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"water works association journal" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

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"water works association journal" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

"Like premium perspective. It's a book or periodical. No for sure remain of you can go on the Internet. is He different stories. That contradict each other right. And so it's it's you have to kind of get get yourself yourself through all the different formation but for us talking about coming out here the fact is you really get the real story when you talk to customers right. So that's that's the real perspective of everybody on the ground. What their needs are what they deal with? Everyday their challenges you know and get a feel for where it's going. It's moving for me as a technical person in my company Anthony. I think that there's a range of magazines that I read. I mean I think that there's probably forty or fifty of them sitting on my desk right now. But Journal Petroleum Technology -nology oilfield technology or to the big ones. I Read Chemical Engineering magazine. I read American. Water Works Association Journal and a also ended up spending a lot of time. Online looking at stuff like salination magazine to see where they technologies are headed. I had a feeling you read a lot what it was like. You have big words that I really need to ask you off the podcast. What that meant that? The I think that's fantastic because we should always be learning and growing in our industry and and and just trying to be the best that we can be. Let's talk a little bit about water. Standard how I know that I'm on your website and it says we maximize your oil recovery. Yeah no that's important to you. Do you have any final words on. Maybe something that we haven't talked about that you think is important that our listeners know about how you do maximize that oil recovery coverage because at the end of the day. That's what that's what your customers are looking for. Go ahead. You are kind of our enhanced oil recovery expert there and I can add to on requirements out or whatever we need so to take this. Yeah so so. We've looked at a couple of things. And one of them is treating produced water in order to be able to reduce costs. During hydraulic fracturing. By looking at what biocides are costing and how that balance of treatment is for us we start talking about maximizing while recovery though it always points back to do an enhanced oil recovery projects water flooding or chemically enhanced oil recovery projects and in both of those applications nations as seems like there's a level of how much treatment you need to provide. There's there's base minimum which is ally in comparison to other things they use. He's water for an oil and gas. But but then when you get into that we have technologies that we've developed or treatment processes set or special around the desalination Asian part of the process and really leaving the right types of salt in the water. So that you can get better separation on the back end of chemical flood. I think that that's one of the places is where we really special when when we look at it you know bringing new technologies to market looking at you know multi pass Nanno filtration and reverse osmosis assist process as reindeer raters. I think those are a lot of the stuff that the rest of the industry isn't necessarily looking out and I think that that's something that we're really special at her really focused on because of the way that monarch water standard work together. We've really got people that are good at the whole oil solution. But AH beyond that we really have people that are good at membranes. And I guess if I was GonNa say anything I think that's. That's the biggest thing that we're bringing to maximizing oil recovery awesome. You know what's the most important lesson you've learned in this oil and gas business. Screw question if think about that for just to say. But I'll say I'll I'll have to kind. WanNa keep this with water treatment right and and it's GonNa go is going to support what I said earlier on it. The biggest lesson I've learned and again this is a challenge. I think we've had some issues. She's with this and all the gas industry is that we should be able to do this that we should be able to produce oil and do it. Environmentally friendly the technologies are there like Buddy said the technologies are out there to do whatever we need to do a comes down to the perception of water as a way. String this something you throw away and it's a cost center meaningless. Let's just make it as cheap as possible verses waters important right and so you have to have that mindset and we need the industry look at this as we need to do something. Sustainable going forward right. So the the biggest learned is that we can do that. It's there it's been proven you know. There's testing being done their applications locations going on right now. Where we're doing? We're doing things like this but as an industry and it's tough I get it you know and again the industry's been been been there for one hundred years right and he'd been doing doing doing things at certain way but the big learned is that we can do this and we can do it. Cost effectively to we just need the mindset of people to do that wonderful but did you have anything on adamant and just the biggest lesson you've learned since being in oil and gas. I've learned a few lessons that are really large and transitioning from being one of the younger people in the room. I'm to be an in the middle and maybe now one of the older not necessarily like Patti but as as I make that transition I remember what it was like to to be young and to have these new ideas and to fill pushback from people that were used to doing things a certain way or seeing things a certain way. Thing thing for me as I've transitioned that being willing to listen to especially the young people that we bring into our team because they have amazing stuff to contribute when you look at the education that kids are getting in college or you know young people. I guess they're no longer kids but they're able to do advanced programming. These kids come out of college able to program a computer to look Intel black hole and when you start looking at how that applies to oil and gas the world world. Those geyser as you're seeing on the one that they're trying to make very different than the one that we were used to doing and I know you know. There's been a lot of progress since I started so we. We have moved away from some of the older ways of doing stuff. But just you know trying to be open to those things people who were very smarter capable of doing and you know they're very different than the ways ways that we've approached it and I think I'm excited about that but I think that's also one of the biggest things that I've had to work on and learn is to listen so and I'm with you anybody under younger than me. I think they're still a kid. But then I think these kids are really smart and you. Don't listen to these kids. Know always be super smart. They do have. We're running out of time. But I just I always like to ask everyone's favorite quote because I think it just brings insight to the leaders in our industry. Do you have a favorite quote that you will live live by or that has helped you get through life on a day to day. That's a good question. And there are several quotes. I'm as one the other day. I'll just share it. Okay because honestly just made me you think of a lot of different things but it just puts things in perspective but the quote was piece does not come through understanding peace comes through acceptance and I think we fight a lot at a time trying to understand everything out there such as. Why doesn't the Industry WanNa be environmentally-friendly sometimes right but it's moving there right right and so in any way it it just Kinda came up the other day and I was like a really really good quote? That is a good one. I love it very good. Then he got any. I'm having a really hard time remembering the whole quote. That's okay we'll take it apart. I'll take a partial quote and I just love quotes so it's basically about taking the next step in your life and it's Tiptoe if you must he no but take the step and I know it's it's part of a bigger bigger quote but anyway that's the one that is always there with me as you've got to keep keep doing stuff you've got to keep moving and agreed. I love that love that all right. We're we're running out of time as I mentioned to you off the podcast at the end I always say hey. Is there anything coming into this that you thought. Oh I hope the listeners. Learn about me or about our company or about what we do anything you just want to add at the end to let everyone know about no not not right off hand I mean you listen to buy those guys talk too much. It's been great formative. y'All job so not right off hand. I can't think of anything I heard that means. We covered it. I think so quite a bit I was awesome. Thank you very much. Thank you for sharing your time. I appreciate you. We WanNa let everyone know how they can reach out to you either on social media. Yeah or your website so if you want go ahead and throw out all your social media feel free where yet. Yeah I mean. We're we're on linked in obviously water standard dot Com Amina any questions really. If there's any any question about water tree in general right that we entertain we. That's what we want the way we look at it is not. We want to put a product in front. WE WE WANNA conversation right and so reach out to us on the web site linked in or facebook or anything right collison have a conversation. We'd be happy to have that fantastic. Well Gentlemen thank you so much for sharing your time. You're very knowledgeable. Very good at what you do. Tell that just by spending this time with you today sharing that with our listeners. Today thank you so much. Thank thank you well. This concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. Thank you so much for joining us. Of course a very special. Thank you to Baker Hughes Sponsoring Permian Perspective as you know. Baker Hughes News recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brands are doing amazing things here in the basin and we just want to thank.

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