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"wellspring family community institute" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"To that well as we come on the air here i'd like to do a plug for disabled american veterans and we'll go had no hit that live right now okay maybe sure veterans two hey finish the offers life three three they face four back to jim good great at dav always good to work with those folks they do so much for veterans and their families and ira fomring i believe we have a caller stein by good afternoon you're on the air thanks you can we have a special collar in his name is dr david jones from the wellspring family community institute and as we mentioned we are so boots on the ground to help the citizens of the state of texas and louisiana search joining us as dr david jones but has special honorarium to mayor sylvester turner at the city of houston welcome dr david jones to the show are you with us doctor i think we've lost a murder christina well you know the city of houston is very busy even their gas stations are full and there are lines everywhere but we are here for them as the veterans care foundation and we have another special collar calling in from las vegas as well with dr david jones and his name as us air force retired michael eight pollard said tim i just want to thank you for having the show go livestreamed from los angeles to the globe where we can have incoming callers show that we are truly dedicated as one world one us armed forces team to go to the aid of the residence at the state of texas in louisiana with the aftermath of hurricane harvey striking so many and with hurricane erma on the way we want to say to my hometown in new orleans and the dav convention that just occurred thank you for everyone's ability to volunteer and give their charitable contributions through our step it up campaign and for listening audience we launched version of this past week called step up las vegas and that is to butch supplies is gather close anything that you can contribute to help our folks in texas and louisiana please give us a call if you have we're on the air now the number goes to our uh our show on the air when we are off the air goes door our cell phone jones and that.

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