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"washington rene" Discussed on KMJ NOW

"John York KPMG news as the partial government shutdown. Does continue a donation made end of last week. We'll keep sequoia and kings Canyon National park's open to visitors on this Martin Luther King junior day. And thanks to the undisclosed donation by the security of parks conservancy both park say they will now open for weeks. Ends in holidays until their regular governmental funding returns to normal. The Transportation Security Administration says one out of every ten of its employees took the day off yesterday with many saying they cannot afford to come to work at Reagan national airport outside of Washington Rene Marsh reports that the partial government shutdown is taking a toll yesterday with the highest call out rate since the shutdown began ten percent nationwide. We have seen airports shutting down checkpoints BWI airport in Baltimore was forced to shut down a checkpoint because of short staffing and we've seen that with other major airports as well. And the World Health Organization says people choosing not to vaccinate kids is now global health threat. Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen reports measles outbreaks on the east and west coasts of the US have been blamed on low vaccination rates on imported cases. The biggest outbreak and still ongoing among orthodox Jews in New York were anti vaccine attitudes. Have gained traction. And there were outbreaks last year in twenty five other states among other communities that shun vaccines for a total of three hundred and forty nine measles cases last year nationwide. Over the Wall Street, and it is closed for this MLK day. The Dow closed up three hundred thirty six points to the temperature. Forty eight degrees in Fresno right now, what they do to be partly sunny, a high of fifty seven and then tomorrow, partly sunny again, but a high of fifty six we've news on the hour on the half. And when it breaks, I'm Donut Mcgann, join us to five eighty one five nine AM, Jay Appleton is on..

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