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"watson abductor" Discussed on Sherlock Holmes Adventures

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"watson abductor" Discussed on Sherlock Holmes Adventures

"To visit fashionable regions. He said we had indeed reached a questionable and forbidding neighborhood. Interminable lines of new standing rick buildings and at last the cab drew up at the third house in a new tennis. None of the other houses would inhabited and that which we stopped was as dark as its neighbors. Save for a single glimmer in the kitchen window on our knocking. The door was instantly thrown open by a hindu. Sevent- this are by with you. He said and even as he spoke there came a high piping voice from some interim. Show them straight into me. We followed the indian donna sorted and common passage illit and worse furnished and he came to a door on the right which he threw open. A blaze of yellow. Light streamed out upon us and in the center of the guy. There stood a small man with a very high head a bristle of red hair all around the fringe job. It and the ball shining scalp which shot out from among it like a mountain. Peak from fir-trees. Seven miss marston. He said he haven't gentlemen first. Step into my little sanctum. We would all astonished by the appearance of the apartment. Richest and glossiest of curtains draped the walls and the cop it was of amber and black so soft and so thick. A huge hooker stood upon a matt in the corner of the room. Mr thaddeus chateaux said the little man that is my name you arms most and of course and these gentlemen this is mr sherlock holmes and this is doctor watson abductor a cried he much excited. Have you stethoscope. Might i ask. Would you have a kindness. I have grave doubts about my mitral valve. I listened to his heart. It appears to be normal. I said you will excuse my anxiety. Miss most remark garrity. I have long had suspicions as to that valve. I am delighted to hear that. They are unwarranted head. Your father is more. Stan refrained from throwing a strain upon his heart. He might have been alive now. I could have struck the man across the face. So hot was i. This kelsen offhand. Reference to so delicate ms moore. Stan sat down and face grew white lips. I knew in my heart that he was dead. Said gee i can give you. Every information said he. And what is more i can do justice and i will too whatever brother bartholomew may say. I am so glad to have your friends here. Not only as an escort to you but also as witnesses to what. I'm about to do and say whatever you may choose to tell us we'll go no further said holmes. I nodded to show my agreement that is well said he matthew tausif gandhi is.

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