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"weeks inlet" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Fernandez retired in two thousand one with a career to eighty eight batting average Fernandez later became an ordained minister and the Tony Fernandez foundation was established to help underprivileged and troubled children Tony Fernandez was fifty seven years old currently it's forty nine degrees mostly clear at five oh six support for NPR comes from the US census bureau sending invitations to homes to complete the twenty twenty census account of everyone who lives in the U. S. which informs how federal funds are allocated for public services more at twenty twenty census dot gov it's All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Audie Cornish more than three hundred Americans were stuck on cruise ships in Asia have now arrived in the states they've settled in and military bases where they'll be quarantined for two weeks inlet can just finished up his two week quarantine he's an infectious disease expert at Columbia University who flew to China to investigate the outbreak of the corona virus disease now known as covert nineteen we reached him in New York on his final day of containment welcome to all things considered thank you for the invitation I understand your quarantine was actually self imposed and you spent much of the past two weeks in your basement what was your reasoning for that my reasoning was when I got off the plane in New York I was told that I should go into two weeks quarantine that was confirmed by Columbia University that something which everybody's supposed to do I'm grateful that I have the flexibility to be able to do this my own home and you have no symptoms of cold at nineteen at this point I don't.

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