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"watts hilton" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"I could say frank reich kind of panicked a little bit and They just couldn't protect rivers down the stretch. Nicole defense didn't help matters is they couldn't slow down rocks burger but for the first time in over a month the steelers played good football and they had lost three straight after. What went an eleven interro. T. j. watt forced fumble. Philip rivers scored a touchdown off. That i mean this is some complimentary football both sides of the ball and strong performance. Not just by watt hilton. Alex highsmith good linebackers. Tj another guy ribs besta but anything. Pittsburgh would not have been in this game. If not for rothlisburger and his receivers they kept coming up with some really pivotal catches. And this is the team. The steelers have socked in december especially on offense. The juju smith schuster leading the way. Ninety six years nine catches for a touchdown to Dante johnson eight passes with a thirty nine yard score and the steelers win the division. They win the division From and i said if you're if you're the coal that's a setback for sure. But you know. I just think about how what the extra team in the playoffs this year. I almost don't feel like we need the extra team. And this was before. My raiders got knocked out. Because i was looking around and i thought he's that seventh teams from each conference is going to be a lousy team. Yeah they'll have a winning record and it keeps people interested you think about football not as much for me. It's like our focus teams. Don't really get eliminated unless they're really lame the last week or two two weeks. Maybe three weeks those baseball season. You do need those wildcards because you could be in june and you're season's over if it wasn't for the wild card and say oh we're eighteen games back. Yeah but we're only five out of the wildcard okay. Well we're not in the division but there's some baseball to play for. Yeah and you can look at it that way and the nfl though on it. I mean maybe one of these seven themes will go on to win the super bowl. They get hot. Like i said. The chicago bears For the first time in fifty five years scored thirty points for straight games. You know how much of the play offs is getting hot at the right time. A lot a lot just sitting back on your laurels right. So and by the way next week cleveland against pittsburgh you think that's after they won the division that are going to risk all their good players in cleveland desperately needing a win. We'll talk about the browns on the other side. But your calls as well one. Eight hundred eight.

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