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"warrior mind media" Discussed on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald

Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald

01:48 min | 5 months ago

"warrior mind media" Discussed on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald

"My buttons inside. My thing is a lot showing up today and and I just want to honor you and Truly acknowledged that work you do. And how much impact that you truly make in this world The world needs more Lisa's and Thankful for our friendship chip and as well as beautiful honour to interview. You thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it and I look forward to many many many more four times while I can't thank you enough. You really brought it today. I am so impressed with you And I'm so grateful for this opportunity and And before before we quickly wrap up here and I do the Tro here. Please give everybody the opportunity to connect with you. How can people reach out to you from the initial consult or get on your platforms Arnaud? Yeah absolutely very easy. My name is Brad Bruce on all of my social media channels from Lincoln facebook Instagram Hanso B. R. A. D.. UC outside of that. You can find me. At Warrior minded media DOT COM is one of my websites and yeah yeah come come with me fantastic will again. I WANNA thank you for the gift of your time. I want to thank you for bringing those phenomenal questions to me. And for for stepping into the living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald hot seat as the host of this week show really impressed really impressed But not surprised right not surprised the listening audience. I WanNa thank you as well for the gift of your time. I'm very clear on my purpose. My purpose is to uplift due to fear less than to live more. You're until next Friday when we're joined by yet another phenomenal guest. I wish you a fantastic weekend. Love and gratitude to you all as well as to you. Brad take care everybody all my best aspe- by.

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