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US to Reach 50% Vaccination Rate

Sean Hannity

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US to Reach 50% Vaccination Rate

"Today regarding the cove in 19 vaccination effort of the U. S. It's anticipated the White House will announce today 50% of American adults Weldon over are now fully vaccinated against the covert virus. That translates to nearly 130 million people nationwide. Here in San Diego

Weldon White House San Diego
"weldon  " Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

The Flop House Podcast

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"weldon " Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

"Eardrums spontaneously shutdown. Saturday voice sounds sadly elliott. It was you it. Was you how we just because of my heavy texas accent. Yeah twang definitely so joe asks. Is there anyone that someone said. You looked like or sounded like that. You couldn't see or even just totally offended your sense of self. Thanks in love the content. Joe lesson with ted cruz is your answer to that l. That's jumped the worst. Yeah there is a. There's literally a video on youtube. I dunno if it's still there. That's titled elliott kaelin dracula dead loving it and someone put up which is just a nerdy guy in drag the dead loving it so like any any nerd or a wind voice compared to some something i learned early on when i was a young man is no one ever likes being told. Hey you look like this person. Residing this person's yeah unless that person is is the most attractive person that you can imagine you know. No one likes to be our. You know our network mates. Jordan jesse go. They have a rule which is Do not tell someone. They look like someone famous unless that person is famous for being attractive. They are Because yeah but that's not the point of the question the question is to spill them dirty deems and even even then when you're compared compared even to an attractive person what you're being told his. Hey you're not unique. There's another person more successful and famous than you. Who has your face and they're using it better than you are so in this or this case someone else has my voice and they're using it to destroy lives and take their family to cancun during a blizzard to say like why you might have a hang up too because like a lot of people because i have a close cropped dark beard. A lot of people have been like looks like reicher and now and like audrey is like why does bother you like. She looked up pictures. He's a handsome guy. He's handsome guy looking. Yeah but reicher such doofus. You're a doofus. But i can't separate it out. Man i mean william frakes is a is a is a successful director of television and films now. So it's not that's not bad to takes breaks. I call stewart glen. Do you have anything that applies here I'll go Let's see back in the odds. I went to a comedy show My friends wanted to sit right up. Close i asked. Is this going to do crowd work. And they were like i don't know and of course it was proud work and So both i remember this because both the featured act and the headliner came out and at one point called me the which not not dude not chiklis but the Because at the time i was you know i mean not because but i was husky gentleman at about pushing to eighty at the time there so and I was bald and A little husky. And i think that was the low hanging fruit that they kind of you know reacted to it was like the consent movement But i mean there was like i mean i had classes at chiklis time had the horseshoe. I was shaved bald. It's just like you know what i was going to say like. Yeah the commission. Checklist is a little although weirdly. The commission chiklis looks older than he does at the start of the shield. Yeah you know yeah. They didn't field and the shield was on the committee The you were there where you were wearing a wilsons leather jacket phone on a holster on your hip yes. That's the the mom jeans of the commission. The mom jeans of the shield is one of my favorite things of tv Style stewart only gets compared to attractive people. I mean when i was younger i got compared to john goodman a lot. When i was in high school i was also a larger a larger stewart walking out but we're briefly named king of england.

john goodman cancun youtube ted cruz Jordan jesse wilsons both stewart glen elliott Joe william frakes texas one point eighty elliott kaelin dracula chiklis one of my favorite england king of Saturday
"weldon  " Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

The Flop House Podcast

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"weldon " Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

"On this episode we discuss supergirl. Starring popeye's famous fried chicken and biscuits. Was there anything else in this movie. Don't know don't care Hey everyone welcome to the flop house. I'm dan mccoy stuart wellington. I'm elliot ceylan and we've got to very exciting things going on today. A special guest and another thing that dan's going to tell us about stu. Introduce our special guests. I i would love to. We are joined today. By the co host of npr's pop culture happy hour and an author and just an all around great beefcake glen weldon. Hey glenn hey guys. Thanks for having made quick grateful to be here. Glad and grateful. It's gleeful to be Thank you so much We were super excited. This is a super show super expert about super things. But i'm also excited. Because dan you're up on operating under sort of a harrison version handicap right now because he believes thing that you were referring to is the thing i thought it is. The exciting news on my end is that. I'm in the midst of a strong hayfever attack. It's started early this morning. I have tried several thanks to shake it changing my clothes taking a hot shower having two different types of no three different types of allergy medicine which is probably not a good idea to mix them but it was that bad. I would make for an interesting show. The iran the What do the filter the air filter. I went outside for a while chicken neck. And i imagine you change you. Had eight eight enclosed montage of allergies where you would like step out of the changing ruth and then you would sneeze and then audrey would shake her head no need go back in and come out in a new outfit and sneeze and she'd shake your head now that what happened. Yeah that's exactly what happened. No what happened. Is i keep trying things thinking like. Oh that feels good for like about five minutes. I started sneezing uncontrollably again. you may not hear it on the on the on the podcast. I've recently purchased myself. A cough button now says a cough button. I'm going to off label. Use it for sneezing as well. Just as long as you know that if the warranty does not imply anyway. Let's turn back to glenn who among other things literally wrote the book on superman superman and unauthorized biography correctly. It's odd book there are there are Including one that came out. Like eight months before minded by. Larry tie that Made the front cover of the book review. Kinda kinda eight up the space for it. I only i only have heard about yours I read that one. I read The batman book as well. But i a. I think it would not be unfair. That superman is foremost in your heart amongst the the major heroes. Yes certainly i mean. Like he's the first he's the primal he's the best He is very very difficult to right. Because you have to kind of make give him a challenge and Freak reading that book was figuring out what makes them tick and what sets apart besides his power set and basically came up with two things one he puts the needs of others over those of himself into he doesn't give and when you ready superman story that mrs either one of those two things in all right in a super and story i i will say though that writing the second book The caped crusader batman and the rise of nerd. Culture was a lot more fun because this book is basically worked for higher It was basically the seventy fifth anniversary is coming up. We need a book So basically you worry that you're writing seventy five thousand word wikipedia entry when you're at a book like that because you're just you just trapped by continuity and by chronology and so the second book was more chance to kind of dig in and be a little bit more analytical and pullback but Yeah i'm a nerd and sorry to interrupt blend but just to fill out your top three. We have superman at the top number. Two has got to be carnage. Dale an interesting hawk with longer hair. Yeah yeah actually. I have a tattoo of swift and powerful monica. The ocean Woman as a ted not used to say back in super friends. Yeah i'll commend was my was kinda my nearest and dearest Because i grew up Thinking i wanted to be a marine biologist going to school to be a marine biologist failing at being a marine biologist and And yeah so. I i really always loved document. Just the blonde hair and black. I rose was kind of trashy to me. Failing to be a marine biologist. At least better than failing to be aquaman which usually results in in drowning. Yeah well i mean the very good point. Yeah it was. It was my nickname on the swim team. And i thought it was because i was so fast. But it's because i would go into the water in sink like a rock so everybody would make fun of me for that. I didn't realize now. Also talk to fish disqualified from the racist. Because you're riding a seahorse that's true that's true now at one flying fish on it sounds amazing. I a so this i mean. The movie we watched was supergirl. Not us let's just say on. Okay let me tell the audience. When do well. I mean i would argue. Why interrupt me. When i was Doing also an introductory thing. I mean that's another way So elliott. he's got hay fever. Yeah fever leave that. Dan alone said before the recording still august. You know what i was gonna say is now. The book was about superman. We're talking about the movie supergirl From nineteen eighty-four Because this is the flat house gas where we watch a bad movie and we talked about it. Thank you elliot But the interesting thing about your book on superman is You know it's called the biography. And you do that. By sort of tracking the different iterations of superman through the comics and radio serials and shows and theater and movies. And and that. Of course you touch on the expanded Superman universe And car. Jor el is of course superman's cousin and so That is about that is more back story than supergirl gives you before thrust into this movie. So maybe we should just get into the movie. Yeah it was made in. Well came out in nineteen eighty-four Right on the heels of superman three which was let's say a disappointment Both both financially and critically made sixty million dollars but still And the salkin. When they bought the rights to superman they bought the rights to a bunch of krypton. Ian characters including supergirl so they were thinking. Okay so if nobody's buying superman anymore. Let's let's pivot who runs the world meeting at the salk headquarters where they're looking at all the characters and they're like supergirl movie or do we do a beppo..

sixty million dollars Jor el Ian both Both elliot Dan first august today second book seventy five thousand word audrey glen weldon about five minutes eight Superman seventy fifth anniversary Two Larry
Bill & Ted Face the Music Review

Pop Culture Happy Hour

09:04 min | 10 months ago

Bill & Ted Face the Music Review

"One, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine, we met bill s Preston and Ted Theodore Logan in the movie bill and Ted's excellent adventure they returned in bill and Ted's bogus journey in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety one, and now almost thirty years later they're back in bill and Ted's face the music Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves return as well. Bill and Ted respectively, and this time they'll need not just their triumphant man to save the world but also their daughters I'm Stephen Thompson and I'm Linda Holmes we're talking about bill and Ted face the music on this episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR here with me and Steven from his home studio is plan Weldon of NPR's arts desk. Linda and also with us from his home in Washington DC, we have JC Howard who is a producer of NPR's Ted Radio Hour and how I built this I. J. C.. Good to have you back good to have you back. So if you are all not familiar, there's not a lot setup that you need or these films except to say that Bill and Ted were introduced to us as teenage bro Friends who had a band and just wanted to have a triumphant band when they were older and eventually they got sucked into time travel and picking up different historical figures, and later we're going to try to save the world and there was. A whole story where they were going to ultimately right a great and triumphant song it's it is a surprisingly complex canonical story of which you need to know practically nothing in order to enjoy I think these films Stephen now that I have thoroughly set the table kind of what is your attachment to bill and Ted these movies. If you have one, well, I've seen bill and Ted's excellent adventure. A BUNCH OF TIMES I've seen bill and Ted's bogus journey a couple times. These are movies that have kind of existed on the wind for the last thirty years. I re watched these movies within the last five years I. Think I talked about the. What's making me happy on this show but still kind of needed to go back to be reminded of what happens in them going into this movie I mean this movie is coasting on goodwill. There is a certain amount of fan service going on here. I mean I'm not sure how many people were clamoring to revisit these characters almost thirty years later but at the same time. Something really really smart happens in this movie and you can tell before you even start watching it, and that is that it is ninety three minutes long all three of these movies are about ninety minutes long and I think they understand that that is the perfect lengthier. There is a certain amount of sequel bloat here. The first two movies are incredibly Chintzy. The stakes in the first one are no greater than maybe Ted we'll get sent to military school and you're there's like the entire fabric of space time can be ripped apart. This is a very shaggy movie. I. Think there are stretches where it sags but. I do appreciate the number of updates. You don't have the gay panic stuff that really dragged down the earlier movies are no gay slurs in this movie. This movie bothers to give its female characters a little bit more agency the women who become their wives barely have any part to play in the other movies, and here you get more of that you get their daughters who are given kind of their own subplot. So I appreciate that it's not just rattling around with these two dudes who are now middle aged, but they're taking an interest in people outside of just bill. Yeah and you do get their daughters. The structure of this one is kind of that they go on one journey through time and their daughters meanwhile who are played by Samara weaving and bridget lending pain go off and tried to get a band together for their DADS to play with on this epoch song that's supposed to save the world. So you kind of have the one journey going on the other journey going on then naturally in the third act it all comes together and I did like those two performances from the daughter's there are also some kind of new faces in this one kristen Schall plays Kelly who is The daughter of Rufus who was the George Carlin character in the original JC it feels to me like you are too young to have a moustache attachment to these movies but I have been assured that that is not the case because television. Yeah. That's exactly right. I was actually super excited to hear this movie was happening and I'm going to show my age a little bit and say that I was born pretty close to the release of the First Bill and Ted Movie of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. So my first encounter with these guys was as as they say a most impressionable youth. And I was one of what I can only assume are millions of kids who watch bill and Ted's excellent adventure every time it ran on cable TV. The thing about the first movie is the problem that they needed to solve was very simple. Billon Tade just needed a good grade right granted the solution to that problem was a little larger than life and included doctor who like time travel home box and all but the problem itself was simple. The second movie bogus journey was certainly a little nuttier. It had killer robots and aliens and the grim reaper. Didn't feel like it hit quite the right notes for me. No Pun intended. So win a third film was confirmed. The main question I had was like, what are they going to do? Are they going to try to recreate the success of the original and go back to simple run of the mill time travel Orlean into the bizarre and crazy and from just the trailer? It was clear that they weren't going to just lean into the bizarre, but they were diving in head first. But I think what separated this one from the nineteen ninety one sequel is that it has a lot more heart. The original movie was really about the friendship of bill and Ted and saving that they didn't seem to care as much about saving the future as much as they wanted to just make sure that bill and Ted could still just be friends. So it had this kind of surprisingly earnest quality and I think that was what was missing in the second film in this third one for all of its bizarreness in all of its doubling down on death in heaven and hell, and all these kinds of weird things. It really reignites the idea that there are friendships and. Relationships here that are worth saving. Yeah I think you're absolutely right that they go back to the relationship between those two guys being the center of the story and I. Think it's really funny. One of the things that I think is featured in some of the the trailer stuff but they are both married they both have you know lovely wives that you have met before since they got them from the past and they have relationships with their wives that are completely enmeshed with their relationship with each other. So they can't conceive of having individual marriages that aren't some. Like a four person marriage I thought that stuff was sort of funny because I think one of the things that carries over like if you're going to take these guys in age them thirty years you have to either assume that at some point they became more normal, which is a weird thing to assume about bill and Ted. Or you have to assume that they are still very bill and Ted, which would mean that they are still kind of very fixated on this idea that they are a duo and they are always together and they are each other's right hand Glenn you had indicated on twitter that. You perhaps did not have the same nostalgia for these characters that perhaps I have and others may have what is your take care? All right. The ticker about to hear from me Linda Holmes is going to be a subjective it's rigorous. It's clear eyed it is on demand by the gauzy scream nostalgia because unlike all y'all I never saw these movies until this week just to prepare for the show and I didn't see him for very simple reason I didn't have to I. Mean I was a junior in college nineteen, eighty, nine I was studying marine biology. I was dating a string of profoundly unfulfilled women and. Being. On a college campus and eighty nine and not here boobs heinous strange things are afoot at the circle k just over and over and over. So I felt like I got it. And think about the time late eighties early nineties mainstream. American. Comedy was kind of stuck in this catchphrase based mode and I was like, okay. I don't need to see this while I've seen them all now and I'm here to tell you. Sure I guess that's your thing. I like the Guy Listeners of the leads I. think that's the appeal here but left only once an excellent adventure. It's a visual gag that gets tossed off. It's a Freud at a mall holding a corn dog and it's like, okay, fine. You got me I mean it's low hanging fruit, but you got. And in face the music this new film shore on Paper Samara, Weaving Kristen Schaal Holland freaking Taylor they are gunning for me they are coming. But ultimately didn't stick. It's not supposed to. That's not what it's for. It just evaporates on contact with the eyeballs and maybe that's exactly what the world needs. Right now is dumb sweep dumb but I

TED Bill S Preston Ted Movie Ted Theodore Logan Linda Holmes NPR Stephen Thompson Washington Alex Winter Jc Howard Keanu Reeves Kristen Schaal Holland Producer Kristen Schall Samara Weldon Billon Tade Steven Orlean
The Red Summer

Black History in Two Minutes

04:43 min | 1 year ago

The Red Summer

"Reeling from the unprecedented devastation of global pandemic. Nurturing wounds from a brutal military victory abroad. Struggling to accommodate demobilized soldiers into a slumping economy fraught with heated competition for jobs. Jim Crow separate, but equal policies endorsed by the president of the United States himself. Now firmly in place as the law of the land. White supremacists targeted terrorist attacks. On an all-too-familiar scapegoat. In another epidemic GLAC citizens found themselves on the lethal end of an outbreak of racial violence in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thousand, nine, so horrific that the civil rights leader James Weldon Johnson called it the red summer. The events unfolding across the United States today. In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd. are in eerie repetition of events that marred the history of race relations in this country. Almost exactly a century ago. African. American soldiers returned from Noble Service in Europe during World War One fully expecting that their sacrifices to their country would at long last entitled them to their full rights as equal citizens. Instead The uniforms they wore, literally became targets on their backs. wbz Do boys famously said that we return from fighting we returned fighting. We've saved democracy overseas and we're going to save it in the United States. That didn't happen. Between. November of nineteen, nineteen with a country devastated by an influenza pandemic known as the Spanish flu. Racial unrest rolled through the south and north in the Mid West where the great migration was just unfolding in its earliest years. The immigration of course had transformed large parts of the north and the West. In, Nineteen fifteen, there were hardly a few black people in Chicago Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety one point. Two million people have spread themselves across the map. This demographic transformation of the color of the urban, north. Coupled with the stresses of a postwar economic downturn, combined to create the volatile conditions under which African American workers. Conveniently became magnets for white resentment in fear. The pushback was fierce. Chicago was wracked by fights along a dividing artery between one population and the other hundreds of people are dead. Cities are smoldering. It was one of the most vicious virulent violent race riots in our nation's streets. Small towns were also shaken by race fueled violence in Elaine Arkansas, for example, white vigilantes joined plantation owners. Sheriff's Deputies and even state officials to battle with faecal. And Uprising. Hundreds of black sharecroppers were murdered. Merely for trying to form a union. Yet in the aftermath, a grand jury callously indicted more than one hundred black women and men for their so called crimes. Of course, racial violence was anything but new in the America that time. Still. Amid the fallout from the Great War the rising generation, calling themselves new negroes. Was Not about to fold their tents. Instead read summer saw black. Americans, not only picking up arms to defend themselves. But also utilizing political organizations like the end of way C. P.. To challenge the violence in Congress in the courts in the media. And on the streets. In if we must die. The poet Claude McKay. Captured the tenor of the Times. In, his immortal call for defiance in the face of tyranny and terror. What the before us lies the open grave. Like men will face the murderous cowardly pack. Pressed to the wall dying. But fighting back.

United States Chicago America Jim Crow Mid West Claude Mckay James Weldon Johnson President Trump Murder Glac Europe Elaine Arkansas Noble Service George Floyd. Congress
COVID-19 Question Answer Session with Dr. Amy Baxter

Outcomes Rocket

08:15 min | 1 year ago

COVID-19 Question Answer Session with Dr. Amy Baxter

"So let's chat cove in nineteen. You know what what? What are some of the myths out there that you want to help us bus than you know? Guide us through that. Sure well I think the scariest myth was one. That was introduced to me by my bank teller. I put on a mask. She had on a mass. And we've known each other for years and she said confidentially. Is this really a thing? Because I've got a friend in Brooklyn says he drives by the hospitals in no one's there. Is this really happening? So the biggest myth is that coveted is not a serious disease that it's the same as flu. A study. This week showed that there actually are twenty one times more fatalities from Kobe in New York were from flu so the biggest Smith is is this going way and is is really a thing and the answer is no and yet Yeah no I. I definitely appreciate that. And it's real you know and a lot of us in the healthcare space Definitely feel it but there might be that out and so as we as we think about it. You know What what are some of the questions year getting and seeing that that you feel? The listeners could benefit from knowing around the around this virus. Sure I think that the interesting things are how this virus is different from other viruses and some of those attributes we could leverage for treatments and for care and some of them may get really scary because we don't have One of the papers I read yesterday said this virus is unlike any other and I think it's true. This pathogen is doing things that other viruses haven't so first of all the biggest difference is in infectivity by age. Usually we have what we call A. You're a where the very young ages we have a lot of infections in morbidity which means bad things happening and at the old ages we have a lot of corporate entity mortality. And we don't see that this one is very much a a along J. It's very very low. At young ages goes way at the top other than it. Strange about. This is how long it takes to become infected and how precipitous drop is when people have a problem so. I think that you probably know that. From the time of infection until you show symptoms can be five to seven days so that incubation is very long the scary part is that forty four percent of infections come during that a symptomatic face. So it's very easy to spread without knowing you have it. Which makes it harder to track. Hard to trace and hard to know who detest. Yeah it's It's different and and so how about the ideas of like where it came from and and you know why any thoughts around that sure well. It turns out that bats are natural reservoirs of grunted irises. So for example a Bola was initially in a bat in a cave. That a young boy outside the incident town was playing with. And that's where the virus team from as habitats change as the climate changes. Bats go out of their normal territories and they happen to have grown viruses as a very common infection. It doesn't kill them so it can be transmitted directly to humans now. The certainly the time that this virus started wasn't Wuhan an was from a back but it looking at the strains and the genetic typing of it it seems to be mutating fairly slowly and it makes it very easy to see when it started where it came from so the wet market in China is still the most likely it came from but no matter what. This is. The kind of virus that comes from that directly to humans. I'd heard that and I wasn't sure if it was true or not. I'm like is it. Is it really from Batson mean and then I also hear people saying it came from a lab somewhere? It's a chicken egg thing or a Atlantic yet. There was a there is a lab in Wuhan because of the risk of corona viruses. It had been studying. Bats heavily said SARS and Moore's so both stars and moons are Corona viruses and there had been increased studying bats in that lab. But it's because they're dangerous and because there are risks not because they're trying to create run irises or create infections. It's the fact that somebody was looking at it in researching yet because it was dangerous not that it became dangerous because someone was researching fascinating fascinating. I didn't know that connection. Thank you for that. So as we as we explore this J shaped curve. You know. I'm curious right. I mean I've got a three year old and I've got you know aging parents will tell me more about that and and particular things that you'd recommend for safety and and You know just things that we need to keep on our mind share it. Will I have a couple of theories about why the J shaped curve is typically the U shape curve has to do with mutagenicity so how well your immune system protects you and young? People don't have very weldon alter union systems so they tend to be more vulnerable to respiratory diseases and older people also have decreased immune systems so the the very heavy incidents on people who are over sixty five which seems to be where the cutoff is to have a dramatic increase in risk. That probably isn't due to decreased. Immunity one of the theories is that due to increased immunity. That there were the two grown viruses virus alpha and Beta cuddling named that were circulating in the late fifties and identified sixties. And so it may be that those people were alive in the fifties and sixties before it. Kinda petered out has some immunity that was developed that point which causes an excessive immune response in older patients. Now the other possibilities are this. Virus doesn't seem to enter the body and then get into the bloodstream and spread everywhere. It seems more like this virus comes into the body and marches a bit at a time. Almost as if the the troops come in and they set vacations and it's like World War Two and so the battalion's multiply and spread on a time. So with that being the case the interesting thing is that paper nature last week determined that tissues that this viruses attaching to before the lipid fatty layer of the virus. Fuses with the cell. Can the news in the nose? There's something called an ace two receptor. That is where the little spiky protein hops onto and holds on and their ace two receptors. All over the body but the ones that were interested in the nose and children don't have big noses they also don't have sinuses. You don't get a false at sinuses teenager interesting so because of that. Maybe that's why they they're less less at risk to to get this. Yeah absolutely if what we're talking about is something called viral load which is literally hell many virus particles. You have That is going to be difficult to accumulate in a small child. One of the interesting things I found out was that the nasal cavity size is dramatically. Increased over the age of seventy and it's Moammar nails. Oh is that right. Yeah certainly we've seen that males can be more at risk of catalyses more at risk of catching the virus than females. The ratio is about five to three some studies on about sixty percent of males. Were the ones who are affected by an only forty percent cements

Wuhan FLU Sars Kobe Brooklyn Batson China Smith New York Moore
Farewell to ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ a delightful show ending at the most unfortunate time

Morning Edition

03:06 min | 1 year ago

Farewell to ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ a delightful show ending at the most unfortunate time

"This sitcom Schitt's creek ended last night after six seasons now most good TV shows have fans but shit's creek fans are on another level here's Glen Weldon of NPR's pop culture happy hour podcast look no spoilers shit's creek airs on pop TV here in the states but it didn't become the phenomenon it has until people found it early seasons on Netflix the sixth and final season that concluded last night hasn't hit Netflix yet so we'll be careful here because this shows fans are hard core they dress up as their favorite characters they make YouTube super cuts of their catch phrases I don't think that you'll feel you feel devalued last year they feel four thousand seat theaters just to watch it stars sit and talk about it in a live show the toward the states she plays my best friend Stevie bottom it might seem odd that people get so rapidly excited about a show that some small so gentle so Canadian but it's a that gentleness the way allows its characters to grow into slightly better versions of themselves the people follow up with certainly the show's set up wasn't unique your basic fish out of water story a rich family loses everything and is forced to move to the only remaining assets you bought a small town in nineteen ninety one Johnny yes I bought that is a joke for my son we actually purchased that town they want up living in a run down motel David the brutal condescending son played by co creator Dan levy began his new life in church creek by snapping at Stevie the motel clerk I have asked you thrice now for a towel so that I only wash this town off my body but then gradually something happened David met and fell in love with the local Patrick a sweet closeted businessman their relationship was depicted matter of factly because shit's creek was set in a world without homophobia in a behind the scenes special airing after last night's finale levy said he set out to depict a quick relationship on marked by tragedy or struggle when someone who has opposing beliefs sits down in front of their TV and watches we're not teaching them a lesson we're showing them what life could be like the David Patrick collision chip is one reason the show has been so embraced by the queer community but it's not the only one ladies and gentleman Catherine o'hara in the lease of the picturesque ridge lies a small unpretentious winery one that pampers its fruit like its own babies Hey I'm my referrals yes family matriarch more row faded celebrity fruit wine spokesperson wearer of wings as hats gay icon with a universal appeal I know we said no spoilers but the show's creators have made no secret about the fact that shit's creek concludes with a wedding and some tearful departures for six seasons it was a series of manager show its main character staying true to who they were even as they developed new layers of empathy and maintain their sense of self awareness the kept things from getting too syrupy like the time David and Stevie that motel clerk he yelled at an episode one but then grew close to as the series progressed confessed that neither of them had a best friend before this would be a really sweet moment if what we had just admitted to each other wasn't so sad actually it's both sweet and sad like the legacy that shit's creek leaves

Fiscal firepower: governments covid-19 aid

The Economist: The Intelligence

05:27 min | 1 year ago

Fiscal firepower: governments covid-19 aid

"Even as a plan was being worked out for a nation ground to a halt president. Donald Trump said he hoped businesses would soon reopen ultimately. The goal is to ease the guidelines and open things up to very large sections of our country as we near the end of our historic battle with the invisible enemy. Hope we can do this. By Easter with the pandemic continuing to spread that time line seems unlikely at the moment economic policy goals are running conflict with public health policy. Goals Duncan Weldon is the economists Britain economics correspondent to try and contain the spread of this disease. Governments are being forced to shutdown huge parts of their economies. And do we do. We have a sense yet. What economic effects that his has already had or a sense for how bad it could get. I mean the show dancer is. It could get very bad very quickly. So we've seen them out of Europe now and have the United States some purchasing managers surveys Mitchell the first indication you tend to get of how business feeling people call them. Soft economic data and the news from the surveys is not good in Europe in particular in the service sector and across economies as a whole prospects drop to record lows load and they were in two thousand and eight load and they were at the height of the euro crisis. So it looks like we're GonNa see quite a steep decline in GDP to the end of Q. Warm and into the second quarter of this year and so governments have been seeing this decline coming. What would it would've done to stem the tide at the outset? We've seen so two sorts of response. We've seen central banks around the world. Cutting interest rates restarting quantitative easing. You know trying to keep financial conditions as easy as they can financial markets very stressed more directly though the heavy lifting is going to have to be done by governments through fiscal policy. And what they're trying to do is support businesses in one sense that trying to freeze the economy in place. We're GONNA have to shutdown large bits of the economy for at least week's possibly for months. What government is trying to do is provide a bridge to support firms and keep people in work now in terms of support for firms were saying slightly different approaches across the different developed economies. In general this law Vance's own loans on providing government-backed cheap lending to firms. So they can borrow you know while I demand turnover is done mixed signals across the world so far on how well that's working and the second response you mentioned what has been more directly will governments doing is providing direct cash to the worst hit businesses again the levels of varying around the world. What we've seen starting in Europe recently starting in Germany and the Nordic countries now copied by Britain. It's the government. Do something almost unprecedented step in off at a basically pay the wage bills of in the UK example. The government is that. If you're a firm and you're seeing a big drop in demand rather than letting people off put them onto this retention scheme. The government will pay eighty percent of their wages. And you know we can just ride it out with the government. Picking up large parts of the nation's wage bill so so you say that kind of policy started in Germany and and is spreading. Do you get the sense. That governments are kind of following something of playbook following each other's leads anything that could count as coordinated efforts. I'm not sure it's quite as coordinators. Be But governments are certainly looking for best practice trying to put in place the problem we've realized as we're going to be shutting down huge parts of the economy for weeks months. The aim policy has to be to get cash to households so they can keep paying their bills. They can pay the rent. They compare their mortgages. Getting cash directly from governments to households is quite hard so governments have sort of almost stumbling to in some cases the best way to get cash to households is through their regular pay. So this isn't so much just about backstopping firms this is about helping households by ensuring that payrolls continue to be made and the idea. There is to go for every business under the Sun. I mean some businesses will clearly be hurt more than others by this yes. We're GONNA be very very clear. The impact of this is not universal. It's not universal and people. It's not universal on countries and it's not universal business and there are two important distinctions. We can draw firstly about the type of business so you know retail leisure hospitality transport. These are the kind of firms directly hit by the government's putting in place these social distancing niches telling people multi go to pubs restaurants or travel. So it's those firms here bearing the immediate brunt of this and more help needs to be targeted on then secondly the wider. She was well the difference between law firms and of small and medium-sized sized businesses. As as as we call him an economic one client and big businesses tend to have more direct access to capital markets. They can borrow from bomb markets. They can get much more direct help from Central Banks. Central banks around the world looking for ways to lend directly through short-term credit facilities to big firms but getting support to small businesses is a bit harder

Europe Germany Donald Trump Economists Britain Economics President Trump Duncan Weldon UK United States Vance Mitchell Britain
"weldon  " Discussed on Cannabis Karaoke Podcast

Cannabis Karaoke Podcast

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"weldon " Discussed on Cannabis Karaoke Podcast

"The Weldon Project DOT org. There's a mission. Green section has video. That kinda you know talks about the people who's a part of us who are working with all the different celebrities that are a part of this project and you can go on there and donate directly so what I'm GonNa do. I'm GonNa make sure that we do a little blog. Follow up when we posted this podcast which I'll get this out probably later today if not tomorrow but I'll make sure to list. Your social media handles your website stuff And make sure that people know. Just the average person knows where they can go and donate if they would like and then like we talked about offline down to help you in every category my friend. You are a champion in my eyes and I appreciate you not only taking the time to talk with me and share your story but just your fucking drive and desire to right. The wrongs and so I'm always going to be here for you no matter what you need and we can talk more about that after we get off. Yeah we need. We need people go to Dispensaries and ask them for reform You know we tried to get in as many dispensaries as possible. Anyone in California that's going to the dispensary. Make sure they asked them if they carry reform and try to find the dispensaries that do carry man. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. I appreciate you giving me some time today and I hope that Every day you wake up you realize you're gathering more and more support from people that have just begun to learn about you. Yeah thanks appreciate it. That's a wrap. Thank you for listening to this edition of Cannabis. Karaoke another kick ass. Podcast about all things cannabis you can find us on. Itunes spotify soundcloud and our website cannabis Karaoke dot TV. And if you or someone you know would like to be on the show please it the book your interview button on the right candidates. Karaoke grabbed the MIC. And Tell your.

Cannabis Weldon Project California
Houston: Texas Rancher Has Bone to Pick With Bone Cave Harvestman

Houston's Morning News

00:50 sec | 1 year ago

Houston: Texas Rancher Has Bone to Pick With Bone Cave Harvestman

"Meantime bureaucracy running amok even here in the state of Texas there's a tiny spider like bug called the bone cave harvestmen harvest moon harvest man is at the center of a Texas property owners lawsuit against US fish and wildlife John year what is been told he can no longer allow youth groups to camp on his central Texas land has been in his family for more than a hundred years chance Weldon is with the Texas public policy foundation giving the Endangered Species Act and they think the polar bears they don't think of bugs and salamanders and and different species of Cape bug and Beatles and things like that but literally thousands of species that are listed are the sorts of species yeah again this is against the fed so it's your your federal bureaucracy on elected that put in all these rules oral argument scheduled for late April

Texas John Weldon FED
Are Single-Use Plastics Really That Bad?


05:40 min | 1 year ago

Are Single-Use Plastics Really That Bad?

"In early January twenty twenty China joined the growing movement of more than one hundred twenty countries pledging to ban single use plastics. The country of at one point four billion citizens is the number one producer of plastic waste in the world top sixteen million tonnes in two thousand ten but China announced that it plans outlaw the production and sale of non degradable bags by the end of twenty twenty in major cities and everywhere by two thousand twenty two as well as single use straws by late. Twenty Twenty Eh. Market Selling Produce will have until twenty twenty-five to follow suit the push to ban plastic took center stage in two thousand eighteen with massive promotions like the Hashtag stop sucking campaign which featured stars like NFL quarterback. Tom Brady pledging to give up single. Use Plastic straws now countries and companies are saying no to plastics by the dozens. Sims and consumers are following along with them and they're serious in Kenya for example. Any citizen caught using plastic bags for trash. Your groceries groceries can face four years imprisonment and fines of up to thirty eight thousand dollars as the plastic span movement hits major milestones such as China's in his latest announcement. We decided to take a moment to unpack the bottles bags and straws that are causing this global stare. So what is single use as plastic true to its name. A single use. Plastic is disposable plastic. It's designed to be used once and then tossed or recycled. This includes everything from plastic water bottles and produce bags disposable plastic razors and plastic ribbons really any plastic item you use and then immediately discard well. These items can be recyclable. That's hardly the norm. We spoke by email with Meagan Weldon of the blog and waste prevention shop. Zero waste nerd word. She said in reality very few plastic items can be processed into new materials and products unlike glass and aluminum plastic isn't processed into the same same item. It was when it was collected by a recycling center. The quality of plastic is downgraded so eventually and inevitably that plastic will still end end up in a landfill. Take a plastic water bottle. Most bottles say they can be recycled and based solely on their easily recyclable. Pet composition position. They could be but nearly seven out of ten bottles end up in landfills or pasta litter. This problem increased when China decided to stop accepting into recycling cycling plastic in two thousand eighteen for municipalities. That meant recycling became significantly pricier and according to the Atlantic many are now simply opting for the need budget friendly landfill over recycling pair this landfill I approach with the world's ever growing plastic consumption. Humans produce almost was twenty thousand plastic bottles per second. According to the Guardian and America's waist grew by four point five percent from twenty ten to twenty fifteen. It's no wonder. The world is overflowing overflowing with plastic waste and think banning all of his plastic is overkill. There are some very solid reasons why it makes sense. I I the plastic and landfills doesn't just go away according to Weld in. A plastic bag takes ten to twenty years to grade while a plastic bottle takes almost five hundred ears. And even when it's gone it's remnants remain. We also spoke by with Catherine Kellogg author and founder of the waste reduction website. Going zero zero waste. She explained plastic. Never breaks down or goes away. It only breaks into smaller and smaller pieces until they're so microscopic that they can be found in on our air and our drinking water. Some grocery stores have switched to biodegradable plastic shopping bags as a way to meat consumers in the middle but research shows that this this is hardly a savvy solution. One study from researchers at the University of Plymouth. England analyzed eighty single. Use Plastic Grocery store bags made of biodegradable plastic nick over the course of three years. They're go to determine. Just how biodegradable these bags really were. The findings were published in the Journal. Environmental Science and technology analogy. They found that soil. Seawater didn't lead to bag rotation instead after those three years. Three of the four types of biodegradable degraded bags were still sturdy enough to hold up to five pounds of groceries. That's about two point. Two kilos and the non biodegradable bags performed the same. The biodegradable beds ads exposed to sun did break down but that's not necessarily a positive either. The small particles from that degradation can quickly spread throughout the environment. Think Air Ocean or the belly of hungry animals who mistake plastic fragments for food another reason. Many countries are prohibiting single. Use Plastics is because they shouldn't be reused used despite our best intentions as many municipalities. Forgo recycling it's tempting to take matters into your own hands by reusing plastic bottles and containers and sure this may work for bags but experts. Say to take caution when it comes to plastic bottles or food containers one study in environmental health. Perspectives showed that all plastics used in food containers and plastic bottles could release harmful chemicals. If used repeatedly this includes those said to be free of BPA a controversial official chemical that's been linked to hormone disruption while researchers are still analyzing the safety of repeated plastic reuse experts recommend glass or metal to avoid potentially harmful chemicals and according to Weldon. It's time we adopt a reuse mindset be cotton produce bags stainless steel straws or full on zero waste.

China Meagan Weldon Twenty Twenty Eh Market Selling Produce Tom Brady Kenya Producer NFL Air Ocean Guardian University Of Plymouth Environmental Science Catherine Kellogg Weld America England Official Founder The Journal
Billy Porter Makes History as First Openly Gay Man to Win Emmy for Outstanding Actor in Drama Series

BBC World Service

00:50 sec | 1 year ago

Billy Porter Makes History as First Openly Gay Man to Win Emmy for Outstanding Actor in Drama Series

"The seventy first primetime Emmy awards were handed out Sunday night in Hollywood one heavily favored a television drama took home the award was expected to but the acting categories offered some surprises NPR's Glenn Weldon has more the eighth and final season of HBO's game of thrones was the odd. on favorite to win outstanding drama and when it did for the fourth time in a row history was made when Billy Porter won the Emmy for lead actor in a drama series Porter who stars in the FX series pose is the first openly gay man to be nominated in the category in his rousing acceptance speech he spoke the power of art we have the artists are the people that get to change the molecular structure of the hearts and minds of the people who live on this planet please don't ever stop doing that lead actress in a drama series went to Jodie calmer who plays the assassin villanelle on the BBC America series killing

Hollywood NPR Glenn Weldon HBO Billy Porter Emmy Jodie BBC America
"weldon  " Discussed on Can I Pet Your Dog?

Can I Pet Your Dog?

04:46 min | 2 years ago

"weldon " Discussed on Can I Pet Your Dog?

"Have page weldon and emily fe host of the smash hit podcast mold talk which is coming to you live in los angeles august ninth at the lyric hyperion theater so if you're a newly yet go leading think he's having won me over the first off i'm already huge fans have you guys 'cause you're you're so funny but you came in we're about ready to record a new very politely very lightly used to do the show i thought i was meetings and then i want it how it would have been tracked it is completely fair i liked the way they only reason you agreed to do which i'm okay with my dog to meet new people but he he definitely put on a show for you sat on both you're labs brought us a bone broth runoff election bone garden did he pick just one for you but you presenting something to me i had not put together before a when he was nibbling on you as he does every one you mentioned oh just like a donkey at one time i met a donkey named luna and she got nibbling at my closing it'd be friendly interviewing v in new mexico she knew what my clothes and i was like brushing her yeah like i think to say hi and that's what you're doing a little kinda nibbling just like the hammer of my of my start i know how could they put together before now the deaths of trade of a donkey yeah is that donkey and i'm not going wrong you wouldn't know unless you were a losing effort i gotta go gotta go become you know we only okay i got a great name and then we can get back to the dog i don't remember i know fortunately because luna as my favorite making and something more memorable pigs so i think that made a difference frenchie with her own little my review on our little cliche like that's what you're doing in the pit of mud yeah i i know i wanna talk all about you're podcast because it's so great but we have talked about dogs first one we know we do either of you have a dog right now so i think we both have like childhood her dog great still alive we consider her my dog even though she had a she doesn't outlive your dog yeah that's only counts a well let's start at the beginning when you get her 'em when i was nine so she's fourteen buddy andy she will be fifteen in september great mom but i'm from elway so i get to see her all the time no matter how great it what kind of pepper we talking so she's supposedly rat terrier okay she's definitely a mixed west stuff short 'cause she's pretty good feel a gang that's how you prefer to go yeah and she she doesn't look like any rat terrier i've ever talk about how she walk he walks so we love it now she has arthritis yeah she's very healthy except for that right but it started one languish you're kind of like limp around now it's in all four legs kinda like slow anyway we're in michigan also gives you wants to play like run he always she only had one toy at a time because she only lakes one toy at a time right you could give her all the toys world limit feeling like fun toy the time and it's always the same like weird specific texture and then when that one gets like to grow my momma like take courage like choose another she'll like you're just like throw that around the house literally the same type of toy ellie yeah it's like the same i don't know how to describe it because it's like the texture it's kind of like fuzzy but not like fucking like little strings coming off a it's like apply no i i don't even know how to describe it but it's very specific racing to the dogs were down the street stopped caring that time for a while and my mom was that a law she like one from rational just play with them until they're absolutely to discuss even taught a fourth yeah but.

weldon los angeles emily fe
'Rent' Live Will Go On — With Taped Segments — After Star's Broken Foot


01:25 min | 2 years ago

'Rent' Live Will Go On — With Taped Segments — After Star's Broken Foot

"A visit to the hospital confirms that Brendan hunt are Roger house broken his foot, not a leg. Just a foot. The shows still went on though, not quite as it had been billed here to talk more about it. As NPR's Glen Weldon. Hey there blend. So as we said, this is supposed to be live this accident happens. So what exactly went to air last night? Most of what we saw just about. Everything was prerecorded. It was the dress rehearsal from the previous night the very last part of the show. The big finale was live. punt that poor kid with his foot propped up on a table at center stage. They also brought back the original off Broadway cast to sing seasons of love. And that was live as well. Why didn't they have understudies helped me understand? How this works is exactly what

Brendan Hunt Glen Weldon NPR
"weldon  " Discussed on Dude Soup

Dude Soup

03:49 min | 3 years ago

"weldon " Discussed on Dude Soup

"Thank you for the sponsorship. Mak Weldon. Thank you. Insomniac for the Spiderman game. Thank you Lord. Yeah, yeah. And just despite harping on so to, even though people have already left during your comments and try to salvage my blowing, my actual opinion also talked about Poggi after your, no, sure. Sure. Sure. 'cause I wanna talk about his is born to me. What did you say. You're gonna cry. Sorry, going on father, you finish yours. So yeah, all the points in the game to me range from great too. Good. And the good things. There's only me explaining whether or not. Great. So to me the stories. Good. It's not great. It's good combats. Great for wrestles. Great. The non non Spiderman parts are good. I'm glad they're in there. But yeah, to me, I'm just excited because this is really amazing game really just fun to explore. I'm kind of I'm scared of when I do everything because then it'll be done and what do I do? This is one of those games where I want them to keep putting deal CO. Yeah, I feel like the base of the game is so good that if instead of working on a sequel, they said, here's basically an expansion, it's twenty bucks and you're gonna get an extra like ten hours a game headed. I go for it just like GT eighth, let's say five syndrome is what that is. I guess kind of. GT put it in all their own places. Yeah, I don't. I don't mean deal. See. I mean the fact that the base of the goal is so good that you can pile a bunch of other things on. It'd be like, yeah, I'll keep playing it and breadth of the why. I feel that way about a game that never happens though. Now I was like paradise. They could just home you batting baby stunt island game over. We're close. Get out. What is what is your? What is your puddle gates? I want to digital foundry video and like I said, that's that should end puddle gate. I think once and for all I really should because was one of those things where the more that they described it. And I guess if you if you buy into their theories, which the theories are well-founded, do you find out it's just an artistic decision. That's all it was. It was like basically, like they were. They were saying, no, they just decided to change the lighting about the chase, the texters. They move things around the change, the reflections in the water on the buildings and things like that. They, they changed those cube maps for the video game, but it was never performance sake. It was. It was only because they're like, oh, well, this looks a little better. And again, that video does fantastic job of describing that now. And while I think puddle gate was was founded in the sense that you can look at two side by side screen shots and be like, okay, yeah, I guess the three demo looks better here in this one section, the rest of that he three demo in the. Actual video game digital founder goes through and says, this part looks better. There's more traffic here. Yeah, there's a better motion blur here. So overall, the video game right now in release looks better than the three. So it is pretty amazing that, yeah, it's pretty objective. Like I don't think it's objective. It looks object. I, it's, it's pretty objective to me. It's almost tied to the fact that sometimes you have to stop and go, do I have any expertise in this before judgment? Yeah, I know no one ever does. But yeah, I mean, everyone's kind of guilty of it. That's yeah, James, that's there's two elements to it. One of which you hit the other, which brusett is that? Yeah, the one of everyone has eyeballs and I don't wanna make it sound like, unless you've made a game where you understand how rendering engines work you're not allowed to critique how game looks. Of course not, but that's certainly not not the point. And especially when the when, like the creative director of the game is talking directly to you and saying, I made the thing and you're telling me, I'm lying like this guy now, maybe listen to them, sorry. Oh, it's all right. I'll say that reminded me of another thing. Did you see the discussion this weekend. Over comic book, authors and stuff bre Halley breaking into marvel in DC, a little bit of that and stuff, and people are like saw the hot takes, but not the original..

Poggi Mak Weldon Halley James director founder ten hours
"weldon  " Discussed on Hollywood Handbook

Hollywood Handbook

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"weldon " Discussed on Hollywood Handbook

"Shopping Mak Weldon ISM most comfortable underway soaks shits, and under shits hoodies and sweatpants Molnia wear. I so. It already. I heard a toll tale about a different Weldon in an an last week who had an accent. That sounded a lot like that which means to roped off the whole MAC. Now, what what he's saying that, oh, God, a Joe's streaming accent, and then no won't try it almost self. And now wishing I didn't like he's been practicing all wait. Not now not one second of practice in thing, and it shows through seemed showing on the old attempt at the stray accent. They even have a lot of where are we in this? Well, magwar and underwear socks shirts, look good. They perform while to perfect working out going to wick going on dates in just everyday life, even have a wine of silver underwear and shirts. Senator naturally anti microbial which means they eliminate odor and Fidel like you, I pay, you can keep it and they'll still refund you now questions as we love the shirts and under parents, and it was so easy to use the Dr website and maybe we've settled into a distribution of labor this ad. Yeah. And and and so one thing I like to say when I put on the athletic shorts and stuff I'm able to jump around like, oh, kangaroo or Wallaby. He said all feels good. Found his anchor words. Yeah, goodnight. Yeah, on able jump around like a kangaroo, Wallaby and cool bear and not. It's don't get me all mad like a crooked oil. I'm. Get all mad, crocodile because I have I'm getting to sweaty in..

Mak Weldon ISM Weldon Joe Senator Fidel one second
"weldon  " Discussed on Unspooled


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"weldon " Discussed on Unspooled

"And simple shopping it's the one the only mac weldon the most comfortable underwear socks t shirts undershirts hoodies and swept aunts that you will ever wear that's a lot of comfortable things and i have worn many of them and i'm going to tell you that fucking comfortable i will say i have bought a pair of mac in underwear for special due to my life yes he considers them his special underwear he looks forward to the day of the week when he decides that today he's gonna put on his bright orange mac wilkins the mek walden fabric i will tell you it does something to your like that party about i thought used to being treated so nicely its course down there like other underwears course mac waldon's like hey come on in we just cleaned up the place it's a nice pair of underwear what i'm saying so it's perfect also they're like their sweatpants actually look good and their t shirts are great so whether you're working out going to work or going out on dates or just everyday life mac weldon has an article of clothing that will look good on you plus their socks at primo say that it's summer so if you're feeling sweaty they got a line of what they call quote unquote suber underwear shirts that are naturally anti microbial that means you don't smell that that's amazing that they can wick away the smell so all of you in those southern cities or new york in august get some these silver underwear if you don't like it first pair you can keep it and they will refund you know questions asked i'm glad they don't take back the underwear that's a really respectful thing but i'll tell you i am a big fan of these underwear they're comfortable they are fun to wear and now that i.

weldon primo new york
"weldon  " Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

The Flop House Podcast

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"weldon " Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

"Hey listen you like feeling good you like looking looking good feeling great have that look good and feel great and mac weldon that's my tip to you because mac wellman weldon meg welcome welcome welcome welcome mac weldon believes in smart design premium fabrics and simple shopping guys this the shopping is so simple even a dan can do it and you've seen how i talk they got this line of silver underwear and shirts that are naturally anti microbial meaning they eliminate odor how many things in your life are naturally anti microbial i'm betting two or three at the most at the most anyway if you didn't like your first pair of mac walden underwear you can keep it and they will still refund you no questions asked no questions asks and that is important because do you realize the number of crimes i intend on committing in my mac and underwear before returning them so anyway go to mack well then dot com and get twenty percents off using promo code flop hey guys it's not over yet we got a few jumbotrons here join your host tyler the movie buff and brandon the movie not enough for the film foil podcast a hatful of a hundred of history's greatest movies spurs their fortnightly discussion from two wildly different perspectives listen long brandon and tyler and an occasional surprise guest discuss what they loved the movie share behind the scenes facts offer recommendations of further viewing and decide whether or not brandon's dad would enjoy the movie search for film foil on your podcast player of choice or go to film foil podcast dot com and secondly secondly on the jumbotron which you can get on yourself if you go to maximum fun dot org slash jumbotron.

mac weldon tyler brandon mac mack
Ronny Jackson investigated by Defense Department inspector general

All News, Traffic and Weather

02:01 min | 3 years ago

Ronny Jackson investigated by Defense Department inspector general

"Last week have been identified today they have names ernestine ryan's america lied and both of springfield massachusetts kayla escalante of ludlow the hamden da held a news conference today he said he didn't know how or when the women died just yet he did say the two had been missing for some time well today stewart weldon whose mom owns the home face new charges of rape and kidnapping it was ordered held on a combined two million dollars bail in both cases now he has not been charged with any crimes related to the discovery of the bodies but again the investigation goes on he is locked up constitutionalists pundits and scholars are weighing in on presidential pardons this afternoon in this case though presidential pardon of a president by a president meaning donald trump this morning as you know by now the president tweeted he had the absolute right to pardon himself but why would he when he's done nothing wrong cbs justice correspondent paula reed says the commander in chief part in power is pretty absolute in the end it's very expensive but the idea of hardening yourself suggests that you are above the law which makes it more of a political question that illegal one even if you could for vail at the highest court in the land politic pardoning yourself makes you look really guilty by the way all of this came on the heels of a twenty page letter finally revealed that was sent a special counsel robert muller from trump's legal team it argued the president cannot be indicted subpoenaed or found guilty of obstruction of justice because of his position as chief law enforcement officer as commander in chief the pentagon turning its microscope on former va secretary nominee rear admiral ronnie jackson today most americans i heard from dr roddy jackson when he presented the president's annual physical report is overall health is excellent he has incredible jeans president then picked admiral jackson around the va and jackson withdrew his name after questions about his performance at work the defense department's inspector general now looking into those allegations to see if they should take any action andy field abc news washington friend named drug prices rising faster than seniors can keep up with them i'm vicki barker so we'll have that story coming up right now we check your ride is we check traffic and weather together mike king is here with.

Vicki Barker ABC Dr Roddy Jackson Secretary VA Special Counsel Kidnapping Hamden Springfield Mike King Ernestine Ryan Ronnie Jackson Pentagon Officer Robert Muller Paula Reed Donald Trump
Investigators search property in Springfield, Mass., where 3 bodies were found

Jay Sekulow

02:13 min | 3 years ago

Investigators search property in Springfield, Mass., where 3 bodies were found

"That a break in protocol that gave markets a boost and some traders a head start on cashing in on the good news blaine alexander hawaii news now an uber driver was arrested and charged with murder for allegedly killing one of his passengers it happened in denver this morning police say michael hancock got into a fight with the man before the fatal shooting it's not known if the driver and passenger knew each other uber says it is working with police in the investigation the man accused of killing a tennessee sheriff's deputy is in custody after a two days long manhunts stephen wiggins was arrested after a trooper spotted him in a wooded area he's expected to be booked for murder prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty started as a car chase in springfield massachusetts ended with an investigation into a possible serial killer and adobe explains what led police to a house of horrors police are using ground penetrating radar to search to this property in springfield massachusetts were so far investigators have found three bodies with technology we were able to pinpoint awesome areas of interest and we're exploring that by hand and bury very carefully forty year old stewart weldon lived at the home he was arrested sunday after a car chase ended in a crash and a fight with officers according to the police report a woman in the car told officers that weldon had been holding her captive for a month adding that he sexually assaulted her and beat her with a hammer the unidentified woman was taken to the hospital with injuries described as grotesque and violent police were led to the suspect's home after his arrest with a primary focus is on the property as you can tell in we're going to build a case around that many neighbors say weldon was quiet and kept himself one woman i spoke to was shots that walden was in trouble and that is home if the crime scene definitely not something i expected to find out that across the street from my parents house there was pretty much going to be a miniature cemetery welded is charged with kidnapping torturing and sexually assaulting the woman in the car with him so far charges have not been filed in connection to the.

Murder Denver Massachusetts Stewart Weldon Walden Michael Hancock Tennessee Stephen Wiggins Springfield Adobe Kidnapping Forty Year Two Days
3 bodies found at kidnapping suspect's Massachusetts home

Jay Talking

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3 bodies found at kidnapping suspect's Massachusetts home

"A police involved shooting in boston sends a man in his thirty s to a hospital with what are described as non life threatening injuries police say it happened on westminster street in hyde park when a man pointed a gun at two officers and they fired their weapons the officers were not hurt but we're taken to a hospital for evaluation three bodies now found at the springfield home of a man charged with kidnapping sexually assaulting and torturing woman hamden d a anthony looney says stewart weldon has not been charged in connection with with the discovery of the bodies were considering this an active investigation we're not declaring any suspects the woman he was with wasn't acquaintance of his and that's all i'm willing to confirm right now well done was arrested sunday following a car chase and is being held on a million dollars bail a woman in the vehicle claims she had been held captive for a month she is still hospitalized a newton man is being held pending a dangerousness hearing next week christian amaral allegedly assaulted a boy at brookline playground on memorial day deputy brookline police superintendent michael graffman tells wbz tv what happened plan with a family pet and they went to get the pet some water and as they were getting the pet some water then who's unknown to them locked up to them stopped grabbed one by the throat and then picked him up and thrown down and told them not to treat animals obviously the kids both on the thirteen water metabolized enrolls attorney says his client did not try to strangle the boy in sports the astro's beat the red sox four to two don huff wbz newsradio ten thirty the year was nineteen eightyfive reads very it already been building sheds for twenty five years and things were honky dory but then home improvement stores i orange ones them blue ones tons of women they all sold sheds reads very oh my we thought they were gonna put us out of business so eightysix we held a staff meeting what are we gonna do about these home improvement stores in a guy in the bag raised his hand.

Boston Hyde Park Kidnapping Anthony Looney Stewart Weldon Brookline Playground Superintendent Attorney Springfield Newton Christian Amaral Brookline Michael Graffman Don Huff Twenty Five Years Million Dollars
Stephen Wiggins, Kidnapping and Stewart Weldon discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Stephen Wiggins, Kidnapping and Stewart Weldon discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

"Fund following yesterday's shooting death of tennessee sheriff's deputy dickson county sheriff jeff bledsoe says tips about stephen wiggins the suspect are being investigated we treat each one like it's valid in it's real we are on that heightened sensible are trading it as if that threat is there and that he's there three people been found dead in and around a massachusetts home of a man charged with kidnapping sexually assaulting and torturing a woman woman told police she was held captive four month by stewart weldon there's no word yet on the identities of the peoples whose bodies were found today i'm tim maguire.

Stephen Wiggins Kidnapping Stewart Weldon Tim Maguire Tennessee Dickson County Jeff Bledsoe Massachusetts Four Month
"weldon  " Discussed on DLC


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"weldon " Discussed on DLC

"Eliminate odor just grates if you're on a plane if you're sitting doing a podcast if you're out in the world and they feel good i really do prefer a mac weld when i'm going to do my laundry prioritized those mac weldon t's kinda love him guess what we're going to give you twenty percent off when you go to macworld dot com that's k w e l d o n dot com use our promo code dlc when you check out you get twenty percent off that's pretty great check it out for yourself understand the difference understand what you've been doing wrong this whole time i think you're gonna prefer it as i do mac weldon dot com promo code l lc get yourself twenty percent off all right let's start with nino kuni too which is a big japanese style role playing game coming from band dynamic oh it is the sequel to nino kuni but i don't know how it gets that distinction because it has absolutely nothing to do with the first game i played the first nino kuni i liked it a lot i had a big problem with the combat system this is a completely different game it's i guess what they do with final fantasy right each final fantasy seems consistent yeah yeah the only see japanese chevy's cheese they removed themselves from title decide oh yeah and i guess the only thing that that carries through is this sort of.

nino kuni weldon t macworld twenty percent
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"weldon " Discussed on The Woj Pod

"Today's episode of the woge pot is brought to you by mac weldon guys mac weldon is better than whatever you're wearing at this moment mac weldon is a premium men's essential brand that believes and smart design and premium fabrics and mack weldon makes it so easy to shop you go online peru's through exactly what you want and i'm able to get exactly the size the caller the fabric the design that i'm looking for shift to my door with a money back guarantee mac than is the most comfortable under wear socks shirts undershirts booties and sweatpants and a lot more than you'll ever where they have a line of silver underwear in shirts that are naturally antimicrobials which means simply the eliminate odor they want you to be comfortable so if you don't like your first pair he can keep it in macworld and will still refund you noquestionsasked not only does matter wilted under wear socks in shirts look great they perform well to it's great from working out going to work and evening out or gist every day around the house watching a game go to mack welded dot com and get 20 percent off using promo code wgn coach again go to mack weldon dot com and get 20 percent off your order using promo code woge w o j everyone welcome to another edition of the woge pod here in la and our la live studios here in the shadows of the staples center with espn's ramona shelburne ramona and i hit on a ton going on in the league right now from the warriors the clippers oklahoma city cleveland and the issues surrounding officiating in the league now great visit with ramona shelburne let's get right to.

weldon peru mac macworld the house espn clippers cleveland mac weldon mack weldon wgn la ramona shelburne oklahoma 20 percent
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"weldon " Discussed on The JJ Redick Podcast

"Connecting sleep to sports is an easy but here goes mattress firm is america's neighborhood mattress store and it should be your goal to check out the deals they have going on every day they're mattresses are softer than your rival teams defense they get a 10 out of tennis get it you'll love your new bed all terrible dad jokes aside head to mattress firm dot com slash podcast and get more bed for your book i did not writing any of those jobs i wanna talk to you guys about mack weldon lotta great things about mac wealth and they make an incredible blunder wear teeshirts i'm wearing a mac weldon pair of boxer breese right now they're very comfortable and i truly believe they're better than whatever you're wearing right now some of the great things about macworld it's smart design they use premium fabrics and i think best of all it's a very easy shopping experience in addition to looking and feeling great all of macworld products are crafted with natural fibres that had built in performance capability that sounds fancy but what it means is your underwear and sweat shirts are going to work for you the even have a line of silver underwear and shirts that are naturally anti microbial all that and they're shipped right to your door if you don't like your first pair you can keep it though give your money back they won't ask any questions they sent me a pair recently which i've a enjoyed using gin in around my apartment they're the most comfortable clothes that i've ever worn i wear to bed when i get up early with my son in the morning unusually wearing mac weldon you go to mac welding dot com you get 20 percent off your purchase using the promo code john j j good amac will dot com.

tennis macworld america mack weldon 20 percent
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"weldon " Discussed on Pod Save the People

"A paying them living wage you know there were without view that the eu were we have people who are returning from prison and who are coming back and realizing that they will have asterix is next to their name for the rest of their lives for something that that many them did years go over some for some the didn't even do like we have work to do and so when i think about the fact that we work to do i don't see how we have any choice and i'm not going to sit there and allowed to happen i think we all need to pick up whatever whatever tool we have next to us whether this your voice whether that's a checkbook whether that's you know a person you know or whether it's just the fact that i'm go with kids and go do something with taher listen if i see the people don't go anywhere has more to come patrick the people's brought to you by amac weldon i'm also confer for septa aware centers affordable stylish solid quality there's no better place the shop the macworld in mac walden is a premium in the sense was bram smart designing in premium fabrics when you go to the website would you see are unaware underserved socks serbs pants accessories in woods greater body is they specialize an essential so like accepted showare often him the quality is top notch in it's simple to shop i hate having a like wander around sized trying to fines of this is just solid it's like the most comfortable unaware socks sirte uncertainties so pants anything that ever wear they've never as a lot of silver unaware insert are naturally anti microbial which means that they eliminate odor and they want you to be affordable so if you don't like the first pair you can keep it enough still refund you no questions asked not only does macaranas unaware and their socks initials look good but they perform good.

eu patrick amac weldon macworld septa bram serbs
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"Every size you want to go there there's a difference between trunks anna and boxer briefs if you don't know what they are that's fine go to mac weldon dot com and and jump in it's so easy to shop around in their it so easy to buy stuff in there and uh you know they're confident that you're going to like it if you don't like the your first pair they let you keep it and they still refund you noquestionsasked they've got the silver underwear and shirts than our natural anti microbial i mean you name it they've got it they got the hoodie he's if you live in san francisco everything is set up for you there at mac weldon dot com if you use the promo code back to work one word spelled out back to work you will get 20 percent off anything that you get over there over at macworld and so go visit macwoodscom use the promo code back to work and we should do appreciate their support thanks mike weldon pima longsleeved tshirt comet group black comma bar side others i put it dan iasc's due to uh go to inspire robot not eight i was looking at the show notes before the show began and uh my quote here married it every day when we can lose sleep over transactions of bodily fluids we can interfere with the sky um what's the photo it is a it looks very much like the windows uh ten background with the uh hill a grassy hill with the sky beautiful sky with clouds bluesky.

san francisco macworld dan iasc windows mike weldon 20 percent
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"weldon " Discussed on Janet Lansbury Podcast

"Hi this is janet lambs burien welcome to unruffled today i'm answering a question from a mother whose worried that her son's behaviour on the playground is evolving from ageappropriate rough housing to aggressive bullying before i begin i want to welcome a new sponsor to my podcast macworld and dot com a company that offers an exclusive line of daily wear for men so what exactly is daily where basically it's the most comfortable underwear socks shirts undershirts hoodie he's and sweatpants your guy guy any guy will ever wear and i'm speaking from experience my husband ordered a pair of sweats and a couple of t shirts barely taking them off to the honest they're really softer softer than soft they look great and they're suitable for just about any occasion so let's talk about underwear for a minute comedy many deaths out there listening are wearing the same twelve pack brand that their mother bought them and grade school while until last week my husband's drawer was full of boxers that he's honestly had since the last century literally the last century mak weldon believes in smart design premium fabrics and simple simple shopping i can attest to the simple shopping mac weldon dot com is easy to navigate and i appreciate that and it offers a really tight manageable selection of products subject it out and if you like what you see and i bet you will please use the promo code unruffled u n r u f f l e d and you'll get twenty percent off anything you buy if you order underwear and for any reason you don't love your first pair even if you just don't like the colour mac weldon will send you a different style or size or issue refund and you can keep the pair that you already tried on make sense right.

macworld mak weldon janet burien twenty percent
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"weldon " Discussed on X96

"Underpins just don't wanna do it so then i i pride this company it's math weldon company mary mac weld mac weldon i've not heard of mack weldon they do underwear they do socks they do all kinds of men's and so i i proud of an icon like him they're they're good bought there are a couple of things that i don't understand about these underpins first of all the on the label is here i'll show you gina autry mind as you're going to show me your underpants operators are okay here's a legal among okay it's only outside the underpin yeah that's that's confusing shirt ric edelman inside out well that's my wife said what i don't you have those home inside out the and i said no it's like the label it's as macworld women who tells you what the the ingredients are yeah which i didn't y went to their website that didn't they demeaned the kate that that's what was going to be that there would be a label on the outside and it's on the leg i can see it in the picture can you okay i didn't notice it so when i got my first shipment of macworld and underpants with label on yeltsin's wilkins fusing but i you know i took it they're comfortable but it says only inside on the band on the elastic banned for daily wear ford no one does it say that because why must be mine with now what does that lord daily whereas they also have sport kind and anywhere means you're every day on every day underwear not meaning change them every day off because i don't wanna change memory hey i'm aware pair underpants couple of days no no really yeah usually you wear underpants for two days probably weekends yeah under paint reason you have underpants is so you don't have to washer close every day so you have something clean what do you mean i don't wash my jeans maybe once a year or once every six months you and sometimes not a novel leaving the house on the weekend none all the time so i thought he just meant you better trade if you go change them something bad will now than the meaning i have different kinds for different situation for occasions so it doesn't say i so i guess i just didn't look.

mack weldon ric edelman kate macworld yeltsin wilkins the house gina autry six months two days
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"weldon " Discussed on Very Bad Words

"Welcomed a very bad words the show all about swearing in forbidden linkage i met fiddler in today we talk all sorts of ships be and you know what else is the shit mac weldon underwear it is the most comfortable underwear i have ever award i bought it online it was such a simple thing to do in they have other men's lounge where is well and the thing about mac weldon is that they believe in smart design they use premium fabrics and god is so easy to buy when you do it online at mac weldon dot com macworld will be the most comfortable underwear socks shirts undershirts even sell hoodie he's and sweatpants they're the most comfortable you will ever wear and they have a line of silver underwear that are naturally anti microbial and i've been a big fan of silver laced a cotton for a long time i've had a bed with silver in it and it is incredible how clean and how it eliminates odour in the shirt socks and underwear for mac weldon will have the same effect with this with their silver brands because it's anti microbial these silver shirts and underwear eliminate odor and so you can sweat into them and it doesn't smell like your other close would so go to mac wilder not com type in the promo code vary as in very bad words and you get twenty percent off your order of mack weldon products so again just go to mac weldon got come in under the promo code put very as in very bad words and you get twenty percent off of this amazing comfortable plendil e underwear t shirt socks cetera.

weldon macworld mack weldon mac weldon twenty percent
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"weldon " Discussed on The Flop House Podcast

"Uh they do they calls that on our dinner plates policeman's then continue talking about how great the underpants were wangaratta alleys leaves his heart zayn premium fabrics and simple shopping their dedicated to making the most comfortable underwear socks shirts and more you'll ever where i love the hoodie i got from them yeah it's a wonderful hootie for all formal occasions and they make great sock still maguindanao meld modern my love of napa manak weldon undershirt is the wonder should i wear on the specialist occasions when i wanna feel confident you want to feel like a real brand new type to say that that like literally like if i'm going into like a big meeting or something like that under aware i'm like i know i'm going to feel like i'm a cooler person if i'm wayne this than if wearing one of my ready haines undershirts must good because mac weldon wants to be comfortable so if you don't like your first pair of underwear keep it and they will refund you noquestionsasked a good amac woven dot com and get twenty percent off using the promo code law when he percent off by using the promo code lap ran went away feels we guarantee it dan what is it about the sponsor spots that ages you decades in a moment i am trying like the girl the beginning of haunting i'm trying to slow down so people can here what i'm the important message i'm giving them about our spot yet because he no he picked the jewel goblet in an wanted to smuggle ended simple ruling cup of a carpenter's son in a way that's going to disorientate and this rupp to add upset lewis yet because you know what dan you don't people hate to here in there add pitches disorient is the word i was looking for boeing disorientated dan you know people hate in their advertisements fast hawkin that's why micro machines is not the best they went out of business alone that's that's why michael machines didn't have the best ads ever because they're fast hotter israel hate that.

haines mac weldon rupp lewis napa weldon boeing israel twenty percent