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"waterton barton national peace park" Discussed on The Amateur Traveler Podcast

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"waterton barton national peace park" Discussed on The Amateur Traveler Podcast

"Up and take a look at the ice field because there's really nothing quite like it some of the the glaciers you can truly c a river of ice and you get the impression that this is a massive river come in downhill excellent while i was just there this made to the us side to glacier bay in a small boat when nice thing with a small boat is are allowed to overnight in glacier bay with the proper permit so we were sitting there in front of the most active glacier at the tail end of glacier bay and there was nobody else around was just aren't the park was all eire's in you get to see any of the glaciers actually cabingan against but they calved after returning the cameras often went back inside because with kohl so don't have any pictures of calving glaciers from there or from any uh any of the other glaciers that we visited it's it's a tough shot to get a specialist offtarget because you have to be ready that the fascinating thing for me about glacier bay is i didn't realize how knew it was how in not my lifetime but in my grandfather greatgrandfathers lifetime the glacier extended all the way out through what is glacier bay glacier be itself was all ice so fascinating it's it's relatively new okay so let's move back down now we're into the continental united states and and the other one is the second and there's only two shared sites with canada in this would be the glacier slash waterton barton national peace park so basically glacier national park in montana and waterton lakes national park in alberta are jointly a world heritage site and i've been to both waterton is much smaller than glacier um but much more accessible there's resorts and a lot more hotels that are available in it's much smaller but one or two lake is extremely beautiful and other boat rides it might be one of the most pleasant border experience as you'll ever have entering the united states because there's a boat and that takes you to the end of the lake and the end of lake is surrounded by mountains.

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