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"wendy ilford" Discussed on Science Friction

"From his spinning ally aircraft, and that's cool, spin recovery. It was basically one hundred percent failure rate at that point one hundred percent fatal. So this was June nineteen fourteen is in Brooklyn's in with tabloid biplane flying well about the English countryside. He thinks he's going to get this red hot shot. So basically freezing winds Castrol against the the goggles. It's not great flying conditions. If you can't really see what's going on. But Hayes determined to do this. So he does very slow loop, which he knows is kinda stole the aircraft. And he drops into the gyrations a wing drop a couple of turns. This is basically the beginning of the end for most people, and what Harry does it doesn't work. So. Here is spinning towards the ground. In fact, he flies into the ground. But fortunately this forest between him and the hard part of the ground. So he does actually land up in hospital cut and bruised but alive, but being determined sort of person he is Harry decides that today's site who's can hop into playing again beginning above the English countryside and give it another shot. So this really is the McAfee insanity, but he's pretty determent. So what he does is push the noise down further into the ground. And the last thing you really want to do if you're flying plan in spinning to the ground is basically push push the nose down further into the ground. But it turns out that that was the secret to the recovery. So we all a lot to these brave stray in polit. He put his body on the line to figure out something fundamental is the sort of knowledge that doesn't come any other way. He's doing something utterly contradictory to his own survival instinct, but every. Polit goes through. These Wendy Ilford has self has been there really believed that you can do it. And you have the plane get yourself out to the flying area. You're wrecking your good to guy, but you really not not mentally, but you should be. And this is little doubt Tinsley, but he got along for it because you've actually done that a few times by now you've done lots of practice Stolz in the instructors bay name. So you go ahead and you stole the plane. And then, of course, the next thing is it does go into in incipient spin. And I can remember it stunning. It's fist couple of tunes towards the ground. And I'm thinking this is not a good thing. And then the Knicks Saudis that one hundred percent the only person who can fix that situations. No one else in the plans. It's no instructor. You'll do exactly what somebody other pilots done before. And you'll fly the plane into the ground unless you do exactly what you were trying to do. So funny enough. He's throwing you right writer you push the stick forward. You sent to the frauds again and bring you back on over sudden the horizons up again much to your relief. So I didn't really need to do anymore stores at day. But once you've actually done that you're in a position to blame that you can do it again and did make me feel not invincible, but very much in para myself, and then the rest of it's really not luck. But circumstances. So have you had to do that? Lynn put yourself into a tailspin and then get out of it. I instructor. But I am about to do it on my own and one of his taking risks facing your fear. When you learn how to fly is really important because it helps you with unpredictable situations when you do get the Marcus and really learning how to fly. I mean, he's not learning how to fly an apply and he's learning how to fly in the sky with Atta planes. I can we actually compare him to Harry hocutt eating well is he's like any pilot. He's trying to himself for this moment. He's got specialized equipment he's done his risk assessment. And now he's going for it. Tests of my own oxygen system in a called chamber Switzerland's at Vina's. Six degrees trains in a decompression chamber of the Swiss army to simulate hypoc symptoms, and we made balloon jumps in Switzerland. I it's the morning of the Jumpin condi- Berlin take us. It's doc. It's five I am called and tents where in the local showgrounds the ground crews, helping Mark into his oxygen suit the balloons..

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