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"Would sign an executive order today that would put a hold on allowing green cards to immigrants seeking permanent residency in the U. S. resident says it's an effort to limit competition for jobs in an economy wrecked by corona virus but there are some cab yachts and critics believe he may have other motives in mind joining us live to talk about it CBS White House correspondent Steven Portnoy good to have you can Stephen thank you so much it's good to be with you shortly there seems to be some confusion here about what the president meant in his original tweet Monday night and how this order could pan out and even if he will sign it today can you sort this out for us I'll try and and this is the third day by the way of the story the president's tweet was Monday night's here Monday night and all of yesterday yesterday's briefing in out today we still haven't seen anything in writing the White House is not provided us with the text of the executive order the president told us last night he would be signing and we still don't know when he's going to sign it which leads to a lot of questions because of the president initially said was that he be pausing or halting immigration yesterday he described it as a sixty day pause that would be targeted on those who hope to become lawful permanent residents or as you say Shawn green card holders but we're told by the president that this would not affect people coming in on temporary work visas and many temporary work visas are particularly controversial think of the H. one B. visas those are visas that are given to presidentially white collar professional workers who come in from overseas to do specialized jobs and this administration has pointed to the H. one B. program as an example of corporations importing foreign labour to displace American workers and the president is no longer talking about the need for this vis a vis the spread of coronavirus but instead he he fears that immigrants coming in could edge out those people who are already here in the hunt for available jobs he says quote I don't want them to have competition now he notes that they're going to be some exceptions to this and he hasn't specifically spelled them out put that last night's briefing farm workers were one example he does say that some people will be able to get in we have to do that he says for humanitarian reasons but again these questions will be answered until we actually see the text and I haven't given it to us yet the president has also said that he's ordering the navy to go off and go after Iranian gunboats that harass US ships that would you know about that not a great deal the little we're trying this is a warning to Iran last week there was some reporting that some Iranian vessels in the in the in the Gulf there were getting a bit too close to American ships there that it was a provocative action and dangerous once of the president responded in a tweet this morning saying that if the Iranians were to do a similar thing I did he quote has instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea all right thanks so much appreciate it you bet that CBS correspondent Steven Portnoy at the White House two forty four presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says he intends to name the panel of advisers by may first to help him select a running mate most of the presidents in the past and had a group of three or four people who do the interviewing of these individuals when you narrow it down to I'm guessing I don't know somewhere between two and five people Biden appeared on the late late show with James Corden former vice president says the committee would officially launches search for a VP candidate process that's already quietly begun Biden has promised he will select a woman for the role let's find out how wall street's performing right now here's Jeff Clabaugh much better day today show on the Dow is up four hundred ninety eight points the S. and P. five hundred index is up two and a half percent money was in ten minutes on WTOP sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda let's get back to Jonathan warning in this ever changing world of sports leagues keep changing their plans on how to resume play the NHL's concept of playing games at neutral sites is now dead they were looking at North Dakota and New Hampshire but a lack of accommodations and there was also challenges with TV so instead of one city could be used in each division teams from that division would be brought in and right now the goal would be to complete the regular season if possible a triple header could be played each day for three weeks with no fans the players would have to agree on that scenario beginning tomorrow now comparing will be watching the NFL draft from his home in Clarksville Tennessee hoping to hear his name called but after leading navy to eleven wins tying a school record as a quarterback he's reinventing himself as a slot receiver he was encouraged by his work out at the NFL combine in late February really good I think I I came out learned a lot you learn what I need to work on so I think coming out of the the whole combines phase I think I got what I needed out of it and also had a great time got to meet a lot of local people you know you know he says his favorite team is the Tennessee Titans but he wouldn't say if they're one of the teams that showed interest in him ESPN's Edward reports that Tom Brady made no demands that rob Gronkowski join him on the Buccaneers but he did mention after signing the Gronk would love to play in Sabah and now they're back together again John of the Warner WTO peaceful after traffic and weather a new testing site for coronavirus in DC two forty seven here's Jeff Kennedy federal sales director at Kinetica on active analytics for government and public sector sponsored by Kinetica security has to be a layered approach you can't do it with one product we believe that A. I. is an important element to cyber moving forward I mean I can solve it with different products or an assault with an of this ability to understand what is going on your network how is data moving around the organization and then be able to recognize those threats real time because it's perishable date at federal agencies want to harness data to solve.