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"waukegan louis" Discussed on WGN Radio

"If Louise Robert and hopefully not the case, if he's hitting 1 50 you know, are you playing him just because you want him to get used to Major League baseball? Or are you trying to go ahead and try to win the shortened season? Tryingto variables going? Oh, yeah, and I think they're trying to win a swell But you know that comes up the big names and You know a new manager and a lot of I was thinking about a lot of pressure on them. They're on the north side. I think the White Sox are getting to that point where they're the team. That's going to be the conversation high expectations for both. Yeah, I agree. I agree with that. Andy. Do you have a wind total? We don't know what again this season is gonna look like we don't know how teams strategize game in a game out. But do you have a number that you think the White Sox need to hit to get into the postseason, 58 to 56 4 With many of your big Ozzie, you know, you know, I would say I would take the numbers. It's gonna be hard to tell because I think certain divisions in the American League haven't haven't advantage. Because they're playing a weaker division of the National League, and I think it's vice versa as well. And again. You don't realize you don't know which players were gonna opt out, and there's still some time for them. To do that. You hate to think about injuries but injuries now we'll think of a lot of time, even if it's a tendon injury. It's it's 1/6 of the season that you're missing on the disabled list. Not about your question, but I'll say anything. I would think something is going to over 500 I think they're going. They're definitely when on the 34 35 maybe even 36 range. I think that they can probably get all right. Andy Maser, the new voice of the Chicago White Sox, you know I'm your biggest fan. You're a great friend. And I couldn't be happier for you. Pete. I appreciate it again, thanks to everybody who's reached out in the process of getting back everybody and overwhelmed and completely humbled by the by the reaction and I'm I'm looking forward to it. Get behind the mike and call in a lot of white eyes want love it. We just need to get baseball going. Thank you, buddy. That is Andy Maser, the pride of Bradley University. Right there. All right, Let's take a look at traffic with Lauren. Hi, 57 is still closed north bound between Vollmer and I 80 because of a crush traffic is salad from US 30 and that accidents up on on the tristate is still blocking two right lanes at 95th with solid traffic from Ogden and a two hour delay in Waukegan Louis remains close between sunset and golf. After an earlier crash there. I'm Lauren that go from the idol traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Geico gets you access to a licensed agents, 24 7 which means that Geico was always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like your mom when you fill out really, really important paperwork on the first day of a new job. Name, Check birthday. Social Security's Nothing. Hey, Mom. What is.

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