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"washougal river" Discussed on News Radio 1190 KEX

"Along with strong winds has fire danger height today there's a red flag warning from band and north into central and eastern Washington caters very low says homeowners need to prepare homes here in Oregon frequently are in a wildland urban interface and because of that fire crews are encouraging people to be ready for wildfire creating that defensible space around their homes because they have not been busy this year fire crews are hoping to catch any new starts quickly before they get out of control they're also preparing for a late fire season they say could last all the way into the early fall perhaps into October the body was recovered from the Washougal river last night police don't know the person's name the medical examiner is working on an idea on the cause of death the leader of patriot prayer joy Gibson's trying to get a lawsuit against him thrown out Gibson was involved in a brawl may first outside of side a riot in northeast Portland patriot prayer five with anti for protesters or at the restaurant side right its owner sued Gibson saying that his group instigated the fight and hurt his business Gibson says the lawsuit is an attack on his free speech rights the driver involved in the crash July eighth in battleground the kill the motorcycle riders been charge Clarke county deputies arrested thirty three year old Daniel Beria Vancouver on one count of vehicular homicide witnesses told investigators that berry ran a red light the price of gas is continuing its downward trend the Oregon average has been steadily edging lower since mid may and is now at its cheapest price since April replace ray Dodd says you're paying about twelve cents less than you were a year ago at this time Oregon's average from three cents last week to three seventeen a gallon the national average down three cents as well at two seventy six a gallon prices are going down because of strong supplies and low demand the price of diesel in Oregon dropped a penny to three nineteen a gallon I am bread board news radio eleven ninety KDX there's news is a service of crunch fitness northwest.

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