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"wayne cardigan" Discussed on WHOREible Decisions

"Bringing you the latest headlines keeping you politically informed mixed in with the little pop culture. You never know what you're going to hear subscribe and listened to laugh and learn on the app or apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen podcast. Guess what decision. We're about to make more decision. Walk into a horrible decision now. We got good energy right now. We're talking about really fuck fuck every week. No but not like this. Let the world know that was spun both like booked up like really fucked. I'm really excited to ladies in the building and there are black effect. Yes yes like. I when i saw the first look i was like. Don't heal these bitches talking about. I really wanted to call. I thought that we were your satisfied. All show about we talk back his and we thought we'd we were to hold them black effect network to yasha. We realized episode we. We don't hold on black hose but we like one way. Y'all only half hour and a half ago together. We make one black person appearances. So okay so wait. Who's the bigger hoan who decided to make a whole podcast. So podcast well. Both of us for the most part local we know is the bigger house. she's engaged. I'm a conservative. Could tell from got delete definitely. Oh the jackie. Jake's daughter came here like holy wayne cardigan. Y'all gonna listen you're going to. Let's know your voices burst so let's associated the name with so i'm aj aj dating gauge one. Okay and tam bam bam bam bam bam here okay so yeah tell talk to the bow. You're always i mean. I don't know we talk back. Yeah we got. You mentioned that it was about femininity. But like in what way not feminists first of all taken care of. So why did you mentioned it in Description de why. Me and feminism shapiro and empowered is aiming to replace men. I want you to be my way you know. What can we talk about that because we have had i. I proclaim all the time to that. I am not a feminist. Although i do believe in women empowerment right so you said the reason. You're not a feminist as because you feminists hate mitt and you believe that they wanna get a lot of people who aren't a forefront you would get that from them or they may be lesbians. Okay kinda get that indie from a feminist. Today you know. What the feminist that we've had on this show. We've had some married feminists on the show. We've had married or or heterosexual feminists say that all of them want to get rid of men and a lot of them. Actually were married. We had a. I think this is just the same. Rhetoric is like black lives matter shea writes some of us are dr umar some of us peacefully protest. I'm in the middle and all of his necessary. You know what i'm saying. Like i understand it all. Sometimes i'm on mountain washes sometimes like like. Let's have a white person come in the studio. I don't think that with feminism. The larger issue is like you know when trump got elected we saw radical feminism. And that being like you know showing your pussy hair and a protest and shit like that wish me all. This shit is still whatever. But i think that we attached feminism with that because i really believe like the right wing. People did this shit. I don't really believe that. I've ever thought feminism was that until trump more perpetuated. I've never heard people want to not be a feminist until trump. There's no reason you should say. I'm not wondering you use either the end of the day. The definition for it is just believing in equal rights for women. We pull the definition of feminism percent. Can i get. I love as lima. Ding quality equality for. I guess by quicker than you. Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. But i still want if i get on the train. I want a man to get up for. But you're right. I don't is not my right eye silvery yes so i think there's a difference with this i like is paying for my shit too. I feel like at this point in my life man. You know so. Y'all need to be doing shit for me was kind of like y'all still should be doing for me. He's supposed to be doing it. Said i think when you're woman that expects those things that chivalry that's us digging into feminity. Masculinity had been as nothing to do with feminism and when people try to weaponize them in bosnia and you could pay for your own shit. Okay you can also not fuck me but i guess that's the thing because even when i'm reading there we do want them to pay for things and we want them to do the things they won't vote for them right then. I can see why you don't want to align because we don't really want equality in the way that we really that our women i don't think the equality of utah actual definition of feminist theme of feminist. But talking about what's going on right now. The culture of being a feminist is different. I don't know if it's a maybe our own now. I'm not what i think is because i mean on the side of y'all saying like i m that girl too but i'm definitely a feminist holiday percent. I'd definitely for women. Because i'm not one of those girls as they need female friends but i love him. I do rock with that in my head. Like rights feminism. You know what. I'm saying like feminism to me is knowing that there's no discrimination against being a woman when i wanna get a certain role or when i'm handling business someone thinking i'm too weak to do it. Shit all know feminism going on when to check all right. Don't get me wrong. There's sometimes the boss of maybe grab it because that makes me feel a little mask. But i still don't think there has to do with it but which you're talking about women. Having babies on their own science vici. We talked back. Be having hot takes over like the tell me. Why is everyone girl. We go run down what we told him. Go make sure your reiterate. All of your I spent a lot of time. I pulled.

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