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"welder thomson" Discussed on KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz

"Two prominent politicians in the. Democratic socialist movement one it's national leader the other arising star took to the hustings in solidly Republican Kansas today taking their leftist message to unlikely testing ground before next month's congressional primaries. There Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Cossio Cortes. Who do national attention following her surprise win and last. Month's New York City congressional primary CNN opportunity, to influence democratic voters in Kansas ahead of the state's August seventh primary Cossio Cortez and Sanders are hoping they can stoke the voters in places where the left rarely. Competes must've gotten off at the. Wrong stop. Because people told me the Cavs this. Was a Republican state doesn't look like today The two are scheduled to headline, an evening rally in Kansas City Kansas for Brent welder a labor lawyer running in. A, crowded democratic primary. In kansas's third district this afternoon Sanders a concierge Cortes campaign, together in, Wichita for democrat James Thomson a civil rights lawyer running in Kansas is fourth. District, like Cossio Cortes and welder Thomson was an activist for Sanders two thousand sixteen, presidential campaign organizers were forced to change venues for the Wichita event because of high demand for this afternoon's rally Sanders and. His brand of left-wing populism have proved popular in Kansas he won more than two thirds of the votes in the states two thousand sixteen presidential caucuses surpassing Barack Obama's two thousand eight. Vote total and he refuses to acknowledge a nationwide Political divide into blue and red states I believe that every. State in this country where working people are struggling for a decent life is a state double fight for Justice Whether you live in Vermont's or the. Bronx or Kansas you are outraged by a situation in which three people in this country own more well the bottom half of America.

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