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"wbff pro county board" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Five trending stories on WBFF pro County Board president Toni Preckwinkle has vetoed a resolution that would provide the addresses of coronavirus patients to first responders in suburban cook county commissioner Scott Britton who sponsored the proposal says he's disappointed by the veto but doesn't plan to fight it Costa Rica's Constitutional Court is given the go ahead to same sex marriages making it the first country in Central America to usher in marriage equality Latin America's largest airline the latam airlines group is filed for US bankruptcy protection as it grapples with the sharp downturn in travel sparked by the cove it nineteen pandemic in Billy isolation KD Lang will mark would have been Peggy Lee's one hundredth birthday today the part of a panel discussion about the singer's influence on music at the Grammy museum website her granddaughter will lead a birthday toast lead died in twenty oh two WBBM news time ten forty six when searching for door maintenance and repair search door systems it's time for sports and here's Josh less it'll be another key day for baseball and it's plotting its way as it plots its way back to action owners reportedly have a conference call scheduled with commissioner rob Manfred midday and will then present a set and financially focused offer the players union may counter offer to defer part of the twenty twenty salaries instead of agreeing to any further pay cuts former white Sox assistant general manager for the long time sh and Chicago native Dan Evans still involved in the sport consulting on the Sox Yankees field of dreams game still scheduled to be played August thirteenth in Dyersville Iowa Evans was surrounded by giants of the game when he first joined the socks out of DePaul in nineteen eighty one I worked on the south side until two thousand I mean I had Tony Russo role in human your browser he don Drysdale as my mentors and I had a great owner Jerry Reinsdorf and some really amazing people throughout my career this is my opportunity to give back to the sport and so good to me I've been teaching an online class for about seven years getting people into the game giving them a foundation for sports management worldwide.

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