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"watkins mow" Discussed on WTOP

"1138 traffic and weather on the 8s rich hunter in the WTO traffic center All right if you're traveling on the beltway Maryland on the outer loop issued north a joint base Andrews toward Pennsylvania avenue is still getting by the milling and paving project two lanes left and for now delays not too bad about a half mile delay cost you an extra few minutes of overall not a bad ride Rest of the beltway through Maryland and Virginia without early issue Two 70 north found between Watkins mow wrote and German town roger down to a single right length it works on but for now only slow through the works and itself there was no delay approaching any longer but I 95 the Baltimore Washington park being good shape between the two beltways Last check still working I two 95 southbound near suitland Parkway and nor found D.C. two 95 near Pennsylvania avenue in each case you're down to a single length through the work zones but the heavier volume as of late has been an I two 95 south coming off the outbound 11th street bridge so be prepared for that Also working in Maryland On George avenue Nord found between sligo avenue and coleslaw road single file left past the utility work southern Maryland route four between the governor Thomas Johnson bridge and patuxent boulevard alternate traffic once again through that works and where they're doing milling and paving It is very slow in both directions as a result 95 nor found the crash before 6 ten gone As you approach the exit for Quantico X of one 48 works on only blocks left lane of three if you're traveling on 66 eastbound approaching two 34 suddenly road single file left past the construction and between 29 and 28 incentive down to a single ride lane then everyone diverted on the 28th north follow the posted detour between the fairfax county Parkway route 50 fairfax and again between one 23 and not least street in each case single file left has the work zones Wait all day then save all night during midnight madness at Ashley Friday 5 p.m. till midnight save up to 40% off and get free delivery Friday 5 p.m. till midnight only at Ashley rich hunter WTO traffic Ryan Miller with storm team four Clearing cold overnight low temperatures near 30° in the suburbs lower 40s downtown sunny and cool tomorrow with highs in the lower 60s middle two upper 60s a touch milder under partly sunny skies on Saturday and then a chance we could see some afternoon rain showers 40% chance here middle 60s on Sunday.

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