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"Social media threat against the school. Police say a photo suggesting possible violence was circulated around Edmonds would way high school yesterday and at north Mason schools in Belfair threat was made on a school bus, which is also resulting in heightened security today. Gun owners in our state still have questions two days after voters approved a rare gun control measure part of initiative sixteen thirty nine mandates gun owners lockup their firearms gun store. Owner Howard's idell wonders about the penalties. If an unlocked gun is stolen if something eventually happens because somebody gets one of your firearms, and it's not locked up. You may be similarly liable the law provides for fines and jail time for the gun, owner of a stolen gun is used to commit a crime, a backlog of hundreds of thousands of handgun purchases missing now from the department of licensing database, and that has law enforcement across Washington feeling a bit uneasy today, here's komo's Bill O'neil Washington association sheriffs and police chiefs executive director Steve strand says the database is a very important tool used by law enforcement agencies when they're doing risk assessments for search warrants or arrest warrants to get a feel for whether a person might be armed to make it a termination whether a swat team is necessary or special special preparations are necessary before they go to arrest. Somebody strand says the courts also rely on the database. He's convinced the department of licensing is doing all it candid catch up, but says. Getting there will require new technology and resources and above all time below Neil. Komo news with most of the ballots counted now appears the twenty eighteen midterm election will be historical on two fronts. Here's komo's Brian Calvert. Motivated to vote because they want to see change happen. It was one of the largest turnouts ever for a non presidential year. And it was also record setting in places for the number of young adults casting ballots refreshing refreshing, refreshing, looking at the election Lewis Valderrama's villa Granada, president of associated students at Portland state university wrote young voters of the future of this country, and they are seeking country that is fair for all and represents all northwest youth are definitely plugged in their engaged and they're voting as long as they're old enough meet Tachi chestnut. I think people make it seem like such an adult thing to do. But I think when you're able to like actually go and advocate for other people. That's when you're able to bring people together and have like this collective unity of. Caring about issues that are going to affect our country. Our our city our our state while he certainly carries himself much older at age seventeen. He didn't vote this week. But he's certainly influenced others his age and older as did Corinna, Alson Tara. I wanted to encourage other people. Both Washington and Oregon saw one of the highest turnouts ever voters under the age of thirty. Change something then you should take advantage of and actually do a Carina and Tonge helped build a lot of momentum among their peers, and you can bet they'll all be casting ballots in twenty twenty issues are not something that only affects adult. Thank you, everyone who lives in America and having that thought process going into twenty twenty we'll be super powerful. And I think we'll have some great turnouts. Brian Calvert, KOMO news ousted fire chief makes one last plea to keep his job addressing a packed crowd at last night's Bremerton city council meeting it's been two weeks since Bremerton fire chief David Schmidt was relieved of his duties and last night. He told city council members the city and fire department. We're looking.

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