some bullshit to protect the to I? Guess maybe they just don't want these actual the people that need the help getting hassled all the time. I don't know what's the logic and I think that's fine but all these fucking people just lying about it just at at least get your dog trained on the you want to go close up on this. Are they add Disney. Yeah that looks like Mickey Mouse. Are they at Disneyworld they can you. The merch discuss stole my idea. There's definitely no. It looks like they're at a mall. What's this what's this this? He's got some kind of thing and he's got the warnow Bro. He's gotTa or you've got the same Horn Qi Hong set. People Without fucking Air Horn actually bought the GATSBY. That's so crazy. Where does too cute looks very mobility? Scooter thing is. He's actually at Disney. You guys well. That could be me but you guys are playing. Imagine Theodore Grows up we do a family trip to Disney. Bring the gatsby happening the so embarrassed. It'd be awesome when you wash all the old podcast and find the moments when all the sound bites came from there you have it. That's a wrap folks cool cool. It's Friday my dudes. It's the weekend everybody have fun with Saturday. It's already the we got a day. I recommend playing video games. Put on the podcast mute. The sound that's what I like to. What your plan right now? That'd be moment. What am I doing this weekend? You said play some video games. The three on playstation is actually so fun one. But it's so easy. My guys like invincible. It made a wizard. And Yeah I'm on like I don't know if you're familiar with the end game. Where they have the the paragon are not the paragon? I'm paragon level to engine. Sixteen and the. What's it called the endless dungeon? Were you the Netflix lamb. Rift yet. I'm on like Fifty level fifty. Not Bad. Not Bad what you've what you've gone further. What's your yeah? Why are you impressed? I had a buddy that was like sort of a pro. There's not really like pro. But he was a streamer. The DIABLO is like his main thing. and you know people like actually compete with it. They try and get as far as possible within a season or whatever yeah he was crazy you would get up to like one thirty one forty something well class today play He was a monk. Oh interesting because he would to do with group and they all have roles people get really serious about it because it can only play the game super casually for kind of so when I I played it when it came out it was so oh tedious Bro. All my terrible and now it's actually fun to play on. I played it a little to really. Yeah what do you play Play the same yeah. We started playing because he thought I would like it so I started the game. I did like it but I just don't have rarely the drive to sit and play a game right now I don't know if she's a CEO. I should do something. That's very fair but I've been lately just putting on like Howard and then I gained so nice relaxing? axeing down baby's asleep in Sweden. I do my emails. That's cool But it's just getting to the point where it's like okay. I am just going deeper and deeper and I feel like all my shit is like the best of can be I am creating for like three billion damage the big the number two so I was like what three billions video awesome. Actually the crit with a normal hit. They didn't even program it to display billion alien so it says a thousand million. Because it's like it's like Y two K into getting out of hand that's cool. Oh thank you You have any recommendations problem getting over jailable right now. I am still looking. Maybe someone out there can help help us still to this day. I think I enjoyed the most playing goal haggle. Yeah Okay and I'm looking for something like that. We play pedal to already. So don't suggest that I know I played pedal at some point. I don't really remember. Oh like pinball. I'm Kinda game fucking fucking fucking stupid. What was there was an old arcade game? That was just like this Busta move is a different. 'cause you buster move move you shoot the ball and it sticks pedal your released. The ball bounces okay. You aim the ball. You shoot the ball. I'll do a little research. Yeah hit awesome awesome. pedals is their music or not. You want to end the show while we're on our way out we don't have to end it though What do you want to eat because I haven't eaten breakfast? This is my one meal on twenty one meal. I finally use my Peleton. I gotTa Peleton a month ago and I didn't use it. Once I used to yesterday was good. This is the one that had the whole controversy advertisement. Yes okay. I bought it before that. I'll have you know so I would have bought a afterwards to abusing. You are using it for myself. Wife seem like she Muslim gifted I bought okay myself I was abusing my fat shaming myself. Who's classes are you taking? I wanted to get the same one as Howard but I couldn't find her. Jen Her her. Name's John Sherman. Oh Jen Sherman. I think that is who I talk really. But she's English. No so I took a different Gen- yeah okay JEN Chairman Chairman. I didn't okay. I saw her. Why do you know that just from listening? Yeah is it. Yeah Ah Pardon my ignorance I is it anything. Isn't it just an exercise bike. Yes and you can take live classes with instructors. It's like you're in a spin class. Okay okay it's really cool where you kinda like watch the class. It's cool because you got like the resistance and the speed and and you've and you just follow along with their instructions and they have all this music they license. It's like being in a spin class at home. And so don't Hey dan I know you wanna go ahead. Hey what do you got to say. No it sounds like it's doing some real good for you. I did a want did. Did you calling me. Fat Relieve Them. What are you trying to say? Nothing just doesn't it cost like five grand or something like fifteen hundred bucks. which is what normal frigging exercise by Shitty ones? I got one for five hundred literally. Garbage literally literally threw it out. Then you stuck with this huge piece of junk in your husband. You can't even get rid of judge hundred bucks. I thought it would be more too. But it was really affordable. All right well that yeah I mean yeah fifteen hundred bucks. One that we bought was like six hundred I think and within a few times already started squeaking malls malls the worst and. That's a huge team. That like how you even going to throw it out It is forty dollars a month. That's how they meant to coach. If you want the online classes and stuff you know about that can make you pull the plug now. Sorry yeah sorry we okay. Thank you WANNA eat Mexican. Okay what else do you want. I don't know so do Mexican I really don't know I I know I hate it. What do you want and then it's always the same? She goes Italian. Well it's always the same. You always want pizza or Mexico's me Bro. Exactly she goes she goes you pick dinner. I know I go Indian no not true I always say well. I don't WANNA eat indie. How can you Indian food every day? It's like oh perfume you can't doesn't India. Few tastes like perfume looking Indian food. It's okay once in a while but give me a break. Perfume does and it's all the same like it's such a great visit visit all the most variety of anything. No it does is aimed like a bowl okay. You bowl full of butter and something with Tomato bub-bubba then oh spinach okay and butter and chicken. Okay and there's more variety chicopee okay and with bull and butter and chicopee definitely more variety Friday the Mexican. I love Mexican food but no but it's similar to Mexican food in that it's like the same shit just different configuration. Yeah I like it. You know who has the most innovative food who American. Yeah Right. That's it some bacon and sausage and pile of pancakes. Wow that sounds fucked. Actually pank can't believe people actually eat pancakes as like a daily daily breakfast food hitting on pancakes. I like pancakes not deserve. It says it's in the name uh-huh I see all right. Dan are so Mexican it is start the music. Let's go we're gonNA hear someone invent new kinds of food ships. Yeah they're fucking they've been doing the same bullshit Italian. Oh I'm a Mexican Sheff O.. M. French Suck Dick. I want that new ship French Mexicana Mars. Jeff Yar setting you gotta go the fusion restaurants. You gotta get Dushi Fusion. Remember food hit a Jew. Boy You along working on genetically modified pig bird flu on a couple of meat market. I want to go to the market and those guys are cooking up the real new forty so boring sometimes. Yeah we need a person. I think you need a personal chef. Who just like really dedicated to serving your every need and thought my mom? My mom know your mom the same shit till that's good. There's the next segment auditions for personal chef. Look so blankfein you again. We gotta do something about that. We got some plans. The plans that were talking about. We got our songs over okay guys. I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I can't tell you how much I love you and you wouldn't even believe if I said it and If he dies tomorrow I'll be sure to air. You know about me. y'All years eight years angel. I'll be with Theodore. It'd be Likable Laws Dr. Don't forget to wipe your eyebrows now. Anyway Action Joke with that. You're gonNA live forever true uh-huh.

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A week of changes in Ramsbottom  Episode 113

This is Rammy - the podcast about Ramsbottom, its residents and businesses.

21:25 min | 2 years ago

A week of changes in Ramsbottom Episode 113

"Tell you what this law changes going on around Rome lately racists rummy your locally juice to weekly podcast bringing news events interviewees and information from house of Rounds Possum. We'd be Ohio Hello. Oh hello hello hello welcome to another episode of this as Rummy so far my two more or less keep my word it was last week. The last episode is is a week and a bit sinsa electric coded so as I mentioned in the intro there has been a number of changes in Ramsbotham recently at only only have new places open. Nothing's about three or four but also there's been changes. It runs united this week to and you know there's so much to talk about so little time so let's just get on with it right so new cocktail by signature open this weekend they opened on bridge street in the fulmer premises of Yumi Chinese. Take away the situate on the corner of of the Lil Alleyway kindle. Whatever you WANNA call it but it open to the public fully on Saturday the sixth of October having previously had a ticket only pre-opening event on Friday the fifth of October now. You may say it feels like it's been closed for an eternity. I think is probably only about eighteen months so and then signature popped up anyway for a while. It was rumored that the place was gonNA. It'd be a GIN emporium style place but it does appear to be more like a cocktail a cocktail bar now but one thing. I did find out which I thought was quite interesting. Was that the general manager of signature as the Easter previous bombings and cocktail maker Extraordinary Joseph or hose it. I think it's Joseph from the wind by forty two on Bolton Street. I can confirm and I've had one or two cocktails from Joseph in the past. He's Nice Guy and he always did a really good job but he's he's always quite pleasant and I was never I was always talking nonsense. I think because probably had quite a few when I was ordering cocktails let to balanced yeah but I put a photo on the website on this is Romi Doco to off him making me and some of my friends drink back in two thousand and sixteen about Christmas time and you know up until me research. I didn't realize he was involved spoke. He's really good to know because you know wishing you all the best and he's good to see the sticking around in the area and clearly he's going to know quite a few people as well especially given how popular the wine bar is at the moment so well don't for opening up and let's see what you can do although I did. I was walking on Bridge Street today in a couple past. Maine said I think they were talking about signature insane how he's recently opened. One of the guys actually thought it was a nightclub. I've not been in you only open today and to be honest. I've not been doing too great gain in places that have been open in fact this week had just gone was the first time since I interviewed grain actually in just just I don't know I just not John Soul of going somewhere else but went in with my friend. We sampled the wind machine quite good. Just get get the car the go from kickstarter after back the plug in just poison. Whatever wine is on offer and you know there's plenty Onaran. There were rotating. Take to nick round quite well as well yeah you know. I've just not been getting into places so you never know. Maybe I'll get into signature before the year is out all maybe it'll be sometime in the future but nice to see that you've opened now anyway and he's much better to have a new business open. Then is to have a closed one with look in a little bit dilapidated has yummies was starting to on the news of places opening income lacey days also had their opening event this weekend they it lacey days is in the same place as it always has been but the the owner has now changed now. Julie Walker who had owned the business for many years has now retired and has handed the keys to the Di Monte box to new owner Wendy Wendy Wendy has already got stuck in and she's a fantastic job of changing the complete. Changing look of the shop is if you go in past on the street have a look. A really just stunned out. I've got picture on on the website as well so go to the Romney Code K to check out the picture or if listening on your phone or something you should be able to see in the show no notes and he's got like a stylish gray color had like creams and flowers and things opened the windows as well whereas before there was like Kinda a banner across the top and kind of restricted view so he can see now straight into the shop and it said they've done a really good job. It does look very very smart and yeah so well done there and Wendy. I wish you all the best in your new venture as well as is not always always plain sailing having a running running your own business and things like that so good luck to you and I hope you do really well. It looks like you've put a really good step forward anyway with with the redesign. Now those two things have been successfully opened this weekend but says some sad news regarding the opening of the new Italian TRAE cheech. Oh which was aiming to be opened before Christmas now trae. Tito is is obviously he's. GonNa tell you and is planning to open in or will will be opening in the form of Venetian at building now. You might remember back into July. Two Thousand Sixteen. There was a terrible fire. The whole place pretty much gutted while sorry the whole place wasn't good statute. Defy was more or less contained downstairs but others law smoke damage I interviewed Paolo at the time who was the owner then and he you know he said he just wanted to get in the timing and get everything cleaned. Just give it a go but basically the insurance company or or at least had the insurance company wasn't him and in the end he had to he had to close now. TRAE CHICO is the new plan or the new business. That's going to be opening now. It's really good. There's another Italian as well because Mathon of Italian food and it's nice to see that there's going to be at least a couple in Ramsbotham now and the new plan phychi choice that will be aiming to open early next year. I've ordered asked if they want to be on the puck custom. They've said yet when narrowed the time is opening in we can arrange that so that's good to know and Oh and one thing before I forget this week just gun at Tracy each O- or at least one of the pizza chefs that only went in one piece chef of the this past week and the down there in London at the national peace rewards and I think there's only four awards in total and the you know they've come away with one of the so. It's fantastic to know that somebody of you know. An award-winning being pizza chef is going to be involved some way. They may be staying in a Brancheau restaurant. I don't know but either way he'll definitely have some kind of an influence on on the rumble in place so you know the mole awards that runs but wins for our food the better as far as I'm concerned and I'm sure you'll be be looking forward to them coming in early two thousand nineteen. I'm sure I'll get out there and give a good sample of the pizza and hope if you will to and one of the thing I missed. They soft podcast episode last week now since last week between last week and now bob at before episode eleven hundred twelve was last week's between then and the last one hundred eleven. A. Place has opened the has been in the news all over the place recently and is fulfilled as the plastic free shop they opened a in early September and say holy forgot to mention it in the last episode so apologies but to happy Sella's is the owner of the shop and she had a dream to open somewhere in Ramsbottom at the time she was looking around for premises and obviously house of Bay close so that's where she ended up opening what she's aiming to do with this shop is allow you to buy things that you need without all this. Needless packaging this plastic. This often wraps lie. Get Food and fruit virgins dissolve wrapped in plastic and things other now the concept of the shop now if you're like me now. I'm no spring chicken a a little bit like a little version of away and safe. I don't know if you remember those. Oh maybe you're younger than me. Away and save was kind of shop way. You'd have lots of talks all around and on the top of the toilet would say things flower cauliflower notes raisins. Whatever you know all your ingredients and there were quite big jobs now. What about the way the fulfilled is doing is the obviously shown the smallest scale but I mean some little thing but it looks. It's quite good actually. Is that when you dispense in your food in fulfilled you dispensing from the bottom of the top as opposed to whereas like in the old way and save it. was you basically scooping from the top so that means that you're not going to end up with all crappy food the bottom that's been in their ancient. If you know if you get hope that nobody's touched for months a laissez. Tobe of Ginger for example maybe not being touched until like towards the end of the day because a hey all dispenses from the bottom so that's really good and also obviously you can get juiced what you need. oh an only they actually. I know the the Abbey is doing a really really good job of doing customer service as well because you can see everybody this being in the Scheldt recently has been leaving reviews. I've heard and if people talking about it on the grapevine so far that is the they've got really positive things to say about the shop and I think a lot of people are people plot were actually quite on shore or Negga table. At least they weren't quite sure how it would work or even if it would be popular popula but there's a picture. I've put on the show for this episode of when the shop opened and literally in the picture I can see eighteen people queuing up and that's that's the picture off as well so these even more people queuing up the the opening day was really busy. I wasn't Dama south spa seen all the pictures of seeing things articles and things like that where people have got pictures taken and I know the abbey run a feet but I think he's really good. She's he's taken this leap of faith to open the shop because it's not by our own mission is not going to be cheaper than a supermarket right but what it does allow you to do is by just what you need so even though you might think you paying less because you get more in the end you properly going to choke a lot of the food away okay. Oh you might end up throwing some ingredients away all one day you'll make something then you'll go back to the Kuban in his Saturday so you have to buy again anyway and and also another thing is the APP is really good at PR. There's a lot of articles and things I've seen like local news sources and National News as well so really nice what therapy that'd be. I like that and thanks for helping to keep Ramsbotham on the map we get a lot of the news and press about the restaurants and bars and things is that we have but the more good press coverage that we have the more people will recognize the town the mole people will will come and visit so Weldon Weldon and I'm looking forward to to Kevin a good excuse to come in the rarely and one thing is that you had I saw recently on the facebook page fulfilled that there was a customer brought the children into the shop and they have the recipe book a exactly what we're GONNA make an. IB went rounded helped pick out the need now. I've not mentioned actually how you do how it works pretty sure Wayne save used to get like plastic bags and you'd fill obviously obviously that's not the point of a fulfilled you know he's about reducing the plastic so she encourages us to bring your own hopes so you bring an old jar and old whatever really just bringing in a way the tope and then he gets filled with whatever ingredients you need and then it gets way D. and then you basically just pay the difference so yeah. It's a really good idea and I'm looking forward to some recipe excuses to turn up with probably with my son to Komo. Try Out so well done abby right ramsbottom united us now. I did mention before that there's aloft changes and all changed run swim united as well so this week just gum. I mean Harry's head must be spinning because because they see it how the news played out so check this out right on Tuesday the second of October. It was announced that the manager mark fell had left. Ramsbottom united to manager UNEDU- at go manage Lancaster united in the premier the following day the news provided the Andy Robinson the goalkeeping coach Gotcha temporary really taken over the role of manager and Rum's united were accepted by email for the position fair enough as the next day sorted and then on the fourth of vote told the so the day after it was announced that previous Rum's what midnight to play Chris Wilcox has accepted the position of manager so in three days we've gone from not not having a manager to have a temporary manager seven permanent manager you know someone's got to keep track of. Ole Skies Right down and then report and some kind of ordeal full you now give me a chance to catch up of able to follow through on that you all reported as well because otherwise I wouldn't have had any chance so the moment then Chris will cook is the new manager of Ramsbottom united and he's I much was on Saturday the sixth of October just gummed and it will also tied up so well we were two nil up against chase town and then maybe before half-time something I think it will maybe just after the halftime it got to one the final score was to all they were currently sitting thirteenth in the League. which is it's not great but it's not terrible? We've been we have been was chase down a little bit further down the table but you know we we gave going with. Two goals goals in the match is well one thing. I did a did a mistake on the last episode because I said that we were going to be playing prescot cables. on the Tuesday just gone at the has been re re scheduled because didn't realize at the time that prescot cables were in the cup and that's when they much was going to be played so we will now be playing prescot cables on Tuesday the sixth of November and OBI seven forty five kickoff at the next much that we're actually going to be playing as several cookies a home arts away that today we have got witness playing witness away now witness a currently twelve in the league and wake only thirteenth breath with both played the same amount of Munches we've got will they had one more homeless than we have so hopefully they'll work in favour. That's in with with thirteen points wasting with sixteen so they've four wins one draw five losses. We've got three wins. Full draws and three losses okay so basically takeaway drop in a few points on a few draws like we did the weekend. Hopefully that's not going to be a repeat when we meet them and yeah so. That's GonNa be aw aw Tuesday the ninth of October were playing witness away. Kickoff Visit Quarter to eight at the next hole much is not until the twentieth of October and that's against glossop North End Kickoff is at three o'clock we do have a F- a trophy match and an FA trophy much else now you say if we have an FA trophy match on Saturday the thirteenth of October. That's a way and we could it be playing either traffic or cold at on sets. Let's say thirteen th at three. PM Oversea will not show where we're GONNA be playing not yet. Put us they affect next much for the trophy now. Let's move on to so upcoming events I in fact I'm. I'm only going to pull out one event this time. I think I mentioned last week. I've been in trying to reorganize the events calendar a little bit. It's basically lacking since facebook removed the ability to populate it via their API. I so that means I now have to do manually so I'm shelving in the main events and this is one of the events dive into the calendar and now he's the Lantern Parade arrayed in Noto Park now. He's not until the twenty seventh of October thought I'll give you a thad warning. The is coming up a takes place in Novato Park. It's from four PM until six six. PM Like many years before is you know you got London making which will basically go and you make you London for the kids really and then the parade is at dusk so since coming down pretty early now and that's why it's not as late as it would have been obviously would have had in summer and there's also a Pumpkin calving competition. If you bring your own Pumpkin you can carve it there and then the sleepiq judged as is also a fancy dress competition for all ages so that's it's a moment you can also get involved face. Painting crafts and activities apple bobbing coconut. Shy drinks snacks cakes in the tea room burgers. Hot dogs and chips southside sounds like a fantastic day. He's twenty seventh of October and that should be a Saturday. Let me just double check yet Saturday the twenty seventh of October now. He's free the entry. some of the activists is chargeable and obviously if you gained food and drink that's not going to be free and donations are always welcome. Papa improvements as well cow pock in in is limited so it's obviously it's not the biggest cow park in the world so if you were able to walk down please do at if you WANNA check out the friends of Noto Park facebook page all all the website you'll be able to make sure that this is obviously still going because because I'm not pulling events from facebook anymore get get counselled in facebook account guarantee them going to notice this myself because I'll have to check each manually whereas previously they'll sleep date now. That was the previous benefit but that we go right now. Thanks for listening to this is Romi again now. I'm GONNA move onto the shoutouts they as where sure I'd like to say hello. Thanks for following goal Yes all following pretty much follow in an liking the facebook pages instagram around think he's following instagram one of those things now. Let's have a look and shoutouts this week. Go to Karen Cummings Joe Johnson Penny any Smith Simon Parke Davis Broker Bill Jones and chloe chloe is on Instagram so thank you very much for liking following and doing veto on instagram for all those pages. If you do find the time I would really appreciate if you could leave us a review for the podcast. If you look at the show notes for this episode there's two options that is a link to the I tunes store where you can use like your apple podcasts APP to leave review if you're listening on an iphone or other device like that or there is linked to the UK podcasters pages well. I think there's a link there where you can actually leave review directly so thank you very much for liking and following and hopefully you're listening to this episode on you heard your name shouted out so. I'm going to wrap up now. We're just commit to half eleven on Sunday. I usually record on Saturday so that it can go on the Sunday but I was busy Saudi evening so thanks once again ah for listening to another episode of this Romney if you'd like to hit anything different about the show if you want other interviews or anything like that. Please do get in touch. I've always options and is quite flexible. Show so thanks for listening and I speak to you next week. Thanks for listening coming to the show this book US businesses and individuals in an effort to bring more attention to our fantastic town'd and if you like this is Romi prescribing leaving us to review or sharing with your friends

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Episode 6  Jane The Ripper

Jane The Ripper

34:56 min | 5 months ago

Episode 6 Jane The Ripper

"Liam Liam wait. You heard Neville. I'm on leave. I'm going home. Just wait a minute. I'm going home. Holly What do you need right? Now what do I need? What do you think I need? I need to find whoever fucking did this. That's exactly what you can't do. Liam don't tell me what I can't do. Who are you gonNA find? We only know that he's tall and Pale. If that's even accurate if the same person even did this we have minimal. Forensics no witnesses grant go home early on and let me find who did this. I can't do that and keep you from losing it on the. I suspect we get our hands on. I wouldn't do that you sure about that. Do you want to write home? I can drive myself. I'll check in on you later today. joining the ripper episode. Six Jane The ripper was written by Britney Burke and voiced by Adam Bauer S. Michael Clerics Becky Coleman Dave Goddard Katie Higgins in McGowan Alexa more. Emily Rodenbek Jen. Wineman Daniel Williams and lists all music by Ian McGowan. Jane The ripper is brought to you by calamity cast produced by Ian McGowan and Daniel Williams and Co created by Britney and Ian McGowan. And now Jane. The ripper episode six chain the ripper grant. I need you in my office. Chief no Amazon detective hunting copycat case grant. I can handle this chief. I'm not taking you off the case but in light of the latest developments. We need all the help we can get is not that. I doubt your skills. I want to give you as much support as possible. We need to close this case quickly. I want to help any way I can grant. I appreciate that Joe but already know this case inside it out. We don't have time then. You better get harding up to speed quickly. Keith dismissed thank you chief. We're on it now. Before you yell at me unite both know you were fighting a losing battle in there. I can solve this case Joe. I know I'll follow your lead. Finally made detective a little over a year ahead of you. Holly we both had some big cases. You solve that. Us Ambassador's kidnapping case right her ten year old kid twelve year old but yeah and barely. The kidnappers demands were impossible. We had to find them before they had a chance to hurt the kid. I got there just in time. I heard you went in without backup. They were a few minutes behind me. So it wasn't the Hollywood drama of heard it's made out to be. I thought that might have just been a rumor and people like to talk. I never buy into the precincts gossip. say you have heard about my last high profile case? The only thing I heard that I believed was that you had that case locked down. Your instincts were right from the beginning. Lab Tech Cost The prosecution their serial rapist. Not You know. It's the smart call to help you and not get in your way. I wanted to tell you that. Never put me on the case. I wouldn't have broken it to you. A heated I appreciate that. Let's get you up to speed. Here's the case file including what forensic tests collected from the most recent victim. Her name was Wendy right she and Liam were serious. Yeah Mike and I had dinner with her and Liam the night she was killed. I'm really sorry. Holly I should probably get you my statement. I'm ready when you are mike and I got to the restaurant around. Seven o'clock slamming. Wendy were a little late but only ten minutes or so. We did the standard introductory small. Talk With Wendy. Where are you from? What do you do and all that? Nothing really interesting. We had dinner and drink plenty of wine when Liam offered to pay for the whole meal. I made some joke about him. Being rich. Thanks to the new promotion but it turns out he had already turned it down without telling me or Wendy about it. Wendy was pretty upset by that and stormed out. Liam chased after her. I assume to pull his head out of his ASS. Mike was definitely the drunk EST of us. Though so it took me a few minutes to get us both ready to leave by the time we got outside. Liam was standing there alone. Wendy had taken a cab by herself. Liam hailed one for us and we got home around ten or ten thirty and went to bed. Thanks Holly I'll set this aside for now but we can come back to it later if you think of anything else. What about the crime scene report? There's not a lot to go on just like the previous murder. There were no witnesses and there were no witnesses of the second one last night either none. I'm not sure they're connected though. A male victim doesn't fit the profile for our killer. He hasn't killed his victims in their home but the wounds and style attack match. I'm on the fence. Could trying something new or it could be a second killer. You don't sound optimistic about either suspicion. I'm not one. Option gives us an unpredictable killer and the other has facing to psychopaths. I think we need to talk. Claire Davis again. Her statement is kind of vague. She had a hard time remembering details. She remembered more the last time we talked to her. But I still think she's holding back all right let's pay or another visit then. Liam sits in his car parked outside his apartment building. Unable to move what am I doing? We walks into an empty apartment. His copy Maga still have full. One of Wendy's favorite Cardigan hangs from the arm of his couch. I did it have to be Wendy. I don't know what to do. Liam is flooded with memories he picks up one of Wendy's sweaters. She left at his place. He always kept his apartment a little too cold for her so she brought this over and left it in his room. He jokingly accused her of trying to move in one piece of clothing at a time. Hey Holly Hey how're you doing? I can come by if you want. Bring some food. You don't need to do that. I know you're busy. Catch this killer holly. I will trust me. I Will Holly Call Lights a fire inside. Liam maybe can't work on finding Wendy's killer but he can still be useful. He sits down Wendy sweater and with renewed determination. Heads to Robbie's house we impose up to Robbie's rundown house and waste no time ripping door open and cutting through the crime scene places more of a mess than last time. Liam walk through the taped off areas and past evidence tags empty fast food bags litter the living room and beer cans some half empty others crushed in a meaningless display of stereotypical masculinity. This is different in attack in. His home is personal. Oh my God. The site of Robbie's blood is too much for him. He immediately thinks of wendy pain. She felt sick. Thrill killer enjoyed. Wendy you must have been so scared. Why did it have to be her? Why wasn't I there to save? Liam collects himself. He tried to put everything back in. Its place before walking through the entire apartment. Once more to look for clues doesn't look like rob even put up a fight. Whoever did this was waiting for him enjoyed waiting for him. This doesn't feel like a copycat. Holly what a surprise I just wanted to drop by to update you on the case in. See how you're doing. I also wanted to introduce detective. Joe Harding Claire. I've been brought up to speed a promise. We're doing everything we can to solve this case as quickly as possible things wouldn't happen to. Liam. He's been reassigned. Can we come in? Of course I'll put on some t go ahead and grab a seat cranks. Are you feeling this week? I'm feeling a lot better. Actually both physically and mentally even going back to work went. Well Shitty Boston. All I had to put him in his place when he made a comment about my attack. But it's been uneventful. Otherwise what did he say something about? How my scarlet and being more careful walking home and a remember exactly but I definitely remember the look on his face when I told him off. Sounds like a classy guy. You don't know the half of it. So what's the news? There was another murder last night. Oh no was it the same kind of attack yeah. Her wounds were extremely similar to those of the first victim. I I don't understand what happened. I know this is upsetting. I'm sorry to have to tell you this already doesn't make sense holly. It's been over two weeks since you're attack but this does appear to be connected. This is the third killing in nearly a month time. Claire Thanks Holly. There's more Claire. There was a second attack last night. The victim was male attacked at home. We aren't sure if the two are linked at this time though it wasn't completely consistent with the other murders who wasn't no. The attack wasn't in public. We don't want to upset you with the details. We've already brought you a lot of information to process. I don't mind really. We'd like to ask you a few more questions about your case just to clarify some things. Have you been able to remember any additional details about your attacker? Since the last time we talked we went over this Halley. I can't really remember much. It's it's not exactly an easy thing to think about. I don't think it is but we wouldn't ask you if it wasn't absolutely necessary. I told holly he was Pale. Tall the knifeless short. I think the end of the blade was curved. Wasn't too thick either. What about him? Did you see his hair? No I guess it was dark could be brown or black. What else what else cheeses? I'm reliving the worst night in my life. Don't you think we've asked enough? Just one more question. If you don't mind Claire. Can you remember any other details of the knife? It was about all I could see. Cartha light in this. His Tattoo was juxtapose against it tattoo on his finger look like a rain. I was focused on the knife. Though what did it look like what looked like the Ring Tattoo just like that? A ring just had some lines. What kind of lines? I have no idea the male victim from last night had a tattoo right. It's not relevant. Though he he did yes but he was in jail on the night of your attack a he wouldn't be connected them. Oh I'm sorry if my questioning upset you claire I just WanNa find whoever did this to you. We both do. We'll be in touch. Call me okay. We had to push her holly. Something tells me she's not as fragile as you think. I guess not. I knew she was holding back. Do you think she knows more she might. She knew about the Tattoo. I'm Daniel we've got a great new show in the claim to cast network. It's called the Black Lodge Complaint Department and every week we're going to discuss. Everyone's favourite show twin peaks So that sounds terrible. Adam and I've never seen twin peaks that's the point. Listen along as we go over the entire series from the perspective of a longtime fan and a person that kind of David Lynch for no good reason. It's GONNA be Great. Yes it is so subscribe now to the Black Lodge complaint department on Apple podcast. Google play stitcher check us out. Calamity CASS DOT COM. Meanwhile the copycat killer resumes his role as an invisible member of the service industry taking orders and fairing drinks to and fro. He's content at work after a busy night out in the world his true self one almond milk tape extra shot. Let me know if you need anything else to homicides across town last night while the chief of police may be hesitant to connect the two grisly murders. There are obvious similarities. That cannot be denied. I doubt that but color intrigued. Both victims were stabbed multiple times including one to the throat although at the crime scene near White Chapel the victim was also missing a kidney. We can only hope that police were able to find the culprit quickly and put an end to this recent spree of killings. He didn't even take the kidney. I guess it's a good start. He just needs a little guidance. They better pay attention to more detail next time though still. I have to admit it's nice to know I've inspired someone. Excuse me I think you made this with regular milk instead of almond milk. I specifically requested almond milk. Oh my oh my gosh. I'm so sorry here by mistake. Let me take that Owen can take your spleen. You better not charge me for it either. It's not my fault you didn't do. You're damn job right the first time. Of course no charges. The customer is always right here. You are thanks. Well I was hoping to have a quiet night in. Looks like there's a change of plans. Claire hasn't taken her eyes off her TV since the detectives left the news of her kill leaves her breathless. I really did it really. We reached out to the family of victims for comment but the only response was run. The mother of the male victim whose name we will not disclose. I thought he was a killer. He thought he tried to kill me. He wasn't some innocent woman walking home. If I'd been right that woman wouldn't have died. Claire Talks herself to sleep going over and over the events of that fateful night. I know you're following me. Claire starts to run although she's scared. She doesn't panic to headlights. Flash ACROSS CLAIR'S FACE and water smacks against her legs. Co- come on Shit. I don't need this leave me alone. Look go ahead do your worst. Whatever you're going to try I'm ready. Oh are you. You have no idea who you're dealing with do you suddenly images and timeline splur- together and Claire Finds Herself back in Robbie's apartment in the middle of her terrifying invigorating act. Who are you? Have you already forgotten? I don't I don't know you lady. I swear somebody go ahead scream. That's fine no one can hear you. Somebody help anybody screaming. Didn't save me and it won't save you this Christ Claire slashes steep cut across Robbie's through blood pours out of the instantly and she smiles. Now let's see how you like getting stabbed in the stomach. That's more like it. I don't know if I've ever felt this good after dream. I don't know if I've ever felt this good ever I'm sure forensics found everything. I don't know what I thought I would find. Killer had to get in somehow Liam pores over every inch of the front doorway looking at the ground outside the door a thought occurs to him killer park somewhere close. No train stations nearby home shows confidence ego. I bet they would have walked right up the driveway this Liam picks up a small dark blue earing clean so it hasn't been here long based on what I know about Robbie's charm. I doubt it belongs to any romantic interest of his. Maybe forensics can pull a partial print off it. Sir It's Morris I went to Robbie banks home to take a look at the scene. I found an earring at the scene and bag. It hopefully highly inappropriate. My Office immediately. This is huge shit. He spots a reporter across the street taking some notes staring at him they make eye contact for a split second as he heads to his car. Then books into the precinct. Liam gets to the station head straight to Neville's office knowing full. Well he may be yelled at. He steels himself go in and lead with the evidence. I found. It's too good. Hello Sir Down Morris. If any other detective pulled what you did. I'd suspend them in a heartbeat. You already on leave you discern yourself. The banks case what you found something more substantial than the other detectives assigned to it. You should be taking time off but I need. You is too high profile now. We might have two killers. What about Wendy absolutely? Not You can work the banks case. And that's it. If I hear one word about you on the copycat case you will be suspended without pay. You cannot work on a case you have a personal connection to grant and heart and can handle it. Gave me updated as you get? Any leads dismissed. Liam what are you doing nevels office? It's not like you can turn down another promotion and not tell your partner of four and a half years come on Holly. That's not fair. It's not okay. Maybe it's fair but I have some good news. I went to Robbie's house and found some evidence. Dammit Liam. How long were you suspended? I'm working the banks case now. What how check this out in earing you think a woman killed Robbie banks something makes me think the banks and copycat killings connected. I don't know how yet but the two killings are so similar. Could it be someone connected to the COPYCATS victims? What makes you say that Claire mentioned that her attacker had a tattoo on his hand? That looked like a ring a cluttering. She didn't say she was pretty. Cagey during Joe's questioning Holly. What if Clair's connected Robbie's murder that doesn't make any sense? Liam the circles. Those two run in aren't anywhere near each other. You and I both know that circumstantial at best but if they are connected that means whoever killed when Liam you're stressed out you're dealing with a lot of grief. When was the last time you got any sleep? I I honestly. I'm fine an hour here. Two hours there. I'm good holly. I'm just saying you won't be useful to anyone if novel here's your trying to involve yourself. Wendy's case. Yeah Yeah I guess you're right. I'll I'll see you later. Get some rest. Liam Will Jack. The Gym. Loving male nurse Haughty managed to win the heart of the spunky blue haired web designer Maggie. Join US every other week to discover if this unlikely pair how they're happily ever after or fizzle out in the end. Levin last season one is available for your listening enjoyment now that Clinton cast dot com or anywhere new podcast Clare restlessly flip through the channels but nothing holds her attention. Her Mind Wanders from her dreams and memories of Robbie to reality and back again. Something is tugging at her mine just under the surface when Enoch pulls her back to the real world who is it now coming. Oh it's just you hello to you to I guess. Can I come in? Yeah of course. What are you watching nothing? Really? It was just killing time before the news. I'm grabbing a beer one. Thanks Well Okay. Good because this is the last one. You seem like you're feeling better. I've been really worried. I know it's frustrating that they still haven't found. Who did this to you? I actually haven't been thinking about that too much lately. I didn't mean to upset you by bringing it up. I was just you didn't not at all. I'm good can not watch the news please. It's so depressing just for a minute fine but if it gets sad. Were turning on reruns of something funny. The police are no closer to catching the killer. That has been on the loose. The past month yesterday marked the First Time. Multiple victims were killed on the same night causing many in the community to worry. The police are keeping details of the case quiet as they worked. Identify suspects however there may be a reason to suspect the killer is actually a woman. What's one of our staff? Reporter saw the police begging up. What looked like an earring at the crime scene today? If the police don't move quickly could this killer strike again? Will this Jane? The ripper be caught before it's too late gave her. A nickname cleric change the channel Jane. The ripper alike it clear the channel. Oh sorry sure. What do you mean you like it? It's catchy for a murderer. Doesn't mean it isn't a good name. That's what the news is supposed to do right sell the story. I guess be sounded excited about it. Do you really think I'm excited about some killer. After what nearly happened to me that I would want to hear about all these awful things. I can't help but think about them even if I am doing better. I'm sorry says I wasn't trying to judge the two sisters sit in silence watching TV for a few hours. Claire doesn't mind the company but she doesn't pay attention to the TV at all she just keeps thinking about her new name and about Robbie's Blood Liam heads back to his apartment becoming more and more aware of just physically and mentally exhausted he is time has been a blur in the wake of Wendy stuff. He makes his way to the bedroom and kicks his shoes off. He's out before his head even hits the pillow but his dreams are far from peaceful. I just want to spend as much time together as we can. We don't know how much time we've been given. What if it'd been me? I'll never let anything happen to you. Promise Wendy. I'm so sorry I just wanted to say that I love you. It's not bad having your own bodyguard. You lied to me. That's not good enough. Liam because I love you. Don't don't you dare start your own place tonight. Fine Fuck you to then please please please please do whatever you want. Wendy. I'll save you Wendy Wendy Wendy. I'm here you're GONNA be okay. We're going to get you out of here. Why did you save Wendy Wendy? I should have been there to protect you. I swear I'm going to find whoever did this. They're going to pay for what they've done morning. Holly so everyone here is still on edge well between the media fueling speculation and the possibility that we have to vicious murderers on the loose. Can't say I blame them. We need to go back to Claire. I can't think of a good reason. She withhold the tattoo from us when I asked her about the knife. Felt to me like she was almost daydreaming about it. I think we've pushed her as far as we can for now if we go back to her. We risk her shutting down completely. I was thinking about a different angle. I'm GONNA give her sister a call. Hey halley what's up. Hamby just wanted to check in and see how you doing. I'm alright I've been keeping busy with the lab which helps and I think Clair's doing a little better. She's not quite back to being her normal self yet but that's to be expected right absolutely. She's been through so much like it's it's okay that she's maybe not reacting to things normally what kind of things news about the murders. It wouldn't be unusual. How she reacting? She seemed excited. I don't know maybe not excited exactly. But she wasn't sad or scared or anything like that. Everyone copes in their own way but showing excitement towards the kinds of events that are similar to her trauma would be unexpected. I just want Claire to be okay. After all of this Holly Find The sky. Please find him. I hear you right clears excited by these other murders. I wouldn't read too much into it. Survivors of traumatic near death. Situation sometimes develop feelings of invincibility and we'll even engage in thrill seeking behavior to that effect player. Being excited falls on that spectrum in my opinion You've known Claire. Since before the attack right you tour pretty close careful Joe. I'm not sure I like what you're implying. I can be objective. I agree that she was playing at close to the vest during our last visit. But that could be for any number of reasons a didn't mean to offend you Holly. But it's a sticky situation. You can't deny that I just wanted to make sure is run the prize. That's all so what's our next step then. I don't know but we'd better figure it out whether we have two killers to hunt down or one. That's escalating something tells me that we don't have a lot of time before they kill again. This has been calamity. Cast PRODUCTION FOR MORE CONTENT VISIT CALAMITY GAS DOT COM and follow us on facebook twitter and.

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Inform Me ( Domestic violence and abuse) 14th if July, 2020

Inform Me Podcast

57:22 min | Last month

Inform Me ( Domestic violence and abuse) 14th if July, 2020

"The New Year on. Twenty twenty seconds demand of Your Business Program in with alignment me. Uncle this program ekwueme up every Tuesday when the for ten o'clock in the money or the people. Reduced Speed FM Ninety six point nine. Make you not forget to information not power. The my backyard. House. I. Wouldn't? Pro. Off. Everyday. More. Out. Include! OFF IN The. World. From me. Okay, my people are our common. That's on our business on lifestyle programming for me with. Will gone. Yes. Julie my below in is to do like Mrs, my last weekend missile not miss me. Tonight make me comes through. The cargo. And we'll go. We'll touch people lives. The people. What tangled today I decided to do. And now conscious delegate me, we're GONNA talk to so make my brother just quickly. Allow for inside to do here then we'll go straight to waiting. We one talk about two day and boarding a continuation of. Within we talk about the pastime two weeks now now we will continue today. And that's not now. Domestic violence and abuse. Impact in. Full, everywhere. So midday just quickly alone. Okay mic people with this. This morning name Idea Marco. Businessmen are Women Wendy State. This morning. Good morning today Tuesday and Also knowing. Very subtly about the situations within the on grounds, the kind of violence put the experience you know about males females work lays family level on the streets. You know, get the particular way. People look people today and We just we just see him this opportunity for people to begin to learn some new things about them and how to take care of situations to Tuesday. Arkansas not good morning. Okay. From quashing off your join us was to do today, but definitely should go call in so I should give us markets to the and McKay why we salute! Listen where. And I say by next week, so you could do shop shop shop Polish up. All right okay last week, we we. We continue topic. And we'll talk about say. How detailed graffiti affects Affects business. Should be say maybe I would. Just to talk about? The topic day about. Before we go. Domestic violence and abuse. Escalates detracting people lives. Able cause destruction of properties. When A. Man I. Always quarry and sometimes if Dave involve. Vaulted children. We will use kind way it's we know. Suppose use for your children like that. Then between a man and woman, even between people will never have married safe. With the intent to marry, it will see. THEY NEVER INTEL Science and all that. For those who read on Mary if you if you get walkway Redo. The affect. Your Productivity For your place of. It also affects business. Sometimes if you David carry out that Tung. Gresham your Conde Parham upon the people. Around you with your walk me, do all they do business with us. that. So we meet willing to check him. Go 'cause Wa. Foresight. Said some of the say, if you defoe relationship with the abusive. Let's see what he thinks van all the way you feel. Say. You fear depending where you did we. All the time. To talk some kind things. Maybe, when you talk, some kind of topics, go Vecsey passing. You feel safe enough. You do anything right for where you're depressing day. Maybe I need to do depend will just say no. Playing the blame you all you believe, say you deserve. The bitsy, nor the quantity weds with. Them. And I think. You dating Salah. You don't do. Initial. Yes You. Colo.. Initially. A being the. Are Not are one. You feel sad. You don't tie. We'll call. They feel like that is my science where you need to. The interval. You'll come become. MARKLE No. Monkey, language. Because Threaten your your wisdom. Say No day. Qualify Okay there. was. Still lookout for for the person they do this, we say. The passing. Partner. Humiliates you. It'd be a costs you for where people day they shout for you bully. You. Criticize you, are they? Put you down. It treat too badly. We're busy dam barrage. For where people day off your family, friends and Family D.. Ignore you either put your opinion. Maybe you talk something. Just ask if that's not not talk. Science. Ib they blame you. Send Qasim Wind even cost you. Beats you. As as object. We go just US ON DOME Instruments be. Just us you don't do. What are you enjoy yourself or not? These nothing sway. We need to look out for. God creates you. It creates you will. The value you get for yourself Mata. We're we're. Not Be. Passing Talk I carry. The always tell people. If you value yourself PESSINA value. And if you Darren, people will not devalue what camotes. If you never enter. And he they sell designs. My brother, my sister, because now knob you only. Woman Ninety in in. means. That the receiver discount abuse yes. But physical one on the. Weights on the receive I'm, too. So now with womb. Talk about that's Gopal phone like Ellie. juggled. Try Michaud say or God. Talk. Talk. To more, so that's. All of. Mine together. Because if Every West soft for me ide-. My environments I lost my business. He did good. Guys like Mary Own, good or God among their goods. Said we call you compensate. We get our own community. What's on things that community could be like? I love Nangle Day now piece good day. Dry, D. and Michael's talks mcpeek the always. Look for how we feed. Ourselves. So, Goddamn. Yes, thank you very much school when I go. Yes, they don't teach me. Talk to Michigan. Today now. Look. For this I go Don doff top to talk to voice. My people, yes. Domestic violence and abuse science windy passing Pitino then be the some of the aftermath. Of witting that in they give passing like Madonna's style just now say businesses the sofa because of domestic abuse. Yesterday to check the Nation newspaper this morning you go, see young lady woman, one young woman commit suicide yesterday. Because of domestic violence. Which did happen brought Eddie always abused them. The abuse if I don't reach to the point, the. Plenty plenty MAC data back. Because teen. And won't time she, don't she? Don't go so far treatment of ear problem. and. Gay Shoe before they spend a lot. Notice Y. You see she did not name some of the things. When the quiz show, we are domestic violence, they take. The, science when they give. You know say domestic violence when Wendy leave for passing body even as they go out one of those signs. When be fab uses one of them now in traversee, Larry's Jodi killed on his. Talk to mortal, come out and not thing. On message on necesary jittery. Much check when I walk I do. Know Nairobi talks. I guess more legs on our way. I go walk a good tools macek recently for some communities and discover see. New Menu really new by. Do some of those things. I can't cover C.. P. Somebody Day win? This issue of course can't beaten shouting. Don't be make any time Wednesday. Just like these you'll see goosebumps Google fully body. Because I don't feel, so meet again. You'll. Talk and then eventually we can I personally recommended more therapy for depressing. Do not I recommend. The is the best therapy now for you to make the team to lead the best might no say in anything and eventually which they happen Assad. Here's the report when I get to see. The. Come out like no. As you hold this phone now if not, you touch. Four hundred and immediately. Heavy called the. Cost bitten moves especially in the ninety nine, hundred happened and me know this young lady win. Commit suicide yesterday when Nation newspaper today. Say abroad that the constantly. If their platform, you will see him for our news platform. For inform me because from. The, say the the always be. And Nimbus. Don't they discover the? Don't try. Try Try, but anytime you tried to go for so we're GONNA forget peace of mind. Go career back to the house again so to Cardi long story short night dragged right. Drink Santi win one insecticide. Nine can go die as at yesterday now. What because look at these things, besides many of us knew most of these things they look at two B. C.. You want the abuse or the violet or the brutalize passing say. These resort, not be witting palatable to the nation or to the word. When he created this world equally time the way we supposed to live in peace. Bet when Huma be, don't they tried to lose? The spirit of I must dominate entered the place. He caught a whiff. Friendship it, the cops, a lot of things when no suppose fit is among you know people. People don't say now violent and it takes. Differences. ooh! DETROIT BEULAH violence. Many waste day. Takes different and at the end, you'll get good results by violence Nudie. UVA like somebody for my community. That we get one lifestyle. No matter how the closeness between ub be worse, arrest me. Go police station. Naming a racial. Don't know what does he likes with? Karimi Goupil, the community get kind of law. Say go black. Family and this family that does played for. Even when the fall in love we EMARI. So non issues of Don Mitchell night people knew quick Durham say domestic violence decrease problem of the of such. Say if you take. vowel is set to differentiate edict problem when even sometimes they grow meets needs. Don't discover. Parents went devolve into each other. And most cases we'll discuss mode winged impasse if to big Mama, children develop for your. The? Mangam Gandhi Sofa loneliness now possibly be consequences of what they do that period midway differences when you this woman get fifty set without any on, go into anybody's ear, then abuses winning, they happen inside relationship for marriages, for whatever times of the day reflects like you mentioned just not reflect mets unit because transfer. Grisham deal with come in when husband wife don't you start to other as the woman come for this? You don't have imagine we're women. That matters good market. Will my window quarry for come tomatoes? Units you comprise the thing. I mean how you're. The is you get you the yourself to push me the? If you check the tank logical state of mine. Spawned now. What did Komo for house? She only US cloud cover the body in the house, so she did respond according to so the burden of after deleting Wendy Wendy. Apple, so the big like as I, talk I said, don't start school went on to. Say, Winston all beggars for number say. They are federal businesses. They are workplace. He the affect nibbles. Ya Fit even the immediate. People way you suppose. Use Your Life if lace. No benefits that thing from you again, when goofy make them, too because people when got to go, feed better life, not religious money. Bet Your your your leadership quality fifth. Tony the life to get your own life right because of your present state of mind you. Those people were misled a big mickey. Stop domestic violence and abuse okay Guys admitted you know for the tin time whenever we get. Clinton's when I don't talk. Make you. See Anytime. We get any conversation before you I don't drift the talk about community to talked about talk about. Leadership as my legs. Very excited about that. You know the challenges who would go go through especially for this country now now now another challenge of of of Leadership you know. So call, the would not break for pigeon. It black again wrong placement of leadership for insiders co for inside our communities. Again one new story waited trend currently. A particular. Community for sense Savio. The. Community, garden more, the the the the duke, when they call inaugural sell lounge to people you know land to people, and now people don't for eighteen years. People don't stay for very long time. Now some one person just wake up one morning. The deal wake up one morning. Send people voice complicated. Cutler's carry guns. Begin to harass people. They beat the people. Sit and give them seven-day ultimatum. Komo from Lens in that. Get the land now. Okay, make you do talk with the Montana they took the shy away. Because all the documents we give them now authentic document right now as this Monday threaten them. They know what to let him go media. Cry talked for me. Now Watch that kind of individual. Get hats. Call, boys, you know young men who put gas with their hands to go harass elderly people. You see so site where we D, we talk about violence. So make with a look different songs, nine last signs of X. of domestic violence and abuse. Come make. US GETS A. beauts where? You. Now you put guards with their hands. Put Cutler's hints now, not see respect for. Elders if I don't pass back door since to Google. Now, you expect such a young men go anti marriage Ego Gary Cut for women. Somebody to talk to you. Today is even if he marries inaugurate, do it woman south. They don't go in right bicycle ride. Bicycles say all these off the ticket. These bicycles within the. Oh. God Madam yesterday. When are they go house? C streetwear night when our look street where they see people. I go complex on sick again. I see that kind of level of sexual perversion pollution. We just four presser wants the making making you make making stay responsible for marriage. If the person do the properly brought up, so uses a distant go beyond say you just was some men. And Women Outta of. The way to the beat them. Don't don't tire. What may come tire? Just because. Long. Montauk who could ride all the bicycles town? So you see this. Didn't they? Very deep onto your our traditional heads? Go Begin to think about this thing. Be Nobody to them leave. Government hint. Relief Fathers and mother because father's. Calls the other in the last week. Wasting disagree with me. Talk about say about how. Traditional this thing see did in the past. And, they are the after I. Don't raise. Them will be Li- li- not rely well. The truth is if institutions. Communities speaking do sit down for this Mata. Leave out from taken from the House of family. Now we get you. Know. We get you that you'll be our son this community even if. You come bye. Bye House. Where now so we did behaved. Like the military community for instance. You dare not of course we know so beautifully go with many violence. Of course not because of the violence, but not part of part of the trade training be that. With all the things they don't teach you. They. Tell you so your wife. The Iraq ahead of you. If you make mistakes, you touch your wife you, don't you? Don't you? Don't you? Don't you, don't you don't beat officer wasting you? You understand that kind of intitial. Our no good, though, because personnel me personally no! Military it before we will do. We use yes, but. It's their wife us and that children. Children. All gets us. The. Specimen now, yes. Those years. Not everyone and everybody to have leasts to logic to put measures with the military put measures down to obelisks, twisting inasmuch as they put measures some people city, which means say is still be Yonsei where you ready. You forget training, so we're asking from become now. You're far from where you. Are Presidents so I still believe you will be no human being within. Make person behaving a particular way things. I didn't body. We understand that and we did. These things looking. At each person that he doesn't. Monto to maintain a contradicts in nine hundred zero much use McKenna. Talk See make communities come in May communities. Calm when communities come in. If you rent house this place these one that the way we behave. If you believe commission come from particular place. You did up lakes. Even if you delete the day here, we don't hear new story now. When one particular village sandy permission go, Niger police force so these are some this are so I don't WanNa. Hear this also see how the behave for whom the idea abuse. L. Does say we now are so we know won't make you serve for that. that. Same for Komo Tom. Komo. Tom Would. Say everybody gets founded. You get route. Nine quickly they send that I just we drove up mount st on the Niger. Police police force. Quickly this Jane Whitney one we did talk okay. MIC Talking about Mickey callaway. mytalk on you see some time, so men could take one flimsy `scuse start today, abuse wives. Or Women Take, flimsy exclusively abused Abalon. Talk Down On. The abuse all. Good involving domestic violence for example. Ma You married young lady. The age the number of years. One, why don't. You just. Don't don't grew to the point on say. Don't manufacture your children for you. Much infatuating, you can come out. It'll raise almost football team. Because, I know I know of people went? Young children reach a level nanomoles comfortable butter one get. Referee join up don't know. Don't these teach. You as se. Wendy MC one hundred students still remain the same size are how? Does happen to go. Change it now, if financially not today. Compatible all you not today up to date to take. Mick does continuous remained size and. You can't be UBS pacey. Differ outside NYQUIL. Stand Pass when which you you don't. I will do. Many! Many many of us need to think. Why not be switch switch when it that I don't want. Go replace them with a new one. What am I pull? That is no condemn. Replace Them, were you? Were you replace him over? You are now on jump brutal. So where you don't because of this, the violence or probably does cut design. Say You don't you come home late and from? Was the accusers say. Why are you condie retold this time now? You're saying you bone me. Be My Mama Bowe you tell you? Me Foley you bidding that this is not over. Does that. Let me let you understand. What you did see for side now disavows now stepped onto a Louis low self esteem. The Lucifer Steam Loughran directly. Now if you think because he raised today, Inaugu devalue is tomorrow if Nigeria. Filled devaluation. non-human human be when get expiry dates. The worst product got the over Whitsun. Just do they annoy me the most just to? You. Joke just just to show how so many men so many men no Joseph who give value for life? This man with him. The good the positive Trajan all. Please talk to themselves. They don't get disciplined because the like. Did we talk the training on his own DeTrani aspect of find out who? To a lot of many allege epicenters don't vanish. Bed. Not Talks Hope parents where we get the country. To get the. Percentage of families that are doing their work however. Because of peer, group, Song, come out negative day represent passing the different from the appearance. Because I don't see you're trying to do then. Is The groom me way I? Don't call my mind. Pahpahan goes on we because of we. Belong to now the group when I don't go enter. Congo. Replace. Who are not suppose remaining and not the? C., CDs. When I did do some work. I see familiar with values. I don't work I places where you. The family was the values. What they say out of White Potman at blacktop. See. Does then. Many of the language so this this are very so you? SEE The Saudi The only Preah when we won't get to Debussy. Fed busy feted occasionally, there are federal things many teams in the many people education and he goes could finished because domestic violence last single parenting. Don't that. Would be bill again. They'll come back into the future before so, what as we opened our phone lines? We don't live distasteful. People are not listen to business on lifestyle programming for me. Which I M you, we'll gone cool. dilan wouldn't join voice I zero nine, zero, three, nine, three, nine, nine, four, five four. I remember I say domestic violence and abuse. Now we did talk about the different things with the idea. Affect people. The effects business on older. Joined solution now they look for make. We are vice ourselves. Therefore four discount Montana. We we know say blends if wild side. So solution we defined. One on your way for the call. Kalou from Iraq. while. Line. You! would be partly. Cloudy Coca. People for business where the? Liquor coming. From what you've crossing really negative sociology to now. With the. Actual item. The. Only. Dot Com. Particularly to? You. To. Racial. Society got the you. Television talk someone. From the. NONCE! This. Love. Of, nothing. comes. The, Life of district will. Go to go. I stuck light. That's all we need sponsor for his. Very very serious. Sports. Is Nice route, three, nine, three, nine, four, five four. Reduced volume of life. Money Avenue. Running Joke to? Purchase I want to me. Actually you. Now. Guess I'm GonNa see their nicey the will. Be Two nights there. That's what celebrity. That K.. E. Gold. Busy what! Message when I said the. Dowry what Working Contracts GotTa. You got this this. Morning for now. The! U.. Your. Four pairs. Of. That would be better at what. Workers or do is open. I said I'm. To. Burger! Court. Pizza. That he? Decides. Not, so I don't. Know cut short then to us it is. Certain. So. You. Get this. Is. My. Apartment Right. Thank you madam UNICEF. Rome surplus food. News we promise you. Because you've been in fact now, you'll be one of I guess, listen and contributor to this program, so we probably sue recharge. God you go to Church? Listen to business and lifestyle programming for me with. Gone Zero Nine, zero, three, nine, three, nine, nine, four, five, four, with a talk about domestic violence and abuse also. Good, morning. Nima waiting for the call. From! Okay. I've been reducing a radio guy. Okay? This marriage of The way we see the. Short. Run to guess as possible. Very hard. For the? Marine he'll? Warmer Lippo every. Wife the fight. Not Call you. Don't have the cash. Cities might get yourself. You'll get only to reform of the month. I told you might murphy where they're walkway. They do now. I. my wife. Reports? For Them Mickey, find someone to be. He. By my and my wife, because see I like Berkeley Israel. Okay! Oh. that. You really solve somebody all right, so let's. Talk now maybe now. causing. SUPPO- sue. Okay. Martinez Joblessness I mean on Sunday shutting needs. Aloe! Good Morning AGO Now. Prove Very. Minded night. Shop. Our coach. Domestic Policy. I? Want to make good like Alaska does now. I want to be my only. About this woke up with the. Wife. This one I saw Detroit with your. Role! As a as I. Say What are what? My simply woke up this and Do! We started out of that. Through you will. have get any. That, listen to. Believe that. He married to deliver of agreed that want to. Be pulled out of thirty each of. The! Notebook because all my career working with. All of our our son. To study. That is mark. The beginning when we started this topic, so I can't say to to. Two people come together from two different backgrounds different family different. Goes also winnow married people from APPALACHIA. To different. Tribes on all we get differences. I believe so now say love. They're very important for this. Because love now offer. ABC They overlook. This money, so love is patient. Love is kind you understand. If you get love for the passing deletes, you and CNN resume. Why would why would he use negative words on that? Guy Blessing, the cost of All you go! Conde bits depends if you raise bit passing. Or Not make you say you'd be big man or strong. You won't be woman where they were. Physically abused your husband Mick. You say you'll be taps past that we did do that into. Wants away, all of us need to to to think of. Miller they're looking live differently. We. Take announces. Did Not. True is good united technologies while you're gonNA stunt how you to the appropriates that north of the gathered to the? Speech words to talk so women do they undertake nonsense you know. Out to approach a name of the issue, maturity well got to talk about. Approach Nozzles we to take most. How take hundred? Three nine, three, nine, four, five four. On good money? On John. Mommy. Money's. Goodbye Gumma. Immune? Everything! I do to. Placing. No see domestic dollars of Mata. Los Angeles is your taste. Of. My also for the Martha. And go down. The try. It is such A. Not Oko see somebody from Efraim Badran of your mouth on. My often for housing gives me the. Most like the last caller. Before, you decided you are this. You don't feel fishing is using. Joan's enough you. Know for you to use. DOIN A. Do. You may thirty. Amount. Rush Hour. would. Try I've met. Who supergroup your wife? Thank you my. Office. Window win rice each through. Multiple! Engage your wife on something. Puppies issue topless. Month during into something talk less. Idea Daytona comeback when, I don't walk also combat. That me now, yes. So before you knew it up those people if I don't believe it. When do until next year or the? Visual. Rundown to. Apply we. Thank you. Go on my which Martin is. No. You. Hear Mungo in mean I pass. Club or you symbolic? A mug women. Talk say these talks. Units as to get the abusive one way. One, woman refused to talk now highlight. Likes. The. You need not. Wanting. To. Be Quite. The. Sometimes. Keeping quiets their safe in lots of. To, not be, everything was opposed to react to that just the truth. Is. Now the booksellers say this time for everything. Get time to talk. Untimely talked about. Is Not just for you to study. Understand yourself and then. We'll, take our plan. To tomorrow miles on CD problem with. Donald Talk Because me, they look life. I go study. Everybody, see how depending. Just take you like that. If you need my advice, I will give you the ad if you just technically chosen. Sabadell me say! Over use my waist and Time before we go in business news again one time win. One more call. Of. Radio. Talk. From where you're proactive, look argues Ed. I think. It's say one aware I. Wouldn't. The marriage. Bureau. We walk there has. Fat. Flynn routine and The. Not that. Resort to around five edited. Grabbed up from? when I married. For. It was. Easy from. Rodney produce the car to. Make. Our Me Not. My group, but more Xiaojian on. Rally though. You know. Gosh. I program. Maria We're to forget now. Vague. Well. As you. The Ad have medical. Craft. The. there. We. Had Four. Years now. Just. Look? At The company Dental Great Rock Whoopi. Be. Rector. Up. because. Coffee. I. Where I Liverpool. Checking. Back, our I. I. Do for House. That for house know. That That will be built act. because. that. I got. I looked at. that. Our little twenty. Report and looking. Then all of A mortgage. Pity weather I think some of the where. Are they think. It is I think they were GONNA fan advocate. Women. Woman I felt woman. WHO. HAS A Little. Owner? Internet. Go No no, no, no, no. Coffee Today Mona's. Ready Tomorrow Join US tonight. About one solution, want advice. They'd like to stay with Elbaz. Where was going to get advice from? That's why I'd be I'd be kind talk. Okay, the only at said today live from to the. Monkey and also get adult with some lucky mart. Summer just of This work. Is New. To. ME. But let me see, let me. Elders. Elder or guy full builder? Experience. Don't go through. Daas. Now today. How many of our elders don't get this experience Climbing Shera? Circle Channel Not Champ to namic with a midnight stories those days teams on the moonlights get them for houses when it did teach us how to they behave. Get. They get. Cancer. Thank you so okay all right Oh. I'll business doing from facebook from level direct. Talks the air travelers. Good. No begin to arrive airports. One and a half hours before departure and federal government. Don't put this down because at this KORU issues way this. Oh, the federal government reduce arrival time for passengers Nicholas No. We didn't wish to travel within the country during the spirit from. from ours Elia announced a one and a half hours now had circa minister of the vision. Announced, this development through twitter handle. On Tuesday. I talked to my sister with for new goes on the children. Here the do away had been. Always go visit. Someone I know what they use their. What's up there, buddy? Cash public. Does. Economize the less announced. This acoustic don't can talk if Nigeria and China don't finalize negotiations on top of forty three point, twenty four billion Nara bottom ports. Dry ports so as income beat for the. Contract now China Chinese. Railway Corporation. Company Name Windy Soda will come designed it dry seaports for bottom for all your state's capital. Now those final story talk say South East traders on the protests. High damages for ports triggers honor. The ages of Southeast Amalgamated Market Traders Association don't protest high ridges at ports across the country. They can talk to their goods. The they confiscated did seize them by clearing ages, and all other authorities of other authorities results than say they don't petitioned the National Assembly made him take intervene. They urged National Assembly submitting prevail on the handling Cajun and release their consignments. So that's then go continue to the cynical. Continue that tracked then you make it a gutter Mooney. What I'M GONNA peso. Treat as the cost of because. So many so many things that don't go up all the toxins that grew go bossy within the upper four years, so so now so the newsbeat to quickly take Marta go cursor table. Foy Soccer Institute for Career for Central Bank of Nigeria. Da Detroit for three hundred, sixty nine to sell for During the six to one, their poster links four hundred fifty three nine point. Seven, four four Kabul and sell for five hundred fifty five points double double for Kabul Euro, now foreign aid narrow point. Two Four. And four, hundred, nine, zero point one, five, seven four. Swiss franc now three hundred each tuner up into one to five Cobra undersell for three, hundred, eighty, three, nine, point one, eight, six, five, then our Chinese one. Fifty, one point four, one, eight, one KUBOTA buy and sell of fifty one point five, six, one nine Kabul south, African, don't one there up with five one one to Kabul and several to one. Five, seven or nine couple of is black markets, US dollars four hundred sixty. And self a hundred sixty five. These just deal. POSTER LIST? Afford sixty, several, five, thirty, five, hundred sixty. There for five hundred twenty. Euro not years for years. Urine are five hundred and sell for five hundred ten now can into dollars, the two hundred and eighty nine and. Three Hundred Zero Dr. arnn emerged their home, the ninety eight nine for one, hundred, twenty nine. Bill Universities. debuted. Their known Switzerland, not indeed universities by the Yes the by Essex for the. Can is what now forty-nine and. Six Dr! Around the eighteen and Gandhi six hundred seventeen dad on the actual film gone community. You don't end up six hundred twenty five seriously. Hundred! Andy self-rule, six, hundred seventeen. Better Republic, identity real action from the now several hundred. Public as a for tonight US one hundred zero, take the difference. Say they across the table and the news. Okay. So A. Kick Wasser. That should go give us how. Market come before. And incidentally this we. Come amid republic. Again this. Thing is the team. They say what. Mata their subsidy dopey subsidy. Hello And Madonna cake money. We're divulge. was today have received Ventura now. And so Yvonne Market Naps Increase. On last because of nine thirty one thousand. Approach two thousand from Fauria right now, one, thousand, seven, hundred and now one seventy. And you're looking at your hold on now. and. Don't go for twenty. Three thousand Graham Royalva now. Now waffle! Now Walk for. and. Another to do that union. Forget learn Muslim flames. Employees Teams. Got It. Not. Just as them. Land Land Now to one. Bilious see different lines, not a regular been. Not Twelve thousand era, I'll. Keep them laundry. They're not play, not issue. Not, to one being. Indicted sideline now. Look on branding I said. About. And Robots, get one off seventy narrow. For number, Sixty of Polo rubber for thousand why call now fallen on good hunk, mellow robot about one eight one. What engine mellow now once I've gone one hundred call on. Forty Week. Ratto thank you. Run from Marquette Gong by. People tell them about Oh. All right. All. City. This morning. Is It Tribune? Get from mind say. Get up mind. He Talks A. trip. Vanguard. About one. Hundred million passing school Safa amid okay, let me say about Forty Million Peasants Gustaf Hongda for Nigeria. After covid nineteen or the end of twenty twenty. Because of wind go on plenty now right now. The go on for some local government states because of candidates because of killings and harassment, so just rest, say there will be more fat prizes modern this time. He is modified with you. which is I'm back was my people. We know say domestic violence and abuse. Now we dietrich dispute and media businesses. Just no, no time where you can do wrong, you you. To another person. And because of that. If you know what Mickey stained? Use Yourself as the chain of brick. What I mean by chain of big bicycle chain motorcycle chain even your motto engine chain. Caught. Movement must stop. So use your safe as to. The issue of How domestic violence they move from generation to generation. If you. Do you have society? My NIGGA ideal more. A little of this morning. My thought on this matter. You put the no win. To Stop. For anything any math made him the no winter. Stop when you get self-control. Whitman learn way to know when to say no when to stop, it could help so many things so many with prolonged so I. Believe Simic would look out through that that point of view as to out to. Witty or Garcia Mata Copy Isaac Mary Lytton Arkansas Merry Christmas. Okay my people now remember. Tomorrow will differ here. Gale was to talk about this so. We learn from each other. From the beginning, I'm just weren't program with L. Talk Say Mick. We see how to help ourselves if if governments and not the. We help ourselves for this Matassa feet up ourselves so tomorrow Mickey Steve. Find those often our. They list calling now Molinari to moto to. Have Voice to these matters because all of us they lay is not when business on lifestyle program inform me with. Gone. Tomorrow my name city. Guga I saw.

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Wendi McLendon-Covey

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

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Wendi McLendon-Covey

"Unqualified like to thank presenting sponsor. macy's for over one hundred sixty years. macy's has been known for the quality products. Great prices entrusted surface. We've cured fashion for the entire family and gifts every important occasion. macy's is your one stop shop for all the latest trends and all your spring fashion needs good. macys DOT COM to see jest, but I mean. Hey dear listeners, today's guest is the wonderful and funny Wendi mcclendon Covey who you probably know from Reno, nine one bridesmaids and the Goldbergs. My feelings about releasing this episode complicated the world has changed since Wendy, and I met a few weeks ago and the turnover conversation doesn't match my emotional state today. It's difficult to pretend that life goes on as usual. No, I'm just an actress with podcast and can. Tell you to wash hands, but other than that all I hope to offer is a little entertainment or distraction. This episode and the next will be err last in person interviews for a while, but we will continue to podcast from home, talking with guests via skype or facetime before we begin i. want to read a letter to Jessica who was on our episode with Judy? GREER JESSICA has recently separated from her husband of five years. We talked about getting over her ex and how to begin again. So this is from Leah who writes Hi Ana I been listening to your podcast as a part of my daily self care. During these crazy times. I just finished the Judy, greer. And I wanted to comment on Jessica's call I, to married young, and got separated when I was thirty two I had four kids with my husband I wouldn't trade them for the world, but I know that we had kids to try and save our marriage so there I was thirty two single stay at home, mom with four kids that was myself image and my identity I unfortunately didn't have good advice you and judy gave to Jessica and I fell immediately into a serious and very abusive relationship I. Didn't think anyone would want me. I felt that. To not be single, and so when a sweet talking man came around and swept me off my feet I didn't listen to the voice ahead, telling me to run now years later and out of that abusive relationship, the advice of a give my younger self into anyone navigating a divorce is seek therapy while we might feel like. We're totally fine in. Yes, even happy. Happy about the marriage ending there can be years of unresolved stuff that we need to deal with. After getting out of the abusive relationship, I said no to dating for a long time. I went to therapy and I just live at home with my kids traveled and just enjoyed life one day out of the blue. I met a single dad. We took the relationship. Relationship very slowly, and now I can honestly say this is the best relationship of my life. Yes, of course, he is wonderful, but the differences I get to be myself with him, and he loves me for it that time to heal was so important to know myself again, and to recognize that I am a whole, valuable, amazing person and worthy of Being Happy Jessica. Jessica on Judy. In everyone else I wish you all the happiness, love and light. The world can bring much lovely. Thank you so much. Leah and thank you Jessica in. Thank you, dear listeners, please help the unqualified community grow by sending us your questions, your answers and your stories just go to our website, unqualified calm, and now here she is Wendy mcclendon covey. Ladies and gentlemen. You're listening to all qualified. With host on a I. I! have an older brother. He's a sociologist and he does a lot of research on bullying. That I was thinking about. How like you know how you perceive yourself in high school and how it can be different from how other people perceive you? Did you go to your phen-, but what I did I went to my ten year, and I went to my twenty five year, but then I, then I quit. How was that experience? For me, I went to my twenty. It was a B. Plus of and. Maybe it'd be. Okay, maybe it'd be minus which is not. We know when you're forty. I don't want to have a be night. Yeah, go out especially if your travel to at night. So I can help people about it, yeah, you know. Yeah. A beat night isn't good for anecdote. The last one I went to was probably a C minus I didn't love it. That is very specific. Yeah, so like there were a couple moments it was like Oh. That's kind of Nice to see that person or whatever, but then the rest of it was like. Yeah I don't know I. Feel Tired an whatever I'm missing my shows. You Miss Show, but I was thinking about. How would you have graded yourself in terms of your social experience well? I went to big high school on Huge School Milliken Highschool Robert Milliken not sure what he did, but he's got a high school named after him, so they're about a thousand kids in my in my new. My Great! Yeah, it was huge, so you know we also had fraternities and sororities? Oh, they weren't sanctioned by the school, but they were there and you would rush. I wanted nothing to do with not box organizing fraternities and sororities if it's. Insane I guess it solid prep for the next staff for the next step, but you know there. It's college future rejection. Setting the table for you know. These are the ashes. You have to kiss in life. It's like the opposite of you know the whole. The tried to flick giving your kids and award for participating. You had the opposite experience. This was like beg for it, and when you were rushing to wear like little bow that indicated what Sorority you were rushing, and if someone you without your bow, they would demand that you make them cookies, or they would make you do something embarrassing in front of everybody. Ymca in the quad at lunch by yourself. and go up to different, Oh God seniors, and you know since you a freestyle rap like dumb things like that and you had to do it, will you? Apart of I never was a part of that I wanted nothing to do with it and had overprotective parents. Who wouldn't let me do it anyway, so that was nice I, didn't WanNa do like who cares who cares this. Though that's a strong position for young person I grew up in a really strict household and I was allowed to do very little, but I had a friend group and we had fun and I eventually started doing popular person things like I was going to the mall. No, like I I was a cheerleader oh you were. Like or I was bills your mascot? Ram Robert, milliken so ram go rams or don't go rams. I don't care anymore. Anyway it was fun I did those things, but I never went to parties. Did your parents like were they like? You're home by eight thirty like right after the game. If I was with my friends, they would extend my curfew if I was with a boy. It was like we'll see you at nine. How did they know they just knew they? Just you mean I could not. Not Get away with anything. You a bad liar. Are you a bad a bad liar? and also I was so afraid that they would take one more thing away from me. I DIDN'T WANNA. Do anything bad. Right? You know, just don't take my my ballet lessons away. Like just please don't take anything else away because really close. Yes, I love my family. I like a really. It's impressive that your parents were I have a seven year old at home and I have no idea what I'm GonNa do when he's like I. Won't I was a liar? Though okay, I'm not a great liar now, but could lie to my parents all right at that time out of absolute necessity, okay so I was like sneak out and go to some parties and stuff i. I was never but I. DO wonder like how it feels like an impossibility to contain a teenager in any way your parents job, but you did it. You were a sneaky girl. Did you steal the car ever? Did you know I never did that? I was also. I'm terrified of rules and authority like I really want to figure out how to not get caught, okay? Is Whole. Strategy how do I not get caught? But I think so. Yeah, it's not a great place to live. But But doesn't that. Give you an advantage for when your kid gets older like you kind of already done at all so i. don't know how I don't know because I think it'll be tired. No be tired I'm already tired. Okay I don't even know if I have the energy to say. Are you lying you? Know Great. Good Talk. Oh all right Oh. Finish your homework for you. So. Awful. Wendy, thank you for being here and we were all been full disclosure debating on how to say. Your name. mcclendon covey. Covey Covey Yeah Wendy. mcclinton Covey, yeah see married Mr Coffee did, and then you're like fucking hyphen so hyphenated. 'cause I'm too lazy to go and make the actual name change, so if I just pin it on the back, then everybody's happy. Everybody, who do you? You. My was happy because I wasn't changing my name. My in laws were happy because the name was there. Sure this was before nine eleven so I could get away with just shoving it on the back now. I have to have all my say that so now have a name. No one can say well. Let me butter you up. Oh, boy, I'm such a fucking huge fan of yours. You're so hysterical a just an. When I watched Reno Nine, one one I get filled with envy, because you guys are also fucking good in your year just like this delicious delight of legs, sexuality, and like Mollet in I don't know. I, Love God. And of course bridesmaids, and then I was watching some clips of. Did you produce that show with Allen The oh? Repeat after. Repeat after me, I was going to say ready for me. But I was surprised. You know about that well did but because that counting terrify me. Yeah. Multiple levels. She asked me to do it, so I felt like your I'm going to do it. You know, but I didn't understand really what I was saying. Yes to. I'll interested so. Yeah that was really fun and I always felt really off Kilter, and we filmed everything like one segment at a time, so I would go in one day and we'd just do one thing, so that's why I'm always wearing the same outfit because we just didn't know how they were going to cut it together. It's really funny. I get terrified out the idea of tricking. Anybody did this campaign and it was drinking some people, and it felt so fundament like it took everything I could to not say listen. We're cool like I just as stupid actress, I like. been hired with this thing and everything's okay. Yeah, yeah, it feels weird it. It feels completely wearing and the thing that was great about it though is that while I improvise a lot of it. Her writers were also feeding me things I could say oh. Nothing was ever really mean or anything. It was never supposed to be mean spirited. Yeah, but one time we brought in a bunch of people for a job interview and one girl really went to pieces when she found out, it wasn't real. Oh, and so to pacify her. They gave her a job on the show. For about a month. You know she was very adamant, and luckily I was not in the room for that because I would have just run screaming into the parking lot. I would have felt so bad, but there's this Ms. Actors are are good liars or something, but it feels like they're very different things. Totally different things I get to hide buying somebody else's words. Air will have to acknowledge the idea that I'm actually lying. You're hiding behind a character. Yeah, you're not lying. Your character is doing something I'm making faces and doing things, but then the flip side of that coin is that a lot of people don't understand that either. I'm sure you have people coming up to all the time in referencing something you've done where they're like well. You should have done it this way and you're like well. That was a fictitious person. Wendy I love you. If somebody came up to me and said you should have done it that way, I would be like fuck you, would you know? But I don't know. Are you just curl up in a ball? I just love the idea of somebody being like. Oh, you deliver about long. You don't get that. All. Who is? Always getting you. What just like instagram or twitter or people at? Disneyland you know you should have done in this one thing I didn't like it when you did this like. Are you insane they? Clearly. You are off your meds. Audacious, but I think that there's like a weird extreme compliment in that. Okay, because it means that you're inspire like they. Like Oh, I love watching your own. Wouldn't it be awesome I don't know I'm trying to look at their lemonade it but I. have been thing. Yeah, I'm GonNa ask you a series of life questions. Okay, you can answer one word or longer. Whatever you WANNA. Do Okay. Okay studying of easy okay. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? MOCHA coffee crunch I. Do you want to plug a brand? No I, don't why what if we got a bunch of fucking three ice cream, Wendy, what if you're below and you're? Con Array. What was your favorite children's book? PIPPI longstocking has love PIPPI. Fat Man wishes wrong bad ass! She was strunk, didn't she? Carry her horse around she. Yes, she had superhuman strength, a chest, full of gold, absentee parents and a monkey. I have to show you this picture if I could ever find it. I think in Fifth Grade I was PIPPI longstocking Book Fair. In my mom bent a coathanger over my head. We braided my hair, dyed orange and and then I had to be careful walking through doorways. I had longer hair and everyone's. When you say damn. She nailed that. Costo oh yeah, yes, everyone, except for Ryan driven. The fastest runner, and what's he doing now? I don't know. Okay what was your favorite toy as a child? Mumba record player Oh. Yeah, books are music. Music Yeah I used to use my record player as a Potter's wheel also with my plate. That's Kinda read. I went through many record players. Let's just say that okay. What did you want to be growing up like? Let's say your third grade. What do you think your answer would have been third grade I definitely wanted to be a jockey got out of the third grade was too tall to be a jockey at a huge growth spurt in the third grade. So. was that just love of horses love of horses I loved her. But I don't know I have some theories about why we love horses I. Think there's a sense of freedom. Okay, it's like you can imagine yourself like just riding across the range and just being like fuck you. Everybody I got. There s and the winds hair, and no one can keep me down also there just so aesthetically pretty and seem like they understand us. Yeah, but. Jockey a jockey, did you when you were kin? No, you would just like I collected plastic horses. And I liked the uniforms. I. Guess the Satin outfits. Yeah, that's not bad to deal between that and disco skating. WHO's. Poised to be a millionaire. What was your experience with your first boss? My first boss I my first real job that I punched a clock for I was a dance teacher in like. Your junior in high school job was danced. York you were good cheerleader. I was okay all right. Mark of Modesty, you're a good dancer. This wasn't a great dance studio. Just like your neighborhood Recital Long Beach Dance Studio. What did you teach tap? Jazz and ballet to little kids in. Was your boss like cool I think. This was weird because she knew how long I'd been dancing. She kind of felt like I should know the lay of the land more than I did, but I didn't because I had only been dancing about three years myself and she gave me this job, so I didn't know etiquette and like how to deal with parents. With shown here in high school and you have to deal with parents like that are placing other dreams into their children exactly. You know. Notes sent home about progress and Shit like that Oh got algebra to do. Not Listen I'm just teaching your kid how to do sinead turn so that was weird. Yeah, that wasn't a good fit, but pretty amazing have younger siblings. Is your sister. Older licenser is younger, but seems older has always been the boss of me. What is your greatest fear? Oh greatest fear. You know these are tough right I wouldn't know how to answer these. Maybe we could break it down to just a fear. Just a phase greatest fear would for most people be just death, I think because then. We just we just don't know what happens. Yeah! I'm afraid to die with unfinished business. deathly afraid of snakes, Oh and gators, like how afraid like like if we had one upstairs would Ju- pet it. You saying. My brother got my son a constrictor. Please tell me you're lying to me. There's a BOA constrictor upstairs. You are really scared of snakes. It's very. He's very security, spirits sweet, and we don't know. How long has he always only like three feet fat? Yeah he's. He's a jammed US values. It's on medium of a thing. Dan Brother Yours on needs a reptile. I told you get to clean the cage. Because that's how that goes down I. Don't fucking do it sweep. Michael Does it and feeds leg the snake. The pinky is we have to the freezer. No, no, no. No I'm sorry. Wendy is so okay, so you're not watching. My. You have to like steepen have too steep, a kinky mouse in a cup of hot water. One question, how often does it eat Gabriel once a week, the YEP, no burden. ooh, that's a burden for you. Oh! Wheatley not for me. Because of my goal, he's but but. I like the snakes. I like things that I like that kind I think grew up with a lot being my brother was. He was part of the her Patel. Logical Society of Seattle, so we always had snakes. Tarantulas, Give Peron as we. How everything we had everything scorpions. We had a lizards of all kinds like the whole garage was just filled with this rank smell of nasty aquarium and hang on. And your parents were like go ahead. You can commandeer the garage. Or did they just they couldn't say anything about it after a while because he just sort of. Them this should wait. You had per Rana's yeah. We apprentice in women. Brother was bringing the bag of Piranhas home to put into the Quilliam. They started to chew through the plastic bag in the car arends so. Yeah and so the water starting to scored out of this plastic bag, and there's like four promise in this plastic bag, and there's water shooting out of the bag, and it's getting all over the back seat. A. We were thinking of course lew. What are we gonNA do with four flopping piranhas the back seat of a station wagon? The you're looking at me. I'm floored well. You know what I would be floored by going to. Baptist Church with your parents in. Long Beach. We all have different experience. When you're right, you're right. I'm not judging. I'm just saying. Okay. What is it fear that you had when you were younger that you no longer have I was very afraid of the dark that I was I was really afraid of the dark, and I got used to sleeping with the door open, and that blue glow of the TV in the other room, and now I still have to fall asleep that way, which is not good for you. But. It's very relaxing for me to to institute. I think it's the idea of 'cause. I did something similar, but the idea that there's stuff still happening, even though like there's a comfort in knowing that there's still activity while my brain shuts off and I so like somebody's watching out somewhere, totally yeah. I wonder if that's specifically well. especially as we get older if that's a female thing, because we're taught to have feared an early age and a different way, right, we're taught to have fear in a different way. You know I think at least the way I was socialized, but I can get into my stupid theories later. What is your? Your favorite sick day movie Ferris, Buehler's Day off. Oh, that's a good way. Oh, I'll stop whatever I'm doing to watch that movie. I love it. Isn't that sequence in the art museum? Just like it's a great fucking movie, so good is so hold up. Totally does okay. This is a tricky one. To whom would you most like to apologize and why? Oh? I will never stop apologizing to my mom, because playing a mom on the goldbergs and my character is in the eighties. See what my mom went through with me, and even though I was a pretty good kid I was mouthy and I shouldn't have been that way. I just I have empathy for any mom out there now. I don't know how mom's do it. I don't know how any mom does it. My mom was a working mom and she had no time for herself I. Don't know when she did anything. There were no naps. There was no time for my mom to do anything. But when you ask about these things, what does she say well? Just I just did it. You know I needed to do it and I just did it I. Hate it when my parents talk vagaries yeah like. Well. You were a great kid and I wasn't mom a fucking Dick I mean there's definitely revisionist history. Sure I actually. I don't think she's ever said that I was a great kit. So maybe it's known revisionist history going there. This episode of unqualified is brought to you in part by mind body mind body is all about self care and doing the things that make you feel your best, but I don't know who can possibly feel their best right now. Like most of you I haven't left the house for more than a week. My days consist of cooking checking in on friends and. And watching a lot of TV with my family under the circumstances, I really didn't know how to tell everyone about an APP that helps you find fitness or wellness classes, but as of his reading over the mind body mission statement one-sentence got my attention. There are thousands of fitness, beauty and wellness experiences out there in mind, body can help you find in book. Book whatever you need wherever you are well. I am stuck at home. Looking at a game of thrones puzzle with a thousand pieces spread across the table. If we really focus a chance, we can finish the edges before dinner, but kept thinking about the idea of wherever you are. 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Okay, what is the trait you most dislike and others rudeness to people that someone finds beneath them, and I think that we see that a lot of the way our is structured. Yeah I it is frustrating to be witness to any dismissive behavior right? Yeah, that answer what or who was the greatest love of your life, but I sort of want to stipulate that you not. See your husband. Okay, even though that might be your first answer, yeah! Greatest love of my life, it can be a saint. Say Okay. I would say my my GRANDPA. Oh, that's because he was so much fun and he was great with this. Is Your mom his mom's Dad because we would? Run, our little ideas pass him about. Oh, I have an invention or oh I wanNA play this and I. Want you to be that. He would never be dismissive of our ideas. You know he would just jump right in with both feet and play with us, and so that's why we loved him so much because he never treated us like oh my gosh. Gosh you want to do that I saw you talking on a talk show about when you were kid, you would do a lot of plays like you're always like active. And and I was the same way and I love it that you had somebody in your life. That nurtured that. Yeah, that is great. What a gift! What a gift all right GRANDPA. L. Yeah we're. Okay. When are you? You're happiest. It's also says when are or were. Okay tents feels a little guilty, but like you're never gonNA be moved happiest. You've ever been again, but tells about a happy experience. I love going on long car trips with my husband because then. Like. When you get punchy and you're tired and everything is funny. That's what I'm the happiest when you're just laughing at stupid shed. That is so fucking Rad answer. Because that means that you guys are still fundamentally enjoying each other's company on a road trip Oh. Yeah, OH, ROAD TRIPS! That's the litmus of. Relationship a yeah. That's great. Where do you guys like to drive while we're going to go to big? Sur Very soon, yeah. A couple of animal sanctuaries like out in the sticks out like past magic mountain and stuff where you know. If you just need to have a soothing day around some animals, you'll go and do that. There's a place called Wolf Connection. Wolf No, Oh my God, that sounds awesome. To go okay. Wolf's. You Love Wolves I love will who doesn't have. These are mostly high content wolf dogs that have been rescued so like everybody thinks Oh, I'm GonNa have a wolf dog. I'm going to have this giant dog. It's going to be great well then that giant dog eats your couch and is ready to eat your family. You know what I mean like. You can't have them. There are legal in California so they have to be taken to a sanctuary, and they still have very wolf, e tendencies, and they want to be in a pack, and it's a big thing, so there's a place called Wolf connection out there in the dignity. Cruel Oh. My God you have. You. Have your soul fed. We'll connect to okay. I actions really. You're just out in the Angeles forest. You're breathing clean air. You're communing with these gorgeous animals, and when they howl I'm telling you something you feel it in your bones. You feel it in your DNA. I can't I believe enough about it. We went on a moonlight hike with the wolves. One time it was a trip nothing, but the light of the moon and these wolves. That's amazing I'm telling you anyway. I like road trips with my husband. I love that okay. have. You had any near death experiences. I was held at gunpoint ones. That could have gone that way, but healthwise now. So moving on moving, but I've never. I've never died on the table anything. Do you why it's up to you. Do you want to elaborate on this intriguing store? Sure I'll give you. The cliff notes version I used to work at a jewelry store. I worked at a series of jewelry stores. When I was in my twenty s and one of them was in a mall, and it was one of those corner stores. It's next to an entrance so quick getaway. If you wanted to rob a jewelry store, this was the one to rob so three armed kids came in pointed guns at us. The owner of our store took out his gun and shot and. It was awful and then Oh, come to find out after having. These guns pointed at US between them. They only had one bullet so three guns, one bullet, and we had a fully loaded gun, and whatever and the one that got shot did die, but he didn't have to. It was just a superficial wound. He just ran and bled out. It's terrible. Your cliff notes version. I was prepared for like some kind of gentle. But realize your cliff notes, version is condensed into just horror. One bullet three guns at Dacca. I Wat- yeah, fuck lots of nightmares after that. Fuck Wendy. What single thing would improve the quality of Your Life Oh. What single thing would improve the quality of my life I have no idea how long I guess if I had more energy to enjoy my free time, that's a great answer know, but right now I feel like I am just living between naps I. Guess an everybody's industry now there is that feeling of like you have to be proactive, so there is a level of exhaustion. There isn't any job security so I. Yeah, Yes, yes! I'll you hit the nail right on the head? You know you've got to be sowing seeds all the time and I haven't had a vacation in five years. You can pick Servia visit the. No. You're right one. You told me right you're you're going to soon. I don't know if you're GONNA filling up there right? No, no, no, no. Lee. Just chilling. Okay who would you invite to your dream dinner party, but only make it to people to people. I know it's a tough one I would not answer that either actually that's not true I. was trying to think of the other day about the absurd times I was star struck. one was with Mike. The situation, from Jersey shore I felt myself gambling, yes. Did you ever Seen Jersey shore? Language. Reality. That you're talking about. He gave you the trembles. Totally I was like Greg. Relation Asia okay. Maybe I can. Just because. Hey. Mike. How Man Year. Like I don't know just took me by surprise. There was anyway visit ferrum owns. What was it amount of his particular swagger that got you. I think that it was swagger quite like that but I think there was the Mystique of reality stars. It feels different than how I get. Star struck with actors. That's interesting. No I've never I've not felt that yet. I I haven't met anyone that I. They let a cower. They feel mystical. Because, it's like I. Really Putting your whole as to podcast where I like to think fairly open and honest, at least as open on I miss open and honest to my audience I am to myself, okay. Okay you know but Anyway Reality Star, but so we let's get back to you. Wendy. At Dinner, Party Dinner Party well. Here's something weird. Thanks to twenty three and me I have a first cousin that has reached out that I've never met I would like to meet him. Where is this person? This person is convinced. West Midwest. Are you wary I was, but my dad bedded him because he reached out to like all of us that were on twenty three and me and you know this is a legit story. We know that someone was put up for adoption. Blah Blah Blah and I would like to meet him. That's awesome, so that's great. Yeah, and then as far as famous people I've always wanted to meet Quincy Jones really. Yeah, why because I love like? He's an American share regimes like his music. is fantastic like I would count at least three of the album's. He's been a part of as my top five, so three of those spots are reserved for him anyway. We got Quincy and the cousin Quincy and the cousin. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement would be that I did make a career in a profession that I was actively discouraged from even pursuing and I've never once asked for money. I've never like I. Did it I I'm I'm a responsible adult and I am an actor? Love answer because that is massive, because is so difficult, and it's like those years of rejection, and still like you know purser fear into especially. My parents weirdly were very encouraging. Really point where I was like mom dad this is not practical. I'm quitting acting. I'm not going to make any. Remember them being disappointed. And how you know. They had two kids. I was the younger one. They were just like Oh this little. Let this little one. Just fly away. She looks so good just prancing around or whatever my headgear. With my brother. They were like you need to make money, and you need to figure out what your profession is your life going with me? They were like Oh. Let's take your two that audition. That real leader in the mountains whatever? Look at. It was huge for me to have that kind of support, but I did quit acting in college because they realize that it just didn't seem feasible, whatever and then eventually was like well maybe. This commercial on a couple of hundred bucks whatever but I love your answer, though about because it is, it's almost like how you teach yourself to be courageous, and like stepping up to the play in performing and not knowing people are going to be happy with the way the line is coming out of your mouth or in the rejection whatever but I think that it's amazing. Amazing to pursue a dream and to see it in your parents must be thrilled now they are now. Yeah, yeah, they weren't for a long time, but they. It was so outside of their comfort zone. They just didn't have any reference points you know, and then as as far as like just doing anything. That's dream. The hell is that they dreams. No, you squash those. The minute you move your graduation. Tassell across your cap for high school dreams goodbye. We don't meet them. My mom is like I. Just want you to play Amelia earhart. The world needs to know that you are also a dramatic actor. That's what I have had like poisoning. My brain over forty three years now like you are magnificent you into it all like. Why doesn't the town? I. Like do you want to play 'em? You want you have a bird in your heart for that story to come out, we you. Well I love your parents think they're great yet. I love that kind of encouragement Yup. Yup. or What do they do? They ever say. I'm sure they don't say this now. But when you were starting out I, wish you'd been in it more Oh, yes. Well. Don't Zeh that people yeah like the support. especially as I got older becomes incredibly embarrassing in a different way than it was as a teenager. My mom will be like you. Best Act you just so good she'll save is to meet while I'm on speaker phone while they're having a dinner party and she's kind of tipsy all so it's like how is calling say? How Hey everybody! Oh! Awesome Beef Wellington Gray okay. We'll see nine al-Qaeda tomorrow. My mom would be like. No no I just need you to know you are so good. All right thanks, mom, which is a folk amazing to hear that from your parents, and I feel so fortunate, but there is the run of everybody how it feels a little mean. What are you? Yeah, thanks, mom, I know. You said that last time. I'm still working at it. MOM got. Four more years. Take you Oscars when I win mom. How would you like to be remembered? Well, I hope. Raises I hope people remember me as being like generous of spirit, maybe like or encouraging or Just hope people don't remember me as being a a huge bomber. Wendy you brought something weird. I love this so I like crap, and I have a lot of weird stuff in my house. Because I'm not I don't live in a chic house. It's just a normal house and you can't ruin anything in my house. Yeah, I like to be surrounded by things that make me laugh okay or put me in a good mood and so this stupid pillow. CHEWBACCA writing on the back of a chipmunk. Well Don Oh. Yeah, and there's a tension in the image. That's very le-le-le-let's attention. Is this will nerve look at this? Are these Nazis Oh, I don't know, but they're fighting. Is this just someone's fever dream, or is this from the actual from a movie I? Don't know, but it makes me laugh when I look at it and my cats liked to sit on it so do you ever think that there's a correlation between Shui? Riding a squirrel, and how you wanted to be a jockey riding a horse, you just blew my mind. That's right. You didn't know. Verse Psychoanalysis with Excuse me I'm calling my therapist and he is fired. You dislike to ride. Yes, RIGHT IN THE FACE OF DANGER DAMMIT! Dammit you nailed it? You are so qualified. It's not even funny well. Anyway, that's. A really love it though an NBA. I am worried that if I touched it I will just keep it which would be rude and I guess a pillow fight. CAST is not. Good good listening I. Don't know I. Don't know. Maybe it is that you didn't bring like a gift for me or anything. Oh shifts I mean that's cool. That's cool. It does, but I hope you. Hope. You WanNa have empty a listerine Spitzer. I. You know listerine Spitzer yeah. Look! It's like it's like Mason yourself in the mouth. Truly I was imagining like a new product that was like like a seltzer water. Refreshing listerine in it, so you drink your listerine at feels like there's a Senate senator quality to that idea in this day and age. You know what you're going to say that and people are going to start fuck listerine in there they're going to be. Because of the virus will they should. They can do that, but I think it's going to come back to me is not. Well. Don't I guess you should edit this podcast? Okay now okay I. Want you to read dialogue lines. They're kind of cliches from every movie. You've ever seen okay. and. You don't know the context so i. just because imagine that you're auditioning for something, but it's so top secret that we can't give you a script. We can't tell you the title. We can't even tell you who's involved, so that's like every audition for a film. That's happening right now. Show up! Be Prepared, but we can't give you any information. Okay so This is your audition. Okay, so let's start from the first one. Okay? What are you doing here on my like that? That means like you weren't happy to see that person know and. Can you give a little bit more bitch out because I really liked that? Take like the interpretation. Yeah, what are you doing here? Good. That was like cheerleader judgmental. Let's go onto number two? You've gotta be kidding I like that had like Whimsey to it, but let's imagine that somebody's trying to detonate a bomb. They're not doing it well, so maybe a little more urgency. You've gotta be kidding. Good good. Are you sure this is a good idea. Acute imagine that your I q level is like significantly lower okay. Are you sure this is a good idea? Here take, was you went away? I went lower with my voice to indicate a lower IQ. Thank you. Let's do line number four. Please I think he's dead. I'm sticking by that. One and I'm not GonNa Redo it good okay next. Line number five. Please oh. That's rich. Why am not surprised? God could you imagine who is ever uttered? Those words, clearly somebody who's not surprised. Yeah, but they're surprised that they're not surprised. Someone who's so jaded that they need you to know it yet, but they also are surprised at themselves by being non surprised when it's like. If you're the kind of person who says that you clearly are used to being not surprised, improbably, the people around you are adjusted to you saying something like that. Because you, that kind of person that would say something over and over again like that. It's like A. I can't even think a good alternative to that. Okay. Let's go to line. Seven six. Tell my wife and kids. I Love Them Oh. That was good. That was moving. Thank you, okay, all right. Let me set up the scenario. You're not dying. You are getting on a boat. To the Galapagos Islands Okay and you have to study. You're on of Sabbatical where you're going to be there for three years. Oh, cutting no dry so I'll see them again. Yeah, you're ready a big TV while. Tell, my wife and kids I love Them Oh. That's good. There was also like an undercurrent of fuck you. To whoever look I wouldn't be going on this journey if they were nicer to me. If I didn't think this being with. Mama! Don't go, I don't want you to up goes. Why do you need to see the tracking? If you had picked up your room, this wouldn't be happening. Well. Well you know what you're doing important work. Okay, so let's do this next line. You just don't get it to you. That was perfect. See that's me being impatient. That's me. My worst quality, but I've explained something and I am irradiated. Okay, would you say that to like your husband or to say or I don't know? WHO WOULD I say that too? I wouldn't say it out loud. Anybody's. You're just think yeah. I would think it yeah yeah. Yeah Do, you, yes. I'm just an actress in Hollywood. And I. Need My Shit, and you get it then you can go fuck off. One Wedge of Lemon in my eye. I'm not asking for a whole fucking orange. Growth. Kim Brushes one who doesn't have lemon. WHO DOESN'T HAVE LEMON? Who doesn't know how to fucking zest? Just want one lemon slice a couple of Zack's strips and that's fucking it. That's it that's it okay. Okay next one. I have a bad feeling about this that sucked. Well. Well, let me should I give you a little Gimme Gimme a great. No, no, no, not criticism I just want to give scenario all right, so let's say you're in the middle of the woods stark. Let's say it's around two a m. your car broke down, but you found a cabin. Good has a lantern in the window occur and your husband, or whatever is like hey. You should check out that thing. I have a bad feeling about this. Come on. Let's just do it. There's a lantern I have a bad feeling about. There's a lantern come on. Can we just walk up? I'm sure like this probably happens to them all the time. I'm sure it's a nice old couple there in the woods whatever? Talk about the babe. Come on like I'm sure just seeking solitude from civilization. It's fine. It's not. You've convinced me. You love me, don't. It's quiet. Too Quiet. Perfect next line, I wouldn't do that if I were you. I wouldn't do that. This week's episode of unqualified is brought to you. In part by macy's being stuck at home has given me the opportunity to reach people in my life that I wished I had more time for and yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with one of my favorite younger cousins, she just got a new job that she was pretty excited about, and luckily can work from home for the time being after listening to last week's unqualified episodes, she clocked the macy's new presenting sponsor and was hoping that could help figure out what to wear for her morning videoconferences. Of course she knows I nothing about fashion, but she also knows that I love shopping specifically online shopping. Shopping, so we went onto the macy's website just in time for the VIP sale thirty percent off designers like Ralph. Lauren Calvin, Klein dkny and Tommy Hilfiger fifteen percent off beauty favorites like Sunday Riley. Ours Mac drunk elephant, Laura Mercier, keells and more at the end of the hour. My cousin had three new outfits to Mike. 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Cancel or change your delivery date at anytime and shipping is free so for two pounds of one hundred percent grass fed beef free in every box for the life of your subscription plus twenty dollars off your first box. Go to butcher box dot, com slash ANA or enter Promo Code on a at checkout. That's birch box dot com slash A. N. N., A. or enter Promo Code on at checkout. Thank you Richard Box and thank you, dear listeners. So, when you were going to call somebody, who has a question for us okay, and I pride myself on giving very unqualified advice. Okay, we're calling Liz. Hi Liz, it's on affairs. Oh! I'm here with Wendi. mcclendon covey. Thank you for writing an oh. Thank you guys so much having me on to tell us what's going on so I'm a single mom and thirty one works fulltime. I've three kids three six ten and I've been separated from my husband now for about four years, and we're good friends and I'm really close with his family and I. recently found out that he has a girlfriend and so Very territorially I told him that I knew, and I said well. I, have to meet her if she's ever going to meet my kids and he said okay. So, I'm like okay happening. Now I put myself in the position where you know obviously I need to meet this woman because she never gonNA. Be around my concerns. I need to know and trust I. You know what I mean yeah? So but anyway. I don't know what to say to hurt like I. Don't know what word should come out as Liz. I love it in your letter that you said that you google what to say I love. That? Absolutely I. Used to that and I thought author will know Oh Gosh Oh. No, Oh, Liz! Be prepared disappointment. I. Is there a date on the books Oh? No, no, I I don't know when he's not in town, is he no, you. Back, he's been working across the country now for about a year, but he's moving back probably in the next month, so this will happen in the next month or so awesome. And how long has he been with this girl? I have no idea okay I. Really don't know this has been like A. Maybe a month ago. How how did you find out your mind? My asking? Did He tell you know? His family told me and I had an inkling but you. Told me and. Let him know that I that I knew and so he's moving back and she's moving with him. She was here, so they're you know they're buying a house together? When he moved back, so obviously she's going to be in my kid's life. One way or another I have two answers to different variations. One is incredibly childish. And the other one is probably a better solution. Maybe Wendy Wendy has made do, but there's definitely the path you can take of like you know investigating her and feeling like a man when you meet her. She younger, or whatever is she pretty? You're like like how we spin ourselves out in that realm, but I think that I don't know I'm sure as you probably already. You're a single mom with three probably gorgeous children. You're doing a fucking amazing job so i. think that you know the. The wise answer be to just be super, open and friendly ends like in an industry where it's so easy to be consumed by jealousy I think that this is how I combat my jealousy, and it's very effective for me if I'm jealous of somebody or somebody makes me feel insecure, even if it's irrational, even if they have no intention of doing it, I find myself feeling very liberated if I give compliments and I. Know that it's like a silly. Silly basic thing, but when you do meet this woman, there's a liberation and it because people are disarmed, and it makes you feel lighter, so I would focus on like as opposed to coming from the angle of like. Is this woman going to be a good influence on my kids? I would go at it like. How do we make sure that everyone is as peaceful as they can be? I think that would be what I would recommend because if. If you're xs serious with this woman, then she'll be a part of your life. And so how how do we minimize the stress on you and I think that like generosity of spirit that will give you a sense of like alright. Alright. She's cool, or you know or like. It'll make you feel better inside I think. That's at least been my personal experience Wendy. Do you have anything more to say? What I said was brilliant I was brilliant and. And so you don't want your husband back, correct. This is not one of those things. No, okay. We're not romantic where friends are just how we parent the best how we get along the best. You know being so there you go all you need to say to. This woman is look just so you know I'm not going to be in your business all the time. Okay? All I need from you is that my rules have to be your rules when it comes to my kids. Okay, we're parenting together. We've got to stick to a calendar. So that no one's the bad guy. No one's you know making plans that interfere with someone else's plans and other than that you know. Nobody wants to have problems. I'm assuming so. Let's just do that and we can all be cool with each other but Liz I totally understand that it's so easy to say this stuff, ps, I have no children, so I've got all the answers was. It's easier said than done. I know but Liz when Chris and Catherine Michael and I all got together. We live very close to each. We see you know we have a child, and of course it's like even though I'm in love. The of course there's that thing of Oh my God, we'll Catherine is young and beautiful and like and so smart, and so kind and graceful, and I was terrified, and now I'm really proud. Actually of the way we've kind of handled things because I think that were looking out for each other in this weird world of scrutiny, but also because Jack is the biggest priority as well, and they're also really fucking. Cool and life is short. I don't want to. To live with like a any kind of pit of resent I wanNA. Learn from my mistakes I. Want to accept the various heartbreaks. I've had over the years I to attempt to. Because I find myself happier if I live with a degree of generosity, the is that helpful in any way, absolutely because you know I, watch you be. You were grateful and welcoming her. You know and I want to be like that. You know I've maintained a great relationship with him is been through a custody war before with my oldest and previous relationships so I know the held that dot. Is You know and I'm really close with his family. You know my family is in out here with me so like. With my family and I am going to hurt you know I'm GonNa. Be Grateful and welcoming Liz. I think you're totally doing the right thing. I do think it's interesting that you're really close with his family, but I wouldn't actually explore asking if they like her, but have they given you an indication if they like her or not, I've only heard good things, and so you know I assume she's going to be great. Oh, Tha-! That's good because that means that they're. They're not trying to manipulate you, but I am human and share. I'M NOT GONNA lie on a little reluctant to actually like meet her, but you're right. It will probably ease tension when you just finally say hello. Even the fact that you can focalise these things I think shows a tremendous amount of strength and generosity. You know just the fact that you're not critical of her or your ex. That's just shows a huge degree of consideration that you're even asking like. This makes me nervous. How do I approach this I? Think that that's in and of itself is huge. It's true. 'cause you know no one's doing anything wrong. We've been apart for years. It's totally everyone deserves love and happiness. I think. This is an area I think anytime. You're meeting an XS new partner. There is sort of that. It can't help but feel loaded. You know I mean like anytime. You kind of see somebody when you're in a different point in your relationship. especially it must be interesting since he's been gone for a minute, so totally understand why for a lot of reasons that that this would be like anxiety inducing, but I think it will only be incredibly beneficial if you are. Like the Awesome X. That sounds terrible, doesn't it? But I think it's great, and it's great for the kids and I know that you guys have been separated for four years, so it's not like it's a big transition for you right now, but. That you're single with three kids and he's on the East Coast or wherever he is ends with a new girlfriend I can understand how those circumstances just on the page make it feel like your worlds are very much a part, and then when you guys do meets. Probably they'll probably be some pauses in the conversation. But the kids happiness and your happiness, those are your priorities, and so how you can figure out a way to make sure that you are feeling positive in my experience, that's truly been through learning to love somebody. That feels like society is like no. I don't know if you should love that person, you should be jealous of that person. Taking proactive choice, I think will make you feel better. It made me feel better right now I WANNA, walk in love and acceptance, and you know WanNa be. Be Awesome. Yeah, in the like awkward situation. You know cards for me to hide my feelings, you know I'm very honest and non confrontational, so I know I will. You know I will be nine. Obviously, of course you will, and also, there's always the comparison element how we compare our relationships and our friendships and our work relationships in everything we do it naturally as humans, but it's important to reflect I think a bit on that comparison element. Right? 'cause she not going to replace me. But everyone is you know telling me that's right and she may be fun for a minute it. Maybe she'll be fun for forty years, but this was of comforts to me even before any I think someone started telling me this. When Jack was first born, they were saying like there's no one like their momma because I remember feeling so guilty about like I. Don't know what to do as a parent at for a newborn, but. But I am the Mommy, and that will always be that special special bond you know. He complains about me. My son but I also know that he always snuggles up to me when he's in need. And I'm sure your kids are the same. No, no I just I know that they will know the sacrifice I mean they see me every day and the sacrifice. I make every day for like so I won't plead dollars. In the fact that yeah, I'm I'm here, the MOM. Yeah, and it's okay to you know. Meet other people who could potentially be in their life. It's okay, and I don't know why. It is struck a nerve with me so strange. Oh No, it's not strange at all Liz. I hope this comfort you how I am. I say that. Because I think this is something it's. Go through, of course it's jarring. It's another way of alerting you to how your lives are moving on, and like any surprises jarring. It would be weird if you were like. Yeah cool, I'll meet her. That would be odd. What's wonderful? Is that I know that a lot of our listeners will connect with this because wither without kids, meeting and XS new partner. It's just a jarring deal. Are Amazing I think you're amazing. Q. Meaning to you. You're inspired me with how strong you are and I know you're in the public eye, but you're also human, and you know I'm going to exact same thing. and I hope other people listening who are going through that, too can you know not feel so isolated and single motherhood? Welcoming in a new kind of like not a motherly figure yet, but you know maybe one day a step. Mom I don't know so. Yeah, no definitely not gonNA stick in the like comparison head space. There's no point in thinking about the relationship because it's so long ago and there's no point our goal is to co current befriends close family. I WANNA. Keep it that way, and they want to keep. Everyone wants to be friendly. So really I'm the only one who just kinda needs to get over it and just expressive. What you? You just said is so noble and incredible, but I also don't want you to beat yourself up for having the thoughts of jealousy at all, because that is one hundred percent natural, but I do think that like the goal is to be like I'm going to take this on as like as bravely as possible and it sounds like like I, said like even asking the question, but please no is that I've totally gone through a gamut of these things and I, so appreciate you being open with it, so thank you so much. Thank you so much for having this space or people like me Kinda you know we always have to as long put are feeling the side sometimes and just you know, do wouldn't be done and be a big person, but this base kinda creates in this community like create us can share that we're here, too. We have emotions too. I'm human, and of course I'm going to be nice and welcoming angry for all the things. Things, I want to be to be awesome, but I'm human. And it did affect me and yeah, I guess I'm just hoping with this with you. Know Finding Solace in this you know some family and community and church and you know. God sees and everyone at the end of the day. We all their to be happy, and you know what's the point like you said, and being like miserable about this is not my. My Life I need to focus on myself, loving my life loving. My kids don't worry about what they're up to just worry that they're going to be good influence for the kids as well, and that's okay to let them have the opportunities to do that. When it's always just been Kinda like my territory, you know, please you so much wiser than I am. I like I got chills when you were talking about. About the idea of community in space, because it has been a goal of ours, and I love it that you feel safe talking to us even though it's like sort of exposing environment I just I can't thank you enough truly. Thank you for opening your your story up. Ang's noted. You're not alone, but thank you. I think everything will go so well. I think they will too. Thank you so much. Thank you Liz. Hey Wendy. Do you have a joke can tell us okay, so here's my joke. What do Winnie, the Pooh and Attila the hun have in common. Is it something with honey or their middle name the. Wendy thank you again for being here. Would you like to borrow snake?

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#123 Wendy Hooper Ross: Life After Loss

OC Talk Radio

44:10 min | 1 year ago

#123 Wendy Hooper Ross: Life After Loss

"It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and the life. If you want to live CD medic target your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active. OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get get back to your life with CBD medic available online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Welcome everybody's time once again for the next chapter with Charlie hedges as he explores turning the page on his life and yours. Hey Charlie early. Hey Paul it's nice to be back as my first day back from two weeks in Africa in which we will do another show on talking about the poorest of the poor people that live on one dollar to two dollars a day and and we provide water for them but most of you know that and we'll talk more on but today I'm excited because we are privileged to have with us. Wendy Hooper Ross a successful is for real estate agent and a residential market analyst that is an expert in her field but we're not going to talk about real estate today a we're going to talk about a subject. That's GonNa Affect. Most all of US Wendy's Wednesday. St- Wendy story will certainly resonate eight with us as we discuss loss grief and recovery now wendy met her future husband at an industry event in two thousand eleven and soon became incredibly close friends over the next years they finally admitted that they were made for each other there and began their romance in early two thousand seventeen soon after all though her husband's cancer which had been in remission remission for nearly three years came back and they went into a headlong battle together. It became clear in two thousand seventeen. He was losing his fight and then they were married and forty one days later he was gone. and Wendy writes. I lost my love and my dearest friend that day now a new life begins and today we are going to talk with Wendy about las about grief about recovery so wendy welcome to the next chapter with Charlie. Thank you Charlie. It's good to have you with us. and you are certainly right now in the process of figuring out your next chapter. Aren't you absolutely yeah. I'm a work in progress. Well we are working. We all are working process but progress but you are yeah. I'm deep in deep reinventing. My personal self my life my business. Everything is touched by this. You know you're you're not left unscathed and you don't I in my opinion I I. I don't think I'll ever be who I was before. How's that who were you before. And who will you become rather than then then answer that directly when I think of when you ask me. The question is it's like a tree in a forest dismiss scorched by a forest fire. It survives the fire. You know but decades later if you cut that tree down you're still going to see that dark ring where the fire had happened him there. It's forever changed it just becomes part of it and I think this type of grief and loss loss or any trauma becomes part of your DNA sort of and it colors who you are not necessarily positively or negatively but it just does yes and it becomes part of your nature you know and I think it's going to affect my decisions in my thoughts and my feelings in some mm capacity forever. I think that's a brilliant analogy of escorts tree and we're going to talk about that in in N. As as as we proceed but I really liked that because it always is a part of you and never never ceases to be a part of the you grow you move on but you don't lose that party. We're GONNA talk about that more I wanted. I wanted to begin the show by talking about it's interesting how we met and that was a crazy story. We're both members at a business club called the center club and I prepare all my podcasts at the club every Wednesday so I'm there. I'm there a minimum of of weekly for three or four hours or or longer and after several months I noticed that you seem to be friends with everybody in the club. You're you're always talking to somebody different and so I said to myself. This must be someone that I don't know who it is. So I- I boldly Woodley approach to you and introduce myself and ask who the hell are you anywhere colitis everybody now you and yeah and you know everybody in and you sit there and in and chat with them and and then you told me the story and after your story. I knew I had to have you on the show so so here we are are and and I would like to you know I am typically known for. I don't have soft entries. I start right into the we start right into the nitty gritty you because that was the soft intro now. Now I sorry Wendy your relationship with Mick was intense and unusual and I am curious stew for you to talk about the relationship and also most interestingly why you decided to marry sorry when you knew he had little time remaining like forty one and that is that is the burning question. I get asked that a lot of I'm sure so. Tell me about your relationship. I I think grand I I it was a grand relationship and our friendship was epic. Nick and the reason that I think our marriage was so special was because we spent so many years just being friends we had no intention of you know having a romantic the antics whatever with each other because we truly were friends and respected that we were in different relationships with other people so the whole artifice that comes when with men and women when they meet each each other and they know that they're single and then posturing begins and you worry about how you look and what you say there was none of that we were completely unclouded and unaffected and and very very real. We gave each other just massive amounts of grief. You know I was constantly giving him grief and he was constantly giving me a hard about what he he he he started what he called Tuesday night and boys night out with some people he used to work with because he didn't lose touch with them. Because that's the kind of guy he was so I started grousing saying well. I WANNA I go. I want to be one of the boys I can hang with the guys and they said Okay and you know they interviewed me for their group in the process and I became one of the the hazing process. It was funny. How men Hayes a women a woman in today's society thinking that group it was really more a matter of they would say things things trying to shock me. NFL turned crimson or something they would have rejected me but I just bandied it back to them. It's like Oh come on you. Can't you can't rock me. I'm good I got this. I'm what did what did you tell me at the table because we were using language that we don't normally use on the show but you said your. F- what I did. I say I speak F two. I speak speak F too because I was using the F. Word and then I looked at you and I apologize you know I speak. F- TO A real-estate carpet bomb some days yeah. That's that's that's great so so your relationship really started as a French. It's really what was the what was the change or what what what made you do. I remember the moment remember the exact moment because Mick was one of my dearest friends. He worked in a field that was related to mind. He was in real estate. Finance Manson is old houses that we went together and I was introducing a few other people that were very close friends of mine that I was shocked. I had not introduced to one another other so I arranged a small get together really informal over at a local restaurant and bar and said I want you guys to come and meet each other because I adore all of you and respect what Oh you do professionally and I'm remiss in you haven't met each other and I I I don't know somehow made a mistake and when I was texting the confirmation about where to meet and what time I included mic on that text chain he wasn't invited but he was one of my closest friends and he knew all these the four other people as well he had met them so he came along which was great. We're all they're having our drinks. Chatting the people that were introduced to win another for the first time got along swimmingly as I knew they would and I sat back and I watched mic be uncharacteristically uncharacteristically not do like and he was relaxed didn't talk over anyone didn't have off to one up whatever anybody had said about their accomplishments and their business didn't have to interject anything at all but he would quietly get up grabbing empty drank and go to the bar refill it for them so that they wouldn't. NFL interrupt the flow of what they were doing. He just slid into this role of CO hosting this get together with me without. I don't even think thinking about it. It just was naturally inherently who he was on a sat there looking at him and admiring what he was doing and for the first time in a very long time. I looked at him I I saw him. I looked at him as a man and I was like this man is beautiful and wonderful endear and smart and a lovely human being and he's single. What am I doing. What's the matter with me yeah so I asked him out no I did. I did good you really high. Ask Him to actually that that meeting that afternoon I had to leave because I was on my way to have dinner with someone else and as I was getting into my car I I was thinking I don't WanNa. Go out with this clown. Go Out with Mick so I pulled out my phone and texted him right then and there and said I wanna go on a date with you and mind you. This is after you know six years of true friendship and he texted me right back and said you mean you want to go to dinner and I texted back. No I want to go on a date all caps with you. So what did you do radio silence five or six hours later. He finally texted me back and said okay. I'm in no amazing. He sounds like a very you know the way you're talking about him that he didn't you what what's and tried to interject in that so much to take to take over in that in in that conversation. He was a very secure man. He was so comfortable in his own skin. Yes that's a that's a term we use a lot on the show is comfortable in in your own skin you would have liked and what is it would. I would've loved Him and part of the reason that I am so well known at the Club is because when Mick was well wasn't very long after we were together he would come to the club with me and everyone fell in love with him. He was just one of those people six foot four booming Ozzy Ozzie voice always laughing always smiling appreciated everyone. Everything isn't that typically ozzy just they are are. They are so fun yeah. They're just just just incredible to be with yeah and I I shouldn't call him is he's actually American Eriksson but he's a military brat and because his father was a career air corps man who is in Korea and then Vietnam his mother mother took him and his sister to Australia area where she had family so she wouldn't be alone raising them so he was an American. US citizen raised in Australia he adopted adopted that culture you you know and that way of being but then when he was seventeen years old wanted to be like dad and came back to the US enlisted in the Marines and served the US as a marine because he had a very strong sense of right and wrong and doing your duty and doing right for others. It was just who he was so. It's like a wonderful man great guy i. I'm sad I didn't get an opportunity to meet him now now. Let's talk about this. This getting married varied when you know that it's not going to be a lifelong marriage. I'm a well long lasting right right right very short time left well. There's there's two sides to this coin. I one of the dear friends I mentioned to you. That was in that get together. is one of my dearest friends as well and he's a trust and probate attorney and Mick and I had just bought a house together before we realized that he was terminally ill and our attorney friend said you know you need to get married. You really really do it. It's going to help you so much through the probate madness and you're you're going to have enough grief to deal with that you don't we let's minimize as much as we can and make an. I talked about about it and and I decided if I couldn't have him at least I have his name yeah yeah and that and that it's it's sort of it's sort of coalesced into even deeply in your relationship and and your commitment to one another and that it was formalize yeah yeah. It was amazing a dear friend of ours. Was it the one thing so we decided on Tuesday August. I twenty eighth last year that we were going to get married. We went down and got the license and everything the next evening the twenty ninth we were remarried home and the next the next evening and the next day so we had about thirty six hours we had told our friends look we're going to get married and so the next day friends came over and we had a ceremony that they could see and participate in even though we have been married the day before and a friend of mix livestream. Dr Wedding on Facebook so that makes sister and brother-in-law niece and cousins and whatnot around the world could see it and so all of our other friends couldn't be there. I was Eh Dinner Party last week with another attorney dear friend of mine she's lovely and I've a friend met through her and haven't seen in ages came. Running across thrones me threw her arms around me and whispered in my ear. I watched you get married. It was it's amazing. How many people were touched by that because he was so frail. By then he lost over one hundred pounds he was too weak to stand so we had chairs on our back deck and we sat there under the garlands that we throw up and the lights and got married in front of all of our friends he was barely able to speak because he had throat cancer and after the wedding and after we were financed as husband and wife he's chewed up and and you'll have to watch this video. Oh barely was able to croak the words out. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who love me during the good times like this. The man was dying and couldn't help describe that as a good day he must've loved you deeply hate. Ted Got it done. I think having forty one days of marriage like that is better than having forty years of a bad one. Oh my goodness are you kidding. Forty years of a bad one is now. It'd be hell that is that yeah yeah yeah and and and forty one years of marriage marriage is difficult. You know you're going to have your wonderful times. Is your cat and you're going to have your times of you. Know conflict which is can you know can be years years after forty years. It was a little bit lucky. We didn't have time to are you happy. People you know obviously there was there is difficulty I mean he he became so ill just watching watching someone that you love suffer because it was in his throat so he could no longer swallow so he had a feeding tube installed in stomach and all of his meds had to go in there and the cancer was going up into his brain and we figured it was messing with his nervous utter so we couldn't manage his pain so even when when he became inarticulate and he couldn't speak anymore couldn't communicate with me anymore. You could see basic see him. Writhing in pain and forty one days was enough you you must've been such a great pleasure for him to for whereas final days to be married to you and have someone that he's loved that he loves and loves him in those final things. That's quite admirable. It taught me about how I want to be when I pass. Obviously we're all dying. We're all GONNA die and I hadn't spent any time really thinking about what I wanted that to look like I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about what it needed to look like for Meg. I was too busy being in it. and thank goodness as I look back. I don't have regrets I. I feel like I did the best I possibly could and I do think he had he most wanted and it wasn't just me. It was the dog my gosh. He may have married me for my dog. He I loved that dog and that dog loves him but there are many times when he was no longer conscious or coherent but he would read hand out and he would grab the dog's paw and he would hold the dog's paw. The dog would just lay there with them. Oh my I've got fed is that will just make your heartache you will the story makes my heart ache but but I am I am I am really impressed with you and to give a gift to mick and him being able to return that gift gift even even though he was limited in what he could do that he can return that gift and so those are just a magical forty-one days until until I'm sure it just got almost unbearable it was it was fun. It was not scared. A few people there was there was a petite little nurses that are probably still cursing my name because I was a bit of a pit bull. Were you know as a bit of a pit bull there were there was one time around midnight because I was up every hour producing him or or supervising dosing of medications and things in one of the nurses didn't give him enough morphine and he started writhing in pain and when a six foot four body starts thrashing rationed random bed they end up on the floor you know so. I was trying to control him and I was screaming at her. I'm sure I've probably scarred her for life might be. I doubt that you're you're too kind I I I can't you know you might have been tough but but you're you too kind to be to be someone that would scar someone for life glad to hear that. I have about a year ago I came across the writings and public speaking she's done. Ted Talks of Pauline Rolling boss and I I want to read to you an extended quote and on radio extended quotes are always very difficult so I will I will keep them short. I was just trying to figure out how to turn off the sound on my computer and and Pauline boss came up with a concept that's called ambiguous loss and it's it's it's really you know we chatted very briefly this afternoon about it and and I I think it's it's utterly profound and I really want your take on it and it is written of her that through her writings and public speaking family therapist and professor Pauline boss whose book is titled Ambiguous Loss Us Speaks Boldly on the myth of closure and that is that is so anti-american you know. Oh exactly you know. We're always talking closure but it it. It's like your tree see you. Your the tree is still going to have that that dark ring around it when it was burned right and so it doesn't get closure on it but it's nevertheless. Seles keeps growing right you know I think I think if you if you're so devastated by that it completely stops your life life. Then you need help you then you need any group help perhaps therapy or the friends finding things to do but but you have not face that but anyway back on this quote the myth of closure of professor boss it is written Pauline boss is created the field of ambiguous laws that is loss without closure like ambiguous laws. It's a great word and grief is complicated. She writes such as dealing with parents divorce addiction dementia ageing and death and then she writes you love somebody and when they're lost. You still care about them. You just can't turn it off. You just can't turn off their love and she goes on and says there is no such thing as closure. I know right now I can. I can the thoughts of our audience. And what are you talking about. Everybody talks about closure that how do you get closure on it and she says that closure is a myth that we need to put aside like such as the idea of accepting that grief has five linear stages and then when you he passed through the stages you come out on the other side of it and there's you know there's no more there's no more grief no more loss and that's just. I that's just bullshit agreeing. That's just that's just not true in life and so therefore she coined the term ambiguous loss creating the new fe a new field in family therapy and psychology she has wisdom for the complicated Greece you know she is as Nice Nice little phrases complicated griefs and losses in all our lives and for how we can best approach coach the losses of others so tell me what do you think about the myth of closure about closure and going through your five stages. I think it's important to go through the stages of grief. I think the the Yeah I've I've many about this. something that I knew with myself I now know about myself is that I had no alternative but to go through the stages to give myself time. I had no alternative. I was not capable of resuming normal activity for a time. I you know I I had to. I had to go through a bit of you know Cata Tonia you know I I found myself walking around the house and my pajamas for hours. You know you have have to go through the stages and allow yourself time to heal and who knows how much time that's going to take. I'm not going to presume to tell anyone. I don't know how long their grief should take and I would imagine there are probably many people who are wondering why I was grieving. Someone I was married to so briefly and to hell with them yeah yeah yeah but you had such a long relationship we did you marry to. I married my best friend. Yeah Yeah Anyway so having said that you know. I think there are stages and they think that they probably are a little bit different for everybody and I I do think we have to be kind to ourselves and give ourselves loves permission to be someone that we're not used to being for awhile and in my case I I was. I've always been an overachiever high achiever and you know I I like going out there and setting the world on fire and I took a year off to be we're not with when he was ill and then so it was about six months with Mick when he was ill and then it was about another six months after he passed just to give myself time to be human again. I I was I was in grief. You know I was angry and that's okay and I think I think my biggest message. If any to Cherif people is that it is okay to be a mess it is okay and I will. I do not believe I will ever revert to whoever whoever I was before. I'm that tree I've been burned. I've been scarred and the pain that I felt was the deepest pain I've ever felt of course my world but but I think like all things that pendulum swings so much farther the others way too I think capacity for love and my appreciation of love is that much greater as well the last days with Mick if he if I would lay with him on the bed and he would hold my hand he would squeeze it and I would know he's aware I'm still here that bridge such profound joy those little little moments taught me to really pay attention and focus and understand every single moment of every day has incredible beauty in value and I don't know what I would have gotten that were it not for the grief part. Yeah you know what I want to continue on with the thought of of the opportunity for growth from suffering and that how neat you wrote how strong and how influential in powerful powerful suffering was we really can't have a great life without and we're gonNA take a brief break and then we're gonNA come back and chat more aw this is Charlie hedges and you're listening to the next chapter with Charlie and today my pleasure is to be chatting with Wendy Wendy Hooper Ross who as she has just explained has a most unusual marriage situation -Tuation at the death of her husband was quite a time of grief in quite a time of suffering and and it and it took a Q. Year I know when my I'm adopted and when my adoptive mother she was got in my life she you know I was raised in raised in a matriarchal arkle family and and she was she was everything and when I she died when I was forty years old and it took me a full year. It took me. It took me a full year because she was so influential power over me a power over over. You're not controlling me but teaching me. The important things of life was just was just overwhelming so so I understand understand and I and I I'm not I'm not sure everybody completely understands the value of grief and suffering and that we we cannot grow without it right it is it is something that is heart changing in life changing. How do you feel about that. I couldn't couldn't agree more. through suffering through pain comes growth. I mean you know if we get too comfortable. We stopped growing and I'm not saying that I G. I'm delighted this happened of course not no no never never yeah but I do. I do feel like bigger because of emotionally and spiritually virtually in all ways I am heightened because of having had that experience you see life through a whole different filter I do. I do you you you you you mentioned. What did you mention that I wanted to talk about. Oh Oh that that you were talking. You know today mindfulness presence. Are you know that's the those are the go-to words words you know it has to be to be mindful and present but after mixed death and your experience of grief and suffering the way you discussed it earlier was that you are more mindful more present and in in your life. How is how is that possible what what impact you think your relationship with. Mick and and his death brought about that you know I think just your here's an example and I think I shared this with you before I would always say to mic when we were friends. You know life life is lived in the small moments and I believed it and then when I had those last few precious moments with MC. I I better understood my own words. It was like you know I it was crazy because I I thought wow I understood what the words met meant but it didn't really league get them. I mean on a soul level. I understood Oh my God. Life is lived in the small moments and if we get so busy on our treadmill of life that we stop not paying attention to the moments we're going to miss all the good stuff and I find myself sitting back like the day that I met you and just sort of wallowing in the joy of conversation in with people whom I like and when you came up and said who are you. I thought what a brave man. We know this guy that that was that was I don't normally do that. I don't normally approach women. Say who are you to your point. I think I think in my life in my business I it has allowed me or caused me to be a little bit more aware of everything myself and others you know oh I I make snap judgments i. I really really meditate on things especially. I'm in real estate. People very emotionally charged in real estate transactions. I find myself being much more careful about what I say and how I say it to make to make the outcome better for everybody I for some reason it's taught me I think a greater degree patients patients and and and he yeah that that that I going back a bit on what you said I so agree that life is composed of small moment and that we must we must take advantage of those moments in appreciate what we're doing even our conversation now you know I'm in I'm in a learning learning process of you know. That's why I love to do interviews because I'm interested the people that I want to learn and and this this this tragedy has seemed to impacted you just to the highest degree of living in a better life and maybe realizing that life is short yeah. I think it drove that point home. Ferociously life is short and every day is is a gift and if I don't appreciate that I have today I'm probably screwing up because I'm not guaranteed tomorrow. so yeah it enhanced all of that awareness something that surprised me that. I think my greatest shock is that I've always been a hard working independent pendant woman I always thought you know I don't have a man in my life because I need one. I have one of my life because I want one and and that is true but after having Mickan losing mic. I realized I really WANNA partner. That is important to me in life. It's more important than I knew so we'll Pitney yeah. That's not a little piff Anita. That's great. Tell me I'm always curious this about mindfulness and presence I'd I I never take things at face value. I'm always contemplating that and how and and so I'm wondering in a practical way how how are you. When do you find time to be mindful. Are you when you when you walk all can say to the center club and and you're very present you're seeing people. Is there any way that you that you're you're thinking at the time I have to be this or is it just a natural. It really feels like a natural outcome. 'cause it's not deliberate. becomes deliberate liberty. If I find myself drifting off like if I was here having a conversation with you and all of a sudden thinking Oh did I let the dog out or did I feel the tax checker than than I snap myself back and think what are you doing. You're here with Charlie. You're speaking with Charlie focus so those are the only times we're anything becomes deliberate but I don't walk into and think okay the deliberateness. I'm going to do these things and pay attention to those things. It's just happening. I love that word deliberate. I use the word intentional but I love the word deliberate that we we need to. We need to live it. It's well let me take that back. That sounds awful. Preachy it is it is most advantageous is to live life intentionally or with with purpose and with paying attention just simply paying attention. It's I've often said I've often heard of the most popular people are the most admired people. People are the ones when they're talking to you. You're the only person that exists site. There's nobody else nobody else in the room. Nobody else around Um but I'm talking to you and you said that in our interview that Y- you know other thoughts because other thoughts come to mind but I it's it's it's like a a a woman that I once heard in a lecture the talk who lived in Spain and the part that she lived when you hey there were a lot of flies and so you could spend all your time shing flies or just accept the fact that there's going to be flies MHM and just keep eating right and don't worry about it on a piece of meat. You know you you push it off and you know 'cause you. Try not to eat the fly the daily ideally but you probably do have some some fly innards in u but it is that is that it's the art word of avoid avoiding distraction right exactly and I think that Charlie is why I'm well liked at the club because I really we do give a damn about how so-and-so's Day was. I really do care if their sons broken arm is mending. He's back in sports. I'd really do care because I know what matters to them. And you know it makes you wildly popular. It's a fascinating thing yeah. It's it's interesting. I have some of the story my my friend who is on the show often Terry Hershey and so that listeners will know of Terry Hershey the woman he's with right now just just got out of surgery for breast cancer alley and they remove lymph nodes and they've taken all the tests and it looks like she's he's completely okay but but I call him a couple days a week and tell me and just just to say Tummy. How's Nancy Doing you. You know how she feeling wh what's happening and and I think he's I think he's shocked by that that probably someone would actually just call and he and I are close friends. We're going to be s but that's always the first question is tell me about Nancy how she doing and and I think the more we do that. The the more the more important we make other people feel everybody is important. Every everybody is important. One of my goals in Life Wendy is to help people feel better about themselves decorate goal to like themselves more decorate call because who's doing that if I don't do that. Who's going ended do that because we're also self-centered that we just we. WanNa think we think all only want to think of ourselves in our you know the show is going to people on the show are pro went away. I always talk about it but but the American dream drives us not not to be social except for monetary gain and his dogged pursuit of Abyan say yes yes and we don't we don't get a chance to enjoy this life and and and it never ceases as I read on death and it never ceases to impress me that very very very successful people when they ride about the importance of their life they will talk about relationships. It's always about that. It begins and ends with love so my final question for you as we begin to wrap up the show so it's a it's. It's really like what's he gonNA. Ask A no. My question is so what now what what what are your intentions for life after laws. I know you've explained how it's impacted you but now intentionally would you have have you changed your intentions of how you want to live your life a bit and what do you want I am. I have always been that workaholic. pollick person that was doggedly pursuing you know the accomplishments and and not really the stuff but I I I was very competitive. I just have to win and so I didn't have as much time I didn't dedicate as much time to my sister and my my nieces and my great nieces and my nephews and that has become more important to me which is I think a big lesson that I've learned like I'm not gonNA be around forever. They're not gonNA be around forever. need to pay attention and I I spent I spent more time doing what I darn well want to do an I spend less time doing that which I don't and with people I don't and that has been transformative. There people have just edited out of my life like you know what I don't. WanNa hang out with them. I'm not going to it's it reminds me of of the book I just ordered from Derek Silvers Yeah and and it's titled it's either. Hell yes or no right net great yeah. It's either hell yes us. I'm full in. I'm not in and all right. There's no I'm just in for the fun of it. I'm not gonNA waste a moment in conversation in or in any occupation. The doesn't bring me or someone else joy or satisfaction. I'm just not going to do it and had a conversation. I wish you had been there to see it. I was extremely pointed with someone at the club last week. I was having a conversation with a woman about a gentleman that I started dating because yes I'm dating again and and she was concerned. This person wasn't good enough for me. which is what good friends always say and this person who barely knew me came up and started just trash talking the guy and I- I uninvited him from our conversation and he didn't take a hint and so I very bluntly said get the hell away from me? This conversation is over. Did you really absolutely sunshine and roses all the time. Oh no I so admire that that is that is that is so healthy because what what value is he adding into your life in general it wasn't going to allow it to. I wasn't going to patiently wait for him to continue being an ASS. He could be an somewhere else not with me. That is that is great and I think I think we're going to close on that. No because I liked that note you know hell yes or no and and if it's no and it's an it's destructive no and get the hell away from me Bravo. I need you great insight. Wendy great insight right so Wendy Hoop Ross. Thank you so much for spending time with me today. It's really been a pleasure inviting me. Oh it was it was fun as just and so so what is the word I'm thinking of so so serendipitous you know that I would meet you at the club and we get to do this and I also WanNa think our listeners for tuning into the next Chapter Charlie and and be sure to check it out check us out on in our website the next chapter dot life and until next this is Charlie. Has Your signed enough bye for now you've been listening to the next chapter with Charlie right here in Orange County is only community radio station Talk Radio Radio Dot net. It's cutting into your exercised besides time it stabbing in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and a life. You want to live CBP. CBS medic targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active. OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC FREE HEMP oil get back to your life with CBD Abd Medic Available Online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's is cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want onto live CD medic target your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active. OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC FREE HEMP oil get back back to your life with C._B._d. Medic available online and at C._V._S. These statements have not been evaluated by the F._D._A. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 3: Kevin Cronin Was Here

Stinger TV and Movie Podcast

53:34 min | 4 months ago

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 3: Kevin Cronin Was Here

"And we're back and Shit's getting deep. We are talking today. All about ozark season three episode three in a world where your friends and Co Workers. Don't understand your movie or TV obsession obsession where you just want someone anyone to share your binge-watching watching it. Shannon fader are here for you. Your wait is over. Stinger starts now now. Now I everyone I'm Shannon and I'm federal weapons singer. Tv PODCAST. You may know us as ozarks dirty laundry or you may know us as Stinger but we're doing it all in one place here. We are watching season three of ozark episode by episode. And I meant it when I said Shit's getting deep here. Don't you think Oh. Yeah Oh yeah I mean. We've talked before. Generally I think it takes four episodes for season to really pick up steam But I think episode three did it for me yes. I think it definitely did it for me too. I mean episode one. You know all all of this have always been sucked in immediately to Ozark so I like it all but this episode in particular ramped it up definitely all right but this is this episode reminds me of what I hate about this. Show two tenths yes. I'm like Oh look it's like so Shannon's a big fan of the walking dead and when I started watching it at at Shannon's request I liked the show but every time I'm like Oh my God Kathy. Just get a break. And that's how I feel about this show. I'm like no. Can't we just have one episode where it's just? Nice family but then nobody would watch. Nobody would care what would and by the way. If you don't watch Ozark you probably not listening to this. But Shannon I do watch all a lot of different shows and we talk about a lot of different shows and we will get back to that at some point. We do have a facebook discussion group on on facebook called on facebook. Tv movie discussion with Stinger where we are talking about all things not ozark including tiger king for those of us that got sucked into that But we're going to save all that because we have so much talk about just with Ozark. Right Chan yes. But did you hear? I don't know if you saw the post. I tagged you in your favorite show coming back. And just a few weeks. After season two ricky surveys on net flicks my top. Tv Show of twenty nine thousand nine. That's right that's right. Had mentioned that had to mention that maybe we will do some podcasting about all right. Let's get into our listener feedback. This is becoming a segment. I'm happy to say yeah. Hey shoutout to our listeners. Thank you so much for the feedback. Let me just throw out again. We got more feedback from Dr. Chester and Jennifer sent us both emails this morning saying the guitar symbol in episode one was reo speedwagon so clearly. Everybody got like guitar. So you guys please keep it coming. We we appreciate the Shaming. We really actually. I've listened. We know there are things that we miss and in fact there is one thing that we that we really miss. That was a good catch by one of our listeners. Shannon why don't you tell them about that e mail yes? I was really excited to get this and I am not sure exactly who to attribute this to now the the from line of the email says Rosca but the person signed their email would just say so. Hey when you guys right in email us and give us your first name so we can acknowledge you on the podcast so rasgas slash j wrote in to say. Hey y'all I love your podcast. I think in season one. Wendy talks about her upbringing. As a board preacher's daughter breaking into homes spiking the milk with food coloring messing with the family pictures and drinking beer from the fridge. Do you remember that or am I mistaken thank you. It was like the heavens opened up when I got that email. I was very excited. Thank you so much. I did a little digging. I did not remember that at all. I think I feel like that came out in the episode. It was a flashback sewed. Maybe when Marty I got in bed with the cartel and they were thinking about what they should or maybe it was. After Wendy had lost the baby I do remember them having a deep heart to heart. I for some reason I feel like they were sitting on a porch swing talking. I thought that this happened when Wendy was talking to Mason. When she was telling him about how she was a preacher's daughter and they were talking about you know whether y she didn't go back to the church and all of that kind of thing. I thought that conversation came out with Mason at some point. I'm pretty sure this was. I think it might have even been yeah. It was season one season one from that with read it. I'm telling you like all of a sudden have this image of their sitting on a front porch swing I almost think Wendy's laying on Marty's lap and she's she's talking about her history but I mean that makes sense because with Ben back in the picture and we even said this in episode two. He saying there's the Wendy I remember. Yeah so she's really going backwards. Well a going backwards. I don't know but becoming more comfortable in her own skin and I had to kind of think about that because I don't know about you or I don't know about anyone out there who may be older as we are a little bit and and has been married for a while. But I feel like you know you're a certain type of person when you're younger and then maybe you get into a relationship you you start to really establish your life as a married couple that maybe some things change. Maybe something's take a back seat and that's fine but then as you get older. I've noticed this with me definitely personally that some. I don't know just some ways that you used that I used to be when I was younger are emerging and. I'm not afraid or embarrassed or worried about saying this is who I am like. I swear a lot and for many years I didn't swear in front of my kids my little worse house. That's good well. I mean but lately you know my kids are fifteen and twenty one so I I just say whatever the fuck I want around the house and my husband is just like dude. You have to with the swearing. I'm like you know what this is who I am. I'm like this is who I am sharing at heart. I can identify with that that whole feeling that Wendy might be going through so you know what I think is that we over thought the whole event of her going through the House in Chicago and what I mean it was definitely symbolic of her state of mind but it also shows that maybe she needs to get out from under the shadow of a man like whether it was her preacher father or her husband Marty and just be herself and take risks again. I think that's a really good assumption. And that is great feedback We would actually love. We would love your feedback to be included in our next podcast whether it was from episode one two or three of the season. We'd love to hear from you so if you're yelling at the TV during an episode or yelling at us as you listen to this PODCAST WE WANNA know. You can email your comments to us. Which is where we've been getting most of our feedback. Stinger podcast at G MAIL DOT COM. You can also leave a voicemail for us. It's a simple message at three one five sting. Tv You can call three one. Five seven eight four six four eight eight or send us a message on social media on twitter and instagram. We are at Stinger podcast. And don't forget to join our facebook groups we have ozarks dirty laundry obviously devoted ozark and our TV and movie discussion with Stinger which covers everything in TV and movies right. I think it's time to dive in to episode three. Kevin Cronin was here so this episode starts out ethically with Wendy playing. Fetch with a dog and we hear. Reo speedwagon time for me to fly. I loved it it was so symbolic and it was so much fun but then hold on because as it ope first of all. I had to Google Kevin Cronin before the episode even started. Oh I didn't Google it. I was waiting till the end to see if it became apparent. I did not recognize the name so at the end I was like. Who's Kevin Cronin and my husband New Dude? He's the sewer. So spoiler lead singer for our speedway song is time for me to fly and right away. I'm thinking did they always have a dog like I did not remember that okay? That's what I said I'm like Oh they must have got a dog. How Fun so fun? Yeah but then it turns dark okay. We see Wendy getting a dead dog out of the back of her car and Guar. Whoa WHOA not her car. It wasn't her car okay. I didn't notice that it was a big escalate. Oh okay that was Helen's car okay. Interesting and I was like what the fuck did she do to the dog? Well what does he do? I thought the my I thought there was that this was a flashback. And that somehow she killed cade but then I'm like wait. We saw the scene with Kate and it wasn't her that pulled the trigger so I was confused for a moment. And then of course we realized you know The scene goes on and Marty drives up and it's basically replaying the scene of cades death but with Marty and Wendy Point Blank Shoots Marty obviously a dream. But wow yeah but it wasn't until she shot. Mardi that I was like okay. This is the dream right but listen so dreams are. I'm very good at dream interpretation. It's like my superpower so dreams are typically not about. What's actually happening in your dream. But it's about how you feel in the dream so if you're scared of something in your dream let's say you're scared of a green eyed monster. It's usually not about a green eyed monster. It's about your fear and your fear of something that is represented by that monster so I'm looking at the Stream Thinking. How was she feeling? And in the dream she's empowered She's ruthless. But I have to look at it and say are these her desires or are these her fears. Wow deep yeah I think it's a little bit of both. I think she has the desires to be free time for her to fly time for her to shine but she knows the things that she may have to do right. She might be responsible for Marty's death right right so good all right then. We have our actual open with the symbols. Which will talk about at the end. Wendy and Helen are going to finalize casino deal and Marty's taking care of Reo speedwagon and he says. Oh did you sleep okay? And she's like yeah and he said she yelled out in her dream. I can't So what does that meaning? I can't do this. I can't I can't shoot Marty. I can't kill a dog. I can't wear that fall in. Here's what I thought. When he said that I actually thought he was trying to trick her. Because we didn't hear her say. I can't in the dream at all and I thought he was trying to maybe subconsciously. Plant something in her mind about not being able to do whatever she was about to do. I think she alleged 'cause they show it later right. Yeah yeah in for different so we see Wendy and Helen talking about. Where are they are they? Are they in the car in okay? It's there in the car on the way to Big Money again okay. And this conversation had me worried by the way episode to Wendy Wendy and I- Shannon and I'm sorry so we were talking about how you were clearly team. Marty and I was clearly team Wendy and I have to say. My feelings are shifting. Good good I don't think Wendy and I can be friends anymore. So they are talking and they say they're talking about Martin particular and they're saying well. We can't do any of this without him as if he's just a player in this and that language had very concerned. Helen says few people can get my clients attention. The way you have Wendy says should I be worried and Helen says only if you fuck up and I'm like exactly that is the whole you don't just strike up a deal with Navarro and be like. Hey I think we should do this. I want to point out the subtlety that happened just in the beginning of that conversation. Okay so you know. She's asking how how're things with your acts and Helen. Saying how are things with Mardi and Helen says when she started eclipsing her husband professionally lost interest in her sexually and Wendy. While I hardly think I'm eclipsing Marty and you know We need him and Helen. Scoffs you know right. And she's clearly feeding Wendy's ego and that got me thinking about what our listener. Peter said that Helen is using Wendy. And I'm like ooh and he all comes to a head at the end of the episode and I. I think that you said this. Wendy's being naive and she really is because I think that her comments even though she's careful what she says to Helen about her relationship with Marty. Wendy is digging Marty's grave. Yeah and I don't think that I don't think Wendy is the ruthless person that we see in her dreams. I don't know she I know we so she so out there in the next scene even points to that. She's just nasty and arrogant and I feel like she's being more and more relaxed with who she tells about. What the Hell's going on in her life I'm yes yes. So they actually get to the casino. They're still playing hardball. And we find out that they bought the casino but not the hotel from Carlin Anita and basically. They can't have one without the other. They need both and Wendy. Says we are bigger than you and we are meaner and we do not lose and I'm like girl jeans just like Helen. I'm you need to calm down. But it's clear to me that this is a war of the women. I mean it's Wendy and Helen. Against Anita very strong female roles this this season definitely even in the next scene where we see yes an interesting choice a pregnant FBI agent. Who Walks in with a goldfish? Right right agent. Maya Miller is there settling in with her fishbowl. And telling Marty what's going to happen. They're going to track all the receipts solar income and she said which is interesting if after the FBI leaves. There's a jump in revenue. They're going to start the process all over a grand right so problem for money laundering. By the way I think when when directors make specific choice like this like she's not just an FBI agent. She's a woman and she's pregnant. So why is that and I think I think it's because you've got someone like Trevor Evans or Roy Petty who were like these Really unlikable unrelatable characters and. Then you've got Maya who comes in and I I don't know that the FBI specifically assigned her there for this reason or if this was just a director's choice that let's make her a little softer and a little more approachable. I'm wondering if that choice is because it's to allow. Mardi chew possibly WanNa take advantage of her not not in a sexual way but just thinking that he can maybe get away with more. I I don't know I I don't have her turn out. Be Turning out to be just as strong as the other female but Marty even when he's doing dirty deeds is a pretty standup guy. He's not ruthless ever true trevor. Or maybe it's just a fake belly and she's got a giant microphone camera. I just kidding. She says that they'll have forensic accountants. Did you know that was even a thing? No forensic accountants checking the cashbox is every hour on the hour and so he pretty much knows that he's he's screwed cannot do what he was doing to launder the money right. So again the writer so this show are very good at constantly. Increasing the stakes. And it stresses me stressing me out so part of it. I love it Mardi so someone in our facebook group mentioned after they watched Episode three that there were a lot of ll moments. Yes and she was totally right. Because I actually laughed out loud so many times in this episode so the next one was when Marty outside talking to ruth. And she's like you need to get your house in order. And he's like I know I know I shouldn't have done that Blah Blah Blah. And she back at him and he goes. I'm trying to apologize and she just goes. Well just stand at the up waiting waiting and he goes. I'm sorry just me. Laugh out loud. And he's like I'm trying to apologize. She's like no. You're going to say it Wale Yup and then the next part of that was justice. Funny because he's telling her that she needs to move money in the new casino and not tell Wendy right so ruth is like all right and she gets her gang together and goes up to the other casino and is locked up. It's closed up. Keiko's could because Wendy shut down the new casino for whatever reason right and she caused Mardi and she's like get your shit together and I'm like okay. Now when now Marty's using Wendy's legit casino for money laundering but I'm Kinda like well fair's fair right. I mean she wasn't truthful with him. So why should he be truthful with her? Is just everybody's digging themselves such truth. So ben comes up while Marty's talking to ruth and this is another one that made me laugh out loud. He comes up he goes. I like this color on you. And she goes gray gray yes she's just like not letting him get away not letting him get away with anything and he said. I think we should hang out and she's like you fucking kidding me. I love her I do. I love her so much. And I can't tell in these scenes in this episode weather. She just isn't understanding his advantage. His advances it. Oh she she just seems to be. Like what the fuck are you doing? She understands she trust no one. Yeah I mean for life crusts nobody. Yeah like what's your deal like. Somebody's always got something angle right. Yes yes so that we have What is the next scene where frank comes to see Wendy right? Yes so Wendy Charlotte or having a conversation in Charlotte is reminding her mother of her therapy appointments of Charlotte still entertaining. That idea and frank stops by and that was definitely an. Oh Shit moment. Yeah he tells her that he needs the casino open and he didn't do what he did as a favor. And Wendy's like She knows that Mardi sabotage the formation confirmation there and we see Mardi and Wendy which is again another. Ll moment they're arguing about this therapy and it was hysterical. Because somehow they're managing to argue about this without actually saying what's going on the keep calling it a project I'm like. How could they keep these things under wraps in the heat of an argument like that? I thought this scene was hilarious so like it was like a real therapy session and I wrote a quote but now I can't remember who said it. I think it was. Oh it was Mardi saying. I'm asking you for help on a problem that you fucking created and that is true right because she I mean they're they're number one priority and their number. One goal is to launder the money. Everything else is is beside that yet and they and now because of her right because of her and she's basically saying like well. Good luck with that. I don't understand that but what I loved what I love Love Love. Was the therapist thing. Well what would that look like? Mardi and he goes. That would look like death. Jeff and she goes. Well I mean what would what would it really looked like? He goes really death. He goes into her afterwards. Any cyclic. Bribing you to make us happy. Yes that's the best. Oh my God. That whole scene was hilarious. Oh good well. Then we have Dinner again at the birds and Ben is just trying to make small talk to try to fit into the family here and he's starting to suspect something and when he gets a phone call and it's Navarro again. I mean dude. Why does he keep calling her right? I really don't like his fascination I don't like it either and you see Mardi at the dinner table and glancing over at his laptop and he wants to like jump up unless he can't because that would be so obvious Yeah and again kind of Funny Navarro says how well my girlfriend just had a baby and then he says he wants a better life for all of them. I mean how does this guy have? It's very clear he's a man that does what he wants. Yeah Yeah and then he says to her says to Wendy. If you can't get what you want with reason you have to get it with force well before that. She says you've trusted me so far. And he said I don't trust you. I trust my opinion of you. Yeah and then he says if you can't get what you want with reason you have to get it with force and I. I honestly liked the way that Wendy one is. You go in cracks and skulls but I like the way that Wendy took that and then just kind of twisted which will see later in episode right so now we see a dream another dream. It was clear at this point that it was a dream because of the background was sort of you know muted and I was thinking at first it was Mardi Stream. Okay did you know it was Wendy's right away? Yeah I did. I still thought it was. Wendy's yeah and it was the exact you know now that I had that picture of kid in my mind it was the exact same scene when she went to see cade so I thought I knew it was her dream. Oh 'cause she that's right. She gave kate a bag of money to get out of town. That exact x-ray key and I didn't really watch season two so I had forgotten some of this right right so when she gives him the money. Marty says people are all about money right but then he asks her to come with him which obviously didn't do cages took the bag and was happy to leave. But Marty says come with me and she says I can't which was then we cut to her in her sleep. Say can't yes right and what I got out of that dream is I think she wants a way out but she now knows it's too late Interest can't she can't I mean she's into deep with with Navarro right right. Well then. Helen Tells Marty that the client wants the new casino clean. I don't I don't understand what Nabarro thinks is going to happen here. You know breathing down their neck. What what are they supposed to do? Yeah but Helen. She implied that Marty was the one that brought down the feds when he blew up the casino. Show made it sound like the casino was it. I don't know I don't know so I mean either way Helen's not his brand no no not at Wendy's friend either although I think that's getting getting confused so then Wendy's back in the diner the exact same diner right. That was just in her dream. There's probably only one diner in town. But but this the casino where Carlin Anita are. That's a ways away so I don't know but I think she tried to get Karl out of town. She tries to have a heart to heart with Carl. And this scene bothered me for a couple of reasons number one. Her manipulation is so transparent right and glee. I was hoping she would take another approach. Because I don't think Carl would fall for it. No I mean if someone tried to manipulate me that like you said transparently I would. I would just be disgusted. I realized eighty. Don't you remember just said to us what you did to our casino. I'm not listening to anything. You have to say what I was hoping that she would do. Is she would kind of plea to him from a human perspective to say look. I work for some people that don't take no for an answer. This is not me. This is not something that would say like. This is really out of my hands and I'm just trying to tell you that regardless of what you want. We have to make this work somehow. But she didn't take that approach. No not at all not at all she. She questioned his strength and his marriage. She questioned his dignity. She said you know what I see. You don't get that at home. Because he said he wanted dignity you know wanted to be want to have some dignity and she tells him I took back my life and now I answered only one person. May you know and she just comes off as just a bench. I just don't think she would have turned around that fast. But I did like Richie used. Navarro's words yes. Yes she did she. She put them in his lap. Do with what he wanted. Yep and we will we will come back to Carlin Anita because this. I definitely had a beef with this with this episode. Okay so but next week go to. Ruth's trailer park And we see three and ruth talking three dozen have much much of a role here other than just to kind of relay information about Wyatt and she still asking how why it's doing 'cause you know. Ruth is very close to him and Helen shows up. Offers condolences to ruth about her dad and she said. I lost my dad. When I was about your agency goes was he murdered. He murdered and I loved that Ruth is like all right. Are we done with small talk now? We don't enough Chitchat now. Yeah we done enough. Chitchat and Helen comes to complement Ruth. And it's clear that ruth you know. She wants that. She needs that she needs that. That confidence boost and Helen asks her. Could you run the day to day of Missouri Bell if Mardi were away and it was right then I was like? Oh Jeff yet I haven't. I held my breath at that point. I'm like what do you mean if Marty was away? Ya Not cool because she kind of implied that with this new casino he might be needed elsewhere but I was like that is not what she's talking about. Oh Yeah and roofs author that she definitely did she smarts no. I don't think route saw through that. I think she did. Not you know because she went to Mardi and told him right but I think she told him kind of like. Oh here's what she was asking because she said you're GonNa be working on this other project and Marty was like No Yeah I honestly don't think ruth really understood. I think she I think she. Ruth still thinks everybody's all on the same team they just don't communicate. Well okay okay. She doesn't realize yeah so I'm realizing at this point. Wendy needs to be really careful that she doesn't reveal too much about her issues with Marty and her trust issues right. Yeah next. We've got Ben driving a boat with Jona and he's just going crazy. I don't know is like doing donuts in the water and the COP. Stop Him Ben. Blessing. You know. He's like wait boat. Cops that's the thing no idea. He's so cute and Joan is like Uncle Ben. Just let me handle this right and Joan is like. Hey Sheriff it's Joan a bird in the sheriff's like Hey Joanna doing tell your parents I said hi just slowdown. Bye-bye by gets them off super easy and Ben is like wait. What just happened right so Jonas throwing some clout around. Yeah Ben is starting to realize piece by piece very memory there things going on in this yes. There are things happening and the birds have a lot on. So next is the conversation between Ruth and Marty and it's very clear that Marty is picking up what Helen is putting down And again if you re watch that scene. I don't think ruth realized it until she's having this conversation already. I might miss that. I mean I know I know as soon as ruth said that Marty was like okay. I'm dead yes but I didn't okay. So Mardi now knows the stakes are high and his life is at risk. Yeah and this is when I wish he and Wendy could get back on the same page but all right now now. We've got the scene that I wanNA talk about Anita and Carl. Yeah okay. So they're going for a walk and Anita is just badgering the shit out of cloud ragging on him so bad. She's okay. Oh but this is my beef. Because I don't think they've been consistent with her character. Do you feel like you picked up on this. The first time we saw Anita and Carl well the first time I mean I feel like they'd been leading up to that. She was obviously the one in charge all along in my mind. I I don't think so. Because she is the one that originally wanted to sell she was like. That's a good deal and Carl didn't want to. And so they originally said no. They came back with more money. And then they said yes and then the casino boat blew up and then they said no but in this scene she just went all out all out like you're a terrible businessman. You've always been terrible at business. I should've never married you. I should have married your brother. I mean it was like I wish they had built up to the scene a little bit more so that we really felt like Carl had just been beaten down for years and years because they just made her so I feel I feel like they did because you know Carl had that initial conversation with Marty and Carl's just like you know I've learned it's better to just let your desires take a back seat so I felt like from the beginning. It was clear that Kara was beaten down. Yeah but no. There's a difference between a domineering wife which they portrayed her as and a woman that really just beat him down but in the end I guess she got what was coming to her. So do you think so? Clearly it was an accident right right but he watched a roll down and I don't think he went after her. We'll see this was no he. He clearly didn't I mean we saw him actually walk away. I'm sure he probably I don't know I don't know what he would have done yet. But that was kind of where I had a little bit of a beef. It wasn't with Anita's Reactions or her badgering him. It was you know they've been married and working together for years and years and years in for him. Even if you really are pissed off at your spouse and you don't like them very much anymore I don't feel like your reaction to them rolling down a hill and smack in their head in a tree and dying in the water would be to just be like. Oh Damn walkaway. Right exactly so Janelle. The little bit of a problem with that with his act. I feel like there should have been like a moment of panic and then a what do I do? As? Yeah yes. So they're kind of painting him as just a a doofus. Yeah stupid but I don't know whatever I guess. They're probably not really a huge part. I think we're going to see them much more after then. I don't think they're done and I think so. Wendy I think in the next scene calls Marty and let them know that they got the hotel and he's like okay. Does that mean does that mean any? Can I start lottery money? I don't think he says that directly. But he's like okay. He says I mean anything for me to solve anything for me. Yeah no nope just letting you know and and I'm like Wendy girl come on now so at this point. I'm starting to feel really bad for Mardi and I don't think she realizes the stakes for Mardi right. I think she's just flexing her muscle and her power saying I can run this show too not realizing that. He's he's in a shitload all right and if she wants to be so powerful and helpful and useful. Why doesn't she help him? Figure out how to launder money. That is right media. Problem exactly exactly. It's so yeah. Sorry Team Wendy. I think I'm defecting Elizabeth. I don't know I don't know who's team I'm on anymore. But then suddenly Wendy is talking about getting Zeke back. Yeah Darlene and right away. I'm thinking how the hell does she think she's going to do that. With a war somehow. Yeah Ben is starting to get curious about what's going on which I've said several times and he makes a comment. That Joan is the waivers of Wendy and she has very flattered she. She was very flattered and she kind of opened up to him. A little bit told them about the affair. Didn't full out tell him about how you know everything. Let's let's dot. I sorry I just want to stop because I think that was a significant line. Joan is a boy version of Wendy. Because let's dissect that for a second. What what picture of Joan have they portrayed? We saw that he had joan. I think lacks a bit of an emotional connection right right. Remember him when he was killing animals and they were very worried about him but he was really just doing it from more of a scientific fascination standpoint right so I think that's an important connection to make right there that Joan is like a boy version of Wendy. Because that's not necessarily a good thing. Well that's a good point. That's a good point. He's he's smart and he's driven and he maybe doesn't look at the long-term as much as other people right right interesting so bent. Says how you GonNa get this baby. And she says I'm GonNa pick a fistfight with a hillbilly hillbilly fistfight. And I didn't think she meant that literally. I'm not quite sure where that's going but will it will be. I'm sure The next thing. We have Mardi talking to Dickie the manager I guess for. Reo speedwagon. And he's trying to convince him very subtly to use Marty's vendors you know he's saying you know maybe we could use our guys and how about if I give you an extra one hundred thousand and Dickey's let me call. The guys and again was so funny gets dickey gets on the phone like. Hey you know. The guy here wants his. Help US launder some money. I thought I was like okay. Did you know Marty Yeah okay transparent. Hey let's let's all right. So then Wendy goes to the farmers market and she didn't literally pick a fight in a very public place and I wasn't sure what was going on initially at first but she was clearly trying to antagonize Darlene. She wanted Darlene to hit her In a very public place and she really did go below the belt she did. And why was there helping Darlene at the farmer's market and I think that that was kind of a wild card that Wendy obviously didn't anticipate surprise to see why there and why it really diffused the situation because I think that that could have escalated a lot more. Darlene was right. She said I'm going to kill her. You know she was ready. And why COM Darlene down? So the thing I don't really understand about. This is where now. I had expected Wendy to go to the police if she if her goal is to show. That darlene is an unfit mother. I mean obviously chef some other reason and I'm not getting it yet but she should have gone to the police and set up an assaulted but she didn't so I yeah I don't know if she's going to go to social services she's going to go to the police but you would think she would have done. That already. Took THE NEXT DAY. And you see you're taking some pictures of her face but that doesn't prove anything you know. I guess if some people saw it than it could be corroborated but maybe she's GonNa Blackmail Darlene. I don't know but I don't know I don't know what she wants. But so then we see Maya the FBI agent. Who's having kind of an off the cuff conversation with Mardi and we're going to talk about this a little later on. This is going to be part of our dilemma for the day. Saying to Marty these these other agents want to nail you for what you're doing they want for your role in working with Navarro. I'm I want to offer you a way out by saying you get out you do eighteen. You don't have to. You don't have to talk from what I understand. Yes she said. Plead to a lesser offense right. But I don't know if that means that she would add that he would actually have to help the feds or not. Oh he would he would because she said what I want you to do. Is You. Plead to a lesser offense. You serve eighteen months in basically a country club prison. Yeah come out and you now work for the FBI trying to help us find people like you right and Navarro doesn't think that he ratted him out right. Not Scenario right. But I'm thinking like even if he did does he ever really think that he could with the amount of information he has to see ever really think he could get out of it for life and we know that he actually can't now because Wendy is in so deep with Navarro. I just don't I don't know yeah. Let's talk about that at the end. Okay we'll talk about that at the end but that was that was an interesting scene and all right then. We switched to an interrogation room. And it was trevor the FBI agent who Scott one of francs cronies from Kansas City Mafia. Who helped with the gunpowder on the boat and I mean they've clearly got him first of all like how did they not know there wouldn't be cameras all over the damn yeah. I think he didn't say that in the last episode. I did no okay. Well I mean I thought maybe they were smart and they had hats on and hoodies and things. I thought maybe they were smart about it but I guess not. So this guy they they nag him or they snag him and he. It's very clearly his face and the F. B. I. Saying like all right. Well we want you to give it up. And he's like okay. I'll do whatever you want and I'm thinking like when you're in the mafia even in Kansas City I don't think you just roll over and give it up. Yeah that seemed way too easy and I must have been. I must've been ma- making notes or thinking about something else because I don't have a good memory of the scene at all. It was pretty short. Seen them showing that we've got you clearly on video and we want you to talk. And he's like all right. I'll tell you what you want to know. But I that's not how it goes in the MA I want. I wonder if he's saying he's going to cause a lot of times. They play that angle. They say they're going to help. But then they don't actually help where they give them false information or they're just appeasing them for the moment until the Mafia can get them off. So maybe who knows or maybe this guy is going to give up Marty. I might be a problem yet. Right because Marty's not part of the Mafia. Yes so they don't have any allegiance to him so I don't know we see a sweet scene with sweet. That's not the right word. Wendy and Ben. You're not really sweet. Sweet she brought him costs. She brought a coffee. At first I thought she was bringing it to Marty. I'm like Oh that's nice then I'm like no that's not Mardi so that's been and it's clear that she wants him around because he's her biggest cheerleader and she needs that because she's not getting it from anybody else in the family right right. She doesn't deserve it. But you know right well then. We've got a really strange scene. I feel every scene with this girl. Aaron is weird yes. I didn't understand what was happening. Okay like she's sitting there by the water. Apparently Waiting Helen comes up and says something to her about before her friends come and she's like well. My friends are in Chicago. You know we. I don't know that was weird. And then she I don't know what else did she say it was just a she just said she comes nation. Her Mom said I love you and she goes. I love you too but she asked about her dad. How's how's Dad Toya? She asked how dash and beat him up right. So here's my prediction. I predict that Aaron is going to be the downfall of Helen. I think somehow she's GonNA learn because remember. Charlotte knows yes. And I've been Helen's been very clear about her kids. Not Knowing right and I think somehow errands GONNA learn that. Her mother is dirty and maybe ultimately responsible for. What's happened to her father and she's GonNa Bring her down. That would be fascinating. Mark my words fascinating. You heard it here first. So then Wendy's Wendy's calling Navarro and I'm like listen lady and she goes does doesn't call. Bff The head of the shot cycle. What can I do for you next? What hotels you sound like Wendy sold the fuck down and I knew that and now Marty is GonNa get in deeper and I'm just like you. Wendy stressing me out. God I know I know so Aaron and Charlotte Jones are all out on the boat and then the guy who you think looks like Frank. Juniors friend pulls up on a boat could be I don't know could be and the girls go off and at that point I realized Jonah has a crush on. Erin I did yes I thought he was just a creeper but oh no I got that I got that. Yeah he does. He has a crush honor and Charlotte's face though because shots like Oh shit. I'm going to have to go with her now. Yes she did not want any part of that and she goes Jonah. Can you just stay and watch our stuff? Yeah that's right. Yeah I know I feel bad okay. Then one of my favorite scenes. What am I barry? Favorite Scenes Ruth and Ben. Yes and she's sitting in the car. I'm like here we go. We knew this is going to be a love interest. Because I'd like to take you to dinner have lunch. How about BREAKFAST COFFEE GLASS OF WATER? And she finally smiles finally. I think that's the first time in this entire show that I've ever seen her smile. I think about it. Gosh I don't know I can't be the first time the first time so anyway it was. It was nice and I felt happy. Yes I did two for one brief moment in this episode I felt relaxed and happy and then and I didn't happy seeing. Reo speedwagon Sing Arias. Meghan they look good. They still sound the same. It's like some track and I saw people drinking Miller lite. They held their hands up. So like okay. Clearly there's there's a beverage of the ozark sponsor and then and then Marty is sidling up to Maya. Who's there listening to the show? And he says he's ready to cut a deal and at this point. I fear that it's too late. Then we find out it's probably too yeah And we end the show on an Oh shit and I am not clear is the mafia or is it the cartel. I don't know I don't I don't know who it is that that took him but they grab Mardi him and take him away in Ruth I I was like. Yeah Rhythm Ben go happened the car and they're chasing after him and then the escalade just like drives sideways and stops and the guy gets out and points a gun and rhythm banner like okay. We'll turn around. Yeah Okay so you know I mean I don't think they should have Obvious with their following though. Yeah they could've laid back up but I mean it was not an fast is not necessarily. I don't know my cars support. Phages the cargo. I don't know so I have to say not to be stereotypical. They looked a little. The driver looked a little Mexican to me. Okay well what do you think like my initial thought was that? Who when okay. When I don't even know if we mentioned Shannon Wendy was talking to Navarro member. His crony there was like saying cut with his neck. Cut Get off the phone. Navarro Navarro said the lines compromised and mayor hang up so my thought was. I have a feeling it is the cartel and the they tracked Mardi tracking her phone. Oh that's yes. And how's he going to explain? I'm not trying to set you up. I'm just trying to keep tabs on my wife. I don't think there's any answer to that. How the HELL'S HE GONNA get out of that? I'm stressed. Oh yes you do. Shannon Confession Time Shannon Confess. I did I did watch ahead. I did watch the Damn you so you already know one just one episode one episode but that is truly what I thought when I watched this episode. So I'm trying to forget what I saw. But after that ending of episode three my husband and I couldn't stop watching so I I'm only I've only watched for pay ourselves. I am I am. I won't do it again because I actually was the was harder for me to do this. Podcast having watched four because I was worried so I'm not GonNa do it again. I learned our lesson. You did not let the cat out of the bag as far as I know. No No. We'll find out all right. Let's talk about the symbols. Okay so the fingerprint. Which I am not sure. What that was symbolizing fingerprint. I mean that would have made sense for the episode where Wendy goes into the house but let's see fingerprints. Who would have left fingerprints somewhere? Was it maybe? When they they nailed the Mafia guy. Did they have fingerprints from him with the gun? Powder on the steamboat. Maybe maybe or I don't know all right. Well guys clearly missed something weird. I miss this one so yeah. Let us know you're gonNa tell us the microphone. I think that's REO speedwagon again. Yes that seems the obvious and the fist is obviously hitting Darlene yet. That yeah okay by the fist can be yes. Wendy power rising to power. I think the obvious one is Darlene in the fistfight. Yes and then. The fish in the fish bowl was the last symbol. And that's the FBI agent Maya's fish but it also symbolizes being watched Good one Good was so now. We get to our dirty dilemma. Where we're talking about. Who's got the big moral dilemma in this episode? And what would you do? I just want to stop for a second. Because Shannon has in her notes who's got the biggest oral dilemma fixed at would be a totally different question. All right moral dilemma. What would you do and we think the best one? We sort of alluded it earlier should Mardi take the deal with the FBI. Yeah Yeah I really wanted him to. When I heard Maya I talking to him of. I'm like that sounds like a great deal. I thought that getting lockout. Mardi do it. You know eighteen months is nothing in a country club prison right but the more I thought about it. I wouldn't trust anybody like I wouldn't trust that. She could actually get him that deal. Once you confess something or agree like right now. He hasn't actually confessed to anything. And once you do I feel like things could spiral out of control. That's bad would be. What would be worried I is? She said you know we can do this without you. Wouldn't have to witness protection program. I just don't see how he could go to prison. And then come out and Navarro would be like. Yeah all right. Well I guess we the ideas he's in jail the ideas Navarro's in jail. But the thing is you can't stop an organization like that we will be in jail. 'cause Marty's going to help them get Navarro Renault. No that was not the idea. I thought that was the idea. No that he is going to plead to something more insignificant but he's ultimately going to help them get Navarro but it's just not going to be a parent. That's what I'm thinking. I don't know guys I think. This one's open to interpretation winter. Help us understand what you think. The deal actually entails. And unless Shannon just gave a spoiler from wasn't a spoiler. Okay no okay no no I just think I mean on the surface. It's a good deal. It's a way out. And it's a legit way out where according to the agent you wouldn't always be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. But I do think that he would. I just don't think once you've had that kind of a relationship I don't think you can ever get out because you know too much right out. The grades behavior operation. I don't think you're ever getting out. I agree with you. Yes yes so. The lesson. Today is don't launder money for drug lord. I feel like we've heads are less than every day is just don't don't work for drug lord. Don't Piss off drug lord. Don't launder money for them. Don't cross them. Stay away from drug lert. That's right that's right so good episode. The seasons definitely picking up steam. I'm really stressed. This is why I can't watch them back to back to back because I just I get so stressed out. Well I can. I know you guys. What did we miss this episode? I'm sure we got some things wrong. And we missed a few things and we want to hear your feedback so remember and we've gotten a lot of feedback so thank you for that. Remember to leave us an email. Send US an email. Don't leave us. Send US an email. Stinger podcast at gmail.com or sham. You can call us three one five stink TV three one five seven eight four six four eight eight and just leave voicemail and we will play Your Voice Mail on the podcast or you can always connect with us on social media. We are at Stinger. Podcast twitter instagram facebook and now Faye dress going to go watch episode four. And we'll be back with you shortly so until next time. Keep your luxury clean by everybody.

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Episode 48: No such thing as perfect

Bitches on Comics

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Episode 48: No such thing as perfect

"Welcome to on comics I'm your host se fleet. And I'm your host Sarah Century and today we love many people from walk I'm Nola I'm the editor and she back there is some debate as to how that's pronounced. I pronounce it we'll. WACK. and. That's me. Kelly her I'm the reviews editor at a whack fun to say out. Loud. And I've also written for outlets like a panel dust in two thousand. And I'm Adrienne Russia I write for Iraq and I also just recently became the assistant editor of Con- executive. Welcome everyone. We are very excited to talk to you all about the criticism and why is important Are. So excited. I'M GONNA. Sing a little song of bad. That's going to the top of the hit charts. So make us so much money. We're GONNA literally double our. Money. So we'll just start from the very beginning. What got you interested in criticism with what was the first thing that made you be like I love criticism I love reading it. I love writing like what sparked your interest in it I don't know that anything specifically like there was a specific inciting incident so much as I just have a lot of opinions I like to yell on the Internet. But I mean really that's what it is I you know I've been reading comic since I was a kid and learning a lot about story craft and things like that and and I just I read things and they give me opinions and I want to talk about them and Back when she was in my position, gave me that opportunity highly relatable content I also have opinions and likelihood the Internet. I. became a writer. Pretty much. Yes. Weird. How that's the The new intro. Is Like Oh you yell on the Internet a lot. Maybe you should be writer and it's like I should be because I remember I didn't have a writing background whatsoever and it was totally that like somebody just being like, wow, you should talk a lot. Maybe you should rate I won't lie. We've recruited a lot of writers will act that way. Nola. That's literally how you got me to do it. It works. It was a tweet that had gone sideways in some ways, but I'm also an academic by training. So I do a different kind of criticism every day and I didn't come to comics until after I had decided to do something in an academic way. So. Writing for we'll whack I tweeted something and Nola reached out and asked me if I wanted to write about it, which was the first time but definitely, not the last time that that would happen. And I only started writing reviews like that kind of criticism last summer because a comic at made me upset and I had things to say about it, and now it's become a way to do it different kind of writing than. I do in school and one that more people read, which is really nice. Also, highly relatable. I'm like this is this is exactly how I feel. How. About you Katie did was there one for you? Yeah. This is probably an interesting definition of criticism but for me it's Mystery Science Theater three thousand. I love it. I watched the kid and it was like it kind of taught me. You know if we watch something or read something, we can respond to it. It doesn't have to be a passive experience and I just remember they had one great sketch where they're watching really kind of crappy fifties be movie which kind of had sort of a women in refrigerators situation at the end, like the Q. Girl gets murdered by the Crib and Joel, and the bots actually get really angry they're really mad they killed the sweet girl and so they have a whole skit where they like rewrite the ending of the movie and they're like, well, it's just fiction you can write something else and even as like. A really a young person that kind of sunk in and then for Comex I kind of got into the online fandom through the scans daily community of the early two thousands r.i.p live journal. which was like I had read comics does a kid and was like, Oh, now I get to write about them and have opinions and you know it's all downhill from there. So, this is kind of a dicey one because obviously we're all in a room with a bunch of other critics. So but I wanted to know, is there a critical piece that you remember you know it could be recently it could be a long time ago. That just really struck you as this kind of the perfect critical piece that is a dicey question. I'm also like for you this must happen literally on the daily. Beast Like. You read so much criticism. Obviously, it's honestly it's really hard to narrow it down because there are so many pieces that are fantastic in that I love reading not to butter up my Mico guests here but you know stuff that Adrian's been doing came to join us the writing about the blue period of comics, which is a term that she admitted I. Believe Blue Age Yeah Blue h thank you. How would you define the blue age? It's actually the subject of by first. Peer reviewed journal Article I can't call my first publication because I've been reading online and getting published. So it's basically post two, thousand, ten comics I period is and twenty year period. So Old Ages, Nineteen Thirties ten eighteen fifties and so on, and it's kind of conceptualizing this. Post Connex all AJI where digital distribution really changes how comics are being received at who they're being received by who they're being made for. So Blue Age which this the article, but it's also online is named after social media. So the fact that like twitter and facebook tumbler are blue. Oh Yeah. If that's a good summary I've written a lot about it and it's going to be out very soon. Yeah that. All makes all right. Sweet. Thank you for clarifying. Yes. So So that's that's one of the things that like I really enjoyed kind of taking her reasoning in and it's something that I was really glad to bring to a wack and then you know with Kaley Kaley just wrapped up the series of the wedding issues where she she in somebody else will reviewing just writing about various comics weddings that happened. And it was a long running series I'm I'm a little fantasy goes. No yeah but it's fantastic and it's it's really great kind of plumbing. The depths of how Weird Comic Book Weddings Get. Was a lot of fun to write. Thank you NOLA and Batman and cat woman ever actually do get married. We'll write about it. It was so funny how they didn't get married though. I was like you got stood up. Yeah and then it was like Kitty Pride and colossuses non wedding a week after it was we got we got ream twice we're like, no. Nobody has to get married. Thank God for Gamma and broke or we would have been screwed exactly. Yes. As much of a high drama X. Men Fan I was like, yes. Like she just phase through the ring that is the coldest break-up I have ever seen in my life, Bravo? I mean also like what a what a queer move to be like. Oh, my God then literally impermeable. He. Eliana is the one who talks her out of it to raise. So everything about it was just like gay gay gay. Loved it. That was probably one of the best part for me was that it wasn't just like her sub textual or fun from the eighties it was a his sister. No No, you shouldn't do that. Oh. My God yes. Not to distract from the subject at hand, we can do another call. X. Men called number thirty. Anyway those are my two answers. Kaley, or Adrian do either of you have critical pieces that have stood out to you recently were. This is hard. I'm the reviews editor I feel like I'd be choosing amongst my children. I really like Doris fee Sutherland's pieces on wack. She does really interesting deep dives into topics I. believe she's from the United. Kingdom. So that's like an area of comics as an American. I don't necessarily know a lot about. So hurt pieces are like really interesting very informative deep dives. Her stuff is just fantastic and there are really a lot of good writers online right now, which is amazing and this is not to butter up but they were the first person is reviews i. read when I was trying to figure out how to write a review. So I went back and I went through the website and I was like are all these people do great things but I like trust Nola And Nola in Kalia both edited me I. Think Nola you did a piece about reclaiming a certain X. Men character Oh yes. The the Wolf Spain thing. Yeah. That was so good. Now it's very good Yeah. I remember that and then Kate Tan ski who is the editor of comics academe did an interview with the creators of Jimmy Olsen that made me cry. So those are a couple pieces that stand out for me Oh. That's we it's weird. How moving criticism is right I mean I read a ton of criticism from people who have been doing it for like forty years for major publications and they're definitely checked out and done and don't WanNa. Do it anymore and. Then you read people of any age that have such a sustained interest in it and you know still love what they're doing and I think you can always come to tell the difference. What happens is some critics tend to get focused on the work that thinks that they're reviewing and when those things are consistently not a standard, it's easier feel burned out. But I find that if I keep my focus on deed art of criticism itself, the work of writing and the work of analysis and my enthusiasm is is in doing that is it's in the process and I find because of that I don't get tired. Yeah. Totally. What do you think the purpose of criticism is in just kind of the larger I guess like social context, 'cause I know that we all get different things from. Criticism rate would assume that everybody does for me. The purpose of criticism isn't to say whether something's good or bad but how and why it does what it does and that's coming from a place of writing scholarship. It's not to make a moral judgement about something but to say that it may do something or not do something and whether or not. It does that. Well, it's about really understanding the thing that you're reading or watching or seeing. An understanding how that is a product of the world we exist in and also the effect that it might have on the world. So I'm not out here to give like five stars to a comic book. There's no such thing as a perfect comic book which I think is an important part of criticism is understanding that even if I like love book. It's not that I go and look for something that's wrong with it but it's understanding that there are parts of this that we need to unpack whether it's like a really really great book or when that's more disappointing. So it's really an exercise. I think the purpose of criticism is to just understand the object of the criticism as well as you can. For me criticism is having a conversation with the work whether that's a comic or a book or film. You know what is your personal response to this work whether that's good or bad for me? It's like very personal experience. You know it's like, how did this make me feel how does this connect to something? I may be love or hate or other craters body of work you know kind of just like being very chatty. Just, like engaging us right with like the things that you're putting out there engaging in a very good word right 'cause I hear people just like I. Don't really know what to do with our and stuff like that or like I just read this coming and I'm like you didn't think about how it applies other things are like I mean I think that you know obviously there's space for everyone you know and me being like I just want over thank. Literally every comic I've ever read doesn't necessarily be good for everyone you know to me it just gives me a lot more to engage with right. I think for me. It's it's definitely about contextualising a work. That can be contextualising in the time that it was created the forces around it the sort of influence that creation or can be contextualising against a modern period of time. If it's an older work, you can look back over the years with a level of insight that might not have been available back then and I think it's important because it helps us understand where we're coming from and where we're going or where we WANNA go. I guess I think that's what it is for me. It's it's just about context. Totally. So obviously women right about comics is taking something that almost always has been written about by men are the meal critics have. been the ones who have gotten the most attention writing. So there's something obviously immediately important. Immediately, a little bit different about will walk in the way that I feel lake I never go into the website being like Oh, you know or anything like that. I feel like it's always thoughtful. You Know Clare was the one who started will walk correct. No Bizarre Megan Party. Oh, I had no idea. Thank you so much for telling me. Do you think that the general feeling behind will walk has mostly stayed the same or do you think that there's been a lot of change over the years? That's a very good question. I definitely think there's been change. Started and Clare was editor chief for about a year after Megan and before I took over and then see you know it's it's been indifferent hands over the last few years and it's grown from like original SORTA blog days till like a full grown site C, you know it's had all the the cosmetic and structural changes, but it's hard to say because like a lot of the infrastructure. A lot of the team in everything that was put into place was there before I stepped in Keighley was doing this before I showed up. Oh, I didn't know that awesome yet. Do you think that there is a I mean like I said it's kind of obvious. But do you think that there is an extra added importance to feminist criticism and criticism that isn't obviously just kind of homogenized. It's important to me when I was looking at the site and figuring out whether or not I wanted to write for it. That was kind of A. This is a really great place to see a bunch of different voices and it's not just that there's women but it's people marginalized gender identities, genders, and keep of color I'm American. So it was important for me to have a place that would let me right about that and does and to like have a bunch of perspectives that you can't really find on other websites for whatever reason and as an educator scholar I've assigned pieces like I've submitted a syllabus for next year Kalian Nola are both on it. ooh. Citing. Thank you. Yeah. It's It's a really great source for academics as primary source texts. I'M GONNA have my students studying reviews and what to teach them, how to write because that's how I learned how to write. So I think it's important as a critic that that site exists for me to go and say things and right things. But also as a person just existing in the comics community that this is a resource that exist not just for me but for other people. Everything that Adrian just said. When I first showed up and when when I was first learning how to write reviews under Clare Think I had one review. I can't even remember what it was at this point but it was It was a truly bad comic and I was sort of stuck as to how to begin the review if I didn't really know where I wanted to start or what I wanted to talk about end you know I. was talking to Claire for advice and I was like I just I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know where to start with this. And she said then right at. Home. So that's where I started just started with how confused the comic left me how irritated I was with the way to was made, and from that point on I guess, my my reviews have always been sort of leaning on the edge of personal essays but you know that's what I do. That's you know it's my perspective is a critic so to not related to me directly into not related to my experiences with the work would seem really hollow and so I've tried to kind of frame that I'm working with anyway I try to. Kind of pass that idea on which is each of your individual perspectives matter like Adrian saying of being a person of color being a person of marginalized Jenner, things like that they all matter they inform how you interact with the work, and again like she was saying that you can't objectively say whether or not a book is good or bad. All you can say is what your experience was consuming that work and what it meant to you after the fact and I think that that's important to hear from everybody like just breaks down to that. If you want to know how you can support pitches on comics y'all got so many ways you can follow us on instagram you can follow us on twitter both those we are at bitches on comics. You can become a patron by going to Patriot dot com slash bitches on comics. He know what else you can do. You can stop right now look at your phone you can rate and review us you can give us those five stars. You know we deserve I'm shaking my boobs you can't tell but I. This five stars you know we deserve, and you can tell us what you love tell other people what you love. We are making great content. We're not humble about it. We fucking now and we want your help making sure we get that great content with people who need it. I was just curious. What do you think is the thing that people misunderstand the most about criticism which I mean I can start people don't understand that I have a thousand word limit. So every time I like post something somebody's like well, you forgot about and I'm like. I have a thousand words and this character characters been around I seventy years. I. Don't know what to tell you. My name is at Wikipedia. So that's one of my big ones but what does everybody else have? I would say. Criticism is not for the creators Oh God. That goes out to anyone any creator on twitter who's ever term searched, and now my God Yeah Reply Guide because it's it's very easy to take criticism personally if you do that and good criticism is not a personal attack or a personal validation, it should be about the work and i. a lot of creators are really thin skinned I've had experiences where creators searched and bounds a very mild criticism I've said and responded to me personally as a critic kind of feel that he is not fun. Good criticism is for the audience. It's for the readers you know for the people who will pick up the book and are wondering this for me you know is this GonNa say something to me while I like us you know don't term search don't do it Oh my God. Yeah. No I. You see that all of the time right somebody else's tweet some kind of Vegan innocuous comment about a creator and here comes Dan. Slot has something to say. And it's like Oh. My God like Kevin Smith recently repatriated somebody I like a lot not to rehash somebody else's circumstances. But especially, if you're one of these Hollywood guys who's got millions of followers. Don't put comic critics on blast. It's not fair. It's not. You know look at the difference in wages here. Just, like you directed chasing amy, it's in the criterion collection go on with Your Life Kevin Smith like good God. Yeah. Leave everybody else alone. Agreed Think another one for me is People hear the word criticism and they think that it is inherently negative is unfortunate because it's more than that. It's not just tearing things down it's analysis in it's it's like I said earlier contextualisation right about the good and the bat and being honest about both is important to the craft I think and I I definitely think that a lot of people do not understand that they think that we're just out here tearing things down to make ourselves feel better. And it's not the case we want these books to be good. We don't want it to tear them down. We don't WanNA point out these same awful mistakes that are being made over and over and over again you know we don't want have to you know in the case. Gail, Simone, create websites like women in refrigerators to point out something that is a persistent issue that that people are just not stopping right which years later she's still goods hassled over which. And people are like, well, that's how you got into comics and she's like, nope. That's not definitely not. Our people trying to explain to her what women refrigerators even is. Dale. Simone's twitter is something else sometimes But you know there's all these ideas about what it means to be critic and I I always love the. Creators that go on twitter or whatever end gough about you know what critics should be doing and it's it's always something that we already are doing. Every single time. And it just proves that they're not actually reading criticism like at all. Yeah. So much as they're reacting to the fact that somebody wrote something Yeah. So I think that's the big one I see that a lot because people have that thing where they're like well, critics just our failed creator isn't it's like so many critics have gone on to be famous creators like your favorite creators. So I just don't think that that really holds water. So I would agree with that. That's actually my thing. And this isn't universal. But the idea that critics wannabe creators because I don't like aspire to make comics. That's not the way I'm coming at this, but I do think criticism is a great way to develop the way that you breed comics that you know how to make them better. But also some of US don't WanNa make comics. WanNa, write about them and talk about them and talk to other people about them and enjoy them and criticize them and critique them but we don't WanNa make them. So that's not universal. This isn't a stepping stone to something else not for me and not because there are people who do want to go on and do other things, and this is how they're learning those skills but that's not universally true for critics right and also you can do more than one thing in your life You can be more than one thing. Yeah. It turns out yeah because I mean. I. Definitely. Know critics that are just like I. Just really like writing criticism and then it's like I was a fiction writer before I did any critical work but just because that's through a platform, it's like I right I I fi dots through a platform that more people will know about other than you know my underground stuff that I've been doing. So whenever people are just like well, you just didn't or like you know critics are always failed creators is like I'm still creating all of the time like I don't I. There was never a moment where it was off the table. You know like I'll never write a comic because now I've written about Comex. So it doesn't make sense. You know what a bullshit metric of fail sewed. Capitalism. The only thing you can think about. fucking ridiculous. I mean I think this is a perfect segue to what my questions, all about the relationship between the critic and the Creator and I don't think it is yeah I. Mean Like I'm an editor. So I do sort of critique on the front end for a lot of people where. You can't say that or. I don't know if you realize that your theme is women are dumb and should do it men say and I don't think you mean that I hope to God. So I kind of see part of my role as an editor is like harm mitigation both like to readers and also to author. So actually think about what they're saying but I'm a creator I'm a critic. I'm a fan I'm a nerd I'm a former academic, Amal, these things and those things are all part of. How I engage with the materials and so I felt really disappointed like not for the reasons you said, but I was disappointed when you said it's not about the creators. Critique is not for the creators I, get it because you know grow some skin that isn't paper thin, and also it sucks though because there is an opportunity to learn, there's an opportunity to learn from your mistakes we were talking to Gaby fucking Rivera about American Chavez a fucking great comic and she was like. I just think I could have done this better. Why is that such a scary prospect? Why is it so terrifying to really listen to critique or even think about your art in a critical way so that you're not just falling forward it would be amazing if more creators have that perspective honestly it's a very openminded show's creators are willing to grow in a positive way and consider other viewpoints. That's not how a lot of craters act on social media. Sure and I think it goes back to its Sarah said you know this is this concept of like you're either. A successful creator failed creator instead of the idea that like you're usually a creator who is not doing very well, and sometimes you get better like that's just creating any art, form a process over a lifetime and what is the metric for success or failure like what is the? What is the standard that people are judging by because? I. Write Comic Scripts all the time. Most of them never see publication it's not because they're failures. It's because I've gotten them out of my system and I'm happy with where they are. I don't care about publishing them in and becoming a known comic Creator. It's not something that is on my radar when I feel the need to write a script when I feel the need to do something like that I do because I enjoy it. I love that idea always I teach writing as well and people are like I am so nervous I can't figure out what my end product is GonNa be and I'm like I get it. If you have goals publishing and things like that I get it, I really do but cannot creation be an end in itself and I know we're a little bit off the critical topic but I'm with you know like, I write lots of stuff that I'm like okay that's done. No one needs to see that go ahead and just save it or you know what chuck it will that. I really liked what you all were saying about. The idea of critique as a form of conversation with readers ideally could be with creators if people weren't. Term searching themselves and being defensive ass hats. But you know like we can have conversations and if we think about our and like you were saying Nulla instead of figure out with those metrics for success or failure are just like fuck that binary like fuck it football, the binary maybe art is about creating an expressing and maybe some of that is for an audience maybe some of it isn't but when it is for audience, I think critique offers such an avenue for understanding how other people see your work I just don't think most writers. No. How other people received their work because you know we're all surrounded with people who encourage US otherwise, we'd fucking give up. Indeed Yes. So Smith the PUCK was on the pod in December and she talked about the relationship of the Creator critic and at the time she was just starting working on a novel and she was like it's actually funny after such a long tenure of being a critic like be doing the creative side and I think eight or maybe you were saying that that is not the format everyone takes and that's part of what Sam was saying she was. Like you know that's not really the job of a critic to become a creator and it's not a good metric of if someone's a good critic to say, have they created I'm creating is kind of like when people are like a, this is a bad type of parenting in someone's like, what are you a parent and it's like Nope but I was a child ever seen parenting and that's kind of what I think of the relationship between like. In creation is like you know we've all been harder the society of creation. We're all reading all of these things in critics your job our job is to have a specific way of communicating about what is we're consuming. So Sarah saying you're not just a receptacle of like, Oh, I, read a comic the end it's like, oh I read a comic and now I can understand how connects here or there the other place we had Veroni Emma who baugh on the pod talking about Im extras and it was incredible in reading her beautiful you know she has. That column Transmits Kira Reading Her amazing piece outlook the Ghost of the Twentieth Century in Sarah and I both were like, Hey, we don't like our man amas like fair enough. You shouldn't. But then when we read it for me at least when I read extreme us with that critical lens with understanding this early different resonances, this is what the author is motioning toward off page that made me feel like, wow, I understand this piece differently I appreciate this piece differently than I would have without the critique and so I guess I'm wondering when you think about. Let's say we're in a different world, not this world. In a creators. Are, Dick, heads the time not that everyone is also the creator anti indicates. It. What would the ideal relationship be critic and the Creator. Were at more of a conversation. What are you all think? I don't want to speak for failure but I think when we when we say that. Criticism isn't for the Creator. We're not saying that they can't interact with that. They can't read from it and pick it up and learn from it. It's not that it's just that we're not thinking about them reading this other than the fact that they're involved with the creation of it. Total at were not writing this to we're not there to hurt your feelings. Yeah. Pointing a weapon at them. We're just analyze on. We're just talking about things and you know ideally, if creators got thick skin or you know even just is not short tempered about things, they should be able to join that conversation. There's no reason why they should be like you said with Gabe Rivera to me that's the mark of a good creator is somebody who is Analyzing their own work and thinking about and thinking about what they could do better and you know get never you're not always going to be able to see those things. Sometimes you need other people point out to you. Everybody's got that and you know if you don't agree with somebody's perspective that's fine. You're allowed to not agree with it and I I think that's that's a big thing is I wish that more creators understood that it you do not have to start a fight just because you don't like something we set about your book. It's okay. Just not like it. Plenty of people have said things about I. my work is a career as a critic that I don't like and I just keep my mouth shut about it. They're allowed to have their opinions. It's fine. I want to kind of jump on there and say that I think one of the things that the criticism that we do makes evident is that there need to be more people like us on the backside there need to be more editors. There needs to be more people who are putting this workout that are women that are people of color that are people marginalized genders i. think that is something that like we don't get paid to tell you what you did wrong in the. So that's not the point. You had an editor that also did that where they're looking at the final product and so I think that also affects the way that criticism kind of exists. There are certain craters who I absolutely trust to handle the things that I write about them well, and there's certain craters. So I try to avoid writing about because I know that they're not going to take it. Well, that's not great for criticism either. I guess I think one thing we have to sort of navigate in the twentieth century is and social media has how it strips down or appears to. Down the walls between creators and fans and critics like social media instagram twitter is much more accessibility than there. Was You know when people were just writing letters to the comics journal, we have back in the day. League, I, think. Folks on all sides kind of need to relearn to navigate how we talk to each other as an editor. You know there have been times where I've had to kind of real a writer back locate kind of yours from saying what you dislike about the work to kind of being a personal attack on the Creator and that's not fair. You know want to kind of keep it professional and so that's something I think is good to be mindful of it's not always everybody's showing up your mentioned being a reply guy and or being Kevin, Zeman blowing up your spot. Guess you're still mad that people are upset about Batman his bands. So Vida Yala was talking about how someone only tweeted at them. They ruined the X. men and Vida was just like what the hell and someone came to his Defense Vida. You're amazing. So good. You're so perfect why would anyone ever critique you and they were like Whoa I actually don't care people can hate my work all they want a why are they coming to my twitter and yelling at me it just really connects to what you were just saying, Kelly about that social media aspect and I've even felt. That before you know a piece of my sidewire blows up and Sarah, and I talk about this all the time and suddenly I've got people I've never met accusing me of being a misogynist and I'm like what the fuck whatever ridiculous claim they're making about what I've said in the piece that they haven't even read for the record. What is it? You think people need to understand about social media to be able to navigate it in a way that is God less combative. I guess less aggressive towards one another. The. Things that you see on social media stay on social media. Yeah. You can delete tweets but tweets can be screen shotted before that you have to be prepared for the things that you put on on the Internet to be there forever as much as twitter especially can make something feel like a real time conversation you have to be aware that it's Not. The same as like an in person conversation you might say something meant to be cutting to a person out loud and you know they might take it badly but you guys can talk it out later like the sting of that can go away. But when you type it out when you put it on the Internet it stays. So people are always going. To see that. So you have to be aware of what the consequences are of what you're saying in a much more acute way than you do when you're speaking to people because people's Memories nobody's memories exact people's memories, flood things. You know an an argument that seems like the most important thing in the world of the time you know ten years down. The line you and that person might be laughing about it. But when it's on the Internet when it's something that's written out, it stays there. It's like every bad moment. Every ugly little impulse that you've had is there and is just not going anywhere and I think that too many people especially in the heat of the moment do not think about that fact. Yeah, the Internet's forever right on fuck with that. No that's absolutely a great point. Shit. I. Want to turn that into a PSA and send it to everyone forever. But I also think there's also a piece where it's like when you ask someone when you tag someone in a piece, people don't think about it but that's kind of like knocking on my door and being like, Hey, bitch I don't like your fucking shit and I'm like I don't even know what you're talking about because I haven't I don't know who tweeted the thing out I don't know who got his connection for you. So I don't think people realize like when you go and you at Yala there at home living their life doing their thing maybe they open twitter and now. They got someone yelling at them about something agree to meet Canadian piece together what you're upset about. So I, I think it's so good. I. Think we don't. We don't think enough about the reality that social media has changed. The Way we interact and it changes who be urged should at least change who we present ourselves to be or how we present ourselves at the very least. So we can be I don't know man we're fucking stuff on this planet together just spinning around through space like I don't want to have six million enemies or billion enemies either you know like, why can't we just try to like not be I don't know assholes all the time, but I asked myself this question. This is like Sarah and I just tweet text each other like why why why. Why somebody trying to explain like the premise of Batman to me my comment. I obviously know about Comex I've written five hundred articles laying. It just doesn't matter though yeah I always try to do late I'll talk about some creators by name, but it's always someone who I'm just like this person will literally never read my tweets and it's fine and those are always the ones where you get so so many people defending the creator like if I talk about Alad more and I'm like, Hey, there's some stuff I'm not a huge fan of those. Guys sometimes in say a nice jokey way and you'll always have people being like, why do you hate him? So it's like a eleanor will never read my tweet. We don't have to worry about it. Be The things that I'm talking about is not even a medium that he writes it anymore you know. So that doesn't matter early. So I think about you know social media being forever as you say but then. I'm also just like, yeah. I. Kind of just like pick and choose who I'm GonNa talk about I. Guess like on Social Media Like I have gone to great lengths to not trash Geoff, johns a bunch of times recently especially. So I'm just kind of league I don't know these people like won't read May tweets, but you also are like well, Kevin Smith would never read my tweet either right but he does Right, apparently, he doesn't have a lot going on yeah I think a lot of us on the Internet just kind of really need to reexamine boundaries like for example, I say criticisms not for the creators. It's also me kind of trying to respect boundary that maybe only exists in my head but you know like I write a lot about Johnson. Hickman's X. men run and when I write those pieces A. tweet them and whatever I'm trying not to like throw rocks at Jonathan Hickman's windows like notice me Notice Hickman Recognize he's a busy man who's doing his own thing and I'm not trying to. I. Don't know again throw rocks at his window I'm doing my thing you're doing your thing. We're both coexisting peacefully probably have no idea I exist and that's fine. Yeah I relate to all of that I'm like I would rather no one ever knew existed yet. Somehow I still get paid I don't know how to do that. But if I figured out I'm looking on my anonymity so this this is is a weird example but I feel like I'm talking to the right people to ask this. So I was reading about case in calendar who just released a y novel Felix ever after and right after it came out got this review and casing was kind of you know grappling with it on twitter we're talking about the review and ultimate ended up writing a letter to the reviewer being like You fuck this up hardcore because the reviewers lens was like, where's my trauma porn about the Trans Character? Why aren't these black characters more black and it's like Oh my God, you're talking like a black trans author like what the Fuck is wrong with you. Also, those are just terrible things to say in general. So I thought that was an interesting example of a time when an author I believe they felt they had the responsibility to respond to this critique because it was so deeply mischaracterizing there were obviously that's why wack was founded but that's not all critics are there are lots of critics are out there saying there's people on. Websites that we don't go to because why would you saying things that are just off the rails make no sense also very anti progressive values those things. But then this is like you know this was a pretty middle of the road publication lobbing these claims against this. Black. Trans author that their book isn't in black enough or deal enough in trauma of Trans Ness. So I guess what do you think the role than there is of I mean obviously you all would never publish critique like that. But you're part of the world of criticism and that happens in your field you know I think Criticism is a lot like comic books in their great pieces of criticism, and there are terrible pieces of criticism. It sounds like whoever wrote that particular review probably could have benefited from a stern editor. Yeah. And you know I think in the case of this author when you have some very very deep objections to what a word criticism is saying and it's not just you know saying that this is bad or whatever. But in this case when you're having some some very deep objections to a critics understanding what it means to be a person of color what it means to be trans. I. Honestly I respect them for starting a dialogue in you know in a mature fashion grappling with on twitter but but then when the decision came to reach out to the critic to do so in the form of a letter, his to my mind a a great way to things like that you don't you really need to have that conversation you get to do it in private you get to see whether or not the review was written in good faith. You get the chance to find some common ground may be spread a little understanding. It's unfortunate that transpeople especially have to do so much education. As to our identities and what it means to to write about us it's it's unfortunate that we have to take that burden on but if no one else is going to do it then obviously I'm Gonna I got opinions all yell at them. Yeah I also think about that all the time and I'm like. Given. My privileges like Shit I'm the person who should probably you know as a transfers and do the work more. So than more vulnerable members of our communities, you know you're your that kind of ad I think it's and I haven't read that review. I. Don't know anything about that. I. Think it's great that the private letter like Nola said to do it offline is I. Don't think we should elevate bad criticism because that's meant to get clicks. Sometimes. That's the point. Yeah. That's but there's also no like I definitely criticized other people's writing on twitter but I don't tag them I don't name them. To the publication I say you should publish this. which is maybe another way to deal with that kind of thing. I did tax the publisher they did take that article down. So I feel bad about that. Was a moment and. This goes back to what we were talking about earlier. I have rules for the way that I use twitter, which are the product of having been harassed. I don't tag people if I have anything, even I'll be critical to say about them. I try not to tag people generally unless I have like a really ernest question or if I would like them to see a thing because it was nice and then like I don't term search I'm not that big of a name I won't do it. there's certain ways that I think social media is not meant to optimize kindness and it's not meant I necessarily be our best selves, but there's definitely on the flip side of that pros to it like there's connecting with other people there's connecting with wack there's connecting with other critics. The way that you relate to it is going to be the way that it works with you. So on both ends, just generally speaking people could be kinder online. Oh God right. Stay at least this is my twitter is mostly for me just terrible jokes that's that's what I use it for. I'm not interested in having in-depth conversations. Yeah. Also Madeline prior posts. Yes. Is. Very delighted to see pop up in my feet. So. I want to end with a question about like what are your wildest dreams for criticism will whack either as an individual as an organization? Where do you WANNA see yourselves go? This is gonNA sound kind of mercenary but I wanna see our critics get paid We'll back as a volunteer site that money yeah. It's not a site that people right at to get paid, and that's that's part of the reason why criticism is a little different than everyone else's people are writing about the things that they want to write about people are writing because they want. To be there, they're not just writing to earn a paycheck that said I would like to be able to pay them and you know we don't have a big content brand coming along to write checks for us. So we kind of do everything ourselves and I mean, that's my pie in the sky dream I want will back to be the kind of place that elevates marginalized voices. Across whichever access you would like to go and I would like will whack to be the kind of place that sees those voices thrive both in terms of their criticism and in terms of you know being able to pay their bills. Now, this is where you plug the Patriots on I was going to ask if I thought there was a patriot. He's a patriot. I'm terrible script. I'm terrible itself at a promotion in that way. Yeah. Go the Patriots. Give us your money. It is worth it. Yeah. I absolutely agree with Nola we would really love to build to a paid model and if you donate to our patriotic that helps us get there everything we raise unpatriotic sue hosting and keeping the running and keeping US totally independent. We're not run by a hedge fund vampires. God. Actually Sarah and I are Bull Hedge Fund Vampires. We. Should have told you that before the. Feats. Don't fail me now. We're also hoping to work on Morzine 's. Get those going and I love us to keep publishing outside of just the website get something digital's going maybe physical ins someday when conventions happen again, lease someday inventions you believe in the in the after tons of cocaine I. Am I am very old school. I love to see things in print I would love to just hold in my hands at the local will whack seen with like work by our wonderful writers. Patriot please donate make it happen. Yeah. all of that. I'd also like to see more people of color writing for the site I think that's important of the special comics is just extremely white comics so white. Comics criticism is white comics. Creation is white comic scholarship is white so it'd be really really nice to have other voices especially because there's more characters of color now to have people writing about them to have people ready but creators of color just more people of color. That's my wish for everything in my life. Yes and people can pitch us our pitches we're open. So please if you really are dying writes something please give us content please. Editors at ww a comics dot com. Yes. That send your pitch their that's important. Thank you. Mad relatable Sarah and I did a whole spot for this publication we're doing when we just completely didn't tell anyone the website. Like await. Let us rerecord that. I've definitely been there too. Well, this is the damn delight you are all so cool. You made me think so hard tonight in the best way I love. I love what you're doing. You have some of the best pieces out there that are breaking down what's happening in comics, and it's just really nice to be able to read them in these. Really beautiful beautifully written clearly care so much they're not click bait have Luhya and it's just like a great time. So thank you for being here with us on comics. Make sure listeners you have to go check them out. You know you can just Google will whack that's what I do and it comes right up and then also make sure to go to patriots dot com slash is a whack I think it's what You're this has been super great Nola Kaley. Do you WANNA share your personal social media Info or do you want to not do that? My twitter is my first name and my last name. So that's Nola FAO. No. L.. A. P. F. A. You feel free to find me. They're like Sarah said making posts about madeline prior and or terrible juice. If you want to come argue with me about something don't. Ha I'm on twitter at Ranch Ranch ranch, which is our show NC H. it's the sound effect were shack makes when he chews on sugarcubes I'm a huge. Oh my God I. Love It. My mom calls me Roach Roach Roach, which is a whole other thing. That's what I'm GonNa do after this. Oh. And I'm on twitter at my name. So at Adrian, Risha it's a lot of letters a D.. R. E.. E.. N. N. E. R. E. S. J. Love It. Well, we will obviously be following you not in a creepy way I realized that sounded weird but know social media it always sounds weird but we will be we'll be following you. We re tweeting everything from Iraq we really believe what y'all are doing and it's definitely like kindred spirits between the pot and y'all well, thank you very much. We appreciate that yes, I also get the email does a roundup every month from I. Don't know if that's only Patriot that gets that. But I get this email from y'all and it always has so many articles that I missed on social media. So that is one of the handiest things for me is just get this late newsletter. That's like, Hey, you forgot to read walk for like the last three weeks and I'm like Oh snap a better catch up. So that's been really easy. For me is that specific to the Patriot on I don't believe it is no, I think there's a sign up for it unfortunately. I'm not the person to ask because Wendy handles all of that. Thank you. Wendy Wendy is amazing. Yeah Wendy is is really like our backbone she handles everything behind the scenes and she's she never wants to be like publicly lauded for it but I'm going to do it anyway. Wendy you're the best and I love you. My God, that was so cute I think we have to end their. That's just. A PODCAST. That is all about making comic books more accessible to Lgbtq, folks and women. So if you have a question about anything related to comics, comic adaptations, pop culture general conventions, cost play, new name it. That's what we're here for. You can send us your questions at bitches on comics. At gmail.com unfortunately, Jima does not like the word bitch they're pretty judgy about it. So we can't have it spelled out is be dot T. C. H. E. S. O. N. C. O. M. ICS at gmail.com and remember there's no I'm bitch. I'm Sarah Century and you can find me at www dot, Sarah Century, Dot Com and twitter and Instagram Still Sarah Century on those I'm se fleeing or you can learn more about me at se floor DOT com. You can find me on twitter and instagram at at Sei. Nor is on comics is recorded by Kate Warner who plays in the band church fire you can find them at Church Fire Music Dot Com our music is recorded by Katie Taylor who plays as Earth control pill. You can find her music at Earth Control Pill Dot Band Camp Dot com it on comics recorded in Denver Colorado. We want to recognize the indigenous peoples who had inhabited and do inhabit this land. Your rapahel nation, the nation, the Cheyenne nation, and others who have been erased from our history and collective memories through colonization.

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Rock Candy Ep. 124: Lady Gaga - Laugh, Cry, and Roll My Eyes


1:33:05 hr | Last month

Rock Candy Ep. 124: Lady Gaga - Laugh, Cry, and Roll My Eyes

"When you think. I not not until next year I am one hundred percent. Put on putting all my money on it. We will not have a concert till twenty twenty. One Holland notes is not canceled yet. They haven't cancelled. Yeah, they're GONNA end even if they don't do we really want to go. Yes I do. Oh, no, we're! We're either not canceled around. We will make. Sure that fucking facemask for two hours. That's fine with me. Yeah, in August in August out dowers in an outdoor arena. We die. That's how much we miss concerts. Yeah, yeah, we had. Hall notes lined up and then literally the next weekend would've been ROB SHINE That would have been like the best way to end the summer Yup and no, no fucking. Rone's got a ruin everything so well like here's the thing to I've gotten really spoiled with concerts in general because I always just think like. Concert stood there. Yeah, and that was it, but now like when I go to see a show. That should better be fucking theatrical performance. Shakespeare I expect fireworks I expect Broadway. Everything I, want all of it. Yeah, and this was going to be a really fucking great year for chosen now nothing I was going to get I was GONNA so spoiled a shows and now. Nothing nothing. Can you celebrate when you come out now? Yeah and supposedly hauling notes were coming out with a new album. They're working on one now. Some artists are still coming out with their albums. It's just that they can't tour to promote them now and you're not going out to clubs to dance to them now. Some of the online shows that I've seen so far like quarantine. Free Youtube shows and stuff have been really good. Yeah, I guess they're cute. They're fun. Yeah, but it is no substitute for. Not Thing not at all because it caught the Tevin Townsend one. was you a call on amount of Gucci Jeremy like. Yeah? They're cute, are good I really appreciate the efforts being put forward however. I want to be wowed and sowed in person in person. A I did watch enslaved. Do one like in the beginning like the second weekend. All of us were like. Stay the fuck home and their. Online show was so fucking good. It was amazing. Yeah, and honestly whether I was there in in an audience or not, it was still really fucking great. Okay, and they're doing another one soon so I'm very excited about love all right so some people were pulling off at the end of the day. Jill I. I just want to out. It's out in person. Like I was years ago, when I went to my first lady, Gaga Concert who which taught me that. Shit concerts aren't just like standing around watching someone play guitar. Concerts are fucking experience. Especially when you pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket worth it. Like legit more worth of them as ALICA. You pay hundreds of dollars for a metallic ticket to watch them rotate in a circle and forget the lear and forget the lyrics. Didn't rotate in a circle. Forget the lyrics. Got Who did perform with metallica she had the grammy's and the grammies fucked up. Their Mike's and everybody had a conspiracy theory that the grammy's hate. METALLICA and medal they. Fox it up on. The do hate metals, so they do they really to also look at this point like Metallica I i. Guess they're medal. They were back then when they got. Sean I mean like even like when like a few years ago, yeah. You there is more and better metal now by the fucking loads. Metal heads can lay off lady Gaga for quote unquote. Too Weird Seattle. During her performance with METALLICA. Metal is built on weird and theatrical. Have you seen iron maiden? You seen any Norwegian black metal. Ever see diamond. Have you seen any of these? People know metal doesn't do that. Yeah, metal takes itself really seriously. Who else takes themselves seriously us? Yeah, welcome rocking! Your weekly podcast full of sweet treats from the world of music. Telling you stories entails. This week. We're talking about Lady Gaga. We did not know how to intro this. Yeah, no fucking clue, but honestly she puts on a fucking amazing. Show a fuck, I. She did the best she fucking could with that metallica performance every I'll even give it to james like. Everybody did the best they fucking. Everybody got smacked. It regards smack. It was fine God. Did the best they could do with the hand that they were dealt. The grammys at this point is just a decrepit old leg. Man Hand. It's the hand from scary movie that Chris. Chris Elliott Butler character with the gross hand I never saw scary movie. I saw at once when it first came out the lake. There have been a lot of memes that have come out in twenty twenty because twenty twenty s garbage. And all the means are like this is the hand that twenty twenty Delta. Now I get it I didn't know where that was from before. Yeah! There, you go yeah Hillard. somethin' learned something. Me One of the hosts Maggie. Oh I'm Ashley to. Also Ashley. Fun Interesting Week I. Actually Am a Big Lady Gaga Fan was a big fan of when she came out in two thousand A. fucking fame famous loved those albums. I will get into how I feel about the rest as we go along. Yeah I liked her back then and I. Go in and out now which I feel like a lot of like unless you are a die-hard Gaga Fan. If you like most people just kind of Dabble Nia, GACA DABBLE I pick and choose I suppose. That's kind of something she expects, but also there's a lot of times when I can't help it just roll. My fucking is at lady. Gaga I think I think I don't know. Maybe change your mind after the episode I know. Maybe maybe we'll see I. don't know she's got a lot going on. Mia, but I just wish you would stop wearing those. Boots yeah, you know though she should because it's hurting her. It's hurting her and also. There are tired. It's all stems from the boots. I thought you had some really lake very. Useful, introspective reason. Nope, it's just supposed fucking boots. Stop it! They don't go with every outfit either. This is why I like you. The right there. Oh my God I mean I was just like actually. She stopped boots like she knows what happened to Prince. Same thing's going to happen to her true. Don't wear those fucking, guys. You know what? A fuck what shoes you're wearing onstage. I also wore the same kind of boots when I was like a mall goth in ninth grade there's. No Moba Markov is coming back. Yeah, I know now I'm Kinda excited for it. Yeah, but I feel I can't really wear it anymore. We couldn't drink back then. We might have made better decisions I mean. I'd. Not to drink back then I mean legally drink and I was just too much of a fucking to get invited to those parties. So I didn't okay. But now we can't drink and this week. We are drinking for this episode we. We actually had a beer all ready to go for this episode. And we, didn't we? I still found it and I found it cold in the fridge. That's how excited I am about this episode. This week we drinking from local to US Brown's brewing and it's called Joanne Scott much pre flowers on. After her mom, Joann the came out in two thousand sixteen, so it was perfect, and it's an IP. Of Core. Excited about, but it's. Like it's. It is basic Pichai PA. It's Brown's honestly I. Mean they're. Institution though right like that are not going away. If that's what you're saying, I mean that's I mean I. Don't know about you, but that was one of the first real craft brewery places I ever really was exposed around here. Yeah, yeah, certainly, yes, it's a good. If you guys are in the area, it's in your end as and you get totally pass by PA. Even if you're like a casual IP drinker, and you're at their brewery like discipline, good one to get colds and pretty niece. Maybe throw like a like a grapefruit in there an entire grapefruit little whole grapefruit squeezer on in their. Pith in everything. Oh yeah, but Aussie sounds good and they just reopened so good for them right? Yeah, things things are looking up. Guys might not have concerts but God it. At least we have beer, yeah! With out of my cold dead hands. And It's GonNa this. Let's get into this all right. All right book I'm ready ready to roll my eyes Marie to Laugh, cry and roll my eyes. Make a shirt. Give it to you but needs be. Just the stupid Emoji face with the rolling is Yup there'd be. No Liz Lemon, just a picture Liz lemon rolling her eyes. That works some might be surprised that we are talking about such a recent artist, but the interesting thing about lady Gaga is that we are watching her become a legend in real time. This girl has only been releasing records for a little over a decade now, but in that time she was put at six studio albums made sixteen top ten singles, starting to hit television series and hit movie, and is one fifty nine of the one hundred thirty five award nominations between the Emmys, the Grammys, the Oscars and so many more that she was nominated for And the way she got here nothing more than pure unadulterated, hard ass work, despite actually I'd say in spite of the heaters. She believed in herself and kept reaching for her dreams. Many Times. People say she's Old News. She's fizzled out, but then she just comes back up with a new look and a new sound to show off. Lady Gaga is constantly evolving and some see that as a turnoff while other celebrate her ability to change course when the feeling takes her contrary to what some may think. Her image is only a part of her art. Leading Gaga is a true talent whose works for this and she was a babe in the woods and I'm GonNa. Tell you all about it right now. Tell me all about it. You haven't ruled. Your is yet. Having gotten into her yet really well, this is your introduction. She was born Stephanie Joanne Angelina German Nada on March Twenty Eighth Nineteen Eighty six to Cynthia Louise. Joseph to business, Savvy Entrepreneurial Philanthropists living on the upper west side of Manhattan, Oh did they did they like some good school? Of course, they had the pursuit and the gutter. And the Moussa del every night every night. There were no meets the pastas you can have meets in the pastas. Easy every detail is gone. I think it's easy to look at the situation and say Yeah family is pretty well off, and normally I'd feel that you can discount them a little for that, but it's only because I wanna eat the rich, but the Germans are our hardworking family. Stephanie's parents weren't the type to sit on their laurels, and that's a trait that they most certainly passed onto their. Their children okay around the age of three Cynthia found her daughter's sitting at the piano, pounding the keys, and was struck with the idea to have Stephanie Take Piano Lessons, but are starting young right sure and it was soon after that it was discovered, she had a natural ear for music, and with enough practice she could master nearly any piece of music. They put in front of her. Stephanie is known for being a hard worker. And she felt with a combination of natural talent and hard work. She could truly become a great musician. When she got a little older Joseph made a deal with his daughter if she learned to play his favorite springsteen, Song Thunder Road. He would buy her a baby grand piano. To fire the baby brand clearly. But not only did Stephanie step up to the challenge. She surpassed it. She just learned the entire born to run piano book. I would hope so if you're getting a baby fucking grand piano like that's like that's like attorney. Digest by me! The fucking baby grind. You. Know I'm GonNA learn the lay and songs I had to like. Pester the shit out of my mother just to buy me like a thirty dollar casio keyboard for Christmas like not just of the Blue Yeah for Christmas. My my big thing was more like the negotiations I would make with my piano teacher. that. I really wanted to learn that song kissing you from Romeo and Juliet, and like all right, we'll work on that I, also like work on like some fucking Mozart piece that I really didn't care about of Wada Music teachers do that to you especially when you're really into pop singer songwriters like all right. Here's the deal or on that, but you need to work on this Aria. Fine. Fine, I wouldn't know I didn't take musical lessons when I was a kid. I had a really Janke upright. Piano that was out of tune all the time, oh. That was my grandmother's Plano. I didn't have like grand my grandmother's piano. She can only play like two songs on it and she was a chain smoker. Yeah, so the keys were like Brown mine, too, because my shades. That's why they were Brown and that's. That you never made like. Yeah, because if you ever like push one of the keys, you could see the side of the ones next to it and they were. Right. Oh Yeah, all right. I learned something today. For a good chunk of childhood piano was the only thing Stephanie focused on, but one day she was at a small shop with her mom and singing to herself when the stone store owner stopped her to tell her how good he thought, she sounded and suggested that she tried taking a couple lessons from his uncle. And my uncle he's he's the voice teacher. Why don't you take some lessons? Give my gobbled pool from him. You got you gotTa Google though he knows a good voice when he hears. From all the mood Sadelli. He's in the back. Let me introduce you to them. Is this just a Parma Ham? PERMA HIM ON. A chair looks like a ball of dough, just waiting to be made into my uncle Eddie. Murphy Sing for me. Glad Eddie he's he's real. He knows everybody does. Anyway. Cynthia took the info and gave him a call only to discover that this vocal coach was don Lawrence a prestigious teacher who had worked with the likes of Bano. Mick Jagger Christina Aguilera and a ton of others like from Broadway to rock. He's also apartment ham. He's also apartment him wearing to. Post to tell anyone that it's really nice rings rashly only on the PINKIES lonely. You know I don't think he's Italian. I'm just I. I hope he is Italian. He's Italian. Now he is welcome to the family done. By the time she was in high school. She's creating her own songs. Choose even going to open MIC nights at bars as she was underage, this was no easy feat, but her parents accompanied her, and as long as they chaperone under the bar. Owner said they were fine with her performing okay. And then she get fucking smash doesn't show here. A Seagram. Have seven all. Her family nurtured and celebrated her passion for music, but not everyone was a believer Stephanie struggle to be accepted in school with both students and teachers, dismissing her dreams as unrealistic and Stephanie is just some Kinda Weirdo rude. Typical kids are jerks, fashion kid. If there's anything else we've learned from this podcast itches. Shirts are jerks. Odds are there's heroin evolved and kids are jerks. Check and check. Will they tortured her in school one time she was meeting up with a few friends that she actually did have at a pizza place when a group of Jackass, Jock Boys Literally Pick Stephanie Up and threw her in a trash can. What's right? People actually did that. Yeah, like some dumb eighties movie. Okay, Emilio Estevez from the Breakfast Club. Your row fucking cool. Ray Oh, I bet you think you're hot shit Jesus at the time. She just laughed it off as if it didn't bother her, but the memory heard her for years and years at the very least it never stopped her from trying to reach her dreams. She auditioned for every musical, but never managed to land a lead role despite her powerful singing voice, because she never looked the part so yeah. But when they were holding auditions for her favorite musical guys and Dolls Stephanie went in for the kill. She wanted the part of Adelaide more than anything. And you know one would play it as well as her, so she showed up to audition in a blonde wig and put on a flawless performance. The teachers couldn't deny that it was a part. She was born to play, and she landed her coveted role, but something else was born from that experience, her love of wigs and learning that she could change her look affect the way. People saw her yeah swit- stage makeup for Yup, all of a sudden. You're like Oh my God I look so different. That's why I dye my hair all the time. I just do it because I get really bored with that mousy. Brown real quick to off Yup. Come as no surprise to hear, she gained early acceptance into Nyu's Tisch school of the arts at seventeen years old. She moved on campus, but never stopped performing wherever she could. She would even drag her keyboard around the city streets and Busk for some pocket change. She wasn't above it. She was that girl in the subway. Stop and you're like Oh. Look it you. You play a song. That just reminds me of that stupid commercial with a girl playing music in a subway in like instead of people putting money into her guitar guitar case. They're taking it out and then at the end there like you wouldn't steal money from this person, sue don't sell your music off. The Internet I. Have Never seen that, but while that is early. And these still era on basic cable on me. Ridiculous Oh. Honey, we we're. We're just all streaming now so off. fucking pirates fine. Yard bitch despite learning a whole lot about art, music and theatre, and taking the time to improve her writing skills Stephanie, wasn't feeling like she was executing her full potential at school, and decided to drop out in her Sophomore Year Saves Irs some student loans to pay back. Like girl was smart, though come on in Nyu, I'm sure that's quite expens-, even with any kind of scholarship. You might get here. Now this didn't come without some negotiations with their parents. Her father said okay. Go ahead, see. We can do on your own, but you only have a year. If you don't end up with a record deal or something to show that you are solidly heading in the right direction, you guys go back to school. Better Hustle Gogo Hustle. And bustle she did like I, said girls, a hard worker, and her parents encourage that behavior, so she immediately got her own place in Manhattan, picking up odd jobs here and there to pay her rent. She must have been doing some crazy jobs to afford that. We actually at three different jobs I believe she was performing at like. I like not a burlesque shows, but something along. Righty show thing and like she was doing piano for people, and then she was waitressing, and how she might have even been dancing at someplace at one point in her career before her crew took off, she was a dancer like a go go dancer. This might have been that time with the help of a few other nyu students. She started a band called the s g band, which stood for the Stephanie German. Banned. Yeah Just a case for some reason, it reminds me of s club seven. So that's all I'm. Picturing is like young lady Gaga was. Seven behind her as she s club seven. Too many asses, we got to kick you out. She was so close so close. They performed anywhere. They could and became staples in the lower east side. If you're picturing the Blonde Popstar, we know her as now. You are really off base initially Stephanie Played Keyboards with her naturally dark brown hair, performing led Zeppelin Bowie and other familiar rock classics. She didn't picture herself as a pop icon. She was way more into rock. And? Yes, she definitely lent herself more as a songwriter, then like a pop goddess, yeah, in two thousand six s g band performed at the cutting room for the songwriters hall of fame. New songwriters showcase where she grabbed the attention of Wendy Star Land. Who is there on behalf of Robert? Who sorry he was currently looking for a woman to front a strokes type band and believed Stephanie was perfect for it. Like a manufactured strokes like band with a female front, exactly okay okay, you can't when your is. There were the strokes manufactured because I would one hundred percent believe. The strokes were manufactured I think they were. I. Don't think so either I don't have a follow up to that I. Just don't think. I KINDA WANNA start that rumor. Can we start. Strokes manufacturer is. The strokes are manufactured by Lou Pearlman. Don Perlman! He's just a CAL's zone with rings. No He's like a bratwurst with rings. He's not. He's not Italian. He's not a cow zone. Talion Lou Pearlman. Yeah, I highly doubt it is. Cousin is no I want his cousin to be a brower. RIGHT HE'S A. With? Rings Niamey Greasy When Wendy introduced rob to Stephanie, he was co white dubious. She didn't have a definitive style. Let alone the grungy look he was hoping for. He appreciated her quirkiness, but felt pretty confident. It just wasn't gonNA work. But once she began to perform for him. At the Studio Rob's mine changed completely. He saw all the raw talent. She had even the untapped potential that was hidden below the surface. Stephanie was ready to sign whatever contract he made up for her, but before that her father stepped in because like good for you Dad Call Your Dad. Or your mom college can call upon rental unit yes. Father stepped in, and they got together to create their own company. Love Child Elsie from there. They hit the ground, running creating songs and demos to shop around. Okay, what is the biggest things Stephanie would get from? Rob would be her infamous stage Moniker Lady Gaga while performing a new song in the studio. Raja's said you're just so Gaga. You're so Freddie Mercury you're so dramatic from there. He would sing his favorite. Queen Song upon her entrance, which was Radio Gaga, but he said a story that he texted her once and just texted radio, Gaga, but like his finger slipped, and it corrected it to lady Gaga and she ended up. Saying I really like this and the. The Nokia from there, whatever at the end of the day, the nickname Gago just caught on, and not only rob, but others would refer to her as Gaga like at one point. She just look at people who would call her. Stephanie drink now. Kaga, that's my name. So eventually. Stephanie knew this, was it? The name stuck and she added lady as a feminine formality. Okay, so yeah. She became a lady Gaga. And speaking of feminine formalities. Is it that times about that time spent the time. We get real formal in the bedroom because you know when you're in the bedroom, it's you know sometimes you WanNa. Make an event out of it. Send out. The invites. Say Hey. Meet me in my bedroom. We're GONNA. Have a really nice time where your best whatever. for Re Costume negligee. What gets you off and I ain't going to judge you for that, and then you're going to break out the toys. The toys that you got from Adam and Eve dot com, using our code candy pod Peer Payroll. You can't tell I'm doing finger guns finger guns as we got a little deal, so you go over to Adam and Eve dot com, and you pick almost any item for fifty percents off, and then after that you got a couple of little couple. Little lovely gifts here. We'll something maybe for him maybe for her, maybe for them or both of you to share for all of you to share I. Don't know how many people are coming to this event. They are hosting, but it's going to be a formal affair with the most formal of dildos coin to be quite fun. Get little bow ties. Put Him on the Dildos, maybe like a gown for the flashlight. And I mean a nice. Yeah Nice little veil. ooh, maybe like some masks and like turn into like an eyes wide shut next toy party. A nice maybe crotch less pair of underwear. They're great for flesh late. Would love it. Wait a minute. Oh my God now. I'm just thinking about putting crushes patties on a flashlight, and it could work if you finagle it the right way, yeah! We can do this, but here's the thing to. You're not just going to have all the toys. You also get like some background entertainment because they're going to send you six spicy films, Bisi films so spice. So you get the toys. The toy ordered the item you ordered. Assume you're getting toys, and then you're going to get the spicy films, but also. Free Shipping. So much free stuff. It's a lot guys. It's a lot going up on here, so you got all that stuff. All you gotTa do when you go to check out. Put In our Code Candy, pod. C. A. N. D. Y. P.. O., D. Not banned, but you will feel so alive. Yeah, so go ahead. Check that out. And you know, help us out a little bit too and get a little coin our purse. Now Actually Gaga okay. Initially, Robin Gaga, trying to create a repertoire of songs in her preferred genre rock but no one was biting. And after a while and doing some research, they saw just how difficult it is for women to make in the world of rock and decided. Maybe they should try another approach. Yeah, it would be I. Suppose especially difficult for a singular female. Yeah, to make it in the world of Rock I. Mean I think if she's not like a lilith fair singer songwriter with an Acoustic Guitar Macaws. while. She was a singer Songwriter. I would not have categorized what she did. With you know. Like a Lilith Fair, she's not into. Go girl, yeah, or even really lantis. Or, anything like that. She was more of an indigo lady. She wasn't sh Rosa. Yeah, she wasn't really of that ilk. But it wasn't just as simple as saying okay rocking GONNA. Do It's let's do pop Gogga didn't love the generic pop sound. Her idols were those who pushed boundaries not stayed in the status quo lane, so while they agreed to go more towards pop. It was GONNA have to have some depth. It was going to have to have some Glam Gaga idolize likes of Boeing and Queen. So when she created her songs, they had some grit and some sense of mystery. One of the first songs she and Rob wrote together was beautiful, dirty, rich, a song that is about feeling glamorous, even if you aren't rich Kinda like when you hang out with your team, trash, people and friends, and you know you're GonNa just be taken the bar over all night and feel like local royalty when your garbage gang, yeah, and you dance on radiators at a dive bar. Yeah, that's what beautiful dirty rich about okay about being a trash person having a really fun night out. The funny thing is Gaga didn't dress like. Like she was going out on the town initially, she didn't think all that much about her image. She tended to wear leggings with slightly baggy top. Maybe she'd slip out a shoulder here and there who can walk, it is so provocative you know now I think about it I do have wonder if it has to do with the fact that her parents go all over shows, so I wonder if she just got in this niche of like I can be a little sexy and not really can't show Materazzi yet, but I can shoulders. So provocative next. She'll be showing her ankle. WHO NOBODY LADIES? If the men? No, he can shape shift. They'll tell the church. Yeah, she didn't want to church now and the church can't know the burner alive take. It Well it was a complete one eighty from what we know her to look like now with her provocative statement outfits and ridiculous shoes and boots that Ashley hates and addresses. Yeah, she wasn't doing that Shit. Just, just wasn't part of reach that point, right? Robin others had to be on her about how she looked when she went into the studio tying her. The part of being a star was looking the part prince wasn't going into seven eleven dressed like Chris Rock, so she wanted to catch the attention able they needed. Just picturing prince going to seven eleven period. Seven eleven, but if he were, he wasn't going to like, go in jeans and a t-shirt. Yellow jumpsuit with it's ass hanging out. Yeah, people are like well. Let's definitely Prince Yeah. He wants everyone to know. He is at this. Point. Everyone knows. That prince and his ass are at this seven eleven. Wants someone to tell the church. Eat unburned the church down already know he, didn't he? Just Oh. Do you like light? Afford outside? I hope so I hope so. He did not know he can say Prince. Did Not far after months of hard work, a break was finally on the horizon. Rob Got in touch with the VP of DEF. Jam Records Joshua Sourthern. I know it sounds like sour mind. Spelled S. A. R. B. I ends. This are oben been. It's Armand. SARS. Checks out though, but like yeah, this is. Def Jam records. Yeah, this is sucking Sarma. He's talking to Saruman. After playing a few tracks, the guy got into the studio where she showcased a few or songs, and it was interrupted by the one and only L. A. Reid, who was so impressed by her sound and theatrics that they signed her right away. He keeps popping up all over. The plainly does the way they tell the story. Is it kind of seemed like somebody kind of gave him like I guess like a code word of lake. When somebody's really good to like pretend that like oh I can hear you. My offer us like now I heard you good. Let's see somebody who was like Yo la. We got doughnuts in the conference. He's like all she. Thought. They were going to be done lunch just looking for the conference room. I heard they was doughnuts. But also, where are the doughnuts? Also get me some fucking donuts. l., A. Fucking read I demand, don't. Now I, WanNa do not yeah God damnit in September two thousand six. She signed an artist development deal and slated her first release to be in May of next year, so she got to work and waited to hear back from them. except. She never did. Hear back from them. Why Gaga would wait for la read to come out of his office for entire days sometimes so she could talk with him, but that meeting never came should just sit and sit and wait. He just never came office. I mean I'm sure he has like a secret door. I assume everyone has a secret door. Well, is he at the Beck and call of Saruman because? Yeah, he's probably got a secret tall. Well in that case just has lake wizard magic that like poof out of here out of his room. Yeah, no, it just floats some to the top of the buildings got magic donuts that lake, and then takes a bite, and then the eagles come and sweep away, yeah. It's how that works. We're onto la read Def. Jam is just middle. Earth it's just as long as ruled by Sarah Mon is guard Oh, it is is and guard. You're taking lady. Gaga is going to take gotTA is. Take An. Is A card? Well Yeah every episode cannot not talk. About is at this point I'm GonNa. Make a point of talking about Lord of the Rings every episode can't stop won't stop within three months after doing nothing, but wasting her time Gaga was dropped from the label. What's Yeah? She screamed at somebody. The best anyone can. Is that read signed Gaga without any real plan once the label really looked at are they just didn't know where she would fit in or how to market her, so they just. Let her go. They couldn't just be like look we. We signed you a little preemptively, so we're just GONNA. Let you go, so you can go about your business and find somebody else. That is actually worthy of your time. But instead they're just like by getting, nor until you can get rid of her seen anything, she'll fucking go away. Just picture like the Family Guy Bit with George, Bush, it's like La. She's here again. Don't bother me a marine superfund. Don't make me do stuff. We've earned go away. But also he could just go up to look. I did not know those donuts edibles. I was really high I signed you. I don't think they nine talented I. Just have no idea what to do with this. It's not high right now. It's not you. It's me the doughnuts. Are, mind? It's Oh my God. You know I thought I had a plan with her for the one ring, but you know what I don't. I just don't just to Gandolfi for me. I can't handle it. Then? They just kept her on top of cat or on the top of like. Is In guard from. The top of Ortho. Yes. You're GONNA know all the technical terms here. This is unfortunately something gago was very used to no one knew where to categorize her and her music rock fatter to be to Seattle theater founder to be to pop. She was suing collecting that. Most people just believe there was no place for her so forget. This is still the odds when we're like black eyed peas great. So Aloe. Rights hip, huggers and belly rings than yeah, this is what we were. Arrested Lipstick. Hill in. I mean that was our life back then. Christine Aguilera. They didn't know what to do. With seventy like Gaga I'm creative, and they're like what, but also you're not showing your tits enough to get some side nip formula. Anywhere asked lists, chaps, answer would be yes, yeah. She went for a wireless. Was chaps just not for a while? Yeah, not there yet, but you'll get there. That December devastated Gaga went to stay with her family for a little bit to recover from this blow from there. She did a bit of soul searching and going out. She discovered the joy of performing in neo burlesque shows. It was there. She met a woman who had helped Gaga. Find her image and the courage to express it in a way true to herself, lady starlight was also performing at these shows as a dancer and Dj the connected on their mutual lady names and became fast friends. They got together to create an act called lady. Gaga and the starlight review the coin themselves as the quote, ultimate pop burlesque. And they were real hit, they became renowned enough to lantis themselves a spot at the two thousand seven Lollapalooza, festival Oh wow, yeah, I got a little spot, and it was just like a real. They were wearing these glam doubt, mckinney's and Lake Fish, nets and heels, and just real trash pandas and Really Work Yeah until her and also Sino lease STARLA. Really good dj I have the chance to see her perform. I'm going to go see your perform. Quite good sounds good. During this time Gaga and rob, we're still working on songs together. Most of these would make her debut release. She was also working with other producers and singers like read one Aikman. Anyone who worked with her, were impressed with her talents and work ethic. Finally she began to grab the attention of label types again demos were sent out, and now these guys were coming out to shows and seeing what was up. It all came to a head when she grabbed the attention of interscope records chairman Jimmy I mean. You can realize there, too. I don't know what it is about Jamming Alvian I. Don't like there's something about him. I know that he has a million of amazing talents under his belt, but I something about him. ME. Uneasy probably touched people oab. He's a man in like in a position of authority in music. Definitely touch people. Yeah, initially, she signed a deal with streamline records with Vincent Herbert in that was just a subsidiary of interscope, but by two thousand seven. They made a deal with interscope that they would promote five of streamlines acts. Lady got being one of them. Everyone was impressed with her, not just her voice, but her ability to write a song, and so interscope had to writing songs for other artists like new kids on the block Britney Spears. The pussycat dolls and list goes on God. I hope she didn't write that God awful single that Jordan night came out with no, because the things that came up before Gaga I think. Did that was like early on I. Just I fucking hate that song. The the give give it to you. Yeah! I'M GONNA. Date rape you, song, yeah cool. Because you know what you know, you want it. WE'RE GONNA Ferris wheel how it's dressed. You know you want me and you. It's cool. I'm in a turtleneck in the baggy pants. You ever seen, but yeah, you be skimpy. Now by the time Gago was getting a record deal. Robbery wasn't in the picture as much see. They had begun a romantic relationship a while back about a few months after they start working together in two thousand six but around that same time that she lost her Def jam. Contract Rob broke things off with her. Cool I time I think it was actually just one hundred percent like coincidence I think it was all just kind of the end of two thousand sex was. Everything's falling apart. which is why she really needed some her time You can make the argument that the wounded heart made it difficult for them to work together, and they slowly became less collaborative so he kind of just was less in the picture with her, and once she started being signed and. Working with other producers. It's like well. Why do you rob doesn't need to be in the pictures right by two thousand eight? Gaga had relocated to La and worked with her label to finish her debut release. She also put together the House of Gaga. How spelled H.? A. U. S. House? Okay, 'cause I use it house. He say house hosts its house. WHO's Guy Guy who of Gaga? Gaga up in here. I. She was host of Gaga. A creative team that was modeled after Andy Warhol's factory. Is that really what you want to label it after that's what she said now here's the thing I don't know shit about. I really don't our show Andy Warhol. Arguably I don't know a whole lot, but like he I can see that as being problematic, but also I get why she did it, too. She idolized Warhol for a long time why? A young ECLECTIC I just I kid I never understand why people worship Andy Warhol. I have no fucking clue why they did. I think a specific type of art. KID IS GONNA worship or Like it's the high means the most insufferable kind. Yes, agreed. Agreed I think there's like a there's. There's a spectrum right because you have. are like. Colorful art people like all right he like I want to shock and awe. And then you have like the men that WanNa touch people inappropriate. I always have. I have no idea of Warhol touched. People inappropriately don't think warhol. But I'm just saying I feel like men like gross guys will use that as a way to impress women, so they can touch them he he just hung around with a plethora of different people in a lot of them were not great greatest people, so it sounds about right. Well either way. All the weird ideas that Gaga has, they helped her. Make them pretty. You know it was a collective work for performances videos. Photo shoots outfits whatever? And it was one of the aspects of her brand that made her so unique. A lot of ideas like may have come from her brain. She knew how to execute them, so she had this group of people to help her. Realize these yeah, and we understood like she can't do all it on her own. And this was a smart move on her part. Because branding is a huge part of getting anything, yeah, any sort of popularity so to figure out what your brand is and really latch onto it and develop it early on. It's pretty good idea. It's real smart, and also having all those get a grip. Friends around you gonNA, help you to not like. Fuck it up right off the bat yeah. After busting her ass for all this time finally August, two thousand eight. Lady Gaga saw the release of her debut album. The fame, her first single, just dance took the world by storm but I'd argue it was the follow up poker face that made her a true stand out to the masses. Everybody knows Poker Oh God. Khokar face was everywhere. Just answers like I feel like in the background of everywhere. Yeah, but everybody loves poker. I definitely heard it on. Repeat incessantly while I worked at each. Bet You did an entire year. Let us just ants this one poker face Paparazzi. I think those were the three that were in rotation. Literally every fucking our yeah for nine hours a day five days a week. That's fun. Is it know? Is it fun. I'm not I'm not. Sounds Fun, but that's also the curse of having those like Muzak wire at work. Yeah, and the only time they changed that CD was when it was Christmas and believe me. It was Christmas in October in that store, so yeah, fucking gag me with a spoon. I'd rather die. I just remember Christopher Walker Walk in doing a reading of poker face. Papa Polka. POLKA face. Oh Oh. Oh! It's Oceana. Face you should use Google or youtube, but it's really funny. Top, forty rarely, if ever saw such dance, infused sound in its pop music at at least had been a very long time since they had, and Gaga was here to be noticed, and changed the game for the rest of the world, and her dance album was a total hit. And her debut album was a total hit reaching the top five albums in the US and winning a grammy for the Best Dance Electron Ika. Even though she was just stepping out into the world of music, the famous and That deals with the duality of celebrity and their fans, and how fame can affect someone on their way to the top. After several months of touring, though Gaga found herself inspired for a darker sound and began to write more music, which worked out well, because interscope wanted to do a re release of the fame, but she kind of felt like that was a cheap move. WHY WOULD THEY RE release it? Because now? She's even bigger so i. don't know how these things work I'm just. I'm just spew in the FACS here. Who Thousand Eight was a weird time? Guys Yeah, seriously, but Gaga knew that that was like a cheap rip off. Yeah, so she opted for was a deluxe re release that also included an EP titled the Fame Monster Okay in this included eight new tracks on top of what was already released with the fame. See that's how I got the fame I ended up getting the deluxe release that was the fame monster. Okay, and so I thought they were two separate album. They are kind of got like the fame. Monster was basically. They really package them together. And that was on purpose. That was definitely a marketing ploy. She also wanted this to be. Her Sophomore release though and she says it's a fully realized album that can stand on its own, and honestly it can. It's eight tracks, their full songs, and most of them were fucking. They're all bangers and most of them are on the radio. Lake. The fame got her noticed. The fame monster got everybody say Yup. Here for it but this time she didn't just look at the dark side of fame. She wrote songs about the monster. She has encountered throughout this journey. The fear of sex monster fear of love, monster, fear of alcohol, etcetera, etcetera, any fierce there at the time. Gaga found herself obsessed with horror movies, and so the fame monster very much highlights themes of sex and death. It became the gang to the famed yen in an interview. Basically Gaga had said. She, finds. especially with horror movies, you know sex and death go together. Every horror movie you watched like that falls earlier. Yeah Sex and death are the things that are most prominent horrid of so that's a big thing. Those are big themes throughout the fame monster. That's why thirteen year olds and me like them very much. Yes. Watching, sex and death like when when Kevin Bacon gets gets killed in in the first Friday the thirteenth right after he bones. Let's get Kevin Bacon. No, you know, we should watch the devils. Never seen that I just watched it recently actually. MIC download it we we pirated it. Earned and steal from a guitarist in subway Manhattan. Why would you steal a horror movie from the seventies? because we want to, and we can't find anywhere else. But no, it was really fucking good. Oh, is that when they were talking about on last podcast? Yes it because it is about the nuns of of. Lewd, Lou Don yes, nuns of Don, yes, very good very very good all it is a sex and death that. All right sex and murders! The Sounds like I should probably go get myself some toys from Adamy, Dot Com using her candy pot, and why envy? Probably have to be a little bit fucked up. To really get off to that movie, but it's it's sexy in a gross way. It's gross sex it is. All right I can flex with that by now. If you hadn't heard of Gago before, you definitely did within less than two weeks, she was everywhere for one week. Eleven of her songs charting in the D, digital songs charts, and the fame made a jump from thirty fourth to number six in a spot on the album charts. To promote the record lady Gaga embarked on the monster ball tour. It's reported that it made over two hundred twenty seven million dollars with two hundred shows, and is the highest grossing by a debut artist, and like I said of getting that was a fucking Banger of a show, and basically changed what I thought. Concerts was supposed to be It was Don Gillis. In twenty ten, she was reaching new heights in business ventures with polaroid and monster cable products. But. Not all was coming up Gaga production company. Mermaid Music, LLC was sued by former producer and boyfriend rob Fu. Sorry, come on. He claimed he was owed. Twenty percent of the company's earning Oh, is he? He did co write a lot of her songs, and this is actually a surprisingly private. Lawsuit Yeah I've never heard of it before, right, The court proceedings were messy, though and Gaga lawyer claimed the original agreement that they had made when he signed her was actually not lawful, so she countersuit. Okay eventually they settled out of court for some undisclosed amount of money for ROB. Okay or we don't even know if it was money. Nobody knows what the agreement was. It's very hush hush. He just got a whole bunch of free stuff from Adam and Eve dot com. Backup pod. Gaga and you're on. But, what would end up biting him in the ASS is when he would get sued by Wendy and lose because she was the one who actually discovered Gogga if you remember. Which? One is Wendy Wendy was the one who went on his behalf and brought her to him, and said hey this and he was like Nah I. Don't know on a narrow. Larry is theoretically didn't even discover. Wendy did hilarious. Don't worry Wendy. Wendy made out on that good so good for you. Wendy Watch an interview with rob, and he seems like a troubled person. I feel Kinda bad for I. Bet you. He's in cahoots with Dr Luke now. He's also praying could. You just Sarma on cargo in their dicks, gargling little nuts. looking those balls sweat. He salty balls If that wasn't enough that year. Gaga would also get diagnosed with Lupus, which is the same disease that claimed the life of her aunt Joanne before Stephanie was even born. However, she wasn't showing any symptoms and said that as as she kept healthy. She should probably be okay I mean. She felt fine. Suppose that's why it's important to get checked out regularly by your Doctor Yep. Hell says your person who has gone to the doctor in twelve years Yup. I see the irony. But this chicken stop in May two thousand eleven, we would see the release of the single born this way which would be the first off of her next album of the same name the song itself was goggles. Anthem for anyone who needs to say, this is who I am accepted or shut your mouth. She was inspired by the empowering songs in the nineties by the likes of Madonna, he'll. Whitney Houston en vogue. They're just all singing a women and disenfranchised communities, and so that's what Gaga wanted to portray through that in its core. It's a lovely song for God's little monsters to have so they can celebrate themselves in their uniqueness, but it's pretty tainted by criticism, so it's time to address the elephant in the room. You Know I. Don't know how much we talk. I I honestly drink too much to remember how much we talked about. Don Episode, but here we go again I. Don't think we talked about it at all in the Madonna. We can't talk in she. All Right? Yes, it does sound like Madonna's express yourself now it sounds. Extremely. Like Express Your Scalp your expressed triptychs rest herself. It does though. Damn every critic was chomping at the bit to make that point over and over again you and read. Some of these articles would be like. Do you think you're the first person to discover this because I think you think in, you're not yeah, you're not being clever. No, it actually got really tired. They asked Gaga about it, and she basically said you think I'm an eighty eight. WHO's just trying to get one over on everybody? The Chord progressions are similar, and this isn't new just because I put it in the top forty doesn't mean a plagiarist that means I'm smart. She's basically making the point of like. Pop Music scene doing this the whole fucking time. And, just very blatant about yeah. But she was just like. Yeah. It sounds like express yourself, which is kinda funny, because it's not like Madonna didn't steal a lot of ship right? Underground club days rates, so maybe pump the brakes sites I don't think that Lady Gaga is being clever her by doing this I, don't i? Just I don't understand. Why considering she was such an innovative and creative person why she did do that when it such a blatant Lake comparison. Yeah! I think that stems from the fact that she was inspired to write this song from someone like Madonna right and there's a done in between being inspired and Kinda ripping something off, yeah! But I also like don't care enough. I don't care about Madonna enough. I, just WANNA give Lady Gaga the business. Like she wore those fucking booze for those fucking boots, she was wearing the boots during this time so. I saw her she worth giving you the business getting. The. fucking much. It's. Like. You know what like it's fine like i. just feel like people were just starting to start trying to start shit just because they wanted it. Yeah, I think that's why it bothers me so much, 'cause. It's like who gives a fuck because she's right, though like how many fucking pop songs sound exactly? Yeah, exactly but like. I was not at all trying to do it to like. Get one over. She's doing it because she does one hundred percent love and in Meyer Madonna. What I love about this is that it really ruffled Madonna's feather. So pissed off. They asked Madonna about it and she called it reductive. Oh fuck you Madonna your reductive. It's reductive and they were like Oh. Is it saying it's bad? Like You're not clever anymore. Oh, clever enough, but she certainly not clever anymore because every time she opens her fucking mouth when she actually can open her mouth when it's not plastered shut. She says something fucking, stupid or racist or tone deaf, or just terribly out of touch or classes, or whatever like Madonna fans are going to hate me, but I fucking can't stand don anyway. I'm I I'm there with you? It was really gross to in caddy is one time Madonna performed? Express yourself at a live at a concert, and then just like mashed in born this way to it and saying. because. She's a caddy bitch. Gogga who worship Madonna and only ever wanted to pay tribute to her, and she did hit back a few years later and say someone said well. You know using the same as Madonna. And she basically said Yeah, we're not the same because I've play a lot of instruments and write my own songs. Madonna tries really hard to make think she can play guitar, or she plays Guitar. Real simple lake, she played those power chords that Pan Terra plays in that one song also got. She's so. Head she's great. And she had to stick her tongue out and look at her hands the entire time she was playing like I'm sorry seconds. Gaga is more like if you look at them at the same age, even like I'm writing and say like Madonna now I'm going to say like Madonna back when she was goggles age like. Madonna is an amazing to answer like an amazing shape and stay gorgeous, but like musically. No Gog is way more talented and Madonna is arguably far out of touch and has been for a while so yeah. Anyway. Fuck it. I now a days I guess they're fine because now. Care I know 'cause, I! Don't care how Madonna feels anything. What's so funny about? It is just like how the lake basically at the Oscars when Lady Gaga want. An Oscar there were photo shoots of like Madonna cradling Gaga like cherub makeup Virgin Mary Cherub Bullshit and it's like. And I'm sure Gog has just like all right. I'll play along because I. Just WanNa fucking Oscar, so who cares yeah, now Madonna's like over and like she even goes back. I never said anything bad about Kaga. The Internet is the thing. Yeah, that's actually what people say like. Did. You not know that the things you say are still on the Internet. Yeah, they don't go away. Yes I just I can't stand the dodd. Anyway. Enough about that bullshit. So actually album Gaga did right every day, and she recorded whenever she could whether or not, she was on the road. She was very inspired and hyped it just as much telling everyone. This album is the greatest of her career. She was influenced by everything from Bruce Springsteen to Papin Atar to prince to iron maiden to anything in between she even got to work with some big names like Brian May of Queen and Clarence clements of the e street band. Names on you. I bet you he was really into the Gaba Goule. Clarence cleven. He was from New Jersey. Oh Yeah New Jersey's love the Gaga. Together. God could go. There you go. Uncle Eddy the Parma Ham would be parral. You'd so proud. Born, this way debuted at number one on the billboard charts and sold more than one million copies in its first week. It overall was well received with many seeing this as Gaga at her most raw honest. Others welder was a little all over the place feeling like she was trying to please everyone and through my research. I feel like this is the beginning of Gaga just stepping in dog poop for a whole. Yeah everybody Kinda got we were we kind of got into this lull where we were kind of in Gaga Fatigue So, everyone's like Oh. Kate lady calm the fuck down. She got real she was. This was her like Goin to eleven with the Weird Yeah? Which? Wasn't always bad, but sometimes yeah I could see. You're just like you get gaga fatigue like. Okay, yes, a lot like we can handle like the Alexander McQueen weird right, but now you're going way off into left field and I don't know what to do with this. And like I'm just getting really into Indie pop now so I'm just GonNa go over here. Over here for a little bit and go over here and listen to vampire weekend. It'd be real vanilla for a couple of years. It's fine on her tour. She received backlash when she landed in Bangkok and tweeted that she wanted to get lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex. by lady market. Does she mean like prostitutes? Her fans really Nago. The Internet's for. The. People of Thailand were offended when she came onstage, wearing a bikini made out of their flag. Yeah! I don't think anybody would really take kindly to somebody rubbing their coach on their flag except America. America loves. That is protected under your. First Amendment Rights Kurt by Kuch. Amendment amendment. In Melbourne she debuted and song called Princess Di that dealt with suicide. But Lifeline. The International Crisis Support Center Service stated that they were concerned about the nature of the song, as it describes a method of suicide in depth and doesn't seem to promote any message of hope. And like everybody like didn't like those cold Princess Di. Really, hard to emphasize that it wasn't like at all about Princess Diana. It was D. I e. n., but also like that's. That's not good in and of itself. I can see. And as I get into it later on. I can see why she made this messed. Stop and how this was me, you wear. She mentally was to make this. Like. I'm a little like. Come on Lifeline, I've heard plenty of fucking songs dealing with suicide that have no hope. Lake, there's a whole book about it. I'm more concerned about the title of the song in reference to Princess Diana. Yeah, that is more like Yeah I. Get it. It's Princess Di as in die, but also Princess Diana's jet and she died tragically and horribly. Do that. I. Don't really see the song in any of her stuff anymore, so I think she's never even heard of it. Yeah I. Don't think I. think she kinda buried it. Yeah, granted I was deepen that indie pop. Wave. Also what really threw a wrench in things was when Gaga to cancel the rest of her tour after she developed a break and liberal tear in her right hip after she repeatedly made the same strenuous moves night after night she. The print syndrome is boots. fucking boats. She got surgery to fix the damage. But what we will discover later is pain like that never really goes away. Yeah, however, this did give her time to work on her next album that would be released in two thousand thirteen called art pop, and I would consider this another section of missteps in dog poop. That might be a new segment omits dog poop Dude Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo dog poop. I'm picturing it to the tune of lowered expectations. Taint Laurie expectations. You wouldn't think so with the release of the first single applause. It's total bop in very positive pretty fun. Song I really liked applause. Mike Oh shit. She's got Gaga for her fans. She was recovering from her surgery, claiming that the support and applause her little monsters was what gave her life It's sweet. It's great. It's awesome. The wrestling album, not the. ooh, for do. She described it as a celebration and a poetic musical journey that displays a lack of maturity and responsibility. She wanted it to Mir a night out at the club. And I think lacking responsibility is accurate when we address another elephant named Oughta Kelly, Oh oh. No lowered expectations. Lower. Super Low expectations. Down just a little more one track ground your expectation. Dig a little hole for them. Teague your fucking grave. One Trek called. Do what you want is a duet with the be hip hop. Artists in criminal rapist pedophile named also. Oh, it is though. Is it too much to calm the criminal rapist pedophile? No, I think that's pretty accurate, very accurate. Okay cool! Even at the time of the recording. He had plenty of accusations from women saying he sexually abused Him. Not Forget. There is a video of him peeing on A. On a trial, there's a video and he didn't get arrested and she. She obviously knew about it because it was out at this time, was it Ditty of Him Ping on a child? I I. Still can't get over that. Yeah, I still haven't gotten over that also multiple houses that like imprisoned women. This wasn't out yet and brainwash, but he was. We don't always. Doing it. People fucking knew about it Needless, to say, many were thrown off by goes decision to do the song. She says it is supposed to be a way for her to tell off detractors who constantly nitpick her her image in her Mati not the way to do that now. No, no, she's believed they can say whatever they want. But her thoughts in her dreams were her own sure, but you don't have to do that with our Kelly. No, no, you don't. You don't arguably. She did do a version with Christina Aguilera. which is now her official version oh? Is it now? It's still not great like here's the thing. Isn't it funny how you can? Change the official version when people criticize the original. That's fun way what? So I think it's funny that the first version was R Kelly. Yeah, but now the quote. Unquote official version is with Christina Aguilera yeah. It's pretty funny that you can change the original version and to. Have a completely different guests on it, and called the original there. The official version well I mean I. Guess I shouldn't say the official version. It's just that's the one that gets promoted right, it's it's great that they are able to do that to make that switcheroo. You know what I mean I. Don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. I'm being serious. Oh! Like. PISS or not serious in the sense that like it's bullshit. Do that because people criticized you for doing this out with R. Kelly right now you're promoting a different version with somebody else who is not a pedophile. A rapists sly think it's. Better than like I mean. There's still plenty of artists who just like yeah I did that. Who cares you know what I mean like many of the songs that are still out there like Oh. Yeah, we're. We're GONNA. Take a song we know is by a fucking pedophile rapist and. Just really well. It's fine because we'll give some money to an organization and just pretend it never happened. Green Day. I I'm not bothered by the fact that she did that began lake with this with Christina. It's not as good like it's not. Yeah, she should just drop the song, but whatever saying like just dropped the song. Don't try and do something different because you realize this person is a problematic yeah. I think like she probably thought at least like doing with Christina. You're building up another female artist. She should've done that in the first place, I mean clearly shouldn't have Lizzo do it with her. Just saying but I just want Lizzo when everything anyway the album sold sold, well debuted at number one, but overall many felt it failed to make a real solid impression. It's all over the place in the songs feel half finished. There are a few gems but overall. It's not an album. I feel it's worth revisiting the entirety. Of Yeah, it's actually one of the few times I'll say now. The singles with the only thing worth listening to yeah. Everything else is kind of trash. What wait. What album was telephone on? That was on the fame monster. I really liked that song telephone. Banger yeah. The next few years, she still worked on music. Namely the album she did with Tony Bennett titled Cheek to Cheek a collaborative jazz album, but she also spent a lot of time acting. She had a bunch of holiday specials that she would do so. That would combine music and acting, but she also had small parts in movies like machete kills, and Sin City a dame to kill this is this is the progression into adults Gaga. Yes. Godbolt Hood. I tried. Acting was one of goggles original passions, and while we were given samples here and there it wasn't until she starred in American horror. Story Hotel that we could truly see what she's capable of. She played the hotel owner Elizabeth, and honestly she killed it. She impressed everyone in one yourself a Golden Globe for best actress in a miniseries. Really all I read were bad reviews acting abilities on it. I thought she did a great job. I. I never watched it, so I didn't finish it. I need to start again and watch it because I got I tried twice to watch it, and they're exterior reasons. Why never got to finish it? I got halfway through season. Two and I'm like nope. I'm done, then prepare. It seems she was starting to change her image a little bit looking to be taken a little more seriously than the woman who wore a meat dress once. Or twice she might Hornet twice I only remember one and then literally everybody else did it to make fun of her. Okay, that's what I'm thinking. When Gaga performed at the Academy Awards and Twenty sixteen she, saying till it happens to you a song co written with Diane Warren for the film, the hunting ground, which is a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. It was a powerful image as she was joined onstage by fifty people who also suffered from sexual assault. This topic hits close to home for Gaga, who two years prior to this performance back in twenty fourteen? She came out as a survivor of rape on Howard Stern at the age of nineteen. She was repeatedly raped by a producer. She's never felt comfortable naming names, but is something that is obviously affected her for years to follow. She opened up about her ptsd from this time in her life. Since? It was at a time when she was working so hard to start her career, it was easy for her to just bury and ignore it right, but for so many years. Shit like that will rear its ugly head especially if you never deal with A. So Gaga says around the time between born this way and art pop. She was in an incredibly dark place. She found herself being angry and trying to work through it in her music, and that's how she ended up. Making tracks like do what you want. where she felt like she was making a statement, but it actually fell flat because she wasn't really dealing with her shit, she just was like. Making, poor choices because she was a radic wasn't sure what the right choice was. After surviving R Kelly came out she expresses feelings and apologize profusely forever working with him, he refused the song from wherever it can be downloaded or purchased, and that's what I mean by. That's why the Christina Wheeler was the only one the silt. Try to reference. When did she do the songs with our Kelly? Was, twenty, thirteen. So twenty thirteen. okay. Yeah, and then like. I she was I. And a lot of people speculate, too. There might have been something going on. There might have been a reason that she had to work with him. There might have been a reason that lake. She never lake demoted it until then. I don't know. What I mean. There's also like a part of me, that says. We can only canceled culture for so long right. We can only like begrudge people running. We shouldn't assume they're issued in this like fuck. At least she did it and I know a lot of people you can't. We have to go out and point now it's like we can't keep just being like. We can't miss people for like making poor choices. She could have in a dark place I almost guarantee. She had a shit ton of pressure on her to work with our I'm sure. I mean it probably was not her first choice so. And then she just embracing, said well, whatever and maybe there's a part of her like you know what I can use this to lake, subvert expectations and Leah dealing with my own rape, and he's a rapist I. Don't know somehow this could work. And also, if she ever if there ever became like bad blood between her and her record label and she wanted to get out, she could just be like. They forced me to work with our Kelly a seriously. She have been like Yo. Here's why I worked with our yeah so I. Mean who knows, but I'm not going to begrudge her for it. She did the right thing she got rid of it. She's completely disowned and. But a refunding. And like girls had to deal with our own. Piles of bullshit with this. I'm not gonNA tell somebody who's been through something like this like how to deal with it I. can't even imagine the first step of what that would be like. Yeah, so. Did the right thing. Her maturity continued to show with her next album, Joanne or beer. Yes, the album is named after the after mentioned late on whose influence Gogga has felt her whole life. It got very stripped down. It really doesn't sound like this huge dramatic pop album. It's much more country and a bit more soft rock than her previous works, yeah! This album truly shows off her vocal prowess songs like perfect illusion shows her amazing range and others like Joanne are just pitch perfect in the deeply raw I mean Joanne's fucking beautiful song. It's I. Don't know if you listen to it. You feel emotion to it. Ain't what drives me crazy is a lot of people eight in late perfect delusion. Mike, why it's a Banger and her voice is amazing on it. You're a scrub. Just get mad. Dog! She worked with a lot of amazing talent. On this record two. We see Florence Welch in. Hey, girl, Beck in dancing in circles Josh Hami in John. Wayne and the production from likes of mark, Ronson and now Rogers. Working with similar Jim Focus. It is celebrated for being a truly soul-searching experience. It is her fourth number one album in a row making her the first woman to do that in the US charts. twenty-seven teens started off with a big damn deal for Gaga. She was asked to headline the Super Bowl that year. Girl took it Hella serious and put on one of the best shows we've seen in a long time. Super Bowls Boring as fuck. She did not make it boring. It even earned her an emmy nomination for outstanding. Special Class Program which apparently is the thing I didn't know that thing no idea. What really would suggest to everyone. Listening is that you have net flicks watched the documentary Gaga five foot to a covers the making of Joanne and the prep for the Super Bowl, and on top of all, that goes into her chronic pain, which is a huge thing in her life right now. She was diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA and lives with pain daily. That sucks it. Have you seen five foot to? No, it's very good, and it's really eye opening like the shit. That fucking woman has to deal with. The pain that she genuinely goes through for her art. One could assume to that it's. That pain is aggravated by all the intense dancing. She does for her shows, but also the traumatic stress and depression that she's lived through. When is taken so long to deal with? Because let's be honest. Stress and anxiety will affect physically for shore. But watch the doctor because it's genuinely great, look into an incredible popstars life. The film I'm sure many have seen though is a star is born no remake of a remake of a remake. Well, you got it, yeah! Not I haven't seen kind of onto now. I have zero desire to see it and WANNA. CENTREX really good I'm sure. It's probably one of the few times though the remake is expected actually because they just make that movie like what every twenty years as like basically genres change. Did they remake it in between Barbra streisand and this? Yeah, I believe there was a one the way there was one like what in the forties and the one in the sixties, and then Barbara streisand and on this one. I there's four of them I think this one was the fourth one. But. I! Don't think the Barbra streisand. One was in the eighties there was. It was well before thousand seventy. That's what I'm saying. Maybe there wasn't between I. Don't know I. Don't know. I'm sorry I didn't do research into a star was born. Research into a musical, so sorry didn't do my homework. Now I'm going to, I'm going to do a whole episode audit. Torture you with it rate. Can't wait wait. Isn't Kris Kristofferson in the Barbra streisand? One is here for Y'all here more Sorry Man Young Kris Kristofferson now can get it oh. Yeah is going at it. May, is gonNA, give it to them with a time machine. Anyway. Gaga. START OPPOSITE! Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut nowhere near as handsome as Chris Christopherson. Oh, by the way Oh, not at all pressed to. He's preppy. He's not even pretty. He's not. He's crappy. You know what I mean like. He's clean. He's to clean, but he always looks like he slimy well. That's yeah, because like I. Don't know he has person I don't. This matthew mcconaughey Hey. Aura about him in the sense that he just looks Kinda like Matthew mcconaughey he does, but he also looks like he just got slammed. Might. Maybe it's a condition Ashley Be Sensitive Flyer Edition. These embarrassed. The slide or conditions should be evil person on. Ghost, busters. Anyway yes, so he picked her specifically after seeing her performance a cancer benefit and together they knocked it out of the park. There onscreen chemistry was enhanced only by the songs they co wrote for the soundtrack. Music is really legit here and I'm not GONNA lie. I'll never love again. Is Rule reminiscent of some sweet ninety soundtrack kind of like the bodyguard or something? And here again we see how much hard work paid off. 'cause girl one herself a bunch of awards for that soundtrack right and we'll after all this Gaga took a well deserved break. Just kidding. She made another album that just came out chromatic. The girl can't stop cap on style. Maybe should stopped. Just saying. Those boots. Maybe you should stop sometime Damn. Know I like this album. She admitted she wrote her previous. Album Joanne for her father and his family to help him deal with the trauma of what happened to her aunt when she realized that she can't fix him, though she felt a great disappointment in it just center into a depression When? She was ready to heal herself. She began to write. chromatic lyrics deal with different topics close to her heart like mental health loneliness, finding love and dark times, and finding Southworth is has been well received getting Gaga. Some of her highest ratings in a while it almost feels as if she's gone back to pop, but brought the maturity that she's found with her. It debuted at number one, and now she is the eighth woman to achieve more than six number one albums in the US, and it broke the record for taking the least amount of time to do it. Speak Taylor. Swift on that one so a HA- job Gaga. Kentucky. I will agree with you on. TATER toss. She has a surgery called Tut's. Kamenica overall feels light and fun and most importantly. It doesn't feel Gogga's trying so damn hard anymore. This is not to say that she isn't trying that. Her previous work wasn't good. But you get the feel. She's more comfortable with who she is now not trying to stand out with something groundbreaking. She's a beginner weird `self a nursing. The masses with Dancy Synth pop which I am here for. And for all we know she's very welcome to put out something completely different in the next few years, but as she is maturing as a woman and an artist I. Think it's a sign of her adapting and growing not just trying to pander to a movement. She's never going with the flow. She's always doing some weird shit. Like what does she do we? Then later on oh no I like this. And that's what I take away from Lady Gaga a completely genuine person who just wants to live out her dream a musician along the way she encourages others to do the same and promote self, care and self appreciation because she knows you need it just as much as she does. I know some may have rolled their eyes when I said we are watching legend being born right now with lady. Gaga, but scoff all you want. I have no doubt in my mind that in fifty years we'll be holding her. In the same regards as Bowie Whitney, Houston and many of the other legends, we worship today. Sure. She's GonNa be up there. No doubt yeah, change, Pop God damn it. took away from Lake. The Katy Perry and tastes whiffs unlike is interesting I admit that it's interesting to see what looks and Shit. She comes out with every time. She comes back with a new album. I I, don't know. I'm still wishy washy honor. This fucking boots man. Has. No matter what she's got those fucking boots in a hate them. She actually has them like on a special shelf that says the boots that actually she knows she's like census or tingling I should put boots. And Ashley's Mad. You're like. Why am I mad right now? What you don't know is those surveys, basically Rudolf. Pretty much I think one of my big criticisms of hers that Lake. Yeah she's very creative and she's not afraid to. Be who she is and just walk out in public in like ridiculous outfits but I just I feel like the audience doesn't really get to know who she is because of that. Lake she doesn't do it as much anymore like Ryan Watch her now she goes out in like just like a nice like she'll go out and designer clothes, but they're you know butt pants and top, but even when she goes out in like a designer, dress or something, it always looks like her ideas of what she should be wearing her makeup and her hair and everything like that is like half baked. I. Don't know 'cause then when you see your lately. Lately I feel like when she's been going like the Oscars and Emmys like she's wearing like very traditional. You know hair makeup. Yes, is like she's I think she's starting to Kinda separate herself a little bit. Yeah when she does her like. If you look chromatic on the music that she still weird as fuck when she's doing her music. But we I think I feel like her out of. Her out of music video concert. Look is kind of normalizing. I guess is the scent look I. Guess Yeah Little More refined than it was when she came out. She going up. Yeah, but also I wish she would stop shoving it into her lips like just fucking Stop Oh. Yeah, just have your lips leaves her lovely and your. Boss your regular lips are fine and she started doing that shit so long ago. And she didn't need to do it, but she keeps doing. And her every year, her top lip just sticks farther and farther out away from her face them like pitch. Stop it! Your lip is beautiful way it is. filler James Blunt Bitch. Don't need fucking fillers yeah. But that's just a whole nother discussion. That is completely different discussion. Yeah, that's that's a lot of. That's most of Hollywood. Yeah, they will say I think chromatic is really good album. The first time listened to it. I was like because I think I was waiting I was expecting like. What's what's supposed to get from this? And then getting those weird nihilist new the second time like Oh. Can I just have fun? I'm just going to have fun and I. Mean Like Cool. I mean you know for what it's worth or song with Arianna garage is really good. Asong with. A K. pop group. She's just branch. She's still I like that. She still willing to experiment. She's willing to experiment with newer sounds newer artists. She's not being a Madonna. Yeah, I mean I wasn't going to say it, but she's not being Madonna. I appreciate that she's she's. Embracing the younger generations I don't fucking get Ariana. Grande Day I think awful and just. kind of a prissy beasts piece of shit. She's problematic ship like leaking doughnuts. Disgusting She's moved them just, Lake. Definitely don't my appropriation in more than one. But, whatever. The point is just I'm glad to with this album. She's just having fun and being her and I think that's just put in less pressure on herself. I'm like this way you should be doing this. Is it just have fun? Because she's done all the hard work already. She can link just chill. She's still also girl. Take a vacation. Actually really wants you to put those boots away for a minute and go to like Aruba. Like belise isn't that where they all go? belise Bachelor Laura Oud. It's definitely starts to the BE. One of those places we're all the BS little fuck off to a B.. Place was going to that place in wicker. Man, be place, not the be. Go Anyway. anyways, that's lady Gaga. Actually loved it. It was her favorite. Lady Gaga, my favorite why? We don't absolutely goliath out. It's a handsome complete lie. She's not my favorite, but it's fine where we I think we all figured that out. Yeah so thanks for listening guys and. She liked what you're hearing or if you hated what you're hearing in your, can you talk about something? That's not pop. We've got plenty of it on our website, so go visit it. It's www dot rocky new podcast dot com over there. You get more of our episodes. We've comment tosses an email. Find links to her social media's 'cause. We got facebook twitter, instagram, and sometimes oppose funny videos and funny things and pictures, and whatever means we like memes. MEMES are fun are fun, and also you cannot. Pick up more music podcasts over at our network. Pantheon podcasts over there. You can pretty much one stop shop. Man is the MTV of music podcasts networks, and there's a launch to be had there, so check it out and putting them supports us, so please do, and also you can find us on Patriae on, and you can give us some monies, please. You can find that. On Patriot, dot com slash rock any PODCASTS. Give us your hard earned cash, and we'll give you some stuff in returning it. Some Swag swags swag. Up So it every month. Yeah, and also you get a shoutout and we have new shout. Out For our new friend Rick thanks rick thanks pick. Your name now. Your name's pickle regular eggs. Yeah Regular Rick. Rick. A. Pitcher on Rick Thank. You Rick, you are. And you'll be. Pretty soon keep keep your eye out in the mail. Maybe became a Patriot because you just want male because I mean it. You guys, but I get pumps to get mail. Not Bills in like. Like politician Flyer, no I mean I ordered a lot of shit now, so I get really pumped when I get mail. Yeah, it's great. It's fun. Keep an eye out for that and keep an eye on next week because I'm allergic to it because we have another episode every week. Just for your kids every single fucking week except for like you know, Chris when we take time off. Because fuck that we deserve a break, so do you lady Gaga Take One? Yeah, please I want to go to belief. Let's go to let's go to the island. The B.'s okay be Islandia. Not The wicker Man Island. Do Not WanNa go there. They're not gonNA. Kill us where women in the original in no in the original, it was men and women. Just women still bees, bees, and there were no bees in the regional. What there? No Bees? There was a lot of Christopher Levy and Christopher Lee though Ooh all right. You got me back. You lost. BS. Back with Christopher Lee. Talking. All Right, we're! All right party on Ashley or on Maggie Party on your crazy kids out there. Look out for the B.'s man. SARUMAN fucking base. You've elected the way of the. Ryan Marcus here to promote something. We're really excited about our upcoming episode with one of the authors of the new book brother Robert subtitled growing up with Robert Johnson. We will speak with Preston Lauterbach. Who Co wrote the book with? Anderson Robert Johnson's half sister and in our interview he gives us a view of how his book Will Affect Blues History I think it will certainly add a personal dimension to it that fans of Robert Johnson have lacked people. Keep asking me well you know. Does this book explode the mythology and I really think that those two portrait's hang side by side. He gives us insights into the mindset. Mindset of Robert Johnson. As he made his way into adulthood, remember that he grew up with several different last names, and you can only imagine what kind of an identity crisis that would cause a person, and he gives us a glimpse of why the long held notion of Johnson as a loner was wrong. Robert didn't divulge his family. History around is bleeds friends and he didn't really go into. His music career with his family, and so he very deliberately kept these lives separate, and yes, we will discuss the devil. And we will release our interview, and what we see is the truth about this important figure in music history. On July, sixth to set the table were re-releasing are two episodes about Robert Johnson and the progenitor of the Blues on June twenty ninth and July second to wet your appetite for this exciting new storyline about the Great Robert Johnson catch all of it here on the imbalance history of rock and roll on the Pantheon podcast, collective or wherever you get your podcasts. By side.

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LTAI 009 - Satnarayan Maharaj

Let's Talk About It - Podcast

1:26:07 hr | 1 year ago

LTAI 009 - Satnarayan Maharaj

"All right welcome sought mirage. Let's talk about it here on so i know you always in the media. You always have a lotta controversial views but i'd like to put that aside. Try something a bit different. <hes> and talk to you some idea that is on in society 'cause now. You're you're no what about e._t._a.'s all born in nineteen fifty one so i don't think a a lot of people russia people realize it but <hes> it oh pair much attention said but you would have been here for basically most of our recent history. I'm being able to bear witness to that so besides the obvious independence on stuff. What would you say the biggest changes that you witnessed in your lifetime tame. Biggest social changes that you you witness was life is never stopped. I stopped it is changing and <hes> from where i started my biography would show that i came from a little village carrot. It's on the bank account here. On the eastern end of the village was cemetery uh-huh might be rooms and other parents it moved narrow the cemetery on this started squatting just like you'll ah bangladesh would have been our own what i'm talking about the cheese urine while years yeah i was born in fifty one side grew up in that environment when not really things are available because we had trace water from the river the cowardly revivals peel unclean clean pristine. There's very little that anyone could do except our culture is sugar industry solar. My bear arms around bearers. They're working on dish away state. There was no electricity no running water absolutely nothing. I have traveled from that nineteen thirty one until today our been to every country that i wanted to go to. I've done mostly things that i wanted to. Life has changed so dramatically normally in countries across the world what even here infinite out and i was recently speaking to some supposedly mine. All schools always pointed at them that many of the things that they are teaching today. It would become irrelevant tomorrow until he lost his higher. This silence is moving so quickly undeterred especially in ultra space because if we are discovering the plaudits and saw you might reach a position where we saif on resources from leaders planets to bring to our nothing is impossible c._d.'s so you see these dramatic changes when i was growing up. It was nothing television. No you're gonna pass television. Look set to have yeah you get t._v. On demand on your phone nikki ruining anyway so the life. I changed dramatically. I'll die tell by younger siblings by younger friends. You must degeneration that went before you for introducing introducing on effective these changes so that you could be where you are today well. If you think about nothing we have here today could be built in one generation so i even reach this level as a society. You can only do it by building on generations that came before you anything that we wanted achieve. They constitutes in one generation either so you have to we have to keep moving vote and we have to keep knowing wailua on building on the voice recorder kickoff but the key pointed leary's in this question is is she. Sometimes people come to me for a job as a teacher under hold a lot of university degrees degrees and my response to them. Our university degree does has not make a teacher so the teacher is much more than that teacher is a person with a hopped. What's not only which a hot awesome city questions. You want to be a teacher a a primary school. Suppose you're teaching five vehicles on my appeal sponsors. It's not a teaching manual. Oh will you respond to that. I'm testing the ability of the person to reach out way will reach out sometimes they come headquarters of demands for or a teaching java dry asta quest some organization social organization. You belong along to what template will do what cricket club we also debating society belong to punch them. A teacher is somebody that reaches out is part of the community <music> selfish plus. You could never be t- show it'd be a good teacher russo-finnish gruesome undone i would pose the question. Ah ho did you reshare this interview. Oh you're traveling to come usual coming from san fernando hi rita under how did you build your route. You took to reach out. Did you village the answer is no previous generations. I'll say so. What are you putting them. Please now sort of future. Generations will benefit from william. What's it's the ability to give that. Are you a person who wants to give that to society for so much that your vision herited you're looking for that kind of person reaches out so that has always been my philosophy approach to this always to encourage people no matter what liberal of society you off no matter what level your income is. They buckle little just a little back to society because everything that you have you of inherited you didn't you didn't build electrcity rid the time when there was no electricity in trinidad just a few like a spin or san fernando so do you get a lot of teachers that should these qualities is or what sort of people do you guys like what i meet a lot of people who are giving back when they want nothing. I don't not people as a matter of fact doc the organization call this an autumn diorama asaba. We exist on the charity of all people give back to us. We have difficulty in the school system because states they don't have any money no repairs no renovation loving any breakdown the community comes forward under that come to come out and do it the shutdown there's some schools that are shut down because they don't get community help or we do get committee out a lot of help from community so no wonder why you know lots of people of indian descent do better academically if you look if you look got s._c. On the series of the ones that's up in the caribbean times off from in denison wondered if it's just because the schools under kosovo on the s._m._s. get this support apart for a number of factors that have come together now. We must remember that the charter like churches with their schools one hundred seventy five years. They only comes out here baltimore system period it presbyterians. I hear a immortal hundred years. The maha salvo was what he granted permission to build schools in nineteen fifty two so that we are newcomers clear on when we read given the opportunity to build schools educate because there were not sufficient schools across across the country didn't have any schools should run didn't go to school. They went to the fields. Give them a patricia chipped in nineteen fifty two. We had no money on their <hes> areas in this country where people went into the forest on cut timber. I'm build school uncovered with kirk leaves. The floor cook doc a mixture of code on modern on water unappeased role. We started their sort of the nineteen kim fifty six belt derrick williams when he gave the powell described schools sheds because the media people quote ricky reminding the recall co shirts. You moved in to come here on a ball. It's an opponent school. You see anything resembling a ocean but disorder called serve transformation. We didn't wait on anybody to come from canada to the schools for us. We didn't wait for anybody to come from ireland to build schools source. We didn't wait for anybody to come from england. We're fortunate to schools from them because india was a pop country. We had to do it ourselves. So the transformation you'll see is self transformation a people transforming itself in what other ways did you see uh well. I guess you'd have a perspective from you'll from your in dentistry but in what are the ways. Did you see indian people transform themselves during your lifetime the transfer to total absolute translation nineteen winston lobbies or one thousand nine hundred fifty. There was a statistical review. The government which pleased about sixty five percent literate know you account of transformer does little schools with coach sheds early cautions what alito mahathir responded to a recruiter of sad is better to give a child on education and a kosher not give that child near you at all agree. I agree with that because the biggest educational institution is always the home on the first teachers d'amato the child learns more in the whole sort of age of the child is really education by the motor so many things what happens when you have booth parents working mothers available risi child what if what parents are looking could afford to send a child to a no sweet on things like that but if you have no paracetemol only on our large percentage of children in this country yet ah densify who'll fathers could nor systems rivera as part of the problem you see you thinking you at some magic one was left on the hill. Lose trump's formed themselves. It didn't happen so the education starts in his school org. You'll be home. Dysfunctional child will become dysfunctional. You see i had a good friend but neighbor dr morgan job on hugh societies things quite plainly on a radio under wanted wanted to get rid of because you're speaking truth in that. This function is causing this on children because if two families dysfunctional child is functional that just sounds like common sense. I said that sounds like common sense to me. Yes look for some people some who called themselves professors looking for excuses elsewhere rather than fees up to the fact that listen we said you kit our people to embrace these opportunities rather than others succeed in a big debate about the exam on people cheat hunting absolutely false shifting the blame. I don't think that is where the problem is because we are definitely more educated as a country tree. No then we have ever been with gates on all that <hes> but i have a lot of friends that i said they have their bachelor's degree master's degree and they just discography job so that is the issue that the they started to look at in terms of success. No you did everything you to be successful and you have all the qualifications successful and you spend the entire life bill up to be some successful and you put any sacrifice and all of a sudden they do have opportunities now and i think <hes> not everybody is able to shift their focus so easily and find any opportunity so you'll have some of those that accustomed vian tool what to do because 'cause i think that's another thing where the system is. A lot of instruction are not a lot of creativity way. They tell you just figure out. This is more of do these questions these whiz these are the correct says linda kirk says on your boss ongoing next grade so you how people come out i can to sri level is talking to people coming out so university university with excellent grades but it will have that ability to look for problem and become the solution for that problem for themselves if they do have some form of <hes> emily months income some form of a job where could somebody they're not sure exactly what to do. I think that might be a positive problem. No well that that is part of the problem. <hes> i saw statistics where we have three hundred hundred students qualified as doctors on can't get jobs yeah now. I also know a lot. Other people will use this media to get jobs elsewhere. I knew we have pizzas what he should english in china. What teaching mission japan on these are countries should look elsewhere out of god. You'll get a systems but the fact is that i wrote a series of articles in the guardian newspaper prepacked series on the changing face of education ministry. You sean alvin shivaji two weeks. Awards are big release the book value of carrying too heavy yeah so just damage in the same government. Stop giving all the ups when all the books would have been in the laptop on the child to school you know so on the one hand you prevent the child from getting the laptop on moving on to secondary school with all the textbook there on the other hand you seen the book blog is too heavy. It's affecting the decide on things like that so the problem lies with our planners in focusing on areas that these jobs will disappear. You're you're not talking about putin computers in the school despoilers golden robotic. Your competitor will not be another human being your competitors. We have a robot. The robot will take over the job and yet you see anything in the education system and he's statement anything coming out even out scholarships to do robotics and this what is taking place across the world so people are slow to respond to the changing needs across the world on take advantage of it another area where changes come in where we seem slow through spun does well. I'm not sure how i feel in this but legalization of drugs like weed on stuff. <hes> i know is california to legalize it and the taxes from it they decided to use to build schools and they actually ran out the money and they ran out of things to spend money on because the amount of taxes he got from this new market. You spend on schools to fix their schools. Whatever they fixed all issues choosing how to fix it still had a surplus afterwards. Are you aware that marijuana was legal. News legal legal shaller it was sold in the shops because it wasn't it only made illegal any states in our our own one thousand nine hundred eighty that was things and you call it hung on on on. We didn't have disorder crime. If it's legalized the morning half the crime because the americans on the british she wanders alcohol. You're done marijuana but already got drunker alcohol so is part of the in the business community so paul flow decker control what i should take this and i think because because in that case alcohol you need to have a brewery to make it you know it's a mass-produce it upon ticket probably just grew within your bucko. They have no reason to go to your business to get it so uh popley goldman interferons and things that they shouldn't interfere in every every why should they want to dictate what you each what you'll drink educate us. Yes educate the population what is good but for you. What is not good for you honest education so the flip side of the coin who will be the people that say they are no ill effects of of <hes> using it but i would see you obviously have grandfathered everything you need moderation of everything so because each side is fighting to strong against the other they seem to be ignoring all the points today argument and i think we need. We need to come together and just have a civil school so he could see these. Things is the bad things what we need to do to healthy what we have a tendency to retain the action you she recalled journey will all it takes is a divisive false under snow defunct pension that people tell me that deploy <unk> is based on risk significance amount of it seems very severe -solutely corey rhesus factor what factor what also in america ronda pools who black supporting who'd he hispanic supporting who device supporting who depend across south support in woody catholic-supported alex supporting woody meals are supporting female supporting factor across the world that these differences crunches regional differences to be gone dodd scotland england ireland on england aw california on trump and so you have regional differences the educated in any society should be able to recognize the differences on some differences the differences hoped to some malta differences rod donor allow differences to become a defensive force citizens righty so almost we do this amounts of oil or differences between our races. Where where can we start. We're gonna start as just ordinary people. I stopped by you. See when i was growing up in my religious everybody live together no delivered in poverty under shed what they have our froze does the lose those who remained the sugar industry. You live together shed together. It was no division. Then there was no politics or this this'll be before independence right up about nineteen forties nineteen thirties on earlier than that it was no division recent politicians after independence. They use race religion on these defenses to win paula. They're part of the problem the politics which is part of the problem with importance. Do you think religion please what importance you think religion plays in all of this in terms of where we are heading as a country because i saw a study recently it was a show done. I think it was by t._v. Six oh c._n._c. program exodus where the following the decline in christianity on this. I think these last ten years. I've been some of the worst in terms of the decline in religiousness among the christian christian faith <hes>. I don't know i didn't see any numbers for the new. Oh the islamic faith to know if there's a general increase or decline or shift uh-huh uh-huh wondering what does that mean for our futures country iran but <unk> of christianity boot catholicism anglicanism spread with the colonial conquest of various territories across the world. It was a spontaneous movement to these religions. This was a truly you're forced upon them because the soldiers went in. I think one african leader wrote a book which i read a long time time ago. It was african country in which he talked about. I two soldiers will come. I the the the preschool come on oscar. Neil dong goes through is on prayer on behind will come disorder <hes> <hes> if you will in lille the council dhondup that these religions were spread through conquest by conquest. I know reality stephanie when they went into india to spread christianity remember spread and spent two hundred years in jail but in christianity today christianity also reiterated two hundred. I didn't have a hindu outside of india today. In the united states over five million in the united kingdom. You didn't have muslims. Muslims also spelled out so that it is not that people are moving away from religion. They're choosing what religion they wish to. We don't expect i have not experienced a fallen hindus mentioned that as your experience coming back because noten reason is available on television on radio on an english language english language uh-huh right on a strictly in hindi and sanskrit. You'll find people begin to understand it. Now i know something. Some low is done with the church because i'm not so so. How long was what room the maas used to be set in latin so a lot of the congregation felt like the wounds included and didn't understand anything that was going on yeah yeah so they to start doing it so that people could actually understand the language of the state yeah when i was growing up from the pulpit conflict it was a reluctant but then why lee a shock from divided on the language of the state use the language of the state. Is this happening so scheme here. The only language they knew was indian all sanskrit or maybe their local dialects audiobooks written in hindi english. All of these books folks are in english or they have devices in some on transitioning or try on trump's inauguration sharon english translation so a lot of people understanding it the hurry kushner movement in america millions of whites who are crystals because they have the books what does sound scrutiny english sorta if the traditional what i call colonial churches i experiencing a fallout is it because people are choosing so small like a shift boxer natural balance whereas before they will force in this <hes> do for awesome this balance on everybody else before people to be of this annoy have an unnatural shift where people just freedom of ideas freedom of thought. You'll love it. You'll have a john deere internet. You can go onto hinduism on find out anything any part of the world. You are so yeah we thought about getting reader jogger t onto facebook on you to do programs on stuff yeah yeah we all over the world not only the internet as far one of the your program yeah. You have it up on youtube. Boswell took more listeners viewers in america and kinda because they are more hindus or indian health. My listeners actually not from trinidad but then again i know started so i only have like fifty listeners as nothing. I'm using as i don't know what do you do audiences worldwide. No yeah you have to an international national audience and that's something that i do well. That's something that is starting to finally see us well. Let's start this. Yes finally do where we realize that listen. We have access accessible internet access every wheels. Whatever else get access so knowledgeable did not just make in media for local community anymore. You want if you look at them. Just also starting to have spanish hookah songs half soka songs so that dan speed to keep the more international audience is not just the also also we had when i was which was not long ago because i wanted to do so nice to witness all this change in my short life anything no expression that they will is one. One village is treason because the cultures are all mixed so when you try to impose a coachella radhia recall one culture conglomerate of cultures are all lower taxes going into funding. Still you see any place the state funding contessa and you know the biggest steel manufacturer is from you came known here. He liked it so much. I think he was a mechanical engineer and he went back to the states and he sets up a factory. He did his research and don't hear would they still <hes> school in one recently. Don't have with is still use traditional. We take the oil dromey beat it into these sheep students on stuff. You just taken a piece of sheet metal. He did as acoustic allocations allegations to figure out okay what she will be what notes and he will take a sheet metal press a hydraulic press on just press on within seconds they have a new and so he <unk> angle so his one company. I think <hes> in one year million in sales of stink vinyl and has just in the states. Did you still trying to form st with bonds steam drums. You see the ministry of education. No not not not gonna still through the void knocking them. I just say we need to evolve is asking us to put sale funded vanden schools on my responses that listen musical instrument must be of choice. Yes some children by their very nature like soft music string instruments. There are some children like cautioned instrument really became pat. <hes> some <unk> jerem like wind instrument like blowing a fluke. If you wanna put music in school put all the the music of choice. Don't impose one thing. Is we culture. What is culture. We culture is a conglomerate of coaches not only that what if you look even on if you look at any coach you know there's no there's hardly any pure cultures left left if you listen to music musical from all over the world so i agree with that if you wanna put music and scalia carpets because i will tell you i grew up in a school to where we have the unions had was st one and the music teacher had a piano so all we learn to on the recorder. The record is one of the most annoyance ronson wolves. Obviously i hated ricardo grew up and then i was forced to steal pound forced to do something as child if you do one thing. You're not just not not gonna want to do it. After a while. I think the the <hes> the issue of choice is definitely very important when it comes to music wjr but if you don't need an instrument to play because you have all these things prerecorded music any background you have some local. Do you want to have la music. You'll have you'll get there. You want to see tire. You'll get a de. Ah good for a music producer somebody that wants to compose music but for somebody that loves music. It's a little bit sad sometimes. If i go to concerts i live performance and all i see somebody stand up singing. An early runs just coming through this because you have you lose that organic feel to the music as opposed if you want your small and you know this guy hits any drums. This guy jumps people to do something he do. Something any movements moons you go on his anti experience so is good. You have all those <hes> is gonna have all of the software to get that music in the background but i think you'll always have that need for live music and our need for life talons 'cause you could always recognize masonry very often you your live under what really is recorded music yet does he was. I think the i was unsure with all leading a new think you're listening to the when is everything is prerecorded so hard. It's not something <music> but basically. I think that incident not until vehicle boy. We are good people definitely quickly. I don't want to be anywhere else i will. I did it done for a number of years. Many of my children were born in london. Some of them are children. Grand children or twelve is all. I grew up under bank of the new river. I've given instructions to my children. I want to be cremated on the bunk of the cower near not not only ganges in india right here is in my whole my ancestors who is in yeah my business. This will all might be elsewhere what i was born here. All sane goes my navel. String is buried. Here is my lana and it huts huts when you have a few people few voices regional rory land it. They have all the answers wendy wendy other problems themselves so if i had to leave one message just land trinidad and tobago belongs to the this generation on generations yet to be born on we it president generation. It policy made us. We we are the problem. We the policy me. We had a problem. I just hope that our gen- my generation coming up. No doesn't let their resentment ends one drive them because you know if you let resentment drive you we have so we have some racism in politics. Let drive you. You just want to one up on retaliate retaliate but if you truly just let your desire for this please be better drive you then automatically just going to look for ways to include everybody not trying to say well. You know you got something last time so i'm not giving anything this then she tried to see. We'll try to get everything i agree. I i think the coming generation the more educated in weiser do divisiveness that create a disaster in the country. I think that generation will do metra veteran mind. You said something earlier about when you were growing up. You didn't have any divisiveness because he didn't have a look. You didn't have any. I think no with them seems to be a rise in inequality annoy starting to see the blue lake generation. The generation have less and less so when i came to university that was in nine years ago two thousand ten. I had to fight to get the job. I had a horrible time trying to get the job then i wondering if i had such a hard time this is right after the financial collapse into those new the states and that's also affected the next four or five years. We've always reaching for the jobs to come back you know and they look at the <hes> new classes does that graduate leumi and have noida hold. They're gonna fend for themselves. Because people coming up highly educated and <hes> the jobs i got ten less and less because we get less people could do the same amount of work then you have people retiring later and also the jobs just not opening backup so that's well. I'm wondering if that might be a reason why people started to get a bit less divisive no because it's not listen real struggle in in this together and we get out of the saloon aloom well informed parents does not send it should run to university. Don't have a degree in one area. I give you a typical example. No you have lawyers because i don't want them some royals. They don't no jobs so the lawyers are doing multiple degrees. Low on accounting cd will hundred hun in medicine. Some of the doctors delegates would take no secondary degree. I don in law or accountancy or something like that what they have multiple degrees a person with that multiple took degree in more likely to get a job an a-plus. Oh just single degree in assembly area so you have to rancho lido. I think what he believes to focus more on as well is having multiple skills because i will quit guys that have no degrees. I will never be a job because they can do well. Then they can do carpentry plan they could build a whole start to finish the young people you know what is going to be the biggest wrote industry while the production of food because the population is going to double in less than one hundred hundred years. You need food uh to feed the population. This is what you noticed resident ministration my biggest problem with them. <hes> is there lose focus. You know which is the ministry. That got released the budget less than a billion dollars. Agriculture coach recalled show eight hundred eight hundred million yeah. I think that's ridiculous. I have to austin minister. So what could you do it. In hundred million um you should be encouraging people to groom awful. It's encouraging people to get a degree to become a doctor uh-huh up three hundred unemployed doctors doctors have to have multiple degrees and the bottom get in to be a doctor. Just keep on going up on the point. Where if you you have two degrees everybody else has two degrees wouldn't get some but we still not even feeding. I am looking on these foreign television station. A record has become a unreal science. Now would hydroponics on oh. I see i see that total transformation. You hardly need water. Uh you hardly need people yeah everything automatic on yet. We have ramps. We allow space all the cocoa industrial gone to the dogs lance fees. We have the weather every gate but you know the focus focus you put it the focus it wasn't you should be focused on feeding people rather than important authorities stuff from overseas all the u._s. dollars going going food stoler only four and four and the supermarkets you'll see the amount of foreign stuff coming on that we could do here but there's no focus on agriculture agriculture could be you know you need love love of lever on line. Our culture could help solve not unemployed and you could make the efficient fantino where it will be profitable. We have 'cause that's something i never understood so lewis cheap comparatively but up to no we haven't phoned a way to make agriculture profitable for us when you could help prop the blogger culture in countries that are far more expensive that how far higher taxes and we eh. We call me agriculture profitable something. I'd never added up to me like something. I will see to two issues that i would want to you. See any politician handle had on before. I considered m._i._c._r.'s politician agricultural corruption. If they touch on those topics then the chris they could see whatever he wants other ways but those two. I think it it to me right now. In our culture don't how much corruption well you have to get booed ends of the spectrum so high take. I think the next generation of leaders will would be more focused. You're so this guy <hes> nikolai edwards nikolai edwards. He started a political party vote a month ago. <hes> <hes> the progressive party guy from san fernando about twenty seven years old i think he is but i could probably at least in some of the news i had him on the podcast a couple of weeks ago. You had some good ideas. Still we tend to see how we both on these ideas and they start a political party that crush way to giants. If you start your own thing on you draw people to your ideas if somebody had a lot of space under invite people <hes> <hes> you know that cooperative kind of everybody would identify rico tree. You need some money back. Eh then you'll have people who are doing a series for you because at one time we i used to export to other countries. We export chagos other countries. When i was growing up i like to eat avocado from dominique. Kosh on total bingo avocados grew like weeds avocado tree every year without touching <unk> you'll get i don't know a couple from when you could go to the said joseph pham on and buy any fruit that you want out of all these things available. Now you want to convert the hosing as you said jussi from convert that into hoes it when you should be encouraging people to plant a tree damn vision of diminish iraq reporters author should be at least one hundred thousand trees every year this should be making endless baden luring and so on so that people will get cheap <unk> mountain rule whatever it is if you've every household plant one fool tree the multiplier effect that will how would rather than in previous years when i was waiting every school. There was a a reproach <unk>. Every school has gotten those salaam. Space loses a lot of space. They do this scientific thing what did little bits on solid the school triggering nothing administer agriculture's it gives you the schools. You'll go get free. Flowering plants fruit trees. That's joseph out so what what sort of initiatives does the ministry of agriculture have. No they have known anything probably only to pay staff because they can't underhill's what you do that and i think we not even taken advantage of new technology because because something i see is we have we have the internet available. I could video call with anybody. I wanted to talk to why is half of the country even other parts of trinidad to drive to put a spin recent go the onset. Don't compete on the drive all the way back home goss how much time how much effort they we send and when he could just stay at home and do everything online. That's something else. I couldn't have only tomorrow traffic yeah. I'm living on the eastern. Main road is in yeah but we what we do is we believe in is so people could get more cars so people couldn't <hes> so people could drive and support us being on speed is just one size so i don't know they might add on how much i suppose it's been over the past the problem politician on these cargo the votes of the coast guard the first time we see a ministry has moved out todor spin ministry of culture is highly unusual enough the ideal your license office move from or to spin carry yeah on happy without there's no a place to park. There's a real myspace assorted should decentralise but they wanna give you everything and participate. You know i could see that's why i could see. I have not seen a serious politician in my lifetime. Because since i was born since i was six or seven years will <hes> <hes> listening to politics on t._v. Every year they'll talk about diversifying the portfolio gets an away from oil-and-gas centre-left politician you wanna politicians. We are not elected politicians to shoulder the whole right on allies situation. We all politicians aw what do you let your who sits in parliament on control alive. These are the people yeah. I think you need. Somebody less focused the on reese on winning the next election focus on our long term goals that we're i know p._m. Holiday vision twenty twenty vision twenty four now and a retro twenty twenty manifesto just a couple of weeks ago lots of the things they talked about its own very nice on people but twenty ninety-nine. We know how much of it has actually come to us. How much has actually changed in terms of fighting. I mount running high up professional artist edouard monica serrano weeden absolutely nothing new will get to that so when i was younger i have to say younger because i was young more gullible and i'll see this year we would just party but what is the better manifesto. You didn't know that it professionals who write them. Yeah yeah no twenty s yet. It meant nothing so so i think that is something sad. I wish i would see people focusing more or less on themselves unless on their families because we have rampant nepotism and open. Let's go system. It's looking for friends on on multiple. They more real focus on all future not just see a nasal even to do 'cause. I still believe whoah agriculture has declined so much. Why did we ever let it reached up. Link like this. This is part of the problem on recharged. Don't make <unk>. We our country. I agree. I swore i mean almost all the united. I just think of america yo. We have everyday retirement here. Yes that's what i try and get. People did people you could find anywhere. He's turn on yet. We are stuck cia because of the old politics you'll you you did the talent doesn't get the job. Political connection has a job that is something i have have experienced my entire life so i think that is something the younger generation starting to pick up on and that's why i think that's why elections gotten closer and closer as always seems to be a fifty fifty split because the you have a lot more undecideds than they were before because everybody realize that regardless of who info i'll take the degeneration has no gotten. The franchise is not stuck in the old tradition of risk on religion. I think they're more they have their own views of of what the politicians relied not easily wait by race religion culture thing i think they look at you are now just like you. You're looking at a a word. It will writing drawing room. You'll see what is taking place across the world. You asking yourself why you know. Why should we caught up in this old traditional divide and rule one roopa gives you remain the boston the middle yeah please. Everybody should julia position by virtue of their merit rather <hes> patronage. Someone who was on educated people are always over the highest positions learn something just to switch the company the front topic now so you are or it's a yoyo will know <hes> we got away in densely internet. This is what eighteen forty five was it so that means your grandparents or great grandparents. Her grandfather came from his grandfather was read about village. I found extended families on really which <hes> which religious is this isn't a episode busted uttar pradesh u._p. I sent that is uh the biggest stick in the whole of india most of us came from their arms gave you see deport was in calcutta which gnawed on they recruited from states around there bihar author prudish u._p. Has a population upstate population who wandered radio on bihar while we're come up founded <unk> this join interstate. We have something five eighty million people so the ship on the east east coast of india. What did pick up the passengers. In calcutta will make stops along the east coast so when they give somebody skin in deals they came from the southern states madras so different language slightly different culture behavior from they want to read on each they won't east it had on cultural kind of behavior so when you when your ancestors scheme the this'll be agreed grandparents came from india my grandfather you'll grandfather. He would've come to whether you'd have settled in kearney. One time you settled wendy arrive here first civil nelson island in priority okay clarity's channel the teen you ensure that you're not carrying any disease soft a few weeks on the island lid <hes> then they send you out to the various lung tissue so there would have been quarantined on l. asylum. Yes got some relics alex there that white to their presence on then from there we're. Where did they come. When the you'll distribute them to the various states i like or israel by you there or though it'd be <hes> or is it sort of david button got you jealous of these digital levers. You know <hes> professor could you roots of your book on that orange grove estate recently not not easily mazda up here of course closer to autograph copy yeah so the various then they're they're. They're constructed by flights housing facilities. Each poverty had <hes> a one room will be so different kitchen kitchen and i i remember well. Oh this bio toilets so bunka everybody rush on their on and you know what life was in my lifetime. I i saw that just this is what i said. I mean imagine agenda. I am so continue on you talked to your grandfather and just within this two steps of relationships. You have the entire indian history and just so you don't have access to the to the entire history. Just you alive alternate as i and you know i live so long because when the life expectancy of the nineteen fifty here i've only eastern was almost twenty five year old thirty-five house right my grandfather who came from india he added to the two one amount died at the tree. You know died at forty two by other. I'll go died at forty. It life expectancy was thirty today. It's something a._t.'s teas but what was the reason for such a lou life expectancy by because there was no medical facilities. You didn't know the basic. You're sick diet of what they came. Here was routine on. What is the quote fry about his. What do you do you yeah well. I know other starch yeah. That's a recipe for these are not a recipe for motor. It didn't even know that they have diabetes. You didn't even know that they have a hot program. In my lifetime i won't father there was no qualified doctor to diagnose a heart problem suzy in my lifetime my friend eternal attorney put up court was aboard building right where the tuna porna- all facilities that they have. They're gonna put a <hes> sheet scored on your local government building. That was an opponent record aboard building on the indian and then shoves would not speak english so you've got to appear in court there there was a special personality quote was quoted tokyo so the indian will give evidence hindi on hewitt interpret for the future in english most times. You are different interpretation of what the fallacy we still totally only difference in my lifetime. I remembered operator subsequent to that. After the arrival of the maha sav of a schools and all of us on education english education you know with some type of education after that now everybody is literate are some of the most literate in the country refined him on them. Just what you doing here. Masters governor vollers yeah yeah. They have some kids that are like one to ten years could do all this better than me. Already read a study sometimes see in every generation is on average ten point smarter the new generation before them so that means the generous shouldn't be leumi gonna be ten points smart thursay into generations time all all these fancy gadgets put down here on you could of just sit across the whole will this is top end. Not the top end autos will come with better facilities less expensive. Let's cumbersome you too young because it will just changing rapidly and i think he would. I think this these years we know this generation is probably the most rapidly changing generation that we've ever been because just within the last twenty years i remember in nineteen ninety-five <hes> we did not have access to internet in two thousand you go to when i was way <hes> it was a radio station radio trinidad the americans sharma's on a radio station on rendova kitchen sugar. I'm awesome can about who some people bought the radio station asia under central prejudge dot so that we didn't know that we don't want anything not knowing that would've been our own what though it'd be the keys choose yeah forties and and how long had radio trinidad loss when i think they're still operating from there onto a tradition title billionaire right but it a new name not be a differentiator because the so people didn't have radio so they have somebody in the space the call them ready fusion underrun lines like interested line telephone lines water speed so all of our you could have level rediffussion connection on a box to receive it got the <unk> muhammed. He got his program already fusion there around and he got elected on the basis of popular chubby his shirt on you yeah yeah yeah. We're definitely going to try to pull it off this because i am so things change so much even these ideas just foreign to me the fact that you'll have a hot a hot line connection for radio station when up anything just look. We have a television radio station here. The history of this radio dougherty. It's partly record turned turned out to be we applied for a regional isis and dan patrick administration refused to give us less what groans they had any resent their just two but then when louis leasing who was a strong patrick when did took away his station because he was it. Was somebody else who held the franchise when did took it away patrick. Martin give him a regulations within three days. Bother director look all venues people's. They're addicted good as people could. What did i see what we have. Application for for trieste on the application has been approved what what was so we took him to court. San fernando on ramlogan was the lawyer who was a young lawyer then you meet his name on our walkies. I just found phenomenal quote single. Judge sitton agreed that we are discriminated against on when ramlogan selwyn could order the cabinet will give us as you said. I was on obscene suggestion. A judge count audit we disagree we went to the appeals court heist. The appeal court hood on the route to cabinet reconsider their decision. When we ask order the shabina they'll give it felt they didn't have the authority so ceres reprieve recalls there in london. I was down on the previous posts in london. The founder discriminated against on the issue order immediately mmediately to give the salon dioramas original license four. That's the ticket only history the kiss after six weeks. They didn't give us a license ram regarding route then attorney general if we didn't get a license we'll take you to court for contempt intriguing to give your life so we have to fight with this central where you're not date right here on the on the newspaper clippings record breaking this is what he his shoe shoe books and then after that there had the highest online their land is it trinity cross so it means hindu kiat except gut our spiritual had offered to reuse. I can't be a hindu across our online so we went to court to change hi. This would have been less about twenty years ago. 'cause i remember i remember when the <hes> was how to change it. We we went to quote same trauma. Da who want to be in court is on landau so this is twice that we have got to change the course of events now i are we going to quote again for this. Thing should read in today's newspaper. You'll see where we right where they redid. Did you read it on didn't give us our city have a warrant. A piece of paper we give us up is judge yesterday. So did you cited. You'll have to give up. You just can't replace award you have to give them. Okapi took time that we have brought these landmark is because you have been discriminated against so you have to fight it through the court if we are here today is because we wanna case in london. It's good to see that it was for the rights we as good the <unk> by fights in the race we but at the same time it's very worrying that you have to fight auto these kinds of things but then then again only goosebumps on your the catholics tree stations everybody else asia will weigh wanted tonight. Stop in everything we have to fight quality at every stage gotta fight for equality and then you went on top of the indian coach is a big part of the local trinidadian kolja. Why would you want to get back in the encouraged by hoppy it. Is it the songs i hear. I happy into music that i hear what you want. Oughta tell me that i was not music. Absorbed got music arm. If i am happy egypt corey roti why i eat something else my choice as a citizen as a human being that's my personal choice is not african anybody else it might choice you want to impose you want to tell me what new funding for indian culture you could find three hundred and fifty million carnival but you're count fine papua on mytalk. Are we saying to you. You walk some of my tax dollar yeah to use it for these public events yeah. You've everybody why why the state must has become involved in religion culture. Not the duty of the state people pulse asia gotcha is this continuous expression of a pupil as the classic description of what culture is lost anyway. Is this fun tenuous expression. People is not the article is you must feel that way you want that. I want the head tasse trauman. I want to history to buy on each one jewish as tribute taking on my money taxpayer money culture is he's chaz no business in culture anybody. Will you see this in gotcha. You might have grants but he wouldn't. They are not environmentally culture. All it really drove the symphony orchestra. You'll get state grant. Don't grant would be good promoted but it should discriminate on political purposes again. I think we both accenture not just got too involved in too much the things that they should be doing. They're not doing that is running the country efficiently. Should you focus at all time. Don't get involved in extreme. Yes that people do their thing yeah. Well just one last thing before we go. I just want to talk about hinduism. No no so obviously they'll be some some difference between hinduism throw. The generations just has just us how everything has been evolving living <hes>. Do you see defensively beliefs that younger lucile as opposed to hindus of your generation or do you see the beliefs that you hold <unk> as speaking for <hes> oleanders is a classic in do injunction. We'll l. d. religion dish. Oh call osama reach our in the practice of your religion. Jacob altered altered country it time under circumstances you here. We do praise a new c. Replied bob some big flags. They do pooja. We call upon david escorted pooja. You'll see the how a hindu in new ya'll perform his ritual when he finished dutiful giant house every now flat where really plan to slap echo coat or the circumstances so take a small plan on your planet symbolic of the basic religion is called some hurma eternal word but in the practice of your dot you'll have to take the time disciplined stamps's wherever you woah one of the best publication illusion of somehow. I only white samis ally which have a wider. Ah a white salamis you do that. It can't be out the high out ship monday to spend two days in spain in about fifteen years ago so that again i doubt if you live in canada honest wintertime plenty of the real for us news like lee's i'm song lease of that. You can't find it in canada. So what do you find alternative. If you can't find all these regions observe offer at my grandfathers grandmothers changes similarly when escape yeah when it went to do a prayer you could say a word in english indian script <unk> redid. It ended on this trump slayton english or the audience. I just like the complex everything was done in latin. They have to change it in principle. No you know there has been some disagreements on <hes>. Somebody leaves arranged marriage on child marriage john stuff that i think you you are news. Lethal combo that you still in support of the current glow and some people see another one the age for legal mars. I think what is recalling sixty eighteen the tradition among hindus money as will was that as soon as the girl reaches the age of poverty. There was no school. They never went to school. There were no small so you should go to school. After the asia asia poverty it would have i wouldn't call it orig- version of organized march because no you all you all you raise virus internet and see you have large companies with ten million and ten million boys under compatibility ability orig- marriage that is shared with at least have traces not organized a march large from somebody other than themselves from parents sort of the western world is that is computer organized this was you want to hear one by family nor your family your family one family got kind of arrangement was made among won't faculty it worked well because if you bought married with the consent of your family on agreement of deformities whenever you problem all of them get together. What about the consensus of the girl that was getting married. The consent of the girl that was got married would be considered as well no taking andro called family are the asia to fourteen my i i lead of the opposition in this country was i'm on call buddies for us here on. You know that's right. Eric williams with the prime minister and he was leader of the opposition on. I got married to his daughter. She was fourteen years. I was trying to one lasted onto. She died. We have children grandchildren breach execture odor that marriage so what's wrong with that because when you look at compatibility is not only what star say is compatibility culture in family structure. There's compatibly with but you see the critics are not pointing or the other side you little girl will that make the age of fourteen without knowing who defied as thousands that is definitely on the show as well but at least he's on the the organizer the hindu side before but all others finish noah instead of communication movement and i saw there's no organized does what i was wondering if that was never organized myers arrays that wasn't organized virus. No we have organized marriage where we we saw yoda on them. We avoid it. We put them together. Talk on your cell phone. Okay not guam surprise on digital of you. Get married or deformities not get into you know meeting a carnival choose our our show a lot of them got choose nagla rather than if your mother no another ditty. Maybe wanna she. You'll friends school friends. She has a daughter on the talk when each other avoid libido. Let's go meet. Maybe kind of fat is a type of compatibility. If you you kinda guy that kind of chance you'd like the google and i kind of say well. I i have a friend he he's been married <hes> because he got my beginning of lhasa zia would he's with his girlfriend since teenagers souvenirs no and issue signs of of stuff in i like they're real nice couple. Both of them heavy heavy kind of oklahoma. I know that big into carnival anything wrong with it but it's just it's just not my thing. What do you call them. Textbook case is kind of what these strong. I think the people who are really concerned about and i'm wondering under as is it. Is this one of the cases where hinduism i'd have to adopt little in the hindu community. The hindu bill is not getting married until she gets a job on go. See does problem no that she not get married until until the mid twenties so i when when i ask google powered she say independent so let's see what will happen to the loop operation. We advocaat vote noel. She could want to be independent and still the hindu howard powered but is that a bad thing because they might have some feminists on women's rights activists that will see that as a good thing you know. She has more which experience life times when i interviewed before getting married when i interview and i said listen you're twenty eight years not married. I see what very soon you'll pass the childbearing age. She said no missed araj. You'll take -nology no but you know some people making decisions to not have kids people admired on decided not to help kids either. I it does decide that they have your leader yet. They have implants or adoption adopters always ago. Also hello is implants. The guy told bobby doesn't miami. Lou not get a job to settle on the decided. Well listen you want to have we at the age of forty nietzsche. Actually you have to do good business. Yeah and i'll be just doing good business anything. I don't think right now is a program. We seem to be expanding population wise just in the past us fifteen years alone. I think he went from about six billion to seven billion people will so it might be a good thing that somebody decide you really fall in many ways we are not i will but we i know i love it. Not america right there right there you see right right there and our economy close but in like the asian on african countries they have not reached saito's yet so you find population channel bludgeoned in china. I do shop it india. Try to cap it by. There's this leash on down mileage education yeah that is true. They asked that is i think from the u._n. Choose is a a website. I use use quo gop minder where all of the u._n. Satistics they plotted graphically and you could so you could take all of the statistics on the graph it for yourself secretive education on graphic and <hes> rates and you could actually see the higher education is oh sometimes the <hes> as zweli heidi hoe so the income is the less amount of children that have family has because in poorer countries in need to have children to help bring income into the whole any maria. Thank you so much you know yeah. I i didn't prepare for question. I i talk spontaneously th that's what i like to just like to hear what people really have on their mind and do have it's scripted. I have no agenda or anything because too often you get like a five minute soundbite and what song gets of you is incredibly biased because the kinda ask the pointed question and you had to go pointed pointed on so that's why i talk so thanks a lot at mirage zone of me <hes> shots at least we share certain of us. We should have lots of us because john guy and i think intelligent people will have a lot of us are they. Share in common and as good as good to see that you are we more reasonable reasonable then you will be portrayed on the media. You know a lot more reasonable. Everybody is just sit down and really talk to them fees and as good to see that there's good these kind of conversations. Are we need. This is something you want professor who used to do so well. I went to own until the hindu. Population was totally totally ignored. The mainstream media focus on voter speed it wouldn't move <unk> not dying importer state because other media hoses. Oh come over. I don't need to spend mainstream media. Just like there's this part of the media ed poverty media i have to what is spent you speak about your invite all old people from john we oh do the numbers you just a bit hit and it was known form every member of the mahalla every show every pundit we have you want to send a message on-scene bob with riches seconds. Okay so good to have you on liked alvian anytime you're ready. Let me just stop recording all right. Everyone does it for this show <music>.

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The one question to ask yourself when you can't figure out what to do

The Overwhelmed Brain

1:01:17 hr | 5 months ago

The one question to ask yourself when you can't figure out what to do

"Why do some of US amplify our fears? We can't predict or control the future. It's time to have some level of control of your future. At least as far as anxiety is concerned. Visit QUIET BEGINS DOT COM and get the safe in power system for social generalized anxiety and start creating a calmer future now. Life presents the toughest challenges every day. You are faced with decisions that test your ability to express who you really. WanNa be in this world. We're told to keep saying affirmations and keep thinking positively but what are you doing? That stuff doesn't work. Welcome to the overwhelmed brain where you'll learn to make decisions that are right for you so that you can create the life you want. Now were hello. Welcome to the show. My name is Paul and I am here to help you. Increase your emotional intelligence so that you can avoid dysfunction handle toxic situations with grace and ease and show up as your authentic self. Everything I talked about on. This show is my personal opinion in his for informational and educational purposes only always consult a medical or psychological professional before making any changes that could affect your physical or mental help. Thanks for joining me. I have I thought that I want you to plant in your mind. A question and that question. Just let it resonate in your head throughout this episode in in fact throughout life. This question is meant to help you. Access your truest thoughts and feelings and intended not intended but dumb. How can I say it desired behavior? This question that I'm going to tell you right now is to help you access that so that when you are ready to take the leap into your desired behavior then you will be prepared. You're Priming Yourself. You're getting yourself ready. The question is what would I do if I was x? Or if I had the ability to X. X. is the variable wildcard for example. What would I do if I had confidence? And you just apply it to the situation that you're in a situation that comes up or one that you're thinking of now and if it's not confidence what would I do if I had no fear which is similar to confidence what would I do if I had personal boundaries that I enforced that I honored and what would I do if I respected myself. There's a good one. Of course I respect myself. Well I hope so but sometimes you're in a situation where someone's disrespecting you and instead of standing up for yourself which is a sign of respect for yourself. Not Saying you have to do this. I'm just telling you. This is the thought process that goes on at my in my head. At least someone's disrespecting me and I could stand up for myself and say hey you know. It's not disrespecting me because I have respect for myself and in my mind. I'm thinking I demand that of others but not really what I want to say or convey but I do want to say you know I deserve more respect in so my question would be if I'm in a situation where I'm feeling respected. What would I do if I would not tolerate disrespect? What would I do right now? What would I do if I respected? Myself? There's another way to put it. You may not like that. I mean that might rub you the wrong way. I don't mean to do that but in my own. Mind that motivates me that causes me to put the fire under my butt and do what I would really want to do in that moment so if a situation comes up in your life the question is what would I do if I had X. whatever that is the ability to do this what would I do if I had the courage to do this. What would I do if I had the knowledge to do this? There's one like how can I even go there? Just go there what I do if I had the knowledge to handle this situation what would I do if I had no fear? I'm getting fired. There's a good one. So all of these. What would I do? Scenarios are to resonate like I said kind of bounce around in your brain during this episode because this is sort of how I answer questions what would I do if I were in your situation and what I do if I had no fear of the consequences? There's a question I've asked before. what would I do if you know? My Mom said to me or my dad said that to me or my sister my brother and my partner my friend a on an on. What would I do in that situation if that happened? And I had no fear of the consequences and so this gives you an opportunity to access deeper part of you. That really wants to come out. That really wants to play in the world or be in the world or exist in your you know forefront of your thoughts and if it doesn't get a chance to exist it's always in the background poking at you and wanting you to do something so we can come out so let's just say that's confidence. I don't have the confidence. I can't walk up into that room and talk to all those people. I don't have the confidence. I don't have the courage. I don't have whatever it is. Would I do if I had that stuff but when I do if I could walk into that room in present or talk to everyone or you know maybe you're the boss and you have to walk in? You have to tell people. Look there's a problem here and I have to tell you this problem and as the boss you might be nervous because somebody might get upset or they might quit or whatever and you have to come up with the fortitude and the strength the mental strength to bring it up. I mean. Imagine a scenario where you want to say something or you want to do something and you decide not to because something comes over. You know. I can't do that. They might get mad at me. They might yell at me. They might fire me. They might be upset with me for months. They might give me the silent treatment. They might you know all of the above? And so we create all these fantastical scenarios. That could happen if we were to actually do something but I mean. How often do we go through life and say? I wish I could do that. And then actually did it his. I mean if you can do that if you can tell yourself next time that happens. I'm going to do that or I'm going to say that if you did that then you get to find out what's fantasy what reality because a lot of the time. I don't think I have to say this. You probably know a lot of the time we make stuff up. We make up what's going to happen. We make up our future. That doesn't exist yet. That hasn't been substantiated. That maybe has some basis in reality but mostly not because we made up. What might really happen and we have these fears that come up that we don't want something to happen so we're not going to do the right thing or the thing that we believe is the best thing to do. So we're going to do something else. Then we spend our life in this limited state of mind where we never really tested or played out a theory that if I said this this person will be upset with me or yell at me or hurt me or whatever it is and of course you be careful who you say what to if someone's violent. You don't WanNa do that. I always have to make that disclaimer. 'cause I'm always get someone that writes to me and says this won't work if someone is beating you in a relationship. I I agree I agree and that is a serious situation. So of course when you're about to honor yourself or stand up for yourself or do something that's not necessarily who you show up as all the time it's going to surprise each person. So yes we don't want surprise physically aggressive or violent people. This is for most people that are quote normal that we can have real conversations with or at least somewhat real conversations with people that we can actually talk to and get our message out and a lot of the Times. We don't necessarily know how to convey our deepest truth are authenticity. And that's why I want you to keep the question in mind. Would I do if I had that capability or that ability or the strength or the courage or whatever it is for you in fact you can even look at all the situations that you've been in that make you feel bad or make you feel weak or powerless and ask yourself? What is missing in that moment? What am I missing specifically in that moment because I can think of times in my past where I I showed up as fearful and worried and anxious and I think back to that and I go. What was I missing then? In one of the things I was missing was a courage to stand up. And say hey. I'm not gonNA take that you need to back off. I didn't have that back then so my question today. If I still had that feeling you know I still felt fear. In certain situations my question today would be. What would I do or say if I had the courage today what I do that because here I am in this situation? This fear this old fear probably starting from childhood comes up in me in now controlling me and I don't want it to control me. So what would I do if I had the ability to say whatever it was on my mind what would I say if I had the ability to say whatever it was on my mind what would I do then and so the question continues to bounce around your brain when every scenario comes up because you're GONNA be able to test this in small things like in line at a store at a restaurant a at home at movie theaters Hanging out with a friend wherever you go. You can test this because someone's going to say something or do something or something's going to happen. Where your instant reaction might be to want to do something else but you hold back and do something else instead and so that instant reaction says a lot to what I have done if I had instantly reacted and you might say well I would've yelled or cursed or something like that I would have done that and maybe that would have been immature and maybe that would have been irrational and you might be right. But there's a sense of truth in that initial behavior or initial thought or initial reaction. The truth of what's going on inside of you is mixed with probably fear when you had that type of reaction or anger or whatever it is inside that has a build up of energy that gets released in that moment so it's nice to be able to hold back and allow that energy to dispel a little bit and decrease so that we don't explode so we don't we don't have these immediate reactions and just become volatile every go so it's nice to be able to hold back the initial thought have a stoic moment of thinking where you ask yourself okay. What do I really want to do or say here? What do I really want to do or say and then access that truth inside of you and you may or may not do what you're thinking but that's not the point the point. Is You access it? I want you to access. I don't want you to bury it and I want you to deny it. I don't want you to stuff it down. I want it to be readily available. Because someday you're gonNA use it some day. You're going to be able to say. What would I really do or say if I had the ability to stand up for myself without fear well what I do or say then? Well this is what I would do or say and then it comes to your mind and you try it on and it gives your brain a chance to try it out. Now your brain's GonNa throw in scenarios like. Oh my God they will be so upset. I better not do that. That's fine to the point isn't to find out what would happen next. The point is to find out what I want to do in that moment. Because you don't know what would happen next. That's the fantasy part. That's the stuff you make up but as you try on what I do or say if I had no fear what would I do say if I had all the courage and strength than I could access? What would I do if I didn't care if I was humiliated or embarrassed or people looked at me? Funny what would I do that? And then you come up with a truth and sign of you so I just want you to access that truth whenever you can because there's going to be a day you step into that truth and it comes out and this is the testing phase. This is when you actually tell yourself all right. This is the Dan. I'm going to do it. This is the damage to find out what happens. Because I don't WanNa live in a fantasy world. I WanNa be a person of integrity. I WANNA be a person of character that someone can look at me and say that person walks there talk. That's pretty cool. I wanted to be more like that person. Not that I'm telling you to look for admiration and stuff but it's a nice feeling. I mean if people actually see the way you live in the way you present yourself and are inspired by that. I think when you look at somebody and you're inspired by the way they present themselves and UC integrity and character oozing out of them. That's a good role model. I think it's a good way to walk around on this planet and it's neat to see other people like that when you do so again. Keep that in mind as we go into the next segment because Mary Jane email from someone. And I'm going to throw at you the scenario and I'm gonNA try some things on and as you do. Maybe you can come up with solutions before I come up with my thoughts and maybe you'll be exactly one hundred percent right and it's the perfect thing for that person to do as opposed to. Maybe I will say something. That won't be effective so it'll be an interesting little game for us to play on. Not that this is a game. I mean these are serious questions that are gonNA come up but just to get our mind in processing mode so that we can do it for ourselves as well because our own situations come up and when they come up. It's hard to get outside of the situation to be objective and ask these questions because we may be a trigger state if someone comes along and they make us upset. It's more difficult to step out of that triggered state. It's definitely possible and doable. In fact I know you can do it. It's just a matter of being aware in doing this. Process helps us become aware and be able to step out of triggered state because when we practicing get our brains ready for the scenario. It's like in arts. You throw the same punch one hundred times a day. Suddenly you're in a situation and you can't think and you have no time and you have to react and suddenly that punch comes out the exact same way you through it thousands and thousands of times before and you're stopping confrontation or defending yourself. You're doing something that is so ingrained that you don't have to think about it and that's that's what this is all about today so we'll be right back. I'll read you one. I'm talking about today. We'll try some stuff on and we'll see where it can get. Be Right back after this book. Now we're playing the. What if game today and I think good? What if question is what? If I knew I would not get anxiety. What if I knew that this event wouldn't cause me anxiety? What if I knew that this person wouldn't be bothering me so much or the situation? What if I knew I wasn't going to be anxious? Changes Things And if you can try that on and actually make it work for you. Maybe you wouldn't get anxious about getting anxious which I think happens a lot. We start becoming anxious that we're GONNA get anxious because we're dealing with anxiety. I mean if you deal with anxiety if you don't deal with anxiety that doesn't apply to you but a lot of people do a lot of people they have anxiety come up in different situations and they get anxious about things. Id coming up and so they have to deal with it in. What do you do about that? Well one thing I've done is create a program called the safe empowerment system for social and generalized anxiety. And you can get that. Quiet BEGINS DOT COM. It is a Multi Hour I think four or five hours of content but It is basically a master class with several experts that all teach different ways to handle anxiety. Plus there's what I call an emergency pods and learning pods. The emergency pods are what you play in the moment of anxiety to help get you through the moment to walk you through there only a few minutes long and the learning pods are where you learn how to deal with your anxiety in long term stuff that you can do so that you don't have to get anxious about your anxiety. I don't want that and I know you don't either so if you're dealing with anxiety I want you to hit a quiet begins dot com. Check out the safe empowerment system and see if it's the right thing for you if you're already listening to audio like this. That's what you'll be doing with that system too so I think it's a good parallel to whatever you're listening to nowadays and of course it's geared toward helping you diminish or dissolve your anxiety altogether quiet begins dot com. Welcome back keeping that. What if I had the ability or what if I had the courage or what if I had the strength? Kind of questioning In your mind I'm going to read you an email and I want you to think about it in terms of what if and I have some answers pop up in your head so these answers might be perfect for this person and I know you can't convey those to me over the air but this will be helpful for you. I think when it comes to your own challenges so just think about that as I read this and try to relate to it in ways to help you through. If you're going through this challenge a person route. I found your podcast recently while in search of advice about a work conflict that I've been dealing with for several years now. A supervisor and one of the employees became very upset with me after her performance review and Nothing needed improvement but I provided her with some constructive criticism during the review. What then followed were years of negative behavior from her including blaming and making excuses withholding information and passive aggressive comments. Every time I try to talk to her about any issue she refuses to talk to me and blames me for hurting her feelings three years ago. She often uses the excuse of her feelings being hurt for what she does whenever I try to talk to her she constantly turns everything on me blaming me or others or making excuses like got or she didn't mean to or that she was just trying to help. I now know from your podcast that she had been redirecting the conversation for years. The turnaround games. I call it That I allowed her to drag me down the rabbit hole over and over and I failed to provide accountability and consequences. My question is what is your advice when you're in a tough situation at work where you don't have the choice about which relationships to be involved in is my only choice to leave if I leave. I'm just running away. How can I ever be successful? As she won't reveal what she is really upset about or accept any responsibility for her behavior. Thanks for listening all right so I'M GONNA call you Wendy Wendy. Thanks for writing this and the people listening now are asking themselves while hour in the situation what would I do? At least? That's my goal here is to put yourself in the situation. So that's where I go. What would I do if I were in your situation? That's the first place I go in my mind. The second place I go is what would I say or do if something so right now? There are obviously obstacles for you like I don't know exactly what you fear or why you don't say exactly. What's on your mind because as a supervisor? I thought you might have some authority over her. Especially if you're doing reviews so the first place I go in my mind is wait. You're the supervisor. Don't you did say? Hey look your attitude is really terrible. If you don't change it it's GonNa be a problem so that may not be how you operate or maybe. You're not that kind of supervisor. I don't know but That's the first place I go so if that hasn't been done yet if you haven't been doing that yet in you have the power to do that. It's time to step into that role. So that's a practical piece of advice in. You may or may not have done that already and I don't know your whole situation but that's the first place my mind goes with the limited amount of information that you shared. It's like you're the supervisor. Say something do something. Tell her attitude this terrible. And if she doesn't change it she's going to face another bad review. I mean that's where I go but again you may not be sharing everything here so I mean I have the whole story so in addition to that where I go next is asking myself the question. Okay if I were in your shoes What would I do if and now? Here's where you fill in the blank of the things that you said was What do you do about a situation where you have a choice about which relationships to be involved in so my what? If question would involve the choice what would I do if I did have the choice? Not Saying this is the answer. I'm just helping you expand your mind a little bit what I do if I absolutely did have a choice about which relationship to be involved in well. I would probably just not talked to her. I would probably just avoid her. Probably just ignore. Yup that could be. Maybe something else comes to mind as well but you start with the things that you don't have or that you believe that you don't have and you apply to the what if What if I did have the choice than how would I respond? So that's one question. Another one is let me read the next one is my only choice to leave while. What if I didn't have the choice to leave because that is a choice? So You provided that choice to me and I said okay. Yeah okay. You're only choice may be to leave sure. But what if it wasn't what then. What would you do then the reason I ask that is because sometimes we don't consider some extreme possibility that we might consider because we think well? I'll just leave. But what if that choice wasn't there? What if I didn't have that choice to leave? What if I knew I had to stay and I knew she was never going to change. I asked this of relationships. To what if you knew the person you are with was never ever going to change. My next question would be. How would you change? What would you do differently? I've got all kinds of things coming to my mind when I'm in your situation I'm trying you on. I'm thinking Geez I have to stay with this person work with this person every day. And she's GonNa give me this attitude. I'M GONNA get pretty damn fed up. That's why I'm asking you knowing she'll never change in. You have no choice and you have to stay and you have to work with her. What are you GONNA do? What if you had no choice but to stay like I said I'm trying to expand your mind here because there are things that maybe haven't tried yet that you are trying to avoid and you're thinking maybe if it gets so bad? I might have to leave but I'm now taking that choice away just like I added a choice earlier. So let's see your next question here. If I leave em I just running away one question on. That isn't so much a what if but a so. What so. What if you're away How is that a big deal? So another question. How is that a big deal house at a problem if you run away? Why is that bad all these little questions? You can ask yourself about the problems that you have in your life and explore. Why that's bad because I know what you're saying you're saying there's a negative connotation to running away if I don't deal with this problem now I'll have this problem everywhere. I go Maybe not I mean yes. You can develop characteristics that will help you deal with kind of person the future or share but sometimes when we run away from someone we never meet that type of person again and we never have to deal with that type of person again doesn't always happen in fact it usually does happen but imagine who you'll be if you again quote run away and you don't have to deal with this type of person but you mentally prepare yourself for when this type of person comes in your life again. Are you saying that I should run away? No I'm saying that. Running away has a negative connotation. That doesn't always mean it's bad it just means you're thinking that if I run away and I'm putting words in your mouth here. Forgive me if I'm wrong if I run away then. I haven't solved the problem. Well Yeah you. Did you solved the relationship problem that you have with this person. I don't consider running away a bad thing. I consider it a reset an opportunity to fix whatever needs fixing in you if you need fixing the terrible word. I'm sorry use it but you know you look at yourself. Where do I need healing? Where do I need to improve? So this type of person comes into my life again. I'll deal with it differently. This time I mean this is what happens when you leave high school in all those people that Maybe this hasn't happened to you but to me. All those people in highschool used to bully me. They're probably not the same person anymore. I hope but I guarantee you. Since the day I left high school and never saw those people again. I know how to handle people like that because I was never gonNA take it again. I never wanted to take that kind of behavior anymore. I mean it me twenty years to figure that out but I had to be away from people like that in order to develop stronger characteristics and qualities about me and learn things. I didn't know and heal from things. I needed healing from just so I could show up in the world as a different person so when that high school bullies showed up again. Proverbially speaking it's not going to be the same person hopefully Then I know how to deal with that person now. What might be a problem is if that high school bully showed up in my real life because of some reunion or I'm in the same town we run into each other and he's still the same person then. Some triggers will come up but now I have new tools to deal with those old triggers and I can face that challenge then so I want you to kind of remove. The idea that running away is a problem and I wouldn't even call it running away. I would call it a reset. I need to reset or I need to take care of this in another way with this person not in my life if that's like when you're on abusive relationship and somebody says well if I leave this relationship bats just running away from the marriage. I'm not even trying no. You're probably doing the best thing you can for both of you. This is what happens is you are part of the dysfunction. That's going on Wendy. You are part of the dysfunction. That's in the office because your reactions. Your behavior are complimenting her reactions and behavior. I'm not saying you are the cause. I'm saying. You are part of the formula. That creates the dysfunction so she has a dysfunction. She's passive aggressive. She's blaming she's playing the victim and you respond to that in a way that feeds that dysfunction and so your responses are keeping it alive so to speak again. Not that. I'm blaming you but I am helping to highlight. What can be different for you if you start thinking a little differently just like I asked that question if you knew you had no choice but to stay and you're going to be there forever and she was. Never GonNa Change your suddenly. You're going to have new ideas about how to respond to her and how to react and what to say. You will have no choice because there's going to be an overload in your system. You're going to reach that threshold of I can't take it anymore. And when you reach that threshold. New Behavior comes out. I'm not saying you have to do this. I'm not really finished with answering your email yet here. But that is part of the process of reaching threshold where behavior changes thoughts change and fierce change as well. Because there's a point that what you used to fear fear anymore. If you don't feel any more than you're willing to do more you will do more than willing. You're just going to do it. I don't care I'm just going to do it so there is that too so let's go to the next thing that you said. How can I ever be successful? If she won't reveal what she is really upset about or accept any responsibility for her behavior. Okay so this to me is where the meat of it comes in. The meat of the problem is she won't reveal what she's really upset about or accept any responsibility for her behavior so when this happens when she does something that she knows upsets you because I want you to be aware of met when she does something that she knows. Upset you or is going to upset you. I want you to be conscientious and say to yourself. Oh She's trying to upset me and hopefully you can reach this point. Were you are willing to say all right? You know what you try to make me feel guilty. You try to shame you try to do all these things. Just let me have it. Bring it out. What's on your mind you know? What's the real problem here? And then bring up the truth if this is still about that evaluation. Then tell me what's on your mind. Let's bring it all out on the table here. Let's talk about it in a gives her opportunity to finally van what she's been holding in now from the story you told me she's just trying to make you feel bad. She's manipulating you. Because she knows how to make you feel guilty. I think I don't know if you do feel guilty but I think she's trying that But obviously it's bothering you and it hasn't been resolved which is why I say let's put it all on the table and this is one of those. What if questions well? What if I didn't care about her reaction to this comment about putting it on the table because this is how you form these? What if questions is you think about? Well why don't I do that? Why don't do that because I don't WanNa deal with her wrath. She's GonNa get worse. Well what if I didn't know if it was going to get worse or what if I didn't care if it got worse and you start negate the fantasy that you create your mind and put in reality that you can work with the reality could be. Well what if she doesn't react? What if she's been wanting to say something all this time but she's been afraid to say it directly so she says a passively. I mean I'm giving her some leeway here but when you have these thoughts that come in your mind you can change your behavior. Change your approach so when you say to her all right you know what you try to upset me. I can tell you're upset. Bring it on. Just tell me what's on your mind you know you've been upset ever since the evaluation and you might even say and I'm getting sick of it. So what's your problem? Tell me let's get it out on the table and she might explode on you or she might say. Oh there's nothing wrong and then you might have to follow up and say look. I know. There's something wrong in fact every time you refuse to talk to me or blame me for hurting your feelings. I'M GONNA point it out and I'm GonNa tell you all right. Let's talk about this. Let's take a moment. Let's take a break and tell me what's on your mind. And then when she says oh no no. I'm not gonNA talk about that. You can say no I'm GonNa talk to you about it and I'm going to bring it up often because what that will do is force her to face manipulative behaviour because I believe it's manipulative Force or to face that behavior so that she has to address not only the subject but the behavior see right now. She is hoping you'll stay focused on your behavior that you caused her to be this victim. And what you're doing is causing you to face her manipulations instead of having to defend yourself because the time to defend yourself is over if you any defending like you know. I was your supervisor and I was supposed to do that. And you know I had no choice. If you're doing any of that it has to stop right away. No more apologies in fact You don't have to apologize for anything. You're the supervisor supposed to give constructive criticism. You're supposed to get this kind of feedback. So the employees can improve in fact if. I were you and you don't have to do this but if I were you I wouldn't hesitate to say ever since that evaluation. Your productivity has gotten worse the morale around here as decreased because of your bad attitude and quite frankly if I had the power I would fire you right now. You might tell me while I can't fire her and it'll make my life worse but what you're doing is being direct and this is what you have to start doing with someone who is so passive is be more direct and point out the behavior so that they become aware that you're aware and I think that's the key and the most important part in this. Is that you point out behavior. That seems subtle enough that she doesn't think you're going to point it out but you point that out in other words when she starts to blame somebody else or blame you you say. Oh this is what you do. You blame other people so you don't have to take responsibility. She's GonNa hate that. You may say that but people hate that when you catch onto their game because they want to continue that game. Because it's been working so you need to find out the Games. She's playing and point them out like any type of passive aggressive comment. Well I was GONNA give you the report but you took a late lunch again. You know. That's something that's passive aggressive. That has some hidden meaning underneath. It's really hidden. You can hear it. I was GONNA give it a report but you're taking a late lunch again with something like that. I would address exactly the problem. She's talking about. Don't go into defense mode. In fact start owning everything. You do proudly that's right. I took a late lunch. I have that perk. Do you have a problem with it? That's where I go. I know that may not be your personality. But you have to reach threshold. You have to reach that point where you can't take it anymore knowing that this is Never GonNa Change unless you change it and you might have a fear of well. If I start doing that she might run to my boss and say that I did all these horrible things. Well what if you didn't have a fear of getting fired? What if I didn't have any fear about what my superior said to me? Because she is a problem in my life and I have to deal with it because it's not going to go anywhere now. This may get you fired. She may go to a boss or superior in start talking about you. And she's made friends with them and who knows I don't know your situation and what I'm saying might be dangerous as far as not having a job anymore. But I'm giving you my perspective from where I stand and of course you have earned that supervisor position which means you probably have some say in some sway and why not get superiors involved. If you have to in fact I might even tell my superior that hey look. I'm dealing with his employees who avoiding responsibility taking the blame on not finishing things in time or whatever she's doing and constantly blaming me for performance review. I just want to let you know. I'm putting it on record but I'm going to let her know that that's unacceptable and just tell your superior than if that's what it takes that way it's recorded that way if she goes to your superior and starts talking then he or she will deal with it in the way they deal with it but they'll also have the information from someone who has earned the supervisor spot in leading the staff the best way she knows how you and by sharing the information with somebody else. At least it's not you against her so it is helpful to have sort of the backup and I'm sure people are seeing her behavior. I bet you the whole office sees that behavior so that is probably being exposed already. But it's time for somebody to stand up in have the ability to do the right thing no matter what because if she is bringing the rest of the office down or creating a negative environment and it's not just you against her. I have a feeling that might be happening. If if she's blaming others especially so it might be time for someone to take a stand to tell you that because that involves risk. What is the risk? The risk may or may not be your job. The risk may or may not be your fear of confrontation. The risk may be her retaliation because she is very angry. Who knows but there is a risk involved with any type of confrontation or resolving things like this but if the risk is weighed against the idea that you have to be there forever and things will never change than you can make a decision based on that. This is how I do it again. May Not work for you perfectly but I do think the bottom line is you get to a point. We say all right. You know what this has gone on long enough. What's your problem and just hash it out. It may have to go there. And she may avoid it and she may be passive aggressive. But that's where you start highlighting her behavior. You know what you do this and you do this. And you're trying to make me feel guilty here and it had enough so it's time to address. This is time to put the rest. What's your problem because it's clear that you can't take constructive criticism and become better in fact when you're toll constructive criticism you only get angry and so let's resolve this. Let's resolve what's going on so Wendy. I don't know what kind of authority you have over her. If you can fire her if you feel like running away I mean this is all up in the air for me because I don't know exactly what you can do there but I certainly put myself in your shoes and I ask myself. What if I was Wendy? And what if I didn't care what happened to me? What if I didn't care if I got fired and then the truth of what I'm feeling inside comes out? Not Saying you have to do any of this because I don't know your situation but you even put in the choice of is my only choice to leave and if that is a choice for you then why stay in a toxic environment. You're either going to change the environment from being toxic or you're going to get away from the environment being toxic but it's very hard to change yourself to adapt to a toxic environment. You have to stop doing that. You cannot continue to adapt to a toxic environment because you become radiated do disintegrate. You start to weaken and become frail. And you'll have no energy left and that's why you're writing to me because you're about done so you're already close to threshold which is great so remember to point out what she's doing point out that you know she doesn't want to take responsibility for her behavior. Point out that you know that she's trying to make you feel guilty and then also stay proud. Stay proud of your evaluation of her three years ago. State proud of your ability to make the right decisions that you've been making for all this time and get yourself on a victim mode and defense mode because you don't have to defend yourself. You did the right thing. Stand by it and if she has a problem with it. Let's talk about it now. Lets Hash it out now? And then if she is doing more passive aggressive things. Make sure you highlighted because this will make her self conscious about it she might think Oh. Gee I'm trying this manipulation and it doesn't work. I guess can't do that anymore. Because she's on to me and if she never wants to talk about it she's GonNa turn it into silent muttering her breath and even that you can point out. Is there something you wanted to say? I heard your motor. You keep pointing it out. And she's not GonNa like it she's either GonNa leave or get angry. Hopefully she's not a crazy violent person but you know you gotTa Watch out for that type of personality too but you just keep going you just point things out and make sure that she's aware that you're aware knowing that you're aware is going to change her behavior. She may be sneakier. Maybe more crafty or more subtle. But stand proud and who you are and what you've done and what you're doing so that she can't get under your skin. It's time to stop her from getting under your skin. Don't let her do it. Nut involves is being proud of who you are and not having to defend yourself anymore. You don't have to do that anymore. That's my thought. And of course everyone listening. Remember the question. What if what if I had no fear of getting fired? What if I had no fear of her response? What if I wanted to confront this person in the didn't have the reaction I thought they were gonNA have? There's a different thought. What if I had the strength and the courage and the fortitude to approach this and take care of it how would I show up? Then what would I say? This all kinds of stems back to a question. I asked on the show often is what would you do or say if you had no fear of the consequences when you can get into that state of mind you can solve problems because your problems won't exist if you bring them up. Put them on the table and deal with him in that moment. I mean you may still have problems but anything. That's lingering that's unspoken and people keep bringing it up in subtle ways and you're getting sick of it. It's time to resolve those problems at least talk about them at least the energy. That's pushing them. Because it's quite possible that this person that you're talking about doesn't know how to express herself doesn't know how to communicate well and is probably very hard to live with at home and so we give her the benefit of the doubt instead of just going off on her. We just say look. Let's resolve this now. You know what's on your mind. How you feel about me be honest. Let's get it all on the table. Bring it on. And hopefully she does and then from that point on it's GonNa be hard for her to hang onto that old energy because it changed. She may be matter. She may be free of anger. She may have something else going on. But you always bring always bring to the table. Have something to talk about. And then hopefully you can resolve it and then of course when I said earlier. It's not running away. It's giving yourself a reset if that's what it takes because if she's friends with all the owners of the company and you just happen to be a supervisor but you don't really have any say and she goes to the owners and they say well then that's a problem. We gotta get Wendy Outta here. Then you have no choice. You're dealing with a more toxic environment than you could probably deal with. And sometimes it is better just to get away in the toxicity. Thanks so much for writing. I wish you the best through this and thanks for listening to other episode. We'll be right back. I'll say some thank you goodbye. My final words right after this Thanks for listening to another episode of the overwhelmed brain on a remind you to visit quiet begins dot com if you're dealing with anxiety of any sort the safe empowerment system may just be the solution for you. Quiet BEGINS DOT COM. I also want to thank Callie and Lisa for joining the patron program. Actually Lisa was a member for a long time a really long time while my longtime a coaching clients when did email coaching Lisa. It's great to have you thank you so much for coming back and Kelly. Thanks for joining. And I got to chat with her a couple times through email. And it's so great that you're supporting the show and thank you for that. I appreciate both of you Arizona. Thank our ride. Ninety Calories Gomez for their views I tunes for the show glowing reviews. I'm very very humbled and very grateful for you as well. Thanks for taking the time to review the show and Provide THAT VALUABLE FEEDBACK. And of course if you want to support the show if you want to donate or being the patron program with all the private episodes workbooks you can go over to patron dot the overwhelmed brain dot com. And that's where you can show your support there. And of course the occasional review that trickles. Zane is great. You can do that tunes and other. Podcasts aggregations out there. If you haven't done that yet it'll be wonderful. Little thing to let other people know if they should listen to the show. We're not hopefully you think they should but if not then maybe that is something they need to know as well. I've seen those reviews as well. Don't listen to this show. This doesn't know what he's talking about. That's okay you know to each his own. Y'All have our own thoughts on who's helpful and who's WHO's not and I hope that I've been helpful and try to continue to be. I've been doing the show since twenty thirteen so Continues to grow so. I think I'm helping a certain segment of the population out there. I appreciate everyone that has left a review. So thank you again and I WanNa let you know about the other podcast that I do called love and abuse is for dealing with a difficulty in your relationship mainly poisonous behavior and toxic communication. If you have any relationship that you're dealing with somebody who might be a little aggressive or emotionally abusive or make you feel bad all the time. Then that would be the show to listen to over there and plus it has a lot of tips on how to deal with any type of behavior in any type of relationship at least any type of difficult behavior when you don't know a solution like today. We talked about the challenges in dealing with a difficult person especially at work and so you can explore more about any type of manipulative or controlling or abusive behavior over at love and abuse dot com and finally to Kevin mccloud OF INCOMPETENT DOT COM. For some of the music transitions in the overwhelmed brain. Wherever you an email for my final thoughts here the email is a follow up on an episode that I did Person wrote to me and said I just want to let you know the podcast episode called when the fear of abandonment keeps you from happiness was incredibly helpful for me and my understanding of my wife like the writer of the email that you read. I too am married to a quote fighter. She has a masculine side to her. Very Confident. Aggressive and fits right in with the guys. All of her friends are male. Even while I don't think I necessarily have a fear of abandonment have always struggled with confidence self doubter. Ever problem speaking with authority and speaking up for others that CETERA. I always found it odd. That all my wife's previous partners with the opposite of this hyper masculine meathead types. But I guess she finally grew tired of the issues. Those types of people bring into the relationship so here we are complete opposites it now make sense to me after listening to the episode. He probably just need someone like that to make herself feel more secure. Wishy has always told me she struggles with anxiety and it's really apparent especially around me. I do a lot for her as far as taking care of menial tasks providing financial security helping her with the obligations etcetera but I think my personality in general is too weak to make her feel secure and trust in me which probably aggravated her anxiety. Even more now than a more aware of the severity of this issue. I'M GONNA try even harder to be this person she needs although perhaps it's the self doubting in me but I can't help think it's near impossible to be someone you're not. It's getting bad enough to the point where I'm starting to sense some indifference from her which they say is the only thing worse than hate anyway just wanted to express my appreciation for this particular episode and as a recent follower of the podcast. Perhaps I can get some recommendations on older episodes that might touch on this topic more. Okay thank you so much for writing that and I'm sorry that you're dealing with this because if you've come to a point of where she's feeling in different. I have a comment on that. I'll actually talk about that a moment but that that's tough that is Someone wearing down or feeling powerless to do anything to change anything At least that's my interpretation of what you're saying so yes I'm sorry you're going through that but I'm glad you're becoming self aware I'm glad you you're figuring stuff out and hopefully taking a new step in a new direction but let me address. A couple of things in here are a few things I went through. I have this on my screen. Right now and went through an underlined. All of the words that you can use in the what if questioning and all. These words came up confidence self-doubt problem speaking with authority speaking up for others Self-doubt again the you said that twice and even impossible you said. I can't help but think it's near impossible to be someone you really not. And so what I'm GonNa do is before we get to those words and asked the question is tell you that it's not about becoming someone you're not. It's about amplifying or growing in the areas that you need growth. I mean you may not even need growth maybe just your personality and your perfectly happy with it. And it's perfectly healthy and normal and she needs to go through either acceptance of that or it just doesn't fit her personality. I mean this does happen. So it's possible that maybe it's not about you growing healing involving all this other stuff. But there's an incompatibility now with that said there's also the idea that perhaps you can look at yourself and ask yourself well. Where do I need improvement in my life? Do these qualities only show up with her or did they show up in other areas of my life. Do they show up and other relationships in my life because if they did then you can look at those as perhaps opportunities to grow and once you grow in those areas once you amplify those areas that need lifting in some way or improvements in some way then you start showing up for yourself in a better way. I mean maybe not the right word but a healthier stronger more confident that you'd feel inside yourself way because if you have any type of fear confrontation for example and you worked on that fear of confrontation and then you had no problem with confronting people then your life can change or will change and when it changes your whole demeanor changes your personality is enhanced improved and maybe even goes through some big shift so these are all these. These words that I mentioned are all things that perhaps you need to work on because you said you always struggled with confidence so that in itself regardless of who your partner is probably needs improvement in. That's when you can try on the question. What if I had confidence? What do that or would I say? Trying it on? Put you into the state of mind. Oh One if I had confidence oh I don't have confidence. I know I don't well what if you did. What would you do that? Well I would probably say this or do this great. So now you have the thought of saying or doing it and doing it or saying from that point on. That's a challenge because taking the action from the thought is the hard part right usually because a lot of us don't take the action even though we have thought but this is where perhaps risk is involved risk to. You may not be risk to me fear of confrontation as something I dealt with all my life and now I don't fear confrontation anymore. I mean there are certain areas or certain topics that will put me into fear mode like Oh crap I gotta bring this up How am I going to bring this up? So there's a fear like that but when I come from a place of well what if I had no fear then my mind changes and I approached things differently and I take a risk. I call it risk. It's really a reward to me. I'm rewarding myself by being authentic. I'm rewarding myself by honoring myself but it is a risk because sometimes there are consequences that you don't want but if you think about what you do or say without putting the consequences in that thought then you have a truth then you can take action on that truth if you choose to always pick your battles wisely but it's nice to be able to have that choice because sometimes we don't even give ourselves the choice. Sometimes we say oh I will never do that. And then we don't even think about what it's like to do that. We don't even think about the scenario that we could present like facing someone in confronting them some of us. Don't want to think that far because we know it's bad news. We know it's not a good thing so we don't even go into that state of mind and the what if question puts us in that state of mind in helps us think more clearly. We still may not like the consequences. But that's really not the point. Let's plant that thought in our mind. Well what if I was confident what would I do or say then and for the person who wrote what if I didn't have any doubt in myself if I just made a decision whether it was right or wrong and just went with it. Wo- would've I chose to not doubt my decision. Or what if I knew that I could be wrong and I did it anyway? And sort of a mutation of what I just said but what if I knew that I could be wrong and I did it anyway in called me out on it but it didn't matter because I chose to have faith in myself I mean there's an episode recommendation right there. You can look up how to make better decisions like if you go to the overwhelmed brain dot com type. In the word decision or decisions you'll find different episodes. I've done on that topic. And then you said our problem speaking with authority. Well what if you had no problem speaking with authority? What would you say then? What if you had no problem speaking up for others? What would you say then? So these are all thoughts that puts you in the mindset. So that you will start thinking differently and putting you in an altered state than the one you're in the one you were in had fear probably driving you. The one that it puts you in has a different feeling now. The fear doesn't necessarily disappear right away. But that's where the risk comes in. That's where you go. You know what my wife has already indifferent toward me. And that's worse than hate. So how much worse can it get? It can't so I might as well take chance I might as well take a risk for the sake of this relationship and that risk may be speaking up for yourself speaking up for others choosing to act with confidence knowing that you could get devastated knowing that she could hurt your feelings or knowing that she could leave knowing that you could be wrong in your decisions. There's all of these beliefs that we have about ourselves. That turn into the fantasies of the outcome that we believe me happen when in reality we haven't even tried it to find out what the outcome is so here we are stuck in the fear in. How do we get past that for your? We gotta take a step into the fear and take action and find out if what we fear coming. True is true especially for you. The person who wrote you're already at the space where she's feeling indifference. It can't really get any worse so why not try new things. Why not try something else and take your focus off your own fear and put it in the bigger picture. The bigger space of the relationship. Exhausting every resource. You have to save this relationship which means you may have to reach way inside for a lot of inner strength a lot of inner courage and the ability to be able to take steps that you once feared because if you don't take any steps then only gets worse I hope you were able to extrapolate what trying to say there but the whole point is if you stay on track with what you're doing now it's probably not gonna get any better and like you said. I'm already working on this issue great. You're doing everything you can from what it looks like. And those are great steps in the right direction. So I wish you the best with this and thank you so much for sharing us and thanks for writing and for anyone listening that might be in a situation or a challenge that if you know this fear driving you to make decisions that may not be the ones you want to make. Then remember the. What if remember? What if I had the confidence what would I say? Then you start priming your brain for these situations so that when it happens when you're in that moment where you could make another choice. Maybe the choice that you never made before will come into mind because you had already pre visualized it or prepared prepared for it and in order to keep your mind prepared just always keep that in mind open so that you can step into your power this help you create the life you want always take steps to grow and evolve. You are powerful beyond magic and above all in. This is something I absolutely know to be true. You are amazing own okay.

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Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 3  Once a Langmore

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54:36 min | 6 months ago

Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 3 Once a Langmore

"Welcome to the world of money laundering. Where money at its essence is a measure of a man's choices? This is ozarks dirty laundry. Dri Five I'm Shannon and I'm fair. Welcome to ozarks dirty laundry. Three where Shannon and failure. That's us we talk about this season two episode by episode. Because we're KINDA SORTA big fans of this show definitely okay. We are up to episode three. Now what did you think of this week's episode or this not week listen to me. I'm like yeah nine hundred ninety s here right. What what is this way use? Oh yes gosh I just feel like this. Tell me how you feel like the season is darker I would agree. I hadn't really thought about but I would agree. It just feels I mean the whole the whole show is kind of Dr Dr Right but at the same same time I'm not. I'm not finding bright spots in any of the episodes that doesn't mean it's bad that just means like I'm hoping that there's something that makes me go okay. Yes yes yes and I. I don't know that I've had that yet thinking back though. I don't know if they're that many bright spots in the first season either so. I think that it's definitely at least slowing down this episode. This episode was I. I can't say boring because I still love this show and I think this was a great episode but of the three we've watched so far are this was the slowest. Not Too much happened. Well the thing about this show that people need to realize and if if they're watching season two if you're watching season two you already realized this it's not so much about the story although that's important it so much about character developed ads and that's why we talk about at the end of each episode if you haven't been following going along. We have a dirty dilemma because there is so much in each episode where you're like. Oh my God what would I do like these moral dilemmas. Where you're trying to figure out what's the right answer and a lot of times? There isn't a right answer. Yep Yep all right well let's get to it okay. I I have a correction because in the last episode I was talking about Ruth listening to to pock or something I think I said well. He's waited outside the hotel and I know people are probably. We're GONNA you know I don't know criticize or whatever so I want to be sure I'm clear. She was actually listening to notorious. B I g the I I don't even know how to pronounce that so that should be I g or touch I am with generic music so I have no clue about that genre but I I wanNA make sure that I'm clear about that well you you weren't too far off because in the first season Tuck is playing the same song over and over again and she's dishwashing in the back and say well and she's like any to pock and shit like that right. Yeah and that's why I said to pop because I figured that. was you know but you do realizing. That's that's about the worst mistake. You could possibly make musically. Oh I don't know I don't because Ed no they were like they were like the enemies. East Coast West Coast. Oh okay one. He allegedly killed the other and Blah Blah Blah. Anyway like the bloods and the CRIPS. What we'd better scabby but the white girl are all right? So what happens in the beginning of this episode. Okay Lake Yes Ziegler. Senator Blake the absentee senator. The one that Charlie will had something on some kind of dirt on and head right convinced him to go out of town so he would not vote and the Casino Bill would pass. Well we see him in the beginning and the MEDIA'S I dunno badgering about something and he goes and says the media can go fuck itself and closes his door and that's Kinda shocking and then you hear a gunshot. Yes and he kills himself. Yes and yes that that was That wasn't good. Yeah so then we then we see in the next scene we have the opening. We'll talk about all the symbols at the the end in the opening but the next scene is wendy going to visit Charlie Wilkes and basically confronting him and says. Do you mean to tell me that a stuff you had on blake was his mental health and and Wilkes says hey the man had depression. You know I wasn't responsible for him. Committing suicide ride. But you can see in that scene and I love that. They're tying this into season one that it's personal for Wendy. Because we know she went through something similar yes back in season one and And we also know that there's potentially some mental illness in her family comes up later in the episode but what we find out we. We talked last time about the big moral dilemma with Wendy. You know to sleep with Wilkes or not to sleep with Wilkes and what should she do because clearly he was is working some angle and we find out what the angle is which is right so it turns out. He does want something yet from Wendy. He wants her to convince the smells to sell him the land because he wants to put a huge resort and shopping mall along with the Casino and he says very very clearly you need to make it work or this is dead yet he says he I deliver or I can kill it. That's what he says. So Wendy knows so that is not happening. The smells not going for that. So another problem yet again. The birds have to face. And you know what. I'm just watching this going. Oh my God can't why does everything have to be such high stakes. Yeah I mean I know why I know why. That's what makes a good show but at the same time I'm like Oh my God. I'm exhausted Austin from watching this right right then. We moved to the next scene which is cade walking into. Ruth's trailer and he tries is to make amends with Ruth and you know basically sorry for slamming your head into the dashboard and I should put my hands on you and He says will you forgive me. And she says of course. And you're like no yeah. I wasn't quite sure what to think about that. Especially especially considering the title of this episode which is once a Langmore right. We didn't mention the episode name. Well usually we talk again. We we usually talk about that at the end. But you know at that at this point in the show I was like damn you know and then he tells her that you know you wanna go look at a house and think about that all that that's great and she's like no you're right. That's not for us right so I was like Tam. I'm like okay. Is She just backing down as she playing an angle. What is she doing feeling is she? You know just trying to smooth things over with him so she could later kill him. I I don't know at this point. I think she's just trying to appease him to sell do things right but I think she still has hopes for the future I hope so and then and then we see cade going to the blue cat lodge trying to play Marty. That guy I do too I do too and he basically tells Marty well yelm going to. I'm going to have a job Bob and you're GONNA pay me but I'm not doing the work right. And he's like a sneeze me no I don't I don't think so. And you know. Sometimes I wonder where Marty's meter is. I actually formed a lot of opinions about Mardi in this episode. That that I'm going to get to because because I think there's a lot that's kind of revealed here about him. But what was revealed in this scene is Kate says patricide was his crime which I believe means you kill your own father right so we now know why Kate was in prison he kills said he said that was his crime. Yes okay 'cause I remember him saying is that the term. I thought he said we know Patrick. We know that we know what Hatcher side means means. But what's the term for when you kill. Somebody's when you kill your uncle's like he was just trying to get across the fact that he knows what Ruth did. And you knows that Marty knows. I didn't know the he said Patricide is a crime what do you call it when maybe I misheard back and writing or somebody somebody he can Call in or let us know okay. I'm not sure I actually heard that. That's what he did. Okay well now now I gotTa know interesting okay. Well I'm glad we were both. I'm listening to this and I'm glad we both heard it all right so we'll go back. We'll clear that up. Yeah then we see agent petty in a meeting with the FBI and the going over everything they have about the cartel and Marty and petty mentions that he has a new CI which is short for criminal informant. which is Rachel? Thank thank you because I wrote down. I don't know what a CIS Yeah I had to look it up. I don't know exactly what I looked it up so any says you know better than the last last one and his boss or whoever they're at the table is like well you need to start doing. Better yeah and that's about all we have to say about agent Patty Eddie Right now right others made him right other than trevor. Technically backs him up. But I like the trevor was giving him a little bit shit too. 'cause yes I think I think he deserves is it Oh he does. Yeah so Mardian. Ruth have a conversation and she's talking about her dad knowing or he's he's he's talking about his conversation with Kate. And how does your dad know that you killed your uncles. And she then tells Marty that she found out out that the trailer was bugged and that was working with someone. Now that's key 'cause now Mardi knows that someone is onto him somehow. Okay okay. Yep and then then Marty's businesses start getting systematically shut down I I look at he splits for some like improperly out citing or something the same thing the blue cat than the funeral home has. I don't know unusually high levels of something in the soil. They said so. Somebody is shutting Mardi down. Who did they wonder out who who did it was at this point? I didn't think anything at that point I really. I don't remember having any specific thoughts about who it was. I just remember thinking thinking. I don't know who it is. I thought it was wilkes because Wilkes is connected. These were are all politically appointed agencies so I thought it was wilkes basically originally putting pressure on them to buy into this casino and that's what they thought right instantly what they thought to right right. Yeah and then Ruth Approaches Marty and says I have an idea for a business. And he's like okay. Okay okay. Not Right now ruth and he kind of talks to her a little but like a like a child. That's being an annoyance in the room. And the look on Ruth Ruth Space and you see this look throughout and this is is when I really start to see where things went wrong between Wendy and Marty because Marty doesn't stop to really assess what's going on with people behind visuals he just. He's not perceptive about Personal communications like that at all and I think that was really the issue between he and Wendy. He just wasn't perceptive about what was going on with her and she needed someone to be there for him from her. That's a great point but I I point so and I think we see that more and more in this episode and I think ruth continues to get torn between where she going to get her. You know fatherly approval isn't going to be from Kate. Is it going to be for Mardi and we know who we want to win out. Neither one is a great guy but we we hate kate. He's awful right absolutely. I mean she. She doesn't need him and her life in any way so then we go to the school and we see. Joanna is writing the paper for someone at school making money off of it and I'm starting to think. Oh they're all becoming little entrepreneurs aren't they owe Mardi mope must be so proud of his kids leads his little criminals. I know I'm like Okay Charlotte and her weed and Jona and his paper business. which by the way? I'm watching that scene going. It was hard not enough to do my own. I mean that was a good student. I got good grades but it was hard enough to do my own papers. I could not imagine doing somebody else's pay really for them. Yeah I don't know I don't know yeah. When I was in college I would like type up papers for people for money? You know that wasn't like you know doing it was it was just a job. I wasn't doing the papers but that's a pretty good racket all right back in the days when you had to actually type tight. I know I know he's white out. Oh okay so that when we come to roof makes her move and I liked the scene. Okay I really fought again man. Julia Garner she's just amazing. I really can't say enough. Good about her. She goes to a local marina and tries to to get them to let Marty Invest. You know she gives the whole spiel which I don't ever really recall her hearing Mardi do that Spiel for lighting thinking that he was always by himself. She wasn't by his side and I thought well that she did a pretty damn good job You can see in her in her tone and in her way that she's almost a little nervous like again all the good acting skills there because she pulls off this like like I'm new at this but I'm GonNa try my heart. I'm trying to be confident riot. Trying to be confident and I loved I loved that scene ultimately she failed. She didn't convince them. Marina owner to let Mardi invest but she has shifts a backup plan that she does. We will talk about the minute and in the next scene. We're ready for a little bit of crazy. So enter Jacob Darlene. They arrive at the Birds House for for you know for business discussion over a little hunting and I you know. I don't know I don't know that I would have trusted the smells. Even if I put on an orange vest to not shoot me dead in the woods that was that was crazy because Jacob said he and Marty need to go into the woods and hunt and talking and I'm like don't do it don't do it don't kill you in then buddy comes out and you know. We know buddies that big hunter and they get they jones interested. He's ears perk workup. So they all go so that. I'm like okay. If they're all going to be there it's probably safe and ultimately you know what the SNELL's say I don't know if he says it in this scene or or or another but the bottom line is there and business together now they need each other yes so he really doesn't have any reason or shouldn't have a reason to to kill Marty but we know but we know it doesn't stop them from Kinda hot headed in irrational. So do you think that buddy came out because because he really wanted to go hunting or do you think he thought Lemme go along and help protect both. I think both okay because I didn't think about that until just now I think buddy he is very protective of Jonah. Yes and when he saw what was going down if it was just Mardian Jacob going into the woods. I don't know if body would have gone but when he Zalm Joanna was being involved. That's why I think he came out. I think he wanted to protect Joanna. I have some some issues with Jona which I'll talk about in a minute. As the scene progresses but they start walking into the woods. Jacob Gives Mardi twenty four hours to persuade Charlie pursue some other course of business not selling their land. We know the land is. It's like their legacy. So they're not going to sell their land for any reason at all and and to get his business back up and running. Yes yeah he wants to whoever's behind it he wants them to solve the problem twenty four hours and At thought it was kind of interesting when when Jacob goes anyone who's your enemy is now are in say. Yes that's what I was referring to right. Yeah yeah and I don't know if I would want Jacob on my side I guess I I wouldn't. He's scary. He's scary. And well. Just leave it at that. Then we then we switched back to Darlene Darlene. WHO's reading Wendy's palm? You know. I really like how they're developing Darlene. This season I mean she still a nut nut job right. We're all clear on that. But she's got some depth. This was a weird episode for Darlene. True she does head depth that that's yes. I'm very happy with the depth right. I can't say I'm happy with you. Liked but so darlings he's reading Wendy's palm and when he said. I don't think I believe in any of this which Wendy doesn't seem like the type that would and Darlene kind of stopped short. She's reading her lifeline. I think it is and sees you know a break and she's like a darlene instantly clamps up and when he goes well you. You can't just leave me hanging you. You GotTa let me know. And and she says you lost a child yeah and it go at this point. I feel like there might be a little bit of bonding between Wendy Darlene. And at this point I think maybe we will get a chance to understand Darlene Orleans insanity and I wonder I wondered at that point if Darlene had lost children over the years. That's what I'm thinking as well because they're her newfound. I found interest in adopting a child. Yes yes yeah. So then. We're in the woods and we see a buck and Jacobs says. Let the boy do it right. Okay so I think this is a pivotal scene. So I'm watching this going. Jonas a huge animal lover. They made that clear in season. One you know I thought he he was mutilating animals. He's not. He was finding dead animals so that he could get a chance to see Turkey. Vultures up close and yet there he is with a gun killing killing an animal. And I'm thinking why would he do this. He's an animal lover but really I think this is Joan. I don't think John wanted to kill a deer. I think Joan wants is to try and harden himself. I would agree with that but he has said yes. I don't like hunting. Yeah my thought was because I didn't initially go to him hardening himself but that's a great point. What I thought is he needs to prove himself as a man at that point? He needs to show his dad that he can do. It needs to be done. That's kind of where I was taking it but I like your take on it better. It could she could be a little bit of both. I keep going back to Charlotte saying it in last season that the minute you told us what was going on you made us adults uh-huh and I think Jonah's finally realizing he has to grow up on the other hand I think Charlotte is starting to kind of rebel rebel and shirk her responsibility. Because the next scene is Wyatt and Charlotte getting totally stoned In the trailer Ruth it comes in and plays mom to Wyatt and says you need to be working on your college essay. I think why it at this point is you know once a langmore right kind of has has that mentality now. I was wondering if this was foreshadowing for something to come because he says I gotTa Drive Charlotte home and she said Oh but I guess I guess we did see why it later in the episode. Yeah okay because I was I was going to happen. I thought about the shadowing too. Because she says you can't drive you're stoned and and he's like I'll take back roads. I thought about that shadowing to the other thing I've thought about here. Is that why wanted to be a better person in the beginning of the a series all throughout and he's Charlotte and now Charlotte. I feel like Charlotte's almost pulling him down like he doesn't if he maybe had some feelings for her or liked her in some level that maybe he would if she was A model student or a model person. He might try to rise to that but now she's like less smoke pot and wallow in our sorrows and he's all down with that so I I really. I really liked the Charlotte character. And how she's evolving and affecting the other character you like it while I'm not happy. She's you're saying coming up. It's part of the story. I like the story. Yeah okay I don't I mean I don't like it. I would rather see Charlotte you you know raise why it up and motivate him to become a better person instead of a nice car and they'll comment about. Can we get a happy ending. I I know this is not a happy ending kind of show but I keep saying like can somebody get a happy ending consulting. Not End up with a bullet in their head or something I. I don't know I'm not. I'm not expecting that at all. I know I know I'm not either. So Wendy goes to see slug worth also known as Jim to talk to Wilkes Wilkes about the business proposition gets nowhere. That's a very very short scene. And then we switched to the blue cat lodge and Rachel is back with a big fucking chip on her shoulder and I was like really Rachel she just you know he said well. I'm GonNa Launch Casino. And she goes. Oh so you can cater to addicts and hillbillies and I'm thinking really Rachel. Yeah who the hell is she she off her high horse. I was pissed at her man. Right you know. Like she's the most model citizen in the world and Boohoo. He tried to turn your business around. Screw you right. Yeah and he did turn it around. It was done illegally but who cares. Okay let me put money in my walls as long as I'm not you know. She has the recording on Mardi. So yeah actually actually. Let's talk about that for a second. Okay remember it was in season one that Marty Hardy says if anyone ever comes after you you have a recording of me right here. That says I'll kill you. I'll throw you out in the lake known L.. Ever find you. Oh Damn I forgot about that right so when the FBI nabbed her she could have said couldn't why does she just do that Because she doesn't really WANNA turn Mardian. You know it. Martin is a likable guy. Yeah and I know she does okay so anyway. We'll we'll see we'll see but still even if she did do that that I mean that. I'm not sure that's enough to get Mardi. That's enough to clear her but not clear. Her of of the charges that petty was threatening like the Dwi and possession so that's a whole separate thing as far as the laws concerned so that it really wouldn't help her there and all that recording would probably do is say. Hey Rachel wasn't involved in money-laundering it really doesn't give her or the FBI. Any proof of what Marty has done and that is ultimately what they need but what it would do is. Oh you're right you're right because no real proof off because that would simply be attempted murder or or threat. I forget what threats when you're arrested for threatening so but I was thinking that could give the FBI leverage over. Marty here's what we have on you but interesting. I wonder ever come back. I don't know I don't know I feel like that. was kind of throw away that he he gave that to her and he knows that it actually wasn't isn't meaningful right. Wouldn't hold up in court but she didn't know that because she was kind of she's Kinda young young innocent and naive right so maybe I will say they've done a great job this season of making her look like shit she does she 'cause last season. Listen she just kinda looked like you know Kinda like a like a sexy redneck and this season she looks. She looks pretty haggard. Yes pretty weathered and not yet. She looks like druggy. Definitely so the next scene I actually really liked. There wasn't a whole lot of substance to it while I guess there was but it's Jonas sitting in the dark and Wendy comes home and finds him sitting there and he's kind of wrestling with some pretty deep issues about almost killing a man and again a lot of the scenes in this. They aren't necessarily moving the story forward. But it's really some good character development there and I love that. He said you know you wanted me to pull the trigger. How would you have felt if I had done that would you? Would you have thought of me as a murderer right and she he said I would have thanked you because our lives were at stake and if those are some tough concepts for a kid that age to CBS. Yes like I could have killed somebody in. What does that he actually had? There been bullets in the gun. He would have killed somebody. So that's really tough for him into to know that that's something that is inside of him that he could have done that but I thought it was a very sweet scene because we don't get a chance to see Mardi or Wendy really as has a caring parent and I loved that he said. Do you mind if I just sit here for a little longer. And she said to me to sit here with you and she did and I just. I thought that was a sweet parenting moment. Now there's you're happy ending that's it that's all you can. I almost killed a man. It's okay let me give you hug her. Happy thing there that we have the news anchor coming to see Wendy the same one. That was badgering late before he killed himself often. She's asking you some questions and I want to ask you what you think about this team. Because at first I thought Wendy was fast on her feet and and she mentions Scheffer. She says she's not going to comment on anything. But the news anchor says well. Did you know that Blake's widow is going to sue. Sue Wilkes for wrongful death. Right and Wendy says well he was clinically depressed right and the anxious. How did you know that? And I wasn't sure four if she let that slip quote unquote on purpose. I don't think war if that was actually a mistake. I think that was a mistake. I think and she accidentally showed her cards there. But at the same time I think that how could you prove a wrongful death suit for suicide in the history of clinical depression. Yeah and we know we're GONNA talk about in a minute what happens. I mean. Obviously that would. That's not going to happen first before we get back to that scene jona little. Mr Entrepreneur opens a bank account Sony see him going into the bank and he he says. Oh my mom's running errands but I have all the forms filled out and I have her approval so the diligent teller or administrator at the bank. Thanks well let me just call your mom. And he's like. Oh I ever in speed dial and of mercy calls Charlotte Charlotte poses as the mom and says. Oh Yeah. I'm sorry I can't be there. He definitely you know open account whatever five dollars right five thousand dollars. Then the teller says and what name is this account. I'm going to be any though it's going to be in mind. Michael Fleming bright which which was awesome. So he used his fake passport. which if you we remember this is going back to? I think he goes to the last one episode ten. Yes where the private investigator had arranged for Wendy and the kids to have all new identities. Well Smart Jona hung onto his fake passport now. He's pretty soon. He's going to have himself offshore count. I'm sure I'm sure and that was really funny because that was the one name I I don't remember what Charlotte's name was or what Wendy's name was but I remember ever mentioned he kept saying I don't WanNa be Mike Fleming right so that name was really prominent. I remember that name quite well and I was like Jerry Jones small mastermind in the making. I love it mark kid so then we see cade reading something and I thought it was like Like an employment contract or something like that and it turns out. I think it was something to do with the House. I don't know if it was a house contract or just a information information about a house Did I don't remember this scene I am. I didn't take notes about this one. Yes so this. This is cade in in the trailer with ruth she walks in. He's reading these papers and it sounds like it's it's maybe like some paperwork in regards to a house. Oh and he talks about out how Don't lie to me about this. And that's when he says you're Langmore you carry the wait of that name. And that's really sort of the the overarching. I guess quote of the episode. which is you know you've got this name and that defines who you are? Don't try to be anything else. Which I think is weird that they decide that they're not the kind of people that could actually live in a house puffs so yeah that's odd but you know what I do? Want to mention something here. So I grew up in a small town in Maryland Maryland. So I don't know where you grew up if it was more. Urban suburban does a small town too. Okay so it was a pretty rural area. Lots of tobacco farms and other things like that and in the in the county where I grew up. Your name did define you. There were there. Were certain names that had been in that county for generation so whether it's the SNELL's or the Langmore 's okay. There were the people that were like if you had that last name you were. You were part of the trashy family. If you had this name you owned a lot of the businesses in the county so when I hear this stuff if if you're a big fan of Ozark in your big city living or suburban suburban living or whatever just know that this is really how rural America is well that is fascinating. I'm not saying they're Langmore is out there waiting to get you A. I'm saying that there is. I totally agree with you. I I had. I didn't have that experience growing up really that I was aware of again. I I wasn't aware of a lot when I was a kid. I think but yeah. I definitely think that this this is more true to life. This show than anybody really wants to imagine right. Yeah so then. ooh Wendy goes to visit the senator's widow this. This scene was interesting and confusing at the same time. Oh confusing so. She has a really heartfelt discussion with the senator's widow. And we learned some things about Wendy. We knew that her brother other had some sort of Mental illness because in season one. She's on a boat with Mardian. They're talking about you. Know my brother. And they're concerned that maybe there's something going on on with Joanna and she says. She mentioned that her brother was a manic depressive. which is no one really uses that term anymore people used bipolar her? She specifically says manic depressive. I don't know why and then she even talks about her own depression which I mean. I don't think any of that was bullshit. Shit I think she was. She was really just driving sincere. Yeah I mean. I've suffered from depression before. So I get where she's coming from and I thought it was You know a really powerful description of depression right and then she said well she talks about how you're kind of what she say like a pain. That's something about unfair from the it goes from your head. Yes yeah it was very very good yes don and it's something that you can't escape you just can't escape it and and then she says we'd like to start a foundation in your husband's name to help mentally ill with a focus on depression and we'd like to start with a million dollars and the wife says. Are you trying to buy me. And she says yes. I am and I didn't really understand why at least at this point. I didn't understand why Wendy would try and do that. Because Wendy wouldn't be impacted for affected. She wasn't really responsible. And the only thing at this point was that I think she was hoping to have some leverage over Wilkes. Is that what you were thinking or is that which you ultimately got out of it. Well she didn't want Blake's widow to sue wilkes because then everything that they had been working for. He's he's the one on her side that that's working with her to get the casino done so if he goes down the casino goes down but I thought they needed him just to get the bill passed. They need him to get past the Gaming Commission. They need him for a lot more. I mean there's continual red tape in these kind of things things right right. That was my thought. Okay you know also. She says when she asks her when the widow asks her. If she's buying you she says yes. I M but she also said but I'm also helping to do some good. Do some good in all this. Yes and I believe that as well because I think Wendy I think Mardi doesn't really struggle with any of that in which concerns me but but but Wendy Wendy knows that there's a big emotional toll from yeah. I think she came up with a win win. Situation Right there uh-huh you know. So and ultimately the widow goes for it thank God I wasn't sure if she was going to or not but she did she went for it. So that's good. So then we see ruth driving by the House that she had mentioned and she sees a young family couple with a baby looking at it with a realtor and she kind of just gets a little melancholy. Look on her face and I feel like maybe that was symbolic of her putting some closure on that saying you know what I'm langmore. This isn't for me someone else's taken. I'm I'm never going to have a husband and baby so I might as well. Just forget it. Yeah I the expression that I got from. Her face was okay. I'm I'm not cut out for this life if I'm not this nice happy family. Yep which makes me sad yet. It's very sad. She's nineteen years old. I mean she I know. Get your whole life in front of you girl said Damn Ko. Yeah then we have agent petty fitting Rachel with a wire and telling GonNa Act Natural and giving her some drugs because pettis an asshole right he knows how to manipulate people and he talks about this whole charade of the business shutting down and that's when we realize that he is behind and the businesses being shut down because he needed Marty to call her. Yup Yeah so we thought it was wilkes but it's actually the FBI there. Yep Yep and then the next scene can I talk about this John Jay Darlene. I love talking about Jacob Darlene. So they go to the They go to Wilkes X.'s. Dock and that beautiful boat that we saw in an earlier episode they pour with gasoline and light it on fire and I just have to say when I was watching this I kinda loved the Jacob Darlene. We're doing their own dirty work. So that's true that's a good point. They are not like a if you think back to season one. When del is visiting them you know they talk about how they're very successful and he says something to the effect of well looking around? I couldn't really tell. Oh Oh yeah meaning like. They have a save a nice farmhouse but they don't live a fantasy life at all and so that's just kind kind of how they are. They just get their own dirty work done and then God snell's having sex. I wrote it might. Here's what I wrote my notes. Oh I do not want to see the SNELL's fucking I did my own little hand-drawn Emoji like the open mouth face like all what at first I. I'm like who is having sex and I I would like I don't recognize these voices. I'm like Oh my God. It's the SNELL's serving celebration sex and then Marty I'm sorry Darlene. Wait just hold on before we get to Darlene. Because Jacob says something to her and can't quite at couldn't quite tell I listened to it twice. I couldn't quite tell what he said. I think he said Darlene. You are immortal to me is is that what he said I didn't I didn't I might have to understand it. The the captions on in and see what he said but immortal. Whatever and he he basically basically it was like she wants to talk to him and he goes? My head is an empty. She'll well she's wants to talk to him about having a baby. I don't know if she means hat. I don't think she means having a baby I don't think they can. She tells him she wants a baby and she says I. Yeah what Oh my God. At that point I was like okay. I got to write that down like really Darlene. which which part makes you think you're you're cut out for that Darlene Darlene Darlene? Then we go to. We go to Rachel at the blue cat. And she's like don't turn on the lights and I'm wondering what's going on and she is true rash. Yeah he's so drunk now it's wrong with her. It was that intentional. I I did not. I was not able to figure that out either. I don't know if she was for a minute. I thought she was faking being trashed They don't really make that clear. I don't think she was faking it. But did you catch of course you caught it but she scraped his hand. Oh with her fingernail. No okay. Well that she made a point of like scraping his hand with her fingernail and he was like you know Oh and she made it look like well. That's the question she made. It look like an accident but that's typically how you'd get somebody's DNA exactly so. I'm not sure ooh sure if the plan I mean we were not privy to agent Pettis full plan here so I don't know what's going on. Then he tucks her in. I mean they don't really say anything. She's wired up but she doesn't get them to say anything because she so trashed right and he brings her to lie down on the couch and he tucks Iran and you see see. He covers her with a blanket. And if I I'm not sure if I was getting this right but she bunched the blanket up over her chest right. He didn't want himbal the Mike. Oh is that what it was well. I don't know I don't I- sensitive the Mike Czar and then she says they're gonNA find you. Lock you up or kill you so issue morning. Him mm-hmm yes. I think I think I think you're spot on with that. Take I thought she was just like making sure that her shirt like the Mike wasn't showing which which I did do that. But then after he covered her with a blanket she like bunched at all up over her. Chow K. I don't know I'm not sure if I have that right or not. I was making not at this point. So maybe I missed it but I think that in that moment that that drunken state she's really I think I think she's got a moral dilemma. I actually saying I still care about Marty and I. I think she's warning him honestly. It's very interesting. We shall see where her mind is. I'm not sure what's going on with Rachel. Well then we've got ruth truth with her plan. B Like we just talked about a little while ago. She did not have success convincing the marina owner to let them invest in the business so she she goes to plan B. and just trashes the dock she takes a powerboat and whips around. And all the I don't know if she actually hit the boats or if it was just damage image with yeah so she did a lot of damage and the guy I don't know if they ever say the owner of the marinas name but I don't know his name but he she knows her The next day they quickly cut to the next morning and you know he says to her. You're worse than your father. Because she goes in with a big smile saying well we know Marty would be happy to invest. Writes all this for you right. So yeah there she gets gets the job done again. And then we've got a couple of quick scene. So we're at the funeral and Wendy's talking to Wilkes basically saying I took care of this for you and it sounds like she offered him a percentage of the profits from the Casino is. Did I hear that right. Wow I didn't catch that either. She said something like how about three and a a half percent of something so I think I think in lieu of the ability to build on the land the mall and the right. He's is going to actually get a percentage of the prophets I don't know we may have to. We may have to go back to some of these things but the next scene. It's a short one but ruth goes into the office where she says she's got a real job at a real office and she goes into Marty's office and then. Oh God Marty your timing is is horrible and he says I need you to not come into the office. And he's got a valid point right the gaming commission coming around he can't really have a convicted felon there but first she barges in. She's so she's beaming. She showed herself that she got this. She's like did you hear me. I got a new business for us to run money through. And he's just like all right cool but you need to just you know. Stay under the radar for a while. Yeah so in Marty's insensitive. That's the thing. He's very insensitive. I wrote the word oblivious. He's he's so focused on the prize. Not that it's a prize that he neglects. I mean he did the same same thing to his family neglected at wife Neglected Children Yep and he suffered the consequences and he's doing the same thing all over again. Yeah God Marty. I hope it doesn't backfire. Well I think I wanNA You don't want to Piss off ruth too much. Well I think again. I think ruth is going to go back and forth this whole season season between you know wanting to please her daddy and wanting to please marty. Yeah Yeah so then. We have a really quick scene of Roy. Away and Rachel the F. B. I.. Agent talking to Rachel and he gives her some drugs and he basically says do better than you've been been doing which I thought was really kind of interesting because that's exactly what his superior told him right in the briefing that they had. I think those exact words taste better than you've been doing. Yep We hate you Roy. Now let's talk about that dinner party because I'm going to bet we wrote down the exact ZAC same quote. Well I'm not gonNA say the quill but Darlene has some nice words for Wendy. She said she pays her. I'll say she says I. Yeah I thought you'd be a real count and Wendy looks at her and goes. Well thank you like. What are you supposed to say to that? I have to comment here. This isn't exactly about Ozark mark but are there some swear words that you just can't like I know you have a problem saying titty bar like you don't like to say titty Bar I don I have a problem with the c word I can say almost any other swearword but the C one. I do not like to say well. If you live in my household you you hear it all and as as you know. No no not directed at me. But I don't live with Darlene doing no but as you no we watched a lot of British TV and that's just a common word that they use Okay okay not the darlings British by any means yeah so. That's not a dinner party. I'd really be comfortable hanging out at the snails and the birds but it was very very funny the way that you know now. They've just gotten to the point where they're having dinner parties together right now. Right eating the deer that Jonas shot right. Wendy did not like that. That would have been me. I would have been like I have some bread. Yeah Yeah I all right though backout langmore 's kind of kind of ending with them. This was a big episode for the Langmore 's and Ruth is still pushing Wyatt for his college essay and that that college essay was really league. Poignant in a way I mean I know that why it was trying to be flip about like do you belong at this university and his answer was no. And here's why because I'm a langmore and my that means different things for me. My life is different than your life and he said your mom left when my mom left. But it's it's different than your situation and that had me thinking what happened to his mom because I don't think they've ever address that right. And and that also is a little bit of a callback to win. Ruth comes in to interrupt why it and Charlotte Smoking Weed and when Charlotte leaves if your member Marut says to Wyatt your her daddy could just pay her way into college. You're never going to be like her right so then riot ultimately writes this college essays. Saying I'm never going to be like you right. Yeah which is true and part of me was like damn submit it submit that I know I know yeah I thought so too and and ruth was kind of pissed slash upset teary eyed and again throughout this whole episode. She's just this kind of being confronted with the fact that she is a Langmore and this is her lot in life and what is she going to do about it so she goes and gives her dad the keys to the marina that they now own or slasher investing. And so he can. She says make a job for himself and look busy when when the parole officer comes which means do nothing and and if he wants chop up the boat parts for right resale yeah and he says I I you know. I thought you didn't approve of that kind of thing anymore. And she kinda just shrugs it off and says well what she said. You know the quote. I don't remember exactly what she responded to him. Umbono she just kind of said. Oh well you know do what you gotta do. But how about that closing scene so she goes out there too. I can't remember if they're awesome lots or what. They're too exotic animals. That Russ and Boyd had bought in season one with the idea of breeding them till she finds out. They don't have fucking balls on them right. So they have two females. Obviously and and I'm looking going. I can't believe they still have these cats really. I know why right. And she would have sold them back to someone something and she goes outside to the cage and she's just kind of pensively looking in she opens the door and just says is your fucking choice and that was great. I mean that was everything in the episode. That's at least for the Langmore. That's what it's all about but the the real question is what will her choice. B Yep it was good was excellent excellent ending very very good ending so we've already talked a lot about the title of the episode which is once a Langmore and you know. I think that's going to be a recurring theme throughout the season. Can Ruth Get out from under the weight of the name and I think as long as her father is around. No she can't i. I think once routes starts to turn things around. I think she can be a positive influence on Wyatt. I'm telling you I still. I got my fingers crossed for happy ending for the Langmore. Even if that means kids did yeah as happy ending the that would be a happy ending or me and then as the show opens we see the giant. Oh Oh the crosshairs and the four symbols symbols. We saw this time. And I'd love it if you guys listening weigh in on this because I can't always figure out what these symbols are so the the first one at first I was like is that a nut cracked in half but it's actually the boat on fire. It's so I knew that was going to happen. I could tell it. was that fancy speedboat. That Wilkes owned owned so I knew that the boat that boat was going to catch on fire. Then there's something that looks like I kid you not a pokey ball so I don't know what I. I'm pretty sure there weren't any pokey balls in this episode so I dropped the ball on this. I didn't even look at the opening. Oh I got to pay more attention I I love looking up here then. There's something that looks like a fork full of meat which I think is related to the next simple which is a buck a deer. Yeah yeah so I think the forkball is from dinner party and them eating a nice forceful venison. Yeah so that's what we've got and as for our dirty dilemma. Aw Don't there you go. There's music so I think this week. It was a little tough for us to pick a dirty dilemma. What we're going to go with ruth because she continues to face an internal struggle? I think I we see her at the marina and when she tries is very legitimately to get them to invest or to accept investment. She is not successful and then she has to come up with a plan B. so her plan B. could've ban to try try again. You know try another way but instead she goes to a criminal plan B. so that was one one dilemma. And then later on she could just you know have the business and the money money laundry through the marina and everything's the way it always has been but she tells her daddy you know. Why don't you go use this place for your own criminal use right? So why did she do that for her father here. Here's one thing I'm thinking. I think that ruth is constantly like I said facing an internal struggle and she's young and she's naive and she changes her. mind minute to minute I feel like I really do and I feel like in this episode. She was shut down. Bye Marty in multiple places okay. She wanted to help. She was excited about getting a new business. He told basically fired her. You know not not really but told her that she can't be around then he has he has to take off of paper rate has to take her name off paperwork and I think that crushes her inside inside. It does so. Then because he's trying to escape that pat exactly then turning and she's saying all right well you know if this is who he sees me as. That's why I'm going to be I'm going to give my daddy. The okay to go be the criminal that he is an condone it. Well and her father does say to her at some point during the episode. I think it was her dad. Says you know what have you done for Mardi. You've only had you've only done his dirty work which is not true because she met knows the club. Yeah and he's put a lot of faith in her and I feel like if it were me and I was really trying to turn my life around and again. We don't know all the history between Ruth and her dad yet but I would have tried harder to get through to Marty to state my value I think. She's got to be somewhat intimidated by Marty. I mean Marty's you know a wealthy suburban family family man sure and so you know I think she wants his approval and acceptance. But I think she's also intimidated by him at the same time so yes. She's struggling poor. Ruth this this really. This whole episode should've been called. Ruth's dilemma that's because once allowing more. That is her dilemma ultimately does does she accept her fate or does she try to rise above. It and ruth were rooting for you. It's right girl we really. We are all right. Well that's going to wrap it up for season two episode three. We'd love to know what you thought about it. We are accepting your calls at three one five stink. TV If you have something to say about any of the episodes this season please call leave us a message and we will include you on our podcast. We'd love to have you weigh in and if you want to weigh in on social media you can do that as well tell him where Shannon Stinger podcast everywhere you can use hashtag singer. PODCAST get get to us on twitter instagram facebook. We also have a movie and TV Discussion Group for Stinger. If you just search that on facebook we would love to have you join in. And don't forget we also have. Every other Tuesday are Stinger TV and movie podcast where we talk about all things entertainment. Yes so join us for that or join us for our next episode where we're GonNa take on episode for an until then just keep your laundry cleaned

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Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 4: Boss Fight

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48:17 min | 4 months ago

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 4: Boss Fight

"We're back and talking about ozark episode. Three picked up the pace and episode. Four sorta down just a touch but there continues to be a shift in the balance of power. That's what we're talking about next in a world where your friends and Co Workers. Don't understand your movie or TV obsession obsession where you just want someone anyone to share your binge watching watching it. Shannon and favor are here for you. Your wait is over. Stinger starts now now. Hi Everyone I'm Shannon and I'm Pedro welcomed a Stinger. Tv movie podcast where we are talking for the next few episodes exclusively about season. Three of ozark. In case. You've been missing it. We are an entire podcast to an entire episode of season. Three of ozark. What he thinks. Shannon Yeah I think that I made a little mistake and I will acknowledge it my bad because I went ahead and watched an extra episode and favorite. I agreed we were going to watch one. Podcast watch one podcast so that we don't have any influences or one doesn't know something the other doesn't know that's coming up and I just couldn't stop. It was week. I was weak and I couldn't stop after episode three so now I've I went on to episode four and Ed. She pressured me as well. You know I want. I do want to get through it but I definitely want to get through it. I would love for you to watch it. And podcast faster but The problem is we don't have any feedback because we are recording episode forest. Podcast like two hours after we just recorded episode three so we don't have any feedback except that I want to acknowledge. I did get an email back last episode. We talked about the person who emailed in an enlightened us about Wendy and the milk and all of that and we just want to acknowledge that it was Jay from California. So thank you Jay from California. Thank you Jay. Brilliant yes resilient. Yeah and that's all we got because episodes threes PAS CA justice. Not even actually out yet when we're recording this so I fucked it all up. I love you. Didn't edit and release it and let people already listen to it like moments after we reported it. I'm not magic okay. Listen if you guys aren't really into the world of podcasting let me just explain what goes into each and every episode if we're doing it as quickly as possible we sit down and watch every episodes about an hour. It takes me a little longer than an hour because I pause along the way I rewind weight. Would it makes it was that we make notes then after that? Shannon and I get together and it takes about an hour to talk about the episode. And then when that's done I am usually editing. The episode which takes a bat an hour and then Shannon simultaneously is working on all the show notes. And so we're talking at least three hours for every episode so about that. Shannon when you pressure me tap-in on I know I know I know I just can't wait and my son. I have a twenty one year old son upstairs in his room. Who's already through episode eight or nine and keeps coming down going? You know doing that crap to us. We're like get out. Get Out of the room. He won't wait. I'm super excited to talk about this episode. Not because it was an edge of your seat episode like episode. Three was for me but because thinks shifted all lot yes episode and so we promise we're going to give you a little extra time now to give us some feedback whether it's on episode three or episode for we would love to hear that for our next recording so if you want your feedback included in our next podcast if you're yelling at the TV or yelling at US WE WANNA know or if you guys are really great at interpreting stuff that we sometimes miss so you can email your comments to Stinger podcast at G MAIL DOT com. You can leave a voice message which will play on the air. Three one five stink TV. That's three one five. Seven eight four six four eight eight or give us a shout out on social media. I forgot what social media was called for a minute. You guys have quarantined brain. I think so twitter instagram facebook. We are Stinger podcast. And don't forget to join our facebook groups we have to facebook groups one dedicated exclusively to Ozark. It's called ozarks dirty laundry and are more General Entertainment facebook group called TV movie discussion with Stinger. So we would love to have you there chatting with us about everything entertainment yet and and once you're through your ozark high and you're like what do I watch next. That's when our TV movie. Discussion Group is fun. And I think people have really stepped up during this whole Quarantine period where we all have a little extra streaming time on our hands. So We'd love to have you in there as well and if you just want a place to share stupid me names. We've got your car. We got it. Yes all right now. It's time to dive in to episode four boss fight. This episode opens with Wendy getting the call. Okay Marty's missing Ben Is talking to Ruth and he's grabbing his phone. This is immediately after it happens. He grabs his phone and he's going to call the police because Ben still thinks his normal life here at risk grabbing the phone. She's like well the fuck you doing you know. And he's like what is going on with you. People and Ruth just says ask you fucking sister so what I loved about. The scene is as we talked in episode. Three I said was that the cartel or was that the Mafia that grabbed Mardi. And you clearly knew that point. You're like you're like I don't know but honestly even I. I'm being one hundred percent on his here. That I did make the connection that he that Navarro New. The phone was bugged and figured out it was. Mardi so I really did think it was the cartel before the watched but from a directing standpoint. I thought this was a really interesting perspective because they show Mardi in the car blindfolded. And you see the same scene play out that was at the end of episode three but you see it from the perspective of of Mardi in the car. That was cool. Yeah looking out and the guy getting out pointing the gun at Ruth's Truck and I just want to say by the way it looks like ruth did buy yourself a nice pickup trucks. Yeah yes sir. Unhappy for her But Ruth let's bend note involves Wendy and then we see Wendy and Helen and Helen swears she had nothing to do with this but she was quote afraid. This was going to happen and at this point. I'm like Helen. Oh help I predict. Helen will not survive this season. I predict that when already. I think you'd use at Jalan Darlene. We're GONNA die. You predicted that. Yeah I agree. I'm going to agree but I am really really fascinated with how helen fits into all this. I. I just really can't figure her out quite yet a for a while. I thought while she's you know she really likes Wendy. She uses a lot of herself and Wendy. She wants to bring Wendy into the fold and then I started to think. Maybe she's just using Wendy. Yellen will now. I'm starting to think that Helen is just like the rest of them. She got herself involved in this shit. She scared and she's just trying to survive well but then they show her on the phone and she says we don't know who she's talking to. I think you'd better get here soon as possible. Things are getting complicated right. I was she talking. I don't know and I can't wait to find out. Yeah yeah that is a big mystery and the whole scene with Helen and Wendy. Where when he's trying to get her to call Navarro and she's like I don't think it's advisable and Wendy's like well fuck. I'm going to pick up my phone call men and did you see how I'm like. Wait where how did you get that number? She was and yeah. It's all it's all a mystery. Yes so Wendy. Ends up spilling everything to Ben And you know it's one thing to do that it's another thing to let. Helen know that you're doing that right. Because that is now more liability the more people that know. I mean this is Helen's career and no one in her family knows about it that she thinks that she thinks. I bet her daughter does know something. I don't know there's something with the daughter. We'll get to that but it's very clear in the sense that they show that both Wendy and ruth care about Mardi so everything we know. Ruth cares about Mardi but everything that we've seen between Wendy and Mardian the conflicts in the therapy at their core. I know they still love each other. I agree I agree and that is one of the most wonderful things about this show. Is that the characters are very real. There is no black and white. And what's what is one of my favorite things about this show and I said this before about other shows that we watch what I love whether it's a book or a movie or show. I love it when they create characters that you can't love or hate there so because in real life you don't have people that just you love them or you hate. I mean the okay. Yes you do but I mean everybody's got the good in the bad and last episode two. I was like team Wendy episode three. I'm like Wendy's a bitch and now I'm like Wendy's human and she has her flaws and the same with Marty so I love flawed characters. And they're doing a really nice job here so marty is clearly taken down to Mexico and I love how. Navarro has a dungeon built into his home. Because you know it's really hard to find homes nowadays with Dungeons and so. Can we pause for a second? 'cause I was just I was just taking a drink here and I want to say that you know it's it's quarantine day drinking. It's about four four forty five and I've had two southern conference and Ginger Ales in a feature stink drinking tea. I'm Jay. I'm like I'm just going to get into wrong. I did have a glass of wine last night. I'm like I know when you're sick. That drinking is not what you're supposed to do but damn it it's quarantine. Yeah you know gotTa do you. GotTa do something so yeah. I'd like to rehydrate before I dehydrate. So you rack on with your southern comfort. That actually seems appropriate for this show. Too right right okay. So Martin Living Mardi with the cartel he marty's not been drinking. Mardi wishes he had a drink. Yeah and he is in front of Navarro and then he just starts babbling. I'm like Shit Mardi. Just shut up. Don't speak until spoken to exactly but he's used to try talking. He's a good talker. He himself out of every situation and Navarro finally says what do you want? And there's a really really long pause and I'm waiting to hear what he's GonNa say any says I don't understand the question and and then I go guess. That was the wrong answer. Yeah definitely the wrong answer. Yeah I don't know I was just like Mardi just freaking. Tell them the truth. I wanted Mardi to say I want out. That's what I was expecting him to say. I just want out of this. That's all I want but I will. I will do what you want me to do. Because I'd like to live but I I want out you know but I've never does say that. So yeah I think what he could have said was. I know I made ideal and I know here. I am and my job is to launder money but I want you to. Just let me do my job to the best of my ability without constantly looking over my shoulder I'm here I'm loyal or whatever you know. Because he's not going to get out he's I think that's where we get to so. Yeah Yes yes yes so ruth is not sure. She's a little bit worried about standing in for Mardi says he knows how to do. Shit I don't know how to do right and Ben tries to lighten the mood by doing like a magic trick and making a quarter disappear like bed clearly just as not grasping the gravity of the situation. Hey it made her smile. But I was like Ben Year Weirdo. Oh there's another scene where you're like Ben has issues get to look at too but you know of course Charlotte and Jona would know. Wendy is lying. They know I mean even know. He's not Kansas City for business. Like they're in deep so they they don't know all the gory details but they know that she's not being totally truthful and then. Helen is seen trying to prepare Wendy for the worst. Like have you thought of what you're GonNa Save the children and I thought that sort of premature and I was wondering if Helen knew something. I wonder about homes motives right. I want it back up a little bit though in just another moment like Charlotte Jones commanded blurts out. My allergies are acting up because he was high. Did you okay? I thought that's what he was referring today. And then he goes over and gets chips and snacks and and went band asks him how the Lake was his. Fuck it also like US clearly under the influence of something. When he's at allergies I was like okay. He must have read is just the way he blurted it out. I thought it was hysterical. This very very cute very cute. And why would aaron not come in the House with them? What did she just like? Sit outside in the car waiting for Helen to come out. I thought that was odd. Oh I thought maybe they dropped her off at home. 'cause everybody on DOC by their house. Okay maybe they dropped her up droff with the boat or whatever. Okay that makes sense. I'll accept that Yup. Yeah Okay Alright. Moving on what are we got next. I have one sentence Ruth in Maya at the casino so that must not have been a significant scene for me other than you know my I was asking what wears Marty. He's Outta town. Chaos city's pretty much. Ruth is trying to stand in for Mardi. She's trying to make everything. Look legit we do see. Mardi eating some swap in the cell in the in the dungeon. Yeah Yeah and then I think it's the next morning yes and we see Wendy comes out. And it's clear that Ben has told the kids about Mardi being in Mexico and all the kids are scared shitless and I don't know that that was fair or right for him to do that but you know he realizes that things are deep and when he goes outside and I I really hope and I think maybe she started to gain some perspective talking to Ben You know like what the Hell Are you doing? And she realizes she's in deep. Yeah and I got out of that. Scene is that the kids and band were up in the morning before Wendy and I bet. The kids started working on Ben. What's going on? And yes and Ben. We know we know here into right so just tell us. I have a feeling that he ben is completely unprepared for all of this and when he's outside talking to Wendy where she's berating him for tone the kids he's like they already know everything. Like how can you let your kids be involved in all of this? So that's kind of how I'm taking that. I don't think Ben just woke up and was like hey you want to know what happened last night. You know I worked on him. Yeah and I think you know everyone has to remember that. It's not like they said kids. It's time to bring you into the family business. I mean the kids kind of figured out something was going on and it was a pretty dire situation but right. Helen shows up at this point. Every moment is tense and she gets a call from. I don't know if it's Navarro or or or who it was But he said it was the name. Hector the whole little debate hore game again and those Mendoza right right. Yes which at this point. I thought it was. I was like why. Why would she specifically say the name? But that comes up later in the episode. So let's talk about that later in the episode when that exact name comes back up okay it's horrid Mendoza. She said she because she goes. I talked to someone and she goes. Who who did you talk to? And she goes Horgavitt Mendoza like why would hell and just say Oh. Here's who I talked to wouldn't have any meaning to to Wendy on and she and she said well clearly he was. He was calling with a message and the messages. It's business as usual. The worst part of that conversation though was she says to Wendy if we succeed in Business Marty is redundant and if we fail then we are. Yeah and I was like Holy Shit. That is a no win situation. Yep everybody read. Her tried to figure out a way to look useful. Better try yes. Well and as the episode place on we do find that Marty's able to show. Yeah everybody is useful so hopefully except maybe Helen. And I just don't know what's going to happen. With our art we see Mardi back in the dungeon any singing ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall and then we get this really interesting flashback to when he was a kid He's in the hospital. His Dad is on a ventilator as Mama's sitting nearby and he's singing the same bottle she sitting nearby smoking smoking registering at that in and he goes. It's all right. Yeah he goes to get a coke and I'm like product placement. Come on he put he put the money in. And you see the coke machine and the coke comes down nice clear label. They released its coconut Pepsi. Yeah Okay you're right. Coke is better but I love I actually love the authenticity of the flashback scene. Whenever I see scenes like this I'm always looking in the background to see how authentic they were and I looked at like people in the background that walked into the waiting room and what they were wearing their hair looks like and what the paintings on the wall like and it would they nailed it. It was and he goes to play a game called Beast slayer and I did look up to see if this was a legit game. It's not actually a legit game But I did find out something about this. Well I found. Someone's interpretation about this game which I'll I'll tell you a little later on. About what what? The point of that game is in here but go back to Marty and Navarro comes down. And it's exactly what I said. I think you said it to. He knows Marty was listening in on. Wendy Yep and he says do you love her and Marty goes into this whole I was yes but I i. I'm protecting her and he said No. You fear fear her. Yeah and I was like yeah. That's true yep knife and I fear her and at that moment I was called back to the scene Jacob and Darlene. Right you said you know what do you do? When the woman who takes your breath away becomes the wife the makes you hold your breath and terror so right. I feel like Marty's really identifying with it at that point right Yeah and Navarro says Wendy knows exactly what she wants. Marty says what's that he says. All of it she wants it all right and I actually I actually love this scene. I love when Jason Bateman is in these really vulnerable scenes and it reminds me of season one one of the early episodes when when he basically saves himself when he ceases partner get shot all these other people get shot and he's there pleading for his life and any comes up with this plan for. Ozark like I felt the terror from Jason Bateman in that sees at us and I really you know this one I really just loved him in the scene and he's crying and he said what do you want he said. I WANNA see my wife and kids again and I went. I guess that was the wrong answer. And he says you're a liar. Marty and this is what I was going back to. He should have known that when he was sabotaging the casino deal. He was sabotaging Navarro. Yes he should have understood that again. That whole dynamic there with him and Wendy in Navarro and everybody not communicating and all of. That is just really. It's really complicated really complicated. It is it is okay. Then then we flip flop to a couple of different scenes. We see Wendy making plans. I thought she was leaving money in Buddies Crypt. Like maybe for her kids but it turns out she was actually getting money from the crypt Taking IT TO RUTH. Because Ruth is bringing her hillbillies together to launder money at the Casino and God bless her. She is doing her best and she's giving them all nine thousand dollars. Which I'm like. You don't think this is gonNA raise a red flag like I knew right away. That was not a great idea and she's paying them to lose eight thousand dollars like all on the same day and I I have my ruth quote can I do you can but I just want to put it out there. I love her. I say at every episode. This was such a great scene. I love her whole like standing up their military style. Giving them instructions You know obviously this is how they're going to get the dirty Monday money into circulation All right go ahead with your quote I I have I have a lot. I would like to just replay. I wish we could get this to put on the PODCAST and replay. Her whole diatribe their whole speech because it was great. So she says Now guys like you. Coming in with wads of cash get noticed. So y'all need to have a story for instance. Oh well I wanted playing Bingo. At the vfw or old anti-deficit just left me a whole bundle and she dropped dead and Yada Yada Yada. I don't care what your fucking story is. But you better fucking have one ready. That's my ruth quote of the day. You dumb ass has got it you dumb asses and then Wendy pulls up and says I thought you told them where their Sunday best. She's looking at. That is their Sunday best. And at this point. I'm a little frustrated with Wendy because I'm thinking if only Wendy had tried to help Mardi before he got kidnapped and this is their problem the back and forth back and forth and they need to just need to work together as a team. Maybe they need a real therapist. I don't know well when he starts to protest. That ban is involved because she sees him in in. Ruth's group of henchmen there but says you know we need people we can trust and really. That's the bottom line. So right Ben Ben Ben and she says don't you trust your brother and you can see from Wendy's space. She's like maybe. Yeah so quick scene. We get a lot of these quick little scenes Yellen and Charlotte and Helen basically threatened Charlotte and says that Aaron doesn't know anything and it needs to stay that way and in that scene. I thought that Charlotte's going to use that as a playing card at some interesting well could. She tricked she. Tricked CHARLOTTE. Because I don't think I mean we know because Charlotte then goes to Wendy and it's like a sorry. I let it slip but she tricked Charlotte into kind of admitting that she knows what's going on I think Helen didn't know the kids knew as much as they do right and she says to Charlotte there will be consequences for anyone who speaks truth to my daughter and I thought that was a really interesting. Who Speaks Truth to my daughter? Yes so so much lying. Us Helen. You'RE NOT GONNA make it out alive I have a feeling that I don't know I just got this scene of Wendy Killing Helen. In my head really. Yeah I don't know I don't know we'll we'll see but same okay. Then we are at the casino and right away. I'm thinking this all seems way too obvious to me yet with everybody playing. And it's clearly obvious to Maya as well and she goes downstairs. I don't know how she knows Wendy Birds Brother but they've clearly done their research you know. She immediately noticed a spike money. Coming in with a why did they tend? Send them all in with their nine thousand dollars on the same day. I mean remember when we were talking about An I it's really that smart and you said yes and now. I'm like not that Wendy to when he was involved in this plan. Think Wendy would. Hey you know sends chase it out in. I don't know maybe they all didn't go. And maybe my is. Just hyper focused on any little thing. Well it students looking at the numbers and she said you had less people coming in today and way more cash cash. Yeah and it was just like well. I don't know people branch people like to come and gamble. And she's like Oh it's summer. She was trying to play it off but he did. He did great. Yeah because she said Oh is is Mardi mark? I'm sorry to hear murders out sick. Or whatever and he's like and I thought for sure Ben was going to blow it and he said he's not sick. He's in Kansas City. Yeah it was casper ghosts right then. Yes good. Tom Really Rooting for Ben and Ruth. I'm rooting for that whole situation. So hopefully 'cause I like ban but I just feel like I feel like there's definitely got to be more to him knowing this show there's gotta be more to Ben other than him just being sidekick you know yeah maybe down on his luck brother Haaretz into the fold. Yeah this is what's going to happen. Wendy's going to have been kill Helen. Because we already know. Ben Has issue with violence. Oh yeah that scene when they were all yellow away winning get did we know not yet. Okay not yet. But let's let's go back to the game of Mardi still not saying the right thing back in the dungeon and he finally confesses that use like you're right. I don't trust Wendy. I'm afraid of her and I'm afraid of you. I hope the US scare the fuck Outta me. When I they win the war and chop your fucking head off yes again. I'm thinking sure I would have said that. Yeah I mean but but listen I have to tell you that. The techniques that they showed are real techniques that are used for psychological torture like definitely like the Spanish death metal or whatever that was through the lab music that they did that in the walking dead to did they. Yeah Yeah Yeah so yeah. He's they're definitely raking him over the coals. But in between those scenes we have Maya who shows up at Wendy Wendy's house and this is going back to what I said earlier when Wendy was talking to Helen and said well who did you speak to. In Helen's said Horny Mendoza. Maya's shows up with a photo on her phone says. Do you know who this is? And she said it's Hor Game Mendoza. I don't know I just think it's like a weird coincidence that they're both spouting this name. It's either a little too obvious on the part of the writers or something's going on something's going on with Helen and Maya. I don't know but missing interesting or maybe my is playing Wendy. I don't know but I just find it fascinating. How the F. B. I? Agents basically know everything and they just have to wait until they can catch somebody. Maya and Martier sitting there like plainly discussing basically the process of money laundering. What done right? But there's nothing they can actually do until they can prove it right. I mean it's pretty much as like look. I know you're working for the Navarro drug cartel and I know you can't say anything and I know you can't do anything but here's your way out and just the look on. Wendy's faces like yes. You're absolutely right but I don't know what you're talking about. I mean how it's played Kudos to Laura. Linney is acting in that because you could see her holding back the emotions because she's genuinely scared for Murray and this woman's here saying you know we can do something and she's just use your. She's holding back tears right so the real question is would you get the FBI involved because they said if an American citizen has been kidnapped to Mexico. We can get involved. We can help you. Ok. Here's my take. I'm going to stand by what I said in our last podcast last episode. I just would not trust anybody you know. I don't I think I would be the last man standing. I would stick it out until I was just caught red-handed or dead or something I don't think I would ever trust the FBI or the authorities to help me out. I that's just right because honestly they don't have your interests at heart. They have right air interests at heart. There they WANNA bring down the drug cartels. They don't want to save your husband's slide answer. There's a bigger picture than you and it would be so easy for him to become collateral damage and they you know I mean. Of course I wouldn't say yeah. Why don't you go to the most powerful drug lord in Mexico? Because I'm sure Mario make it out alive so I wrote would you get the FBI involved and my response was nope. No no all right so then we have the scene where Helen Ruth. Okay so ruth goes to make a deposit like she always does or like Mardi has showed her that he does clearly doesn't understand the complexities of it as we find out later. And we see ruth yelling at Helen. Helen's yelling back at Wendy's yelling and then Ben just kind of has this freakout moment. He's like like I was like a temper tantrum or like I don't know something really weird. Yeah and it was interesting and Wendy turns around like they all kind of look at him like Okay Weirdo. Which why is that the weirdest thing in the room really well? That's true. Yes yes well the yeah. So the result of that is that one of Navarro's accounts was frozen and there's a red flag on it and nobody knows how to fix it so. Helen is also starting to worry about her life. A little bit guests seems yes and she asks her driver. I don't remember if it's here in a later scene but it was no. Yeah if if my name ever comes up you'll tell me he said yes which of course he wouldn't and how that works but but. I loved seeing Ruth. Relax at home on her front yard couch. How do people have those flake outdoor furniture? I mean that's that's nasty. I how is it not wet and gross in the Moldy and and anyway But such a sweet seen it was it was a sweet scene and Ben says you know I'm really sorry that you know my family pulled you into their world of Shit and routes as I was in a world of Shit long before I met them and that is true. That's she's better off now and he says that he wants to make sure she's safe and she leans over and she kisses him. He's I guess she's not a lesbian. I was excited. That's true. She's not a lesbian not less. Yeah no it was. It was a sweet scene and I actually really like those two together so and she said I'll see you tomorrow. He Yep well then we see Mardi and Navarro is showing him the computer. And he's like where's my money? What the fuck and Marty's like well. I'm just going to do this and transfer this and changed the password twice and they're you're all good so that was awesome right showing his experts in laundering. I would like to know how realistic you know. I know all these writers do their research. I would love to know how realistic what he said is to the situation. Because that's just cool. He proved he's not redundant. I mean I didn't even understand what he was saying. I'm lucky if I can. I can make a deposit into my own checking account that's about that's about as good as I can even do it with my smartphone. Yeah I can withdraw cash. I can spend cash. That I'm good at spending is easy. That's the good part. But Navarro sends him away and he has a freak out moment. Like I did what you wanted. I fuck and kicking SORTA Tantrum again. You know he knows. Every moment that he's there is a life and death moment and I think you know again. The stakes are high. The writers to a really good job of making sure stakes are really high in every scene. So he's he's taken back away and then we have an episode or we have a moment home where you know Wendy says good night to Charlotte and then we see her come out and she just she breaks down and it was nice to see the softer human side. Wendy again and I think they do a really good job of of balance with the characters because like I said earlier you never completely love or hate any of them. That's so funny. Because right at that exact moment in my notes I said the characters are so real and complex in the show so dear exact same sentiment. Yeah she also had my as business card out and she's she's thinking she's considering. Yeah so then. Ben Comes home and comforts her and good. It was amazing. Nice scene Yes. I'm glad he was there. And then the last scene is Marty telling Navarro what he wants he says. I want to be able to launder the money when it's safe to do so right. Wasn't that the justice. Yes exactly on his terms when it safe and then it pushed too far and said and I'd like you to say thank you. How about you say thank you to me are two which are always like yeah. I don't think so. Yeah kind of rolled. His eyes put Bassus back on but by any sent home. But you know this. The stakes are still pretty huge at this. How much emotion was in Marty's face when he gets out of the car and he's standing there in the driveway just I. I'm trying to read his face into me. He He's thinking you know. Look with that bitch. Wendy did to me. What the fuck am I gonNa do really you think that was you think? That's it. Yeah that's kind of what I I mean not. He's going to do anything to Wendy but I think he absolutely resents her and is furious and is desperate. But this wasn't this was his doing not her doing and I think I think this is kind of a reset button for them and I think that they are going to now. Try to work together to find a way out of this gigantic mess. That is really interesting because that has happened in the past. They've had those reset moments. So I I would tend to agree. That's a good point. Oh eight I forgot. I forgot to mention what the what I said. The stakes are huge. I forgot what the huge stakes are. He says he's going to get the FBI agent to. He's going to upper miles totally. Forgot it right right right right. That's that's him. You're trying to talk his way out again. Yes and I'm like. Why did you say that I know he makes such big promises? I man no so either. He's going to actually compromise her which. I don't know how you do that or he. And Wendy are going to find a way to work covertly with the FBI to bring Navarro down and Bring Helen. Down with him interesting. So the title say that. Yeah I am not. I'm not really feeling a meaning of the title boss Fight. What Wendy versus mark I mean. It's everybody struggling for power. Who's in charge is ruth? Ruth's not in charge. Is it Helen? Helen's not in charge. Wendy Mardi Navarro is Navarro. Even in charge is the FBI charge. We don't know who's who's going to take the lead here because Navarro we what makes this so complicated is that his power is dwindling. Yes because his cartel is solely being wiped out so and there's also the Wendy and Helen. Helen seems a little insecure right. Who's the boss? Yeah Hey who's the boss I don't know that was my bad Tony Danza impression. Sorry all right symbol time. Yeah so we clearly have the arcade game which you know that refers to the game that Marty as a young boy was playing in the hospital. Oh wait I wanNA talk about that So so the game. So one thing that I read was that after watching for hours young Mardi realized that it was impossible to win one turn. The game was designed to force everyone to keep putting money into the machine. It's that mentality to rig the system to always keep adding value that Mardi uses to keep his money laundering operation afloat also how he proves his usefulness to Navarro cool. Wow that is so symbolic I love it. Yeah that was from a site that was going through all the symbolism in Ozark and I gotTa admit I think we were better at some of it than they were but that one but that one I was like okay 'cause I was trying to research if beast slayer was a real game and the game was so anyway. Yeah that's what we've got okay. The Gate which to me I thought meant Navarro's compound gate but yes said yeah like a jail cell or a game definitely same. Same type of thing. Yep then we have the private plane right. The plane going down which I thought was kind of significant. Well that's true. Yes obviously it has to be. It has to be vertical to make the r-shaped yes but yeah that could be a symbolic and then what do you think about the last one? Yeah I didn't get the last one but I'm seeing from our notes that you nailed it. You figured it out yes. Oh it's a bird eating a snake and it's commonly referred to as an eagle devouring a serpent which is the coat of arms of Mexico. So that's kind of obvious but if we dig a little bit deeper The Eagle is a symbol of the sun and a representation of the victorious. God would so la- potch oppressor say that right But besides all that if you look up Eagle and serpent there there is a lot of symbolism with that in general where of you know the the serpent is part of the underworld the Eagle soars above it. And so I think it's sort of the meeting of the light and the dark really. I mean I don't want to go too deep here. But you know they could have. I'm trying to figure out how that relates directly to Ozark. So is that kind of just like the boss fight thing again. I think so I mean I think the serpent is clearly the like the evil underbelly the Navarro cartel and you know it. It's really yeah. Who's going to emerge victorious the serpent or the Eagle and we say the birds the birds. We make ourselves laugh. Wow that was so cool. I haven't even had any southern comfort yet. So let's see if Shannon's morals have been compromised with day drinking 'cause we're gonNA talk about our dirty dilemma now where we look at. Who's got the biggest moral dilemma and pose the question? What would you do now? They're always a lot of moral dilemmas in this show but what do you think? Mardi should've said he wanted when Navarro repeatedly asked him. What do you what we talked about that? Talk about it a little bit. I just I just think that I'm always going for the honesty here unless you're in you know. Obviously him providing that value like you pointed out and offering to do something more for him. That's a lifesaving technique. And that's fine but when he's in that situation in the Dungeon and Navarro's clearly looking for something like I think he would have put together. I mean he knew right off the bat that Navarro knew he was listening to her. Phone calls so you at that point you just be honest. You just be like listen. I don't I don't want this. I don't want this to go any further. I I've got I've got a job to do for you and all I'm trying to just do my job. Yeah yes I think. He should've just been honest but again in that situation. You're scared to death and you know it's hard to say what's going to come out of your mouth or how your mind is going to work. So Oh I know exactly how I would be with. Yeah I I feel like I feel like it was pretty realistic. His reaction would have been shot dead by now. I know that I first. Mardi tried to talk his way out of it. You know secondly he tried to be like listen. I just want to protect my family. Honest he was being on it. I thought that was a good. I don't I don't know that it was a tactic but I thought it was a good appeal to him. He's a family man right. That didn't work. No no and then he said I want your fucking head cut off. That one didn't work so much he said it's a good start so I think Navarra recognize that. At least he's being honest right which I didn't think druglords always want honesty but you know lesson learned so now I know for next time. Just be honest but again going back to what he promised. Do you think Mardi will be able to compromise the FBI agent and if so? How's he going to do that? I WanNa talk about that for a minute. Okay here. We're talking about clearly Maya of there. The obvious ways like I'm going to threaten to kill your baby. I take that my mind went there. I don't think Marty would Marnie. T might Mardi wouldn't Mardi wouldn't what was I think? Do what were you gonNa go? Sorry known ask more okay. No I'm just thinking like what you have to do is you have to find. Someone's weak point. You have to find what their weakness is so I mean if you work for the FBI they have to already Kamin. I mean the quickest way to to turn someone dirty is through money right. And we don't Know Maya situation. We know she's pregnant And presumably if she works for the FBI she's gotta be making a decent salary. Y- decent but did you catch when she asked Marty. When did you open a? What is it a five twenty nine the Yeah Fund for his kids education and when they were in preschool so I think he kind of caught bad it may be. She's considering she's thinking about money. She's thinking about her kids. So maybe the money angle. I'm sure he doesn't intend to threaten her or harm her. But I'm really leaning toward more of an exit strategy for Mardi that he is somehow going to make it look like he's compromised her but ultimately they're going to get Navarro somehow. I'm leaning toward that. I'm I'm more okay. That's what's going to happen. I like that. He lets her in on the plan. Here's here's what needs to happen and let's figure out how we can get him while we think that while he thinks you're one of us or something like that. Yeah yeah I I kind of feel like that might be where it's going but this show constantly surprises me. I'm never able to predict because yeah because Marty said I mean he may have just been talking at at that point but he pretty much said I want your head cut off. I'd like to your head chopped off. Yes so I don't think he's going back to. I just want to get my job done. I think he would like to see a way to Nail Navarro So yeah maybe Mardi going to be the dirty double crosser. And they're going to bring Helen down. Helen's going to be collateral damage. The big question is where does Darlene fit into this season storyline? Yes yes darlings. GotTa come in with a Bang at some point darlene waiting the big unknown our Darlene. And Wyatt and Helen's daughter Erin and maybe that's what they're going to do. Is They know again? It goes back to the person's weak spot. We know Helen's weak spot is her daughter. That's going to be used against her. Could I should be a writer for the show not really I actually just love watching it unfold. Every time I watch a show like this. I'm like how did they come up with that? My Gosh Right. I know I could never do it so much talent. I bow down. Yeah writers if you're listening we're not worthy of this great entertainment directors and actors to. It's a team effort. It's a team effort. All right guys. We are releasing this episode a little bit earlier than are others. Because we WANNA give you plenty of time to give us feedback remember on episode three or episode for that will share on our next podcast. You can email us. Stinger podcast at G MAIL DOT COM or or. You can call three one five stink TV three one five seven eight four six four eight eight or you can just give us a shout on social media at Stinger. Podcast twitter instagram facebook. Join our facebook group at ozarks dirty laundry and those are all the ways that we would love to hear from you and until next time. Keep your laundry clean by everyone by.

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